Westerly, Washington Co., Rhode Island - Cemeteries

Excerpted from Westerly (Rhode Island) & Its Witnesses
For Two Hundred & Fifty Years
Rev. Frederic DENISON, A. M.

[Chapter XLVIII, pages 274 - 301.
The graveyards were visited, and the inscriptions copied, during the years 1867-8.
Only the stones of those 20 or older were copied and then only the names & dates.]

ALLEN GROUND: About thirty rods south of the post-road, and one third of a mile west of the residence of Sidney GAVITT, uninclosed, in the corner of a meadow, are the unlettered graves of Capt. Samuel ALLEN, his wife, and members of his family - about a dozen graves.

AUSTIN GROUND: A few rods northeast from the Lanphear Ground, across the path leading to the quarry on Cormorant Hill, in the pasture of J. THOMPSON, in an old orchard (now nearly gone), are perhaps twelve neglected, brier-wreathed graves, evidently very old, as the little head-stones of rubble have sunk deeply down. Here lie the remains of Jedediah AUSTIN, and probably others of this name.

BABCOCK GROUND: This is south of Mastuxet Brook, on the slope of the hill, east of the highway leading to Lottery Village. It is prehaps the largest, and it is i=one of the oldest of the ancient burial-places in the town.

BABCOCK GROUND (2): We thus designate a spot in the open pasture, about two hundred yards south of the residence of Mr. William Robinson FRAZIER, not far from the railroad.

  • Elder Elkany BABCOCK, died June 27, 1821, in his 84th year.
  • Esther (wife of Elder Elkany BABCOCK), died Oct 2, 1831, in her 92d year.

BARBER GROUND (1): This is found on the so-called Case CHAPMAN farm, now owned by P. S. PECKHAM, southeast of the farmhouse, on the south side of the shore road, in a meadow, uninclosed, and in a sadly neglected state.

  • Nathan BARBER, Esq., died June ,, 1816, in his 84th year.
  • Mrs. Thankful BARBER (wife of Nathan BARBER, Esq.), died June 21, 1806, age 74.
  • Mrs. Sally (wife of Maj. John BARBER), died July 5, 1810, in her 44th year.
  • Capt. Nathan BARBER, died Sept. 19, 1825, age 76.
  • Mary BARBER (wife of Capt. Nathan BARBER), died Jan 16, 1818, in her 60th year.
  • Nancy (dau. of Capt. Nathan & Mary BARBER), died Jan 9, 1818, age 22.

BARBER GROUND (2): This is found about forty rods east of the Back Road, about thirty rods south of Mr. Joshua BARBER's residence, uninclosed, in a meadow. Of the half-dozen graves, none are lettered. Here lie Hannah BARBER (wife of Benj. P. BARBER), who died Jan. 3, 1855, age 67; also Eliza BARBER (wife of Matthew S. BARBER), who died March, 1842, age 21; and others of the BARBER name; also, children of Thomas SISSON.

BILVEN GROUND (1): This is found about three eights of a mile north of the post-road, on the west side of the cross road that leads to Dorrville, by the road-side, on the land of Henry BLIVEN, Esq., without enclosure, in a meadow.

  • Maj. William BILVEN, died Jan 12, 1834, in his 89th year.
  • Eleanor (wife of Maj. Wm. BLIVEN) died Nov 5, 1823, in her 76th year.
  • Capt. Henry BLIVEN, died Feb 6, 1837, age 69
  • Nancy (widow of Capt. Henry BLIVEN), died Feb. 12, 1849, age 71
  • Capt. Edward R. BLIVEN (son of Capt. Henry & Nancy BLIVEN), was swept overboard and drowned in a gale of wind off Cape Horn, April 14, 1836, age 33.
  • Robert E. BLIVEN, died Aug. 18, 1822, age 24.
  • Charles (son of Henry & Nancy BLIVEN), died Aug 20, 1845, in his 27th year.
  • Capt. Francis BLIVEN, died Oct 22, 1836, age 31.
  • Albert BLIVEN (Capt. of the ship Republic, N.Y.), died in New Orleans, April 14, 1849, age 37.
  • Capt. Robert Avery BLIVEN, died at Jersey City, Oct 28, 1852, age 47.
  • Mary BLIVEN, died Jul 24, 1842, age 78.
  • Aby CRANDALL, d. Feb. 21, 1858, age 84.
  • Joseph L. BLIVEN, died Oct. 10, 1848, age 37.
  • Edward BLIVEN, d. May 20, 1841, age 54.
  • Phebe Anna (dau. of Bradford & Anna BLIVEN) died June 17, 1856, age 20.
  • Abby BROWN (daughter of Henry & Nancy BLIVEN), d. May 11, 1831, age 33 ys., 8 mo.
  • Here were buried the earlier owners of this farm. John BARKER & his wife; Peter BARKER & his wife; Edward BLIVEN, 1st, and his wife Elizabeth; Edward BLIVEN, 2d, & his wife Nancy. Edward BLIVEN, 3d, died on board the notorious prison-ship "Jersey."

BLIVEN GROUND (2): This in the eastern part of the town, on the lands of Samuel SAUNDERS, Sen., about forty rods southwest from the farm-house, in a pasture, and without an inclosure. Here lie the remains of persons of various names, but the tombstones are unlettered. We give the names of a few: Nathaniel, Ruth, Wells, & Charles FRAZIER. Also members of the BLIVEN family.

BRUMBLY GROUND: This is a secluded though inclosed spot, in a pasture now owned by Mr. James BABCOCK, a few hundred rods northeast from the SMITH Ground. It is now neglected, and rank briers and shrubs are growing over it.

  • William BRUMBLY, died Oct 21, 1775, age 54.
  • Elizabeth (widow of William BRUMBLY), died Sep 15, 1813, age 89.
  • Perry BRUMBLY, died Dec 13, 1849, age 91 ys., 1 mo.
  • Dorcas (wife of Perry BRUMBLY), died Feb. 21, 1842, age 84.
  • Elizabeth (wife of Arnold CRUMB), died Sept. 15, 1777, age 28.
  • William P. (son of Ellet & Lucy PENDLETON), died Sept. 6, 1848, age 22 ys., 9 mo.

CARR GROUND: A little north of the railroad, some four rods east of the high, perpendicular, unbroken front of Mr. John R. MACOMBER's bluff of ledges - being part of his quarry, - in the open pasture ground, in a state of sad neglect, are about thirty graves, with rubble head-stones and sunken mounds. No inscriptions reveal the names of the moldering generation here reposing. It was formerly regarded as the CARR Ground; but some of this family have been removed to River Bend Cemetery. It is thought that some of the VINCENT family also lie here; and the hill of bluff of ledges now yeilding to the quarryman's hammer, is still called Vincent Hill.

CHAMPLIN GROUND: This is found south of the shore road, on the old NOYES Farm, west of Mr. Sanford NOYE's residence, about eighty rods southwest from the school-house (No. 5), in a pasture, among rocks, and without inclosure, and much overgrown by bushes & briers.

  • Mr. William CHAMPLIN, died Oct. 17, 1798, age 67.
  • Mrs. Sarah CHAMPLIN (widow of Mr. William CHAMPLIN), died April 24, 1799, age 64.
  • Other neglected, uninscribed graves.

CHAPMAN GROUND (1): On the north border of BURDEN's Pond (or CHAPMAN's Pond), a little west of the residence of Charles P. CHAPMAN, between the railroad and the new highway, on a sandy knoll, from which the road-makers have largely drawn, are many ancient graves, without inclosure or care. While many have only rough headstones, one has an inscription:

  • Mr. Sumner CHAPMAN, died Dec 13, 1812, age 88.

CHAPMAN GROUND (2): On the land of G. W. COTTRELL, on the north side of the new road, by the road-side, inclosed by a fence, in a pasture.

