Edward Church Smith.
Menasha, Wis. Priv. print. 1924


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Samuel Taggart, of Hopkinton, bought land in Blandford in 1737. Probably related to James Taggart, the Scotch-Irish emigrant, who landed in Boston in 1718. His wife's name was Jane. In a law suit over title to property in Westfield 1765-70 the following children were mentioned:

Nathaniel, m. Jane HAMILTON.
James (See Fam. 1).
Susannah, m. George McMURRAY; she d. before 1768. Their children were David and Jane.


James Taggart. Moved from Blandford to Murrayfield about 1763, taking up land near the present (1924) Norwich Bridge, selling out in 1769, to take up Province land in the meadows of Factory Brook. The Prescotts to whom this land was granted sued Taggart but the latter was not dispossessed, and "Taggarts' Possessions" were excluded in the transfer of lots laid out by Josiah Arnold.
Taggart ws probably the first settler in Middlefield territory, as Factory Brook ws known as "Taggart's Brook," and the community on Prescott's Grant was called "Taggartstown." James Taggart seems to have died before 1792, as widow Taggart and James Jr. are mentioned in the list of pew-holders in the Mid. meetinghouse. They moved away the same year.

The following were probably James's children:

John Taggart (See Fam. 2).
Molly, m. in Wash. 1-7-1781, James McKNIGHT.
Benjamin, m. (int.) 4-30-1787, Mary, dau. of Gideon RUSSELL of Mid.


John Taggart came to Mid. territory with James Taggart. Was a soldier in Rev. War. His house was 160 r. southeast of house of Daniel S. Emmons (where Samuel Smith Jr. lived). With James Sr. and James Jr., he signed the Pet. Inc. and the remonstrance against calling of Rev. Mr. Thompson in 1785. He had moved to Partridgefield by 1790.
A Lucinda, dau. of John Taggart, d. in Wash. 5-14-1831, aged 31. John Taggart m. Sarah EGGLESTON, prob. dau. Bigot, in 1777. The Taggarts by the names of John Jr., Samuel, William and Nathaniel who were living in Washington in 1815 were probably his sons.


Joseph Talcott (Elizur, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, John), son of Elizur and Mary (King) Talcott, was b. prob. Enfield, Conn. 1752, d. 1826, m. Mary THOMAS, b. 1764, d. N. Madison, Ohio, 10-17-1837. After living in Dalton he came to Mid. where he was living in 1790. He was on the school committee for the East District in 1789, and was among the signers of the Baptist petition in 1790. He was for a time a partner in the firm of "Maj. Thomas, Rider and Talcott," which operated the grist mill at the head of Glendale Falls. He owned one-third of lot No. 131, Worthington, which he sold with one-third share in the mill to James Nooney in 1793, and moved to Dalton where he was living in 1800. He lived for a time at Housatonic Falls, before going to Conneaut, Ohio in 1816. From there he went to Bristol, Ohio, where he died.


Joseph, b. Dalton, 4-9-1777, d. Madison, Ohio, 1858, m. (int.) 5-171800, Rebecca, dau. Ezra and Rebecca WARREN of Windsor. They had 11 children.
Samuel, b. Dalton, 1785, d. Madison, Ohio, m. 1810 Hannah REED. 10 children.
Daniel, b. Mid. 6-6-1786, d. Madison, Ohio, 1843, m. Abigail STEARNS.
Dolly, b. Mid. 6-29-1791, m. Grindle RAWSON of Windsor. Went to Madison, Ohio. 9 children.
Betsey, b. Mid. 3-1-1794, m. Salmon SWETLAND of Bolton, Conn. Went to Bristol, Ohio. 5 children.


John Taylor, d. Mid. 7-16-1786, m. Sarah _____ who was b. about 1704, d. Mid. 8-14-1799. He appears to have come from Enfield or Windsor, Conn. to Murrayfield where he was a tax payer as early sa 1773. In 1779 that town voted a road "out to Landlord John Taylor's to Partridgefield," from which it appears that he kept a tavern in the extreme morthwest corner of the town, now (1924) the "Pease District" in Mid. He may have lived at or near the Blossom Tavern.
A John Taylor and his wife were admitted to the Murrayfield church in 1770, and John Taylor and Sarah Taylor were among the constituent members of the Mid. Cong. Church in 1783. He is said to have been a soldier in the Rev. War.
Ann Taylor, b. Bolton, Conn., was probably their dau. and doubtless the same Ann Taylor who m. Samuel JONES of Enfield, Conn. in 1767; d. Mid. 5-14-1788.

While considerable difficulty has been encoutered in tracing the ancestry of Samuel Taylor of Mid., and one author has connected the line with that of Samuel Taylor of Hadley (See History and Genealogies of Twinsburg, O. - Cross) we are not convinced concerning this relation, and believe the pedigree given below is the correct one.

Stephen Taylor, d. Sept. 1668, m. 1st 11-1-1642, Sarah HOSFORD; m. 2nd 10-25-1649, Elizabeth NEWEL, who d. 12-14-1717. Lived in Windsor, Conn.
Among their children were:

Stephen, b. 1644.
Samuel, b. 1647.
John, b. 1652 (See Fam. 1).


John Taylor, son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Newel) Taylor, was b. 3-22-1652, m. 1st 9-25-1682, Sarah YOUNGLOVE, who d. 6-17-1683, m. 2nd Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas SPENCER of Suffield, Conn.


John, b. 1687.
Nathan, b. Suffield, 1688.
Samuel, b. Windsor 4-11-1691 (See Fam. 2).


Samuel Taylor, son of John and Elizabeth (Spencer) Taylor, was b. 4-11-1691. It appears probable that he was the Samuel Taylor who d. 12-18-1774 in his 84th year and was buried in the cemetery in W. Springfield, and who m. 1-17-1716-17, Sarah, dau. John and Mercy BAGG, who d. 2-2-1776, in her 82d year.

Children b. Spfld.:

Sarah, b. 1717.
Samuel, b. 12-26-1718 (See Fam. 3).
Sarah, b. 1721.
John, b. 1724.
Nathaniel, bap. 1736.


Samuel Taylor, probably the son of Samuel and Sarah (Bagg) Taylor, was b. Sprigfield, 12-26-1718, d. Mid. 1-22-1798. m. 1st (int.) 4-19-1743 Sarah, dau. Samuel and Hannah (Hitchcock) STEBBINS, who was b. 11-8-1725, and d. within a few years after her marriage for he m. 2nd 5-25-1749, Martha LAMB, who d. Mid. 12-21-1803, in 79th or 81st year. They were both buried in the Mack cemetery.
Samuel Taylor became one of the first settlers of Pittsfield about 1747, being influential in obtaining the incorporation of that town. He was chosen collector at the first town meeting in 1753. About 1757 he moved to "Tattum" West Springfield, where he lived until 1771 when he sold out and bought two lots, Nos. 207 and 220, in the southwest corner of Worthington, where Middlefield Center now stands.
The story of the Taylor family's experience with the Indians has been related in the text. This event has been cited as the reason Taylor's removal to Mid. region where there were no Indians, but it must have occurred many years before the Worthington plantation was established. Taylor no doubt learned of the Worthington land through John Worthington and the other proprietors who were his fellow townsmen in Springfield, though he may possibly have passed through the region on his trips back and forth when a resident of Pittsfield. He appears to have settled on Lot 220, Worth. by 1773, building his house a short distance south of Blossom Corner on the east side of the cross road leading to the David Mack house. The barn which stood west of the road was a landmark for years and is remembered by the oldest inhabitants as the "Taylor barn."
David Mack boarded with Mr. Taylor while clearing his own farm in 1774. Taylor signed the Pet. Inc. in 1781. He was surveyor in Worthington, 1779.


