History of the early settlement of Bridgewater
in Plymouth County, Massachusetts
including an extensive family register.

Nahum Mitchell
Printed for the author by Kidder & Wright 1840

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Daniel Manly and his wife Rebecca had Daniel 1752, Nathaniel 1755 ; his wife d. and he m. Sarah Monk 1790, and had Sarah 1791 ; he d. 1804. Sarah m. George Howard 3d. 1808.

2. Daniel (s. of Daniel 1.) m. Phebe, D. of Capt. Jona. Howard 1782, and had Daniel 1784, Susanna 1786, Sabin 1789, Harriet 1792, Galen and Salmon 1794, Linus 1795, Phebe 1801
Susanna m. Martin Hayward 1808.

3. Nathaniel (s. of Daniel 1.) m. Betty, D. of Thomas Hayward 1778, and had Rebecca 1780, Betty 1783, Polly 1784, Hayward 1787, Melinda 1789, Olive 1791, Vesta 1793, Sally 1795, Susanna 1797.
Betty m. Abel Kingman Esq. 1807.
Polly m. Nathan Packard 1815.
Melinda m. Isaac Hartwell 1809.
Olive m. Rowlandson Marshall 1808.
Vesta m. Daniel Hayward 1817.
Sally m. Charles Clapp 1816.
Susanna m. Jonas H. Keith 1816.
Rebecca m. Jerathmael Hayward 1802.

4. Hayward (s. of Nathaniel 3.) m. Sarah, D. of Daniel Hayward 1816, and had Sarah Hayward 1818.

Thomas Manly m. Lydia, D. of John Field 1701.
David m. Joanna, D. of Wm. Turner 1752.
Josiah m. Eliza, D. of Seth Bryant 1789.
Silvia m. Zephaniah Lathrop 1791.
Timo. of E. m. Susanna Packard 1761.
Rowena m. Jacob Niles of Randolph 1801.
Sally of E. m. Seth Crossman 1813.
Olive m. Joseph Hayward 1768.
Mrs. Susanna d. 1834 ae. 98.
William Manly and his Neighbors of the north purchase (Easton) allowed to come to meeting here and to build a bridge over Cutting Cove River 1696.


Michael May m. Elizabeth, D. of John Bolton, and lived in E. B. in what is called Bolton Corner. She was born 1692, and d. 1770.

2. John May m. Dorothy, D. of Samuel Littlefield 1807, and had Clarissa 1810, Hannah 1812; he lived in N. B. or Stoughton Corner.


Allen Marshall and his w., sister of Ephraim Groves, came from Rochester and lived in E. B. but had no children : he d. 1824 ae. 89 : she 1825, ae. 86.

2. Benjamin Marshall m. Mary, D. of Thomas Hayward 1768, and had Hayward 1771, Calvin 1774, Benjamin 1777, Rowlandson 1780. Gannett, and Ambrose* 1784.
Rowlandson m. Olive Manly 1808.
Gannett m. Mary Hayward 1810.

3. Hayward (s. of Benj. 2.) m. Olive, D. of Joseph Hayward 1794, and had Benjamin 1798, Hayward 18OO, Perez 1801, Hannah 1803.
Benjamin m. Polly, D. of Nehemiah Howard 1820.
Abigail m. Waldo Field 1816.


John McBride m. Jane, D. of Alexander Wilson 1754, and had Alexander 1755, Sarah 1757 : he and Wilson were Irish and settled in N. B. and removed thence to Harpersfield N. York.


1. Hugh Mehurin m. Mary, D. of Amos Snell 1725, and lived in S. B. and had David 1726, Mary 1730, Martha 1732, Bathsheba 1735, d. 1766, Josiah 1737, Reliance 1739*, Jonathan 1742.
Mary m. Nathan Washburn. 1748.

2. Benjamin (brother perhaps of Hugh) m. Lydia, D. of Joseph Pratt Jr. perhaps 1731, and had Sarah 1732, Hezekiabb 1734, Lucy 1736*, Benjamin 1739, Isaac 1741 she d. 1741 ae. 28, and he m. Mehitabel Williams 1749, and had Jonathan 1752, Silvia 1754 ; he d. 1761, she 1770.
Sarah m. John Mitchell 1751.
Benjamin m. Mary Wethrell 1771.
Isaac m. Mary, D. of Ebenezer Allen 1781, and had Bethiah 1783, Allen 1785.
Jonathan m. Ruth, D. of Samuel Kingman 1774, and had Deborah, Priscilla and others.

3. Jonathan (brother of Hugh perhaps) m. Mary, wid. of George Packard, and D. of Samuel Edson perhaps, 1740, and had Ephraim 1741 ; he d. 1757.

4. David (s. of Hugh I.) and his w. Anna, had Sarah 1750, Hannah 1752, David 1755, Anna 1755*, Anna 1759, Jonathan and Susanna 1762.
Sarah m. Benjamin Orcutt 1773.
Susanna of E. m. Seth Burr 1781.

5. Hezekiah (s. of Benj. 2.) m. Abigail Dickerman 1760, and lived in W. B. and had Maria 1761, Amasa 1763, Chloe 1765.
Abigail Mehurin m. Luther Hall of R. 1781.

6. Josiah (s. of Hugh perhaps) m. Bethiah, D. of Benjamin Pratt perhaps 1769, and had Bethiah 1770, Josiah 1772 ; he also m. Martha, D. of Jeremiah Conant 1779.
Benjamin Mehurin m. Ann Leonard of R. 1798.
Bethiah of Pembroke m. Ezra Churchill 1799.
Lucy m. Martin Conant Jr. 1806.
Mary m. William Bassett 1719.
Bathsheba m. Solomon Snow 1723.


