Edward Church Smith.
Menasha, Wis. Priv. print. 1924


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Elias Sanford (Zachariah, Samuel, Thomas, Thomas), son of Zachariah and Sarah (Curtis) Sanford, was. b. Waterbury, Conn. 7-7-1753; m. 1-23-1776, Alice FULLER. He appears to have come to Mid. between 1792 and 1794, his assignment to pew 25 in the meetinghouse being given only under the latter date. He lived somewhere in the southwest part of the town, between Russell West and Abner Chapin according to the Census of 1800. He had left town by 1810.

Joseph F., b. 3-13-1777.
Lucinda, b. 8-14-1778.
Daniel, b. 3-3-1780.
Elias, b. 3-20-1782.
Benjamin, b. 4-18-1784.
Barzillai, b. 7-7-1786.
Philemon, b. MId. 3-28-1780.
Martha, b. Mid. 6-16-1791.
Lyman, b. Mid. 6-13-1794.


Ebenezer Selden (Ebenezer, Thomas, Thomas), son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Clark) Selden, was b. 5-17-1720; d. Mid. 5-18-1807; m. 1st (int.) 10-24-1753, Jerusha POMEROY, m. 2nd 1-3-1769, Mary OLCOTT, m. 3rd 1-23-1787, Mrs. Mary (ELLIS) MACK, widow of Elisha Mack. It was in 1786 that Ebenezer Selden bought of Enos Blossom his Tavern property on the County Highway where Mr. Arthur D. Pease now (1924) lives. Selden lived there but a few years if at all, for he soon sold it to Elijah Bartholomew who kept the tavern for a year or two.
Tradition says that Selden lived in a house on the west side of the highway from Pease's to the Center some 15 rods from the former. Another tradition has it that the Selden house stood on the north side of the cross road from Pease's to the "still," and that the old house became an ell attached to the Pease house about 1821 but since removed. Mr. Selden built the first house on the site of the dwelling of Mr. E.H. Alderman and lived there until his death, at the advanced age of 89.

Among his children were:

Sally, m. 5-31-1798, Seth BULL.
Mary, b. Aug. 1771, d. 2-26-1862, m. 4-2-1789, Solomon ROOT.


Ephraim Sheldon (Charles, John, Isaac, Isaac, Isaac), son of Lieutenant Charles and Lydia (Taft) Sheldon, was b. Somers, Conn. 5-21-1754; d. Lee, 4-22-1840, m. 1st (int.) 11-13-1779, Miriam, dau. Moses and Anna (Cooley) WARRINER of Wilbraham. He m. 2nd 5-25-1794, Lydia GIFFORD of Lee. She d. of old age at Lee 8-28-1841 or 1844.
He was a soldier in Rev. War. He was on the valuation list of Murrayfield in 1782, having purchased of Zebidee Goodwin of Becket a portion of Lot No. 40, II Div. just north of Enos Blossom's tavern and farm. His house probably stood on the site where dea. Field's house later stood. In 1785-86 he purchased lot 59, I Div. Chester. In 1787, he was constable and tax collector for Middlefield, having charge of lots to be sold for taxes. In 1788 he sold his farm to Abner Clapp, and moved to Stockbridge and later to Lee. According to the census for 1790 an Ephraim Sheldon was living in Westfield that year.
He was dismissed from the Stockbridge church in 1794 and admitted to the Lee Church in 1795. He was tithingman and surveyor of highways in Lee in 1796.


Elizabeth, b. Somers, Conn., m. 1st 2-14-1804 Ebenezer KELLOGG of Vernon, Conn. m. 2nd 6-18-1815, Alexander McLEAN of Manchester, Conn.
Clarissa, b. 1782, m. 12-12-1803, Stephen COMSTOCK, at Lee.
Ephraim, b. Mid. 12-18-1785, m. 10-7-1818, Mary KYLE, who was b. Lee 7-15-1785. They had a dau. b. Chester 9-19-1823 named Julia Ann.
Noah, b. Mid. 2-17-1787, m. Williamstown, 5-24-1818, Lydia, dau. Levi and Lydia (Gibbs) SMEDLEY, b. 9-13-1797. He was a graduate of William College 1815, and a minister at Lee.
Mary, b. 1792.
Lydia, b. 5-6-1795; m. Lee, 11-16-1823, Cornelius BARLOW.


Joseph Skinner (John, Richard, John - Loomis Gen.) of Colchester, Conn., m. Elizabeth WILLIAMS, who d. 1754. Among their children were William, b. 1743 (see Fam. 1); Joseph, m. 2nd in 1756 Mary BLUSH, sister of Joseph Blush of Mid. She was probably the widow Molly Skinner who was living in Mid. in 1800.
Among their children were:

Samuel, b. 5-3-1765 (See Fam. 2).
Rachel, b. 10-5-1770. Perhaps the one who m. Mid. 6-27-1799 Jonathan WOODWARD.


William Skinner, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Williams) Skinner, was b. Colchester, Conn., July , 1754; d. Mid. 12-30-1835; m. Colchester 8-31-1767, Elizabeth, dau. of Captain William and Hannah (Fuller) CHURCH, bap. 10-11-1757; d. Mid. 1827. In 1782 he bought of Mary Willard Lot. 210, Worthington, just east of the Den Stream where in recent years Lester Root lived.
On committee 1789 to collect materials for the meetinghouse. Pew 5 in church in 1792 and 1794. A road survey mentions his name as early as 1783.


Elizabeth, b. 9-16-1768; m. Mid. (int.) 4-23-1792 Samuel JONES Jr.
Hannah, b. 4-24-1773; m. Mid. 11-12-1795 John JONES.
Lucy, b. 4-5-1775.
Sally, b. ____; m. 6-3-1802 David ROBBINS.
John, b. ____; (See Fam. 4).
Dorothy, b. abt. 1793. m. 5-29-1817 Jesse WRIGHT.
Other probable children:
William, b. ____ (See Fam. 3).
Clarissa, b. ____; m. (int.) 8-26-1791, Samuel PHELPS.


Samuel Skinner, son of Joseph and Mary (Blush) Skinner, b. Colchester, Conn. 5-3-1765. He was probably the man of this name who was in Mid. 1787 when he was appointed on committee to notify out-of-town persons to come to Mid. to choose a site for the meetinghouse.
His wife's name was Dorcas and his son Samuel was b. Mid. 5-24-1786. He went by the title of "Lieutenant." Not heard of after 1788.


William Skinner, b. _____; m. (int.) 4-18-1803, Clarissa TINKER of Chester. He lived near the soapstone quarry on Smith Hollow Hill. Pew 7 in the meetinghouse gallery in 1792.


John Skinner, b. _____; m. 7-24-1817, Rachel CLAPP; he was living in Mid. until abt. 1835.
Children b. in Mid. were:

Rachel, b. 2-7-1818; d. 2-17-1818.
Sovia Adaline, b. 9-21-1820.
Mary Sophronia, b. 3-18-1823; d. 9-20-1824.
Infant, d. 10-20-1834.
Harriet Ann, b. 5-7-1836.

A Cynthia Skinner m. Wash., 11-27-1787, Oliver EGGLESTON.

