Edward Church Smith.
Menasha, Wis. Priv. print. 1924


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Jonathan Nash (David, John, John, Timothy, Thomas), s. of David and Elizabeth (Smith) Nash, was b. Amherst 11-5-1760, d. Mid. 8-31-1834, m. 1st 10-30-1793 Eunice, dau. Maj. Edward TAYLOR of Montgomery who d. 5-27-1802. He m 2nd 6-22-1803 Mrs. Rebecca (CLARK) RUSSELL, widow of Alpheus Russell, and dau. of Capt. Isaac Clark.
He graduated from Dartmouth College 8-26-1789 with the highest honors. After studying theology under Rev. Joseph Blodget of Greenwich, Mass., he was called to Mid. in 1792 as pastor of the Cong. Ch. where he continued for nearly forty years, being dismissed by a mutual council 7-11-1832. His annual salary of $250 was so small that he had to become a farmer to support his family.
His dwelling was just north of the Wayside Lodge, where James Cody's house now (1924) stands. His faithful service to his church and community and high Christian character have been fully described in a pervious chapter.


Oliver, b. 7-26-1794. Became a merchant in Peru. Unmarried.
Jonathan, b. 10-8-1796. Settled in Peru.
Alvan, b. 2-6-1799. Graduated from Williams College 9-7-1825, m. Abiah SHELDON of Westfield and had eight children born in Ohio. He had churches at Ravenna, Sandusky, Chester, Chagrin Falls, and was later superintendent of Willoughby Female Seminary.
Edward Taylor, b. 5-11-1802. Settled in Hinsdale as a trader.
Eunice, b. 11-13-1805, m. 10-6-1841 Milton BREWSTER of Worthington.
Milton, b. 11-6-1807, lived on his father's farm in Mid. and followed the occupation of a farmer. He m. 1st 5-12-1839, Mary PELTON, dau. of Joel Pelton of Mid. She d. 5-9-1845 age 28. He m. 2nd 3-6-1850 Eunice PIERCE of Hinsdale, d. 4-30-1852. Children: Charles Milton, b. 5-22-1840; Albert Clark, b. 4-2-1842, d. 7-8-1853; John Howard, b. 1-7-1845.
Laura, b. 1-2-1812, m. 9-16-1834, Edmund P. MORGAN, who was at first a merchant at Middlefield and who became a prominent merchant and citizen of Cleveland, Ohio.


John Newton (James, James, Thomas - See "The Newton Family" by Clair Alonzo Newton - 1911), s. of Dea. James and Susannah (Wyat) Newton, was b. 6-27-1721, d. 1807, m. 12-27-1756 Mary HOLBROOK of Lebanon, Conn., who d. 1818.
In 1773 John Newton purchased Lots No. 3 in the First and Second Divisions West, Prescott's Grant. It was on these lots that his son James was living in 1781. It was his son, John Jr., who became the permanent resident of Mid. The Newtons were residents of Colchester, Conn.

John, b. 4-8-1758 (See Fam. 1).
James, b. 10-4-1759, m. Elizabeth LEE. He was in Mid. in 1781, at least he was among the signers of the petition for the incorporation of the town in that year and seems to have owned some of the farm which he later sold to his older brother John. Four of his children were born between 1794 and 1800 at Colchester, Conn. He moved to Peru, Mass., where four more children were born between 1804 and 1810. Mary, wife of James, d. 1-5-1817. James Newton d. in Hartwick, Otsego, N.Y. in his 84th year.
Mary, b. 8-6-1761.
Abel, b. 6-9-1753, m. Olsa LOOMIS.
Lois, m. Israel RANSOM.

Family 1

John Newton, s. of John and Mary (Holbrook) Newton, was b. Colchester 4-8-1758, d. Mid. 5-24-1854, m. 2-3-1785 Martha WHITING of Colchester, who was b. 5-3-1761, d. 12-5-1848. He was a soldier in the Rev. War. Soon after his marriage in 1785 he moved to Mid. and made his home on the farm purchased in 1773 by his father and occupied as early as 1781 by his brother James. The first house was a log cabin built on the east side of the highway south of Mid. Center, near the site of Mr. Sternagle's barn. But the water running down from Dickson Hill made the site unsuitable and Newton afterward built the house across the road now (1924) the dwelling of Mrs. Henry Sternalge.
Newton afterward acquired the whole or parts of several adjoining lots making up the large and productive farm long the home of the Newtons. John Newton joined the Baptist Ch. in Hinsdale. While a Baptist Society in Mid. was in process of formation, the Hinsdale Ch. voted to hold meetings in Mid. one third of the time and Dea. Newton's house was mentioned in the records as the place where services should be hle in 1805. Mr. Newton was the first deacon chosen by the Mid. Baptists when finally organized.


William, b. Mid. 1-6-1786, m. Frances LONGYEAR. Lived in Albany. Child Sarah d. 1842, m. Mr. BAKER of Newport, Herkimer Co., N.Y.
Amasa, b. 4-8-1788, d. in Ohio.
Henry, b. 10-4-1791, d. Indiana 2-2-1854, m. 10-20-1816 Harriet WALBRIDGE, 11 children.
John, b. 7-11-1793, d. 2-7-1794.
John Milton, b. 5-21-1796, m. 1st Eliza TAYLOR, m. 2nd Eliza Carman McINTOSH, m. 3rd Jane P. ALLEN. Lived in Albany.
Lucy, b. 7-23-1798, d. 11-15-1811.
Ambrose, b. 6-11-1800 (See Fam. 2).
Asa, b. 6-27-1803. Lived in Kentucky.


Ambrose Newton, s. of John and Martha (Whiting) Newton, was b. Mid. 6-11-1800, d. Mid. 2-28-1878. m. 1st 5-23-1822 Sally, dau. Andrew and Sarah (Wood) MEACHAM, who d. 1-10-1866. He m. 2nd 11-18-1867, Lucy, dau. Samuel and Lucina (Metcalf) SMITH who d. 8-30-1903.
He lived on the old farm many years. The ell attached to the south end of the house was built for him to live in after his marriage, his parents living in the main part of the house.
He served as selectman for many years. He lived at Mid. Center in his later years. He represented the town in the General Court in 1842.


Frances, b. 4-30-1824, d. Prairie du Chien, Wis. 3-28-1863, m. Edward W. PELTON.
John Andrew, b. 12-7-1830 (See Fam. 3).


John Andrew Newton, s. of Ambrose and Sally (Meacham) Newton was b. Mid. 12-7-1830; d. 12-24-1881; m. 1st Mary Elizabeth PARKER of E. Georgia, Vt., who d. 12-23-1871; m. 2nd 9-6-1876 Florence SAVAGE. Educated at Mid. and Northampton. In 1856 he engaged in the milling business with his uncle at Albany. In 1857 he moved to Prairie du Chien, Wis., where he engaged in the milling and merchandising business.


William, b. 9-5-1859, m. Mary Elizabeth BROOKS. He is president of the firm of Haskins Bros. & Co. Soap Makers, Omaha, Neb.
Elma Arauna, d. in infancy.
John A., d. in infancy.
James Parker, b. 9-20-1867, m. 1902 Bertha S. OLSEN.
John Ambrose, b. 12-30-1878, m. Flint, Mich. 6-20-1907 Abigail B. BAKER. Lives in Sioux City, Iowa.

