Westerly, Washington Co., Rhode Island - Indian Burial Grounds

Excerpted from Westerly (Rhode Island) & Its Witnesses
For Two Hundred & Fifty Years
Rev. Frederic DENISON, A. M.

[Chapter XLVIII, pages 274 - 301.
The graveyards were visited, and the inscriptions copied, during the years 1867-8.
Only the stones of those 20 or older were copied and then only the names & dates.]

INDIAN GROUND: About eighty rods north of the residence of Thomas BRIGHTMAN, and about forty rods north of the shore road, on the lands of Sumner CHAPMAN, east of Mr. C.'s residence, in a pasture, and without inclosure, are about thirty graves where lie the remains of Indians, and perhaps of som negroes.

INDIAN GROUND (2): South of the Lottery Village, on lands of William CHAPMAN, southwest of his residence, west of the hightway, a few yards south of a knoll, in the northwest corner of a meadow, uninclosed and overgrown with brush and briers, are thirty or forty graves with rude head-stones. These are reputed to contain the remains of Indians. Rumor also states that some blacks, of the former time, were laid by the side of the red race.

INDIAN GROUND (3): This is found in the house lot, a few rods north of the residence of Emory BABCOCK, Esq., west of the road leading to Lottery Village, the graves are numerous, and only a few have head-stones. The bones and implements of the Indians are found near the surface of the ground.

INDIAN GROUND (4): East of the Lottery Village road, southeast from the residence of Paul BABCOCK, Esq., south from Chin Hill and near the crest of Fort Hill, are two graves, moss-covered, and guarded only by rubble head-stones. No history of them can now be gathered.

INDIAN GROUND (5): On the farm of Albert B. LANGWORTHY, Esq., some sixty rods east of his residence, and about five rods from the shore road, ininclosed, in a meadow, are nearly fifty mounds marked by little rubble-stones. These are said to hold the remains of Indians, and within the memory of some townsmen, members of the red race have here been laid. Here lies the remains of Orson.

INDIAN GROUND (6): This is located in what is known as Cookstown, on land owned by Mr. Perry HEALEY, near half a mile from the highway, in a pasture. The mossy mounds have only little rough head-stones. Here, according to tradition, lie the bones of the old Indian who bore the name of Cook.

INDIAN GROUND (7): This is situated southeasterly from the village of Dorrville, on the farm of Joseph A. DOUGLAS, Esq., say seventy rods east of the farm-house, in a pasture, near the river bank. Here are twenty or thirty graves marked only by cobble-stones. Here, says the report, rest the bones of the red race.

INDIAN GROUND (8): This is found north of the post-road, and northwest from the residence of the late Joseph GAVITT, 2d, in the west part of a meadow, and is wholly unprotected. Only two graves are apparent. These are ascribed to Indians.

INDIAN GROUND (9): Thisl ies on the cross road from the post=road to Dorrville, about one hundred rods west of the road, on the WELLS farm, about southwest from the residence of Libbeus SISSON, Esq., in a meadow, and is uninclosed. The graves are few and unlettered. It is reported to contain the bodies of Indians. It also contains the remains of blacks. Here are the remains of Bristoe CONGDON and his children.

INDIAN GROUND (10): On the southwestern slope of the knoll, near the residence of Oliver D. WELLS, Esq., in the village of Westerly, where now Mr. WELLS has a fine grapery and summer-house, was anciently an Indian burying-place. In digging for the conservatory, Indian bones were brought to view.

INDIAN GROUND (11): A small cluster of mounds, now almost obliterated, is found about a mile below Westerly, near the river, on the west side of a pond, upon the land of Peleg BARBER. Tradition ascribes these graves to the red men. Please use your BACK button to return to the Cemeteries of Westerly.

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