Edward Church Smith.
Menasha, Wis. Priv. print. 1924


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


If we should ask what emigrant from Great Britain to this country has had among his countless descendants the largest number of Middlefield citizens, the answer would probably be John Mack of Lyme, Conn., who came from Iverness, Scotland, in 1669. From no fewer than five of his twelve children came pioneer families, may of which were permanent residents of prominence in Mid. For the great bulki of details regarding this family the reader is referred to the two volumes of the Mack Genealogy compiled by the late Mrs. Sophia (Smith) Martin, a native of Middlefield, but this important family can not be passed over without mention of the elementary facts, and such other material as may be of general interest.

That one may easily grasp the connections and relations of the various families of this sturdy tree of the Macks there is given, on page 531, a chart showing whence came the earlier generations of the various descendants which have been among our citizens. This means that practically all the descendants indicated in the following summary are Mack descendants and more or less closely related; descendants of Matthew Smith, who lived on the old farm on Windsor Street; of Calvin Smith on the Cottrell farm and his sons in Smith Hollow and elsewhere; of Erastus Ingham and his line, of Walter Pease and Romeo Alderman; of various Macks, Emmonses, Churches, and Roots; of Abel and Anson Cheeseman, of Amasa Graves, of Pain Loveland, Lewis and Worcester Taylor, of William Leonard, of Edwin S. McElwain.

Elisha Mack (Josiah, John), son of Josiah and Abigail (Peterson) Mack, was b. Hebron, Conn. 5-25-1728; d. Mid. 5-24-1783; m. Hebron 3-1-1750, Mary ELLIS, b. Plymouth, 9-27-1733; d. Mid. 6-25-1819. She m. 2nd 1-25-1787, Ebenezer SELDEN.
He inherited a portion of his father's farm and dwelling where he lived for over twenty-five years. About 1776 he followed his son David to Middlefield where he settled on lot 17 III Div. Becket, later known as the farm of Milton and Charels Combs.
Elisha Mack became a prominent citizen among the residents in the "North-east Corner" of Becket and was chosen selectman in 1780 and surveyor in 1782. His name heads the list of signers of the Pet. Inc. in 1781. He served on a committee to find the center of the town and on a committee to procure preaching.
His career was brought to a sudden and violent end when he was gored to death by an ox in May, 1783. That he was a worthy man and a good father is shown by the tribute of affection paid him by his son, David, who attributed his own success to his father's careful training of him.
He was a soldier in the Rev. War and had the title of Ensign.

Children who grew to maturity:

David, b. 12-10-1750 (See Fam. 1).
Abigail, b. 8-17-1756, m. David TARBOX.
Elisha, b. 5-13-1759 (See Fam. 3).
Mary, b. 6-2-1761, m. Abel CHEESEMAN.
Warren, b. 6-16-1763 (See Fam. 4).
Sarah, b. 7-6-1767, m. Oliver BLUSH.
Lydia, b. 6-12-1773. m. Stephen WOOD. They lived at the farm of Elisha Mack Sr. before moving to Salem, N.Y. before 1816.
John, b. Mid. 4-27-1779, m. Sarah RICHARDS. Lived in Plainfield.


David Mack, son of Elisha and Mary (Ellis) Mack, was b. Hebron, Conn. 12-10-1750; d. Mid. 3-24-1845; m. 4-24-1774, Mary TALCOTT, b. Hebron 9-21-1757; d. Mid. 7-11-1827. Making his first purchase of land in Mid. in 1773, he cleared two acres the next year and sowed them to wheat and built a log cabin to which he brought his wife and baby in the spring of 1775. How he was leader in the movement to organize the town of Mid., becoming one of its first selectmen, and its first merchant, a maker of potash, a pillar in the church and a man of considerable wealth and influence noted for his integrity and generosity, has all been told in the foregoing chapters. His long and useful life and his earnest Christian character won for him the title of "The Faithful Steward."
He was a soldier in the Rev. War.


Mary, b. Hebron, Conn. 11-17-1774, m. Ebenezer EMMONS.
Lois, b .Mid. 3-14-1776, m. Jacob ROBBINS.
David, b. Mid. 2-17-1778 (See Fam. 2).
Mindwell, b. Mid. 9-6-1779, m. Ichabod EMMONS.
John Talcott, b. Mid. 8-23-1781. Lived some years at the home of his grandfather but later moved to Hinsdale and became a tavern keeper.
Elisha, b. Mid. 5-26-1783. Moved to Salem, Mass. where he was Judge of Police Court many years.
Anna, b. Mid. 12-18-1784, m. 1st Isaac CLARK, m. 2nd Joseph EGGLESTON.
Phebe, b. 6-30-1786, m. Uriah CHURCH.
Zilpa, b. 2-3-1788, m. Azariah SMITH.
Lucy, b. Mid. 2-19-1790, m. Selden SPENCER.
Hannah, b. 10-29-1791, m. Geo. W. McELWAIN.
Abigail, b. 6-20-1793, m. William ELDER.
Laura, b. 6-4-1795, m. Solomon ROOT. She was a life long resident of Mid.


David Mack, son of David and Mary (Talcott) Mack, was b. Mid. 2-17-1778; d. Amherst, 9-9-1854; m. 3-2-1803, Independence PEASE, b. 8-25-1776; d. 4-13-1809. He bought the farm next to his father's previously owned by Josiah Leonard and Bildad Kibbe, and erected a new house on the Parsonage Lot on the site of Leonard's dwelling. He followed his father keeping the first store in Mid., located a short distance south of his house. This was moved to the Center where Edmund P. Morgan became a partner, the store then belonging to the firm of Mack and Morgan.
David Mack Jr., also known as General Mack, was town clerk, 1807-31, and represented the town in the Genearl Court 1821-24. He moved to Amherst about 1834. He was for 18 years a Trustee of Amherst College, and for several years a member of the Prudential Committee.
He was a man of great decision of character, a devoted Christian and liberal in his benefactions. Fro, 1840-48 he enaged in the manufacture of ladies hats, in a shop built by him on the site of the Cook block. He kept a general store at the Center in 1844.
He was a member of the General Court for Amherst, a state Senator at Boston and a member of the Governor's Council. In the war of 1812 he commanded the militia around Boston and thus acquired the title "General" by which he was afterward known.