1. Experience Mitchell was one of the forefathers, (a name usually applied to those, who arrived in the three first ships) and came over in the third ship, the Ann, in 1623: he sold his place in Plymouth to Samuel Eddy in 1631 and removed to Duxbury, where he purchased Wm. Paybody's house and farm 1650: he was an original proprietor of Bridgewater, but sold his share or proprietary right to Thomas Hayward ; he came to Bridgewater late in life, with his son Edward ; while at Plymouth he lived at Spring Hill, so called, and at Duxbury he lived at a place called Blue Fish River : at Bridgewater he lived at a place called Joppa, where his descendants still live : he d. 1689 ae. a. 80 ; his will dated 1684 : he was at Leyden with the Pilgrims and left a brother Thomas, who lived and died in Holland. He had a share in the first division of Lots at Plymouth in 1623, and . of the..livestock in 1627; it is supposed be m. Jane, D. of Francis Cook for his first wife : the wife of his old age was named Mary, but her family name is not ascertained.
He had a sister Constant, who m. John Fobes.
The names of his children as appears from his will, deeds, and other written documents, were Thomas, John, Jacob, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah and Hannah.
Thomas first had land of his father at Dartmouth, but relinquished it again to his father 1669, who the same day conveyed it to Jacob. There is no farther account of Thos.
Elizabeth m. John Washburn 1645.
Mary m. James Shaw of M. 1652; who d. 1679;and left a D. Mary.
Sarah m. John Hayward.
Hannah m. Joseph Hayward.

2. John (s. of Experience 1.) m. Mary Bonney 1675, and had Experience 1676 ; she d. 1677, and he m. Mary Lathrop 1679 : she d. 1680, and he m. Mary Prior 1652, and had Mary 1682, Hannah 1683, Joseph 1684, Elizabeth 16S5*, Elizabeth 16S6, John 1689, Sarah 1690, Esther 1692.
This family lived in Duxbury.
Joseph settled his brother John's estate 1711.
The father sold house and lands in Duxbury to George Williamson 1701.

3. Jacob (s. of Experience 1.) m. Susanna, D. of Thomas Pope of Plymouth 1666, and settled at Dartmouth, now Fairhaven, was a carpenter and an Ensign, and in 1675, at the commencement of Phillip's war, was killed and his wife also by the Indians early in the morning as they were going to the garrison, whither they had sent their children the afternoon before ; they both lived to reach the garrison, but d. of their wounds. Their children were Jacob, Thomas, and Mary ; the children came to Bridgewater, and were taken care of and brought up by their uncle Edward.
Mary m. Samuel Kingman 1696.

4. Ensign Edward (s. of Experience 1.) m. Mary, D. of Thos. Hayward, and lived with her 40 years without children ; she d. and he then, 1708, m. Alice, D. of Maj. John Bradford of Kingston s. of William Jr. and g. s. of Gov. William ; she was b. 1679, and d. 1746 ae. 67.
He bought Francis west's proprietary right, and settled in E. B. before 1682 ; he had Mary 1709, Alice 1714, Edward 1716 ; he d. 1717, and it is said he was near 70 years of age when his son Edward was born : his wid. m. Dea. Joshua Hearsey of Hingham and removed thither with her children, and Mary m. Joshua, and Alice m. Noah, ss. of Dea. Hearsey, who had also a D. Sarah by his last w., who m. Thomas Loring and d. 1798,. Edward sold the family estate at blue fish river in Duxbury to Samuel Sprague 1708, which his father had conveyed to him in 1670.

5. Experience (s. of John 2.) settled in Povidence and had a family : one of his descendants by the name of Experience d. a few years since in Uxbridge over 100 years of age, and left a s. John in or about Gloucester R. I.
There was also a Capt. Elisha Mitchell and Maj. Thomas and Darius Mitchell in that vicinity, probably of the same family.
Elisha is mentioned in R. I. records in 1700.

6. Joseph (s. of John 2.) m. Bathsheba Pillips probably ; first lived in Plymouth 1711; and settled in Kingston about 1719, was a Tanner, and had Sarah 1711*, Hannah. 1713, Joseph 1714*, John 1716*, Mary 1718, Sarah 1719, Bathsheba 1721, Alice 1723, Joseph 1726, Benjamin 1728, Martha 1731, Ruth : his w. d. and he m. Hannah Hersey of Abington 1733 : he d. 1755, and his wid. m. John Whitman of E. B. and d. 1788 ae. 85.
Mary m. Thomas Phillips Jr. 1743, and d. the same year.
Sarah m. Jonathan Ring.
Bathsheba m. Timothy Briggs of T.
Martha m. Japhet Rickard.
Joseph went to Norton.

7. Jacob (s. of Jacob 3.) m. Deliverance, D. of John Kingman 1696, and had Jacob, 1696 : he removed to Kingston, and there had a 2d. wife Rebecca, D. of Isaac Cushman probably, he was a blacksmith, and sold his house and lands to Benjamin Sampson 1728, and removed to North Yarmouth Me., and d. a. 1744.

8. Thomas (s. of Jacob 3.) m. Elizabeth, D. of John Kingman 1696 : he, his brother, and sister Mary, were all m. at the same time, and all m. Kingmans, who were also brother and sisters : he had Thomas 1696*, Henry 1698*, Timothy 1700, Susanna 1703, Edward 1705*, Elizabeth 1710, Mary 1713, Seth 1715 ; he d. 1727 ; she 1733 ; he lived in S. B. where his g. g. s. William now lives.
Susanna m. Joseph Packard 1724.
Elizabeth and Mary d. young probably.

