Edward Church Smith.
Menasha, Wis. Priv. print. 1924


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Damon (also Demon) John, b. abt. 1748, d. Mid. 10-2-1820, m. Prudence, dau. Israel and Hannah BISSELL, of East Windsor, Conn. b. 11-30-1757; d. Mid. 9-11-1847. Damon came to Mid. prob. from East Windsor abt 1788. He first lived on Lot 208, Wor. south of the farm of Mr. Sweeney. Cong. Ch. 1793. By 1797 he had moved to the north part of the town, for he bought of Benja. Blish parts of Lots 214 and 198. His home was prob. the one later occupied by Obadiah Smith, one mile north of Cottrell farm.

Children, b. Mid.:

John, b. 10-23-1788 (See Fam. 1)
Prudence, bap. 7-27-1794, m. 7-8-1817, Lloyd WEST.
Betty, bp. 7-27-1794; d. 12-23-1817.


John Damon, son of John and Prudence (Bissell) Damon, b. Mid. 10-23-1788; d. Mid. 7-15-1872. m. Mid. 7-9-1817, Armitta, dau. Nathaniel and Rhoda COMBS; bap 1794, d. MId. 1-2-1851. Lived for many years on Ridgepole Road, just north of Cottrell place.

Children, b. Mid.:

Emeline, b. 5-24-1818, d. 4-21-1856, m. 4-16-1843, Frederick SAUNDERS.
Mary, b. 8-1-1819, m. 3-30-1846, James H. COTTRELL.
Lucy, b. 8-25-1823, m. 9-24-1846, James GRANGER.


The Dicksons of Middlefield were descendants of a noted Scotch family which gave vigorous support to the Covenanters against Charles I, but which suffered dismemberment after the restoration. The grandfather of Robert, who emigrated from the north of Ireland in 1719, was Dr. David Dickson, a noted divine and Professor of Divinity in Glasgow University. (B.H. Dickson's "The Border Clans," "The Harvey Book," O.J. Harvey).

James Dickson, the Mid. pioneer, seems to be identical with James(3), Robert(2), Robert(1), but may have been the son of William(2), Robert(1) (Harvey Book). He was b. about 1728, d. Mid. 11-18-1815; m. about 1755 Margaret, dau. John and Janet (Thompson) GASTON of Volentown, Conn.; [Voluntown]...b. 1735; d. Mid. 2-5-1811. He is said to have served as a private in 1755 in the French and Indian War.
In 1761 he was living in East Haddam, Conn., answering the Lexington Alarm from that place in 1775. In 1773 he purchased lots 1, 2, 7 and 8 in I Div. E. Prescott's Grant, and moved to his new possessions in the late seventies or in 1780.
He was a weaver by trade. His house stood on the west side of the highway from Middlefield Center to Hinsdale, a short distance north of the Birnie house. Finding a fair deposit of clay on his land he began making bricks, and accumulated some wealth in this industry. The remains of the brickyarad are still to be seeen east of the Birnie house.
Dickson was fifty years old at the time of the incorporation of Middlefield whle the majority of the pioneers were younger men. He was therefore a leader in town affairs, serving as selectman and as delegate to represent the town at the county conventions held previous to Shays' Rebellion. He was frequently appointed on committees to carry out important matters in connection with the building of the meetinghouse and procuring preaching. He bore the title of Lieutenant, which showed his activity in military affairs.


John, b. 8-27-1756 (See Fam. 1).
Joseph, b. E. Haddam abt. 1759 (See Fam. 6).
Margaret, b. E. Haddam 6-2-1761, m. Abner COMSTOCK.
Phebe, b. E. Haddam, 11-23-1762, d. Mid. 3-2-1819, m. Uriah CHURCH.
Mary, b. E. Haddam, 10-30-1765., m. Moses EGGLESTON. James, b. E. Haddam, 6-7-1768 (See Fam. 9).
Alexander, b. E. Haddam, 10-21-1770 (See Fam. 10).
Elizabeth, b. E. Haddam, 6-4-1773 (See Fam. 11).
Nancy, b. E. Haddam, 11-27-1777, d. 5-13-1854, m. 5-10-1803, William CHURCH Jr.
Sally, b. Mid. 10-30-1780, m. 11-24-1805, Isaac GLEASON Jr.


John Dickson, son of James and Margaret (Gaston) Dickson, was b. E. Haddam, Conn. 8-27-1756; d. in Mid. 3-18-1850. m. 11-2-1778, Vesta WILLIAMS of East Haddam, Conn., who was b. Colchester, 7-2-1758, and d. Mid. 5-26-1846.
He bought two lots in the northeast corner of Prescott's Grant and built a substantial house which stood until a score of years ago on "Windsor Street" some distance south of the Robbins place. John Dickson was prominent in public affairs being selectman for fourteen years, town clerk and treasurer 1789-95, and representative to the General Court 1813-15. He was very vigorous in body and mind and lived to an advanced age.
His distinguished descendant Andrew Dickson Whie, states that, when on a visit to Middlefield, he saw that his great-grandfather, at the age of 82, had mowed a broad field the day before and the following day walked four miles to church. John Dickson is said to have served in the Revolutionary War.