Elisha Mack, son of Elisha and Mary (Ellis) Mack, was b. Hebron, Conn. 5-13-1759; d. Lenox, 12-7 or 29- 1850; m. 6-30-1781 Mrs. Sarah (BLOSSOM) HOWES, dau. Thomas and Thankful (Paddock) Blosson of Yarmouth.
He came to Mid. with his father in 1776, being a lad of seventeen. In 1791 he bought the farm on Johnnycake Hill, (Lot 19, III Div. Becket) formerly owned by Benjamin Blish, where he lived for many years, in the house later owned by Lansing Ferguson.
He was active in local affairs serving as selectman from 1793 to 1798, and for three years on the School Committee. In 1801 he joined the Cong. Ch., from which he was given a letter of dismission in 1823 to the church in Lenox, where he spent the rest of his life.
He was a soldier in the Rev. War, and had the title of Captain.

Children, b. Mid.:

Sally, b. 9-22-1782, m. Russell LITTLE. Lived in Peru and Lenox.
Elisha, b. 9-26-1784, m. Sarah HAYWARD. Was a wholesale produce dealer and pork packer. Lived in Windsor, Mass. and Watervliet, N.Y.
Amos, b. 6-12-1786, m. Betsy INGHAM.
Thankful, b. 4-1-1790, m. Royal COOPER.
Charlotte, b. 11-24-1792, m. Amos CONE.
Laura, b. 9-1-1795, d. unm. before 1865.
Josiah, b. 6-15-1798, m. Maria WARD.


Warren Mack, son of Elisha and Mary (Ellis) Mack, was b. 6-16-1763; d. 7-3-1843; m. 1st Sophia LARABEE, 2nd, Polly _____. He was a soldier in the Rev. War.
After his father's death he became head of the household. In 1789 he sold the farm to his brother, David, and moved to Pittsfield, where at least one of his children was born.
By 1810 he had moved to Warren, N.Y. Later he made his home at Jordanville, N.Y., where he spent the rest of his life.
His tombstone is found in Jordanville, N.Y. cemetery and beside it that of his wife Polly, who d. 11-26-1823, age 59.
The Warren-Mack homestead is two miles north-east of Jordanville.


Ashley Mann, d. in Chester, 10-15-1842, aged 54; was prob. related to Nathan or William Mann. The settling of his estate shows that he owned a half interest in a lot of land in Becket and Mid. near Mid. station. He was recorded as of Becket when he m. Jane CANNON, of Chester, in 1819

John Mann, prob. of Blandford, m. Sarah _____. Was perhaps son of Ashley Mann. Was the first man to manufacuture paper at "The Switch" about 1840; also kept a sawmill and a store. Sold his paper mill to Charles West.


Lydia, b. _____; m. 10-5-1842, Daniel PHELPS of Chester & Otis.
John L., paper manufacturer, m. (int.) 5-8-1846 Lodemia Antoinette, dau. of Gershom and Anna TODD, of Blandford, who was b. 3-9-1823. He d. July, 1891. Had Eugene W., b. Mid. 5-27-1847.
Elizabeth, m. Orrin B. TODD, of Blandford 3-1-1843.
Child, b. Mid. 1839.

Nathan Mann, who was a pioneer in Mid., may have been a son of William Mann and have come to Prescott's Grant with him. It may be that Nathan was given land on Dickson Hill, that was owned by Dickson in exchange for the land that William Mann had to yield to Dickson. He may have been Nathan Mann of Blandford, or of the family of Manns of Murrayfield.
The Mid. pioneer settled about 1783 on Lot No. 3 II Div. E. Prescott's Grant, locating his dwelling high upon a hillside, east of the Sternagle farm, where the cellar hole is still (1924) visible, in the midst of a rough and rocky pasture. It was a lofty and sightly spot for a house, but how the Manns must have enjoyed the winters on that spot. Within a decade they had moved away. Mid. records record the following children of Nathan and Azubah Mann.

Asenah, b. 12-6-1783.
Nathan, b. 5-16-1786.
Jabez, b. 6-13-1788.
Azubah, bap. 11-11-1792.

William Mann, who next to James Taggart was the earliest settler in the Prescott's Grant section of Mid., was of Scotch-Irish descent, coming from the Worcester colony of Scotch-Irish settlers which settled such towns as Colraine, Pelham, Palmer and Blandford. He first appears at Palmer on the Roll of Minutemen of Col. John Worthington's Co. in 1754, serving in the French and Indian war. His brother James was captured and taken to Canada. His name appears among the inhabitants living West of Sheffield and Stockbridge, who petitioned for military protection from the Indians.
By 1762 he was a squatter in Murrayfield. Being apparently dissatisfied with his holdings he had as early as 1769 taken up and begun improvement upon 400 acres of land northwest of Mid. Center, including land now (1924) owned by Jesse Pekley, G.E. Cook and Judge Birnie. Lawsuits followed with the purchase of these lots, with the result that Mann lost his land and improvements and moved to Chester. The following data is supposed to refer to this William Mann.

Children of William and Lydia Mann:

Joseph, b. Palmer, 9-4-1753. The name of Joseph Mann appears in Pet. Inc. 1781.
Hugh, b. Palmer 110801755.
Lydia, b. Mur. 4-13-1766, m. Partridgeville (int.) 1794, Eli PARKER.
David, b. Mur. 6-22-1770, m. Partridgeville (int.) 13-16-1793, Phebe PARKER.

A Mary Mann was a charter member of the Mid. Cong. Ch. 1783.

An Elizabeth Mann of Prescott's Grant, m. (int.) 1-23-1798, Seneca COOLEY of Chester.