Pierpont E. Newton, m. Mid. 6-23-1825 Tamsen MEACHAM, b. Mid. 5-31-1801, d. Southwick 2-17-1880. He came to Mid. about 1825 and in 1830 was living on the West Hill near Justus Olds. He had left town by 1840.


Ambrose, b. 4-1-1826, d. 4-21-1826.
Albert Edward, b. 3-21-1827.
Edwin Oakley, b. 1-23-1829.
Esther Ann, b. 12-2-1830.


Shadrach Noble, s. of Israel and Eliza (Miller) Noble, was b. Westfield 8-9-1741, d. Hartford, Vt. 4-5-1823, m. 11-19-1767 Lucy, dau. Samuel and Sarah (Stebbins) TAYLOR, b. about 1747, d. Hartford, Vt. 4-27-1837.
He was a solider in the Rev. War. He appears to have owned a farm south of that of Samuel Taylor, located just north of the Parsonage Lot. In 1786 he sold to Samuel Taylor Jr. 50 acres from the North side of Lot 220 Worthington Section. Taylor bought in 1788 of one David Noble 134 rods of land with dwelling and corn house. In 1791 Shadrach Noble's farm was sold by John Worthington to Samuel Taylor Jr.
A Daniel Noble of Russell sold to Taylor 18 acres of land next to Samuel Judd's land in 1792. It is probable that the land now (1924) owned by Rev. H. A. Youtz was once a part of this farm. Noble moved to Hartford, Vt.


James Nooney, s. of James and Margaret Nooney, was b. Enfield, Conn. 6-4-1748, d. Chester 6-26-1829, m. 11-12-1772 Sarah KING of North Bolton, Conn. His sister Eleanor Nooney m. 3-10-1777, Elijah CHURCHILL.
He was living in Murrayfield in 1782. In 1783 he was living in Mid. where he was chosen first warden. He served on the School Com. 1790, 1796-7. He signed the Baptist petition in 1790. At one time he was living near what is now the farm of Mr. Henry S. Pease. In 1793 he bought the Glendale farm from John Rhoads where is lived until he sold out to Capt. Nathan Wright in 1799. He returned to Chester.


James, b. Enfield, Conn. 7-27-1776.
Hezekiah, b. Enfield, 2-27-1778.
Sarah, b. Enfield, 11-27-1779.
John, b. Enfield 7-22-1781.
Ruby, b. Mid. 5-30-1783.
Billa, b. 1-19-1785.
Polly, b. 3-3-1788.
George, b. 1-9-1789.
Ruth, b. 8-30-1791.
Betsy, b. 5-14-1794.
King, b. 12-22-1796.

A Nancy Nooney married Benjamin SIMONS of Enfield.


John Norcott was a resident of Becket, m. Jerusha _____.


Anna, b. about 1772, d. 1-26-1822.
Experience, b. about 1775, m. 3-15-1798 Oliver, son of Thomas MERRIFIELD.
Jerusha, b. about 1781, d. Becket 2-9-1842.
John, b. Savoy 7-8-1782. (See Fam. 1).
Sylvanus, m. Sarah ____. Had 4 children, b. Savoy. He lived for a while in Mid. in the region near Coles Brook or Taylor's Pasture. A road survey locates him in 1802 not far from Prince William. He was granted a letter of dismission from the Cong. Ch. to Washington in 1822. His name is on the minister tax list for 1799.


John Norcott, s. of John and Jerusha Norcott, was b. Savoy 7-8-1782, d. Becket 12-22-1864, m. 3-7-1814 Rachel, dau. Moses BARNES, who d. Becket 11-24-1876. He was living in Mid. in 1810. A letter of dismission was given by the Cong. Ch. for Jerusha Norcott to the church in Washington 1822.


Moses, b. Becket 6-23-1815, d. Becket 2-18-1816.
Louisa Ann, b. Becket 2-1-1818.
Jarvis, b. Becket 12-17-1823, d. Becket 1-3-1911, m. 1st 9-28-1843 Emerancy, dau. Amasa and Sally (Bird) GRAVES of Mid. m. 2nd Suffield, Conn. 5-8-1849, Salome C., dau Orrin HASKINS, b. Wasington 8-19-1831.
Julia, b. 7-16-1846, d. Becket 7-2-1872, m. Becket 5-6-1869 Edwin, s. of Stewart and Mary SHUMWAY, b. Peru, 1844.


Levi Olds (Samuel, Samuel, Hanford, Robert - See Olds Genealogy by Edson B. Olds), son of Samuel Olds, was b. Southwick, 1776, d. Mid. 2-19-1821. He m. Lucintha _____. She m. 2nd 1-8-1829 Capt. Joseph SMITH.
Levi Olds came to Mid. between 1800 and 1810, probably about 1802-04. He lived on the West Hill in a house which stood west of the road to Hinsdale, north of the house occupied by Justus Olds which was near where the Becket road turns off to the west. He had two brothers familiarly known as "Jet" and was known as "Mut Orcutt." In the skirmishes of Shays' Baptist Church in 1817 and many of their children joined in later years. [transcriber's note: I think there's a part of a sentence missing here, after the word Shays' [Rebellion??].....because usually it'll say "he joined the" before the words Baptist Church. At least this is my guess.]


Susan, b. 1-6-1800, d. 10-12-1877, m. Mr. GAYLORD.
Levi, b. Mid. 7-1-1805 (See Fam. 1).
Cynthia, m. (int.) 10-26-1822 Aaron WHITTEMORE Jr., moved to Fulton, N.Y.
Emily, m. 2-11-1830, Zeba P. JENNINGS of Dalton.
Chancy, joined the Mid. Baptist Church 1827.
Samuel, m. 12-26-1843 Mary, dau. John and Lucy (Blush) SMITH. Went west 1845.
Stillman, b. Mid. 3-4-1810 (See Fam. 2).
Reuben, b. Mid. 9-5-1815, m. (int.) 3-11-1837, Elmira FERGUSON of Cummington. He was living in Mid. in 1840. He had a son, Granville, who d. in Dalton, leaving a son, Silas, who was living there in 1918.
Caroline, b. Oct. 1817, d. 12-22-1848.
Sarah, b. 4-20-1812.
Eunice, b. 4-21-1814, d. 3-15-1815.
Catherine, b. 6-12-1822, d. 8-25-1823.


Levi Olds, son of Levi and Lucintha Olds, was b. Mid. 7-1-1805; d. 4-30-1867; m. 10-9-1828, Emily, dau. of Ambrose and Lucy (Rising) MEACHAM. He moved to Peru where he lived at the "Ziegler Place," so called, which was recently (1924) burned.