9. Col. Edward (s. of Edward 4.) m. Elizabeth, D. of Elisha Cushing of Hingham 1738, and returned to E. B. and had Edward 1739, Cushing 1740, Elizabeth 1742, Alice 1744, Elisha 1746, John 1748, William 1750, Bradford 1752, Mary 1754, Celia 1757, Sarah 1759, Bela 1761 : she d. 1799. ae. 85: he 1801 ae. 86.
Elizabeth m. Eleazar Keith 1760.
Alice m. John Keith 1763.
Mary m. James Keith Jr. 1750.
Celia m. Arthur Harris 1781.
Sarah m. Maj. Benj. Harris 1791, and d. a widow June 29, 1839 ae. 80.

10. Benjamin (s. of Joseph 6.) m. Mary Phillips of Duxbury 1750, and lived in Kingston, and had Bathsheba 1752, Benjamin 1753, Abigail 1755, Molly 1757, Rebecca 1760, John 1762, Ezra 1764, Sarah 1767, Hannah 1770, Joseph 1773, Thomas 1775*.

Isaac R. Mitchell a jeweller in Boston was son of Joseph Mitchell of Kingston.

11. Dea. Jacob (s. of Jacob 7.) m. Mary Howland 1721, and settled in Pembroke, and had Jonathan 1724 ; his wife d. and he m. wid. Rachel Cushing, sister of the Rev. Mr. Lewis, and had David 1728, Rachel 1730, Jacob 1732, Sarah 1736 ; he removed to North Yarmouth.
Rachel m. a Chandler.
Mary m. Judge Lewis.
Sarah m. a Gray.

12. Timothy (s. of Thomas 8.) m. Deborah, D. of Nathaniel Packard, and had Thomas, Nathan 1729, Abiel, Deborah, Timothy* ; he d. 1733 : she 1744.
Deborah m. a Bliss of Rehoboth 1730.
Timothy was lost at sea with Winslow Hooper, both young.
There was a wid. Mitchell d. in S. B. 1762, perhaps she was Sarah Mehurin, who m. John Mitchell 1751 ; this John is the man perhaps who was under guardianship of Jonathan Howard 1742, and was from Milton.

13. Seth (s. of Thomas 8.) m. Ann, D. of Thomas Latham 1738, and had Jacob 1740, Reuben 1741*, Seth 1744, Zenas 1746*, Phineas 1747*, Eliphaz 1749, Timothy 1751*, Rotheus '1753, Ann 1755, Reuben 1757, Betty 1759 ; his wife d. and he m. Mary, D. of Nicholas Wade 1760, and had Molly 1761, Nabby 1762, Susanna 1766 ; he d. 1802 ae. 87, she 1809 ae. 83.
Eliphaz d. a bachelor 1820 ae. 7O.
Ann m. Solo. Washburn 1773.
Betty and Molly were never m.
Nabby m. James Lincoln of Cohasset 1788.
Susanna m. Asa Forrest 1787 and her D. Susanna m. William Mitchell, an Englishman, 1821.

14. Edward (s. of Col. Edward 9.) m. Jane, D. of Charles Latham 1762, and had Jane 1763, Edward 1766, Lucia 1769, Eunice 1773, Theodore, Ophir and Oreb twins. He d. 1828 in his 90th year ; she 1829 ae. 88.
Jane. m. Edward Hayward 1782.
Lucia m. Capt. Joseph Hooper.
Eunice m. Dan'l Mitchell Esq. 1795.
Oreb d. single.

15. Cushing (s. of Col. Edward 9.) m. Jennet, D. of Hon. Hugh Orr 1765, and had Alice 1767, Nahum 1769, Jennet 1771 ; his wife d. 1774 ae. 26, and he m. Hannah wid. of Josiah Newton and D. of Anthony Sherman 1780 and had Hannah 1781, Celia 1783, Cushing 1784, Charles 1788, Newton 1789, George 1793. He d. 1820 in his 80th year ; she 1839 in her 90th year.
Alice m. Dea. William Harris 1788.
Jennet m. Daniel Bryant 1789.
Hannah m. Hon. Ezekiel Whitman Esq.
Celia m. Charles Keen 1802.
Newton d. at Franconia 1810 ae. 21.
His 2d. wife had one child, Ruhamah, by her first husband and she m. Maj. Theodore Mitchell 1798.

16. Elisha Esq. (s. of Col. Edward 9.) m.Hannah, D. of Dea. Barnabas Tomson of Halifax and had an only child Asa 1782; they both d. of a consumption, she 1783 ae. 35 ; he 1790 ae. 44.

17. John (s. of Edward 9.) m. Anna, D. of Benjamin Byram 1781, and had John Holman 1783, Caleb 1785, Jenny Byram 1787, Anna 1790, Elisha 1792 ; she d. 1794 ae. 36; and he m. Susan Lincoln of Hingham 1795 ; he d. 1829 ae. 81.
John Holman not m.
Jenny B. d. single.
Anna m. Nahum Washburn 1816.
Elisha m. Joanna, D. of Henry Joslyn of Pembroke and removed to New Bedford.