Rufus Marsh, in 1785 bought of James Kelley lots Nos. 213, 214 and 218 in the Worthington section. His house was located between those of James Kelley on the Cottrell farm and Simon Huntington who was located further north on Ridgepole Road. Marsh may have lived in the old house standing just north of the Cottrell place where Isaac Gleason lived later. In 1789 Marsh sold out, his lot 214 going to Sarah B. Benjamin. Marsh moved to Worthington where he was living in 1790 and 1800 according to the census.


William May's name appears upon the census list in 1800. He was apparently located in the West Hill region near Daniel Babcock who was at "Ashdod." May's family consisted of one male over 16 years, himself, three males under 16 years and three females.

Jasper May, s. of Elisha and Esther May, was born in Mid. 11-17-1800.


The McElwain Family in America is of Scotch or Scotch-Irish origin, having sojourned for a short time in the north of Ireland on the way from Scotland to America.

James McElwain, with his two sons, James and Timothy, came over previous to 1727. From Temple's "History of Palmer, Mass." (page 520) we learn that in 1728 he bought a tract of 100 acres of the Gentlemen Claimers on the Ware River. He died in 1730.

Among his children were:

Timothy, b. Ireland 1709 (See Fam. 1).
James Jr., settled on the East and South side of the Ware River but later sold out and returned to Ireland. He never married.


Timothy McElwain, son of James McElwain, was b. Ireland, 1709; d. 9-7-1790; m. 8-24-1738 Anna SPEAR, who d. 4-28-1746. He m. 2nd Susannah THOMSON. He settled on the west side of the Swift River.
Among their children was Timothy, b. 4-17-1746 (See Fam. 2).


Timothy McElawin, son of Timothy and Anna (Spear) McElwain, was b. 4-17-1746; d. Mid. 11-6-1830; m. 1-9-1772, Jane BROWN of Somers, Conn., who was b. abt. 1751; d. 1-2-1832. At the time of the Revolutionary War he was living in Ellington, Conn., and he aided the cause by contributions and was honored for his services.
In 1781 he purchased of Salah Barnard of Worthington, Mass., Lot No. 219, a lot in that portion of Worthington ceded to Middlefield in 1783, situated nearly a mile northeast of the Center. Since his name is not among those of the signers of the petition for incorporation in 1781 we judge he was not living on his new farm at that time. He was in Middlefield by 1783 for his house is mentioned in a road survey for that year. This was probably the log house he first built, which stood on or near the site of the large square house which he built in 1797, and which still (1924) remains as the home of his great-grandson. Mr. Edwin S. McElwain.
Capt. Timothy McElwain, as he was known, was prominent in town affairs, serving two years as selectman, as surveyor of highways in 1783 and on the school committee for several years. His wife joined the Congregational Church in 1794.


Timothy, b. E. Windsor, Conn. 10-21-1772; d. Hinsdale 11-27-1825; m. 1-29-1798 Zilpha GATES. Had six children b. Mid. and Hinsdale.
Anne, b. Mid. 6-12-1774, m. 11-27-1800, John SHAPLEY. Lived in New York.
Jane, b. E. Windsor, 9-24-1776, d. Mid. 1-7-1787.
Alexander, b. E. Windsor, 11-9-1778. Settled in New York.
James, b. E. Windsor, 2-22-1781. Lived in Ohio.
George Washington, b. Mid. 5-4-1783, d. 7-18-1861; m. 1st 8-20-1810, Martha PUTNAM, who d. 5-11-1812; m. 2nd 6-10-1817 Hannah MACK, m. 3rd Fanny FITCH of Becket, 6-18-1837. He lived for many years in Mid. part of the time at the David Mack farm. He was representative to the General Court in 1829-31.
Betsey, b. Mid. 8-18-1785, m. John HATCH of New York.
Sarah, b. Mid. 3-30-1787, m. 7-31-1810 Dr. Solomon HATCH of Hamilton, N.Y.
David, b. Mid. 4-19-1789, d. Becket 5-3-1853, m. (int.) 5-7-1818, Nancy PAYNE who d. Becket 6-12-1844. He lived in Becket and Hinsdale where his children were b. 1819-1828.
Jeanette, b. Mid. 3-31-1791, d. Becket, Feb. or Mar. 16, 1845. m. 5-30-1815, Lewis TAYLOR Jr. of Mid. Lived in Mid. and Becket.
Jonathan, b. Mid. 6-11-1793 (See Fam. 3).
Laney, b. Mid. 6-21-1795, d. Becket 3-5-1867, m. 9-18-1817, Reuben SMITH of Becket, who was b. Mid.


Jonathan McElwain, son of Timothy and Jane (Brown) McElwain, was b. Mid. 6-11-1793; d. Mid. 2-23-1866; m. Mid. 10-15-1818 Lucy, dau. John and Lucy (Blush) SMITH, who was b. 5-29-1798; d. 3-5-1873. He lived at the old homestead on Windsor Street, and carried on his father's farm. He was selectman for several years, and representative to the General Court in 1846. Believing in higher education for women, he gave Mary Lyon $100 toward founding Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary.

Children, b. Mid.:

Jonathan, b. 7-14-1819 (See Fam. 4).
Oliver, b. 8-24-1821 (See Fam. 6).
Timothy Dwight, b. 8-10-1821, d. 9-3-1841. [transcriber's note: this date seems odd, being 14 days earlier than his older brother, Dwight. Could one of the years be a typo?]
John Smith, b. 3-17-1828 (See Fam. 7).
Edwin, b. 11-5-1833 (See Fam. 8).


Jonathan McElwain, son of Jonathan and Lucy (Smith) McElwain, was b. Mid. 7-14-1819, d. Mid. 1-23-1899, m. 1st 5-20-1847 Clarissa Jane LYMAN of Chester, who was b. Apr. 1823, d. 3-22-1851. He m. 2nd 12-21-1852, Mary SMITH of Salisbury, Conn., who was b. 6-20-1823, d. 3-7-1886. He was a life long resident of Mid. living at the old homestead and carrying on the McElwain farm. He was prominent in local affairs, serving as town clerk from 1856 to 1898. He was a pillar in the Cong. Ch. where he was deacon and superintendent of the Sunday School. He was for many years the secretary of the Highland Agricultural Society.