John, b. 1779, m. 1st Patty GLEASON. 2nd Martha ____. Lived in Liverpool, N.Y.
Gaston, b. 11-27-1781. (See Fam. 2).
Andrew, b. Mid. 9-1-1784 (See Fam. 3).
Vesta, b. Mid. 2-25-1787, d. Mid. 2-28-1862, m. 5-21-1807, Erastus John INGHAM.
Horatio Nelson, b. Mid. Jan. 1790 (See Fam. 4).
Diodate, b. Mid. 5-1-1810 (See Fam. 5).


Gaston Dickson, s. John and Vesta (Williams) Dickson, b. 11-27-1781; d. 5-10-1868; m. 5-26-1811 Esther WOLCOTT. Lived at the Alderman and Cook farms, and for a while at his father's farm.


Laura, b. Mid. 12-24-1811, m. 2-28-1842, Merrick COLE of Worth.
Fanny, b. 6-28-1813, d. 7-13-1813.
Maria, b. 8-8-1814; d. 5-14-1838.
James, b. 7-13-1816, d. 3-30-1838, in Long Island.
Henry Ellsworth, b. 4-20-1818, d. 7-6-1838.
Margaret, d. young.
Vesta, b. 9-30-1819, m. 3-8-1848, Jacob S. COOK of Athol, Mass. She was a tailoress.
John, b. 11-3-1821, d. 1-27-1823.
May, b. 2-15-1823, d. 2-17-1823.
Abraham, b. 5-20-1824, d. 7-21-1854.
Caroline, b. 7-16-1826, m. 4-17-1849, Lewis M. DREW, teacher at Huntington, N.Y.


Andrew Dickson, s. John and Vesta (Williams) Dickson, b. Mid. 9-4-1784, emigrated to New York state and became a prosperous business man. He represented his county in the state legislature, and was known as "Colonel" and "Squire" Dickson.
He was one of the founders of Cortland Academy. His daughter, Clara, married Horace WHITE, and their son, Andrew Dickson White, b. at Homer, N.Y., 11-7-1832, was the well known author and educator, who was the first president of Cornell University, and one time United States minister to Berlin.


Horatio Nelson Dickson, s. of John and Vesta (Williams) Dickson, b. Mid. Jan. 1799; d. 11-1-1867; m. (int.) 4-18-1839, Olive FAY, b. Chester 1806; d. Poquonock, Conn. 1891. He followed his father on the farm and rebuilt the house.


James Nelson, b. 12-1-1842. Moved to Sheffield, Mass.
Clara Amelia, b. 11-1-1847.


Diodate Dickson, s. John and Vesta (Williams) Dickson, b. 5-1-1810; d. Mid. 9-17-1869. m. (int.) Oct. 1837 Maria HOLMES, b. 1814, d. 1-5-1886. He lived in the house built by Joseph Russ, north of the Robbins place in the road to Peru.


Henry, b. Mid. 5-9-1840, d. in Civil War at Plymouth, N.C. 4-3-1863. Co. F. 46 Ref. M.V.M.
Nancy Maria, b. 1-18-1842. Moved to Dalton, Mass.
John Andrew, b. Mid. 12-6-1845, m. Alice M. GEER, b. Peru, 3-17-1851. Moved to Dalton, Mass. Children: Clifford, b. 3-2-1875, Lyman, b. 8-14-1878.
Milton, b. Mid. 12-18-1848. He was employed in Church Bros. store in Factory Village. Later moved to Warren where he was a merchant.


Joseph Dickson, s. James and Margaret (Gaston) Dickson, b. East Haddam, Conn., about 1759; d. Hartford, N.Y., before 1800, m. 7-2-1789 Abigail, dau. William B. and Amy WHITING, b. 2-4-1759. He signed Pet. Inc. in 1781. A road survey of 1792 locates his house on the meadows of Factory Brook southeast of James Taggart's house.
Sometime before 1799 he moved to Hartford, Washington Co., N.Y. His widow was living with John Dickson according to cen. 1800.


Laura (See Fam. 7).
De Witt Clinton (See Fam. 8).
Joseph, b. 1796, d. Mid. 4-3-1813.
Alexander, b. June 1790 (See Fam. 9).