A Theodosia Skinner, of Glastonbury, Conn., probably dau. of Abraham Skinner, m. (int.) 2-2-1796, John MEEKER.

A Permela Skinner, m. Samuel SANDERSON of Chester, (int.) 8-7-1824.

A Cornelia Skinner, d. Mid. April, 1848.

Aaron Skinner, son of John and Sarah Skinner, was b. 1713; d. 1766; m. Eunice, dau. Michael TAINTOR of Colchester, Conn. He was a cousin of William Skinner, Sr.


Amasa, went to Waitsfield, Vt.
Jared, went to Waitsfield, Vt.
Lovina, b. Colchester, Conn., 3-7-1757; m. 7-12-1775, Bissell PHELPS of Hebron, Conn. Moved to Mid. and Waitsfield, Vt.
Eli (pehaps Elijah), b. 7-30-1760. He was a soldier in Rev. War. Later he was living in Mid. where he had a blacksmith shop acorss the road from Enos Blossom's Tavern, which is mentioned in deeds as late as 1789. He mvoed to Shelburn.


Matthew Smith (Matthew, Matthew, Matthew, Matthew, Matthew), son of Matthew and Sarah (Church) Smith, was b. E. Haddam, Conn. 5-12-1753; d Mid. 7-30-1833, m. 1st 12-1-1777, Asenath ANNABLE; m. 2nd 7-30-1825, Mrs. Elizabeth (PERCIVAL) GATES.
After returning from his service in the Rev. War, he married and lived a few years in E. Haddam. In June, 1782 he purchased of James Kelley, 100 acres, lot 224, Worth., which included all the southern portions of the farm. In 1794 he purchased 36 acres in the south of lot 215, Worth., adjoining.
After living for over 20 years in the log cabin on the barn lot, he built about 1806 the present (1924) house on Windsor Street, now the summer home of his great grandson, Louis Carter Smith. Matthew Smith was prominent in town affairs, serving as selectman 1787-88, 1791-95, 1799-1803, 1806. He represented the town in the General Court in 1802, and for many years held commissions from the Governor as Justice of the Peace and Captain of Militia. He was a deacon and charter member of the Baptist Church.


Anna, b. E. Haddam, June, 1778, d. 7-7-1782.
Azariah, b. E. Haddam, June, 1780, d. 7-22-1782.
Anna, b. E. Haddam, 7-30-1782, m. 1st Clark MARTIN, m. 2nd Daniel ROOT.
Azariah, b. Mid. 12-7-1784, m. Ziplha MACK. Became a prominent business man in Manlius, N.Y.
Matthew, b. Mid. 8-25-1787 (See Fam. 1).
Joseph, b. Mid. 9-28-1789, m. Sophia WATTLES. Moved to Manlius, N.Y.
John, b. Mid. 9-29-1792, d. 9-10-1811.
Asenath, b. Mid. 10-21-1794, d. 8-27-1810.
Samuel, b. Mid. 8-28-1797 (See Fam. 3).


Matthew Smith, son of Matthew and Asenath (Annable) Smith, was b. 8-25-1787, d. Mid. 3-20-1855, m. 12-2-1813, Betsey, dau. John and Sarah (Bigelow) WARD. He was corporal, Sergeant, Ensign, Lieutenant and Captain in the local militia and was Lieutenant in the War of 1812. He was prominent in town affairs, serving as selectman 1824-27; he was Justice of the Peace, assessor, school committee. He was Town Clerk for 1832 to 1843. He represented the town in the General Court 1832-33 and 1844.
He was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1854. He was a member of the Baptist church. His farm was that now (1924) owned by Richard Sweeney. The dwelling was erected by Matthew Smith about 1820.

Children, b. Mid.:

Matthew, b. 3-18-1814 (See Fam. 2).
John, b. 3-18-1816, d. 9-3-1885, m. 5-19-1841, Elvira ROOT. He taught school in Mid. and neighboring towns. He was Town Clerk 1849-53.
Eliza, b. 4-29-1818, m. Elias T. SPENCER.
Asenath, b. 9-9-1820, m. Elisha STRONG.
Azariah, b. 12-2-1822, d. 10-12-1827.
Benjamin Franklin, b. 6-17-1825, d. 4-18-1826.
Mary Ann, b. 4-9-1828, d. 11-1-1831.
Sally, b. 4-10-1830, d. 2-19-1916, m. 11-9-1854 Charles WRIGHT. She was a life-long resident of Mid. and a member of the Bap. Church.
Mary Ann, b. 8-13-1832, m. Albert SMITH.
Elmira Ward, b. 12-28-1834, d. 9-7-1850.


Matthew Smith, son of Matthew and Betsey (Ward) Smith, was b. Mid. 9-13-1814; d. 4-8-1902; m. 3-15-1840, Maria Delight, dau. Solomon and Laura (Mack) ROOT. He lived at his father's farm, the David Mack homestead, at the Center, and in later years in Huntington, Cheyenne, Wyo., and Washington, D.C.
He was very active in town affairs, being selectman, 1850, 1856-57. He taught school for several seasons, and was on the school committee. He represented the town in the General Court in 1878. He was a leading spirit in the formation of the Highland Agricultural Society and donated the land which is still (1924) used as the Fair Grounds. He was a loyal member of the Baptist Church.

Children, b. Mid.:

Helen Maria, b. 5-20-1843, d. 3-28-1902, m. 1-26-1871, Hon. Francis Emroy WARREN, who became Governor of Wyoming and U.S. Senator. Their daughter, Frances, was wife of Capt. later Gen. John J. PERSHING, Commander of the A.E.F. in France 1917-18, and until recently head of the U.S. Army.
Eliza Ann, b. Mid. 5-20-1846, m. 11-21-1871, Henry Ellsworth STANTON, a prominent business man of Huntington.
Matthew, b. 9-15-1848, d. 1-1-1871, unm.
Emma, b. 4-17-1851, d. 12-27-1856.
Charles Sumner, named changed to Charles Matthew, b. 5-27-1856. Was a prominent business man in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Samuel Smith, son of Matthew and Asenath (Annable) Smith, was b. Mid. 8-28-1797, d. Mid. 9-27, 1877, m. Mid. 7-10-1822, Lucina, dau. John and Lucina (Root METCALF. When the plans for a college education had to be abandoned because of the death of his brother John, necessitated his remaining at home to care for his parents and carry on the farm he devoted himself to the work in hand and became a useful citizen of the town.
He taught school several years in Mid. and neighboring towns with marked success and was the leading member of the school committee for a long period. He was selectman 1828-31, 1835, 1838-40, 1844. He represented the town in General Court in 1839. He was a staunch member of the Baptist Church.
Though fate denied him a college course he was a strong supporter of Higher Education, contributing to the foundation of Mt. Holyoke Seminary, and giving his children the best education within his reach.

