Edward Church Smith.
Menasha, Wis. Priv. print. 1924


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


The names of Richard Abbe and Thomas Abbe appear upon the Pet. Inc. 1781. They were probably sons of Richard Abbe of Enfield, Conn., who were living in Partridgefield when it was proposed to cede a portion of the southern section to make a new township to the south. They did not live in Middlefield. The cellar of an Abbe house is found in what used to be caled the "Upper Lot" of the Samuel Smith farm, north of the Robbins farm.


Alderman, Daniel, probably a grandson of William Alderman, the first of the name in Conn. who d. at Simsbury, 1697. Daniel was b. abt. 1735, probably in Granby, Conn., where he m. Thankful Griffin. He d. before 1790. Soon after that date his widow moved to Mfd. with her children where her eldest dau. was living; she m. 2d in Chester 5-9-1792 Benjamin Phelps, of Mfd. and d. there 12-17-1835, aged 98.


Hannah, b. abt. 1760; m. Isaac H. STREATOR.
Elizabeth, bp. Simsbury 8-28-1763.
Daniel, b. Granby 10-8-1763 (See Fam. 2)
Chester, b. (See Fam. 6)
Naomi, bp. Simsbury 8-8-1769.
Ezekiel, bp. Simsbury, 9-20-1772.
Sarah, b. 4-10-1777; m. Thomas WARD.

Daniel Alderman, son of Daniel and Thankful (Griffin) Alderman, was b. Granby, Conn. 10-8-1763; (bap. 6-8-1766, Simsbury, Conn.), d. Mid. 12-4-1812; m. 4-17-1796, Clarissa Holcomb, who was b. 3-15-1775; d. Mid. 5-5-1847.
He moved from Granby to Mid. about 1799. He was living near the Babcock Lot in 1800, near the Chester line. Later he lived in a house which stood south of the dwelling of Henry Pease, on the same side of the highway. His widow and his son-in-law, Samuel Ingham lived there for many years.


Nancy, b. Granby, 1-19-1797; d. Springfield, 2-24-1888; m. 5-13-1819, Ambrose SMITH.
Daniel, b. Granby, 1-26-1799; (See Fam. 2)
Clarissa, b. Mid. 11-5-1802; d. Mid. 2-22-1808.
Portia, b. Mid. 6-26-1805; m. 4-22-1833, Wm. NOBLE of Hartford, Conn.
Romeo, b. Mid. 9-26-1808. (see Fam. 5).
Clarissa, b. Mid. 3-22-1811, m. 5-15-1832, Samuel INGHAM of Mid.


Daniel Alderman, son of Daniel and Clarissa (Holcomb) Alderman, was b. Granby, Conn. 1-20-1799; d. Mid. 11-11-1885, m. (int.) 4.13.1823, Electa, dau. Daniel and Electa Wardwell Root of Mid.
He lived first at his father's place but later at farms owned since by Elbert Pease, G. E. Cook, Ralph Bell, Lester Root, and finally where his grandson, Edwin H. Alderman now lives.
He was a prominent citizen and served as selectman 1855-56.

Children, b. Mid.:

Nelson, b. 4-4-1825; d. Chester, 1904, m. 1st Mary A HULL of Westfield, who d. 1875; he m. 2nd 1886, Sarah L. KENDALL. He lived in Westfield and Chester.
Laura, b. 8-9-1825; d. Mid. 10-4-1846. She was a school-teacher.
Charles, b. 11-25-1826; d. Mid. 4-19-1838.
Daniel, b. 3-11-1828. See Fam. 3.
Franklin, b. 10-5-1829; d. 2-9-1900; m. 1st 10-17-1852, Elizabeth H. STAFFORD of S. Wallingford, Vt., who d. 7-5-1881; m. 2nd, Mrs. Jenoise FAIRBANKS of E. Lexington, 4-29-1890.
Electa, b. 4-25-1831; m. Andrew M. COMBS. Lived in Albany.
William, b. 1-3-1837; d. 8-28-1910, m. 11-17-1866, Anna E. HAPGOOD. He lived for some years in Mid. in the "Gulf" at the Eliakim Root place. He moved to W. Springfield in 1884, where he lived until his death. He was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting at Greenfield.


Daniel Alderman, son of Daniel and Electa (Root) Alderman, was b. Mid. 3-11-1828; d. Mid. 10-6-1895; m. 4-29-1863, Sarah Jane, dau. of Jacob and Sarah Ann (Hazelton) HAWES, who was b. 10-16-1840. He was a successful farmer and a citizen prominent in public affairs in Mid. He was selectman in 1883. He used to sing tenor in the choir of the Baptist Church.

Children, b. in Mid.:

Charles H., b. 3-23-1864; m. 10-23-1901, Susie M. LINDSEY; Lives in Springfield.
Clifford D., b. 10-20-1866; d. 4-1-1872.
Clarence E., b. 3-31-1868; m. 8-27-1895, Mabel H. FIELD. He was graduated at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1892. He is a civil engineer in the employ of the War Dept. Washington, D.C.
Edwin H., b. 8-4-1870. See Fam. 4.
George D., b. 10-25-1872; m. 10-11-1898, Bessie M. CHAMBERLAIN. He was graduated from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1896. He is an assistant head draughts-man for the United Shoe Machinery Co. at Beverly, Mass.
Anna E., b. Mid. 7-14-1877. Lives in Springfield.


Edwin H. Alderman, son of Daniel and Jane (Hawes) Alderman, was b. Mid. 8-4-1870; m. 6-9-1896, Rosie May JONES. He was graduated from Massachusetts Agricultural College at Amherst in 1894. He is a progressive and successful farmer on the farm early owned by Ebenezer Selden and Solomon Root.
He is prominent in local affairs, serving as selectman 1912-16 and 1921-24. Both Mr. and Mrs. Alderman are prominent in the Middlefield Church.

Children, b. Mid.:

Cecil E., b. 8-3-1897. He is a machinist with the United Shoe Machinery Co., Beverly.
Helen L., b. 8-5-1899. Was graduated at Oberlin College in 1922, and is now (1924) a teacher in the Chapman Technical High School at New London, Conn.
Adelia, b. 7-26-1902. She is a student at Framingham Normal School.


Romeo Alderman, son of Daniel and Clarissa (Holcomb) Alderman, was. b. Mid. 9-26-1808; m. 11-29-1831, Maria, dau. of Erastus John and Vesta (Dickson) INGHAM of Mid. He lived in Mid., in Worthington on the Thomas Bryan Farm, also at Bancroft, Otis, Chester, and last in Becket.