  • Joseph CHAPMAN, died June 22, 1856, age 89.
  • Eunice (wife of Joseph CHAPMAN) died Feb 16, 1849, in her 72d year.
  • Elizabeth, (wife of Joseph CHAPMAN), died Jul 6, 1825, in her 54th year.
  • Abby S., (wife of John CHAPMAN), died March 28, 1849, age 56.
  • Several unlettered graves.

CHAPMAN GROUND (3): This lies on the Samuel CHAPMAN estate, on the west side of the pound road, about forty rods northwest from the CHAPMAN homestead, in a field, and without inclosure.

  • Samuel CHAPMAN (son of William), died June 30, 1838, age 72.
  • Frances (daughter of Samuel & Abby CHAPMAN), died Dec. 3, 1848, age 24.
  • The other half-dozen graves are unlettered. Here rest, beneath uninscribed stones, Plumb, Lois, John 1st, John CHAPMAN 2d, and others.

CHAPMAN GROUND (4): This is found on the Daniel CHAPMAN estate, on the west side of the pound road, by the road-side, about a quarter of a mile south of the new road leading from Westerly to Dorrville, and is inclosed by a fence.

  • George C. CHAPMAN, died Dec. 17, 1866, age 78.
  • Amy, (wife of George C. CHAPMAN) died Jan. 25, 1863, age 63 ys., 4 mo.
  • Esther STILLMAN, born Sept. 8, 1797, died Jun 29, 1866.
  • Nathaniel STILLMAN, born Jan 28, 1833, died July 18, 1865.
  • Russel STILLMAN, born Sept. 17, 1835, d. at Andersonville, Ga., Aug 20, 1864.

CHAPMAN GROUND (5): This is located on the top of the rocky, sandy ridge, in the rear of the farm-house on the north side of the shore road, on the old CHAPMAN farm, a few rods west of the drift-way that runs northward.

  • Israel CHAPMAN, died Oct. 29, 1852,age 82.
  • Mrs. Mary (wife of Mr. Israel CHAPMAN), died Nov. 4, 1810, age 32.
  • Sarah (wife of John CHAPMAN), died Aug 14, 1837, age 27.
  • Martha (wife of Thos. M. BROWN, and dau. of Israel & Mary CHAPMAN), died Sept. 27, 1840, in her 33d year.
  • Mary GAVITT (wife of Daniel L. GAVVIT and dau of Israel & Mary CHAPMAN), died March 24, 1838, age 27.
  • Otis P. CHAPMAN (son of Israel & Nancy CHAPMAN), died Sep 6, 1844, in his 25th year.
  • Capt. Joshua KINYON, died Jul 31, 1803, in his 64th year.
  • Mrs. Mary KINYON (relict of Capt. Joshua KINYON), d. Oct. 20, 1810, age 66.
  • Mrs. Abby AVERILL (consort of Mr. Javez AVERILL, and daughter of Joshua KINYON, Esq.), died Aug. 24, 1814, in her 26th year.

CHASE GROUND (1): This is a little below Westerly village, on the old LEWIS farm, afterwards the KENYON farm, in the stony pasture now owned by Charles PERRY, Esq., on the eastern slope of a very rocky knoll, on the east side of the highway leading to Lottery Village, and a short distance south of the LEWIS Ground. The ground is not inclosed, and the graves, about thirty in number, have only rude, unlettered stones. Here lie many of the CHASE family among whom is named Frederick CHASE, an excellent man. Here too are James BROWN and Mary BROWN, both of pious memory.

CHASE GROUND (2): This is on the north side of the post-road, about twenty rods east of the residence of Mr. Nathaniel J. L. CHASE, by the road-side, in a meadow, and not walled. The grave-stones are not yet uninscribed, but here lie.

  • Maxon CHASE, d. Feb. 24, 1861, age 83.
  • Polly CHASE (wife of Maxson CHASE), died Jan 11, 1863, age 76.

CHILDREN'S GROUND: A frew rods west of the old farm-house, norteast of White Rock Village, on land owned by the White Rock Company, is a yard containing the graves of a dozen children. No adults are buried here. There is only one stone with an inscription.

CHURCH-YARD: We thus designate the large, well-inclosed, sacred ground, by the side of the consecrated spot where stood the first Sabbatarian meeting-house in Westerly. The meeting-house stood at the east of this ground, where the foundations are yet seen. Within the present century, as the old ground was filling up, a new ground was opened a short distance to the east of the old, and which has already become numerously tenanted with silent sleepers. Although these grounds are now in Hopkinton, we shall copy somewhat fromthe monuments of the old church-yard, since here rest many of the important witnesses of Westerly. As the graves are vey numerous, we shall, as in other instances, omit the inscriptons relative to children and youth.

CHURCH-YARD inscriptions [Large file]

CITIZENS' GROUND: We thus designate a small burial-place, inclosed by a picket fence, on a knoll a few rods north of the residence of Mr. Aaron PIERCE, a little northeast from Stillmanville.

  • Mary Jane NEWMAN (daughter of the Rev. W. H. NEWMAN), died Nov. 7, 1840, age 21.
  • Samuel CLARK (of New York), age 69 yr. and 7 mo., died Feb 2, 1843.
  • Mrs. Phebe CLARK (wife of Samuel CALRK), died at Bedford, Brooklyn, Long Island, Nov. 23, 1863, age 83 ys., 7 mo.
  • Joseph A. SCHOFIELD, died April 23, 1855, in his 40th year.

CLARKE GROUND (1): This ancient burial-ground is on the left bank of the Paweatuck, on its curve, above the "Meeting-house Bridge," and a few rods east of the "Pound Road," uninclosed, in the edge of a grove, and sadly overgrown with bushes.

  • Joseph CLARKE, Jun., died June 5, 1719, age 49 ys., 2 mo.
  • Rev. Thomas CLARKE, died Nov. 26, 1767, in his 82d year.
  • Joshua CLARKE, Jun., was drowned Oct 17, 1768, in his 28th year.
  • Rev. Joshua CLARKE, died Mar. 8, 1793, in his 76th year.
  • Hannah CLARKE (relict of Rev. Joshua CLARKE),, died Nov. 4, 1808, in her 90th year.
  • Joseph CLARKE, Ewq., died May 6, 1795, age 66 ys., 7 mo.
  • Capt. Paul CLARKE, died Aug 22, 1806, in his 55th year.
  • Hannah CLARKE (relict of Paul CLARKE), died Nov 28, 1817, &c (letters covered by earth).
  • Harriet CLARKE (dau. of Arnold CLARK), died Nov 3, 1809, age 25.

[Several graves have only rough stones without inscriptions. Here, too, lie the remains of Rev. John MAXSON, the first male child born on the Island of Rhode Island. He was born in the spring of 1638; was ordained pastor of the Sabbatarian Church in Westerly in 1708, and died Dec 17, 1720, in the 83d year of his age. Since Dr. John CLARKE, the first settler of Newport, and his brother, Carew CLARKE, both died childless, their brother, Joseph CLARKE, who lieds here, alone perpetuated the worth name. It is to be lamented that no inscribed tombstone guards his remains. From what I can gather, I am of the opinion that here also lies the dust of Tobias SAUNDERS, one of the first settlers and magistrates of the town. Among the last persons, perhaps the very last, here buried, was an honored schoolmaster of the former century, Mr. Thomas SLAUTERY. His death occurred early in the present century.]

CLARKE GROUND (2): Southeast from the Rhodes Ground, in the adjoining field, and about five rods west from Potter Hill road, uninclosed, and distinguished only by rubble-stones, are about twenty-five graves. We are told that here lie the remains of persons bearing the came of CLARKE. In a former generation this ground was much larger that at present; the plow has invaded the sacred bounds.

CLARKE GROUND (3): This lies in the eastern portion of the town, on the land of Mr. Arnold SAUNDERS, near half-way betweenthe residence of Mr. Saunders and the residence of Mr. Thier J. CRANDALL, in a meadow. It is uninclosed, and thickly overgrown by wild plum brush. The head-stones are unlettered. Her lie, says reprot, the remains of Ichabod CLARK, and the remains of his father; alsot the remains of his wife Polly CLARK; also the remains of his son, Ichabod CLARK, and his wife, Mary CLARK.