Emily Catherine, 7-28-1829, d. 10-4-1869; m. Rufus HYDE. Children: Rufus, Clarence, Levi, David Bliss, Oscar Henry.
Lucy Elvira, b. 11-3-1831, d. 12-12-1864, m. Thomas RHODES (no children).
Nancy Minerva, b. 3-19-1834, d. 4-14-1901; m. Artemus TERRELL. Children: Flora, Minnie, Louie.
Julia Adella, b. 5-6-1836, d. 11-11-1838.
Levi Fayette, b. 7-25-1838, d. 9-8-1906 at Springfield, Ohio, m. Sarah COLE. Children: Howard, Levi, Mabel.
Ellen Melissa, b. 5-11-1840, d. 11-15-1908; m. John HAMILTON. Children: David Levi, Abbie Emily, Homer Willis, Oscar Olin, Laurence Meacham.
Elma Emily, b. 1-19-1844, d. at Decatur, Ala., m. William RAMAGE. Children: Herbert A., Levi J., Edwin Willis, Emily Meacham.
Howard, b. 2-12-1845, d. 8-17-1845.
Henry Martin, b. 9-20-1846, d. 11-23-1854.
Dwight H., b. 4-10-1848, m. 1st Sallie SMITH, m. 2nd Cora _____. No children. Lives at Springfield, Ohio.
Herman F., b. 5-11-1849, d. 8-4-1850.
Ella I., b. 11-17-1850, d. 3-20-1881, m. William HARWOOD. Children: Charlie, Ethel.
Edwin W., b. 9-29-1851, d. at Chicago, Ill., m. Emma DEVELBISS. Children: Herbert, Helen, Edna, Harry, Edwin Levi.
Ida R., b. 10-27-1852, d. 2-22-1854.
William Clifford, b. 12-5-1856, d. 5-20-1912, m. Ida LONGLEY. One child: Louie.


Stillman Olds, son of Levi and Lucintha Olds, was b. Mid. 8-4-1810; d. Mid. 12-18-1844; m. Chester, 12-14-1835, Wealthy, dau. Isaac JOHNSON, b. 8-2-1803; d. 1-15-1886. He was a farmer in Mid.


Zilpha, m. Albert SMITH of Chester.
Stillman, d. Aug. 1917; m. 1st Lucinda LEONARD, m. 2nd Myra CUTTING, d. 2-25-1892, m. 3rd Mrs. Alma ALDERMAN, who was living in 1918.
Olin C., b. 2-12-1841 (See Fam. 3).
Franklin Samuel, b. Mid. 7-20-1843, d. 6-11-1908, Louisa Flavilla MEACHAM, dau. Elijah and Louisa (Warren) Meacham, b. N. Chester, 8-20-1840. No children.


Olin C. Olds, son of Stillman and Wealthy (Johnson) Olds, was b. 2-12-1841; d. Mid. 12-18-1917; m. May, 1869, Helen M. PRENTICE. He was a farmer in Mid. for many years, living on the River Road at the foot of Glendale Falls. He was selectman in 1890, 1898-1900.


Minnie Sarah, b. 10-12-1870, m. Nelson OTIS. Children: Loren Edward, b. 10-16-1901; Helen Harriet, b. Apr. 1906, d. Jan. 1907.
Wesley A., b. Mid. 2-4-1873 (See Fam. 4).
Cora W., b. 9-19-1874, d. 12-16-1906, m. Feb. 1895, Arthur PIERCE.


Wesley A. Olds, son of Olin C. and Helen (Prentice) Olds, was b. Mid. 2-4-1873; m. 11-7-1900, Mary Adelaide, dau. George W. and Elsie (Wright) COTTRELL. He is a prominent farmer in Mid. carrying on his father's farm at the foot of Glendale Falls. He is prominent in the Mid. church and in local affairs. He was selectman in 1906 and 1922-24.

Children, b. Mid.:

George Wesley, b. 12-18-1901.
Elmer Olin, b. 11-14-1903.
Helen Prentice, b. 9-18-1907.
Howard Ernest, b. 7-6-1913.


Justus Olds, possibly a son of Samuel (Samuel, Hanford, Robert), was b. Southwick, 1778; d. Mikd. 2-5-1847; m. Mary, dau. Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Morley) LOOMIS of Westfield, who was b. 1780; d. Mid. 9-25-1857. He came to Mid. shortly after 1800. He lived on the West Hill in Mid. on the road to Washington just north of the north road to Becket.


Mary, b. 8-4-1800; d. Becket 5.9-1865; m. Mid. 11-29-1821, John HAMILTON of Washington. (1793-1880).
Justus, b. Mid. 5-26-1803; m. 1st (int.) 8-20-1826, Anna, dau. Daniel and Anna (Bissell) LEACH. She d. 10-4-1830; He m. 2nd (int.) 4-30-1831, Elizabeth GRANGER of Southwick.
Elizabeth, b. 10-10-1804, d. 11-12-1853.
Maria, b. 7-1-1806; m. 11-29-1827, Henry SAUNDERS Jr. of Dalton. She m. 2nd John JOHNSON of Springfield, Iowa.
Heman Alson, b. 12-31-1807, d. 1846 in U.S. Army.
Harriet, b. 2-3-1809, m. 1st 11-25-1841, James COLEMAN of Hinsdale, m. 2nd Wm. ORMSBY, LaGrange, Ohio.
Amanda, b. 4-3-1811, m. Israel HALE. Lived in Ohio.
Lucy, b. 1-17-1813, m. Leonard CLARK. Lived in Fowler, Ohio.
Emaline, b. 7-31-1816, m. (int.) 3-9-1839, Milton D. LEONARD. Lived in Danbury, Conn.
Almira, b. 5-12-1820, d. 10-25-1821.
Sarah Delight, b. 3-2-1824, d. 11-21-1899; m. (int.) 2-24-1844, Edmund JOHNSON, who d. 2-25-1893, age 74.


Reuben Olds, son of Levi and Lucintha Olds, was b. Mid. 9-5-1815; m. (int.) 3-11-1837, Elmira FERGUSON of Cummington. He was living in Mid. in 1840.


Levi J. was a soldier in the Civil War. Died in service.
Madison was a soldier in the Civil War.
Louisa, m. Charles BROWN, d. W. Worthington.
Herbert H., b. 12-13-1856. He was adopted in infancy by Sylvester PRENTICE of Worthington.
Granville, d. Dalton. Had Silas, living in Dalton (1918) and Myra, m. John ALSTINE of Dalton. Living in Holyoke (1923).

The name John Owls appears among those of the signers of the Pet. Inc. in 1781.
The name of James Owls is among those of the signers of the Pet. Inc. in 1781. A James Olds of Alford, Conn. bought land in Partridgefield in 1786.


Ichabod Olmstead, son of Samuel Olmstead of East Haddam, Conn., b. 9-12-1725; m. 7-23-1747 Dorothy BATES. He purchased in 1777 Lots 4, 5, 6 and 9 in the 1st Div. East, Prescott's Grant, of Josiah Arnold. He also purchased Lots No. 8 in the 1st and 2nd Divs. West. He never came to Mid.

Among his children were:

Ashbel, b. 12-18-1750 (See Fam. 1).
Ichabod, b. abt. 1760.


Ashbel Olmstead of East Haddam, son of Ichabod and Dorothy (Bates) Olmstead, b. 12-18-1750; m. Ruth, dau. Jared and Ruth (Smith) CONE. She was b. 7-28-1745. Their child Samuel was b. in Mid. 7-24-1785. The family moved away before 1790. He lived in Mid. for a few years soon after the incorporation of the town. He lived on Lots No. 9 1st Div. East, P.G. His land is mentioned in a road survey in 1787.