Francis Romeo, b. Mid. 1-2-1833; m. Julia SNOW, d. 1910, Dayton, Ohio.
George, b. Chester, 3-29-1835; m Sarah Ann PEASE.
Andrew, b. Mid. 1-3-1838; m. Lydia Birchard.
John Milton, b. Otis, 11-5-1840; m. Emily BALDWIN.
Charles, b. Mid. 12-17-1844; m. Addie GEER.
Edson, b. Worthington, 4-21-1847; m. Jennie OLDS.
Arthur, b. Washington, 3-15-1854; m. Helen FRANCIS.


Chester Alderman, son of Daniel and Thankful (Griffin) Alderman, m. Dorcas _____. He was living in Mid. in 1810. In 1815 he bought the farm which he sold to Dan Pease in 1821; he moved to Granby, Conn. He was buried at Granby, 5-9-1831.


Chester, b. 4-7-1804.
Ezekial, b. 12-11-1805.
Dorcas, b. 11-16-1807.
Julia, b. 2-21-1810.
Amanda, b. 5-9-1812; d. 9-22-1814.

Harvey Alderman, sometimes called "Hervey," possibly an older brother of Daniel, came from Granby, Conn., to Chester in 1817. He was living in Mid. in 1820, but had returned to Granby by 1842. He m. Sally HOLCOMB of East Granby, and had a son Solomon F.

Daniel Truman Alderman, son of Epaphras Alderman, was b. Granby, Conn. 12-22-1786. He was living in Mid. in 1810. Moved to Chester in 1813 where he bought land together with Epaphras and Havrvey Alderman, of Granby, Conn. His wife's name was Hadasah _____, and they had one child b. in Mid.

Daniel Truman, b. 6-19-1811.
A Daniel T. and Maria Alderman had a son, Thomas, b. Montgomery, 2-17-1846.

Sarah Alderman, of Simsbury, Conn. m. (int.) Elijah BARTHOLOMEW, of Mid. 4-14-1792.


Allen, Timothy, (Noah, Joseph, Samuel, John, Samuel), son of Noah Allen of E. Windsor, Conn., was b. in E. Windsor, 11-25-1759; m. E. Windsor 9-21-1780, Peggy, dau. John and Miriam (Harper) SHAW, both of Westfield.
He was a soldier in the Rev. War. As early as August, 1781 he was living on lot 219, Worthington, which he had purchased of Timothy McElwain. His house was the dwelling which Captain Babson rebuilt into the cottage now (1924) owned by Dwight McElwain.
Allen was Town Clerk of Mid. in 1785, and on the school committee 1802 and 1804. He joined the Cong. Ch. in 1792 and was among those signing a petition against calling Mr. Thompson in 1785.
The Allens moved to Westfield, to a church in which place Mr. Allen was granted a letter of dismission in 1810.


Timothy, b. Mid. 4-11-1782; m. E. Windsor, 11-25-1807, Betsy, dau. Noah and Elizabeth (Trowbridge) ALLEN, b. E. Windsor and d. there Mar. 1812.
Noah, b. Mid. 5-26-1783; m. E. Windsor, 12-24-1807, Hopeful, dau. James and Abigail (Chapin) POTWINE, b. E. Windsor.
Robert Thomspon, b. Mid. 7-7-1785.
Hosea, b. Mid. 9-1-1787; married and lived in Westfield.
Spencer, b. Mid. 6-18-1785; m. Westfield, Hester DRAKE.
David, d. unm. Westfield.


Arms, Thomas, m. in 1773 in Worthington, Martha "Roads," probably dau. of John RHOADS. Was a signer of the Pet. Inc. and probably lived in the Den region.


Babcock, James. First settler in Windham, Conn., m. Mary _____. Had son Benjamin.

Benjamin Babcock, son of James and Mary Babcock, was b. about 1697, d. Coventry, Conn. 2-28-1751; m. Coventry, 2-10-1729, Mary LONG. Settled in Coventry in 1709-11. Their son, Ebenezer, was founder of the Mid. family of Babcock.

Ebenezer Babcock, son of Benjamin and Mary (Long) Babcock was b. Coventry, 1-17-1730; m. Coventry, 8-26-1754 Hannah PRESTON. Ebenezer Babcock bought of John Jones in 1779, 50 acres, a part of Lot 41 II Div. Mur. now known as the "Babcock Lot," on the west side of Collins Hill. Here he built a house which was the home of the Babcocks for a generation. Pet Inc. 1781. Was taxpayer in Mur. 11-13-1782. His minister tax rates were abated 4-7-1788, from the time he joined the Baptist Church in Chesterfield, 9-18-1785. Cen. 1790.
He signed a petition in 1790 for permission to pay his taxes for public worship to Rev. Eleazer Rhodes, of the Baptist persuasion. Moved away from Mid. before 1799.


Benjamin, b. Coventry, 11-22-1755. (see Fam. 1)
Daniel, b. Coventry, 10-9-1756. (see Fam. 2)
Joseph, b. Coventry, 3-7-1758; d. 5-11-1759.
Joseph, b. Coventry, 11-24-1759.
Rodolphus, b. Coventry, 3-3-1761.
In Chester 1784.
Hannah, b. Coventry, 3-3-1763; m. (int.) 5-15-1791 Ebenezer BIXBY of Corinth, Vt.
Nathaniel, b. Coventry, 3-16-1765. (see Fam. 3).
Ebenezer, b. Coventry, 6-3-1767; m. 7-21-1803, Lois FORBS of Partridgefield.
Mary, b. Coventry, 6-3-1767.
Tabitha, b. Coventry, 3-13-1770; m. 9-10-1807 William HAMILTON of Chester.
Elizabeth, b. Coventry Apr. 1772; m. 1-15-1795, Seth HAIS of Russell.
Lydia, b. Coventry 1-27-1774; m. 4-9-1794, Joseph HAIS of Russell.
Esther, b. Coventry, 2-23-1776.
Olive, b. Murrayfield, 11-17-1779.


Benjamin Babcock, s. Ebenezer and Hannah (Preston) Babcock, b. Coventry, 1-22-1755, m. 1st Coventry 1-13-1773, Julia JUDD; m. 2nd (int) 9-20-1792, Hannah HAIS of Russell, Mass.
Moved to Murrayfield sometime between Sept. 1774 and Sept. 1777, and to Mid. before 1790. Cen. 1790.
He was among the people warned to leave town within fifteen days on June 20, 1791. He was living on the "Babcock Lot" judging from a school tax list of 1796.
Moved away before 1799.