Children m. Mid.:

Lucy, b. 7-9-1823, d. 8-31-1903, m. 11-26-1867, Ambrose NEWTON. After graduating from Mt. Hol. Fem. Sem. in 1843, she taught school for many years in Mid., Pittsfield, Honsdale, Pa. and Brandon, Vt. At Mid. she once kept a private school for young ladies. She was an excellent teacher, Town Librarian for many years and a faithful member of the Baptist Church.
Sarah, b. 10-1-1824, d. Fulton, N.Y. 4-11-1906; m. 6-18-1856 DeWitt Clinton GARDNER. Lived in Fulton, N.Y. One dau., Alice May, b. 12-12-1861. Lives in Cambridge.
Samuel, b. 8-5-1826 (See Fam. 4).
Anna, b. 7-24-1828, d. 3-24-1874, m. 1-1-1850, Solomon Francis ROOT. Studied at Mt. Hol. Fem. Sem. and taught school.
John Metcalf, b. 9-7-1830 (See Fam. 6).
Azariah, b. 1-12-1823 (See Fam. 7).
Joseph, b. 3-25-1835, d. 2-20-1879, m. 12-13-1876, Annie M. FRENCH. He studied at New York Central College and was an acceptable teacher in public schools for several terms. Was a merchant in Boston.
James, b. 3-25-1835, d. 8-1-1838.
Judson, b. 6-28-1837 (See Fam. 8).
Edward Payson, b. 1-20-1840 (See Fam. 9).


Samuel Smith, son of Samuel and Lucina (Metcalf) Smith, was b. Mid. 8-5-1826, d. South Amherst, 2-14-1901, m. 9-25-1851, Mary Maria BLISS, dau. Hosea Bliss, b. 1-17-1827, d. So. Amherst 12-5-1905. After a scientific course at Williston Seminary, he taught school for a few terms. He purchased the farm on the meadows of Factory Brook, first cleared by Emmons. He was selectman in 1863. He moved to So. Amherst in 1867 where he was a farmer and a prominent member of the Baptist Church.


Grace Tallulah, b. 9-17-1852, d. 2-2-1855.
Hosea Bliss, b. Feb. 4, 1856 (See Fam. 5).
Percy Lee, b. 9-24-1861.
Ernest Bliss, b. 12-8-1863, d. So. Amherst 1-30-1919.


Hosea Bliss Smith, son of Samuel and Mary (Bliss) Smith, was b. Mid. 2-4-1856, m. 2-4-1879, Una Josephine CARR, b. 12-4-1859, Lyndon, Vt. He lived in No. Amherst d. 6-14-1915.

Children, b. No. Amherst:

Edwin Ray, b. 3-20-1880, m. 6-12-1901, Leila KENTFIELD. He is a farmer in So. Amherst. Children: Mary, b. 3-22-1902; Alice, b. 1905.
Percy Clayton, b. 2-7-1855, m. 12-25-1908, Bertha CHAMBERLAIN of Worcester. He was graduated at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. For some years he was an examiner at the Patent Office in Washington. He is now (1924) employed by the Western Electric Co. in New York City. Lives in E. Orange, N.J. Children: Marjorie Ernestine, b. Washington 5-20-1911, d. 9-2-1911; Winthrope Chamberlain, b. Washington 7-29-1913.


John Metcalf Smith, son of Samuel and Lucina (Metcalf) Smith, was b. Mid. 9-7-1830, d. Mid. 9-14-1906, m. 12-30-1857, Harriet Louise ELDREDGE, who was b. Cincinnatus, N.Y. 5-31-1835, d. Ontario, Cal. 4-10-1922.
After preparatory courses at Springfield and Easthampton, he entered New York Central College, graduating in 1855. After several years of teaching he was forced to give up this work because he was needed at home to care for his aged father and the farm. Following his father's example, he devoted the remainder of his days to the service of his fellow townsmen and his own family. He was selectman 1870-72, 1874-79, 1882-84, 1894, 1896-98. He was Town Treasurer from 1895 to 1904 and town clerk 1899-1905. He represented the town in the General Court in 1884. He was a pillar in the Baptist Church.
How he served the community as postmaster, teacher, conselor, official and friend has been told at length in previous chapters. [trans note; that I didn't transcribe].

Children b. Mid.:

Sophie Adelphia, b. 1-20-1861, m. Arthur W. BURT.
Theodore Winthrop, b. 11-9-1862, d. 10-24-1865.
Daughter, b. 1-21-1867, d. 1-21-1867.
Gerald Birney, b. 5-3-1868, m. 7-10-1894, Inez MICHENER, of What Cheer, Iowa. He is Professor of Christian Theology at Univ. of Chicago and Editor of the Journal of Religion. Lives in Chicago. Children: Phyllis Gray, b. 6-21-1902, d. 11-19-1910; Cecil Michener, b. 7-12-1906.
Louis Carter, b. 3-3-1870, m. 8-20-1895, Luise G. SINCLAIR of Worcester. He graduated at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1892. He is a patent lawyer with the firm of Hurd, Smith and Tennant of Boston. Lives in Newton Center. Child: Dorothy Dudley, b. 3-29-1903.
Kate Winifred, b. 9-25-1871. Graduated at Mt. Holyoke College, Teaches in High School at La Grange, Ill.
Edward Cecil, b. 12-15-1873, d. 4-2-1889.
Samuel Eldredge, b. 10-25-1877, m. 12-25-1911, Helen Maria SMITH of Amherst. He graduated at Mass. Agricultural College. He is a farmer in Westboro. Child: Robert Samuel, b. Marlboro, 4-16-1913.


Azariah Smith, son of Samuel and Lucina (Metcalf) Smith, was b. Mid. 1-12-1833, d. Boston 1-14-1902, m. 9-25-1861, Sophia Elizabeth VAN DUZER of Silver Creek, N.Y., who was b. 2-19-1839, d. 10-31-1923. He graduated at New York Central Collge in 1855. After some years of teaching and serving in the U.S. Military telegraph at Nashville, Tenn., 1863-65, he became connected with publishing house of Ticknor and Fields, remaining with it through all its changes until his death. He was always much interested in his native town and wrote the Centennial Poem in 1883 and a poem read at the Old Home Week in 1901.


Rupert Van Duzer, b. 2-10-1868, d. 5-31-1869.
Theodore Clark, b. 5-18-1870. Graduated at Harvard University. He is at present (1924) Professor of History at Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.
Florence Elizabeth Van Duzer, b. 6-6-1873. She taught in private schools in Boston. Lives in Williamstown.


Judson Smith, son of Samuel and Lucina (Metcalf) Smith, was b. Mid. 6-28-1837, d. Roxbury 6-29-1906, m. 8-1-1865, Jerusha Augusta BUSHNELL, who was b. 2-16-1843, d. 2-14-1906. He studied at New York Central College, Oberlin and Amherst, graduatiang from Amherst college in 1859. He was a teacher and college professor untl 1884, when he moved to Boston and became Foreign Secretary of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.


Gertrude Bushnell, b. 3-10-1870. Graduated at Wellesley College. Taught Greek at Painesville, Ohio. Is a teacher at Milton Academy, Milton, Mass.
Maurice Billings, b. 11-28-1872, m. 8-7-1920, Beth Sylvia HAYWARD. Graduated at Amherst College. Is principal of High School, Salem. Mass.
Mary Caroline, b. 3-2-1880. Graduated at Wellesley College. Is teaching in High School in Montclair, N.J.
Margaret Augusta, b. 3-2-1884. Studied at Simmons College. Has been Executive Secretary Collegiate Bureau of Occupation. Lives in San Diego, Cal.


