Family Genealogies
Extracted From
A Historical Sketch of the Town of Hanover, Mass.
with Family Genealogies
by John S. Barry, Boston; 1853

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


In the following pages, we have endeavored to give notices of all the families at present settled in the town, so far as records could be obtained, with extended sketches of several of those early settled on its territory, and now widely scattered abroad, throughout the country. We do not claim that these notices are perfect or complete. Every one who has had any experience in such matters, knows the difficulty, and even the impossibility, of attaining to absolute perfection. The author expects some errors will be discovered, but he trusts none of great consequence. No pains have been spared to obtain reliable information; authentic records have been consulted wherever they could be found; and traditions have never been given as authority, without first endeavoring to verify them from different sources.

The author ventures to hope that a little indulgence ,will be extended to him, when the variety and multiplicity of details and dates here presented are considered. It may be that some of these sketches are not so extensive as the families themselves might desire. But all that has been learned of these families is published; and want of materials, not of inclination, is the reason why more has not been said. The author has endeavored to do as equal justice as possible to all whose names are presented. He has published as cheerfully minutes of one family as of another. And according to the interest the parties themselves have taken, and the fulness(sic) of the information they have furnished, will the sketches be found.

The brief memoirs of individuals scattered throughout this part, are such as have been obtained from letters, and the recollections of those who knew the persons alluded to; and it is believed they will be found to be courteous and respectful, at least. The names of all who have ever lived in the town are not entered. Some were but transient residents. Others, who had descendants for two or three generations, finally removed, and are settled in different places. To have recorded all of these, would have enlarged the size of the volume, but probably not its interest. Enough, however, is given here to satisfy reasonable minds. Liberal criticism will never be deprecated. A candid judgment is all that is asked.

Trusting that this part of the work will prove acceptable to those for whom it was prepared, and not lacking in value as a family memorial, and a contribution to the general fund of genealogical knowledge, it is sent forth, in the belief, that though not free from errors, it contains much that is correct, and perhaps as few inaccuracies as most books of the kind.


The plan adopted in the following pages, is simple, and will be easily understood by all familiar with genealogical tables. But for the information of such as have not this acquaintance, we deem it necessary to remark, that the figures which precede the names of individuals, denote their place in the series, and the figures which follow, point back to the place in the series where the paternal ancestor is to be found. For instance, in the first family, the Bailey's, we read, "21. Benjamin, s. Charles 14." The figure 21, denotes that this is the twenty-first family described; and the figure 14 refers back to the fourteenth family, in examining which we find that Benjamin was born Feb. 24, 1797. By observing this rule, it will be easy to trace any family back to the first ancestor.


The following table explains the meaning of most of the abbreviation used in this part.
  • ab. about.
  • Abn. Abington.
  • Adm. Administration:
  • ae. aged.
  • acc't. account.
  • acs. acres.
  • Am. Tr. Ass. American Tract Association.
  • A. M. Master of Arts.
  • Acad. Academy.
  • Asst. Assistant.
  • b. born.
  • bap. baptised.
  • betw. between.
  • Brigd'r. Bridgewater.
  • bro. brother.
  • B. U. Brown University.
  • Bosín. Boston.
  • Camb. Cambridge.
  • ch. children.
  • Ch. Church.
  • Chasn. Charlestown.
  • Co. Company.
  • Ct. Connecticut.
  • Col. Colony or Colonel.
  • Cong. Congregational.
  • Cont. Estab. Continental Establishment.
  • Cant'y. Canterbury.
  • Capt. Captam.
  • Clk. Clerk.
  • Const'n. Constitution.
  • Cal. California.
  • d. died.
  • das. daughters.
  • decsd. deceased.
  • descts. descendants.
  • Dux. Duxbury.
  • Dea. Deacon.
  • denom. denomination.
  • ea. each.
  • Eng. English.
  • Est. Estate.
  • fa. father.
  • freem. freeman.
  • grad. graduated.
  • gr. s. grandson.
  • gr. gr. s. great grandson.
  • gent. gentleman.
  • E. Hanover.
  • H. C. Harvard College.
  • Hm. Hingham.
  • Hn. Hanson.
  • Ham. Coll. Hamilton College.
  • husb. husband.
  • Inv'y. Inventory Ills. Illinois.
  • inf. infant.
  • Ky. Kentucky.
  • Letts. Letters.
  • m. married.
  • Me. Maine.
  • Mfd. Marshfield.
  • mos. months.
  • mfr. manufacture.
  • Matt't. Mattapoisett.
  • mo. mother.
  • Md. Maryland.
  • Meth. Methodist.
  • Misso. Missouri.
  • M. D. Physician.
  • Miss. Mississippi, Mass. Massachusetts.
  • memb. member.
  • N. H. New Hampshire.
  • N. Bed. New Bedford.
  • ord. ordained.
  • off. office.
  • p. page.
  • Pass. Passenger. Past. Pastor.
  • Pemb. Pembroke.
  • Plym'h. Plymouth.
  • prob. probably.
  • Prob. Rec. Probate Records.
  • Prov. Cong. Provincial Congress.
  • Philad. Philadelphia. Pa.
  • Pennsylvania.
  • Ports'h. Portsmouth.
  • pub. published.
  • Prov. Providence.
  • Rec. Records.
  • recom. recommended.
  • Rev'n. Revolution.
  • Rox'y. Roxbury.
  • R. I. Rhode Island.
  • Regt. Regiment.
  • Roch'r. Rochester.
  • Rep. Representative.
  • rec'd. received.
  • s. son.
  • Scit. Scituate.
  • Sen. Senior.
  • Sett. Settled.
  • Scot'd. Scotland.
  • Sab'h. Sabbath.
  • Supt. Superintendent.
  • Stud. Studied.
  • Theol. Theology.
  • unm. unmarried.
  • Va. Virginia.
  • w. wife.
  • Wat'n. Watertown.
  • Wey'h. Weymouth.
  • wid. widow.
  • whs. weeks.

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