18. William (s. of Col. Edward 9.) settled in Cummington, and m. Elizabeth, D. of William Ward Esq., and had Piam, Cushing, William, Chester, Elisha, Bela, Betsy, Clarissa, Sally, Laura, Polly, Jennet.
Piam m. Sally Orcutt, and then a Warner.
Cushing m. in N. Y., and settled in Windsor.
William m. Clarissa, D. of Elisha Bisbee.
Chester m. a Richards.
Elisha m. Lucinda Brewster, and then Wid. Shaw, D. of Nathan Gurney Esq. of Abington.
Bela m. a Streeter.
Betsy m. Elijah Warner.
Clarissa m. Stephen Warner Jr.
Sally m. Roswell Hubbard of Northampton and d. 1837.
Laura m. Otis Tileston of Boston.
Polly m. Seth Porter Jr.
Jennet m. Chester Gaylord of Hadley : he d. 1837, ae. 87 ; she d. 1839 : and it is remarkable that he and his father had each 12 children, and all lived to be m.

19. Bradford (s. of Col. Edward 9.) settled also in Cummington; and m. Persis, D. of Elijah Warner, and had Nahum and Lucretia : he then returned to Bridgewater, and his w. d. 1799, ae. 41. He then m. Meribah, D. of Lemuel Keen of Pembroke, 1801, and had Eliza : he then removed to Minot, and had a son Bradford that d. in infancy. He returned again to Bridgewater, where his 2d w. d.. 1823, ae. 49 : he is still living.
Lucretia m. Josiah Bassett 1820.
Eliza m. Alpheus Leach Jr.

20. Bela (s. of Col. Edward 9.) settled in Charlestown, and there m. Nancy, D. of Maj. Calder, and had Nancy and Bela, and d., and his wid. m. a French.

21. Maj. Thomas (s. of Timothy 12.) m. Keziah Swift of Plymouth, and had Timothy 1758, William 1760, Lusanna 1762, Thomas 1765, Calvin 1767, Luther 1769*, Zilphah 1772 : he d 1776.
Lusanna m. Marlborough Williams of Easton.
Zilphah m. Eleazar Keith Jr.
Calvin went to Rochester, was m., but left no children.

22. Hon. Nathan (s. of Timothy 12.) m. Ann, D. of Jonathan Cary, 1754, and had Deborah 1755, Timothy 1757*, Susanna 1758, Mary 1760*, Nathan 1762, Cary 1765, Daniel 1767. He d. of the smallpox 1789, ae. 60.
Deborah m. Samuel Leonard Jr. I777.
Susanna m. Caleb Keith 1777.
Cary d. 1821, without children.

23. Col. Abiel (s. of Timothy 12.) settled in Easton, and m. a D. of Eliphalet Leonard, and had Thomas, Abiel, Timothy, Eliphalet, Leonard, Deborah, Ruth, Mary, Sally, Susanna. He d. ae. 88.
Thomas m. Abigail Howard 1783, and he and Abiel went to Vermont.
Timothy went to Merrimac.
Eliphalet remained in E., and had Albert, Harrison and others probably.
Leonard went to Mansfield.
Deborah m. Thomas Willis.
Ruth m. a Simmons.
Sally m. a Williams.
Mary m. a Williams.
Susanna m. an Edson.

24. Jacob (s. of Seth 13.) m. Rebecca, D. of Capt. John Loring, 1763, and had Oliver, Silvia, Zenas, Jacob, John Loring, Peleg, Levi. She d. 1782, ae. 40, and he m. Sarah, wid. of Josiah Whitman, and D. of Caleb Sturtevant of Halifax, 1783, and had Josiah Whitman. His 2d w. d. 1789, ae. 35, and he m. Jerusha, wid. of Robert Latham, and D. of Thomas Hooper, 1791 : he d.1827, ae. 89 ; she 1829, ae. 85.
Oliver m. Amelia Gannet 1791, and had Warren 1792, and then went to Lyme, N. H.
Silvia m. Hugh Orr 1785.
Zenas m. Nabby Washburn of Kingston 1796, and had Ichabod Washburn, Rebecca Loring 1801, and then removed to Maine, and there had Nahum, Zenas, Gilman, Charles, Cushing, Elisha, Persis Turner, Silvia*, Abigail.
Jacob went to Farmington, Conn., and had William, Hiram and John.
John L. d. young at West Point, and left 2 children.
Peleg and Levi went to Maine and had families.

25. Seth (s. of Seth 13.) m. Lusanna, D. of Capt. Simeon Wood, and had Simeon Wood 1793, Sarah Weston 1796, Arnot 1798, Timothy 1800, Susanna 1802, George Washington 1804, Seth Arnold 1806. Seth, the father, d. 1807, ae. 64.
Simeon W. m. Keziah, D. of Jona. Leonard of Mid'o, 1819.
Timothy m. Melissa Alden Raymond of Plymouth.
Sarah W. m. a Robbins of Mid'o.
Seth A. m. a Pickins of Rochester.

26. Rotheus (s. of Seth 13.) was a Lieut. in the Revolutionary army, m. Hepzibah, D. of Josiah Hayward, 1783, and had Cynthia 1784, Eliphalet 1785, Horatio 1787, Betsy 1791, and then removed to Lyme, N. H.

27. Reuben (s. of Seth 13.) m. Ann, D. of James Wade, 1783, and had Jane 1785, James 1786, and then removed to Windsor.

28. Edward (s. of Edward 14.) m. Chloe, D. of Capt. Abraham Washburn, 1789, and had Chloe*, Olive, Edward, Melinda, Emeline. Olive m. Dr. Rufus Walker of Westport 1814, and afterwards Isaac Fobes.
Melinda m. Oliver Alden 1819, and d. 1838.
Emeline m. John Winslow.
Edward m. Margaret Seaver of T.

29. Maj. Theodore (s. of Edward 14.) m. Ruhamah, only child of Josiah Newton of Brookfield, 1793, (her mother Hannah was 2d wife of Cushing Mitchell), and had Hannah 1799, Winslow 1800, Miriam 1804*, Caroline 1808, Louisa 1813.
Hannah m. George Bassett 1819.
Caroline m. Philo Keith.