Salomia, b. 7-18-1775; m. 10-19-1795, Elijah SANDERSON of Chester.
Elias, b. 7-5-1778.
Lavina, b. 1-23-1780.
Joseph, b. 4-9-1786.
Anna, b. 11-23-1788.
Susanna, b. 7-18-1793.


Daniel Babcock, s. Ebenezer and Hannah (Preston) Babcock, b. Coventry, 10-9-1756; m. 12-4-1787 Zereptha (int. Jerusha), dau. Nathaniel and Chloe (Crooks) TAYLOR of West Springfield, b. 1765, d. 9-30-1828. (Nathaniel Taylor was brother of Samuel Taylor, early Mid. settler).
He was in Murrayfield, living in the "Babcock Lot" as early as 1779. Pet. Inc. 1782. He was among the signers of the petition remonstrating against the town's action in calling Rev. Mr. Thompson in 1785.
By 1790 he had moved into the Becket section at "Ashdod" on the south road to Becket. Pw: 26-1792.
In 1796 he bought of Alpheus Streeter Lot 36 III Div. Beck.
In 1799 he was permitted with others of his neighbors to join a school district in Washington. He signed a petition, dated May, 1805, asking for permission for the Methodists of Mid. to join with Methodists of Pittsfield, Dalton, Hinsdale and Washington. In 1806 he sold his farm and mvoed to Mina, N.Y. He was a soldier in Rev. War.


Betsy, b. 6-9-1788.
Lovisa, b. 8-1-1789, m. (int.) 8-3-1823, Joel PELTON of Savoy.
Daniel, b. 5-2-1791.
Jerusha, b. 6-13-1792.
Parmela, b. 8-9-1794.
Chkfe (hard to read), b. 1-12-1796, m. 3-31-1818 Jno. BURNHAM of Peru.
George, b. 4-27-1797 (See Fam. 4)
Thankful, b. 8-26-1798.
Rodolphus, b. 2-26-1800 (See Fam. 5)
Jehiel, b. 9-18-1801.


Nathaniel Babcock, s. Ebenezer and Hannah (Preston) Babcock, b. Coventry, 3-26-1765. He lived on the "Babcock Lot." His name appears upon the petition of the Bapsists, dated 1790. A Nathaniel Babcock of Westfield m. Hannah Way dau. John and Mehitable COATS of Mid. 1-6-1803. He was a soldier in Rev. War.


George Babcock, s. Daniel and Jerusha (Taylor) Babcock, b. Mid. 4-27-1797. Went with his father in 1806 to Mina, N.Y. In 1850 he went west and following the example of his brother, Dolphus, joined the Mormons. He went to California where his wife died. Shortly afterward he returned to Utah and m. Catherine Anderson. Had three children, George, Rozilla and Rufus, all of whom are married and have large families.


Rodolphus Babcock, s. Daniel and Jerusha (Taylor) Babcock, b. Mid. 2-26-1800; d. Spanish Fork, Utah, 3-15-1872; m. Mina, N.Y. 1821, Jerusha ROWLEY, who d. Salt Lake City, Sept. 1850.
He moved with his father to Mina, N.Y. in 1806. In 1817 he took up some land there built a cabin and kept "Bachelor's Misery" until he married four years later.
About 1832 he joined the Mormons and moved to Jackson Co., Mo. Driven from there he moved to Hancock Co., Ill. moved in 1847 to Wintersquarters, Nebraska, joining the great Mormon migration under Bridham Young in the spring of that year arriving in Salt Lake Valley in October.
Went to California and found gold in 1849. Lived later in Plymira and Spanish Fork, Utah.


Saphronia, b. Mina, N.Y. 7-14-1822, m. Dominicus CARTER in Nauvoo, Ill.
Lorenzo, b. Mina, 12-22-1823. Served in Mexican war in the "Mormon Battalion" which crossed the plains to Calif. in 1847. Married.
Eliza, b. Mina, 10-8-1826.
George, b. Mina, 2-7-1831. Went to Utah, moved to New Mexico in 1860. Married.
Lucy, b. Mina 12-1-1832.
Parmelia, b. Jackson Co., Mo. 10-6-1837, m. Branch YOUNG and lived in Mona, Utah.
Albern, b. Hancock Co., Ill., 1-28-1840, m. Hannah KING of Spanish Fork, Utah, and lived there in old Babcock homestead where their son a. Rowley Babcock was born. Moved in 1906 to Lost River, Utah.
John, b. Hancock Co., Ill. 12-13-1842, m. Harriet McKEE. Lived in Spanish Fork.
William Henry, b. Salt Lake City, 7-15-1849. Married.
(For most of the above information we are indebted to Mr. A. Rowley Babcock).


Ball, Julius. A native of Windsor, was living in Mid. between 1820 and 1830. He was not a permanent resident, but used to visit his sister, Mrs. Abel Cheeseman, who lived in the old house near the Peru line. He was a tin peddler by trade and died in No. Adams of typhoid fever in his early manhood.
He was brother of Jotham King Ball and Mary Ball (Mrs. Abel Cheeseman). The father of Mary Ball is said to have been Jonathan Ball.

A Jonathan Ball, died Windsor, 10-29-1909, age 45.
Julius King Ball had a daughter, Olive Miranda, b. Adams, 4-14-1829; m. 12-7-1848, Edward Thompson BOTTOM, son of David and Lucy Bottom, b. 3-6-1825; d. Mid. 10-16-1884. He used to keep Church's boarding house in Factory Village where he moved in 1869.
In 1874 he bought the house in the Center, now owned by Mrs. Abbe, where his widow lived until 1900, when she moved to Suffield, Conn.
George M. Bottom, brother of Edward, b. 12-6-1831. lived in Mid. with Dea. Harry Meacham in 1850.
An Ashley King Ball, son of Horace Ball, was bap. Windsor 8-11-1822.
Horace Ball m. Charlotte Whitney, of Pittsfield, (int.) 2-2-1814.
A widow, Huldah Ball of Windsor, m. James MEACHAM of Mid. (int.) 2-27-1814.
Mrs. Rhoda Ball, of Hatfield, m. Amasa GRAVES, (int.) 2-2-1817.


Barnes, Nathan, of Brookfield, m. Martha HAYWARD.
Among their children were:

Moses, b. Brookfield, 11-20-1771 (See Fam. 1)
Hannah, b. Brookfield, 10-31-1773; m. 12-12-1797, Moody JOHNSON of Becket.


Moses Barnes, a son of Nathan and Martha (Hayward) Barnes, was b. Brookfield 11-20-1771; d. Becket, 3-13-1813; m. 11-20-1792 Rachel HASKINS, who d. Bekcet, 8-18-1841. He lived at "Ashdod" just over the Becket line. He attended the church in Mid. for he was assigned to Pew 27 in the meetinghouse in 1794, and was on the Minister Tax list for 1799.
His farm was lot 65 III Div. Becket. He was permitted to be included in a school district in the town of Washington because he lived close to the Washington line.