CLARK GROUND (4): This burying-place is situated in the northern portion of the town, on the estate of Weeden CLARK, Esq., about twenty rods northwest of Mr. C's residence, in a meadow, and is without inclusure. Here are numberous graves, only a part of which have inscribed stones.

  • William CLARK, died March 25, 1822, age 72.
  • Eunice (wife of William CLARK), died March 16, 1823, age 75.
  • Amelia (wife of Col. Weeden CLARK), died Dec 23, 1830, age 32.
  • Hezekiah LANPHEAR, died May 31, 1855, age 73.
  • Deborah (wife of Hezekiah LANPHEAR), died Oct 22, 1836, age 50.
  • Barsheba (wife of Daniel BURDICK), died Feb. 14, 1819, in her 36th year.
  • Hannah (daughter of Daniel & Barsheba BURDICK), died Jan. 19, 1843, in her 29th year.
  • William Clark (son of Daniel & Barsheba BURDICK), died Dec. 4, 1840, in his 29th year.
  • Caroline (wife of William I. CORY), died Jan 4, 1844, in her 30th year.
  • Without inscribed stone: Dr. William Vincent, born March 31, 1729, died Jul 19, 1807.

COTTRELL GROUND: On the lands of the heirs of Mr. Russell COTTRELL, on the south side of the new road, in the road, near thirty rods east of the COTTRELL farm-house, inclosed by a fence, are about a dozen graves, all without inscriptions. Here lie the remains of Elias COTTRELL, and his wife, Phalley COTTRELL; Thankful COTTRELL, Gorton COTTRELL, and Fanny COTTRELL.

CORDNER GROUND: This lies on the land of Mr. Joseph HISCOX, in Dorrville, on the east of the street, and near the river bank, uninclosed, in the corner of a pasture. It has one lettered stone.

  • Ann (wife of Franklin H. CRUMB), died May 26, 1853 in her 21st year.

CRANDALL GROUND (1): This is found in the southeastern part of the town, about a fourth of a mile north of the post-raod, and the same distance south of Benj. YORK's residence, in a pasture, and is not inclosed. Here are nearly fifty graves, but none of them have lettered head-stones. Here was buries Arnold CRANDALL and others of the CRANDALL family.

CRANDALL GROUND (2): This is found about forty rods west of the Pound Road, and west of the old CRANDALL house (now the residence of Mr. Charles CRANDALL), and without and inclosure. None of the fifteen or twenty graves are lettered. Here lie the remains of John CRANDALL, 1st, and his two wifes; John CRANDALL, 2d, and his wife Anna; Esther, Lewis, Hannah, and Joshua CRANDALL; Lydia CRANDALL, wife of Charles; John CRANDALL, son of Charles.

CRANDALL GROUND (3): This lies on the eastern side of the town, on the farm of Thier J. CRANDALL, Esq., east of the farm-house and some rods east of the highway, inclosed with a fence, in a pasture.

  • James CRANDALL, 1st, died 1792, age 62.
  • Sarah (widow of James CRANDALL, 1st), died March 18, 1830, age 95.
  • Lucy (wife of Thier J. CRANDALL), died March 23, 1864, in her 70th year.
  • Johnathan R. NYE, died Jan. 7, 1856, age 46 ys., 6 m0, 6 ds.
  • Hannah (wife of Jonathan R. NYE), died April 14, 1855, age 44 ys., 5 mo. 9 ds.
  • Any NEY, died March 22, 1854, age 55.
  • Ebenezer RATHBUN, died Jan. 2, 1828, age 88.
  • Mary (wife of Ebenezer RATHBUR), died Jan 30, 1846, age 73.
  • Here are more than twenty graves without inscribed headstones.

DAVIS GROUND: This is in the southeastern part of the town, on the farm of Mr. Oliver DAVIS, by the side of the post-road, on the south side of the road, and is well inclosed by a wall. The graves are yet without inscribed stones. Here were buried:

  • Joshua CLARK, died Sept 3, 1866, age about 60
  • Hannah D. CLARK, died Sep 7, 1866, age 44

DENISON GROUND: On the lands of Burrell THOMPSON, Esq., south of his residence,east of Pawcatuck Rock, in the corner of a meadow, inclosed by a wall, and shaded by a few trees, are several ancient graves. The ground was first consecrated by the Denison family.

  • George DENISON (son of Capt. Geo. DENISON), died Dec 27m 1711, in his 59th year.
  • Marcy (wife of George DENISON), died Sept. 24, 1725, in her 67th year.
  • Mr. William CHAMPLIN, of Westerly, died Aug. 31, 1803, in his 52d year.
  • Margaret (widow of Wm. CHAMPLIN), died Sept. 28, 1830, age 68.
  • Numerous graves without inscriptions.

DIXON GROUND: The spot devoted to the sepulture of this family is a few rods southwest from the present DIXON mansion, and nortwest from the depot, and is inclosed by stone posts and iron rails.

  • Priscilla Denison DIXON (widow of the late William DIXON, Esq., of Plainfield, Conn., daughter of Doct. William DENISON, of Stonington, and grand-daughter of Nathan Fellows of Killingly), died in Westerly, R.I., Sept 24, 1842, in her 88th year.
  • The Hon. Nathan Fellows DIXON (son of the late William DIXON, Esq., of Plainfield, Conn.) He commenced the practice of Law in Westerly, in the year 1802. He was for seventeen successive years a member of the General Assembly of Rhode Island, and by that body was elected Senator to the Congress of the United States in October, 1838, and died in Washington, January 29th, 1842, in the 68th year of his age, while in the discharge of the duties of his office, and his remains were removed to his home for interment.
  • Elizabeth DIXON (widow of the late Hon. Nathan F. DIXON, and daughter of Capt. Amos PALMER), died March 30, 1859, in her 81st year.

DODGE GROUND: This is situated north of the post-road, by the side of the drift-way, on the land of the late Henry C. GRAVITT, some rods northeast from the house, on the east side of the highway, and well inclosed by a wall.

  • Deacon Oliver DODGE, died March 11, 1815, in his 89th year.
  • Mary (wife of Deacon Oliver DODGE), died Aug 18, 1790, in her 62nd year.
  • Also have a dozen unlettered graves.

This was once known as the WELLS Ground, but the bodies have been removed to River Bend Cemetery.

DUNN GROUND: This is on the farm of John K. DUNN, Esq., about three eights of a mile from Mr. D's residence on the east side of the north road, by the side of the highway, and inclosed. Here lie members of the DUNN family, though some of this name have of late been buried inthe River Bend Cemetery.

  • Mary Ann (wife of Henry R. GRAVITT, only dau. of John K. & Mary Ann DUNN), b. Oct 23, 1827, died Oct. 1, 1848.

DUNHAM GROUND: This lies about thirty rods east of the Back Road (leading from the post-road near the quary to the Lottery Road, near Pawcatuck Rock), and about forty rods northeast from the residence of Joshua BARBER, near the corner of a pasture and is uninclosed. Of the twenty graves, none have inscribed stones. Here lie a Mr. PERKINS and his wife, Mr. Peleg SISSON and his wife, Timothy SISSON, Abby (wife of Ichabod SISSON), Esther DUNHAM, Robert DUNHAM, Rosina SISSON, John SISSON, and Rebecca DUNHAM.

FOSTER GROUND: In the southwestern portion of the town, on the farm belonging to Mr. Edward F. VOST, west of the Watch Hill road, about thirty rods west of the farm0house, in a pasture, inclosed by a poor wall.