Moses Orcutt, m. in Tyringham 9-13-1764 Elizabeth SLATER. In 1776 he purchased of Samuel Taylor a portion of Lot. No. 207, of Worth. where Mid. Center now is. Served in the Revolution in Capt. James Black's Co. for Murrayfield. Sold out to Robert Cochran, of Blandford, and removed to Great Barrington. Saw much service in the Rev. War, and was known as "Mut Orcutt." In the skirmishes of Shay's Rebellion at Great Barrington he was a defender of the government and is remembered to have laid down his pouch and gun, bared his breast, and defiantly and profanely called upon the foe to "fire upon the body of Moses." This they did, and he was wounded, but not severely.

Children, b. in Tyringham:

Flanthy, b. 7-24-1766.
Elizabeth, b. 3-26-1770.
Aaron Slater, b. 7-16-1774.


Abel Parker (Nathaniel, Isaac, Joseph), s. of Nathaniel Parker, was born probably in Groton 11-24-1745, m. 5-30-1770 Phebe LONGLEY. He was a soldier in the Rev. War. He was living in Deerfield in 1768 and in Whately in 1771. He moved to Hawley 1778-9.
In 1785 he was in Mid. apparently located near John Jones on a part of Lot 40 II Div. Murrayfield. He sold his farm to John Thompson in 1786. He was living in Partridgefield in 1790, 1800 and 1810.


Silas, b. (or bap.) 6-28-1772, m. Sarah ___, 1788.
Asa, b. 2-14-1773.
Adam, b. 10-1-1775.
Abel, b. 2-1-1778, d. young.

An Abel Parker Jr. m. (int.) 1803 Sally SCOVELL.


Nathan Parkhurst m. Chloe STEWART (int.) 4-20-1790. A widow of Nathan Parkhurst named Elizabeth d. Norwich, 1833. He was living in the Murrayfield section in 1790 near Isaac Streator and Jude Wright, probably near the farm of Mr. Ovid Eames. He was not in town in 1800.


Israel Pease (Israel, Isaac, John, Robert), s. of Israel and Alice (Root) Pease, was b. Enfield, Conn. 1726; d. Mid. 3-2-1802; m. Ann _____. He came to Mid. about 1789 and settled on Ridgepole Road on Lot 203 Worth., and built a small house. This was demolished when the present (1924) house, known as the Harvey Root place, was built north of the first dwelling.

Children, b. Enfield, Conn.:

Simeon, b. 2-7-1758. Lived in Enfield. Bought Lot 203, Worthington, 1781.
Asenath, b. 10-19-1761, m. Stone PEASE of Enfield.
Lovisa, b. 10-8-1763, m. Alexander VINING of E. Windsor.
Israel, b. 2-27-1766 (See Fam. 1).
Abigail, b. 3-27-1768.
Gad, b. 1-10-1771 (See Fam. 3).
Dan, b. 4-25-1773 (See Fam. 4).


Israel Pease, s. of Israel and Ann Pease was b. Enfield, Conn. 2-27-1766; d. Mid. 9-26-1844; m. 1st 1-10-1789 Mary, dau. Dea. Jonathan Pease of Ellington, Conn., (see Fam14) b. about 1768, d. Mid. 1-10-1827. He m. 2nd 6-6-1827 Polly, widow of his brother Gad Pease. He settled in Mid. about 1789 and followed his father on the farm later owned by Harvey Root. He lived for some years in the small house across from the large house where his son Horace lived at the time.

Children, b. Mid.:

Mary, b. 1-10-1790, m. 12-29-1813, Chauncy COATS of Mid. Moved to Oswego, N.Y.
Israel, b. 9-28-1791, m. 1st (int.) 4-27-1817, Nancy GILLETTE, who d. 12-18-1824, m. 2nd 3-21-1825, Charity PEARDUN. Moved to Hector (Reynoldsville) N.Y. in 1818-19 where he d. 9-28-1847.
Daniel, b. 4-19-1793, d. Oswego, N.Y. 12-26-1847, m. 1816, Miriam RICE. Lived in Oswego, N.Y.
Harvey, b. 10-29-1794, moved to Walnut Grove, Scott Co., Iowa.
Nancy, b. 5-28-1796, d. Hinsdale, 10-24-1864, m. 5-18-1820, Alvah BENJAMIN of Worth. Had a s. James Dickson, bap. 9-2-1821, m. 2nd Salmon LOOMIS of Hinsdale.
Horace, b. 3-2-1798 (See Fam. 2).

Nial, b. 7-6-1801, d. 1868, unm. He was an insurance agent and was living in Mid. in 1850.
Oliver, b. 12-29-1802, m. Delia JONES. Lived in Bloomington, Ill. No children.
Austin, b. 12-23-1806, d. Charlemont, 2-20-1857, m. 1st 10-15-1829, Emily FISH of Chesterfield, m. 2nd Martha BARRY of Lee. He was a manufacturer and lived in Chesterfield, Hawley and Charlemont. 5 children.
Abiel, b. 2-28-1808, d. 9-18-1816.


Horace Pease, s. of Israel and Mary (Pease) Pease, was b. Mid. 3-2-1798; m. 1829 Ann VINING of E. Windsor. He settled first in Mid. where he was a farmer living on Ridgepole Road. He was selectman in 1841. He moved to Somers, Conn., Meadville, Pa., and lastly to E. Hartford, Conn.

Children, b. in Mid.:

Horace Allen, b. 1-4-1830. Moved to Winchester, Va. after Civil War.
Abiel, b. 11-12-1831. Lived in E. Hartford, Conn.
Julia Ann, b. 8-18-1834.
Harriet Maria, b. 10-21-1837, d. aged 7.


Gad Pease, s. of Israel and Ann Pease, was b. Enfield, Conn. 1-10-1771; d. before June, 1827; m. Polly _____. He came to Mid. with his father in 1789. After his marriage he moved into the Johnnycake Hill region and lived at least from 1796-1810 on Lot 23 III Div. Becket. His house was the one previously occupied by Oliver Bates, located a quarter of a mile south of the Elisha Mack place where the old highway turned west toward Walnut Hill. Between 1810 and 1820 he moved to Meredith, Delaware Co., N.Y.

Children, b. Mid.:

Polly, b. 9-22-1795.
Abigail, b. 4-11-1796.
Arnold, b. 2-26-1798, d. 8-21-1809.
Lydia, b. 11-25-1799.
Agnes, b. 4-14-1802, d. 4-14-1802.
Charlane, b. 3-29-1804.
Gad, b. 3-7-1806.
Zalmuna, b. 2-25-1808.
Lovisa, b. 4-27-1811, d. 4-27-1811.


Dan Pease, s. of Israel and Ann Pease, was b. Enfield, Conn. 4/25/1773; d. Mid. 5-25-1854; m. 1-27-1802 Sally, dau. Nathan and Mary (Whittemore) WRIGHT, who d. 3-6-1848, age 66. In 1801 he purchased of Asa Benjamin a part of Lot 215 North in the Worthington section and lived until 1821 in the house later occupied by Herbert Prentice. In that year he bought of Charles Alderman the old Enos Blossom Farm now (1924) owned by Arthur Pease.