Lucy, b. abt. 1747, d. Hartford, Vt. 4-5-1827, m. 11-19-1767, Shadrach NOBLE. They lived for awhile in Mid. south of Samuel Taylor's farm.
Elnathan, b. 8-19-1750 (See Fam. 4).
Lewis, b. 12-19-1751 (See Fam. 5).
William, b. 3-25-1753 (See Fam. 9).
Roxylana, b. Springfield, 11-5-1755, m. Mr. SAWYER.
Hulda, b. Springfield, 9-7-1757, m. Maj. MORSE. Lived in New Hampshire.
Daniel, b. 1-18-1759 (See Fam. 11).
Herman or Heman, b. 9-3-1761 (See Fam. 12).
Martha, b. Springfield, 4-21-1763.
Seville, b. Springfield, 1-16-1765, m. (int.) 8-8-1784, Joseph BLUSH Jr.
Samuel, b. Spg. 6-4-1769 (See Fam. 13).


Elnathan Taylor, son of Samuel and Martha (Lamb) Taylor, was b. Springfield 8-19-1750. m. 11-26-1777, Lydia _____ of Simsbury, Conn. In 1774 he bought of his father 60 acres on the west side of lot No. 207, Worth. just west of where the Mid. church stands. Later he acquired nearly the whole of the lot. He signed the Pet. Inc. 1781. He was appointed one of the hog reeves at the first town meeting in 1783. He was among those who signed the petition against calling Mr. Thompson as minister in 1785. About 1786 he moved away. He lived for some years in Royalton, Vt. He was a soldier in the Rev. War.

Children, b. Mid.:

Child, b. 1-5-1779, d. 1-5-1779.
Lydia, b. 2-9-1780.
Elnathan, b. 7-27-1781.
Elihu, b. 4-1-1783.
Miriam, b. 10-3-1785.


Lewis Taylor, son of Samuel and Martha (Lamb) Taylor, was b. Springfield, 12-19-1751, d. Mid. 4-27-1831. m. (int.) 6-6-1784 Mrs. Jemima FORD, widow of John Ford, of Mid. She was the dau. of Joseph and Phebe (Mack) CARY of Williamsburg, who d. Mid. 11-11-1845.
Lewis Taylor was a soldier in the Rev. War. At the close of the war he married and settled at the Ford place just north of Mid. Center. The house was a story and a half house painted red which stood till 1848. Hiram Taylor, grandson of Lewis, demolished it and rebuilt it into the dwelling he lived in, which is now (1924) the main part of the "Wayside Lodge." Lewis Taylor was a farmer and acquired several adjoining lots which he added to the original Ford farm, purchased of Elnathan Taylor. He was assigned to the Center School District in 1794, and served on the school committee in 1804.

Children b. Mid.:

George Washington, b. 7-9-1787, m. 12-1-1808, Azubah LEONARD. Lived in Mid. until 1829. Children , b. Mid.: Amanda, b. 11-7-1809; Harmony, b. 8-25-1812; Almon Milton, b. 5-28-1815; Augusta, b. 4-7-1818; Edwin Ruthven, b. 4-6-1822; Orson Trowbridge, b. 12-3-1824; Eunice Rosella, b. 1-18-1829.
Lewis, b. 4-25-1789 (See Fam. 6).
Worcester, b. 11-25-1793 (See Fam. 8).


Lewis Taylor, son of Lewis and Jemima (Cary) Taylor, was b. Mid. 4-25-1789, m. 5-30-1815, Jeanette, dau. Timothy and Jane (Brown) McELWAIN of Mid. He lived in Mid. till about 1829 when he moved to Becket where he died 1-23-1867.

Children, b. Mid.:

Laura, b. 4-16-1816.
Jonathan, b. 8-25-1820, m. Amanda BARNES.
Henry, b. 3-27-1822.
William Franklin, b. 1-9-1825 (See Fam. 7).
Jane Elizabeth Caroline, b. 1-3-1829.


William Franklin Taylor, son of Lewis and Jeanette (McElwain) Taylor, was b. Mid. 1-9-1825, d. Becket, 6-8-1893. m. 1848, Isabella D. AMES, b. Becket 1824, d. Becket 9-10-1905.
Among their children was:

George Taylor, b. Becket, 11-24-1861, d. there 11-19-1914, m. 5-4-1887, Minnie A. RAYMOND. Their dau. Ruby R. Taylor, b. Becket, 4-17-1895, m. 6-8-1918, Harold McElwain PEASE, son of Arthur and Lura (McElwain) Pease of Mid.


Worcester Taylor, son of Lewis and Jemima (Cary) Taylor, was b. Mid. 11-25-1793, d. Mid. 6-6-1827, m. Mid. 3-7-1816, Phebe, dau. Pain and Phebe (Graves) LOVELAND, who was b. Mid. 12-15-1798, d. Mid. 6-6-1884. He lived in Mid. carrying on his father's farm.

Children, b. Mid.:

Worcester, b. 1-14-1817, d. Becket 10-15-1893, m. Becket 11-5-1841, Eliza A. CLARK.
Hiram, b. 12-16-1818, d. Mid. 2-23-1896, m. Southampton 11-1-1888, Clara Ellen PORTER, b. Hatfield, d. 4-13-1920. He was a life long resident of Mid. and a prosperous farmer. He made a specialty of raising fat cattle. He lived at his father's farm and later at the house in the Center built by Dr. Warren. He was a prominent member of the Cong. Ch. where he was deacon for several years. He was prominent in local affairs, serving as selectman in 1869-1874 and in 1894. He was representative to the General Court in 1892.
Lewis Wilson, b. 12-19-1820, d. Lowell, 3-9-1885, m. Louisa HART, b. Kingwood, Eng. Lived in Lowell.
Phebe Caroline, b. 2-14-1823, d. 10-2-1824.
Royal, b. 1-19-1826, m. Hancock, N.Y. Lucy S. ELLISON, b. 9-12-1835. Lived at Fairbanks, Iowa.


William Taylor, son of Samuel and Martha (Lamb) Taylor, was b. Pontoosac (Pittsfield), 3-25-1753, d. Mid. 4-7-1827, m. Mid. (int.) 5-31-1784, Priscilla, dau. Malachi and Priscilla (Norkott) LOVELAND, who was b. March, 1760 , d. Mid. 925-1839. He came to Mid. with his father about 1773. In 1781 he purchased for his farm Lot 13, I Div. W. Prescott Grant, which is located on the West Hill just north of the south road to Becket. The house he built still (1924) stands and was until recently the dwelling of Mr. Bardin. It is one of the oldest houses in town. Taylor was one of the signers of the Pet. Inc. in 1781. He was on the school committee, 1792. He was a soldier in the Rev. War.

