Vital Records Of Berlin, Massachusetts
To The End Of The Year 1899

Collected And Compiled By Frances L. Eaton
Edited By Martha F. Duren
Published By Frances L. Eaton, Marlboro, Mass. 1935.

[transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger ]


The following records of births, marriages and deaths include all entries to be found in the books kept by the town clerks; in the church records; in the cemetery inscriptions; in private records found in family Bibles, etc.; in church admissions and dismissals also those for the years prior to 1784 found in the Berlin town clerks' books, being copies of the records from that portion of Bolton now a part of Berlin. No record of marriages were kept from 1821 to 1824.

The town records from 1854 to 1874 were badly faded on the original books and had been traced by the town clerk of a later period, presenting some difficulties to the compiler.

These records are printed in a condensed form in which every essential particular has been preserved. All duplication of the town clerks' record has been eliminated, but differences in entry and other explanatory matter appear in brackets. Parentheses are used when they occur in the original record; also to indicate the maiden name of a married woman, and to show variations in the spelling of a name in the same entry.

When places other than Berlin and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy. Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under the names of both parties. When both the marriage and intention of marriage are recorded, only the marriage record is printed. In all records the original spelling of names is followed, and the various forms of family names have been placed in one alphabetical arrangement.

Ball Hill, Carterville, Wheeler Hill, Sawyer Hill, New Worcester and Barnes Hill are sections of Berlin. Feltonville is now Hudson.


Mar. 16, 1784. Parts of Bolton and Marlborough established as the district of Berlin.

Feb. 8, 1791. Part of Lancaster annexed to the district of Berlin.

Feb. 15, 1806. Bounds between Berlin and Northborough established and part of each town annexed to the other town.

Feb. 6, 1812. The district of Berlin made the town of Berlin.

The population of Berlin at different periods was as follows:
  • 1790, 512
  • 1800, 590
  • 1810, 591
  • 1820, 625
  • 1830, 692
  • 1840, 763
  • 1850, 866
  • 1860, 1,106
  • 1870, 1,016
  • 1880, 977
  • 1890, 884
  • 1900, 1,003
  • 1910, 904
  • 1920, 868
  • 1930, 1,075

  • a.----age.
  • abt.----about.
  • adm .----admitted.
  • B.----Berlin.
  • b.----born
  • bef.----before.
  • bet.----between.
  • bp.----baptized.
  • bur.----buried.
  • Capt.----Captain.
  • Cem.----Cemetery.
  • C.R.1.----church record, Congregational Church.
  • C.R.2.----church record, Unitarian Church.
  • C.R.3.----church record, Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • ch.----child.
  • chn.----children.
  • Co.----county.
  • Col.----Colonel.
  • D.B.----deposition book in possession of town clerk.
  • d.----daughter; day; died.
  • Dea.----Deacon.
  • dec.----deceased.
  • dis.----dismissed.
  • Dist.----district.
  • dup.----duplicate entry.
  • Ed.----editor.
  • Ens.----Ensign.
  • grandd.----granddaughter.
  • grands.----grandson.
  • G.R.1.----gravestone record. Old Cemetery, Berlin Centre.
  • G.R.2.----gravestone record, New Cemetery, South Berlin. sometimes called Pleasant Street or Pine Nursery Cemetery.
  • G.R.3.--gravestone record, Wheeler Cemetery, North Berlin.
  • h.----husband; hour.
  • inf.----infant.
  • int.----intention of marriage.
  • jr.----junior.
  • Lt.----Lieutenant.
  • m.----married; month.
  • P.R.1.----Private record in possession of the clerk of the Berlin Congregational Church, being a partial copy of gravestone records of the Old Cemetery, transcribed by Rev. R. F. Walcutt.
  • P.R.2.----Church membership list and miscellaneous records in possession of the clerk of the Berlin Congregational Church.
  • P.R.3.----Manuscript records of the Wheeler Association in custody of Miss L. Ada Berry, Berlin.
  • P.R.4.----Bible record in possession of Miss Ethel M. Sawyer, Berlin.
  • P.R.5.----Bible record in possession of the Public Library, Berlin.
  • P.R.6.----Bible record in possession of Miss Edna Z. Guertin, Berlin.
  • P.R.7.----Bible record possession of Miss Ethel M. Sawyer, Berlin.
  • P.R.8.----Bible record in possession of Miss Ethel M. Sawyer, Berlin.
  • P.R.9.----Bible record in possession of Miss Eva B. Wheeler, Marlboro.
  • P.R.10.----Records from diary of Sarah (Stowe) Howe, communicated by Miss Lucinda Hartshorn of Berlin.
  • prob.----probably.
  • rec.----recorded.
  • rem.----removed.
  • res.----resided; residence.
  • Rev.----Revolutionary; Reverend.
  • s.----son.
  • Sch.----school.
  • sr.----senior.
  • unm.----unmarried.
  • w.----week; wife.
  • wid.----widow.
  • widr.----widower.
  • y.----year.

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