  • John FOSTER, died Nov 8, 1781, age 67.
  • Anna FOSTER, died Feb. 14, 1796, age 77
  • Catharine FOSTER, died Aug 22, 1786, in her 27th year.
  • Jonathan FOSTER, Jun., died Oct 10, 1781, age 36.
  • Sarah FOSTER (wife of Jonathan FOSTER, Jun.), died Oct 1775, age 30
  • George FOSTER d. Oct 2, 1837, age 82.
  • Thankful FOSTER (wife of George FOSTER), died Aug 15, 1830,age 81.
  • Israel CUDWORTH, died Dec 26, 1740, age 35.
  • In this ground lies the body of Joseph HALL, who was drowned near 1821, in the winter, not far from Burying Place Point, just below Lottery Village. Mr. HALL was near 30 years of age.

FRAZIER GROUND: This is on the farm of Mr. William Robinson FRAZIER, and near fifty rods northwest of his residence, a little north of the railroad, inclosed in the corner of a field, and in plain view from the railroad bridge.

  • Elizabeth B. (wife of William R. FRAZIER), died Nov. 29, 1856, age 46 ys., 10 mo., 23 ds.
  • Charles H. (son of William R. & Elizabeth B. FRAZIER), died Oct. 11, 1854, age 26 ys., 3 mo., 20 ds.
  • Horace S. (son of William R. & Elizabeth B. FRAZIER), drowned near Watch Hill, Aug. 18, 1848, age 17 ys., 9 mo., 10 ds.
  • John TEFFT, died Feb. 4, 1852, age 89.
  • Rebecca (wife of Peleg TEFFT), died Jun 2, 1843, age 56.
  • Jarus FRINK, died April 12, 1843, age 88.
  • Mary (widow of Jarus FRINK), died Nov. 17, 1854, age 88.
  • Mary (widow of Charles BARKER), died Feb. 19, 1843, in her 78th year.
  • Samuel P. LAWTON, died Jun 29, 1845, age 44 ys., 2 mo.
  • Other graves are unlettered.

FREEBODY GROUND: This is a sadly neglected burying ground, on the farm of Oliver DAVIS, Ewq., in the southeast corner of the town, some eighty rods southeast of Mr. D's residence, in a pasture, near a grove. It is without inclosure and only one stone gives evidence of having been inscribe.

  • Nathan BABCOCK (son of Capt. Nathan BABCOCK), ____.
  • One of the other graves contains the remains of Andrew FREEBODY, who with his sister Sally, owned the farm now possessed by Mr. DAVIS.

FRIENDS' GROUND: By this name, rather than that of any family, is recognized the burying-ground situated on the old post-road leading to Charlestown, on the north side of the road, a little east of the site of the WILCOX Dhurch, near the late residence of Ephraim GAVITT, Esq. It is substantially inclosed by a wall, and furnished with gates. Most of the graves being those of Quakers, are without inscribed headstones, though here lie the remains of persons of eminent worth. Six persons, not Quakers, have inscribed marbles.

  • Thos. HOXSIE, died June 24, 1832, age 77.
  • Mary (relict of Thomas HOXSIE), died March 16, 1834, age 75.
  • Hazard HOXSIE (son of Thos. HOXSIE, Esq.), died Dec 30, 1827, age 45
  • Jude TAYLOR, d. Dec. 10, 1847, age 94.
  • Abigail (wife of Jude TAYLOR), died Feb 22, 1844, age 90.
  • Fanny (dau. of Jude & Abigail TAYLOR), died April 30, 1860, age 70 ys., 7 mo., 9 ds.

In this ground lie the remains of the two famous Quaker preachers, Peter DAVIS, Sen., & Peter DAVIS, Jr., of whom mention is made in the religius history of the town. Here were buried Thomas PERRY, who died March 26, 1826, age 49; and his wife, Elizabeth (F.) PERRY, who died Dec 23, 1856, age 68; also, Sarah PERRY, who died June 16, 1854, age 73; also, the wife of Charles PERRY, Temperance (F.) PERRY, who died Nov. 27, 1861, age 32; also, John FOSTER, who died Nov. 3, 1863, age 70.

GRAVITT GROUND (1): This is found on the north of the post-road, and west of the residence of the late Joseph GAVITT, 2d, in a meadow owned by the heirs of Mr. G., and without an inclosure. Here are perhaps ten graves. Here lie the remains of Joseph GAVITT, 2d, and his children, Rhoda, Oliver, Everett & Lydia A. GAVITT.

GAVITT GROUND (2): This is situated on the top of a knoll or hillock, by the side of the post-road, on the north side of the road, nearly southwest from the residence of the late Joseph GAVITT, 2d, and is protected by a stone wall. It contains three or four unlettered graves, and one with an inscription.

  • Benjamin GAVITT, died Feb. 18, 1849, age 75.

GAVITT GROUND (3): This is located on the land of the late Henry C. GAVITT, north of the post-road, and north of Mr. G.'s residence, on the west side of the driftway, on the side of the hill, and is inclosed. Two graves are apparent, one with an inscription.

  • Henry C. GAVITT, died August 21, 1852, age 55.

GAVITT GROUND (4): This is situated east of the post-road, southeasterly from the summit of Quarry Hill, on the farm of, and about thirty rods northwest from the residence of Dea. Thomas B. KENYON, inclosed, in a meadow. Here are at least sixteen graves, only a few of which have lettered slabs. Here lies Dea. Ezekiel GAVIT, 1st, and doubtless his wife also.

  • Dea. Ezekiel GAVIT, Jr., died Sept. 12, 1825, age 85.
  • Phebe (wife of Dea. Ezekiel GAVIT, Jr.), died Jun 7, 1836, aged 88.
  • Hannah (dau. of Ezekiel & Phebe GAVIT), died Feb. 7, 1826, age 57.

GREEN GROUND: This is found in the easter part of the town, about half a mile north of the drift-way leading from the York residence to the house of the late Henry C. GAVITT, on the old Rathbun GREEN farm, now owned by Mr. Benjamin W. BENTLEY, on the north side of the pasture, on the hill-side. It is inclosed by a wall, but the head-stones are without inscriptions. Here lie Rathbun GREEN, his wife Esther GREEN, and his daughter Martha GREEN, and others.

HALL GROUND (1): This is located in the northern portion of the town, about two hundred rods northwest from the residence of the late Elisha SAUNDERS, and about the same distance east of the residence of William BURDICK, Esq., on the side hill sloping west, in a pasture, and without inclosure. Here are fifty unlettered graves. Here lie the remains of Isaac HALL; Thomas HALL, a revolutionary soldier; Thier VARS, age 84, and his wife, Molly VARS; also Isaac VARS, age 88, and his two wives, one of whom was named Waity.

HALL GROUND (2): This lies a short way above the post-road, on the south side of the drift-way, about one hundred rods west of the residence of Joseph T. SAUNDERS, on land belonging to Clinton LANPHERE, on a little knoll in a meadow, and is uninclosed. Here are about twenty graves, only one of which has an inscribed stone.

  • Polly HALL, died Oct 27, 1851, in her 74th year.

Here lie Theodore HALL, Isaac HALL, Abby HALL, Mary HALL, Anna HALL, Sally (HALL) GREENE, Isaac VARS, and wife Rebecca; Thier VARS (age 85), and wife Molly (age about 80); Isaac VARS (died 1821, age 87), and wives Elizabeth & Waity. [sic - names are the same as in Hall Ground (1)]

HALL GROUND (3): This is located in Lottery Village, on the lands of Capt. Jesse W. HALL, in the corner of a small meadow, east of the Baptist Church, and is inclosed with a picket fence.

  • Lyman HALL, died Aug. 17, 1854, age 61 ys., 11 mo.
  • Abby (wife of Lyman HALL), died Feb. 26, 1864, age 72 ys., 5 mo., 14 ds.
  • Lydia W., (wife of Hazard W. BURDICK), died Oct 25, 1844, age 29.
  • Here also are small graves.

HARDY GROUND: On the west margin of Burden's Pond, aboaut two hundred yards southwest from the VOSE Ground on the Town Farm, is a cluster of graves reputed to belong to a family of HARDYs. About twelve are apparent by the mounds and the little headstones.

