History of the Town of
Canterbury, New Hampshire

By James Otis Lyford,
Editor of History of Concord, N.H.
Author of the Life of Edward H. Rollins
In Two Volumes
Volume Two

[transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


    THERE is hardly an undertaking more discouraging in its inception than the preparation of a genealogy of the families of a town. It is a laborious task to awaken and to sustain the individual interest of the people most concerned. Frequently they alone can supply information. It is a work with which they are unfamiliar. If they have records, these are often incomplete. They do not see the necessity for accuracy of detail in the compilations they prepare. Dates of births, marriages and deaths are given from memory when Bible and other records are accessible. Family traditions of ancestors are sometimes inconsistent with the dates of births of these ancestors. Especially is this true of their service in Colonial wars and of the War of the Revolution. Nor is this surprising, as instances were found by the committee having in charge this work where such traditions had already been published as facts in printed genealogies. It is, therefore, apparent that many returns required correspondence to correct palpable errors. There was a satisfaction, however, in the result obtained when these corrections were secured that well repaid the exertions to obtain them. In some cases it was impossible to procure anything beyond fragmentary accounts of families or to reconcile inconsistent dates in their genealogies. Information was sought even after the signatures of this volume were printed. Therefore, as a part of this preface will be found some additions and corrections disclosed too late to be incorporated in the text.

    It was the ambition of the committee to secure full genealogies of those families long identified with the town, especially those dating from the early settlements. For some time it seemed likely that this part of the work would be confined to a very few families. Gradually, however, descendants of other families were found whose interest was enlisted until some record was obtained of a considerable majority of the important families connected with the This and other data became so voluminous that an abridgment was necessary to adapt the material to the space allotted to it in the original estimates for the cost of publication. This condensation has necessitated the rewriting of practically all of the genealogies, a work of no small labor and care. As finally printed, this volume with its very full index, prepared by Miss Harriet L. Huntress of Concord, whose previous experience is a guaranty of the completeness and accuracy of her work, exceeds the size at first intended.

    In spite of the trials incident to an undertaking of this kind, the committee having it in charge have enjoyed the work and at times have found it fascinating. Their obligations are due to all who have assisted in the effort to make this feature of the permanent records of the town interesting and reliable.