30. Ophir (s. of Edward 14.) m. Ruth, D. of Barna Leonard 1803, and had Leonard, Willard, Oreb and Polly.

31. Nahum (s. of Cushing 15.) gra. H. U. 1.789, and m. Nabby, D. of Gen. Silvanus Lazell, 1794, and had Harriet 1796, Silvanus Lazell 1798, Mary Orr 1801, Elizabeth Cushing 1807, James Henry 1812.
Harriet m. Nath'l Morton Davis Esq. of Plymouth 1817.
Mary 0. m. David Ames Jr. Esq. of Springfield 1827.
Elizabeth C. m. Nathan Dresser Hyde 1833.
James H. m. Harriet Lavinia, D. of John Angier of Belfast, 1833, and had Henry Hedge 1839.

32. Maj. Cushing (s. of Cushing 15.) m. Lusanna T., D. of Capt. Asa Pratt, 1822, and had Lydia*, Sarah Harris*, Lusanna*, and went to Boston.

33. Charles (s. of Cushing 15.) m. Bethiah 0., D. of Anthony Winslow Clift, 1813, and had Hannah, Asa, Charles Cushing. Hannah d. 1834, ae. 18 ; her mother d. 1835.

34. George (s. of Cushing 15.) m. Bethiah, D. of Eleazar Keith, 1820 : has no children. He owns the paternal estate.

35. Asa (s. of Elisha 16.) gra. H. U. 1802 ; m. Bethiah, D. of Joseph Laze11,1806 ; settled as an Attorney in New Gloucester ; had Sarah Harris 1807, (she was first called Bethiah). He d. March 18, 1807, and his wid. m. George Y. Phillips 1812, and went to Poughkepsie, N. Y.
Sarah H. m. an Overocker, and removed to the western part of New York state, and d. 1833.

36. Caleb (s. of John 17.) m. Jane, D. of Holman Keith 1811, and has Newton and William.

37. Nahum (s. of Bradford 19.) m. a D. of Josiah Deane Esq. of R., and lived awhile in Minot, Me., and then removed to Raynham, where his wife d. and he then m. Chloe, wid. of Alvan Crossman and D. of Nathaniel Pratt.

38. Capt. Timothy (s. of Thomas 21.) m. Hannah, D. of Capt. Solomon Leonard, 1783, and went to Vermont, and had Luther, Bernard, Leonard Bradley, and others. He m. a Bradley at Vt. for a 2d w.
Leonard B. is editor of a newspaper in the Western States.

39. William (s. of Thomas 21.) m. Betsy, D. of Hosea Dunbar of Halifax, 1793, and had Betsy 1793, William 1795*, Jennet 1800*, Jane 1801*, William 1805, Caroline 1807*.
Betsy d. single 1834.

40. Thomas (s. of Thomas 21.) m. Mehitabel, D. of Capt. Joseph Alden, 1797, and went to Greenwich (Enfield) and had a family. One D. m. a s. of Walter Hayward.

41. Nathan Esq: (s. of Nathan 22.) m. Rachel, D. of Benjamin Byram, 1793, and had Mary and Nathan.
Mary m. Maj. James Seymore Allen 1816, who d. young, leaving one child Mary.
Nathan lived awhile in Boston.

42. Daniel Esq. (s. of Nathan 22.) m. Eunice, D. of Edward Mitchell, 1795, and had Philo 1803, Eunice ]805, Daniel 1807, Bela 1809, Mary Ann 1815*.
Eunice m. William Dunbar.

43. Josiah W. Esq. (s. of Jacob 24.) m. Sally, D. of Oakes Angier Esq. and settled as an Attorney in Freeport, Me., and had Susan A., Harriet Lavinia, and Josiah Angier. His w. d. and he m. Elizabeth, wid. of Elisha P. Cutler Esq., her maiden name Delano, and had Victor Moreau, Ezekiel Whitman, Frederick, Lucia, and Sarah Elizabeth.

44. Silvanus L. Esq. (s. of Nahum 31.) gra. H. U. 1817, and m. Lucia, D. of Hon. Ezekiel Whitman of Portland, 1820, and had Lucia W. 1821*, Helen McLeod 1822, Julia Willis 1826*, Edward Cushing 1829, Hannah Whitman 1832*, Morton Davis 1834, Alice Bradford 1837*.

There was a John Mitchell in Marshfield 1825, ae. 85, whose father John came from old York, Me.: his grandfather was killed by the Indians : "his father told him he was related to the Mitchells in Bridgewater :" he has several children and grand children in and about Marshfield.

45. William (an Englishman and Iron Founder) came over within a few years with his wife and had William*, John, Henry ; his wife d. and he m. Susanna, D. of Asa Forrist 1821, (her mother was Susanna, D. of Seth Mitchell 13,) and has William, and Hannah Hall.


Alexander Monro with his wife Mary Hutchinson m. 1775, lived many years in East Bridgewater : he was a Scotchman : they had several children, viz : David 1777, Jennet 1779, William 1781, Eunice 1785, Jane 1788 ; and Mary 1771, and Nancy, both by a former wife : his first wife d. 1774, ae. 40.

Matthias Munroe, Rector of Episcopal Ch., d. in S. B. 1836, ae. 51.
Daniel Munroe lived in E. B., and Henry Munroe m. Deborah Delano 1800, lived in S. B.: both from Hanson.
Daniel's wife d. 1832, ae. 70.