Children, b. Becket:

Rachel, b. 11-16- 1794; m. John NORCOTT.
Nathan, b. 5-10-1795; (See Fam. 2).
Almond, b. Feb. 1799; (See Fam. 3).
Electa, b. 1800, m. Alson BILL.
Moses, b. 1801; m. Eliza STONE.
Sumner, m. Persis KENT.
Silas, b. 2-1-1805; m. Almira CHILDS.
Wright, b. 9-8-1806; m. Cynthia PITT.


Nathan Barnes, son of Moses and Rachel (Haskins) Barnes, was. b. Becket, 5-19-1795; m. Lucy MESSENGER.

Among their children were:

Amanda, b. 5-27-1823; d. Becket, 2-15-1905; m. Becket 6-22-1845, Jonathan son of Lewis and Jennette (McElwain) TAYLOR. He d. Becket 10-31-1857.
Mary Ann, b. 11-24-1835; d. Stephentown, N.Y. 5-1-1921; m. Becket, 4-3-1856, Walter L., son of Walter and Mary (Ingham) PEASE, b. Mid., d. Washington, 1-15-1904. Buried in Becket.


Almond Barnes, son of Moses and Rachel (Haskins) Barnes, was b. Becket, Feb. 1799.


Wright, m. New Lebanon, 11-7-1850, Henrietta SEAGARS of Pittsfield. He was a physician in Chatham, N.Y. where he died.
Andrew, d. Cleveland, Ohio, 8-18-1891; m. Maria HASKINS, b. Hinsdale abt. 1833; d. Becket 1-7-1920.
Alexander, unm. d. Washington.
Frank, b. 1836; d. Cleveland, Ohio, 9-8-1907; m. Becket 8-26-1859, Nellie A, dau. Amasa and Achsa (Smith) LITTLE. She d. Cleveland, Ohio Jan. 1923.


Bartholomew, Elijah (Samuel, Joseph, William, William) son of Samuel and Hannah Bartholomew of Woodstock, and Saybrook, Conn., was b. abt. 1758. Was probably the man of this name who served in the Patriot Army from Hebron, Conn.
He is said to have come to Mid. in Nov. 1787, and probably worked for Ebenezer Selden at the Blossom Tavern. He took title to this property in 1791, opening a public house and taking out a license to retail spiritous liquors.
His intention of marriage to Sarah ALDERMAN, of Simsbury, Conn., was published 4-14-1792. He died previous to 5-1-1792, when Aaron Gillett was appointed administrator of his estate.


Bartlett, Isaac, is said to have been a shoemaker who came to Mid. from Chester. He may have been the man who m. Olive ROWEL at Windsor, Conn., Bloomfield Parish, 4-19-1772. His wife was probably the same as Olive ROWLEY, b. Windsor, Conn. 1-1-1749, dau. Daniel and Eunice (Loomis) Rowley.
Bartlett was in Chester as late as 1788, being mentioned in a road survey there that year. He must have been living in Midl. by 1791 as he opened an account with Oliver Blush that year.
He was assigned Pew 25 in the meeting-house in 1792, was assigned to the West School District in 1794, and was on the Minister Tax list for 1799.
He lived in Blush Hollow on lot 31 III Div. Becket, probably at the Uriel Cone place. His dau. Olive d. Mid. 2-9-1799.
A Lovise Bartlett who m. 1801, John MANNING, may have been a daughter of Isaac Bartlett.


Bates, Oliver (James, James, Samuel, James, James), son of James and Dorothy BATES of Colchester, Conn., was b. Hebron, Conn. 7-17-1748; m. Rachel _____. In 1781 he purchased of Levi Dunham, of Glastonbury, Conn. Lot 21, III Div. Becket. He lived in 1783 on the old road south from the top of Johnnycake Hill, west side, a few rods north of where the road turns west toward Walnut Hill.
He was a constiuent member of the Cong. Ch. 1783; was assigned to Pew 9 in Meetinghouse, 1792-94. He served on School Committee 1791. He sold out to Dan Pease in 1794 and moved away.


David, b. 5-17-1771; m. 9-5-1793, Ruth LOVELAND. Moved to Pike, N.Y.
Rachel, b. 10-25-1773; m. 6-20-1793, Andrew LOVELAND; moved to Peterboro, N.Y.
Oliver, b. 2-5-1776.
James, b. 2-12-1778; d. 7-19-1778.
Hannah, b. 7-5-1779.
James, b. 12-3-1792.
Lucy, b. 4-7-1784.
Ephraim, b. 11-25-1786.
Russell, bap. 9-29-1793.
Sarah, bap. 9-29-1793.


Bell, John Lindsey, (Samuel, Samuel, James), son of Samuel and Olive (Lindsey) Bell, was b. Chester, 8-10=1814; d. 9-11-1889; m. 6-16-1842, Emily, dau. John and Sally (Root) SPENCER, who was b. Mid. 8-6-1814 and d. Mid. 4-24-1882.
He first lived in Mid. in the house formerly occupied by Sylvester Smith and more recently by his son, the late George S. Bell. At one time he lived at the Center where Mr. Muleay lives (1924).
Mr. Bell was prominent in the Methodist Church and in the public life of the town generally. He served as Town Treasurer, and was Justice of the Peace and Selectman for many years.


George Selden,, b. Mid. 11-12-1844. (See Fam. 1)
Willis F., b. _____, Lives in Thompsonville, Conn.


George Selden Bell, son of John Lindsey and Emily (Spencer) Bell was. b. 11-12-1844; d. Mid. 4-4-1911; m. 11-16-1870, Harriet Adelaide, dau. James and Laura (Bell) QUIGLEY of Chester.
Mr. Bell was for many years a prominent citizen of Mid. He occupied many offices of public trust and service which he filled with fidelity.
He was active in the Methodist Church and in later years he was deacon, clerk, treasurer, chorister and Sunday School teacher in the church, and treasurer of the Highland Agricultural Socity.


Ida Emily, b. Mid. 9-21-1883, m. 12-28-1910, Wm. Ovid EAMES of Washington.

Bell, Simpson, b. Chester, 3-19-1779, son of William and Margaret Bell, m. 7-10-1801, Polly GAMWELL in Chester, d. Washington, 8-6-1845.
A Simpson Bell was living in Mid. as early as 1792. He was assigned to Pew 12 in the Meetinghouse in 1792. He was enumerated in Census in 1810. He owned a part of Lot 40, II Div. and lot 52 I Div. Chester.