Edward Payson Smith, son of Samuel and Lucina (Metcalf) Smith, was b. Mid. Jan. 20, 1840, d. Worcester, 5-2-1891, m. 11-26-1868, Julia Mack, dau. James T. and Emily L. (Bates) CHURCH of Mid., who was b. 11-11-1845, d. Springfield 5-11-1924. He graduated at Amherst College in 1865. After several years of teaching and study here and abroad, he became professor of English, Modern Language and Political Science at Worcester Polytehnic Institute, Worcester, Mass., where he taught for twenty years. He was active in the Union Cong. Ch. He delivered the historical address at the Middlefield Centennial in 1883.

Children, b. Worcester:

Emily Lucy, b. 2-10-1874. Graduated at Mt. Holyoke College 1898. Lives in Springfield.
Edward Church, b. 12-10-1877, m. 8-15-1908, Edna Grace, dau. John and Lucy (Van Doren) FOWLER of Fremont, Ohio, b. 12-21-1800. He graduated at Amherst College, 1901 and Mass. Institute of Technology 1905. He is a chemist in the Research and Development Laboratory of the Union Carbide and Carbon Co. Lives in Fremont, Ohio. Child: Edward Fowler, b. Toronto, Ont. Canada 4-25-1913.
Philip Mack, b. 1-1-1833. Graduated at Amherst College 1905. Was for several years with the Civil Service Commission at Washington, D.C. Now with the Ellis Title and Conveyancing Co., Springfield.
Robert Metcalf, b. 3-29-1886, m. 6-28-1912, Agnes Grace CLANEY, dau. of Rev. Wm. P. & Alice (Williams) Claney of Redlands, Calif. He graduated from Amherst College in 1908 and has received a PhD. degree from Columbia University. He is head of the English Dept. at the University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming. Mrs. Smith is a graduate of Smith College, 1908, has an M.A. from Columbia Univ. and is also a teacher.


Calvin Smith, son of Matthew and Sarah (Church) Smith, was b. E. Haddam, Conn. 11-28-1760, d. Mid. 11-18-1832, m. 1-15-1784, Anna ANNABLE, sister of Asenath who married his brother Matthew. He came to Mid. about 1783 with his brother and lived with him until he purchased his own farm of James Kelley in 1788. This farm which Kelley himself had cleared and cultivated, was the one owned by Geo. W. Cottrell. The house is said to have been built by Mr. Smith. His farm consisted of lots 212, 142, 136, 154 and 154 in this Worthington section. He served on the school committee in 1792, 1797 and 1804. He was a loyal member of the Baptist chruch.


Calvin, b. E. Haddam, 7-9-1784, d. Mid. 9-10-1810.
Betsy, b. E. Haddam 1-21-1786, d. Cato, N.Y. 7-16-1826, m. 3-3-1806 William INGHAM.
Asa, b. E. Haddam 3-23-1788. (See Fam. 11).
Anna, b. Mid. 4-10-1790, d. 6-23-1869, m. 9-8-1808 Daniel INGHAM. Moved to Cato, N.Y.
Orrin, b. Mid. 12-31-1791 (See Fam. 12).
Oliver, b. Mid. 10-28-1793 (See Fam. 13).
Ambrose, b. Mid. 6-17-1796 (See Fam. 14).
Obadiah, b. Mid. 5-20-1798 (See Fam. 15).
Sally, b. 2-15-1800, d. 2-5-1836, m. 9-20-1820, Parsons P. MEACHAM. Lived in Meridian, N.Y.
Sylvester, b. 3-25-1802, d. 8-14-1810.
Ebenezer, b. Mid. 8-10-1804 (See Fam. 16).
Temperance, b. 6-19-1807, d. 8-17-1810.


Asa Smith, son of Calvin and Anna (Annable) Smith, was b. 3-23-1788 at E. Haddam, Conn., d. 5-6-1869, m. 1st 9-15-1810 Sally, dau. of Daniel and Electa (Wardwell) ROOT of Mid., who d. 9-3-1836. He m. 2nd Julia, dau. of John and Lucina (Root) METCALF, who d. 10-17-1853. He was the first Smith to live in Smith Hollow, building the large house now (1924) occupied by his grandson, Walter Smith. For a few years Asa Smith kept tavern for the travelers using the Boston and Albany stage coach which used the "River Road" for a thoroughfare during the construction of the railroad.


Asenath, b. 9-17-1811, d. 10-8-1802, m. 9-17-1838 Parsons P. MEACHAM.
Calvin, b. 12-9-1814, d. 12-10-1882, m. 1st Harariet M. CROSIER, and 2nd Aurelia LOVELAND. Children: Jerome, Edwin D., Lofton J. and Frank W.
Harriet, b. 4-6-1817, d. 1-6-1844.
Almira, b. 9-4-1819, d. 3-4-1889, m. 2-28-1850, Benjamin PRATT, who went to Los Angeles, Cal. 6 children.
Caroline, b. 2-11-1822, d. 6-1-1894, m. June, 1845, Edwin E. DUDLEY, of Meridian, N.Y. 5 children.
Harmony, b. 6-4-1824, m. 1863 Sardis DUDLEY of Meridian, N.Y.
George, b. 7-24-1834 (See Fam. 17).


Orrin Smith, son of Calvin and Anna (Annable) Smith, was b. in Mid. 12-31-1791, d. 5-2-1874, in Cummington, Mass. He m. 9-5-1815 Sally Wheeler, adopted dau. of Oliver and Sarah BLUSH. After the failure of the company store at the Center which was carried on in the house now (1924) owned by Mr. Cody, Orrin Smith kept it for a few years, living in the Geer house now owned by Mrs. May Youtz. He later purchased a farm in Smith Hollow, where Col" James Anderson of Springfield has a summer residence.


Charles, b. 8-31-1816. (See Fam. 18).
Maria, b. 6-29-1822, d. 5-9-1849.
Lawrence, b. 7-25-1824 (See Fam. 19).
Cynthia, b. 1-12-1831, d. 6-22-1887 in Rochester, N.Y., after a successful career in the medical profession.


Oliver Smith, son of Calvin and Anna (Annable) Smith, was b. in Mid. 10-28-1793, d. there 12-25-1881. He m. 9-10-1816 Fanny, dau. of Daniel and Electa (Wardwell) ROOT, who d. 1-12-1849. He was a member of the Mid. Baptist Church from its beginning in 1817 and was chosen deacon in 1835. He was very faithful in attendance though living several miles from the meetinghouse, his farm being at the foot of Smith Hollow Hill.
He was prominent in town affairs, being selectman in 1835-37, and representataive to the General Court in 1840.