Children, b. Mid.:

Dan, b. 10-21-1802 (See Fam. 5).
Sally, b. 12-10-1803, d. 11-26-1871, m. 1-24-1822, Harvey ROOT.
Mary, b. 11-19-1805, d. 1-20-1837.
Walter, b. 9-12-1807 (See Fam. 9).
Sybil, b. 1-27-1810, d. 7-20-1855, m. 11-5-1829, Ebenezer SMITH.
Eldredge, b. 3-14-1812 (See Fam. 10).
Morgan, b. 9-25-1814 (See Fam. 11).
Amanda, b. 2-12-1817, d. 9-11-1852, m. 10-20-1841, George CRANE of Washington, b. 4-17-1808, d. 11-39-1893. Their son Geo. P. Crane was b. 12-16-1842, d. 8-7-1851.
Arnold, b. 4-19-1819 (See Fam. 12).
Harriet, b. 3-6-1822, m. 10-26-1846, Hezekiah TAYLOR of Westfield.
Laura A., b. 4-4-1824, d. 6-23-1863, m. 6-15-1848, Wm. STEVENS of Chester.


Dan Pease, s. of Dan and Sally (Wright) Pease, was b. Mid. 10-21-1802; m. 3-16-1825 Mary, dau Solomon and Mary (Selden) ROOT. He followed his father on the farm on Ridgepole Road. He was selectman in 1841-43. He was a member of the Baptist Ch. He moved to Worthington in 1855.

Children, b. Mid.:

Dan F., b. 12-30-1826, m. 8-7-1860, Rachel RUSSEL; moved to Illinois.
Mary Caroline, b. 12-17-1827, m. Daniel COREY. Lived in Illinois.
Julia, b. 2-18-1830, m. 2-4-1851, Erastus James INGHAM, d. Mid. Sept. 1912.
Asher, b. 7-10-1831 (See Fam. 6).
Maria, b. 9-4-1834, m. Charles F. COLE; moved to Illinois.
Henry, b. 3-9-1836, m. Lydia B. STANTON. Lived in Huntingtom.
James, b. 8-7-1839, m. Eliza COLE of Chesterfield. Lived in Worthington.


Asher Pease, s. of Dan and Mary (Root) Pease, was b. Mid. 7-10-1831; d. 10-12-1905; m. 7-14-1856 Cynthia C., dau. Peleg and Rachel (Bisbee) STANTON of Huntington, b. Huntington 11-12-1834, d. Mid. 2-28-1899. He was a successful farmer and lifelong resident of Mid. He was prominent in town affairs, serving as selectman 1883-1889. He was a member of the Baptist Ch.

Children, b. Mid.:

Emma C., b. 4-3-1857, m. Wm. H. ROBBINS of Becket. 4 children.
L. Blanch, b. 9-12-1858, m. Wm. A. LYMAN of Chester. 6 children.
Florence, b. 8-20-1860, d. 8-8-1886.
Elbert A., b. 4-3-1863 (See Fam. 7).
Cora A., b. 3-21-1865, m. Willard JONES of Worthington.
Georgianna, b. 4-14-1867, m. Lyman E. SMITH of West Springfield.
Henry S., b. 4-12-1870 (See Fam. 8).
Ernest, b. 3-20-1874, m. Edith M. BATES of Belchertown. Lived in Westfield.
F. Maude, b. 5-22-1876. Lives in Westfield.


Elbert A. Pease, son of Asher and Cynthia (Stanton) Pease, was b. 4-3-1863; d. Mid. 3-26-1907, m. Gertrude L. JONES of Worthington. He was a farmer and lived in Mid. Mrs. Pease has been prominent in church and social circles and served as town librarian and postmistress at the Center.


Willard A., b. 12-12-1899. Graduate of Chester High School. He is a Rural Delivery mail carrier.
Maurice Stanely, b. 8-11-1904. He was graduated from the Ray Path Institute.


Henry S. Pease, s. of Asher and Cynthia (Stanton) Pease, was b. Mid. 4-12-1870, m. 9-26-1900 Grace A. HIGGINS of Chester. He followed his father at the Morgan Pease farm. He is one of the most progressive and successful farmers in Mid. Like his father he is prominent in local affairs, being treasurer of the church. Also town clerk and town treasurer. He served as selectman 1901-04. He is prominent in the Highland Agricultural Society.

Children, b. Mid.:

Ethel Mae, b. 7-28-1901. She was graduated from Oberlin College, 1823, and is now (1924) teaching in the High School at Bolton's Landing, N.Y.
Howard Francis, b. 1-4-1906.
Donald Elbert, b. 7-18-1909.


Walter Pease, s. of Dan and Sally (Wright) Pease, was b. Mid. 9-12-1807, m. 2-23-1831, Mary, dau. Erastus John and Vesta (Dickson) INGHAM. He was a farmer. Moved to Stephentown, N.Y.

Children, b. Mid.:

Walter Lester, b. 1-14-1833, m. 4-3-1856, Mary A. BARNES of Becket. Lived at Stephentown, N.Y.
Charles, b. 6-22-1835, d. 4-9-1839.
Mary, b. 11-26-1837.
Maria, b. 10-30-1840, m. 11-11-1863, Joseph ELY. Lived in Westfield, Mass.
Henry, b. 3-7-1843, d. 4-9-1843.
Myron, b. 3-15-1845, d. 3-15-1845.
Emma J., b. 2-1-1856.
Eugene M., b. 2-15-1858.


Eldredge Pease, s. of Dan and Sally (Wright) Pease, was b. Mid. 3-14-1812; d. Mid. 1-23-1861; m. 5-7-1834 Persis BALLOU of Peru, b. 1816, d. 1903. He was a farmer. He lived for a while in a house which stood east of the highway to Chester Center, some rods south of the road leading to the Den. He later lived on the road to the Den at the top of Churchill Hill. He was a member of the Baptist Ch. and was elected deacon in 1856.

Children, b. Mid.:

Martin, b. 4-19-1837, m. 12-31-1864, Mary J. CROSS. Lives in Springfield.
Edward, b. 9-15-1838. Was a soldier in Civil War. Was a merchant. Lived in Huntington.
Sarah A., b. 9-22-1840, m. 4-19-1860, George ALDERMAN. Lived in Springfield.
Albert, b. 8-20-1843, d. 5-21-1866, m. Maria S. HAWES. Lived in Mid.
Marietta, b. 5-21-1848, m. 5-2-1866, Asahel RAYMOND. Lived in Hinsdale.
George, b. 8-9-1849, d. Mar. 1907. Lived in Chester where he was a prominent merchant. For one season he conducted a branch store at Mid. Center.
Elmer, b. 1-27-1856. Lived in Huntington.


Morgan Pease, s. of Dan and Sally (Wright) Pease, was b. Mid. 9-25-1814, d. 3-16-1882; m. 1st 4-15-1839 Harriet, dau. John and Lucina (Root) METCALF, b. 2-6-1815. He m. 2nd 5-18-1852 Rowena FAY, who d. 3-17-1872, m. 3rd Fammy R____ who d. 5-9-1876.
He was a farmer living in Mid. in the Pease District. He rebuilt about 1840 the old house Selden Spencer lived in into the dwelling later occupied by Asher and Henry S. Pease. He was selectman 1857-62, 1864-68 and 1873. He was a member of the Baptist Ch. of which he was chosen a deacon in 1875.