Laura, b. 1-12-1804; m. James QUIGLEY.
Samuel, b. 10-16-1805.
Mary, b. Mid. 3-23-1810.
James, b. Mid. 7-13-1812.
Abel, b. Mid. 11-22-1814.


Benjamin, Asa, (James, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, John) son of James and Priscilla (Burton) Benjamin, was b. Preston, Conn., m. Worth. 1-4-1787, Polly BRUMLEY. Was assigned to Pew 17 in Mid. Meetinghouse 1794. He served on School Committee that same year.
He was in Mid. in 1800 living at the north end of Ridgepole Road, close to the Worth line. Owned Lot 215 north, Worth. He was soldier in Rev. War.

Benjamin, Salah Barnard, brother of Asa, was b. Preston, Conn. m. Worth. 2-3-1793, Anna BROMLEY. Was soldier in Rev. War. Came to Mid. about 1790, purchasing Lot 214 Worth. which he sold later to Matthew Smith. He was assigned to Pew 22 in Meetinghouse 1792.
He had moved away before 1800.


Bissell, Israel, (Jeremiah, John, John) son of Jeremiah Bissell of East Windsor, Conn., was a soldier in the Rev. War, dying of camp distemper in 1776. His widow, Hannah, m. as his third wife, John CRANE of Becket. The wedding took place at the home of one of his sons, being held in the barn, ten grand-children being present peeping out from haymows and from behind corn shocks.
After her husband's death she returned to Mid. where she died 5-30-1799, aged 73.

Eunice, b. 1748; d. MId. 10-6-1826.
Anna, b. 1750; d. 7-27-1807; m. Jno. ELY.
Israel, b. abt. 1752 (See Fam. 1).
Prudence, b. E. Windsor, Conn. 11-30-1757; d. Mid. 9-11-1847, m. John DAMON.
Justus, b. 2-16-1759; (see Fam. 2)
Roxana, b. abt. 1752; d. Mid. 7-15-1818.
Robert, b. 1770. (see Fam. 3).


Israel Bissell, son of Israel and Hannah Bissell, was b. about 1752; d. Hinsdale 10-24-1823; m. (int.) 8-30-1784, Lucy HANDCOCK of Longmeadow.
In 1782 he owned 260 acres of land in Murrayfield, east of the Center. He appears to have come to Middlefield about 1783, and is first mentioned in the town records in the following year. His farm was located on Lot 222, Worthington, being still known as the "Bissell Lot" which for many years was a part of the Matthew Smith farm. The cellar hole and well near the stone wall on the west side of the lot mark the site of the house.
Bissell was assigned to Pew 16 in the meetinghouse in 1792. Between 1810 and 1820 he moved to Hinsdale.
He was a soldier in the Rev. War, and was probably the Israel Bissell who distinguished himself by carrying the news of the Battle of Lexington, by horseback, from Boston to Philadelphia, in four days, a distance of 350 miles.


Lucy, b. Mid. 1-6-1786; d. Hinsdale, 3-15-1832.
Orpha, b. Mid. 1-21-1788.
Israel, b. Mid. 9-5-1789.
Enos, Lived with Robert Bissell in Aurora, Ohio, d. Solon, Ohio, unm.


Justus Bissell, son of Israel and Hannah Bissell, was b. 2-16-1759; d. 9-16-1832 at Aurora, Ohio, m. 12-20-1779, Ann, dau. Ebenezer and Ann (Barber) BLODGETT, who was b. 3-2-1760; d. 1-24-1839.
He came to Mid. from East Windsor, Conn. about 1782. His first farm was 36 acres in the south end of lot 215 (south), Worthington. His house stood in what is now (1924) the "barn lot" of the Matthew Smith farm. Smith bought this lot and Bissell moved to the Becket section, his house being located on the old highway to Becket, opposite the barway into "Taylor's Pasture," where the West Hill road branches off running north of the Savery place.
Bissell was a carpenter and framed the barn on the Solomon Ingham place, now the barn at the Dyer place. He served on the School Committee in 1796.
In 1809 he moved to Aurora, Ohio, and later to Bainbridge. He was a soldier in Rev. War.


Ann, b. E. Windsor, 11-18-1780; d. Mid. 3-1-1829; m. 12-7-1803, Daniel LEACH.
Justus, b. Mid. 8-12-1782; m. 1st 8-15-1803, Nancy HATCH; m. 2nd, Mercy COLLINS.
Ebenezer Blodgett, b. Mid. 7-20-1784; d. 4-24-1864; m. 1st Mary ROOT, m. 2nd Lucinda HART; m. 3rd, Fanny PARMELEE. Went to Aurora in 1808; to Twinsburg in 1855.
Orris, b. 5-28-1787; m. 9-3-1809, Milicent CHURCH.
Jonathan Barber, b. Mid. 5-11-1790; m. Mabel RILEY.
Roxana, b. 3-4-1793; m. Mr. PARISH.
Eunice, b. 10-22-1796; m. Tyler SMITH.
Cephas, b. 6-25-1800; d. 5-19-1867; m. 2-23-1829, Isabel CRAWFORD. Went to Aurora, Ohio, 1808, to Twinsburg in 1833.
Philena, m. Aaron BALDWIN.
Elvira, m. Rev. Mr. BASCOM.


Robert Bissell, son of Israel and Hannah Bissell, was b. 1770, d. Aurora, Ohio, 1-20-1833. He came to Mid. with Justus Bissell and lived with him until his marriage, in March, 1796, to Thankful, dau. of Edward and Margaret (Dyer) CHEESEMAN of Braintree.
Bissell acquired lots 51, 58 and 60, 5th Div. Becket. His house was probably the original one on the old Gamwell and Wheeler place east of Mr. Willis Graves' farm. He moved to Aurora, Ohio, 1806.


Samuel, b. 4-28-1797; d. Twinsburg, 3-26-1895; m. 1st, abt. 1824, Fanny P. GAYLORD; m. 2nd, Cynthia SYKES. Was graduated from Yale, 1823, Yale Sem. 1825; pastor Twinsburg, Ohio 1828-1843 except 1 1/2 years when teaching and preaching at Edinburg; founder and principal of Twinsburg Institute. In Twinsburg's first century he was her most distinguished and useful citizen.
Laura, b. 5-2-1798; d. 1881 or 1882; unm.
Roswell, b. 10-7-1799; d. 3-8-1851; Children: Orrin, Calvin, Harriet and Samuel.
David, b. 7-4-1802; d. 3-23-1879; m. abt. 1826, Amanda C. LOVELAND. Was a farmer.
Bianca, b. 4-6-1804; m. Ogden SPENCER.