Milton, b. 10-27-1817 (See Fam. 20).
Miranda, b. 1-13-1820, m. 12-29-1842, Albert OLMSTEAD of New York City. 4 children.
Louisa, b. 2-20-1822, m. 12-16-1858, Elisha STRONG and lived in Northampton.
Julia, b. 1-30-1824, d. 5-2-1903 in Springfield, m. 2-28-1850, Sylvester BARTLETT. Their dau. Fannie Edith m. Albert C. HAYES of Springfield.
Franklin, b. 4-13-1826, m. 1854, Ann, dau. of Nelson SPENCER of Mid. Became a merchant and insurance agent in Enfield, Conn. where he d. 1-21-1899. 4 children.
Wayland, b. 7-19-1831, d. 8-25-1852.
Electa, b. 1-8-1834, d. 2-3-1889. She was a gifted teacher in Mid. and other places.
Jane, b. 1-29-1836, d. 10-28-1888 in Los Angeles, Cal., m. 11-2-1856, John Martin SMITH, son of Oliver and Abi Smith. Two children.
Clarkson, b. 7-10-1838 (See Fam. 21).
Zilpha, b. 1-27-1841, d. 1-30-1872 at Winona, Minn. where she was a teacher.


Ambrose Smith, son of Calvin and Anna (Annable) Smith, was b. Mid. 6-17-1796, d. 8-20-1859. He m. 5-13-1819 Nancy, dau. of Daniel and Clarissa ALDERMAN of Mid. He followed his father on the farm now (1924) owned by Frank Cottrell. He was a member of the Baptist church. Selectman 1831-33.


Nancy, b. 10-31-1820, d. 3-1-1854.
Mary Cleantha, b. 8-21-1822, d. 8-22-1896, m. 5-4-1843, Wm. K. OTIS, M.D., and lived in Willimantic, Conn. Three children.
Clarissa Anna, b. 2-5-1824, m. 9-15-1852, Charles C. THOMPSON, who lived some years on the Calvin Smith farm and then moved to East Longmeadow. Three children.
Betsey, b. 12-4-1827, m. 11-25-1847, Alvah B. PIERCE and lived in Springfield. One child McKendrie B., b. 1850, d, 1871.
Ambrose Oakley, b. 8-4-1829. Lived in Springfield.
Henry, b. 1-5-1832, d. 7-18-1873. Was collecor of customs at Apalachicola, Fla.


Obadiah Smith, son of Calvin and Anna (Annable) Smith, was b. Mid. 5-20-1798, d. there 8-14-1853. He m. 9-9-1824 Seviah TOWER who d. 1-9-1877. He lived on Ridgepole Road some distance north of his father's farm. He was a member of the Baptist Church.


Lorinda, b. 7-6-1825, d. 4-6-1885 in Springfield (See Fam. 22).
Clarinda, b. 4-8-1828, d. 11-11-1862, m. 2-4-1851 Clark A. COREY. Four children.
Matilda, b. 6-25-1831, d. 9-21-1857, m. 3-29-1853, Joel B. MELLEN. Two children.
Amanda, b. 5-28-1833, m. 7-4-1878, John FAY.


Ebenezer Smith, son of Calvin and Anna (Annable) Smith, was b. Mid. 8-10-1804, d. there 3-30-1869. He m. 1st Sibyl, dau. of Dan and Sally (Wright) PEASE, who d. 7-20-1855, he m. 2nd Sarah HAWES, widow of Jacob Hawes, 1-1-1856. He lived at the top of Smith Hollow Hill on the farm now (1924) occupied by the Teffts family. He was a member of the Baptist Church. Selectman 1839-40 and 1854.


Albert, 9-30-1832, d. 2-8-1897 at Elgin, Ill., m. 4-7-1857 Mary Ann, dau. of Matthew Smith, Esq. Their son Albert M. lives in San Diego, Cal.
Howard, b. 11-4-1838. (See Fam. 23).
William, Martha and Rosina d. in youth.
(By second marriage):
Edwin Smith, b. 10-23-1856, m. 5-30-1882, Alice Amanda, dau. of Milton Smith of Mid. and located in Mittineague, Mass. He m. 2nd, Arlina L. SHEPARD. Four children.
Edson, a twin of Edwin, d. 1864.
Lyman Ebenezer, b. 8-31-1858, m. 1st Fannie Root, dau. of Milton SMITH, he m. 2nd Georgianna, dau. of Ashey PEASE of Mid. Lived in Mittineague.
Henry Wilson, b. 5-28-1867, m. 10-26-1893, Electa C. PERSONS.


George Smith, son of Asa and Sally Smith, was. b. 7-24-1834, d. 6-14-1909. He m. 1st Anna Belle WALKER who d. 9-1-1866, m. 2nd 10-23-1867 Julia BARTLETT who d. 11-10-1896. He followed his father on his farm on the River Road in Smith Hollow. He was a member of the Baptist Church.


Arthur Leland, b. 9-1-1863. Was adopted by his aunt, Harmoney Dudley, and educated as a physician. Residence, Bayonne, N.J. He owns the Charles Smith homestead in Smith Hollow as a summer home. He m. in 1892 Florence MARSHALL, and has two children.
Edith Maud, b. 12-6-1873, m. 1-15-1896, Howard N. MASON and went to New Bedford.
Walter Asa, b. 12-1-1875 (See Fam. 24).
Kirby W., b. 7-11-1880. Went to California in 1907, m. 12-16-1908, Lucy Millicent BUCKWALTER, child: Elma Millicent, b. 7-9-1914.


Charles Smith, son of Orrin and Sally Smith, was b. 8-31-1816, d. 9-23-1893, m. 3-27-1843, Louisa, dau. of Milton and Laura COMBS of Mid. His farm was located at the foot of Smith Hollow Hill. He was a member of the Baptist Church.


Laura Celia, b. 10-9-1844, m. 8-23-1861, F. Melvin KNAPP and moved to Monte Vista, Colo. Five children.
Sarah Smith, b. 12-22-1849, m. 902201869, Lent B. AMES of Becket, who d. 1873. She received a B.A. degree from Claverack College (N.Y.) and taught there seven years. She d. at Monte Vista, Colo. No children.


Lawrence Smith, son of Orrin and Sally Smith, was b. 7-25-1824, d. 10-21-1897 in Huntington. He m. 11-25-1852, Louisa, dau. of Nathan and Asenath WRIGHT of Mid. He was a member of the Baptist church. He removed from Smith Hollow to Cummington where he had charge of the farm of the poet, William Cullen Bryant. Later he mvoed to Huntington where he was a deacon in the Baptist Church.

Hattie Louise, b. 5-8-1859, m. 5-17-1888, Fred P. STANTON, a merchant of Huntington. Two children: Helen and Louise Rosamond.


Milton Smith, son of Oliver and Fanny Smith, was b. Mid. 10-27-1817, d. 11-14-1902 in Millineague. He m. 5-2-1843 Mary Smith, dau. Justus and Mary (Emmons) BROWNING. She d. 11-11-1881. He was a farmer at the Emmons homestead where John Bryan later lived. He was a member of the Baptist Church and sang in the choir for forty years. In 1881 he removed to Martineague.


Justus Browning, b. 12-24-1844, m. 1st 6-27-1873, Ella LOVELAND, m. 2nd 6-19-1895, Mrs. Harriet (MORSE) SMITH. He was a merchant in Mittineague.
Clarence Emmons, b. 11-21-1846, m. Sept. 1883, Addie E. FULLER. He is a druggist in Mittineague. Two children: Carl B. and Earle F.
Julia Louisa, b. 12-22-1848, d. 1-4-1871.
Dwight, b. 2-5-1851, d. 9-7-1872.
Wayland Frances, b. 7-26-1853, m. 2-18-1875, Lillie C. INGHAM of Mid. Has a farm and milk route at Mittineague. Three children: Dwight I., Effie L. and Ray M.
Mary Emmons, b. 3-26-1859, d. 6-21-1887, m. Arthur P. COMBS of Mid. He resides in Springfield.
Fannie Root, b. 3-26-1859, d. 3-10-1893, m. Lyman E. SMITH.