Edson M., b. 5-3-1853, d. Providence, R.I.
Harriet R., 11-19-1855, m. Henry BARNES. Lived in Ware. No children.
Charles E., b. 11-5-1852, d. 2-18-1858.
Frank W., b. 4-18-1859, d. 6-23-1859.
Lizzie Bell, b. 6-22-1860, m. Wm. KELLY. Lived in Pittsfield. They had a dau. Ella (See Fam. 17).
Charles S., b. 10-29-1862. He is a minister. Lives in Conway. Has daus. Dorothy W. and Elizabeth f.


Arnold Pease, s. of Dan and Sally (Wright) Pease, was b. Mid. 4-19-1819; d. 4-15-1897; m. 6-15-1848 Charlotte B. STEVENS, b. 3-21-1822, d. 11-27-1901. He lived for many years on a farm now (1924) owned by his s. Arthur. He and his wife were members of the Baptist Ch. Mrs. Pease's Bible class was a flourishing institution in its day. He was a representative to the General Court in 1866.


Idella A., b. 3-30-1849, d. 11-14-1867.
Wallace A., b. 1-18-1851, d. 11-22-1923, m. 6-2-1881, Laura L. TRASK. He lived for sixteen years in Springfield, where he was a janitor, first at the YMCA and later at the YWCA. Two children: Everett Arnold, of Cleveland, Ohio; Harland Trask, of Springfield, Mass.
Alice N., b. 6-29-1857, m. 11-10-1891, Richard H. ROCKWOOD. They live in Worcester where he is a machinist.
Arthur Dan, b. 10-17-1862 (See Fam. 13).


Arthur Dan Pease, s. of Arnold and Charlotte (Stevens) Pease, was b. Mid. 10-17-1862, m. 11-19-1891 Lura V., dau. Jonathan and Mary (Smith) McELWAIN, b. Mid. 4-20-1862. He is a prominent citizen and successful farmer of Mid., carrying on his father's farm and living in the old Blossom Tavern house. The farm is now called "Hesselwood," and has been in the family for over a century. He was a member of the Baptist Ch. and he and Mrs. Pease are now prominent in the Mid. Ch. and in all local affairs.


Bryce Arthur, b. 1-21-1893, d. 1-16-1907.
Harold McElwain, b. 2-25-1894, m. 1st 11-19-1914, Emily, dau. Theo. A. KINGSLEY, who d. 9-16-1916. He m. 2nd 6-8-1918, Ruby R., dau. Geo. and Minnie (Raymond) TAYLOR of Becket. She is a descendant of Samuel Taylor a pioneer of Mid. 1773.
Robert Stanley, b. 2-26-1897, d. 3-14-1924.


Jonathan Pease (Joseph, John, John, Robert), s. of John and Mary (Spencer) Pease, was b. Enfield, Conn., 1732 (one record says 9-11-1740); d. Ellington, Conn. 1824; m. Mary _____. Lived in Glastonbury and Ellington, Conn.


Jonathan, b. Glastonbury, 1766, moved to New York State.
Mary, b. Glastonbury, 1769, d. Mid. 1-10-827, m. 1-10-1789, Israel PEASE and settle in Mid. (See Fam. 1).
David, b. Glastonbury, 1771 or 1772.
Darius, b. Glastonbury, 1773, m. and went West.
Hannah, b. Glastonbury, 1776, m. Sylvester EMMONS.
George, b. Ellington, Conn., 1782, m. and went to N.Y. State with Jonathan.
Sarah, b. Ellington, 1785, d. Mid. 3-12-1846, m. 4-27-1808, James DICKSON Jr. of Mid.
Joseph, b. Elllington, 1787.
Levi, b. Ellington, 1789. Went West and married.
Russell, b. Ellington, 1788 or 1789. (See Fam. 15).


Russell Pease, s. of Jonathan and Mary Pease, was b. Ellington, Conn. 1788 (or 11-30-1789), d. Mid. 8-30-1864, m. Margaret CARPENTER, who d. 1888. He settled first in Turin, N.Y., where all his children were born. About 1842 he moved to Mid. and lived on the farm first cleared by James Dickson Sr., which later belonged to James Dickson Jr., his brother-in-law.

Children, b. Turin, New York:

Sarah, b. 2-1-1823, m. Alonzo MESSENGER and lived in Hinsdale.
James, b. 10-22-1825, d. 1875, m. 4-27-1857, Martha BALDWIN. He was a farmer and lived in Windsor, Dalton and Hinsdale. Children: Margaret, b. Windsor 1-14-1859, d. young; Clarence b. Windsor 4-10-1860; Harry, b. Windsor 6-18-1862 (See Fam. 16).
Joel, b. 10-22-1827, d. Becket, 12-20-1897, m. Becket 11-12-1858, Sarah, dau. Silas and Almira (Childs) BARNES, b. Becket 4-1-1837, d. 5-9-1917. Had a child, Jennie, b. 1-1-1862.
George, b. 4-28-1829, d. 9-27-1906. He made his home at George Holcomb's where he worked for 30 years.
Jane, b. 4-24-1832, d. Mid. 1911. Lived with her brother Orrin in Mid.
Esther, b. 12-10-1835, d. 1863 unmarried.
Hiram, b. 4-4-1837, d. 1858 unm.
Orrin, b. 6-14-1839, d. Mid. 7-9-1918. He lived for many years on his father's farm in Mid. At one time he burned charcoal for the powder mills in Hazardville, Conn. He never married. After selling his farm to Mr. Birnie he lived with his nephew, Harry Pease, until his death.
Lucy, b. 2-19-1842, m. George HOLCOMB of Chester Center, who lived on the farm cleared by James Mulholland, until his death 12-22-1913. She was famous for her flowers which she used to exhibit every fall at Cattle Show.


Harry E. Pease, s. of James and Martha (Baldwin) Pease, was b. Windsor 6-18-1862, m. 3-20-1893 Anna E. STERNAGLE. He lives on the farm in Mid. originally cleared by Amasa Graves about 1783 and his dwelling is the original Graves homestead built not long after and now (1924) at least a century and a quarter old. He is a farmer and teamster and has often had the strongest draft horses in town, which have frequently carried off first money at Cattle Show.

Children, b. Mid.:

Ralph Henry, b. 4-9-1893, m. Mrs. Lulu (Eaton) VERGE. Lives in Middlefield. Three children.
Lucy Mildred, b. 1-17-1896.
Roland Sternagle, b. 10-10-1897.
Martha Dorothy, b. 10-5-1899, m. William LEADWELL of Chester. One child.
Alfred Clinton, b. 3-14-1902.
Eunice Letitia, b. 8-9-1903.
Kenneth James, b. 8-9-1905.
Edith Jannette, b. 1-25-1907.
Ira Wilmer, b. 12-29-1911.


Eila Kelley, dau. of William and Lizzie Bell (Pease) Kelley, of Pittsfield, m. 11-19-1911, Ralph BELL of Mid. He is a farmer living half a mile east of the Center of the William Coleman place, now (1924) known as "Cranberry Lodge."