Children, b. Mid.:

Albert, b. Nov. 1853, d. 1855.
Edwin Smith, b. 4-20-1855 (See Fam. 5).
Mary Jane, b. 6-5-1858, m. 1st 6-12-1885, Fitzhugh BABSON of Gloucester, Mass. He d. 6-25-1893. She m 2nd 6-2-1896, Clark B. WRIGHT. Child: Martha, b. 11-5-1899, d. 7-24-1900.
Lura Verona, b. 4-20-1862, m. 11-19-1891, Arthur D. PEASE of Mid.


Edwin Smith McElwain, son of Jonathan and Mary (Smith) McElwain, was b. Mid. 4-20-1855, m. 2-13-1877 Lucy Maria, dau. Barton and Lucy (Cone) GRAVES, who was b. Mid. 12-14-1853, d. Mid. 3-28-1919. Like his father he has been a life long resident of Mid. carrying on the McElwain farm.

Children, b. Mid.:

Bessie Lillian, b. 4-18-1879, m. 7-18-1898, Walter S. NEWELL of Brimfield. They lived at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is a professor at Coe College. Children: Marjorie, b. 1-19-1902; Constance, b. 7-15-1903; Noel, b. 12-30-1910.
Jessie Bell, b. 7-10-1880; d. 4-15-1917, m. 10-18-1904, Reuben Franklin McELWAIN. Lived in Holyoke.
Edna Maria, b. 3-14-1883; d. in infancy.
George Edwin, b. 12-16-1884, m. 1-1-1919 Agnes WHITE of Penicuick, Scotland, who d. 12-29-1923. He lives at the old McElwain homestead in Mid. Child: George Edwin, Jr., b. Holyoke, 12-7-1923.


Oliver McElwain, son of Jonathan and Lucy (Smith) McElwain, was b. Mid. 8-24-1821, d. W. Springfield, 12-18-1907; m. Becket 2-10-1853, Paulina Doane WITHERELL, who was b. Eastham, 8-8-1828, and d. W. Springfield 11-14-1915. After completing his education at Mid. and Williston Seminary Easthampton, he became a millwright and went into the lumber manufacturing business with his uncle, Reuben Smith, at Becket. In 1881 he moved to W. Springfield to his brother's stock farm. He retired from the farm in 1901, but continued to live in W. Springfield.

Children, b. Becket:

Lucy Hannah, b. 12-6-1854, m. W. Spfld. 6-16-1881, Clifton, a son of Samuel CROCKER of Leominster. Children: Pauline, b. 11-4-1882; Ruth, b. 2-8-1884; Elizabeth, b. 2-13-1891. Residence, Springfield.
Laney Smith, b. 4-14-1857, m. W. Spfld. 1-4-1888, Arthur E. FORD. Lives in Springfield.
Harriet A., b. 2-12-1859. Lives in W. Springfield.
Oliver Dwight, b. 2-10-1862, m. 4-10-1920, Mrs. Mary Rankin WILSON. Lives in W. Springfield.
Reuben Franklin, b. 3-31-1865, m. 10-18-1904 Jesse Bell McELWAIN. With his brother-in-law C. A. Crocker he organized the Crocker-McElwain Company of Holyoke, for the manufacture of writing paper. He lives in W. Springfield. Their summer home is a cottage in Mid. on the McElwain Farm. Children: Paulina Witherell, b. 3-8-1906; Rachel Doane, b. 10-16-1910.
Carrie Mabel, b. 2-20-1870, d. 8-30-1919, m. 2-12-1896, Edward P. BUTTS, b. Bellefonte, Pa. Lived in Springfield. Their summer home was the cottage built by Capt. Babson out of the old Timothy Allen house, adjoining the McElwain farm in Mid. It is now (1924) owned by Dwight McElwain.


John Smith McElwain, son of Jonathan and Lucy (Smith) McElwain, was b. Mid. 3-17-1828; m. 1st 1858, Esther M., dau. of Homer and Anna (Kent) ELY of W. Springfield, m. 2nd 1-13-1863, her sister, Celia S. ELY. He attended school at Mid. and at Williston Seminary and then taught a short time. He became a clerk a few years later in the agricultural store of Allen & Mason in Springfield, later buying out the firm and with his younger brother, Edwin, built up a prosperous business under the firm name of McElwain Bros.
In 1867 he entered the paper business as general manager of the office of the Parsons Paper Co. and in 1886, on the death of Mr. Parsons, he became agent of the company. In 1879 he organized the Nonotuck Paper Co. of which he was president. In 1893 he organized the Linden Paper Co. He was for several years treasurer and general manager of the Valley Paper Co.
He is a director in the City National Bank of Holyoke, and in the Third National Bank of Springfield. As a citizen Mr. McElwain has always been identified with the interests of Holyoke, and is a member of the Second Cong. Ch.


Henry Ely McElwain, b. Springfield, 3-31-1859. He graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy and entered Harvard College 1879, but went into business the same year, as Secretary of the Nonotuck Paper Co. In 1887 he was made Treasurer and Manager of the Valley Paper Co. In 1888 he served as President of the "Common Council" at Holyoke and the next year as President of the Board of Aldermen. In 1892 he became Treasurer and Manager of the Linden Paper Co. and held that position until the company sold out to the American Writing Paper Co. Since then his business interests have been largely in Colorado as owner of mines. He is a member of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants. He married Miss Marion Graham MACMILLAN, daughter of the Honorable John M. and Anne (McCara) Macmillan of Canada, April 26, 1906, by whom he has one son, Macmillan, b. Dec. 16, 1908. There are foud chldren by a former marriage:

John H., b. May 29, 1886. Graduated from Dartmouth College, 1908; now with the Chemical Paper Manufacturing Co. of Holyoke.
Henry Ely Jr., b. June 19, 1891; graduated from Dartmouth College 1912. Graduated from Harvard Law School 1915. Now (1924) practicing law at Louisville, Ky. Enlisted in 1917 in Coast Artillery and served overseas as Captain in Co. F 60th Div.
Leicester Kent, b. May 11, 1895. Graduated from Dartmouth College 1918. Enlisted in 1917 and served for 18 months overseas as Corporal in Co. C 101st Machine Gun Battalion of the 26th Yankee Div. Is now (1924) with Chase National Bank, New York City.
Louise, b. Jan. 8, 1897. Graduated with honors from Smith College, 1919.