Theodosius Moore m. Sarah, D. of John Prior, 1725, and had Thomas 1726, John 1731. He d. and his widow m. Josiah Hayward 1738.
Catharine Moore m. James Bradley 1759.
Ann Moore m. Joseph Prior, and afterwards James Allen.

2. Thomas (s. of Theodosius 1.) m. Mary Hamlin 1746, and had Mary 1746, John 1748, Sarah 1750*, Sarah 1751*, Isaac 1753, Thomas 1756, Samuel 1758, Betty 1760*, Theodosius 1763, Betty. 1767, Sarah 1769. Both of these families lived in that part of B. that is now in Hanson.
George Moore of Burlington m. Olive Sanger 1815.


Asa Morse m. Sally (or Susanna) McFarling 1815, and had Asa 1816, Susanna 1818, Edwin 1821, Obadiah 1823, James 1825.
Sihon Morse of Stoughton m. Polly Ripley 1804.
Abner Morse m. Polly Wood (or Mary Woodwis) 1804.
Baruck Morse of St. m. Rhoda Gurney 1811.


Nathaniel Morton m. Lucy, D. of Nathaniel Washburn, 1757, and.had Nathaniel 1758, Tempe 1762, Abram 1765*. His wife d. 1766, and he then m. Rebecca, sister of Nathaniel Morton Esq. of Freetown, and had Lucy 1768.
Nath'l was a Physician in Halifax.

Nathaniel Esq. of Freetown m. Mary, D. of Eleazar Cary, 1782, and was father of Judge Marcus Morton, now Governor.
Seth m. Hepzibah Packard 1757.
Hannah of Mid'o m. Abiel Edson 1774.
Patience m. Benjamin Robbins Jr. 1814.


Joseph Muxam m. Anne, D. of Gershon Conant, 1764, and had Anne 1764, Eunice and Lavinia 1768 : he d. 1790, ae. 52.
Anne m. Joseph Smith Jr. 1799.
John Muxam m. Silence, D. of Benjamin Pratt, 1748.
Lavinia m. a Christian, and had 2 ss. George and Caleb, and perhaps others.


Joseph Nash and Rebecca his wife had Solomon 1808.


Lemuel Newbury and his wife Lydia had Samuel 1798.
James Newbury m. Martha, D. of Capt. Eliakim Howard, 1797.


Joseph Newell m. Hannah Pierce 1732, and had Jonas 1733, Jane 1730 ; his wife d. and he m. Rachel Sylvester 1734, and had Jane 1736.


William Newhall came from Charlestown and lived in E. B. and m. Nabby, D. of Samuel Rogers 1807, and had Eliza Wales 1809, Samuel Rogers 1811, William 1813*, Nabby Rogers 1815. He d. 1818 ae. 37.
Eliza W. m. Jacob Folsom.

Samuel Pratt Newhall (brother of William above) m. Lydia Singer of Salem 1814, and had Rebcca Turner 1816, and others.


Benaiah Niles m. Martha, D. of Isaac Allen, 1770, and had Benaiah 1770, James 1773, Silvia 1777, and went to Tamworth.

Jacob Niles of Randolph m. Rowena Manly 1801.
Freelove Niles m. Salmon Packard 1795.


Thaxter Norton (s. of John Norton of Weymouth) m. Susanna, D. of Joseph Chamberlin 1808, and had Susanna Bass 1809, Charles Thaxter 1811, Sarah 1813, William 1815*, Elizabeth Williams 1817 ; he now lives in Boston.

Noah Norton m. Sarah Noyes 1803.
Jemima m. David Hatch 1754.


Ephraim Noyes (s. of Capt. Daniel of A. and g. s. of Samuel of Newbury) settled in N. B. 1800 ; m. Sarah, D. of Samuel Dike 1779, and had Daniel, Jacob, Alva, Sarah, and Rebecca ; he d. 1822 ae. 65.
Daniel gra. Yale, 1813, m. a Clark, and lives in Boston.
Jacob m. Olive, D. of Josiah Edson, and lives in A.
Alva m. Sopbronia, D. of Perez Southworth.
Sarah m. Noah Norton 1803 and afterwards Seth Snow.
Rebecca m. Josiah Eames.

Samuel m. Millicent Orcutt 1770.
Ebenezer Noyes d. in E. B. 1832 ae. 36; he m. 2 Ds. of Joseph Gannet.
Ebenezer m. Betsy wid. of Daniel Ramsdell 1795.
David Noyes m. Lydia Orcutt 1811.


Wm. Orcutt (from Scituate) and his wife Martha, settled in S. B., and had John 1669, Martha 1671, Joseph 1672, Mary and Hannah 1674, Thomas 1675, Benjamin 1679, Elizabeth 1682, Deborah 1683, all b. at Scituate ; in his will 1694, his ch. mentioned are, Wm. 1664, Andrew, John, Joseph, Thomas, Benjamin, Martha, Mary, Hannah and Susanna.
William and Andrew were probably born at Weymouth or elsewhere before he went to Scituate, and Susanna perhaps in B.
Thomas, Benjamin and Susanna were minors.
Elizabeth and Deborah, not mentioned, probably not living.
Mary m. Daniel Hudson 1697.
Andrew, and Benjamin we have no account of.
Joseph sold land here 1697, and speaks of himself as formerly of B.
Thomas sold land and a small house near Joseph Alden's 1700.

2. William (s. of William 1.) m. Jane, D. of John Washburn and d. 1739 ae. 75 ; he had Moses, Caleb, Joanna, Elizabeth, Jane, Deliverance 1702, and Martha.
Joanna m. Benjamin Edson 1715.
Elizabeth m. Ebenezer French 1717.
Jane m. Joshua Warren 1725.
Deliverance m. Joseph Washburn, and afterwards a Packard and d. 1790 ae. 88.
Martha m. Solomon Washburn 1732.
Caleb m. Mehitabel Harvey 1738.