    • Page 18. Emilie Ayers Young should be Emily Ayers Young.
    • Page 18. Mary Maple Waters b. 1879, instead of 1897.
    • Page 19. Susan T. V. Ayers m. Charles A., instead of Charles H. Coveny.
    • Page 20. Second child of John H. Batchelder b. in Canterbury.
    • Page 24. For Mary E. (Stevens) Storey, read Mary E. (Stevens) Sterey.
    • Page 28. Edmund Blanchard m. 6 Feb., 1806, instead of 1706.
    • Pages 29 and 30. For correct list of children of Mary Jane Blanchard see Wheeler Gen.
    • Page 30. Nahum Jesse Blanchard was child of second marriage.
    • Page 32. Date of marriage of Ida May Blinn is 1895, instead of 1893.
    • Page 32. George F. Blinn m. 1891, instead of 1881.
    • Page 39. Mary, wife of Philip Brown d. 1683, instead of 1783.
    • Page 41. Huldah Brown b. 1829, instead of 1827.
    • Page 47. John Bryant d. in Newmarket.
    • Page 49. Elizabeth Carter d. 1853, instead of 1353.
    • Page 57. Clifton Elmer Chaplain b. 1885, instead of 1895.
    • Page 59. James, third child of Thomas Chase, b. 1685, instead of 1785.
    • Page 66. Sarah Jane Clifford b. 30 June, 1840.
    • Page 77. Children of Benjamin R. Johnston, the surname should be spelled with a "t."
    • Page 79. For Charla C. Clough read Charles C. Clough.
    • Page 83. William Cogswell b. 1694, instead of 1794.
    • Page 84. Thomas Cogswell d. 1810, instead of 1710.
    • Page 85. Joseph Badger Cogswell d. 1857, instead of 1757.
    • Page 94. Samuel Davis d. 1696, instead of 1896.
    • Page 96. Elizabeth, wife of Col. James Davis, d. 1748, instead of 1648.
    • Page 115. Daniel Emery b. 1833, instead of 1853.
    • Page 116. Caroline Elizabeth, wife of Charles W. Emery, was b. in Providence, R.I., in 1845, instead of 1848.
    • Page 135. Capt. Jonathan Foster b. 28 July, 1747, instead of 23 July.
    • Page 139. The order of the children of Jeremiah C. Foster is Susanna, iii and Elizabeth, iv.
    • Page 140. Adams Foster b. 28 Feb., 1800, instead of 22 Feb.
    • Page 142. Caroline Elizabeth Foster m. 27 Feb., 1883, instead of 28 Feb.
    • Page 143. Fred S. Foster b. 1867, instead of 1869.
    • Page 145. Myron C. Foster b. 1829, instead of 1820.
    • Page 145. John Hubbard Foster b. 14 March, 1808, instead of 4 March.
    • Page 147. The order of the children of Henry Bradley Foster is Helen Frances, i and Edward Henry, ii.
    • Page 148. The order of the children of Abiel Abbott Foster should be according to the dates of their births.
    • Page 151. Laura Merrill Foster m. 4 Sept., 1897, instead of 6 Sept.
    • Page 152. James Caleb Foster b. 1841, instead of 1847.
    • Page 152. The order of the children of James Caleb Foster should be according to the dates of their birth.
    • Page 165. Jessie Permelia, wife of Leroy A. Glines, b. 16 Aug., 1870, instead of 13 Aug.
    • Page 168. Frederick William Greenough, probably b. 1806, instead of 1808.
    • Page 168. Jonathan Greenough d. 16 June, 1896, instead of 18 Jan.
    • Page 174. William Pickering Haines b. Dec. 24, 1855, instead of 22 Feb., 1811.
    • Page 176. Mary Ann Haines m. 1834, instead of 1843.
    • Page 181. Jennie M., wife of Parker Cross Hancock, b. in Sebec, Me., instead of Lubec.
    • Page 182. William Foster Hannaford had but four children. Hope, who m. W. W. Kreamer was a daughter of William Henry Hannaford.
    • Page 187. The sixth child of Hiram G. Haynes was Charles Putnam and not Charles Putnum.
    • Page 189. Miriam (Clifford)Randall should read Miram (Clifford) Randall.
    • Page 198. Joshua Huntoon b. 1763, instead of 1753.
    • Page 213. Listen Smith Knowles m. 1828, instead of 1829.
    • Page 213. Elijah H. Knowles, given name misspelled.
    • Page 221. Children of Joseph Lyford should be in order of their births.
    • Page 226. Anne True, second wife of John T. Mason, was m. 26 Feb., 1762, and not b. that year.
    • Page 229. Nelson F. Matott m. 1895, instead of 1893.
    • Page 233. Silvia Gleason m. Jesse Kimball and not Jessie Kimball.
    • Page 242. Drury's Bluff, Va., should be Drewry's Bluff.
    • Page 248. Stephen Moore, Jr., m. 1822, instead of 1802.
    • Page 250. Sarah, dau. of Andrew and Martha Bennett, m. Albert Sargent.
    • Page 255. Otto Stevens should be Otho Stevens.
    • Page 256. Mira A., dau. of Enoch Morrill, probably b. 1872, instead of 1862.
    • Page 258. Alice M. E. Hudspeth b. 1910, instead of 1901.
    • Page 262. Susanna Morrill d. 14 Oct., 1894, instead of 1830.
    • Page 263. Guy Ethelbert Morrill m. Caroline Gibson Clough and not Caroline Gilson Clough.
    • Page 265. Mary Agnes, dau. of Dr. Chas. P. Gage, was b. 18 April, 1847.
    • Page 285. Frances Edson Pickard b. 1858, instead of 1853.
    • Page 286. Charles Henry Pickard m. 1888, instead of 1880.
    • Page 292. Emeline Kenniston, dau. of Edward Kenniston, should read Emily Kenniston.
    • Page 292. Oren Judson Randall m. Miram L. Clifford and not Miriam L. Clifford.
    • Page 293. Neva M. Randall b. 1875, instead of 1874.
    • Page 296. Apphia C. Sanborn b. 1820, instead of 1829.
    • Page 300. Submit Esterbrook was the second wife of Aaron Sargent.
    • Page 307. Carrie Farnsworth Shaw m. 2 Feb., 1876, instead of 1896.
    • Page 319. Thomas J. Stevens m. second, Mrs. Eliza Simpson, probably 1834, instead of 1854.
    • Page 322. There is probably an error in the town record of the date of Edmunds Sutton's birth.
    • Page 332. The date of birth of Betsey (Weed) Weeks should be the date of her marriage.
    • Page 336. Emma C. Chase, wife of Charles F. Whidden, born in Boston, not Canterbury.

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