Laura Dickson, dau. Joseph and Abigail (Whiting) Dickson, b. ____. Uriah Chruch was appointed her guardian upon the death of her father, m. Peru, 1-1-1816 Lyman, s. Israel and Esther FRINK, b. 2-20-1792. He m. 2nd Becket, 11-8-1871 Mrs. Lydia (Gamwell) Dickson PARISH.

Children, b. Windsor, Mass.:

Lomira A., b. abt. 1822, d. 1-1-1831, aged 9.
Joseph Diton, b. 8-29-1824, d. 12-18-1838.
Lyman V., b. April 1829, d. 11-10-1830.
Seth, b. 12-23-1831.


De Witt Clinton Dickson, s. Joseph and Abigail (Whiting) Dickson, lived in Penfield, Loraine Co., Ohio, at one time.


Joseph Homer, d. Wellington, Ohio, 1-13-1895. Was father of Miss Edith Dickson of Olberlin, Ohio.
Amelia, m. Mr. RIPLEY, d. Shelbina, Mo.
Julia, d. Cleveland 1904.


Alexander Dickson, s. Joseph and Abigail (Whiting) Dickson, b. June, 1799; d. Pittsfield 4-12-1875. m. (int.) 10-14-1821, Sarah, dau. John and Lucina (Root) METCALF.
He was a tanner by trade but later became a Methodist minister, riding a circuit serving several charges. He was the last member of the Bethel church in Mid. where he spent the last years of his life, living in the house built for Timothy Root, adjoining Solomon Root's store.


James Dickson, s. James and Margaret (Gaston) Dickson, b. East Haddam, Conn., 6-7-1768; d. Mid. 1-16-1844; m. 4-27-1808 Sally, dau. Jonathan and Mary PEASE, b. 1785; d. Mid. 3-21-1846.
He followed his father on the farm, building in 1827 the large substantial house which was sold to his brother-in-law, Russell Pease in 1847, and which Orrin Pease sold to Mr. Birnie of Springfield.
He had no children but adopted a daughter Mary J., who m. 9-22-1830, Sidney BREWSTER of Worthington.


Alexander Dickson, s. James and Margaret (Gaston) Dickson, b. East Haddam, Conn., 10-21-1770; d. 12-17-1841; m. 1st 4-15-1802 Sally GATES, b. 1780; d. 9-20-1838. m. 2nd Lydia, dau. James GAMWELL. She m. 2nd 8-19-1845 Hiram PARISH of West Worthington.
They lived on Lot 1, II Div. E. Prescott's Grant where Henry Lamberton lived. During the first decade of the nineteenth century he had Green Church build for him the house on the highway from Mid. to Hinsdale, where Lyman Meacham lived at a later date. Here Dickson kept tavern from 1822 to 1830. He used to do teaming for the merchants at Mid. Center. No children.


Elizabeth Dickson, dau. James and Margaret (Gaston) Dickson, b. East Haddam, Conn., 6-4-1773; m. 3-26-1794 Russell GILLETT, who lived for a few years at the A.D. Pease place where he kept tavern in 1793.


Elijah Dix (Benjamin, John, Edward), s. Benjamin and Mehitable (Sanderson) Dix, b. Leicester, Mass., 3-5-1744; m. Margaret CLARK of Sturbridge, Mass., being at the time a resident of Worthington, Mass.
In 1781 Dix purchased of Aaron Willard, Lot 211, Wor., located across the road from the Skinner farm until recently (1924) owned by the late Lester Root. The house stood north of the road some 200 yards east of the Root house, where cellar hole and new well are still to be found. He was living there in 1783-4 but sold out to T. McElwain and Thomas Wood, and moved to Williamstown, Mass. About 1793 he mvoed to Mt. Pleasant, Susquehanna Co., Pa.


Benjamin, b. Worth. 12-1-1774.
Daniel, b. Worth. 5-4-1776.
Elijah, b. Worth. 1-16-1778.
David, b. Worth. 2-14-1781.
Hannah, b. Worth. 9-10-1782.
Daniel, b. Mid. 10-27-1784.
Margaret, b. Mid. 10-27-1784.
John, b. Williamstown, 6-3-1788.
Jesse, b. Williamstown, 12-19-1790.


Thomas Durant (Edward, Edward, Edward, George), s. Edward and Anne (Jackson) Durant, b. Newton, Mass. 3-18-1746; d. 8-2-1831; m. July 23, 1775, Elizabeth, dau. William and Mary (Mareau) CLARK. She was b. 5-25-1752, d. 3-17-1853, living to the great age of 100 years.
Thomas Durant was a captain in the Rev. War and is said to have been at the battle of Bunker Hill. He moved to Cambridge and later to Partridgefield. Shortly before 1790 he was living in Mid. next to his brother-in-law, Samuel Clark, who was living near the Wanzer farm. About 1800 Durant built the house later occupied by Dea. Harry Meacham, now (1924) by Mr. Hoskeer. Durant was selectman in 1796-98, on the School Committee 1790 and 1802.