Edwin McElwain, son of Jonathan and Lucy (Smith) McElwain, was b. Mid. 11-5-1833; d. Spfld. 10-9-1911; m. 12-30-1863, Caroline, dau. Sumner and Harriet (Emmons) CHURCH of Mid.
He went into business with his brother, John S. McElwain, carrying on a prosperous agricultural store under the firm name of McElwain Bros. in Springfield, Mass. He had been instrumental, in his earlier days, together with Matthew Smith, in fouding the Highland Agricultural Society which holds annual agricultural fairs at Middlefield. He was the first secretary of this organization.
In Springfield he was one of the pillars of the North Congregational Church. He was a director of many companies.


Charles Church, b. Springfield, 5-14-1872, m. 11-8-1899 Greta PARKS of Springfield. He entered the firm of Kibbs Bros. Co. and is now (1924) treasurer of the company. Child: Edin, b. 12-17-1908.
Arthur, b. 2-8-1879, d. 7-14-1880.


Jeremiah Meacham, the emigrant, was b. England 1619; d. Salem 11-11-1696; m. 1st Margaret _____, m. 2nd Widow Alice (DOUTCH) DANE. Lived in Salem. They had a son Isaac.

Capt. Isaac Meacham, s. of Jeremiah Meacham, was b. Salem, 1843; d. Enfield, Conn. 4-29-1715; m. 12-28-1669 Widow Deborah (BROWINING) PERKINS. He was one of the first settlers of Enfield where he had one of the first fulling mills in the Connecticut valley.
Among his eleven children were:

Isaac, b. 11-13-1672 (See Fam. 1).
Ichabod, b. 6-11-1679 (See Fam. 5).


Isaac Meacham, s. of Capt. Isaac and Deborah (Browining) Meacham, was b. Salem 11-13-1672; d. Enfield 5-9-1715; m. Enfield 12-12-1700 Mary, dau. Thomas and Mary (Gridley) ROOT of Enfield; b. Northfield 10-23-1673.
Among their children was Samuel, b. 12-15-1708. (See Fam. 2).


Samuel Meacham, s. of Isaac and Mary (Root) Meacham, was b. Enfield, Conn. 12-15-1703; d. Somers, Conn. 2-14-1769, m. (int.) 11-17-1726, Sarah POPE. Among their children were Samuel, b. 1737. (See Fam. 3).


Samuel Meacham, s. of Samuel and Sarah (Pope) Meacham, was b. 1727, d. Mid. 8-18-1797; m. Somers, Conn. 5-10-1759 Widow Deborah BUSH, widow of John B. Bush of Somers, who d. Mid. 5-6-1808, age 78. He lived in Somers and Wilbraham and Mid.


Frederick, b. Somers, 3-12-1760.
Louisa, b. Somers, 3-10-1761, m. Somers, Joel PEASE.
Flavia, b. Somers, 1766; d. Mid. 1-24-1836.
Andrew, b. Wilbraham, July 1768. (See Fam. 4).


Andrew Meacham, s. of Samuel and Deborah Meacham, was b. Wilbraham, July, 1768, d. Mid. 12-31-1863; m. 1st Somers, Conn. 11-12-1794 Sarah, dau. Capt. John and Mary (Chapin) WOOD, who d. Mid. 4-20-1812. He m. 2nd 9-7-1813 Mrs. Celina (BIRD) HAWES, dau. Enoch and Celina (Lyon) Bird, b. Cummington, 6-8-1786; d. Mid. 7-19-1849. She was widow of Ebenezer Hawes.
Andrew Meacham lived for a while in Monson, Mass. He was in Mid. as early as 1794, being assigned to Pew 22 in the meetinghouse that year. He lived on a farm first cleared by Daniel Meeker, the cellar hole of the house being located a short distance north of Mr. Millott's new house on the road to Mr. Alderman's farm. The old house was struck during a severe thunder-storm in the Fall of 1819 and Mr. Meacham's eleven year old son, Harlow, was "instantly killed by lightning as he was ascending the chamber stairs."
The story goes that the bolt so shattered the house that it was not fit for habitation and that while the funeral of Harlow Meacham was being held a day or two later, a shower having come up, it was necessary for the people assembled in the house to hold umbrellas over them to keep dry. Mr. Meacham is said to have abandoned the first house and built another beside it. The two cellar holes can still (1924) be seen.

Children, b. Mid.:

Infant, d. 8-18-1795.
Laura, b. 3-3-1797, d. 3-3-1878, m. (int.) 3-4-1821 Milton COMBS.
Sally, b. 8-13-1799, d. 1-10-1866, m. 5-23-1822 Ambrose NEWTON.
Samuel, b. 7-19-1801, d. 8-27-1802.
Sophronia, b. 6-5-1803, d. 2-1-1898, m. 10-3-1827 Amasa Graves LOVELAND.
Child, b. May 1805, d. 10-27-1805.
Harlow, b. 12-27-1808, killed by lightning 9-7-1819.
Child, b. 3-2-1815, d. 3-13-1815.
Amanda, b. 4-6-1816, d. 10-13-1896; m. 5-7-1839 Lyman CHURCH. She was a loyal member of the Baptist Church.


Ichabod Meacham, s. of Capt. Isaac and Deborah (Browning) Meacham, was b. Salem 6-11-1679; d. Enfield 1766; m. Elizabeth _____, who d. 4-27-1773. He went to Enfield with his father, when five years old. He had a son John b. 12-18-1728. (See Fam. 6).