Blossom, Enos, (Thomas, John, Thomas, Peter, Thomas) son of Thomas and Thankful (Paddock) Blossom, was b. Scituate, 8-18-1750; he was probably the Enos Blossom who m. June 1772, Mary ELLIS of Hebron, Conn.
He moved to the North East Corner of Becket shortly before 1780. In 1781 he was chosen constable for Becket. In 1784 the town of Mid. held town meetings at the house of Enos Blossom, Innholder, which establishes the fact that he kept a tavern.
His house was the one where Arthur D. Pease now (1924) lives. Religious meetings were held there in 1785. His farm included parts of Lots 7, 10 and 11, III Div. Becket and part of Lot 40, II Div. Chester. He sold out to Ebenezer Selden and moved to Pittsfield about 1786.

Thomas Blossom, brother of Enos, was b. 3-11-1753; d. Mid. 11-25-1804; m. 11-7-1776, Mercy, dau. Captain Nahaniel and Phebe (Lincoln) SEARS; b. Yarmouth 5-14-1756; d. Mid. 4-7-1813.
He was living in the northeast corner of Becket early enough to sign the petition for incorporation, 1781. His first land was Lot 6, III div. Becket, but by 1787 he had acquired a small part of lot 220 Worthington, and a few years latger he had the southern part of lot 221.
His house stood south of the highway near the fork in the road east of the Center still known as "Blossom Corner."
He was first pound-keeper, and served on the school committee. The house was bought by Oliver Blush who rented it to Nelson Spencer for $10 a year. It was later owned by Sardis Putnam, a shoemaker, who moved it to the Center, where it still (1924) stands, nearly opposite the Town Hall.


Thomas, b. 9-11-1777; d. Mid. 9-18-1836.
Mercy, b. 12-20-1780; m. 3-8-1814, Anson ROCKWELL, of Worthington.
Ezra, b. Mid. 9-5-1783; m. Abigail SHEPARD, 7-13-1808.
Roland, b. Mid. 3-17-1787; d. Mid. 4-16-1840.
Rufus, b. 6-6-1789.
William, b. Mid. 4-9-1792.
Orrin, b. Mid. 4-8-1797; m. 8-20-1818, Laura, dau. Parker and Dorcas (Meacham) FELLOWS. Moved to Canandaigua, N.Y. and Chester, Geauga County, Ohio. He d. Willoughby, Ohio 1845. His wife d. 2-7-1846. They had a son, Henry C., a successful merchant in Cleveland, and a daughter, Laura, who m. Gen. Erastus N. BATES, a wholesale grocer in Chicago.


Benjamin, (Benjamin, Tristram, Joseph, Abraham), son of Benjamin and Mary (Adams) Blish, was b. Colchester, Conn. 2-11-1753; d. Mentor, Ohio, 3-11-1825; m. 1774, Phebe, dau. of Abram and Phebe (Stong) SKINNER of Glastonbury, Conn., who was b. 1753; d. 10-5-1844. Mr. Blish and his wife are both buried in the Blish Cemetery in West Painesville, Ohio.
Benjamin Blish, after serving in the Rev. War for four years, moved to the region of Middlefield, settling first on Lot 19, III Div. Becket, located on the windswept summit of Johnnycake Hill. Not finding this a fetile farm he moved to the upper end of Ridgepole Road, Lots 214 and 198 Worthington.
At the first town meeting in Mid. he was chosen fence viewer. In September 1783, he was appointed on a committee to find the proper place for the meetinghouse. In April, 1784, he and his uncle Joseph Blush, were appointed on the school committee which founded the first public school established by the town.
Benjamin Blish left Mid. for Ohio in February, 1804, with his brother-in-law, Captain Abraham Skinner. They traveled on the snow to Buffalo, and on the ice of the lake the latter part of the way. Blish bought land and made some preparations for moving his family, returning in the fall to Mid. He moved 6-10-1805, leaving his oldest daughter, the wife of Orris CLAPP, his family consisting of himself and his wife, six daughters, and two sons aged 21 and 12. They had great suffering and privations, illness from ague, and encountered bad roads and little food. One time Blish had to cut down a tree that the horses might get food off the foliage.
They reached Erie July 16, and Painsville, Ohio, July 30. They lived with Esq. Merry until their house was finished in Dec. 1805, on land yet known as the Blish Farm in Mentor. There for twenty years lived Benjamin blish, rejoicing even amid the privations incident to a new settlement, that he had placed his children in a more desirable location than the Green Mountains of Massachusetts, where his entire life had been one of severe labor and close economy, with no better outlook for them.


Phebe, b. 1775; m. 12-29-1791, Orris CLAPP.
Hannah, b. 1779; d. 1813; m. Benjamin HOPKINS.
Benjamin, b. Mid. 6-9-1784.
Milicent, bap. 9-22-1793; m. Ebenezer NYE.
Sophia, bap. 9-22-1793, m. Grant PERKINS.
Clarissa, bap. 9-22-1793, m. 1st Luther KENT; m. 2nd, Luther DILLE.
Zenas, b. 10-20-1793.
Philena, bap. 5-29-1796; m. Isaac MOORE.
Nancy, bap. 9-14-1801; m. Lester PERKINS.

Blush (Blish), Joseph (Tristram, Joseph, Abraham), son of Tristram and Anne (Fuller) Blush was b. 12-1-1729, Colchester, Conn.; d. Mid. 5-8-1788; m. 3-22-1753, Elizabeth, dau. Daniel and Elizabeth (Hitchcock) SKINNER, b. 3-22-1733, Colchester; d. Mid. 7-3-1822 and was buried in old Mack Cemetery. She m. 2nd, 11-26-1792, Joseph RUSS.
Joseph Blush was town collector in Bolton, Conn., 1771. He moved to Mid. about 1780 and was the first settler to build a house at the Center. The dwelling he erected in 1783, which served as a tavern for many years, is still (1924) standing.
Town meeting was held here in 1785, the meetinghouse not having been built at that date. He was chosen warden in 1784. He and his wife were charter members of Cong. Ch. 1783. Joseph's sister, Mary, m. Joseph SKINNER.


Lydia, b. 3-21-1754; m. Bolton 8-12-1772, Elihu JONES.
Elizabeth, b. 1756; d. Mid. 5-8-1838; m. Barzillai LITTLE.
Joseph, b. 1-24-1762; m. (int.) 8-9-1784, Sevila TAYLOR. He was a soldier in Rev. War. Was appointed sexton at Mid. 1783. Lived later at Burlington, Vt.
Oliver, b. 3-18-1764; (see Fam. 1)
Amasa, b. 7-29-1766; (see Fam. 2)
Lucy, b. 1771, d. 12-12-1815; m. (int.) 9-21-1790, John SMITH.