Children, b. Mid.:

Grata, b. 3-31-1792, d. Mid. 3-3-1851, m. Mid. 3-31-1813, Lyman LEALAND of Hinsdale. She lived in her last years with her brother Joel in Mid.
Dudley, b. 5-21-1793 (See Fam. 10).
William, b. 8-18-1794. He moved to Minnesota where he and his entire family with the exception of one daughter, were massacred by Indians.
Priscilla, b. 12-26-1795, m. (int.) 3-6-1825, Charles H. SEGAR of Becket.
Asa, b. 8-26-1797, m. (int.) 10-22-1820, Loviey HOSKINS of Wash. He lived at his father's farm but moved to Ohio between 1830 and 1840. Children, b. Mid.: Lyman, b. 10-21-1821; Henry, b. 11-3-1823, d. 9-4-1826; Hariot, b. 1-15-1827; Henry Pitt, b. 10-1-1829; Mary Jane, bap. 5-26-1833.
Roxana, b. 5-16-1799.
Joel, b. 2-21-1801, d. Mid. 12-29-1870, m. Mary, dau. William and Martha CISCO. He was for many years a teamster for the Church Bros. at Blush Hollow. Children: Martha Priscilla, b. 12-22-1832; Nancy Mariah, b. 7-26-1837; Harriet Lorana, b. 4-16-1840, m. Chas. NOBLE.
Ashley, b. 1-30-1804, m. Eunice PARTRIDGE and moved to New York state and later West. A descendant of his is Mrs. Jeanette Taylor Seelye of Abilene, Kansas.


Dudley Taylor, son of William and Priscilla (Loveland) Taylor, was b. Mid. 5-21-1793, m. (int.) 4-10-1814, Mary HAMILTON of Wash. He was living in Mid. as late as 1830 but moved to New York State. He was granted a letter of dismission from Cong. Ch. to the church in Walban, N.Y. in 1841.


Asenath, b. 3-23-1815.
Dudley, b. 12-13-1816.
Mary, b. 2-5-1819, d. Mid. 7-25-1835.
William, b. 2-19-1821.
Elvira, b. 9-27-1823.
Samuel, b. 8-29-1825.
Orpah, b. 1-31-1828.


Daniel Taylor, son of Samuel and Martha (Lamb) Taylor, was b. Springfield, 1-18-1759, d. Berlin, Vt. or Montpelier, in 1856, m. Dec. 1784 Ruhamah, dau. of Jabez and Mary (Sawyer) ELLIS. He was a soldier in the Rev. War. In 1783 he bought of his father land in lot 220, which lies east or southeast of the Fair Grounds in Mid. and is now (1924) owned by Mr. H.A. Youtz. He moved away from Mid. before 1790.
He was a Colonel in the War of 1812. He was one who enjoyed a "sporting life," was much interested in horse racing and even went to England where he was so successful in laying his bets that he came home to America with a pint cup full of gold which he had won. He lived in Vermont in later years.


Heman or Herman Taylor, son of Samuel and Martha (Lamb) Taylor, was b. Springfield, 9-8-1761, d. Mid. 12-31-1807. He was a soldier in the Rev. War. He apparently suffered from poor health and was unable to support himself. The burden fell upon Samuel Jr., who feeling that the town ought to look after its poor sued the town in 1796. The town granted him twenty dollars and costs for his account for supporting his brother when sick at his house. In order not to be caught again the town voted "that the selectmen take the prudentest steps to secure the town against costs, which they can arise from the slender circumstances of Mr. John Rhoads; if any property of his can be found, which they can safely secure for his maintenance, they are to take the same."
According to a family tradition Heman lived in Vermont where he died at the advanced age of 104.


Samuel Taylor, son of Samuel and Martha (Lamb) Taylor, was b. Springfield, 6-4-1769, d. Aurora, 4-10-1813, m. 5-28-1789, Sarah JAGGER of Becket, b. 5-21-1768, d. 1853. He came to Mid. as a child. A family tradition tells of his serving as a drummer boy in the Rev. War. He lived after his marriage at first near his father's farm east of the Fair Grounds, but later moved to a house a quarter of a mile west of the Center where David Bolton and Erastus Ingham had lived. He was set to the North School District in 1793.
In 1807 he moved to Aurora, Ohio, being one of 36 families reaching that place that year. The story goes that they were 45 days on the road from Massachusetts, going via Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, Pa.


Sally, b. Mid. 7-27-1791.
Samuel, b. Mid. 4-28-1793.
Rebecca, b. Mid. 2-11-1795.
Worthy, b. Mid. 1-10-1797.
Daughter, b. 6-5-1799, d. young.
Royal, b. Mid. 9-1-1801 (See Fam. 14).
Almira, b. 10-10-1803.
Marcus, b. 9-22-1805.
Melinda, b. Aurora, Ohio, 12-5-1808.
Elias P., b. Aurora, Ohio, 11-4-1813, d. 8-26-1816.


Royal Taylor, son of Samuel and Sarah (Jagger) Taylor, was b. Mid. 9-1-1801, d. Ravenna, Ohio, 11-20-1892. He m. 1st 3-29-1826, Rebecca SAUNDERS. he m. 2nd 3-28-1827, Sarah Ann RICHARDSON, m. 3rd 8-28-1866, Mrs. Annette (WATERMAN) HATCH.
As a boy he worked in the woods, brickyard, etc. to help support his mother and her family; at 16 he bought land in Solon and sold at a loss in 1820. Taught school, learned the printer's trade, studied law for two years.
Lived in Twinsburg and Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Helped form the Free Soil Party in 1848. He was a Republican. He was appointed by Gov. Todd to guard the intersts of soldiers' widows and orphans, handling over $2,000,000. He came to Ravenna in 1868.
Among his children is Mr. Daniel Richardson Taylor of Cleveland, Ohio, a prosperous Real Estate man, b. 1838. He is unmarried. His sister Ellen Estelle, is a teacher in a school in Cleveland.

David Taylor of Becket, in 1779 bought of David Bolton Lots 4 and 5 II Div. E. Prescott's Grant, and lived there until he sold the western halves of lots to Samuel Jones in 1782, and eastern halves to Gideon Russell in 1783. He signed the Pet Inc. 1781. Bought land in Springfield in 1783. Was not in Mid. in 1790.


Benjamin Thomas, of Stafford, Conn., who came to Mid. about 1783 was probably the Benjamin Thomas Jr. who m. Enfield, Conn. 5-14-1740, Elizabeth KING of Somers, Conn. She d. Mid. 11-15-1790 and he m. 2nd (int.) 7-1-1791, Joanna RHOADS. He lived near Glendale Falls and was the senior partner of the firm of "Benjamin Thomas & Co." which operated the grist mill at the head of the Falls in 1783. In 1787 the firm was called "Major Thomas, Rider and Talcott." He signed the Baptist petition in 1790. He had moved away by 1800.


Francis Thompson, a resident of Murrayfield, signed the Pet. Inc. in 1781.

John Thompson, of E. Windsor, was among the settlers of Murrayfield, who petitioned to have their land set off to form a new town in 1779. He was apparently located on Lot 40, II Div. Mur., somewhere in the Pease District. He was probably the John Thompson who d. Mur. "in fall 1779." His wife was named Mary. Had a son John Jr. and daus. Margaret and Mary. Mary m. Mr. GORDON.


David Tuttle, m. (int.) 9-10-1798, Polly FISK. He was living in Partridgefield in 1790 and Worth. in 1800, but had moved to the northeast part of Mid. by 1810. His name is on the minister tax list for 1799. Polly Tuttle joined Mid. Cong. Church by letter from Peru, 1810.


Lucy, b. 8-23-1799.
Ira, b. 10-27-1806.
Levi, bap. 9-22-1811.