John Meacham, s. of Ichabod and Elizabeth Meacham was b. Enfield, Conn. 12-18-1728; d. Mid. 2-28-1812; m. Enfield 11-15-1753, Lucia, dau. Philip and Mary (Colton) PARSONS, Jr., who d. Mid. 9-11-1825, age 90 years.
John Meacham with his family appears to have moved to Mid. shortly after the incorporation of the town. He was there at least as early as 1787, when he sold to his son Philip the western portion of lots 4 and 5 in the 2nd Div. East, Prescott's Grant, on a part of which lots he had his own homestead. His house stood east of the road running north from the Center, a few rods north of the old Uriah Church place where Mr. Gardner now (1924) lives. He served on the school committee in 1794. He and his wife joined the Congr. Church in 1793 by letter from the church in Enfield.

Children, b. Enfield, Conn.:

John, b. 5-31-1754, d. Albany, N.Y. 10-19-1830; m. 5-4-1780 Tabitha DANIELS of Chatham.
Lucy, b. DEc. 1755, d. 2-16-1846 Auburn, N.Y. m. 12-30-1778, James PEASE.
Elizabeth, b. 4-8-1758.
Philip, b. 1-9-1761 (See Fam. 7).
James, b. 8-31-1763 (See Fam. 9).
Ambrose, b. 1-23-1766 (See Fam. 10).
Levi, b. 3-26-1768, d. 8-29-1863 at Enfield, m. Sarah CHAPIN. One daughter.
Isaac, b. 3-27-1770, d. 12-22-1770.
Tabitha, b. 4-21-1772, d. Mid. 4-30-1848, m. Martin STARR.
Dorcas, b. 4-22-1772, d. Mid. 11-21-1813; m. Parker FELLOWS.
Isaac, b. 6-29-1774, d. 4-16-1827 at Enfield; m. Betsy PRIOR.


Philip Meacham, s. of John and Lucia (Parsons) Meacham, was. b. (Enfield records say "in Nova Scotia") 1-9-1761; d. Mid. 2-15-1835; m. 1st Abigail, dau. Ebenezer and Abigail (Cutler) LEONARD, who d. 8-23-1816. He m. 2nd Hinsdale, 4-8-1819, widow Lydia (BIXBY) MATTHEWS, b. 4-1-1779; d. 2-23-1857.
Philip Meacham spent his childhood in Enfield, Conn., but before going to Mid. he went to West Springfield and lived near his brother. He came to Mid. about 1787. His first purchase of land was in the 4th and 5th lotgs of the 2nd Div. East Prescott's Grant, where he lived with his father for a few years.
By 1800 he had purchased land further north on the highway, living in a house which once stood on the west side of the road, a little beyond the Hoskeer place where his brother, James Meaham, had lived. Later he bought the Hoskeer place of Dr. Durant who built the house. The farm included parts of Partridgefield Lots Nos. 101 and 108. Was soldier in Rev. War.

Children, b. Mid.:

Parsons Philip, b. 8-9-1795, d. Cato, N.Y. 9-6-1887; m. 9-20-1820, Sally, dau. Calvin and Anna (Annable) SMITH of Mid. Lived in Meriden, N.Y. 5 children. m. 2nd 9-17-1838, Asenath, dau. Asa and Sally (Root) SMITH of Mid. 6 children.
Sumner, b. 5-30-1798, d. Mid. 8-4-1802.
Abigail, b. 5-16-1803, d. 10-8-1894. at Rantoul, Ill., m. 4-26-1827 at Mid. David HAMILTON, son of John and Sally (Flemming) Hamilton of Chester.
Harry, b. 6-11-1806 (See Fam. 8).
Ebenezer Cutler, b. 10-11-1810, d. 8-18-1816.
Pleiades Maria, b. 4-9-1820, d. Hinsdale 3-12-1900, m. 2-20-1839 Samuel WATKINS, son Luther and Lucretia (March) Watkins. 3 children.

Harry Meacham was deacon in the Mid. Cong. Ch. 1782 to 1883. He served as selectman in 1843 and 1848. He represented the town in the General Court in 1849. He followed his father on the farm now (1924) owned by Mr. Hoskeer. He was a quiet, unassuming man, esteemed and respected by all who knew him. How the deacon won undying fame locally by warning the dwellers in Blush Hollow of the coming flood in 1874 has been told elsewhere in this volume.

Children, b. Mid.:

Mary A., b. 1832, d. 9-25-1834.
Martha Ellen, b. 1835, d. 8-26-1838.
Julia Maria, b. Aug. 1837, d. 9-18-1838.
Helen Eliza, b. 7-16-1839, m. Chicopee 11-27-1862 Herbert, s. of Morgan and Jane (Spring) GAMWELL of Washington. Son Charles Herbert b. 8-7-1870, d. 12-3-1919.
Charles Henry, b. 12-21-1842, m. Ellen Avilla, dau. William and Olive (Gray) GAMWELL, b. 11-4-1854, d. 8-16-1884. Lived in Chester, Mass. Had 1 dau. Maria Maud Amorette.
Monemia, b. 4-30-1859. Lives in Dalton, Mass. Unmarried.
Harry Alfred, b. 12-13-1862, m. 2-1-1889, Widow Isabelle (McDERMOT) LOOK, dau. of Daniel and Katherine (Sanderson) McDermot. He lives in Dalton, Mass. where he is a member of the firm of Meacham & Pike, dealers in groceries.
Cornelia May, b. 6-24-1864, m. 3-26-1901 Elmer George PIKE of the firm of Meacham & Pike of Dalton. He was s. of George and Lucy Ann (Thayer) Pike, b. Plainfield, Mass. 8-10-1871. No children.


James Meacham, s. John and Lucia (Parsons) Meacham was b. Enfield, Conn. 8-31-1763; d. April, 1843, m. 1st Lavina KENT who d. 4-4-1813, age 47. He m. 2nd 3-14-1814 Widow Huldah BALL of Windsor.
James Meacham probably came to Mid. with his father about 1787. Be 1790 he was living opposite the Hoskeer place north of Mid. Center. He was assigned to Pew 19 in the meeting-house in 1794. He served on the school committee in 1793 and 1804. Between 1820 and 1830 he moved away.