3. John (s. of William 1) had Hannah 1695, Samuel 1697, John 1700 ; Hannah was called his 2d child.

4. William (perhaps s. of William 2 or John 3.) m. Sarah, D. of Jacob Leonard 1721, and had Jacob 1723.

5. Moses (s. of William 2.) m. Mercy, D. of Nathaniel Allen perhaps 1739 ; his will 1781, mentions no children, probably had none.
Mercy Orcutt m. John Waterman of Halifax 1769.

There was a Moses Orcutt d. 1748 ae. 35, and his D. Hannah buried in the same grave with him.

6. John (s. of John 3.) m. Desire, D. probably of John Kingman 1721, and had John 1726, Hannah 1729* ; his wife d. and he m. Mary Webster D. Of a Clergyman near Newburyport, and had Susanna 1733, who d. single 1775 ae. 42.
She d. 1772 ae. 68, he 1781 ae. 81.

. 7. Ichabod (s. perhaps of Joseph and g. s. of William 1.) and his wife Milicent had Joseph 1730, Nathan 1731, Ichabod 1734 ; she d. and he m. a 2d w. Mary, and had Milicent 1738, Lydia 1739, Mary 1741, Benjamin 1742, Ephraim 1744, Moses 1749 ; he d. 1769.
Milicent m. Samuel Noyes 1770.
Benjamin m. Sarah Mehurin 1773, and had a son Erasmus.

8. David m. Susanna, D. of Daniel Packard 1734, and had Daniel 1734, Stephen 1736, David 1739.
Ebenezer Orcutt m. Deliverance, D. of John Kingman 1725.

9. John (s. of John 6.) m. Mary and had John 1751* ; his w. d. and he m. Jerusha Hanmer 1752, and went to Ct.

10. Joseph (s. of Ichabod 7.) m. Deborah, D. of David Pratt 1751, and had Joanna 1752, Nathan 1755, Hannah, Huldah.
Joanna m. Abiel Richmond 1773.
Nathan m. Eunice Whitmarsh 1780, and went to Cummington, and had Joseph, Nathan and John.
Hannah m. Salmon Washburn 1785.
Huldah m. Solomon Leonard 1786.
Wid. Deborah Orcutt d. 1805 ae. 72.

11. Nathan (s. of Ichabod 7.) m. Susanna, D. of Daniel Snell and had William, Nathan 1758, Daniel 1760, John Snell, Ichabod. The father, William, John, and Ichabod went to Ackworth N. H.

12. Ichabob (s. of Ichabod 7.) m. Susanna, D. of Richard Davenport Jr. 1757, and had John 1758, Susanna 1760.
John Orcutt m. a Heiford.

13. Dea. Ephraim (s. of Ichabod 7.) and his wife Abiah had Mary 1778*, Moses 1782, Lydia 1784, Sarah 1787, Ephraim 1791, Thomas 1793, Gershom 1795.

14. Jonathan (from Cohasset) m. Experience, D. probably of William Washburn 1759, and had Jonathan 1760, William 1762, Samuel 1764 ; his wife d. 1766, and he m. Thankful, D. of John Cary 1766.

15. Nathaniel m. Mary, D. of Josiah Leonard Jr. 1768, and had Leonard 1768, Mary 1772, Nathaniel 1778, Josiah 1781, Hannah 1787. He and his family removed t0 Me.
Hannah m. Jacob Fuller 1786.
Leonard m. Charity, D. of Philip Reynolds 1797.
Josiah m. Naomi, D. of Samuel Cheesman 1846.

16. Nathan (s. of Nathan 11.) m. Jane Inglee of M. 1781, and had Alpheus 1783, Galen 1785, Martin 1788, Anna 1790. He d. of a Cancer 1808.
Alpheus m. Mercy Pratt 1802, and d. 1834, leaving a family.
Galen m. Nancy, D. of Daniel Willis 1809, and had Mary Ann, Edward Stockbridge, John Gorham, and others.

17. Daniel (s. of Nathan 11.) m. Olive, D. of Benjamin Whitman 1784, and had Lucy. He d. and his wid. m. Josiah Johnson Jr. 1793, and d. 1828 ae. 63.
Lucy m. James Bates of Weymouth 1805.

18. Moses (s. of Dea. Ephraim 13.) and his wife Deborah had Deborah 1812, Thomas 1814, Julia Ann 1816, Charles 1818, Amanda 1820.

Lydia Orcutt m. David Noyes 1811.
Mary Orcutt m. Samuel Holmes 1793.
Susanna m. John Edson 3d. 1785.


Hon. Hugh Orr (s. of Robert Orr of Lochwinioch, Shire of Renfrew, Scotland :) was born 2d Jan. 1715, O. S. Mar's year, Hansel Monday, and came to America 7th June 1740, and settled in East Bridgewater and m. Mary, D. of Capt. Jonathan Bass Aug. 24, 1742, and had Robert 1745, Jennet 1748, Mary 1750, Susanna 1752, Jane 1755*, Bethiah 1757, Margaret 1758, Bathsheba 1761, Matilda 1763*, Hugh 1766. He d. Dec. 6, 1799, ae. 82, she July 27, 1804 ae. 80.
Jennet m. Cushing Mitchell 1765.
Mary m. Stephen Whitman 1767.
Susanna m. Doct. Josiah Otis 1772.
Bethiah m. Anthony Winslow Clift 1777.
Bathsheba m. Solomon Inglee of Halifax 1783, and d. 1833.
Margaret d. single 1837 ae. 79.