William, b. Newton, Mass., 9-21-1775. Settled in Albany.
Anna, b. Newton, 10-21-1777, m. Amasa BLUSH.
Edward, b. Newton, 7-12-1779. Lived in New York.
Polly, b. 3-5-1784, m. Samuel WHEELER of Lovell, N.Y.
Sally, b. 6-6-1786, m. Wm. NEWTON, lived in Albany.
Betsy, b. 10-9-1788, m. Walter TRACY of Hinsdale. Lived in Pittsfield.
Thomas, b. 1-30-1791, m. 3-9-1815, Sybil WRIGHT, lived in Pittsfield.
Clark, b. 3-4-1794. Lived in Albany and New York.


Bigot Eggleston (Benjamin, Benjamin, Bigot) son of Benjamin and Mary (Dibble) Eggleston, was b. Windsor, Conn., 3-12-1724; m. 11-7-1745 Mary CORNING of Enfield, Conn. His name appears on Mur. valuation list for 1768. In 1779 he signed petition for setting off land from that town for a new township, and in 1781 he signed the Pet. Inc.
In 1776 he took title to Lot 43, I Div., Mur. and the next year Lot 48, which is now (1924) near the W. O Eames farm. He moved to Washington about 1784.


Jehiel, b. 2-17-1745-6, Windsor, Conn., Mur. 1768; Westfield, 1799.
Benjamin, b. 1-2-1747-8 (See Fam. 1).
Sarah, b. 1-10-1750, m. John TAGGART.
Samuel, b. ____ (See Fam. 2).
Hannah, m. ___, HERRIN, Bap. Mid. 9-13-1795, "on the right of Samuel Gray and wife."
Mary, m. Washington, Mass. 9-30-1784, David WARDELL, Rensselaerville, N.Y. in 1799.
Moses (See Fam. 3).
Aaron (See Fam. 4).
Oliver, m. at Washington, 11-19-1787, Cynthia SKINNER.
Darius, m. at Washington, 3-14-1794, Mary BROWN. Pew 27, 1794. Was living in Madison County, N.Y. in 1815.


Benjamin Eggleston, son of Bigot, b. Windsor, Conn., 1-2-1747-8, m. 10-9-1774 in Mur. Mary GORDON, prob. dau. of Samuel and Margaret (Henry) Gordon.
Eggleston's name first appears on the Mur. tax-payers list for 1769. He lived near the Mid-Chester line south of the farm of W. Ovid Eames, selling out to Henry Vadrekin in 1783. In 1790 he bought 9 lots in I and II Div. W. P. G. of Elihu Church and lived in the brick house which stood east of the road on the West Hill some distance north of where Mr. Drozd lives.
While living in Mur., he signed the various petitions for forming a new township. That section of the town was known as the "Eggleston District," and he must have been a leader in affairs as he was chosen to summon the first town meeting for Middlefield in 1783.
He was a soldier in the Rev. War. About 1807 he moved to Aurora, Ohio.

Children, b. Murrayfield:

Benjamin, b. 9-29-1775. Went to Ohio. Wrote history of Rev. War in verse.
Martin, b. 4-11-1777, m. (int.) 9-27-1802, Mary KILBORN. Moved to Ohio.
Joseph, b. 7-6-1779, m. 1st Parla LEONARD; 2nd, Anna Mack CLARK. Moved to Ohio.
Betsey, b. 12-29-1781.
Moses, b. 2-10-1784, m. Sally TAYLOR. Moved to Ohio.
Achsah, bap. 11-4-1792.
Chauncy, b. ____, m. Emma KENT. Moved to Ohio in 1807.


Samuel Eggleston, son of Bigot, b. ____, m. in Mur. 5-4-1774 Mary TAYLOR, perhaps dau. of John Taylor. She d. there in May, 1780. He was living in Plainfield, N.Y. in 1799.


Moses Eggleston, son of Bigot, m. (int.) 5-24-1784 Mary, dau. of James and Margaret (Gaston) DICKSON. Lived first in Mur., signing the Pet. Inc. in 1781. In 1784 he was living on West Hill near Wash. line. Cen. 1790. Sch. Com. 1793.
His wife joined the Cong. Church in 1794. He was among those who petitioned against the calling of Rev. Mr. Thompson in 1785. He moved away before 1799 when he was living in Ontario County, N.Y.; was in East Avon, N.Y. in 1856. He was a soldier in the Rev. War.


Zilpha, b. Mid. 3-4-1785.
Moses, b. 10-4-1785. [transcriber's note: there are only 7 months between these two children.....???]
Alexander, bp. 2-17-1794.
Mary, bp. 2-17-1794.