John Tuttle, was one of the signers of the Pet. Inc. 1781. he lived near Tuttle Brook in the Smith Hollow region.


Vadrikin (or Vadican or Vaderkin), Henry of Enfield, Conn., m. Tabitha _____. In 1783 he bought part of lot 38, I Div. Chester of David Allen, and some more land near by in 1784. He was living in Chester in 1790 but was in Mid. in 1800 and 1810, somewhere near the County highway south of the Eames farm near the Chester line.


Henry, b. Enfield, 9-10-1783.
Philip, b. Chester, 5-25-1786.
John, b. Chester, 8-8-1790.
James, b. Chester, 4-9-1793.
Ephraim, b. Mid. 7-24-1803.


Elkanah Vining bought part of lot 52, V Div. Becket, with house of David and Russell West in 1797. The property appears to have been located on the old highway to Becket, west of Ford's Mill. Vining was living there in Mid. in 1800 but moved away within the next two or three years.

Elam Vining sold his land in East Windsor, Conn. in 1804. He was enumerated in Mid. census 1800. His two children were bap. 5-15-1803.

Alexander Vining's name was on minister tax list 1799. He was at one time large landholder in East Windsor, Conn.


John Ward may possibly have been a brother of David Ward of Worcester, who had a brother John, who moved to New York State. This man, from Enfield, Conn., m. Abigail, dau. of Noah PHELPS and sister of Obadiah Phelps, who lived in Mid. He and his brother Samuel served in the Rev. War as dispatch bearers. He was in Mid. as early as 1785, and was living in the region of Collins Hill. He moved away between 1796 and 1800 and was living in Partridgefield in 1800.

Children, b. Mid.:

John, b. 1-17-1784, m. Sally DUSENBURY.
Samuel, b. 5-12-1786, m. 1st Salome, dau. Timothy and Mary (Orton) LOOMIS, who d. 1857, Jordanville, N.Y., m. 2nd her sister, Persis (Loomis)Derthrick, who d. 1871, Alden, N.Y.
Abigail, b. 9-24-1788, d. 3-25-1813. m. Timothy, son of Timothy and Mary LOOMIS, who d. 1871, Syracuse, N.Y.
Noah Phelps, b. 4-27-1791.
Artemas, b. 3-25-1794.
George, b. 4-1-1796.
Polly, m. Joel LATHROP.

David Ward (Phineas, Daniel, Obadiah, Richard, William), son of Phineas and Eunice CUTTING of Worcester, was b. Worcester, 6-20-1762, d. Mid. 2-20-1829, m. ____ WATERS, who d. 4-26-1834. Lived in Worth. and Mid. Their children were William, Nahum, Polly, Emily, Sally, Eliza Almira.

Uriah Ward (Daniel, Obadiah, Richard, William), uncle of David and son of Daniel and Mary (Stone) Ward, was b. Worcester, 12-8-1745, d. 3-12-1813, m. 12-23-1767, Jemima HARRINGTON of Worcester, who d. Mid. 3-26-1807. Among their children was John, b. 12-3-1769.

John Ward, son of Uriah and Jemima (Harrington) Ward, was b. Worcester 12-3-1769, d. Mid. 1-26-1850, m. Spencer, Sarah, dau. Joseph and Sarah BIGELOW, who d. 1-14-1854, age 83. In 1796 he purchased lot 27, III Div. Becket, of Joseph Cary, and for a while lived in the log cabin built by Cary. Later he acquired the farm to the north owned by Benajoh Jones. Here stood the gambrel roofed house which sheltered the large Ward family, and was later the home of James Granger. Standing at the brow of the hill above the Alderman farm, overlooking the valley, of tghe Westfield, it commanded a magnificent view of the valley of the Westfield River and Mt. Gobble beyond.

Children, b. Mid.:

Betsey, b. 1-25-1794, m. Matthew SMITH.
Artemas, b. 4-19-1795, m. Sarepta SMITH, d. at Richmond, Ohio.
Lucy, b. 1-29-1797, d. 11-10-1799.
Sally, b. 11-20-1798, m. Jonathan BALDWIN of Atwater, Ohio. No children.
Maria, b. 4-13-1800, m. Josiah, son of Elisha and Sarah (Blossom) MACK.
Rebecca, b. 11-20-1802, m. Lyman HINMAN.
Lucy, b. 3-20-1805, m. 1st, Nial BENTLEY, m. 2nd Mr. MERRELL.
Minerva, b. 4-23-1807, m. 3-8-1830, Ebenezer WHIPPLE of Chester.
John, b. 9-26-1800, m. Phebe, dau. James and Nancy (Little) CHURCH.
Elmira, b. Mar. 20, 1812, d. 10-29-1834, m. Samuel ELDER of Farmington, Conn.

Thomas Ward, son of Samuel and Mary (Bickford) Ward, was b. Boston, 10-27-1766, d. Mid. 1-8-1861, m. 8-18-1794, Sarah, dau. Daniel and Thankful (Griffin) ALDERMAN, of Granby, Conn., who was b. 4-10-1774, d. Mid. 8-17-1861. He is said to have been a sea captian. Early in 1794 he purchased lot 204, Worth. and built the original house on the farm where Wesley Chipman now (1924) lives. He is described as a brusque, portly man, with a stentorian voice and looked every inch the sea captain he formerly was. He was for many years an ardent "Exhorter" in the local Methodist "Bethel" Society in the Den.

Children, b. Mid.:

Sarah, b. 11-2-1795, m. 3-30-1829, Alpheus PRENTICE.
Elenor, b. 10-20-1798.
Mary, b. 6-10-1801, m. (int.) 9-10-1820, Walter METCALF.
Orpha, b. 5-24-1804, d. 9-21-1805.
Thomas, b. 9-1-1805.
Bartholomew, b. 9-1-1810. He was for a time prominent in the Methodist church, where he was a class leader and familiarly known as "Thol" Ward. He was a strong Democrat, and was Postmaster in Mid. 1857-59 when Buchanan was President. He demolished the old house his father built on Ridgepole Road and built the house now (1924) occupied by the Chipman family. He married a Boston woman and moved to California.


Eliakim Wardwell (Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Thomas), son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Osborn) Wardwell, was b. Somers, Conn. 7-16-1749. He was a soldier in the Rev. War. He was undoubtedly the man of that name who settled in Mid. about 1786, as his neighbors were from Somers and Enfield with some of whom he participated in the insurgent acitivities incident to Shays' Rebellion. He served on the school committee in 1794. By trade he was a shoemaker and harnessmaker. He had moved away from town before 1810. Among their children were:

Dennis, m. 11-30-1797, Anne, dau. William and Susannah (Hungerford) CHURCH of Mid. Moved to Austinburg, Ohio. Children, b. Mid.: Lorin, b. 8-22-1798; Austin, b. 3-10-1800.
Electa, prob. dau. of Eliakim, b. 7-2-1771, d. 11-7-1810, m. Daniel ROOT of Mid.


Elias Wares, b. abt. 1754, d. Mid. 2-7-1819, m. 1st abt. 1784, Chloe _____ who d. 7-15-1802. m. 2nd 10-27-1802, Anna, dau. Ithamar and Asenah PELTON, b. 1770. She m. 2nd Rufus TINKER.
He was a soldier in the Rev. War. He came from Glastonbury, Conn. to Mid. as early as 1789. He appears to have lived near Blossom Corner. By 1880 he was living in Smith Hollow on the "Owl Lot," so called. In 1813 he bought the Russ Farm near the Robbins place. His wife was granted a letter of dismission from the Cong. Church to the church in Chester in 1822.


