Vital Records Of Bolton To 1854
And Vernon To 1852,
Bolton (Conn.), Vernon (Conn.)
Presented In Devoted Memory Of
Hurlbut Barnes Cutting, Sr. By The Cutting Family

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

[Coder's Note:-- Please note that the records, except for the very last years, were not arranged in any sort of alphabetical or cronological order, but only by the type of record: Births, Marriages & Deaths. It will be necessary to browse all files in order to find individuals. Please see the text below the index links for original settlers, population & other information. ]

Town of Bolton.

In May 1718 and October 1719, the General Assembly passed acts "for regulating and settling a plantation on the mountain east of Hartford" which was "a tract of land, westward of Coventry and Tolland ". In October, 1720, it was given town privileges and named Bolton'. May, 1731, a patent was granted to the town which was recorded in "Connecticut Records for Pattents Deeds and Surveys of Land No. 4."

"To ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE to whom these presents shall come the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Connecticutt in New England in America sends Greeting-

"WHEREAS by Order of the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticutt that Tract of Land Lying in the County of Hartford and Bounded West on the Town of Hartford and on the Town of Windsor North on the Town of Windsor East on the Town of Coventry and Tolland and South on the Town of Hebron has been granted to Certain Persons Proprietors of said Land which appear upon Record and Whereas the General Assembly of the said Colony of Connecticutt att theire Sessions att Hartford on the 13th Day of May Anno Domini 1731 upon the Application of the said Grantees and Proprietors of said Lands for a Pattent of the same Resolved that the said Proprietors Should have a Pattent under the Seal of the Corporation Signed by his Honour the Governor and Secretary for the Granting Passing ouer and Confirming the said Tract of Land to them theire Heirs and Assignes forever Know Ye that We the said Governor & Company by Vertue of the Power and Authority Granted to us by our Late Soveraign Lord King Charles the second of Blessed Memory in and by his Majestys Letters Pattents under the Great Seal of England bearing Date the Three and Twentyth Day of April in the fourteenth year of his Reign and In Pursuance thereof for Divers Good causes and Considerations us hereunto Moving Have Given Granted and Confirmed and do by these Presents for ourselves and our Successours fully freely and Absolutely Give Grant Convey Enfeoffe and Confirm unto the Several Persons Inhabitants in the Colony Aforesaid here after named being the Grantees and Proprietors aforesaid that is to Say:
  • Roger Wolcott Esqr one fiftith part
  • Mr. John Talcott Two fiftith parts
  • Mr. Thomas Pitkin Two fiftith Parts and an half of a fiftith part
  • the Reverend Mr. Thomas White one fiftith part
  • Capt. John Bissell one fiftith part
  • Mr. Nathaniel Talcot one fiftith part
  • Nathaniel Allis one fiftith part
  • Samuel Bump one fiftith part
  • Cornelius Birge one fiftith part
  • John Church one fiftith part
  • John Clark one fiftith Part
  • Joseph Collyer one fiftith part
  • John Crowes Heirs the half of one fiftith Part
  • Daniel Dart one fiftith part
  • Ebenezer Dart one fiftith part
  • Daniel Dart Junior one fiftith Part
  • Mathew Dewolph one fiftith part
  • Stephen Johns one fiftith part
  • Hezekiah King one fiftith Part
  • the Heirs of Ensign Nathaniel Loomis Deceased Two fiftith Parts
  • James Loomis Two fiftith parts Charles Loomis one fiftith part
  • Jabez Loomis one fiftith Part
  • the Heirs of John Marshall Deceased one fiftith Part
  • Edward Rose one fiftith part
  • Abel Shaylor one fiftyth Part
  • Francis Smith one fiftieth part
  • Jonathan Strong one fiftyth part
  • Mr. Benjamin Talcott one fiftyth Part and the half of a fiftyth Part
  • Timothy Olcott one fiftyth part and the half of a fiftyth Part
  • Joel White one fiftyth Part Samuel Brown one fiftyth Par
  • t the Heirs of Mr. Caleb Stanly (Late Secretary) one fiftyth Part
  • Samuel Bartlett one fiftyth Part
  • Lievt Thomas Olcott one fiftyth part
  • Except the Homelott which belongs to Samuel Spencer Joseph Olmstead one fiftyth part Ephraim Tucker one fiftyth Part
  • Obadiah Dickingson one fiftyth part
  • Thomas Loomis one fiftyth Part
  • John Bishop one fiftyth part John Goodwin the One half of a fiftyth part
  • the Heirs of Jonathan Hubbard one fiftyth Part
  • Abel Shaylor in Liew of Samuel Raymond one fiftyth part
  • a Personage Lott of one hundred Acres Excepting only a Farm Containing Two hundred Acres belonging to the Heirs of Major Jonathan Bull
  • Also a farm Originally belonging to the Honourable John Talcott Esqr. containing one hundred and fifty Acres
  • and likewise one hundred Acres belonging to Mr. Samuel Woodbridge