Aaron Eggleston, son of Bigot, was living in Mid. in 1784; m. there 1-6-1785 Hannah COLLINS, prob. dau. of Ebenezer. Eggleston lived somewhere south of the Henry Pease farm in 1790, but had moved to Chester by 1799. Several children of Aaron and Elizabeth Eggleston b. Chester 1816-1823, may have been his grandchildren.

ELY (or ELA)

Ely (or Ela), Jonathan, son of John and ____ (Cullom) Ela of East Windsor, Conn. (1720-1757. Lebanon, Conn.) was b. about 1750; d. Mid. 3-9-1829, m. 1st Hannah, dau of Israel and Hannah BISSELL of E. Windsor, b. 1750; d. 7-27-1807; m. 2nd Huldah HATCH, 1-4-1808. She d. Mid. 9-29-1823, age 66.
Jonathan Ely was living in the Becket Section of Mid. as early as 1789, being warned to leave town that year. He settled first on lot 29, III Div. B which he sold to Joseph Cary, 1792. By 1805 he had moved to the West Hill to the farm where Mr. Savery now (1924) lives. He was a soldier in the Rev. War.


Hannah, b. 9-29-1782, d. Mid. 5-16-1818.
Jonathan, b. 11-8-1784, m. 1821, Lucinda HOWARD, moved to Geauga County, Ohio abt. 1815, where he d. March 11852.
Joseph, b. 9-13-1788 (See Fam. 1).
Eli, b. 11-14-1791 (See Fam. 2).


Joseph Ely, son of Jonathan and Hannah (Bissell) Ely, b. 9-13-1788, m. Ruby B., dau. of Cyrus and Ludy CONE, Mid. 11-8-1810.
Joseph Ely Jr., with his wife and four children moved to Geauga County, Ohio, arriving about the last of June, 1817, and living in the house of Enos Kingsley who came from Becket, Mass. in 1816. Ely put up a log house, but there was neither chimney, doors or windows when he moved in in October. Green logs served for the former and blankets for the latter. A severe snow storm which set in gave him rheumatism. In the spring his health improved and he made, with the assistance of his brother Jonathan who had come in 1815, four or five sap troughs and a large quantity of maple sugar which he sold for 25 cents of pound. Maple sugar was one of the principal sources of revenue at the time. Ely was a member of the Methodist Church. ("The Pioneers of Geauga Co., Bainbridge, O., p. 136.")


Joseph Alonzo, b. 4-7-1811.
Ruby Celesta, b. 4-4-1812.
Cordelia Avelinia, b. 7-16-1813.
Leander Wellington, b. 4-7-1815.


Eli Ely, son of Jonathan, b. Mid. 11-14-1791; d. 9-4-1847, being instantly killed when a pile of clapboards feel upon him. m. 1st Nancy, dau. of William and Roxana (Bird) WHEELER, 5-16-1819. She d. 4-9-1827, age 34. He m. 2d, 6-7-1832, her sister, Lucy Wheeler. She lived for years at the Ely place with her maiden sister, Wealthy Wheeler. She d. 11-16-1874.

Franklin Branch Ely, adopted son of Eli Ely, m. Ludy Matilda LOVELAND 4-23-1826. He died suddenly, 9-29-1847, aged 35 years and 4 months.
(See "Israel Ela Family," by D.H. Ela, 1897).


Daniel Spencer Emmons (Ebenezer, Samuel, Samuel), s. Ebenezer and Susanna (Spencer) Emmons, was b. 10-19-1757; d. 9-21-1841; m. 1778, Luna BEBEE, who was b. April, 1759; d. 10-28-1851. About 1783 Emmons settled in Mid. Mass. on Lots 6 in the I and II Divs. West, Precott's Grant. This farm which was situated at the head of the meadows of Factory Brook, once covered by the Reservoir came to be one of the best farms in that part of town, and was later owned by Amasa Graves Jr., and Samuel Smith Jr.
In 1790 Emmons sold out to Ebenezer Lealand. In 1793 he sold 130 acres of land in Partridgefield to Joshua Goldthwait. Emmons returned to Connecticut. He is buried at Bashan Pond, E. Haddam.


Elizabeth, b. at East Haddam, m. Isaac STARR.
John, b. 1781.
Luna, b. 1783, m. Thos. W. SWAN.

Ebenezer Emmons, s. of Ebenezer and Susanna (Spencer) Emmons, b. E. Haddam, Conn., 4-23-1766. He d. E. Haddam 9-20-1835, m. 1st (int.) 6-6-1791 Mary, dau. David and Mary (Talcott) MACK, b. Hebron, Conn. 11-17-1774; d. 9-14-1822; m. 2nd 9-28-1824 Olive ADAMS of Mansfield, Conn., who d. 10-5-1849.
Emmons appears to have settled in Mid. about 1790, buying a farm on Lot No. 6, III Div. Becket across the road from his father-in-law. He was a blacksmith by trade and had his shop near a big willow tree north of his house. The house was a large square house painted white which stood on the site now (1924) occupied by the dwelling until recently occupied by Mr. John Bryan. The Emmons house was burned many years ago while Milton Smith was living there.
He was selectman in Middlefield 1806-10. He represented the town in the General Court 1819-20. He served on the School Committee 1799.