Asa, b. 2-11-1785.
Newman, b. 5-1-1787.
Elias, b. 5-9-1789.
Lucinda, b. 4-18-1792.
Russell, b. 9-3-1794.
Gaius, b. 10-25-1796.
Chloe, b. 7-11-1802.
Anna, b. 10-16-1805.
Elizer, b. 8-14-1807.
Ashley, b. 12-16-1809.


Miles Washburn (Ebenezer, Joseph, John, John), son of Ebenezer and Patience (Miles) Washburn, was b. prob. New Milford, Conn. 1-10-1730, d. Exeter, N.Y. 1833-4, over 103 years old. m. 10-30-1752, Sarah LYON. He was a blacksmith by trade. With a family of six he came to Murrayfield in 1769, when the town had a second boom, and there were twenty-one purchasers of lots besides himself. He sold his property in 1787, but "seems to have remained thereabouts until 1783-4. There is a family tradition that he lost most of his property in selling out."
The history of Mid. discloses that between 1778 and 1783 Washburn was a squatter on the West Hill on a portion of Prescott's Grant between the Ferris and Taylor farms where he improved and laid claim to 227 acres. He probably lived where ther is a large cellar hole 300 yards from the highway. He came into conflict with John Spencer who had purchased the land of Josiah Arnold, and was compelled to leave his improvements. He was enumerated at Saratoga, N.Y., near Exeter, in 1790.


Abraham, b. Kent, Conn. 12-20-1752, m. 1st Mary NORTHRUP of Lenox. m. 2nd, 3-16-1802, Mrs. Irene LELAND, m. 3rd Apr. 1806, Olive, dau. Rev. Eben WRIGHT. Was a soldier in Rev. War, where he learned the blacksmith trade. Lived in Partridgefield and Lenox. His name is on Pet Inc. 1782. He lived for awhile in Hinsdale. He and his brother Jacob, in 1784 bought lots 2 in I and II Div. Prescott's Grant, which they sold to John Coats the following year.
Hannah, b. 2-15-1756, m. 3-5-1783, Joseph WITTER of Wash.
Rachel, b. 6-30-1758.
Isaac, b. 3-11-1760, m. Sarah EGLESTONE. He signed Pet. Inc. 1781. He was a blacksmith in Lenox.
Jacob, b. 10-11-1762.
Ozias, b. 1765.
Sarah, b. 7-13-1767, m. Peter TUBBS in N.Y. State.
Miles, b. 3-14-1771.
Patience, b. 12-10-1775.


John West (John, Samuel, Francis), son of John nd Deborah West, was b. 3-12-1815, d. 1-31-1766, m. 6-16-1738, Rebecca ABEL of Lebanon, Conn. Lived in Lebanon, Tolland and Windham, Conn. Among their children were David (See Fam. 1) and Abel (See Fam. 2).


David West, son of John and Rebecca (Abel) West, was. b. 2-4-1744, drowned, Becket 7-3-1798, m. Bethia RANDALL, who d. 2-23-1812 in her 67th year. He was a solider in the Rev. War. He lived for a while in Vernon, Conn., but moved to Mid. in 1791, when he had a farm on lot 52, V Div. Becket, on the old Becket highway.


Russell, b. Bolton, Conn 7-25-1769, m. Betty, dau. Enoch and Bathsheba (Paddock) CROWELL of Mid. He lived for a while in Mid. at his father's farm. He lived for a while in Wash. Had an account with Oliver Blush 1799-1814.
Erastus, b. Bolton, 3-7-1772, Supposed to have moved to Warren, N.Y.
Persis, b. Bolton 11-10-1774, m. 7-11-1822, Cyrus CONE.
Horace, m. 1-20-1817, Jemima TORREY of Wilbraham. He was living in Mid. in 1820, on the road to Harry Pease's farm, where Asa Brown had lived, in 1783, but had moved away by 1825. His wife joined the Cong. Church by letter from Wilbraham, North Parish, in 1817. Children: David, b. 7-24-1818; Elijah, b. 7-25-1818; Marcus, b. 1-16-1822, m. 12-4-1845, Thankful S. DAVID of Becket; Mary, b. 1-16-1822.
Lloyd, bap. Bolton, 8-9-1789, m. 7-8-1817, Prudence DAMON. He lived for awhile in Mid., joining the Cong. Ch. 1818. He had left town by 1825.


Abel West, son of John and Rebecca (Abel) West, was b. 5-11-1747, d. 1-12-1836, m. Vernon, Conn. 4-21-1773, Hannah CHAPMAN. He impoverished himself purchasing supplies for the Patriot army in the Rev. War. He came to Mid. about 1792 and was assigned to Southwest School District in 1793. He sold lot 31, III Div. Becket to Wm. Church in 1793. He was granted a letter of dismission from Cong. Church to church in Wash. in 1797, where he was living in 1800.


John Chapman, d. young.
Abel, b. 11-26-1780, m. Matilda THOMPSON.
Rhoda, m. Charles COOLEY.
Almina, m. Wm. NICHOLS.
Elizabeth, m. Alva AMES.
Laura, m. Asa CONE.


Samuel Wheeler, of Preston, Conn. m. Rachel HERRICK. They had a son, William, b. 1-5-1765.

William Wheeler, son of Samuel and Rachel (Herrick) Wheeler, was b. Preston, Conn. 1-5-1765, d. Mid. 9-8-1826, m. Nov. 1791, Anne, dau. of Nathan Jr. and Hannah (Branch) LEONARD of Worth. he lived for a while in Worth. but moved to Mid. between 1802 and 1810, and lived on a farm just east of the Eli Crowell farm where Willis Graves now (1924) lives. The Wheeler place was later occupied by Dea. Moses Gamwell.


William, b. 3-18-1793 (See Fam. 1).
Nancy (baptized Anna), b. Worth. 3-18-1793, d. 4-9-1827, m. 5-6-1819, Eli, son of Jonathan and Hannah ELY.
Wealthy, b. Worth. 3-1-1795, d. Mid. 9-5-1872. She lived most of her life with her sister Lucy at the Ely place.
Lucy, b. Worth. 11-27-1796, d. Mid. 11-16-1874, m. 6-7-1832, Eli ELY.
Elbridge Gerry, b. Worth. 112-4-1802, d. Mid. 12-9-1893, m. 3-2-or 1-1830, Sarah Bristol SEYMORE, of Lanesboro. In company with Dr. Asa Newton and Mr. Milton Nash he began the study of medicine in the house of Dr. Joseph Warren at Mid. Center. He entered the medical profession and practiced in New York City, for awhile in partnership with Dr. James U. Church. He moved to Becket where he practiced for some years, finally retiring to Factory Villagve. He delivered an address upon the Mecial Profession at Mid. at the Centennial in 1883.
Nathan Warren, b. Mid. 4-5-1811. He was a bachelor and lived for many years at the old Wheeler place.


Willaim Wheeler, son of William and Anne (Leonard) Wheeler, was b. Worth. 3-18-1793, d. Mid. 11-24-1867, m. 12-11-1823, Roxanna BIRD, b. 1799, d. 11-6-1841. He lived after his marriage in the house previously occupied by John Green Williams, which stood where is a cellar hole and butternut tree just north of the dwelling of John Ferris on the road to Bancroft. In Nov. 1845, Wheeler demolished the old house and built the present (1924) house, now occupied by Mr. Ferris, where Orrin Wheeler lived for many years.