Clarkson Smith, son of Oliver and Fanny Smith, was b. Mid. 7-10-1838; d. in Worcester 1-0-15-1917. he m. 10-16-1861 Roxanna, dau. of Levi and Julia R. GOWDY of Enfield, Conn. In 1862 he enlisted in Co. F. 46th REt. M.V.M. and returned as Sergt. the following year. Carried on his father's farm until 1888 when he moved to Worcester and became general mechanic at the Polytechnic Istitute. He was selectman in Mid. in 1881 and 1882.


Minnie Allen, b. 7-28-1862, m. 1-23-1890, Lawrence L. MEACHAM, of Cato, N.Y. He died 1924.
Clayton Oliver, b. 6-30-1870, m. 10-19-1899, Luella I. JACKSON. He graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1892. Is with the Baldwin Chain Co. of Worcester.
Fanny Electa, b. 7-26-1875, d. 10-17-1914, m. Theodoer H. NYE.


Lorinda Smith, dau. of Obadiah and Seviah (Tower) Smith, was b. Mid. 7-6-1825, d. 4-6-1885, m. 1st Rev. Edward KING, a Methodist circuit rider. She m. 2nd, 8-28-1860 Samuel W. FISHER. She was a teacher, maintaining a private school for many years. Besides four children from her second marriage, she had by her first marrige one chld.

Edward Smith, b. Mid. 9-8-1848, d. in Brooklyn, N.Y. 3-8-1896.


Howard Smith, son of Ebenezer and Sibyl (Pease) Smith, was b. Mid. 11-4-1838, m. 5-31-1871 Maggie E. FORD of Enfield, Conn. He lived most of his life on his father's farm, and was a model agriculturalist. He served on the School Committee and was selectman 1875-77. He removed to Springfield in 1899.


Rosina Maggie, b. 2-6-1874, was a teacher in Westfield and Mid., m. Alden CURTIS of Westfield.
Flora Lena, b. 5-13-1876, d. 2-24-1897.
Bernard Howard, b. 12-16-1878, m. 1-3-1900, Lilla J. BROWN of Amherst. He graduated in 1899 from the Mass. Agricultural College. He is a chemist and is now head of the labaratory of the Virginia Dare Extract Co. at Long Island City, N.Y. Children: Lloyd E. and Sibyl.


Walter Asa Smith, son of George and Julia (Bartlett) Smith, was b. 12-1-1875. He m. 12-25-1900 Bessie, dau. of Willard JONES, of West Worthington. He carries on the farm of his father and grandfather in Smith Hollow which has been in the family for over one hundred years.


Verna Evelyn, b. 10-8-1901.
Ralph Walter, b. 4-28-1909.
Arthur Leland, b. 3-19-1813.

(Names of children who died young and some other data covering the Smith Families have been omitted but can be found in the Mack Genealogy).


John Smith, was b. E. Haddam, Conn. in 1758, d. Mid. 2-18-1827, m. (int.) 9-21-1790, Lucy, dau. Joseph and Anne (Fuller) Blush, b. probably at Bolton, Conn. 1771, d. Mid. 12-28-1815. They were both buried in the Mack Cemetery.
He was a soldier in the Rev. War. He is said to have been of English ancestry. On May 12, 1786, he purchased of David Spencer Lots 10 and 11 in II Div. E. Prescott's Grant, where he lived in the house now (1924) the dwelling of Mr. Jesse PELKEY. He was a relative of Capt. Joseph Smith who lived on the West Hill.

Children b. Mid.:

Reuben, b. 12-28-1793, m. 9-18-1817, Laney, dau. Timothy McELWAIN. He moved to Becket, Mass.
John, b. 2-18-1796, m. 9-3-1818, Wealthy, adopted dau. of Oliver and Elizabeth (Cone) CHURCH, b. E. Haddam, Conn. 2-18-1796. He followed his father on the Mid. farm. Moved to Windham, Ohio. Children: Oliver Uriah, b. 6-30-1819, d. 9-4-1821; Wealthy Emaline, b. 4-1-1821; Alvin, b. 11-26-1825; Cordelia Ann, b. 1-21-1830.
Lucy, b. 5-29-1798, d. 3-5-1873, m. 10-15-1818, Jonathan McELWAIN.
Oliver, b. 4-7-1801 (See Fam. 26).
Champion, b. 5-9-1803, d. 6-6-1881. m. 10-30-1826 Achsah, dau. Nial LITTLE, b. 1806, d. 1-2-1879. He lived for awhile in Becket but moved to Windham, Ohio, in 1834. Children, b. Becket: Nelson C. b. 12-1-1826; Elmira; Martha; Mary; Leona.
Achsah, b. 9-3-1805, m. 3-17-1825, Amasa, son of Barzillai and Elizabeth (Blush) LITTLE, b. Mid. 8-17-1800. They moved to Windham, Ohio.
Mary, b. 2-3-1810, m. 12-26-1843, Samuel, son of Levi OLDS. They lived for awhile on the West Hill at the Drozd place and later moved to Freedom, Ohio.
Sally Angeline, b. 2-26-1812, m. Wm. WILLIAMS. Moved to Freedom, Ohio.


Oliver Smith, son of John and Lucy (Blush) Smith, was b. Mid. 4-7-1801, d. 5-12-1854, m. 2-26-1826, Abi, dau. Martin and Tabitha (Meacham) STARR, b. 11-6-1805, d. 4-2-1849. Oliver Smith (referred to in records as "2d" to distinguish him from Oliver Smith of Smith Hollow, son of Calvin Smith), was a man of medium height, slight, straight, with dark hair and eyes. He was a conscientious Christian, very quiet, and decided, yet not opinionated. When ten years of age he went to live with his uncle, Oliver Blush, the tavern keeper, who after some years gave the place to his nephew. After the retirement of Mr. Blush, Smith kept the place, having an innkeepers license "without spirits" 1831-33. After the building of the railroad the tavern was discontinued for lack of patronage. He lived at the tavern until his death. He served two years as selectman and was a representative to the General Court in 1853.

Children b, Mid.:

Lucy, b. 5-27-1828, d. Mid. 1-5-1890, m. Oliver CHURCH. She was very active in the Cong. Church, and was greatly loved and respected.
Nancy Adeline, b. 6-23-1830, m. 5-15-1853 William (Little) CHURCH. Lived in the Blush tavern awhile, later moving to Newton Falls, Ohio.
John Martin, b. 12-26-1833, m. 11-1-1856, Jane SMITH.
Sarah Blush, b. 1-4-1838, m. 1st Dr. James U. CHURCH, m. 2nd Wm. S. HUNTINGTON. She lives in Becket with her daugher, Mary A. Church. We are indebted to Mrs. Huntington for much of the information concerning the family of John Smith.