Children, b. Mid.:

Mary, b. 3-23-1793, d. 9-10-1822, m. 3-30-1817, Justus BROWNING.
Amanda, b. 1-14-1797, d. Mid. 12-31-1767 [transcriber's note: d. must have been 1867, as 1767 is thirty yrs before her birth]. m. 5-14-1818, Timothy ROOT.
Ebenezer, b. 5-16-1799 (See Fam. 1).
Justin, b. 5-18-1802, d. 3-11-1806.
Harmony, b. 10-1-1807, m. Samuel HAMILTON.
Harriet, b. 11-26-1812, m. Summer U. CHURCH.


Ebenezer Emmons, s. of Ebenezer and Mary (Mack) Emmons, b. Mid. 5-16-1799; d. 10-1-1863. Brunswick Co., S.C., m. 1819 Maria Abigail CONE, b. 12-28-1801; d. 1884.
Prof. Ebenezer Emmons graduated from Williams College 1818, entered the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, N.Y., graduating in 1826. He was especially interested in Natural History and in his earliest boyhood had his room in his Middlefield home decorated with all manner of bugs, and butterflies and mineral specimens. He studied medicine at Berkshire Medical School and settled as a practitioner in Chester, Mass.
In 1828 he moved to Williamstown and was appointed lecturer in Chemistry; was professor of Geology and Mineralogy. He was state geologist for the 2nd District of New York to which position he was appointed by Gov. Marcy in 1836. He was appointed custodian of the collection made by the survey which he held from 1842-48.
In 1843 he began an investigation of the agricultural resources of the state and published five reports. In 1848 he was state geologist of North Carolina and published several works on that state. He remained in N. Carolina until after the breaking out of the Civil War. He was not allowed to return north but was obliged to make powder for the Confederacy. The anxieties and separation from his friends occasioned by it probably hastened his death.
His name is borne by one of the Adirondack Peaks and by the highest summit of East Mountain in the Berkshire Hills.


Amanda, b. 9-1-1819, m. 1836, Elias V. B. CONKLIN.
Ebenezer, b. 3-23-1822; m. Helena ANDREWS.
Mary, b. 4-22-1827, m. Chauncey WATSON.

Sylvester Emmons, s. of Ebenezer, with his nephew Ichabod Emmons, was living with Ebenezer in Mid. 1799.


Addison Everett (Andrew, Andrew, Ebenezer, John, John, Richard), named changed from Andrew Addison to Addison by law, s. of Andrew and Betsy Everett, b. 3-2-1805, m. 5-10-1840, Martha WHITE of South Hadley, Mass., b. 10-23-1807.
He settled in Mid. in 1826. He was an ingenious man who invented machinery for turning wooden bowls, articles much used in those days, making rapidly and well what had been produced formerly only crudely and by very slow hand methods. He was offered a large price for his invention but declined to sell. His secret was, unfortunately for him, afterward obtained by others by means rather more private than legal, and Everett never realized any reward for his valuable discovery.
He is said to have been a queer man, so wrapped up in his work upon unprofitable inventions that his family and farm sometimes suffered. The queer house in Smith Hollow with four small structures joining the main part at the corners was "invented" by him.
Statistics for 1845 mention the wooden bowl business as consuming 15,000 feet of lumber valued at $600 and employing one man. No value was given for the product of the plant.
In 1852 Everett moved to Harper's Ferry, W. Va., where he was during John Brown's raid. He spent a yeqr in collecting authentic details of the affair and picture of the actors, with the intent of publishing a book. In 1861 he moved to West Cunnington, Mass. where he was a machinist.

Children: Lucas, b. Mid. 5-17-1831.
Carlos, b. Mid. 4-16-1834.
Edward, b. Mid. 6-30-1836.
Ellen, b. 6-21-1838.
Mira, b. 2-8-1840.
Child, b. July, 1843, d. 9-6-1843.
Lunda, b. Mid. 2-21-1846.
Mary, b. and d. 1846.
Milo, b. 2-21-1847.

Mary Smith Clapp Everett, sister of Addison Everett, b. Worth. 1-13-1807; m. 1-2-1825 Wm. F. LEONARD of Worthington and Mid.