William Peletiah, b. Mid. 10-9-1824, d. Olyphant, Pa. 7-6-1861, m. Henrietta DEWEY. He was a skilful and up-to-date tailor. When a young man he moved to Olyphant, Pa. Children: Mary Emma, m. Seth S. WARNER of Florence, Mass.; William Henry, Lived in Scranton, Pa.
Nancy Roxana, b. Mid. 1-26-1827, d. 3-5-1911. Her entire life was spent in Mid. at the Wheeler homestead with her brother Orrin.
Orrin Rodolphus, b. Mid. 7-1-1829, d. 5-14-1907, m. 11-11-1856 Harriet Electa, dau. Daniel P. and Lois BURT of Southampton, who d. 11-30-1872, age 35. He was a lifelong resident of Mid. well known and highly respected. He was a faithful member of the Cong. Ch. Children: Elma Harriet, b. Mid. 7-26-1859, m. 1-27-1887, George F. GREEN of Westfield.
Myra Lois, b. Mid. 10-29-1862. She lived with her father for years in Mid. Was unm.

John Wheeler was living in Mid. at least as early as 1799, when his name appears on the minister tax list. He was located in the Den region, lot 130, where Joseph brown later lived, northeast of the Jesse Wright place. He was set to the Northeast School District in 1802. He was living in Mid. as late as 1804, but had moved away by 1810.


John White, m. Concord 11-26-1707, Prudence HAYWARD. He was killed by Indians at Brookfield 7-24-1710. He had a son b. 7-3-1708.

John White, son of John and Prudence (Hayward) White, was b. Concord, 7-3-1708, probably the Mr. White, "aged man," who d. Chester, "forepart of 1779." m. Brookfield, 6-20-1732, Thankful, dau. Philip and Judith GOSS, b. Brookfield, 12-13-1713, d. Chester 2-9-1780. They had a son, Elijah, b. 8-15-1750.

Elijah White, son of John and Thankful (Goss) White, was b. Brookfield 8-15-1750, d. Mid. 1-29-1827, m. abt. 1773, Beulah WALKER. He was a soldier in the Rev. War. He is probably the man of that name who was living in Murrayfield as early as 1774. By 1787 he had moved to Mid. where his farm was on lot 39, II Div. Chester. His house was probably somewhere east of the road near the house built by Samuel H. Little (where Elbert Pease and Mr. Dinsmore have lived in recent years), in which mr. White lived in his last years.


Joel, b. 12-25-1774.
Luther, b. 4-18-1779. Joined Mid. Cong. church in 1802, was granted letter of dismission to Swanton, Vt. 2-2-1806.
Elijah, b. 4-2-1781, prob. the Elijah White of Chester, who m. (1st) 6-16-1798, Jane WHITE of Shelburn.
Calvin, b. Mid. 12-26-1783.
Submit, b. Mid. 5-11-1786, m. 6-2-1814, Samuel H. LITTLE.
Beulah, b. 7-20-1789, m. 10-3-1821, Henry WARNER.
Achsah, b. Mid. 9-25-1791, d. 9-20-1820.
Henry, b. Mid. 3-18-1793, m. Sally. Lived in Hinsdale.

A John White united with the Cong. church in Mid. 1821 and was granted a letter of dismision 11-4-1825, to Augusta, and Smithfield, N.Y.


Aaron Whittemore (Jeremiah, Jeremiah, John, Daniel, Thomas), son of Jeremiah and Mary (Carter) Whittemore, was b. Spencer, 3-1-1762, d. Wash. 10-15-1832, m. Spencer (int.) 2-20-1790, Sally BAKER, who d. 1800. About 1800 he bought 100 acres of land in Mid. lot 6 in I and II Div. West, Prescott's Grant, a farm previously owned by Ebenezer Lealand, and containing several series of fine meadow land lying along Factory Brook. After some years he moved to Wash. and lived near the deep railroad cut there. His sister, Mary, b. Concord, 12-2-1752, m. 10-26, 1779, Nathan WRIGHT of Murrayfield. His sister Esther, b. Spencer, 12-28-1764, m. Wm. INGELL of Chester, 9-21-1813.


Amos, b. Spencer, 11-8-1793 (See Fam. 1).
Aaron, m. (int.) 10-26-1822 Lucintha OLDS. Was living in Mid in 1820. Moved to Fulton, N.Y.
Isaac, lived in Volney, N.Y.
Abigail, m. 4-6-1812, James CROSS of Mid. Lived on West Hill in Mid.
Mary, m. Almond BARNES.
Sally, m. Robert EAMES of Wash.


Amos Whittemore, son of Aaron and Sally (Baker) Whittemore, was b. Spencer 11-8-1793, d. Westfield, 1853, m. Clarissa, dau. John HAMILTON of Chester. Came to Mid. with his father but moved with him to Wash. and lived a short distance north of the Dea. Eames place. After his father's death he lived a few years in Hartford, Conn. About 1836 he purchased the farm in Mid. on Factory Brook where his father had lived, and dwelt there for the next decade. About 1846 he moved to Factory Village where he kept the "old boarding house" above Church's Upper Mill for a year or two. About 1848 he moved to Hartford. His last years were spent in Westfield.


Infant, d. 12-21-1822.
William Louis, b. Wash. May, 1824, d. Hartford, Conn. 11-25-1909. Was engaged in the brush manufacturing business.
Frank John, b. Wash. 1-15-1828, d. Toledo, Ohio, 1-27-1911. m. 1st Oct. 1851, Fallah, dau. Eli TERRY, who d. 4-26-1864, m. 2nd, Mrs. Elizabeth Lord Johnson of Terryville, who d. 1890, m. 3rd, Alice J. BLACKMAN of New Haven, Conn. Came to Mid. and lived on Meadow farm; attended school near the Sternalge house where Jno. McElwain, Amos Cross and Samuel Smith Jr. taught. Attended "the academy" taught by a Mr. Sears, at the old Center School. Attended Williston Seminary. Taught school at Factory Village in 1848. Was clerk for George Lyman at the Center. Studied medicine at Pittsfield in the same class with Dr. James U. Church. Studied in Springfield with Dr. Jefferson Church. Graduated at New York University 1851. Practiced medicine in New Haven and Terryville, Conn. for thirty years. In 1888 he moved to Clyde, Ohio, where he lived twenty-five years, where he had a large practice, specializing in chronic disease.


Abner Wing, of Hinsdale, m. 10-16-1816 Mehitabel, dau. of Solomon and Mary (Wright) INGHAM who was b. in Mid. 12-25-1793, she d. in Genesee, Wis. They lived in Mid. in the southwest part of the town until 1829.

Children, b. Mid.:

Mehitabel Cynthia, b. 9-17-1817.
Abner Griffin, b. 8-6-1819.
Adaline, b. 3-13-1821.
Uriah, b. 6-1-1824, d. 7-20-1824.
Elisha Cooley, b. 10-5-1828.

Zeri Wing, of Hinsdale, m. 5-15-1817 Tryphena, dau. of Solomon and Mary (Wright) INGHAM, who was b. in Mid. 3-12-1795. She d. 12-29-1851 in Hinsdale. Of their many children b. Hinsdale, Malina, b. 3-26-1823, m. 12-12-1848 Sherman GEER of Peru, she m. 2nd 1-24-1860 Dea. Amasa GRAVES of Mid. She m. 3rd Gordyce BATES of Worth., as his second wife. Her sister, Corinth, b. 11-27-1824, m. Gordyce BATES as his first wife.