HAZARD GROUND: This is found in the eastern portion of the town, about thirty rods east of the drift-way leading towards Dorrville from the post-road, on the farm now owned by Mr. Benjamin HAZARD, a little southwest from the farm-house, in a field, and inclosed. The few graves are without inscriptions.

  • Benjamin HAZARD, died Jul 12, 1849, age 85 ys., 4 mo.
  • Martha HAZARD (wife of Benjamin), died May 15, 1856, age 83, wanting 5 ds.

HISCOX GROUND (1): This is in the village of Dorrville, between the KNOWLES Ground and the CORDNER Ground, east of the street, in a field, and is without inclosure. It contains two small graves.

HISCOX GROUND (2): In the north part of the town, on the land of Truman BURDICK, on the north side of the drift-way, near the river, in a pasture, uninclosed and overgrown by vines and bushes. A large number of graves are unlettered.

  • Mr. Stephen SAUNDERS, born Aug. 3, 1722, died Jan. 11, 1777.
  • Clark HISCOX, died Feb. 8, 1842, age 82.
  • Sarah (wife of Clark HISCOX), died Nov 18, 1841, age 83.
  • Mary Ann (dau. of John & Mary HISCOX), died July 24, 1841, age 22 ys., 8 mo., 2 ds.

Also, three children of John & Mary. Also, an infant son of Joseph & Martha HISCOX.

INDIAN BURIAL GROUNDS: Eleven Indian burial grounds in the Westerly area.

KNOWLES GROUND: This lies in the village of Dorrville, a few rods north of the residence of Amos C. WEEDEN, Esq., on the west side of the street, in the corner of a meadow, inclosed by a wall.

  • Joseph M. KNOWLES, born May 11, 1774, died Jan. 1, 1848.
  • Dorcas (wife of Joseph M. KNOWLES), died Sept. 12, 1861, age 83.
  • Anna (daughter of Joseph M. & DOrcas KNOWLES), d. May 4, 1861, age 53.
  • Sarah MUMFORD, born May 5, 1753, died April 27, 1835.
  • Several graves have no inscriptions.

LANPHEAR GROUND (1): This little burial-place lies about one hundred rods north of River Bend Cemetery, uninclosed, in a meadow. Only one grave appears.

LANPHEAR GROUND (2): West of the Boom Bridge road, about forty rods north of the residence of Thomas SALT, and on lands of Truman LANPHEAR, is a yard inclosed with a picket fence, which contains a score or more of graves.

  • Joseph CRANDALL, died Feb. 6, 1837, age 64 ys., 9 mo.
  • Nancy (wife of Joseph CRANDALL), died Sept. 26, 1860, age 85 ys., 10 mo., 14 ds.
  • Sophy A. (wife of Perry LANPHEAR), died JAn. 28, 1852, age 26 ys., 5 mo.

LANPHEAR GROUND (3): This is located on the pasture land on Hon. N. F. DIXON, on the southwest slope of Cormorant Hill, about midway between the residence of Rev. A. B. BURDICK and Lanphear Hollow, and within view from the Potter Hill road.

  • Capt. Clark LANPHEAR, died Feb. 11, 1865, age 77 ys., 5 mo., 15 ds.
  • Wealthy (wife of Capt. Clark LANPHEAR), died Nov. 24, 1822, age 30.
  • Keturah (wife of Capt. Clark LANPHEAR), cied Sept. 1, 1865, age 59 ys., 11 mo., 22 ds.
  • Capt. David LANPHEAR, died Sept. 21, 1861, age 35.
  • Thomas M. LANPHEAR, diedApril 13, 1866, age 49 ys., 9 mo., 16 ds.
  • Childe of Capt. Clark & Wealthy LANPHEAR.
  • _____ WEALTHY, died Jan, 1839, age 85.
  • Here are about forty uninclosed and uninscribed graves; some of them are very anciet, and contain the ashes of once conspicuous citizens.

LARKIN GROUND: In the northern portion of the town, west of Dorrville, north of the railroad, on the farm of Hon. N. F. DIXON (formerly the LARKIN farm), about fifty rods north of the farmhouse, inclosed by a rail fence in a meadow, are about fifteen uninscribed graves. Here rest members of the LARKIN family.

LEWIS GROUND (1): This is a large unfenced spot, in the southeast corner of a field now owned by George D. CROSS, Esq., on the east side of the highway leading to Lottery Village, just below the village of Westerly, and in front of the house of Thomas E. SAUNDERS. The land once belonged to the LEWIS family and afterwards to Arnold KENYON. It is said that seven generations of the LEWISes, beginning with John LEWIS, are here buried; but their tombstones are unlettered. John LEWIS was one of the first settlers in the town.

Here rests the body of George KENYON, born Sept. 28, 1714, died about 1796; also the remains of his wife, Anna (LEWIS) KENYON, born Nov. 27, 1716, died in her 90th year. Here, too, were buried Mary LEWIS, wife of Joseph LEWIS, born in 1688, died Nov. 27, 1762.

Joseph BARBER, quite aged, died near 1835. Samuel BROWN, and his wife Amy BROWN, both aged, and both died near 1840. Also, David BROWN, buried near 1810, with great Masonic ceremonies.

  • Arnold KENYON, died Nov. 20, 1834, age 77.
  • Sally (wife of Arnold KENYON), died June 15, 1832, aged 70.
  • William C. (son of Arnold & Sally KENYON), died Aprl 2, 1832, aged 25.
  • Elnathan C. BROWN, died Jan. 27, 1829, age 32.

LEWIS GROUND (2): On the crest of a gravel hill, south of the house of Pardon LEWIS, is the burying-ground of this name. The location is a pleasant one, but the ground has been neglected. No fence inclsoes it, and no head-stones mark the spot where repose some of the progenitors of this family. It contains perhaps a dozen graves.

NOYES GROUND: This is located on the old NOYES farm, on a high knoll, a number of rods north of the shore road, in a pasture, and is well inclosed by a wall.

  • Col. Joseph NOYES, died March 13, 1802, age 75.
  • Barbara (relict of Col. Joseph NOYES), died Sept. 7, 1814, age 80
  • Col. Thomas NOYES, died Sept. 19, 1819, age 75. "An officer in the Revolutionary army, and 21 years in the General Assembly."
  • Mrs. Lydia NOYES (wife of Col. Thomas NOYES), died Nov. 15, 1798, age 39.
  • Sanford NOYES, died Aug. 8, 1843, age 82. "A soldier of the Revolution."
  • Martha (wife of Sanford NOYES), died Sept. 5, 1860, aged 79.
  • Doct. James NOYES, died Nov 6, 1856, in his 89th year.
  • Elizabeth NOYES, died Sept. 13, 1845, age 75.
  • Some graves are without inscriptions.

NYE GROUND: This lies some ten rods west of the cross road, between the post-road and Dorrville, near where the pound road begins, a few rods northeast from the residence of Mr. Samuel Russel NYE, in the corner of an orchard, well cared for, though not inclosed.

  • Sarah (wife of Samuel NYE, and dau. of Joseph & Lydia SAUNDERS), died Oct 18, 1857, age 79.
  • Frances (dau. of Samuel & Sarah NYE), died April 4, 1865, in her 59th year.
  • Eliza (wife of Samuel R. NYE, and daughter of Maxson & Mary CHASE), died July 25, 1853, age 44.
  • Samuel R. M. (son of Samuel R. & Eliza NYE) died Oct. 3, 1860, age 22.

PARK GROUND: This is on the north side of the post-road, by the side of the high-way, a few rods east of the residence of Christopher RATHBUN, near where the shore road enters the post-road.

  • The Rev. Joseph PARK, died March 1, 1777, in his 72d year, and the 45th year of his ministry.
  • Abigail (the wife of the Rev. Joseph PARK), died Oct 19, 1772, in her 68th year.
  • Sanford GAVIT, died April 27, 1833, age 73.
  • Sanford GAVITT, died Aug. 3, 1852, in his 50th year.

I am told that here lie the remains of Edwin D. GAVITT, of the Fourth Rhode Island Regiment, who was wounded at Newburn, N. C., and died in a hospital in New York. Near a dozen graves are without inscribed stone.

