Edward Church Smith.
Menasha, Wis. Priv. print. 1924


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]



In preparing this section to the history of Middlefield, the authors have had in view several objectives. In the first place they have endeavored to trace each family to the town from which it emigrated to Middlefield, and if possible, to discover its lineage back to its emigrant ancestor.
In the second place they have aimed to present something concerning the members of the family, how and where they lived in town, what public service they rendered and what social and religious connections they made, as well as the bare vital statistics.
They have further tried to find at least the names of the places to which the family or its members moved upon leaving town, so that anyone interested in tracing family connections might be assisted in gaining further data elsewhere.
It has been the authors' desire not to duplicate to any extent information already in print in existing histories and genealogies, but to supplement them with information dealing particularly with the doings of the family while in Middlefield, data which is sadly lacking in many genealogies. Many references to genealogies and local histories have been made where further information may be found.

The authors do not claim that this genealogical section is complete. The names of many families have had to be omitted, some because information concerning them was not available, others because time and opportunity have not permitted further research.
The list of families includes particularly those of the early settlers and their descendants, though certain families of prominence which came to town in later years have been added.
In studying this data the following points should be kept in mind. For brevity's sake several abbreviations have been used which will be explained below. Dates have been expressed in the familiar numerals, three numbers showing month, day and year, respectively, in the order given; e. g. 7-6-1823 meaning July 6, 1823.
Where the name of a town is given without being followed by the name of the state in which it is located, the state of Massachusetts is to be understood. This should be particularly kept in mind in the case of Washington, which is a township bounding Middlefield on the west, and no reference to Washington, D.C. is meant unless D.C. is appended.

The following abbreviations have been used:

b. - born
bap. - baptized
m. - married
d. - died
int. - publishment of intention of marriage
s. - son
dau. - daughter
h. - husband
w. - wife
wid. - widow
wdr. - widower
Mid. - Middlefield, Mass.
Mur. - Murrayfield, Mass. (later devided into Norwich - Huntington - and Chester.)
Worth. - Worthington, Mass.
Wash. - Washington, Mass.
Beck. - Becket, Mass.
Part. - Partridgefield, Mass. (later divided into Hinsdale and Peru)
P. G. - Prescott's Grant, originally in Berkshire County
I. Div. - First Division
II. Div. - Second Division
III. Div. - Third Division
IV. Div. - Fourth Division
V. Div. - Fifth Division
Sch. Com. - School Committee
Pet. Inc. - Petition for Incorporation of Mid. 1781 or 1782
Pw. - Pew in First Meeting-house
M. T. - Minister Tax List for 1799
Cen. - Census - enumeration of heads of households
Cong. Ch. - Congregational Church
Bap. Ch. - Baptist Church
M. E. Ch. - Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. War - Revolutionary War

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