Children b. Mid.:

James, b. 9-9-1786, d. 3-9-1813.
Lucy, b. 10-4-1791, m. 12-27-1814, Allen PAINE Jr. of Peru, d. 4-25-1845, Portage, N.Y. Had 5 sons and 5 daughters.
Philip, b. 4-21-1794, d. 1-11-1870 at Peru, m. 10-15-1820 Sally, dau. Barzillai and Betsy (Blush) LITTLE. Lived in Peru in house just over the line from Mid. where Mr. Newcomb once lived. He was succeeded by his son James, who rebuilt the house. Children born in Peru were Sally Angeline, James Philip, Lyman (See Fam. 11), John Harmony, Warren, Nancy and John 2nd.


Ambrose Meacham, s. of John and Lucia (Parsons) Meacham, was b. Enfield, Conn. 1-23-1766, d. 11-15-1855 Southwick, Mass., m. 3-31-1794 Lucy, dau. of Nathan and Anne (Austin) RISING, b. 2-22-1772, Suffield, Conn. She d. Mid. 5-5-1844, age 72. He spent his childhood in Enfield but lived in Suffield before coming to Mid. He was in Mid. by 1800 and lived with his father, following him on the farm until after 1830.

Children, b. Mid.:

Tamsen, b. 5-31-1801, m. 6-23-1825 Pierpont E. NEWTON. She d. Southwick, Mass. 2-17-1880. Children, Ambrose, Albert Edward, Edwin Oakley, Esther Ann, John, Charles and Jeannette.
Ambrose, b. 12-7-1804, d. 11-24-1887, Peru, m. 9-20-1827 at Peru, Electa THOMPSON, b. 7-25-1804, d. 1-15-1889 at Peru. Had 1 dau.
Julius, b. 10-11-1807, d. 1-26-1878, N. Blandford, Mass. m. 1st Emeline Mercy, dau. Wm. Baker and Eleanor (Ward) FOSTER, 1-23-1838, at Becket. Had 1 son and 1 dau. He m. 2nd, wid. Delina (STILES) DAY.
Emily, b. 9-19-1809, d. 4-25-1890, Peru, m. 10-9-1828 Levi P. OLDS, b. 7-1-1805, s. of Levi and Lucintha Olds. Lived in Mid. He d. 4-30-1869. Had 7 sons and 9 daughters.
Lucy Anna, b. 12-6-1814, d. 1-13-1872 at Southwick, Mass., m. Wingate BUSH. No children.


Lyman Meacham, son of Philip and Sally (Little) Meacham was b. Peru _____; m. Viola TARBELL. He lived for a number of years at the Capt. Alexander Dickson place in Mid. carrying on the farm since owned by Mr. Wanzer.


Ada Leona, d. 1922; m. William STEWART of Springfield. Lived in Springfield and Holyoke.
George Lyman, married and lives in Springfield.
Ida Sturgis, m. John DAVIS of Longmeadow.
Eva Maria, unm. Lived in Springfield.
Allyn, married and lives in Springfield.
Effie May, d. in Springfield.
Mary True, married and lives in Springfield.
Carl, lives in Springfield.


Daniel Meeker was among the taxpayers in Murrayfield according to the list for 1773. That same year he purchased Lot No. 9 in III Div. Becket, and also land in lots 11 and 12 within the next year when he seems to have settled. He appears to have been one of the earliest residents in the "Northeast Corner" of Becket, having one of the largest farms cleared at that time. The trail to his house was early known as "Meeker's Road." His house was located somewhere near the new dwelling of Mr. Millott, on what was for many years the Andrew Meacham farm. Tan House Brook which runs near this place was first known as "Meco's Brook."
Meeker was among the petitioners who remonstrated against the calling of Rev. Mr. Thompson in 1785. He was in town in 1790 but appears to have left before 1792.
A Daniel Meeker of Murrayfield m. in Blandford, 11-8-1768, Eliz. STARK.
John Meeker, probably son of Daniel Meeker, was in Mid. as early as 1787, for in that year he took the oath of allegiance at the close of Shay's Rebellion. He was probably the John "Maker" who married Theodosia SKINNER of Glastonbury, Conn. (int.) 2-2-1795. His son, John, was bap. 7-26-1801. Meeker was living in Mid. in 1800. He owned Lot 201 in the Worthington section east of Mr. Cottrell's farm, and also lot 142 extending down the mountain to Smith Hollow, where tradition says Meeker lived, though from the census lists it may be inferred that he lived near the Cottrell place. He sold both lots to Calvin Smith.
By 1807 Meeker had moved to Onondaga, N.Y. He was a merchant and had branch stores. Azariah Smith had charge of one of these branch stores in Manlius, N.Y. (Clarke's History of Onandaga Co., Vol. II (page 194). A daughter Theodosia was bap. Hinsdale 8-7-1803.

An Elizabeth Meeker of Blandford was warned to leave Mid. 6-20-1791. The next year she was assigned to Pew 15 in the meetinghouse.

A James Meeker was assigned to Pew 21 in 1792. His name was not on the list for 1794.


Thomas Merrifield purchased land in Becket in 1768, and was living there in 1790. The census of that year indicates that he had nine children. Some time before 1774 he m. Eunice _____.
Their children were probably the following:

Oliver, b. abt. 1774 (See Fam. 1).
Ozen, b. ____. (See Fam. 2).
John, b. ____. (See Fam. 3).
Sophia, b. ____, m. in Becket 3-21-1799, Richard Merrifield.
Thomas, b. ____, m. in Wash. 11-25-1805, Roxanna CHAFFEE. Lived in Wash.
Lydia, b. ____, m. in Becket 10-16-1816, Caleb W. DICKSON.
Pleiades, b. 8-21-1795; m. 1-11-1810 Cyrus W. WEBSTER of Worth. They moved to Warsaw, N.Y. She d. abt. 1830.
Philena Electa, b. ____, m. 1-15-1818, Samuel Bancroft SACKET.
Lyman, b. ____. He was prob. the Lyman N. Merrifield who m. Olive, dau. of Abraham and Olive WASHBURN, of Hinsdale, who was b. 1810, and d. 2-28-1838.