PECKHAM GROUND (1): This if found in the northeastern part of the town, on the farm of Samuel PECKHAM, Esq., about thirty rods east of the farm-house, on a knoll, inclosed by a fence, in a pasture. Though without lettered stones, here lie Daniel B. BECKHAM, and his wife, Olive PECKHAM, and thier children.

PECKHAM GROUND (2): This lies in the northeastern portion of the town, on the road leading into Charlestown, on the east side of the road, on the farm of the heirs of Daniel J. PECKHAM, inclosed by a wall.

  • Daniel J. PECKHAM, died June 29, 1866, age 53.
  • Margaret S. (wife of Daniel J. PECKHAM), died Feb. 5, 1854, in her 43d year.
  • James PECKHAM, died Dec. 5, 1846, age 70.
  • Charlotte (wife of James PECKHAM), died Feb. 5, 1849, in her 68th year.
  • Nancy (dau. of James & Charlotte PECKHAM), died July 2, 1847, age 47.
  • Martha (wife of Robert B. PECKHAM), died Jul 23, 1854, age 48.
  • Orrin H. (son of Charles D. & Mary A. PECKHAM), d. April 23, 1862. age 20.
  • Several graves are uninscribed.

PECKHAM GROUND (3): This may be found in the northeastern part of the town, east of the highway, about forty rods west of the residence of Mr. Aziel LARKIN, on Mr. L's land, in a meadow, inclosed by wall and fence. Here were buried Peleg PECKHAM, Lydia PECKHAM, Rowland PECKHAM, Polly PECKHAM, Elizabeth PECKHAM, & Thos. PECKHAM.

  • Elisha D. BURDICK, died Sept. 18, 1858, age 34 yrs., 4 mo., 29 ds.
  • Martha (wife of Elisha D. BURDICK), d. Dec. 18,1 863, age 40 ys., 9 mo., 12 ds.

PENDLETON GROUND (1): This is found on the lands of William R. CHAPMAN, Esq., on the point of land running into the Pawcatuck, south of Lottery Village, and called Graves's Neck. Here lie the first generations of the PENDLETON family, but without inscribed tombstones. The remains of some of the former generations, however, appear to have been removed to toher grounds. The spot is inclosed by a wall, but the wall is in a state of neglect.

  • Capt. Ephraim PENDLETON, died Jan. 2, 1780, age 32.
  • Capt. John BENDLETON, died March 31, 1812, in his 77th year.
  • Sarah (wife of John PENDLETON), died Feb. 21, 1829, age 85.
  • Mrs. Mercy BABCOCK (wife of Silas BABCOCK), died Sept. 23, 1819, age 55.
  • Nancy (wife of Briten J. CLARKE), died Nov. 11, 1839, age 28 ys., 9 mo., 7 ds.
  • Numerous graves, large & small, are marked by rough, unlettered stones.

Here are buried, says report, Edmund PENDLETON (son of James, the father of the Westerly PENDLETONs), and his son William (who died near 1784), and William's sons, Benjamin (who died near 1826), and Ephraim; also Lois (wife of Benjamin). Capt. James PENDLETON, the first of that family name, came to Westerly prior to 1669.

PENDLETON GROUND (2): This is an inclosed spot a few rods northeast of Mr. A. PIERCE's residence, near the Citizens' Ground. Here lie the remains of Simeon PENDLETON, died about 1819, age 84; and his wife, Mercy PENDLETON, died within a week of her husband, age 79. Both were esteemed members of the Hill Church. The graves of the SMITHs have been removed to Elm Grove Cemetery.

Here also rests, beneath rude, unlettered stones, a long-remembered slave woman and faithful servant, Philis JUMBO, whod died at the good age of about one hundred years.

  • Abiel SHERMAN, died Aug. 17, 1811, age 32.
  • Lucy SHERMAN (wife of Abiel SHERMAN), died Jan. 7, 1811, age 27.

RATHBUN GROUND (1): This lies about one fourth of a mile east of the cross road from the post-road to Dorrville, on the old Samuel CHAMPLIN farm (now owned by Case CHAPMAN), on the west side of a maple swamp, in a pasture, and is uninclosed. Here are about thirty graves with unlettered stones. This ground contains the graves of Anna, Paul, Mercy, & Thomas RATHBUN, and others of the RATHBUN family.

RATHBUN GROUND (2): This may be found on a rough ridge, about five or six rods north of the post-road, a little west of F. BLIVEN's residence, on the old James ROSS estate. It is uninclosed and much neglected.

  • Job W. RATHBUN, died March 22, 1855, in his 71st year.
  • Thankfull (widow of Job W. RATHBUN), died April 17, 1864, age 77.
  • James ROSS, died Dec. 18, 1803, age 61.
  • Esther (wife of James ROSS), died Aug. 2, 1835, age 82.
  • Mary (daughter of Dea. Joseph & Sarah GAVITT), died May 29, 1858, in her 59th year.
  • Some fifteen graves are without inscribed stones.

RAY GROUND: This belongs to a colored family of excellent repute, and is located between the post and shore roads, near three fourths of a mile south of the residence of Mr. Nathan CHASE, on the old RAY estate, near thirty rods southwest of the RAY house. It contains the remains of Thomas RAY and his wife Sarah, and their son Gideon, and others. Thomas lived to be very aged, and saw four generations of his descendants. His grandson, Rev. Charles RAY, has been for many year an able Methodist minister in New York. Gideon RAY was drowned at the beach of Worden's Pond. The family was highly esteemed throughout town. We might here add, that the mother of Thomas RAY came from Guinea, and was landed on Block Island from the famous ship "Palatine." Falling into the hands of Col. Ray SANDS, of Block Island, she obtained the name of RAY, which was accepted by her children. The name of the locality of the Ray family, in this town, was commonly called Guinea Hollow, in honor of the country of the mother of the family.

RHODES GROUND: This is familiar to the public eye, being about twenty rods west of the Potter Hill road, on the farm of Joshua THOMPSON, Esq., now improved by Wm. P. TAYLOR, in the field southwest of the farm-house, in part only inclosed by a picket fence.

  • Gen. William RHODES, died Aug. 16, 1835, age 82.
  • Mrs. Sarah (wife of Gen. Wm. RHODES, and dau. of Col. Christopher CHAMPLIN, late of Charlestown), died Feb 26, 1817, in her 58th year.
  • Col. James RHODES, died Jun 21, 1806, in his 76th year.
  • Mrs. Martha RHODES (relict of Col. James RHODES), d. March 30, 1809, age 80.
  • Mrs. Abigail (wife of Col. James RHODES), died Dec. 17, 1799, age 59.
  • Mr. Paul RHODES, died Jan. 21, 1817, in his 50th year.
  • Christopher RHODES, died in the city of New York, March 25, 1825, age 45 ys., 8 mo., 2 ds.
  • Joshua C. (son of Wm. & Sarah RHODES), died July 22, 1830, in his 40th year.
  • Benjamin CLARKE, died April 29, 1804, in his 55th year.
  • Outside of the inclusure are about fifteen graves marked only by uninscribed rubble-stones. These contain some slaves and some poor people.

RIVER BEND CEMETERY: This is the only proper cemetery in the township. It is beautifully situated, on the left band of the Pawcatuck, a little more than a mile south of the village of Westerly. The grounds embrace about eighteen acres, artistically laid out and tastefully ornamented. Since the dedication of the cemetery, in 1852, it has been under the superintendence of Rev. John TAYLOR. To these inviting grounds, many graves have been removed from the old and neglected burying-places in the surrounding region. [Inscriptions are as found in the autumn of 1868, omitting those persons under twenty years of age.]