William (or Williams), Prince, d. Mid. 1-6-1823, supposed to be 83 years old, m. Springfield (int.) Nancy GARDNER. His wife Abigail, d. Mid. 8-19-1824, aged 85. He was living in Wilbraham in 1790. He moved to Mid. between 1792 and 1794. He was one of the few negro residents of Mid. He lived in the region of Taylor's Pasture, not far from the Amos Cone place. Later he lived in a house just north of the Orrin Wheeler place where John Ferris now (1924) lives. He was assigned to the West School District in 1793. Among his large family of children were:

Rufus, who m. 3-23-1805, Susannah STARKWEATHE of Becket. Their child, Sally, was b. 5-20-1805, d. 8-20-1814.
John Green, m. 1-18-1816, Sally CARTER. He lived at the old Wheeler house in Factory Village Mid. where his father once lived. Children:

Rufus, b. 11-5-1816.
Stephen Lyman, b. 7-24-1815, d. 10-13-1830.
James Monroe, b. 11-7-1819.
Sophronia, b. 8-5-1821.
Lucy, b. 6-15-1823, d. 9-11-1830.
John Austen, b. 3-25-1825, d. 8-21-1826.


Artemas Wood, m. 12-10-1794, Betsy WOOD. He came to Mid. about 1794. He lived on the road from Blossom's Tavern to the old Cemetery, a short distance north of Mr. Sweeney's house, his farm being part of Lot 209 Worthington, and adjoining property. He sold his farm to Benjamin Pinney in 1797. He was living in town in 1800 but had moved away by 1810. He was a bricklayer by trade.

Children, b. Mid.:

Lyman, b. 7-11-1795.
Lorin, b. 1-25-1797.
Linda, b. 6-18-1799.
Lester, b. 9-11-1802.

James Woods, according to the census of 1790 was living in Mid. on Ridgepole Road, just north of Calvin Smith, and may have built the old house where the Gleason Family later lived, near the Cottrell farm. He had a family of four minor sons, and five girls and women. He had moved away by 1792.

Samuel Woods, probably belonged to the same family as James Woods, for he was living north of Calvin Smith in 1791. He and his wife joined the Cong. Ch. in 1795 by letter from the church in Worthington. He was selectman in 1792. His farm, which consisted of lots 213 and 200, Worthington, he sold to Isaac Gleason in 1796. He moved away before 1790. A child of his, d. 1792. A son, Billy, was bap. 1794.

Simeon Wood, m. 1-4-1798, Mrs. Rebecca FLINT of Becket, who d. 4-27-1840. He came to Mid. 1792 when he was assigned to Pew 2 in the meetinghouse. He made his home in Blush Hollow, a short distance south of Factory Village, building the original house on the farm later occupied by Hiram and Mary Leach. Mr. Wood was a diminuitive person, going by the title of "Doctor," which was probably given him because of his occupation of peddling essences. He moved away about 1840.

Children, b. Mid.:

Samuel Watkins, b. 11-15-1798.
Adam Lumbird, b. 11-27-1800. He was living in Mid. 1840.
William Wilman, b. 2-11-1803, d. 6-29-1827.
Lucina, b. 3-24-1805.
Margaret, b. 1-28-1807, d. 2-27-1808.
Charlotte, b. 3-9-1809.
Charles, b. 3-10-1809, d. 9-29-1813.
Edmund, b. 11-8-1811, d. 10-4-1812.
Charles Edmund, b. 5-2-1815, m. (int.) 9-6-1840, Mercy GOODRICH of Worthington. He joined the Mid. Cong. ch. in 1837.

Stephen Wood, m. 6-21-1795, Lydia, dau. Elisha and Mary (Ellis) MACK of Mid. He joined the Mid. Cong. Ch. in 1809 by letter from the church in Salem, N.Y. In 1800 he was living at the Elisha Mack place at the Combs farm. He moved to Painted Post, N.Y., being given a letter of dismission from the Cong. Ch. in 1816. A child adopted by Stephen Wood was bap. 8-27-1815.

Thomas Wood (or Woods) of Somers, Conn., d. Mid. 8-8-1822, m. Abigail, dau. Benjamin and Ruth (Horton) PHELPS of Mansfield and Somers Conn., and Westfield and Middlfield, Mass., b. 10-31-1748, d. 4-4-1838. He bought of Elijah Dix in 1786, Lot 211 Worthington, just north of the farm of Frank Chipman. In 1790 Wood was living at the Dix place, just east of the Skinner house where Lester Root used to live. By 1800 he had moved to a house a short distance north of the Ingham farm on Ridgepole Road. He may have been the father of some of the other residents by the name of Wood. Widow Wood used to knit stockings for some of the families of Mid. A dau, Lucinda, b. Somers, Conn. 7-6-1775, m. David PHELPS.


Jonathan Woodward (or Woodard) of Spencer, perhaps the one who m. 6-27-1799, Mrs. Rachel SKINNER, bought of David Hamilton of Chester in 1796, Lot 1, in II Div. E. Prescott's Grant, which he sold of John Dickson in 1801. This is the lot back of Robbins Hill where Henry Lamberton first lived and where Capt. Alexander Dickson lived before building his house on the road north from the Center.
He was living in Mid. in 1800. His wife d. 3-1-1830 at Windsor, Mass., age 62 or 63.

Among their children were:

Jonathan Jr., b. Windsor, 1801, m. Rachel, b. 1805 Windsor. Anna Mattoon. Had 4 ch. b. 1828-35.


Edward Wright, d. 5-18-1708. He came to Sudbury with his widowed mother, Dorothy. He m. 1-18-1659, Hannah, dau. Thomas AXTEL. He had a son, Edward.

Edward Wright, son of Edward and Hannah (Axtel) Wright, was b. 3-16-1677, m. Hannah _____. Lived in Framingham. They had a son Edward.

Edward Wright, son of Edward and Hannah Wright, was b. 3-10-1720-21, d. 12-26-1803, m. Tryphena HINES, who d. Nov. 1820, aged 95 and was buried in Mid. He settled in Spencer in 1753 and in 1770 moved to Murrayfield.


Jason, m. Elizabeth Bradshaw MUZZY.
Nathan, b. 1740 (See Fam. 1).
Bazaleel, b. 2-29-1752, m. 8-29-1776, Sarah WHITING of Waltham, m. 2nd, 11-28-1782, Eunice HAYWOOD of Holden. He was a soldier in Rev. War. "Dr. Zela," as he was familiarly known, was probably the first physician to practice in Mid. It is thought that he lived at or near John Taylor's Tavern. He was one of the counstituent members of the Con. Ch. 1783. He owned Lot 8, III Div. Becket, which he sold to David Mack in 1777. He left Mid. before 1790, and was living in Chester in 1800.
Jane, b. 5-27-1754.
Jude, b. 5-27-1754 (See Fam. 7).
Jonathan, b. 3-13-1756.
Anna, b. 2-23-1758.
Jesse, b. 2-28-1760, m. Mrs. Elizabeth STREATOR. He was a soldier in Rev. War.
Tryphena, b. 10-2-1761.
Mary, b. 5-21-1763, m. 1782, Solomon INGHAM of Mid.
Persis, b. 2-27-1765, m. John BIGELOW. Lived in Worcester, Spencer and in Chester (1800).
John, b. 1-7-1768.