Oliver Merrifield, b. abt. 1774; m. in Mid. 5-15-1798, Experience, dau. of John and Jerusha NORCOTT. He d. in Becket 5-28-1818; she d. there 7-27-1829 at 54 years. He lived in Becket in 1800 but in 1810 was living near Graham's Mills of Factory Brook. Highway tax list, 1801. Widow Experience was granted letter to Becket Church, 1828.


Anne, b. 11-15-1799; m. 2-18-1817 Dorastus CRANE, son of Abel & Elizabeth Crane, who was b. in Becket 8-18-1794, and d. there 11-1-1876. She d. there 11-22-1878.
Oliver Lyman, b. abt. 1802; m. Sophia W. HILL, dau. of Daniel of Glastonbury, Conn. He d. becket, 1859; she d. there 1876. Children: Chester W., b. 1828, m. Sarah M. WAITE of Lee; Sophia, b. 1833, m. Albert C. ELLSWORTH, b. in Chester, 1828.


Ozem Merrifield, prob. son of Thomas & Eunice, b. ____; m. 4-18-1798, Jenny, prob. dau. of William GRAHAM, who bought Ford's Mills, in Mid. He was living in Mid. in 1799 (M.T.), somewhere south of Pain Loveland. Had removed by 1810. Charlotte, ch. of "Osum and Jinnie," b. Mid. 12-12-1799.


John Merrifield, prob. son of Thomas & Eunice, b. ____. In 1796 he bought of David West and Russell West parts of Lots 42 and 52 in V Div. Becket, near Graham's Mills. He was apparently living in Wash. in 1800.


Joseph Metcalf (Michael, Michael, John, Michael), son of Michael and Lydia (White) Metcalf of Mendon, was b. abt. 1714, bap. 11-16-1714-15. m. Medway 11-29-1739, Deborah, dau. Daniel and Sarah (Sanford) ADAMS, b. Medway 3-7-1716.


Asa, b. 1-16-1740.
Nathan, b. 7-8-1745 (See Fam. 1).
Eijah, b. 10-19-1747, d. 11-28-1747.
Joseph, b. 8-22-1754, d. 5-21-1828.


Nathan Metcalf, s. of Joseph and Deborah (Adams) Metcalf, was b. Rutland 7-8-1745, m. N. Rutland 11-21-1765 Sarah, dau. Josiah and Hannah (Whiting) RICHARDS, who was probably a native of Dedham, since the record of marriages states that both were from Dedham. He was among the Minutemen from Dover Fourth Parish (later Dedham) who responded to the Lexington alarm April 18, 1775. Moved to Herkimer, N.Y.

Among their children were:

Nathan, b. 3-26-1766, d. Herkimer, N.Y. about 1822.
John, b. 2-24-1768 (See Fam. 2).


John Metcalf, s. of Nathan and Sarah (Richards) Metcalf, was b. Dedham 2-24-1768; d. Mid. 2-24-1858; m. Mid. 9-28-1795 Lucina, dau. Thomas and Ann ROOT, b. 12-18-1773; d. Mid. 12-19-1830.
He lived in the gambrel roofed house recently (1924) remodeled by Mrs. Pearson. He was a tanner by trade and turned out such good leather that his brand was a standard article. He was a good looking man, "middle sized," slightly dark in complexion, of good character and interested in town affairs.

Children b. Mid.:

Walter, b. 8-9-1796, m. 1st Mary WARD, 2nd Martha PIXLEY.
Nathan, b. Sept. 21, 1797, d. 9-7-1802.
Lucina, b. 8-9-1799; m. Samuel SMITH.
Sarah, b. 7-3-1802, m. Alexander DICKSON.
Mary, b. 2-13-1805, m. Alpheus SMITH, d. 1908.
Matilda, b. 3-17-1807, d. 5-27-1837.
Julia, b. 8-2-1809, m. Asa SMITH.
Thankful, b. 2-16-1813, m. Thomas DURANT, d. 1912 in her 100th year.
Harriet Melcalf, b. 2-6-1815, m. Morgan PEASE.
Maria, b. 5-29-1817, d. May 1841.


Orrin Millard, b. about 1771, d. Mid. 4-18-1828, m. Becket 12-27-1797 Mabel, dau. Aaron PINNEY. He was living in Becket in 1800 but moved to Mid. after 1803, buying land in Lots 52, 43, 56, 54, 55 and 48, in the Becket Section some of them near Factory Brook. His house was in the region north of the "Switch," known as Taylor's Pasture.
He was a captain of militia and was prominent on Training Days. After his death his s. Harvey was living at this farm on the old Becket road later owned by Amos Cone and Gen. David Mack. The Millards moved to Bainbridge, Ohio about 1832.


Flavia, b. Becket 8-2-1798, m. 7-4-1826 Edward CRANE of Becket.
Orrin Harvey, b. Becket 8-23-1800, m. (int.) 9-21-1845 Rebecca L. WOOD. Went to Becket. Was in Windham, Ohio in 1833.
Oliver Cromwell, b. Becket 3-25-1803.
Malinda, b. Mid. 9-1-1805, d. 9-1-1805.
Ruby Matilda, b. Mid. 9-24-1806, d. 7-16-1828.
Oliver Bradford, b. Mid. 12-18-1809. He was granted a letter by the Cong. Ch. to Bambridge, Ohio in 1832.
Aaron Riley, b. Mid. 5-24-1812.
Deborah Lucinda, b. Mid. 7-25-1815, d. Mid. 8-26-1825.

There was an Oliver Millard, b. Haddam, Conn. 5-22-1762, who d. Becket 3-22 or 24-1845, m. Becket 7-23-1787 Zillah, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Culver) LEE of Lebanon, Conn., b. 10-9-1762, d. Becket 3-4-1846.


Joseph Moore, of Southwick, Mass., was living in Mid. in 1800 and 1810. He was located in the region of "Taylor's Pasture" probably somewhere on the old road to Becket, near Justus Bissell. He joined the Cong. Ch. in 1805 by letter from the church in Southwick. He was granted a letter of dismision to Washington or Becket in 1814. He was not in town in 1820.

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