Oliver Blush, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Skinner) Blush, was b. 3-28-1764; d. Mid. 7-18-1846; buried in Mack Cem. m. Chester, 6-1-1786, Sarah, dau. Elisha and Mary (Ellis) MACK, b. 7-6-1767; d. 7-10-1818. He m. 2nd, 12-20-1820, Mary, dau. Zechariah and Priscilla (Crampton) FIELD.
Oliver Blush was for many years the keeper of the tavern at Mid. Center, and his house was a favorite stopping place for travelers. Blush was a jovial man, a good story teller and a popular landlord.


Amasa Blush, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Skinner) Blush, was. b. 7-29-1766; d. Mid. 11-18. 1835 ; m. 2-3-1802, Nancy, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Clark) DURANT, b. abt. 1778; d. 10-15-1841. Amasa Blush was one of the founders of the manufacturing industries at Factory Village.
About 1800 he bought the fulling mill which Moses Herrick had built, and operated it many years. He built a sawmill on the west side of Factory Brook about 1805, and also a new clothing mill for finishing custom work. In 1815 he erected a new factory, which stood just north of the "leaning elm tree," a structure 36 by 80 feet and three stories high. The manufacture of satinet and similar products from coarse wool was carried on in this plant in which his sons, William D. and Oliver, succeeded him about 1830.


Amasa, b. 1-16-1803; d. 1-24-1828.
Oliver, b. 9-18-1806 (see Fam. 3).
William Durant, b. 2-3-1809 (see Fam. 6)
Nancy Adeline, b. 9-22-1811.
Julia Ann, b. 6-9-1814; m. 6-10-1834, Ira B. SAMPSON.


Oliver Blush, son of Amasa and Nancy (Durant) Blush, was b. Mid. 9-18-1806; d. Chester 1-20-1877; m. Harriet, dau. Capt. Joseph and Lovisa (Pease) SMITH, b. 4-29-1805; d. Chester 5-2-1882.
With his younger brother William he carried on the manufacture of satinet and doing custom work in cloth made of coarse wool, established by their father, Amasa Blush. After withdrawal of William Blush from the firm he ran the business alone for some years and after giving up the woolen business he had a grist mill in the old factory building built by his father. At one time he had a small store in a small building across the road from his home. This building as well as the factory was totally demolished by the flood of 1874, and neverf rebuilt.
He showed his interest in public institutions by presenting a large ornamental chandelier to the Congregational Church when it was repaired and decorated.


Jerome Pitkin, b. 6-19-1825 (see Fam. 4)
Nancy L., b. 1-1-1831; m. Andrew CROW, d. Mid.
Adeline, b. 2-5-1824; died young.
Martha Marie, b. 8-22-1835, m. Alexander WHIPPLE, carpenter, 11-17- 1852; d. Allston.
Amasa, b. 1829, m. Jerusha HURLBURT in 1852, d. at Mid. 5-31-1893.
Louise Adelaide, b. 10-18-1841; m. Dwight SHERMAN, farmer, 3-8-1859, d. Springfield.
Ellen Alice, b. 1844; m. Harrison F. SMITH, son of Samuel and Huldah Smith, painter, 2-21-1864. Lives in Springfield. (1920).
Mary Eliza, b. 3-6-2846; m. Francis W. TAYLOR, 10-10-1867.
Ida Carolyn, b. 6-26-1850; m. Trueman STEVENS of Norwalk, Conn., 11-22-1871, d. Westfield.


Jerome Pitkin Blush, son of Oliver and Harriet (Smith) Blush, b. Mid. 6-19-1825. Carried on manufacturing of woolen goods with his father, and was also a farmer. At one time he manufactured thread.
After the flood of 1874 he moved to Chester, where he died.
He married Angeline, dau. of Alanson LATHROP. She d. Springfield, 1-14-1898.


Julia Ann, b. 9-6-1851 at Mid. She m. 9-19-1871, Orville W. CROSS, son of William S. and Susan F. Cross.
Charles Jerome, b. 8-3-1854. (See Fam. 5)
Ella, married and lives in Westfield.
Ina, d. young.


Charles Jerome Blush, son of Jerome and Angeline (Lathrop) Blush, b. in Mid. 8-3-1854, m. at Mid. 1-20-1883, Kate Dwyer MORRISON, dau. of John and Eliza Morrison, d. Mid.


Arthur Roy, b. 12-4-1883, at Mid.
Mary Ophelia, b. 1-26-1885.
Julia Etta, 4-27-1887.
Lena Elizabeth, 4-18-1891.


William Durant Blush, son of Amasa and Nancy (Durant) Blush, was b. Mid. 2-3-1809, d. MId. 3-19-1879, m. 1st. 6-13-1833, Eliza Ann SENNETT of Blandford, b. 1810; d. 8-1-1844. m. 2nd, Lucy S. JOHNSON of Chester, b. 1825; d. 5-19-1947. m. 3rd, Harriet STONE of Chester, b. 1827; d. 6-26-1855. m. 4th Mary W., dau. Rufus PRENTICE of Worthington, b. Aug. 1831, d. 4-3-1894.
After leaving the woolen manufacturing business in his father's factory, and sharing the partnership with his brother, Oliver, for some years after his father's death, William D. Blush withdrew from the firm of O. Blush & Co. and by 1840 had built a three story woolen factory near the site now (1924) occupied by the sawmill of Fred Boyer, where he carried on business under the firm name of William Blush & Co.
About 1850 he rented his plant to Boise, Smith & Root who manufactured satinet until the factory was destroyed by fire in 1851. Mr. Blush never rebuilt his woolen factory but replaced it by a turning shop where he manufactured shafts, felloes and wooden wagon parts with considerable success until the plant was so seriously damaged by the flood of 1874 that the business was discontinued.
After this Mr. Blush retired to his excellent farm where he devoted himself to the raising of fine stock. A certain Alderney bull he once owned was a splended specimen equalled by few. Mr. Blush was a connoisseur of fine horses and the teams he drove were matters of pride to himself and to his neighbors.
He was interested in all progressive work in the town. He was active in politics but declined to hold office. He was noted for his kindliness to the common people and for his innate hospitality. He was a member of the Congregational Church and a liberal contributor. Members of his family prominent in the choir and other branches of church work.