To HAVE AND To HOLD all the said Tract of Land Use Occupye and Possess the Same Except only as before Excepted together with all and Singular the Rivers Waters Trees Woods brooks under Woods fishings fowlings huntings Mines Mineralls Quarries and Precious Stones within or upon the said Tract of Land being with all & Every of the rights Titles Profitts Priviledges and Appurtenances to the Above granted Premisses belonging or any Way Appertaining to them theire Heirs and Assignes forever and to their only proper Use Benefitt and behoof and to and for no other Use Intent or purpose Whatsoever in such Share part and Proportion Each with the Other According as is Annexed unto each of the several Persons names Aforementioned and the said Governor & Company for themselves and their Succesors by these presents Do Also Give and Grant unto the Proprietors aforenamed of the Tract of Land hereinbefore Granted theire Heirs and Assignes that the sd Tract of Land so Butted and Bounded as Aforesaid shall from Time to Time and forever att all Times hereafter be Deemed Reputed Denominated and be an Entire Town of it self and shall be called and known by the Name of Bolton and that the Aforesaid Proprietors & Inhabitants thereof shall and lawfully May from Time to time forever hereafter have Use Excercize and Enjoy all Such Rights Powers Priviledges Immunitys and Franchises in and among themselves as are Given Granted Allowed and Excercized to by and among the Proper Inhabitants of other Towns of this Colony According to Common Approved Custom and Observance and that the said Tract of Land and Premisses hereby Granted as Aforesaid and Appurtenances (Except as before Excepted) shall remaine continue and be unto the aforenamed Persons Proprietors aforesaid their Heirs and Assignes in the Proportion abovesaid forever a good Sure perfect Absolute and Indefeasible Estate of Inheritance in fee Simple to be holden of his Majesty his Heirs and Successors as of his Majestys Manour of East Greenwich in the County of Kent in the Kingdom of England in free and Common Soccage and not in Capite nor by Knights Service Yielding therefore and paying unto our Soveraign Lord King George his Heirs and Successors forever one fifth part of all Oar of Gold and Silver which from Time to Time and att All Times forever hereafter shall be theire gotten had or Obtained in Liew of all services Dutys and Demands Whatsoever.

"In Testimony Whereof the Public Seal of said Colony is hereunto Affixed and Signed by the Honourable the Governor and Secretary of said Colony Dated att Hartford the 28th Day of January in the Ninth Year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lord George the second of Great Brittain &c King Annoque Dom 1735-6..

J TALcorr Governour

Received September 29th 1743 and here Recorded

The Town of Vernon was set off from Bolton in October 1808.

  • 1756-766;
  • 1774-1001;
  • 1782-1981;
  • 1790-1,293;
  • 1800-1,452;
  • 1810-700;
  • 1820-731;
  • 1830-744;
  • 1840-739;
  • 1850-600;
  • 1900-457;

Bolton was a part of the Hartford Probate District until May 1782; from that date until May 1789, it was in the East Windsor district; in the Hebron district from 1789 to June 27, 1851 and since then in the Andover district.

The vital statistics of the town of Bolton to the year 1854 are contained in four volumes, the first of which is labeled "Bolton Town Records, Vol. I," and the second, "Third Book of Records." In these two are also records of town meetings, election of officers, ear-marks of cattle, and other statistics pertaining to the town's business, which do not come under the term of "Vital Statistics." Volume 1 has been treated with the Emery process and the pagination of the records as they now stand differs from the original page numbers. The new pagination has been followed in this copy. The volume entitled "Record of Marriages," the third in the series, has been copied entirely. The fourth of the series entitled "Record of Births and Deaths" contains also records of marriages and deaths as late as 1888, which do not come in chronological order. Careful search through the whole volume was made and only records, which come within the limits of this publication, have been copied.

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