Joseph Smith, relative of John Smith, of East Haddam, was b. abt. 1766, d. Mid. 3-26-1845, m. 1st 4-29-1798, Lovisa PEASE, who was b. about 1765, d. 8-18-1825. m. 2nd 1-8-1829, Mrs. Lucintha OLDS, widow of Levi Olds, who was b. about 1781, d. 2-23-1862.
He came to Mid. about 1794 and built the gambrel roofed house on the West Hill which used to stand just south of the Willis Graves farm. It used to be quite an attractive place especially to the school children who loved the fruit which grew on a long line of cherry trees, fruit, which was usually appropriated by said children sometimes with, and more often without, the consent of the owner. Capt. Smith served on the school committee in 1804.

Children, b. Mid.:

Serepta, b. 2-10-1799, m. 3-1-1821, Artemas WARD. Moved to Ohio.
Joseph, b. 5-27-1800.
Sophronia, b. 2-8-1802.
Azubah, b. 6-24-1804.
Harriet, b. 4-27-1806, m. Oliver BLUSH.
Madison, b. 12-27-1809, m. (int.) 2-6-1841, Eunice CROW of Montgomery. He was living in Mid. on the West Hill in 1850.


Rufus Smith, son of Daniel, grandson of John Smith, of Murrayfield, was b. 12-21-1761, d. Mid. 1-9-1833, m. Sarah Elizabeth SMITH, b. 8-6-1763, d. 4-9-1840. He lived in Chester at first but by 1800 had moved to Mid. where he lived on the farm first cleared by Samuel Jones, now (1924) the property of Mr. W. Ovid Eames.


Rufus, b. Chester, 11-10-1799, m. Catherine SHOBER.
Increase, b. Mid. 2-2-1801.
Alpheus, b. Mid. 8-16-1802, m. 4-9-1828, Mary, dau. John and Lucina (Root) Metcalf. She lived in Meadville, Pa. to the age of 102 years.
John, b. Mid. 2-15-1806.
Sylvester, b. 2-19-1811, m. 1832, Julia Ann STEVENS, dau. Henry and Clarissa (Taylor) Stevens, of Chester. He was living in Mid. on the Eames farm in 1840 but moved to Chester soon after.


John Spencer (Ebenezer, John, Samuel, David), son of Ebenezer and Hannah (Gates) Spencer, was b. E. Haddam, Conn. 6-21-1750, m. 10-28-1772, Susannah White, b. 10-5-1749. He was a soldier in the Rev. War. He purchased Lots No. 10 in the I and II Div. W. Prescott's Grant in 1773 but the outbreak of the war prevented settlement until a decade later. After winning a lawsuit against Myles Washburn, who had squatted upon some of his land, he built his house west of the highway on the West Hill, a few rods north of the Drozd place where Henry Ferris lived.
Mrs. Spencer joined the Cong. Ch. in 1799 and Mr. Spencer in 1802. He served on the school committee in 1789, 1793 and 1800. In 1812 he moved with his family to Aurora, Ohio.


John, b. E. Haddam, Oct. 1773 (See Fam. 1)
Molly, b. E. Haddam, 7-23-1775.
Oliver, b. E. Haddam, 8-25-1777, d. Mid. 9-24-1798.
Samuel White, b. E. Haddam, 10-8-1779 (See Fam. 2).
Susannah, b. E. Haddam, 9-12-1781, m. 9-19-1811, Warren LITTLE.
Anna, b. 8-18-1783, m. 10-2-1803, Epaphroditus LOVELAND. Moved to Aurora, Ohio.
Brainard, b. Mid. 7-2-1785. Moved to Aurora, Ohio in 1812 with Samuel W. Spencer.
George, b. Mid. 10-6-1787.
Selden, b. 2-10-1790, d. Northampton, 3-24-1827, m. 5-13-1813, Lucy MACK.
Sally, b. Mid. 7-20-1795.


John Spencer, son of John and Susannah (White) Spencer, was b. E. Haddam, Conn. Oct. 1773, d. Mid. 8-18-1831, m. 11-23-1800, Sally ROOT, b. Mar. 1776, d. 11-11-1866. He lived in a house which stood just north of the dwelling of Mr. Henry S. Pease (probably where James Nooney lived), and was rebuilt by Morgan Pease.
He was a blacksmith.

Children, b. Mid.:

Nelson, b. 12-13-1801, m. 12-15-1825, Sophronia BENNETT. From 1826 to 1830 he rented of Oliver Blush for $10 a year the Thomas Blossom house, at Blossom corner. Later he lived in the Timothy Allen house just north of the cemetery. He was a blacksmith and had his shop across the road from his house. Children, b. Mid.: Anna, b. 11-24-1826; John Nelson, b. 6-22-1830; Mary, b. 5-22-1836.
Sally, b. 6-28-1805, d. Pittsfield 3, 29, 1847. Unm.
Anna, b. 4-9-1808, d. 9-10-1826.
Samantha, b. 6-14-1810, d. 7-10-1833, m. 6-2-1831, Chas. SMITH.
George, b. 2-16-1812, d. Mid. 11-12-1859, m. Emily CHAPEL, who was b. 12-2-1864. He was a blacksmith and lived on Ridgepole Road in the "old Cottrell place," so called, which, he built about 1850.
Selden, b. 2-16-1812, d. 11-18-1841, m. Polly FOOTE. He was a blacksmith and followed his father on his farm in the Pease District.
Emily, b. 8-6-1814, m. John L. BELL.
Edmund, b. 2-27-1817, m. Caroline TRACY.
Susannah, b. 4-18-1821, d. Pittsfield 6-23-1851, m. Warren BARROWS.


Samuel White Spencer, son of John and Susannah (White) Spencer, was b. E. Haddam, 10-8-1779; d. Mid. June, 1852, m. 12-18-1800, Lucy FISKE of Pittsfield, b. 1780, d. 1829. He lived in Mid. first at his father's and later at "the brick house" some distance north of his father's, on the West Hill where Benjamin Eggleston had lived. He moved to Aurora, Ohio in 1812.


Oliver, b. Mid. 8-25-1801, d. 12-26-1891, m. (int.) 2-8-1824, Sally LITTLE of Peru. He was a blacksmith and lived in Plainfield, and in Aurora, Ohio. He was a deacon in the Cong. church for 40 years.
Samuel W Jr., b. Mid. 2-11-1803, d. March, 1858.
Ogden, b. Mid. 11-14-1804, d. 3-7-1863, m. Bianca, dau. Robert and Thankful (Cheeseman) BISSEL.
Justin, b. Mid. 12-15-1806, d. 4-25-1852, m. Cynthia LYMAN.
Lucy, b. Mid. 2-7-1809, d. 7-12-1834, m. Thomas BARRETT.
Selden, b. 8-17-1811, d. 9-8-1900, m. Caroline LYMAN.
Elias Thompson, b. Mid. 8-11-1815, d. Watervliet, Mich. 6-30-1910. He lived in Aurora, Ohio, but moved to Watervliet, Mich. in 1853, m. 1839, Eliza SMITH.
William Church, b. 3-20-1818, m. ____ DUTTON.
Arvin, b. 3-8-1819, d young.
Arvin F., b. 6-2-1822, d. 6-1-1871, m. Margaret BURT.
Nelson, b. 8-17-1825, d. 2-26-1907. m Emily FREEMAN.