Daniel Falley, s. of Lieut. Richard and Margaret (Hitchcock) Falley, was. b. Westfield 11-15-1773. Was owner of Lot No. 137 Worth. Sec. on the River Road in 1794; prob. lived where Jesse Wright later lived, selling this farm to Nathan Wright about 1800.
He was one of the leaders in founding a class in Methodism in Mid. Moved to Norwich where he kept store for a few years with Jesse Farnham near what is now (1924) Huntington villlage, but then known as Falley's X Roads. By 1810 he had moved to Fulton, N.Y., where he foudned a flourishing Methodist Seminary which bears his name. His sister, Margaret, who lived in Worth. a short time, m. William CLEVELAND, who was grandfather of President Grover Cleveland.
Daniel Falley m. (int.) 11-5-1795, Betsey, dau. of James and Mary (Bell) MULHOLLAND, of Chester. Daniel d. in Fulton, N.Y. aged 80.


William, b. Chester 9-1-1796.
George Frederick, b. Chester, 1-31-1798.
Lewis, b. Norwich 1-6-1800.


Jacob Fellows, b. 1734 or 1735, m. Phebe ____, d. Chester, Mass. 10-17-1803.

Children, b. Woodstock, Conn.:

Priscilla, b. 8-17-1760.
Parker, b. 10-13-1762 (See Fam. 1).
Abigail, b. 5-7-1764, m. Chester, 4-17-1788, Thomas ELDER.
Jacob Jr., Olive, and Stephen Fellows whose marriages are recorded in Chester, Mass. were probably other children of Jacob.


Parker Fellows, s. of Jacob and Phebe Fellows, b. 10-13-1762; d. Chester, 5-9-1820; m. 5-29-1793, Dorcas, dau. John and Lucy (Parsons) MEACHAM, who d. 11-22-1813. Parker Fellows was a soldier in Rev. War. He settled in Mid. 1793, living in the northwest corner of the township, probably in one of the houses west of Factory Brook near "Wild Cat Ledge." Pw. 23, 1794.
He joined Cong. Ch. 1808. He moved about 1818 to "New Connecticut," Geauga County, Ohio, in which year he received a pension for war services in the Mass. Line.

Children, b. Middlefield:

Elizabeth, b. 6-1-1794; m. ___, ODLE; d. 1827. Their dau. Laura m. Dr. HENRY. She d. Viden, Ill.
Parker, b. 1-25-1796; d. 3-3-1807.
Laura, b. 9-7-1797; m. Irrin BLOSSOM, 8-20-1818.
Abigail, b. 3-20-1799; m. John M. BURK. She d. on a journey to Missouri. He d. at Ogden, Utah. Children, Abi Salina and Charles A., the latter b. in Kirtland, Ohio.
John, b. 2-20-1801; d. in Youngstown, Ohio, 10-31-1869.
Isaac, bap. 8-16-1808, m. Elonia BLISS; lived in Youngstown, Ohio. Had a dau. Emily Louise who m. Thomas H. WILSON, of Brownhelm, Ohio.
Alice, b. 1806; d. 1807.
Tabitha, bap. 8-16-1808; m. ___ ROBERTS; d. at Painesville, Ohio, Mar. 14, 1829. Had Harriet, who m. Mahlon ROSS of Virden, Ill., and Cutler of Colton, Ohio.

(The Fellows data collected from letters from Chas. A. Burk to Dea. Harry Meacham; D.A.R. pedigree of Mrs. Emily Fellows Wilson; Mack Genealogy; Chester and Middlefield V.R.; Woodstock Conn. V.R.)


Henry Ferris, s. of John and Catharine (Hamilton) Ferris, was b. in New Milford, Conn. in 1818. He m. there Aug. 22, 1841, Celina HALL, who was b. there in 1823. He moved to Becket, Mass. about 1850, and to Middlefield about 1864. He was a "waller" and many of the stone walls in town were made by him. He lived in the William Church Jr. house which still occupies a sightly spot on West Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Ferris celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversay in Chester in 1901. He d. Oct. 3, 1908; she d. 2-22-1904.


Mary Jane, b. 5-18-1842 in New Milford, Conn. She m. in Becket 12-14-1863, Willard S. SMITH. She d. in Chester 3-5-1897.
John Henry, b. New Fairfield, Conn. 8-6-1845; d. Becket 11-2-1860.
Charles D., b. 1846; d. 6-10-1857.
George Hall, b. Becket 2-12-1851; d. Chester 10-21-1877; bur. in Becket.
Clara L., b. Becket 2-27-1859; m. 10-18-1882, Willis B. GRAVES of Mid.
Kate, b. 4-10-1862; m. George BARDIN of Mid. She m. 2nd Mr. KELLEY.
Charles H., b. 4-5-1864 (See Fam. 1).


Charles H. Ferris, b. 4-5-1864; m. 11-10-1886, Mary A., dau. of James M. and Martha A. SHAW of Mid., who was b. 6-13-1868.
He lived many years with his father on the West Hill farm, where he raised pure bred Hereford cattle. In 1912 he moved to Wyben, near Westfield.