River Bend Cemetery Listing [Large File]

SAUNDERS GROUND (1): This neglected ground is located inthe eastern part of the town, on the farm of Mr. Thier J. CRANDALL, on the west side of the highway, in a pasture, quite a distance south of Mr. CRANDALL's residence. The graves are without the protection of an inclosure, and the head-stones without inscriptions. But here lie Joseph SAUNDERS, and his wife Lydia SAUNDERS; also the father, Joseph SAUNDERS, 1s5. and the mother of Joseph SAUNDERS; Russell SAUNDERS and his wife, Catharine SAUNDERS; Mercy SAUNDERS, daughter of Joseph SAUNDERS, 1st.

SAUNDERS GROUND (2): This lies on the farm of the heirs of Elisha SAUNDERS, on the north side of the highway, about twenty-five rods northeast from the SAUNDERS farm-house, on the east side of a field, and without inclosure.

  • Arnold SAUNDERS, died Jan. 18, 1846, age 82.
  • Hannah (wife of Arnold SAUNDERS), died Aug. 11, 1848, age 85.
  • Elizabeth SAUNDERS, died July 9, 1838, age 38.
  • Sarah (dau. of Arnold & Hannah SAUNDERS), died Feb. 22, 1851, age 53.
  • Charlotte SAUNDERS, died Jan 28, 1866, in her 71st year.

SAUNDERS GROUND (3): This lies south of Dorrville, on a knoll, about thirty rods south of the Seventh Day Baptist meeting house, on the lands of Samuel SAUNDERS, Jr., in a pasture, inclosed by a fence.

  • Stephen SAUNDERS, died Sept. 30, 1839, in his 91st year.
  • Tacy (wife of Stephen SAUNDERS), died Sept. 20, 1828, in her 74th year.
  • John A. (son of Stephen & Tacy SAUNDERS), died March 18, 1832, in his 45th year.
  • Catharine (wife of John A. SAUNDERS), died Aug. 4, 1842, age 53.
  • James H. (son of John A. & Catharine SAUNDERS), died in Baltimore, Md., May 20, 1854, in his 26th year. He was interred in Baltimore Cemetery.
  • Fanny (wife of Samuel SAUNDERS), died Feb. 27,1849, in her 67th year.
  • Daniel B. SAUNDERS, died May 11, 1837, in his 33 year.
  • There are also inscribed stones of children; also a few unlettered graves.

SAUNDERS GROUND (4): This is found on the extreme northern border of the town, on the north slope of a hill, not far from the river, between Boom Bridge and Potter Hill, about three fourths of a mile from Potter Hill, in a meadow, and without inclosure. It is on the SAUNDERS estate.

  • Capt. Peleg SAUNDERS, died Jan. 26, 1822, in his 85th year.
  • Mary SAUNDERS (wife of Peleg SAUNDERS), died May 28, 1803, in her 63d year.
  • Mrs. Tacy SAUNDERS (wife of Peleg SAUNDERS), died April 3, 1821, age 67.
  • Peleg SAUNDERS (son of Peleg & Mary SAUNDERS), died July 26, 1799, in his 16th year.

SHEFFIELD GROUND: This is situated south of Lottery Village, on the lands of John & Amos P. CHAPMAN, on the east of the highway, on a little stony knoll, near the fork of the roads.

  • George SHEFFIELD, died Jan. 7, 1788, in his 70th year.
  • Mrs. Bathsheba SHEFFIELD (relict of Mr. George SHEFFIELD), died April 10, 1799, in her 78th year.
  • Joseph SHEFFIELD (son of George & Bsthsheba SHEFFIELD), died July, 1776, in his 29th year.
  • George SHEFFIELD, died Oct. 20, 1809, in his 66th year.
  • Mrs. Sarah SHEFFIELD (wife of Mr. George SHEFFIELD), died Aug. 11, 1788, in her 33d year.
  • James SHEFFIELD, Esq., died July 1, 1824, in his 80th year.
  • Sarah (wife of James SHEFFIELD), died July 28, 1834, age 81.
  • Samuel SHEFFIELD, died May 1, 1832, in his 82d year.
  • Anna (wife of Samuel SHEFFIELD), died Jan. 26, 1828, in her 71st year.
  • Capt. Jesse DICKENS, drowned at sea on his return from the West Indies, Jan. 21, 1812, in his 29th year.
  • Bathsheba DICKENS (wife of Capt. Jesse DICKENS), d. Aug. 4, 1810, age 26.
  • The other graves are without inscription.

SIMS GROUND: Between the post-road and the shore road, on lands of the heirs of Oliver WILCOX, near one hundred rods southwest from the late residence of David RATHBUN, in a pasture, uninclosed and overgrown with bushes and vines, are a number of unlettered graves, belonging, by report, to the SIMS family.

SISSON GROUND: This lies about twenty-five rods west of the cross road between the post-road and Dorrville, about twenty-five rods northwest from the residences of Mr. SISSON. The inclosure contains two graves.

  • Capt. Thomas SISSON, Esq., died Oct. 2, 1841, in his 84th year.
  • Abigail (wife of Thomas SISSON, Esq.), died April 13, 1831, age 74.

Outside of the inclosure, in the same meadow are about twenty-five graves, only one of which is inscribed.

  • William CLARK, 2d, died Feb. 28, 1811, in his 31st year.

Here rests the remains of Joseph SISSON and his wife; Sanford SISSON, and his wife Elizabeth; John SISSON, and his wife Keturah, and others.

SISSON GROUND (2): This lies near the road on the east side, on the lands of Mrs. Caroline SISSON, southeast of River Bend Cemetery.

  • Joshua SISSON, died Sept. 23, 1841, age 62 ys., 7 mo.
  • Mary Jane (daughter of Joshua & Elcy SISSON), died June 10, 1846, in her 16th year.
  • James SISSON, died Aug. 8, 1847, age 44.
  • Melissa Sophia (wife of Lorenzo D. LAMB), died Dec. 25, 1857, age 27 ys., 9 mo.
  • There are inscribed graves of children and graves without inscriptions.

SLAVES GROUND: About four rods east of the Denison & Champlin Ground, in a pasture, are four or more unprotected graves, marked by rude head and footstones. Here were buried slaves belonging to Samuel THOMPSON and his family. One of these slaves was named Gerand.

STETSON GROUND: In the northwestern section of the town, on lands of Samuel PECKHAM, Esq., east of the road leading into Charlestown, in the northeastern corner of an orchard lot, north of the saw-mill, without inclosure, and densely covered with vines and bushes, are a few graves, some having broken head-stones.

  • Capt. Cornelius STETSON, died April 12, 1819, in his 69th year.
  • Mrs. Susan STETSON [this stone is broken].

STILLMAN GROUND: This is situated by the side of Potter Hill road, bounded by the lands of Mr. Richard CURRIE and the highway, and is well protected by a thick-faced wall.

  • John STILLMAN, d. Dec. 9, 1836, age 85.
  • Mary (wife of John STILLMAN), died Sept. 10, 1793, age 38.
  • Joseph MAXSON, died Dec. 16, 1818, in his 79th year.
  • Elizabeth (wife of Mr. Joseph MAXSON), died in her 47th year, Aug. 11, 1793.
  • Mary (wife of Clarke STILLMAN), died March 28, 1837, age 51.
  • Mr. Paul STILLMAN, died Jan. 19, 1810, in his 28th year.
  • Susana (wife of Simeon LAMPHEAR), died Aug. 10, 1821, age 43.
  • Luanna (wife of Clark SAUNDERS, and dau. of Simeon & Susan LANPHEAR), died March 6, 1842, in her 36th year.
  • Joel CRANDALL, died April 14, 1850, in his 80th year.
  • Ruth (wife of Joel CRANDALL), died Jan. 13, 1862, age 83 ys., 24 ds.
  • Hannah (dau. of Joel & Ruth CRANDALL), died Oct. 18, 1829, age 20.
  • Harriet (wife of William H. CRANDALL, and dau. of Beriah & Sarah LEWIS), died May 2, 1821, age 29 ys., 4 mo., 15 ds.
  • Hannah (dau. of William & Hannah PECKHAM), died May 30, 1864, age 90 ys., 30 ds.
  • Nancy L. (wife of George MANWARING), died May 8, 1848, age 32.
  • Maria A. (wife of William S. SISSON), died Dec 29, 1856, age 39 ys., 3 mo., 16 ds.