Martin Starr was b. 1767 in Danbury, Conn., d. Mid. 1-7-1830, m. 5-16-1793, Tabitha, dau. John and Lucy (Parsons) MEACHAM, who d. 4-30-1848. He lived in various parts of Mid., at one time near wildcat ledge in the northwest corner of the town; at another time on the West Hill. He was in Blush Hollow in 1810, and still later at the Timothy Allen place, near the cemetery.

Children b. Mid.:

Lucy, m. (int.) 1-17-1819, Moses EGGLESTON of Lima, N.Y., m. 1824, James MILLER.
Dorcas, b. Mid. 1-9-1803, m. (int.) 6-7-1834, Sardis PUTMAN, a shoemaker, who bought the Blossom house at "Blossom Corner" and moved it to the Center, where it is now (1924) the dwelling of Mr. Mulcay. Putman moved to New York State before 1840.
Abi, b. Mid. 11-6-1805, d. Mid. 4-2-1849, m. 2-16-1826, Oliver SMITH 2d.
Joseph Warren, b. 6-4-1810.


Henry Sternagle (Steuernagel) b. in Hesse Cassal, Germany, abt 1835. He m. Albany, N.Y., Letitia, dau. of Joseph and Sarah BAKER, who ws b. Leicestershire, Eng. Came to Mid. about 1870 and purchased the Newton farm in the north part of the town. He d. in 1902. She d. in 1914.


Henry, b. 10-20-1862 (See Fam. 1).
Letitia, b. 3-25-1864.
Anna Elizabeth, b. 12-21-1865, m. Henry E. PEASE.
Dorothea, b. 6-8-1868, d. 1869.
Dora, b. 2-2-1873 (See Fam. 2).


Henry Sternagle, b. in Albany 10-20-1862, m. 10-18-1900 Maud CECIL, dau. of George and Harriet HOLMES, of Mid. He followed his father on the old Newton farm. Went to the Klondike region during the rush for gold. Carried on farming several winters in North Carolina. Was prominent and efficient in town affairs, serving as selectman and road commissioner. He d. 1922.


Ethel Maud, b. 10-4-1901.
Grace Gladys, b. 11-14-1902, m. 9-12-1822, Harry KNIGHT, of Ludlow. Child: Eleanor, b. Springfield 2-15-1924.
Carl Henry, b. 1-22-1904.
Alton Murray, b. 7-10-1907.


Dora Sternagle, dau. of Henry and Letitia (Baker) Sternagle, was b. Mid. 2-2-1873. She m. 6-28-1899 Arthur L. COOK of Mid. She d. in Bridgeport, Conn. 6-22-1900. Arthur Cook, m. 2nd Nina WALDRON in April, 1905, and lived a few years in Mid. keeping store at the Center and running Rock Maples farm in Blush Hollow. He d. 9-8-1922 in Southbridge where he was employed in the optical works. By his first wife he had one son:

Robert, b. Bridgeport, 6-12-1900. m. 9-29-1923, Louise TURNEY of Needham, graddau of Mrs. Thomas Mulcay, of Mid. Residence, Boston.


Benjamin Stewart (also Steward) was living in Chester in 1790. He was warned to leave Mid. in 1791. He is said to have been a blacksmith by trade, carrying on his business in a shop which stood near the town pump at Mid. Center. He is supposed to be the Benjamin Stewart whose wife was Lois _____. They had a son Benjamin, b. about 1788, and a dau. Lois, b. 1782, d. Mid.2-1-1801.

Benjamin Stewart, son of Benjamin and Lois Stewart, was b. abt. 1788, d. Mid. 8-27-1851, m. 11-12-1811, Priscilla, dau. Dea. Zachariah and Priscilla (Crampton) FIELD, b. 1781, d. Mid. 1876.
They lived at Mid. Center in the little house which once stood east of Dea. Ingham's house, now (1924) owned by Miss Sarah Chamberlain.
Stewart was a blacksmith. Mrs. Steward, "Aunt Steward" as she came to be known to the town, lived to a great age and was beloved for her piety and sweetness of character, which she always manifested in spite of the many hardships and trials she suffered.


Spencer, b. 1810, d. 1888, m. Mid. 5-4-1840, Rosella GEER of Worthington, b. 1817, d. 1899. Lived in Worthington. One son Dr. Lincoln Stewart, living in Maine.
Nelson, b. Chester, 9-18-1815, d. Mid. 9-26-1847, m. 11-21-1843, Eliza CHAPEL. Lived in Hinsdale.
Edmund, b. 1814, d. 8-15-1838. Unmarried.

A Chloe Stewart, m. (int.) 4-20-1790, Nathan PARKHURST.
Cornelia D. Stewart, b. 1842, d. 1866.
Celia Stewart, b. 1846, d. 1849.


Isaac Hemingway Streator (John, Stephen, Samuel, Stephen, Stephen) (See Streator Gen. by M.B. Streator), son of Dr. John and Margaret (Hemingway), was b. Woodstock, Conn. 4-18-1758, m. Becket, 11-11-1779, Hannah, dau. of Daniel ALDERMAN.
In 1790 and 1800 he was living in Mid. somewhere south of Mr. H.S. Pease's farm, perhaps on the Hubbard lot. He owned part of lot 54, I Div. Murrayfield. He had left town before 1810. He is said to have moved to Mentor, Ohio, in 1817.


Miranda, b. Becket 8-11-1780.
Orilla, b. Becket 9-12-1782.
Isaac H., b. Becket 10-18-1786, d. Dec. 1860, m. Clarinda PLUM, of Becket, where he bought land in 1809. He moved to Hamilton, N.Y. and then to Aurora, Ohio in 1870. His son Alpheus, b. Becket 1805, d. Streetsboro, Ohio 1-11-1836, m. Aurora Ohio 4-9-1829, Emeline LOVELAND, b. Mid. 10-2-1805, d. Rootstown, Ohio, 7-7-1845.
Margaret, b. Mid. 4-12-1790.
Alpheus, b. Mid. 9-7-1792, d. 9-22-1802.
Thankful, b. Mid. 10-29-1795.
Cyrus, b. 9-19-1802.


Amos Strong, son of Amos Strong, was b. Marlboro, Conn. 10-30-1764, m. Chester 10-9-1788, Betsey, dau. Samuel and Margaret (Henry) GORDON, bap. Rutland 6-17-1770. He was a blacksmith by trade and was in Mid. as early as 1787. He may have been the first blacksmith in town, the one whom Dea. David Mack is said to have started in business. In the Hampshire Gazette was published the following advertisement:
"Run away from the subscriber, the 27th inst. an apprentice boy, named Henry Thomas, about 17 years of age, about 5 ft. 10 in. high, well set, short black hair, dark eyes; wore a butternut colored coat, black lasting breeches, checket linen shirt. Took with him a butternut great coat, and a small bundle of other clothes. Whoever will take up said boy and return him to me shall have four pence reward and no charges paid, by me, Amos Strong, Middlefield, Mass. Nov. 27, 1787."


Thomas Swain appears to have been located in Mid. in the Johnnycake Hill region in 1796, judging from the highway tax lists. He was still in town in 1799, but had moved away before 1800.

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