There was a Hugh Orr came afterwards from Scotland : m. Agnes Corbett 1771, and went to 9 Partners, so called, N. Y.

2. Col. Robert (s. of Hugh I.) m. Hannah, D. of David Kingman, 1766, and had Susanna* and Jane 1768, Hector 1770, Robert Boyd 1772, Montgomery 1776, Noble 1780.
Jane m. John Boyd of N. Y. 1791 : she d. 1833.
Montgomery was in a battle on the Lakes, and d. of his wounds at Boston after his return.
Noble settled in Georgia as a Physician, and d. young, leaving one or more children.
Col. Orr and his wife both d. at Springfield, where he was Master Armorer in the U. S. works : he d. 1811, ae. 65.

3. Hugh (s. of Hugh 1.) m. Silvia only D. of Jacob Mitchell 1785, and had Thomas, John Love 1787, Isabella 1789, d. 1816 ae. 27, Jane 1792, Robert 1794, Jennet 1796, Hugh 1798, Silvia 1800, Ralph 1802*, Wilson 1804, Melville 1806, Oliver Mitchell 1810.
Jane m. Calvin W. Keen 1812.
Jennet m. John Gilson of Lynn.
Silvia m. Hodijah Robinson.
Wilson went to Singsing N. Y. m. and had a D.
Melville m. Sally Tower of R. and had Sarah Jane.
Oliver is m. and lives in E. B. [This was pub. in 1840].

4. Dr. Hector (s. of Robert 2.) gra. H. U. 1792,. and. m. Mary, D. of Oakes Angier Esq. 1795, and had Mary Ann 1796, Susanna 1798, Hector Oakes Angier 1800, Samuel Angier 1802, and Jane.
Mary Ann m. her cousin Boyd of N. Y.1833.
Jane also m. in the State of N. Y.

5. Robert B.(s. of Robert 2.) went to Tamworth N.H. and there m. Abigail Gilman : and had Hannah G., Abigail, Robert, Jane ; he d. and his wid. and children returned to E. B.
Hannah G. m. Bezer Hill 1816.
Abigail m. Jonathan Kingman Jr.
Jane m. Bela Hill.
Robert is m. and lives in E. B.

6. Thomas (s. of Hugh 3.) went to Needham, and there m. Rachel Bolene, and thence to Shirley and there died : he had Thomas, Rachel, Lucinda, Abigail, Alfred. His wid. m. again.

7. John L. (s. of Hugh 3.) went to Lynn, and thence to Ashburnham N. H. he m. Mary Wright of Brooklyn N. H. and had William, Eliza, John, Daniel, Mary, Charles, Sarah Ellen, Caroline, and two other Ds.

8. Robert (s. of Hugh 3.) went to Boston : m. Melinda Wilbor of Raynham : and has Melinda and Julianne.

9. Hugh (s. of Hugh 3.) m. Hannah Shaw, D. of Josiah Keen, and had Thomas*, Sarah Jane, Hannah Freelove : he d. at Canton 1839.

10. Dr. Samuel A. (s. of Dr. Hector 4.) m. Elizabeth, D. of Thomas Williams Esq. of Roxbury, and has Elizabeth.


Thomas and Levi Osborne ss. of George Osborne of Hanson, lived in E. B.
Thomas m. Hannah D. of James Wade 1784, and had Absalom 1785, Peleg 1787, Mahala 1789, Martin 1791, Hannah 1793, Clarana 1795, Nabby 1798, Lavonia 1802. Absalom m. Lydia D. of Azor Howe 1812.
Peleg m. Sally Pool of H. 1812.
Clarana C. m. Josiah Edson 1820.
Levi m. Sophia Harvey 1797.
Deborah m. Asa Hudson 1803.


Dr. Isaac Otis (from Scituate s. of Dr. Isaac, and g. s. of Capt. Stephen, and g. g. s. of John, who came from Barnstable, Devonshire, Eng., b. 1620, and settled at Hingham with his father John 1635) gra. H. U. 1738 : m. Mehitabel, D. of Capt. Jonathan Bass 1746, and setttled in E. B. and had Bethiah 1747, Josiah 1749, Isaac and Nabby* 1752, Hannah 1755*, Nabby 1757*, Jacobs 1758, Thomas 1761*, Galen 1763. He d. 1785 ae. 66: she 1800 ae. 72.
Bethiah m. John Hudson 1769.
Isaac went to Cumberland R. I. and had a family, and among them were William and Isaac, who now live in Philadelphia.
Jacobs went to Providence and m. Sarah Smith Barker and had a family, among them were, Sewall, and Jacobs a Physician.
Galen was a Physician, m. Joanna, D. of Dea. David Tilden of Hanson, afterwards of Boston, and removed to Maine, and has a family.

2. Dr. Josiah (s. of Isaac 1.) m. Susanna, D. of the Hon. Hugh Orr 1772, and had Thomas*, Melville 1778, Nabby 1781, Bass* 1784, Clarissa 1786, Welcome 1790 : he d. Mar. 25, 1808 ae. 59 : she d. Dec. 20, 1836 ae. 84.
Nabby m. Capt. Wm. Vinton 1803, and d. 1816 ae. 34, and he then m. her sister Clarissa 1817.
Bass went to Philadelphia, is a portrait painter, and has a family there.
Welcome not m.

3. Melville (s. of Dr. Josiah 2.) m. Sophia, D. of Capt. Isaac Whitman 1809, and had Cushing; she d. 1826 ae. 42.
Cushing is also m. and has a family.

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