Eliza Adeline, b. 5-22-1834; d. 6-3-1838.
Mary Elizabeth, b. 2-1-1836; d. 5-20-1838.
William Clark, b. 8-15-1838.
Lucy, b. 12-1-1843; d. 12-11-1843.
George, b. 12-22-1851; d. 2-22-1855.
Arthur, b. 12-5-1853. Was a merchant in Munson.
Harriet S., b. 6-25-1855; m. 11-25-1875, George K. BROWN of Windsor.
Emma, b. 4-24-1857 (see Fam. 7).
Edward Durant, b. 12-8-1860; m. 1st 10-1-1884, Belle S., dau of Wm. H. and Susan HARPER. He m. 2nd, 9-22-1892, Elizabeth T. NEWCOMB. He lived for many years on his father's farm in Blush Hollow. Child: Ethel May, b. 11-30-1895.
Agnes Ulin, b. 9-26-1862; m. 11-10-1885, Frank W. POMEROY, a merchant. They live in Evanston, Ill.
Martha Sampson, b. 3-28-1866 (See Fam. 8).


Emma Blush, dau. William D. and Mary W. (Prentice) Blush, was b. Mid. 4-24-1857; m. 10-25-1877, Fred B. HATHAWAY, a farmer. They moved to Suffield, Conn.


Agnes Blush, m. Arthur SENTER.
Margaret Elizabeth, m. Lloyd ZOSCHKE.


Martha Sampson Blush, dau. of William D. and Mary W. (Prentice) Blush, was b. Mid. 3-28-1866; m. Rev. Henry P. KLYVER of Syracuse, N.Y., 6-1-1892.


Faye Huntington.
Russell Henry, He was killed in the World War at Toul, France.
Eulin Pomeroy.
Mary Blush (deceased).
Francis Joyce.
Rachel Ellen.


Bolton, David. This man was one of the roving pioneers who stay but a short time in any one place sometimes making a clearing where he has squatted upon unoccupied territory, or perhaps buying lots in tracts newly opened to settlement and living there until he has disposed of them to permanent settlers, and then moving elsewhere.
Bolton belonged probably to one of the Scotch-Irish families of that name and is said, by Copeland, to have come to Murrayfield from Blandford. A David Bolton's name appears on a petition of inhabitants living west of Sheffield and Stockbridge in 1759 asking for grants of land and military protection from the Indians. Being apparently dissatisifed with the quantity or quality of land received, he departed and appeared as a squatter in Murrayfield where in 1762 he was permitted to draw lots with other settlers.
He was a voter in 1770 and a taxpayer in 1773. He served as a soldier in the Revolution.
In 1777 Bolton launched out into speculation in land, buying of Joseph Church several lots in Prescott's Grant. He built a home and settled on Lot 11, I Div. E. in Prescott's Grant, about a quarter of a mile west of the Center near where Taylor's barn used to stand. Bolton apparently tried to give a name to the region for in 1779 he gave his residence as "Shady Grove, Berkshire."
He signed the petition for incorporation in 1781 and was a charter member of the Cong. Church in 1783. Selling out to Erastus Ingham in 1784, he left town and may have been the Bolton who was living in Rensselaer County, N.Y. in 1790.


Booth, Simeon. (Caleb, William, Simeon, Robert), son of Caleb Booth b. in Windsor, Conn. Simeon Booth sold two parcels of land in East Windsor, Conn., 1730. He came to Mid. abt. 1789. Lived first near farm of Mr. Sweeney, later near Cranberry Lodge, perhaps at the old Bissell Phelps place.
In 1795 Elon Booth deeded to his father Simeon, the improvements on Lot 215 north, near the upper end of Ridgepole Road where stands the "Booth barn" so called. Cen. 1800.


Elizabeth, b. 9-13-1752.
Jemima, b. 4-22-1756.
Samuel, b. 6-4-1761.
Simeon, b. 9-30-1763.
Ashbell, b. ___, 1766.
Elam, b. 9-11-1769. Probably same as Elon, who m. Abigail BANGS in Montague, Mass. 4-14-1797. Two children died young.

Booth, Samuel, of Windsor, Conn., was warned to leave Mid. 6-20-1791.

Booth, Ephraim, of East Windsor bought land there in 1772 and sold it in 1794. He bought Lots No. 8 I and II Divs. W. P. G. 1794 of Abel West. Sold same to Phineas Perkins, and purchased land of him in Southwick at the same time.


Brown, Asa, of Hebron, Conn., m. Elizabeth DUNHAM May 1774. As early as 1778 he purchased Lots 4 and 13 III Div. Becket. His house stood on Lot 4 where there is a cellar hole west of the road to Harry Pease's farm, a short distance south of the dwelling until recently occupied (1924) by Frank Johnson. He signed Pet. Inc. 1781 Cong. Ch. 1784. Sold out to Elijah King. One Asa Brown was living in Worthington, Mass, in 1790.

Children, b. Mid.

Anna, b. 1-8-1780.
Jerusha, b. 1-26-1782.
Abigail, b. 4-14-1784.

Brown, Joseph. His name does not appear upon the census lists for Middlefield. In 1803 he bought of Charles Gilbert some 64 acres of land located in the south side of Lot. No. 135 Worthington. The Brown farm and house were located in what is now (1924) wild land just north of the Den region, and is south or southeast of where the Gilbert house used to stand. An old road runs north into that region and remains of these places may be found. This road was laid out in 1804.
Joseph Brown, d. 6-6-1813, ae. 80.
Abigail Brown, wid., d. 1-20-1816, ae. 84.
Olive, dau Samuel Brown, d. 4-7-1810 in 22nd year.

Brown, Jessie. He was in the S.E. School District 1803.
Mahala, ch. Jesse and Abigail, b. 9-5-1804.
Augustus, ch. Jesse and Abigail, b. 2-4-1806.


Bull, Seth, of Montgomery, Mass., purchased of David Carrier part of Lot 21 III Div. B. Tradition says his house stood where is a cellar hole some distance south of The Berkshire House.
His name was on Oliver Blush's ledger accounts 1798-1804. M. T. 1799.
Seth Bull m. Sally SELDEN 5-31-1798. He was in Montgomery 1796-1800. One deed of land in that town in 1800 gives Mid. as his residence. He was living in Peru according to the census of 1800.


Burgess, John. Was in Mid. 1797 when a child of his died M.T. 1799.


Bush, Edward, of Westfield purchased Lot 41, II Div. Mur. near Collins Hill. Cen. 1800.
Bush, Silas. Living on West Hill north of Benj. Eggleston Cen 1800. M.T. 1799. May have been the Silas Bush b. Westfield 3-1-1748, s. Zechariah and Mary Bush.


Butler, Joseph. Cen. 1790.

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