Children, b. in Mid.;

Nora Leona, m. Thomas L. STEPENSON.
John Walter, m. Helen DROZD of Mid. Lives on the farm formerly owned by Orrin Wheeler. Children: John Walter, Mildred, Ralph Henry.
Violette Adell, m. Charles H. KARNES.
W. E. Russell, m. Nellie M. HAYDEN.
Mabel Jane ____.
Gertrude Martha ____.
Charles Edward ____.
Isabel Selina ____.
Clyde Ernest ____.


Zechariah Field, (Samuel, David, Ebenezer, Zechariah, Zechariah), s. Samuel and Mary (Dickinson) Field, b. E. Guilford, Conn. 6-6-1755; d. Mid. 10-30-1843; m. 6-3-1779 Priscilla, dau. Benjamin CRAMPTON. He first moved to Partridgefield, but in 1804 bought of Abner Clapp the farm in Lot 40, Div. II, Murrayfield, located just north of the homestead of Mr. Arthur D. Pease, at Middlefield, and now (1924) a part of the Pease farm. The cellar hole can be faintly traced on the right hand side of the highway from Mr. Pease's barn.
In 1823 he is said to have moved to Jericho, Vt., but he returned to Middlefield and spent his last days at the Center. He was a deacon in the Congragational Church. He was a first cousin of Rev. David Dudley Field. Zechariah Field was soldier in Rev. War.


Hepsibah, b. 8-6-1780.
Priscilla, b. 1781; m. 11-12-1811, Benjamin STEWART.
Mary, b. Feb., 1783; d. 10-28-1872; m. 12-20-1820, Oliver BLUSH.
Charlotte, b. ____; d. ____. She d. unm. in Mid., Mass.
Ruth, b. 11-27-1784; d. __ 1819; m. (int.) 8-4-1803, Joel, son of Ithamar PELTON.
Thankful, b. ___, 1788; d. Mid. 2-13-1811.


John Ford (John, Matthew, Matthew), was son of John and Lucy (Mack) Ford, b. Hebron, Conn. 10-13-1749; d. 1782, m. 12-6-1773 Jemima, dau. Joseph and Phebe (Mack) CARY of Williamsburg. She m. 2nd Lewis TAYLOR of Mid. 6-6-1784, d. 1849.
John Ford of Hebron purchased Lot. No. 19 in the 3rd Div. Becket in 1777. This land lies on top of Johnny Cake Hill. Just what year he moved to this region we are not certain. We know that in 1780 he sold this lot to Benjamin Blish of Bolton, Conn., and by March of that year had established on Factory Brook, where later the old Becket road was built, the first sawmill in Middlefield. Later a grist mill was built there.
In 1781 he bought of Elnathan Taylor the portion of Lot 207, which occupied the southwest corner of Worthington and built a house on or near the site of 'Wayside Lodge' at Middlefield Center. He was a signer of the Petition for incorporation in 1781.
Dying in 1782 at the early age of 32, he left his widow with four little children. Widow Ford is mentioned in the town records of Middlefield in 1783, for a site for the meetinghouse was proposed on the highway between her house and that of her next-door neighbor, Joseph Blush. The Ford farm came into the Taylor farm again when Lewis Taylor, son of Samuel, married Mrs. Ford and went to live at the new house Ford had built. This was probably the old red house demolished by Hiram Taylor about 1848 and rebuilt into the original part of the "Wayside Lodge."

Children, first marriage:

Lucy, b. 11-27-1774, d. 1774.
Jemima, b. Hebron, 11-27-1774.
Lucy, b. Hebron 11-2-1776, m. John MILLER.
Lucina, b. ___, d. Peterboro, m. Reuben RICH.
John, b. Mid. 1781, d. Jefferson County, N.Y. Had child Lewis.
Benjamin, b. Mid. 2-4-1783, d. 7-16-1865, Hillsdale, Mich. m. Mar., 1804, Poll WARD. Nine children.


Joseph Freeland, of Blandford, m. (1) Anna MANN; (2) Mary ____.
Signed the Pet. Inc. of Mid., and was probably living on P.G. or on land adjoining in Part., but returned to Blandford.


Joseph, b. ____; inherited 100 a. in Becket.
Anna, b. ____; m. ____ LOOMIS.
Polly, b. Blandford, 6-12-1785; m (int. 4-10-1805) Amariah BALLOU of Peru. They were among the founders of the Mid. Bap. Ch.
Betsey, m. Wm. G. RAYMOND of Peru, 1808.
Hannah, b. ____.
Amanda, b. ____.
Lois, b. ____, May have been the "Louis Freeland" who was a founder of the Mid. Bap. Ch.

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