Nathan Wright, son of Edward and Tryphena (Hines) Wright, was b. Spencer, 1749, d. Mid. 5-14-1816, m. 10-26-1779, Mary, dau. Jeremiah and Mary (Carter) WHITTEMORE of Spencer, who d. Mid. 12-31-1841. He was a soldier in Rev. War. He lived for a while in Spencer, then moved to Murrayfield, where he lived until about 1798 when he bought of James Nooney the farm on the meadows of Den Stream, first cultivated by the Rhoads family, and now (1924) known as "Glendale Farm," owned by his grandson Clark B. Wright. He joined the Methodist congregation in the region which worshipped at the Bethel meetinghouse.


Sally, b. 2-13-1782, m. 1-27-1802, Dan PEASE.
Polly, b. 4-8-1784, m. (int.) 10-7-1802, Job ROBBINS.
Nathan, b. 8-26-1786 (See Fam. 2).
Sybil, b. 10-6-1788, m. 3-9-1815, Thomas DURANT Jr.
Amos, b. 2-17-1791, d. 7-5-1810.
Jesse, b. 7-18-1793 (See Fam. 6).
Esther Whittemore, b. 12-26-1795, m. 5-18-1820, Milton JOHNSON.


Nathan Wright, son of Nathan and Mary (Whittemore) Wright, was b. Chester, 8-26-1786, d. Mid. 12-20-1875, m. 2-8-1816, Asenath, dau. Daniel and Olive (Ackley) CONE of Peru, b. 7-19-1795, d. Mid. 9-2-1879. He followed his father at the Glendale farm. He was active in the Methodist denomination in Mid. and assisted in building the Bethel meetinghouse.

Children, b. Mid.:

Nathan Almond, b. 2-27-1818, d. 9-11-1872, m. 4-12-1843, Adeline VANDEWATER. Moved to Prairie du Chien, Wis. between 1830 and 1840.
Amos, b. 12-5-1819, d. Athens, Pa. 5-20-1895, m. 2-14-1845, Sabrina MEEKER. Lived in Ithaca, N.Y.
Asenath Harriet, b. 12-12-1821, d. 3-5-1870, m. Reuben WASHBURN, a Methodist minister.
Mary Celemna, b. 9-20-1823, d. 2-5-1880, m. 5-20-1846, John M. CRANE of Washington.
Louisa, b. 3-23-1826, d. 9-12-1899 at Huntington, m. 11-25-1852, Lawrence SMITH. Lived in Mid. and Cummington.
Emory, b. 8-2-1828, murdered 1-21-1869. Lived in Prairie du Chien, Wis.
Charles, b. 12-8-1830 (See Fam. 3).
Fidelia, b. 12-30-1832, d. 8-9-1856, m. 5-25-1851, Isaac W. DOTEN.
Matilda, b. Dec. 1835, d. Mid. 6-21-1860.
Olin Fisk, b. 12-25-1839, d. 6-1-1860.
Clark Brainard, b. 7-20-1842 (See Fam. 5).


Charles Wright, son of Nathan and Asenath (Cone) Wright, was b. Mid. 12-8-1830, d. Mid. 9-20-1889, m. 11-9-1854, Sarah, dau. Matthew and Betsy (Ward) SMITH of Mid. who was b. 4-18-1830, d. Mid. 2-19-1916. He lived north of Mid. Center, where his son-in-law, G.E. Cook, now (1924) lives. He was selectman in 1880. He was a prominent member of the Baptist Church.

Children b. Mid.:

Elsie Adelaide, b. 8-19-1855, m. 5-8-1879, George W. COTTRELL. Lives in Mid.
William Smith, b. 6-13-1859. He is a merchant in Dalton.
Helen Maria, b. 2-9-1873 (See Fam. 4).


Helen Maria Wright, dau. Charles and Sarah (Smith) Wright, was b. Mid. 2-9-1873, m. 1-6-1898, George Edward, son of Angevine and Helen COOK, b. Sharon, Conn. 9-10-1873. Mr. Cook is one of the prominent farmers of Mid. Mrs. Cook has taught school in Mid. and is prominent in the Mid. Church. She was one of the first women in the state to be elected selectman of a town.

Children b. Mid.:

Florence Marion, b. 7-7-1899. She is now a teacher in the Junior High School, Bradford.
Charles Edward, b. 9-19-1901.
Grace Helen, b. 6-11-1904. She is a teacher in Middlefield, in the Smith Hollow district.
William Arthur, b. 8-2-1910.


Clark Brainard Wright, son of Nathan and Asenath (Cone) Wright, was b. Mid. 7-20-1842, m. 1st 3-1-1864 Ann D., dau. Sylvester and Louisa (Williams) PRENTICE, b. 2-6-1844, d. 10-8-1893. He m. 2nd 6-2-1896, Mrs. Mary J. (McELWAIN) BABSON.
He followed his father at the Glendale Farm which he has made one of the best farms in Mid. He has for many years made a specialty of raising fine stock, his Durham shorthorn bulls, of which "Glendale Duke" among others, is remembered as a magnificent specimen, always taking prizes at the annual Cattle Show of the Highland Agricultural Society.


Martha, b. 11-5-1899, d. 1-24-1900.


Jesse Wright, son of Nathan and Mary (Whittemore) Wright, was b. Chester, 7-18-1793, d. 5-21-1849, m. 5-29-1817, Dorothy SKINNER. He settled in the Den region of Mid. building a house since called the Howe place. He was active in the Methodist Society at the Bethel meetinghouse which was built across the road from his house.

Children b. Mid.:

Francis Ransome, b. 3-17-1818, drowned 9-24-1819.
Jesse Franklin, b. 12-29-1819, m. (int.) 8-30-1845, Mrs. Polly Foote SPENCER of Pittsfield. He lived on the same road leading from the Bethel church to the county highway to Chester, and later north of Mid. Center where Pastor Nash first lived.
Eliza Church, b. 2-6-1822, m. William FAY of Chester.
Julia, b. 12-22-1823, m. Amos CROSS of Becket.
Clarissa, b. 12-31-1826, d. Mid.
Nathan, b. 3-1-1829, m. Augusta J. WINCHELL, d. Mid.
George W., b. 4-9-1831, m. 1st Maria _____, m. 2nd Jennie HITCHCOCK. Lived in Chester.
Freeborn Goodsell (or Garretson), b. 7-17-1834, d. Springfield, 1916, m. 1st Jennie WILLIAMS, m. 2nd Mrs. Mira (FAY) DEXTER. Lived in Chester.
William Minagh, b. 3-1-1836, m. Alida PORTER. He was a soldier in Civil War, taken prisoner in Battle of Chickamauga, and later to Andersonville prison where he died.


Jude or Judah Wright, son of Edward and Tryphena (Hines) Wright, was b. Spencer 5-27-1754, d. Montgomery, 11-29-1834, m. (int.) 11-17-1781, Roxana, dau. Nathaniel and Tabitha (Kingsley) LOOMIS. He was a soldier in the Rev. War.
His name appears on the valuation lists for Murrayfield in 1782. In 1796 he purchased of Isaac Streator part of Lot 54 I Div. Murrayfield, located near the farm of W. Ovid Eames (1924). Wright was living in Mid. as late as 1810 but had moved away by 1820. He was granted a letter of dismission from the Cong. Ch. to the church in Peru, 5-24-1825.

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