Children, b. Mid.:

Eila Rosina, 2-5-1913.
Ralph Morgan, b. 1-22-1915.
Mary Elizabeth, b. 11-6-1917.
George Lewis, b. 12-20-1922.


Ithamar Pelton (John, John, Samuel, John, - see "Genealogy of the Pelton Family in America" - J.M. Pelton, 1892), son of John and Elizabeth (Champion) Pelton was b. Saybrook, Conn. 11-22-1740; d. Mid. 3-16-1826; m. about 1764 Asnath PRATT, b. Sept. 1741; d. Mid. 3-2-1825. He was living in Chatham 1765-6. About 1768 or 1774 he moved to E. Windsor.
He was a soldier in the Rev. War. He was a mechanic and builder and is said to have erected no fewer than 13 churches in his day. He sold his farm in East Windsor, Conn. in July 1780. Pelton moved to Mid. purchasing for his farm Lot 222 and part of 215 south at the extreme west side of the Worthington section, and lot 3 in I Div. Prescott's Grant. His dwelling stood on Windsor Street a quarter of a mile south of the Mid. first meetinghouse. He built a sawmill on Den Stream near the McElwain farm and had another in Factory Village on Factory Brook. He and his wife joined the Cong. Ch. 1812.


Tabor, b. Chatham, Conn. 5-8-1765, d. Perrysburg, N.Y. 11-26-1826, m. 4-15-1790, Roxana MOORE. He was a carpenter and lived in Mid., Chester, Windsor, Mass. and Perrysburg, N.Y. 12 children.
Ezra, b. prob. Chatham, Conn. 8-21-1767, d. Mid. 3-8-1838, m. 5-17-1794, Chloe, dau. Edward WRIGHT of Chester. He was a cabinet maker and builder. He lived in Mid. until about 1794 when he moved to Chester, but returned to Mid. 1829, living near the top of Glendale Falls. Mrs. Pelton and 13 children moved to Prairie du Chien, Wis. before 1840.
Anna, b. 4-4-1770, m. 10-27-1802, Elias WARES, m. 2nd Maston TINKER.
Ithamar, b. E. Windsor, Conn., 8-14-1772, d. Medina, Ohio, 1-2-1861. m. 6-7-1798, Charlotte, dau. Richard STARR of Hinsdale. he folllowed his father on the Mid. farm. In 1832 he moved to Medina, Ohio.
Asahel, b. 8-3-1774, m. 12-31-1798, Anna DENIO, m. 2nd Feb. 1821, Hannah BENSON, m. 3rd Susan GILLETT. Lived in Windsor and Dalton, Mass. and Athens and Austeritz, N.Y.
Hezekiah, b. E. Windsor, Conn. 2-21-1777, d. Saugerties, N.Y. 2-12-1853. m. 1st, March, 1803, Hannah Hathaway AXTELLE, m. 2nd 2-20-1831, Mary BALDWIN. He was a carpenter and operated the sawmill at the head of Glendale Falls. He lived in Mid. as late as 1810. At one time he lied in Becket. He lived in Mid. as late as 1810 and later to Saugerties, N.Y.
Joel, b. E. Windsor, 8-19-1779, d. Coeymans Hollow, N.Y. 3-20-1870. m. 1st about 1803, Ruth FIELD, who d. 1819, he m. 2nd, 1823, Rosetta EDWARDS. He lived in Mid. near the Cemetery north east of the Center, but later moved to Cairo, Coeymans and Coeymans Hollow, N.Y.
John, b. 7-3-1782, drowned at Norwich, 6-7-1794.
Cyprian, b. Mid. 12-31-1785, married, and died in Whittsboro, N.Y. (Whitesboro?)


Phineas Perkins (Thomas, Thomas, John, Thomas, John), son of Thomas and Mary (Standish) Perkins, was b. in Enfield, Conn. 5-26-1752; he was an early settler of Southwick. Bought in 1799 of Ephraim Booth Lots 8 I and II Divs. W.P.G. on West Hill, which was at or near the Cross place on the north road to Becket. Daniel Perkins, perhaps Phineas' older brother of the same name, Daniel 2nd, and Joel are mentioned in the 1792 pew record.
About 1806 he sold out to David and Ebenezer King of Suffield, Conn., and went with the Eggleston's to Aurora, Ohio. He lived in Aurora several years. He deeded to his son Grant 200 acres of land which in turn passed to Leicester, Grant's brother. The Perkinses were land traders. Henry and Samuel Baldwin, grandson of Capt. Perkins, attended school in a log schoolhouse near Joseph Eggleston's, which makes it appear that the daughter of Perkins married Eliakim Baldwin at some early date.
Middlefield Vital Records give the following:
Asenath Perkins, married Richard HARDY of Washington, 12-11-1800.
Betsy Perkins married Peter HARVEY of Windsor, Conn. 12-7-1802.


Benjamin Phelps (Benjamin, Jacob, George), son of Benjamin and Deborah (Temple) Phelps, was b. Mansfield, Conn. 3-30-1718, d. Mid. 3-3-1804, m. 1st in 1747 Somers, Conn., Ruth HORTON. He m. 2nd Chester, 5-9-1792, Thankful ALDERMAN, who d. Mid. 12-17-1835, age 98. He lived in Mansfield and Somers, Conn., and Westfield, Mass., but by 1790 he had moved to Mid. where he lived on Ridgepole Road next door to his son-in-law, Thomas WOOD.


Abigail, b. 10-31-1748, m. Thomas WOOD.
Benjamin, b. Mansfield, Conn. 10-11-1850, m. 1st Sarah COOK of Andover, Conn., m. 2nd 12-21-1793, Susan CHAPIN of Springfield, m. 3rd Anne SHEPARD of Tolland. Lived in Somers, Conn.
Samuel, b. Mansfield, Conn., m. Mid. (int) 8-26-1791, Clarissa SKINNER. Settled in Watervliet, Troy, N.Y. where he died.
Ruth, b. Somers, Conn. 5-5-1753, m. Dec. 1787, prob. Daniel DIBBLE.
Joseph, b. Somers, 5-24-1760 prob. settled in Troy, N.Y.

Bissell Phelps (Solomon, Nathaniel, Timothy, William) son of Solomon and Temperance (Barber) Phelps, was b. Hebron, Conn. 2-16-1754, d. Waitsfield, Vt. 10-25-1845, m. 1st 7-12-1775, Lovina, dau. Aaron and Eunice (Taintor) SKINNER of Colchester, Conn., b. Hebron, Conn., d. Waitsfield, Vt. 3-29-1802. He m. 2nd 2-27-1803, Sally, dau. Abraham and Anna (Brown) WATERMAN, b. Killingly, Conn., 1-31-1772, d. Sharon, Vt. 4-16-1871.
He was a soldier in Rev. War. He was a farmer in Hebron, Conn., up to 1784 when he moved to Mid. He owned whole or part of Lot 221 Worthington, which lies north and northeast of Blossom Corner. His house stood in the first field to the right of the highway leading from Blossom Corner to the cemetery. In Nov., 1786 he was appointed on a committee "to apply to Mr. Robinson to preach with us in this town." He served on several committees during the controversy over the site for the meetinghouse. He was appointed to the school committee in 1791 and 1794. He sold part of lot 221 to William Coleman in 1795 and a part to Ebenezer Emmons in 1796.
He left town probably about 1796, moving his family and goods with two yoke of oxen to Waitsfield, Vt., where he lived the rest of his life. His widow Sally, showed her patriotism during the civil war, though she was then 90 years of age, by hoisting the American flag on a pole in her yard in Sharon, Vt., mornings and evenings.

