Vernon, Tolland Co., Ct, Vital Records To 1852

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

[Coder's Note:-- Please note that the records, except for the very last years, were not arranged in any sort of alphabetical or cronological order, but only by the type of record: Births, Marriages & Deaths. It will be necessary to browse all files in order to find individuals. I've attempted to bring family information together where possible, but it's doubtful that I didn't miss a few.]

THE TOWN OF VERNON was set off from the town of Bolton in October, 1808.

  • 1810; 827.
  • 1820; 966.
  • 1830; 1,164.
  • 1840; 1,430;
  • 1850; 2,900.
  • 1900; 8,483.

Vernon was in the Hebron Probate district until May, 1814; then in the Stafford district until June, 1826, and since in the Ellington district.

The Vernon vital records are in two volumes which also contain records of town meetings and other matters relating to town business. The copy of the vital records includes everything to the year 1852, at which time printed forms were adopted and the records kept in accordance therewith.

The First Congregational Church of Vernon was organized in 1762. Its records have been printed in the following volumes of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.

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