A large number of graves here, as in similar grounds, have only rought head and footstones, without letters. Here, it is believed, lie the remains of Dr. George STILLMAN, the father of the numberous STILLMANs of Westerly. Here, too, like the remains of William S. PECKHAM, a soldier and orderly sergeant, who served six years in the Revolution, and who died April 30, 1822,age 84. Also the remains of his wife, Dorcal (L.) PECKHAM, who died near 1845, age 95. William S. PECKHAM, Jr., was a soldier in the war of 1812, and fell in the naval battle of Lake Erie, under Commodore Perry, being killed in the boat by the side of his commander, while passing from the disabled flagship to another; age 32.

THOMPSON GROUND: This is located about one hundred rods west from the post-road, nearly midway between the post-road and the road leading from the quaries to Mr. Burrell THOMPSON's warf, on the land of Isaac L. EDWARDS, in the edge of a pasture, on the slope of a hill, and is inclosed by a wall. It contains upwards of forty graves, most of them with only rough uninscribed head-stones.

  • Capt. Jeddo THOMPSON, died Aug. __, 1738, age 67.
  • Sylvester GAVITT, d. May 1, 1829, age 74.
  • Sarah GAVITT (wife of Sylvester GAVITT), died June 16, 1787, age 27.
  • Keturah GAVITT (wife of Sylvester GAVITT), died May 15, 1819, age 58.
  • Keturah (wife of Benjamin CARR, of Newprot, and dau. of Sylvester GAVITT), died Feb. 6, 1811, in her 21st year.
  • Peleg S. BARBER,died May 15, 1822. age 33.
  • Louisa (wife of Peleg S. BARBER), died Feb. 21, 1847, age 64.

UNNAMED BURIAL GROUNDS: A series of fifteen burial grounds that can not be identified with any family. Only one or two have even historical clues to the persons who were buried there.

Unnamed Burial Grounds

VARS GROUND: This is situated in the eastern part of the town, on the farm of Isaac VARS, Esq., about fifty rods southwest from the farm-house.

  • Honor (wife of Charles VARS), died April 22, 1846, age 25.

Here is the grave of Mrs. Hannah VARS (wife of Isaac), who died Aug. 26, 1864, age 72. Also the grave of Gorton GARDNER, age 86. Also the graves of Lucinda (VARS) CASE, daughter of Isaac & Maria VARS.

VOSE GROUND: This is on the recent VOSE farm, now the TOWN Farm, southeast from the farm-house about one fourth of a mile, and on the west margin of Burden's Pond. The inclosing fence has nearly disappeared. Here are scores of old graves, great and small, that have only little, rough, unlettered head and foot stones. Some stones do have inscriptions.

  • Joshua VOSE, Esq., died Sept. 23, 1778, age 76.
  • Esq. Joshua VOSE, died Jan. 28, 1812, in his 75th year.
  • Mary (wife of Joshua VOSE, Esq.), died Jan. 31, 1814, in her 78th year.
  • Joshua VOSE, the 3d, died March 14,1 837, age 62.
  • Prudence VOSE (wife of Joshua VOSE, the 3d, and daughter of Rev. Isaiah WILCOX), died March 9, 1816, age 41.
  • Enoch W. VOSE, died Oct. 29, 1847,a ge 36 ys., 3 mo., 14 ds.
  • Joshua VOSE, 4th, died Sept. 13, 1841, age 35 ys., 11 mo., 6 ds.
  • Prudence (daughter of Joshua & Prudence VOSE), died Nov. 23, 1853, age 53 ys., 6 mo.
  • Samuel BERRY, Esq., died May 29, 1811, in his 67th year.
  • Molly (widow of Samuel BERRY, Esq.), died March 18, 1830, in her 88th year.
  • Catherine (wife of Pardon THOMPSON), died Oct. 10, 1811, in her 29th year.
  • Fanny (wife of Daniel LANPHEAR), died Nov. 15, 1838, age 31.
  • Nancy Ann (wife of Daniel LANPHEAR), died Oct 10, 1832, age 44.

Connected with this ground is a little yard now inclosed by rails, where rest a family of HALLs. The small grave-stones are of uncut granite, but on them we find the following letters, without dates.

  • "V. S. H.," signifying Varnum S. HALL.
  • The wife of Varnum, Polly HALL, has no lettered stone.
  • "P. J. H.," standing for Prudence HALL.
  • "M. E. H.," standing for Mary Elizabeth HALL.
  • "C. H. H.," standing for Charles Henry HALL.
  • "R. C. H."
  • "W. D. H."
  • The grave of Peleg HALL is without letters.

WARD GROUND: This is north of the shore road on the ancient WARD farm, now owned by Albert B. LANGWORTHY, Esq., a few rods northwest of the mansion, inclosed by a wall. It contains but a few bodies and only two inscribed stones.

  • Mrs. Anna WARD (wife of the Hon. Samuel WARD, Esq., and daughter of Simon RAY, Esq.), died Dec 5, 1770, in her 43d year.
  • Miss Hannah WARD (daughter of the Hon. Samuel WARD, Esq., & Anna, his wife), died Sept. 8, 1774, in her 24th year.

WHITE GROUND: A mile and a half west of Dorrville, on the farm of Hon. N. F. DIXON, south of the railroad, on top of a low knoll, in a meadow, and uninclosed, are unlettered graves. Here was buried Major Walter WHITE, once a prominent citizen in the town, and his wives, first and second. Major WHITE's first wife was Sophia BROWN; his second was Esther SAUNDERS.

WILCOX GROUND: This is situated on the ancient WILCOX farm, on the south side of the shore road, by the road-side. It is quite a large burying-place, well inclosed by walls, and kept in good order in comparison with most grounds of this sort. Numerous graves are found here, many of them without inscriptions.

  • William CHAMPLIN, died in his 62d year, Dec. 1, 1715.
  • Eld. Isaiah WILLCOX, died March 3, 1795, in his 55th year, and 25th of his ministry.
  • Mrs. Sarah WILLCOX (relict of the Rev. Isaiah WILLCOX), d. May 2, 1815, age 75.
  • Oliver WILCOX, Esq., died Dec. 3, 1853, in his 81st year.
  • Rubie (wife of Oliver WILCOX, Esq.), died May 25, 1839, age 67.
  • Epraim C. (son of Esq. Oliver & Rubie WILCOX), d. Nov. 17, 1827, age 20.
  • Stephen WILCOX, died Aug. 4, 1827, age 56.
  • Mrs. Sarah (wife of Stephen WILCOX), died March 16, 1803, age 36.
  • Oliver GAVITT, d. Sept. 6, 1811, age 74.
  • Margary (wife of Oliver GAVITT), died Aug. 14, 1821, age 75.
  • Dea. Joseph GAVITT, died Sept. 22, 1815, in his 91st year.
  • Sarah (wife of Dea. Joseph GAVITT), died March 29, 1833, in her 93d year.
  • Sarah (dau. of Dea. Joseph & Sarah GAVITT), died April 27, 1828, in her 45th year.
  • Joseph GAVITT, d. Sept. 26, 1827, age 57.
  • Elizabeth GAVITT, died May 19, 1842, age 67.
  • Polly GAVITT, d. Jan. 19, 1849, age 60.
  • Hannah GAVITT, d. Oct 21, 1844, age 89.

YORK GROUND: This is in the easter part of the town, in the Thirteenth School District, more than half a mile north of the post-road, on the north side of the drift-way, about a quarter of a mile north of the YORK residence, in a pasture, inclosed by a wall. Though with unlettered stones, here lie Edwin & Deborah RIDER, and William & Hannah YORK. Benjamin YORK died near 1835, age 84; and his wife Desire YORK, died near 1855, age 85. James YORK, and his wife Martha YORK.

  • Isaac YORK, died Sept. 1, 1838, in his 35th year.

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