Among their children were:

David, b. Hebron, Conn. 11-4-1775 (See Fam. 1).
Aaron, b. Hebron, 4-15-1778.
Alexander, b. Hebron, 10-6-1780.
Lovisa, b. Hebron, 3-22-1784.
Solomon, b. Mid. 8-15-1787, d. Mid. 1788.
Others were b. Waitsfield, Vt.


David Phelps, son of Bissell and Lovina (Skinner) Phelps, was b. Hebron, Conn. 11-4-1775, d. Antwerp, N.Y. 9-2-1829, m. 2-23-1796, Lucinda, dau. Thomas and Abigail (Phelps) WOOD, of Mid. b. Somers, Conn. 7-6-1775. He was living in Mid. in 1800 but later moved to Waitsfield, Vt. He afterward moved to Antwerp, N.Y., where some of his children settled.

Children, b. Mid.:

Lucinda, b. 3-20-1797; m. Zebina SMITH.
David, b. 6-13-1799, d. Antwerp, N.Y. 4-25-1825, unm.

Obadiah Phelps (Noah, Israel, Jacob, George), son of Noah and Hannah (Abbe) Phelps of Enfield, Conn., was b. 2-24-1767, m. 12-12-1797, Lucy, dau. Nathan and Ruth (Thompson) PELTON, of E. Windsor, Conn., who was b. 11-7-1775. He was living in E. Windsor in 1790 but by 1798 was living in Mid. in the southeast part of the town. His name appears on the Minister Tax list for 1799. He was a school teacher. He had moved away by 1810. Moved to Turin, N.Y.

Lucy, b. 8-21-1798.
Dyre, b. 11-26-1800.


Aaron Pinney, prob. a descendant of the emigrant Humphrey Pinney of Windsor, Conn., through his son Samuel and grandson Samuel who lived at Ellington, Conn. He was b. 1741; d. 1777. In 1764 he m. Mrs. Deborah (HALL) COY who was b. abt. 1734, d. Mid. 4-25-1818 or 1819. He was living in East Windsor, Conn. in 1769, but by 1772 he mvoed to Becket, Mass.


Aaron, b. Nov., 1765, m. in Becket, 1802, Fanny CHAPMAN.
Benjamin, b. 5-21-1768 (See Fam. 1).
Mabel, b. 4-11-1770, m. Orrin MILLARD of Mid.
Silas, b. 10-12-1773, m. Becket, 1802, Polly FULLER. May have lived in Mid. a short time as he sold to Orrin Millard in 1806 a part of Lot 44 Becket Section bordering Factory Brook.
Deborah, b. 1-25-1777.


Benjamin Pinney, son of Aaron and Deborah Pinney, was b. 5-21-1768; d. Mid. 7-10-1827. He m. 1st Deliverance NICHOLS, who was b. abt. 1775; d. Mid. 10-16-1799. He m. 2nd Cynthia, dau. of Job and Cynthia (Cushman) ROBBINS. He came to Mid. about 1797, living east of the road to Worthington near the fork in the road near the cemetery. Between 1810 and 1820 he moved to Blush Hollow, living near the Wheeler farm. He was a shoemaker.


Twins, d. Mid. 3-5-1798.
Dilley, b. Mid. 7-6-1799, d. in Lee.
William Kelso, b. Mid. 11-30-1801, m. Sophronia, dau. Joseph and Louisa (Pease) SMITH of Mid. Moved to Ohio with his mother and lived in Kellogsville, Ohio. He was a farmer and shoemaker. Had dau. Harriet Louise.
Parmela, b. Mid. 7-2-1803, d. 4-18-1829.
Hiram, b. 7-30-1808, d. 1-23-1809.
Cynthia Delight, b. 11-6-1809, d. 1-24-1850, m. 1829, Seth WAIT.
Sally, b. 10-5-1812, d. 9-23-1849, m. Mr. CURTIS.

John Pinney, probably brother of Aaron, of East Windsor, Conn., who owned land adjoining him there in 1769. he was b. abt. 1744; d. Mid. 9-26-1817, age 73; m. Deborah _____, who was b. abt. 1740, d. Mid. 3-14-1812. He appeared in the Mid. region abt. 1781, purchasing parts of Lots 21 and 24 in III Div. Becket from David Carrier and the s.w. corner of Lot 41 Mur. from James Nooney. He signed the petition remonstrating against the calling of Rev. Mr. Thompson in 1785. Pinney's house stood a short distance east of the house of E.H. Alderman. The following are supposed to be his children:

Jerusha, b. Windsor, Conn. 2-2-1764, d. Mid. 12-21-1804.
Betty, bap. E. Windsor, 12-6-1768, d. Mid. 2-25-1842. "Aunt Betty Pinney" as she was familiarly known was a tall, gray-eyed spinster, plain of speech, who lived alone in a house opposite the cemetery, and supported herself by making bed quilts and knitting stockings. She was also a tailoress.
John, d. 8-27-1845 (See Fam. 2).
Peter, m. 1-18-1808, Olive, dau. of Ebenezer and Anna (Wright) ABBOT, who was b. 1-23-1783. He was in Mid. as early as 1796 and was living there as late as 1810. He is said to have died at Key West. His son John lived at Pensacola, Florida.


John Pinney Jr., held by some to be the son of John and Deborah Pinney, of Windsor, Conn., d. 8-27-1848, m. 9-28-1797, Electa, dau. Abner and Mercy CLAPP of Mid., who d. 3-29-1859. He was living in Mid. near Johnnycake Hill in 1800. By 1806 he had moved to New York State, Onondaga Co., near Syracuse.
Mr. Frank Pinneyof Collins, Ohio, has furnished the following data:
"John Pinney Jr. was one of the four children of William Pinney, an English soldier who came to America to fight in the French and Indian War. After the war he deserted and married. His children were Peter, William, John and Betty. John married Electa Clapp."


Hollibert, b. Mid. 12-30-1801, m. 1830 Harriet FAY. Their children were: Nancy, Jackson, John, Henry H., and Frank. Frank lives in Collins, Ohio.


Ichabod Post, b. Hebron, Conn., 8-31-1768; d. there 1-2-1847; m. 10-21-1839, Anna, dau. of Abel and Mary (Mack) CHEESEMAN, b. in Washington, Mass. She was a second wife as he had a child who d. in Mid. 1794. He was assigned to Pew 22 in meetinghouse in 1792.


Heman Prior, of Enfield, Conn., was in Middlefield as early as 1794 when he was assigned to Pew 26 in the meetinghouse. He owned part of Lot 10, II Div. Washington, which he sold to David Mack in 1796. He lived somewhere south of Theodore Coats who was on the north road to Becket. A Herman Prior m. Mehitable SAUNDERSON, 10-15-1789.

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