History of the early settlement of Bridgewater
in Plymouth County, Massachusetts
including an extensive family register.

Nahum Mitchell
Printed for the author by Kidder & Wright 1840

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


James Inglee (from Mido.) m. Keziah, D. of John Richards 1787, and lived in W. B., and had Clarissa Richards 1788. He d. 1816.
Clarissa m. Luther Hayward Jr. 1812.

Jane Inglee m. Nathan Orcutt 1781.
Solomon Inglee of Halifax m. Bathsheba, D. of Hugh Orr 1783 and lived and d. in Plymouth.


1. Ephraim Jackson m. Lydia Leach 1736, and went to Wrentham.

Joanna Jackson m. David Packard 1764.
Priscilla Jackson m. Isaac Brett 1765.
Hopestill Jackson m. Micah Gurney 1765.
Lydia Jackson m. James Keith 1743.
Mary m. Ebenezer Willis 1753.
Lydia, D. of Ephraim m. Nathan Packard 1758.
Some others of these might be Ds. of Ephraim perhaps.

2. Ephraim (s. of Ephraim 1.) m. Bathsheba, D. of John Trask 1765, and had Asa 1765, Oliver 1767, Caleb 1769, Lydia 1771, Bathsheba 1772, George Washington 1776, Rhoda 1778, Calvin 1779, Clarissa 1780. His wife d. and he m. Hannah Delano 1784 and had Barnard, Lucy, Polly. He d. 1814. Asa went westward.
Bathsheba m. Simeon Howard 1807.
Rhoda m. a Danston.
Clarissa m. Mayhew Packard 1801.
Lucy m. Sullivan Packard 1805.
Lydia was also m.
George W. m. Molly Briggs of Halifax 1804 where he lived.
Barnard m. Bathsheba, D. of Jonathan Keith 1808.

3. Capt. Oliver (s. of Ephraim 2.) m. Olive, D. of Capt. Zechariah Gurney 1807, and had Benjamin Franklin 1807; Henry 1811, Alpheus Gurney 1813.

4. Caleb (s. of Ephraim 2.) m. Zerviah, D. of Jonathan Keith, 1801, and had Mary Keith 1801, Hannah 1804, Adeline 1807, Elizabeth 1809, Jonathan Keith 1812, Thomas 1814, Samuel 1818. He removed to Maine.

5. Calvin (s. of Ephraim 2.) m. Sally Godfrey 1810, and had Nahum Hodges 1812, Ophelia Rosseter 1814, Mary Godfrey 1815, Hector Varnum 1818.

6. Widow Thankful Jackson of Abington m. Seth Keith 1775; she was a Studley of Hanover, and wid. of Michael Jackson of Abington, whom she m. 1759, and by whom she had Henry and Sally.
Henry Jackson m. Mehitabel, D. of Jonathan Alden 1786.
Sally m. James Willis 1786, and both went to Minot.
The wid. Thankful became a wid. a 2d. time and d. 1815 ae. 78.

Hannah m. Barnabas Keith 1771.
Silvia m. Asa Wilbur 1783.
John Atwood Jackson m. Keziah Benson 1815.


Samuel Jacob m. Susanna, D. of Ephraim Howard, and had Seth 1821.


1. William Jameson m. Eunice, D. of Ebenezer Packard 1780, and had Sarah 1781, Ebenezer 1782 Eunice 1788, William 1790.

2. Robert Jamieson, a Scotchman, lived several years with the Hon. Hugh Orr, but returned to Scotland, and became a very rich merchant.


Meritt Jenkins (grandson probably of David of Abington who came from Scituate and m. Elizabeth Meritt 1741) m. Lydia, D. of John Brown, and settled in E. B., and had John W. 1808, Lydia 1811, Betsy 1813.

David was s. of Edward, and g. s. of Edward, who was in Scituate as early as 1646. Widow Keziah m. Levi French 1805.
Charles m. Joanna Collier of Scituate 1785, and his ss. Wm., and Noble Everett settled in Boston.
Lucy Jenkins m. Sam'l Bartlett 1785.


1. Richard Jennings (from Sandwich perhaps) m. Mary Bassett, and settled in S. B., and had Joseph, Samuel 1703 ; Ephraim, Elizabeth, Anne, Mary, and Hannah were also his children probably. He d. 1751, his w. 1734.
Joseph d. 1756.
Elizabeth m. Wm. Ames 1721.
Anne m. John Cavener (or Carver) 1718.
Mary m. John Tobey 1710.
Hannah m. Joseph Leonard 1712.

2. Ephraim s. of Richard) m. Deliverance, D. of Thomas Washburn 1719, and had Mary 1720, Ephraim 1722, Sarah 1728.

Richard Jennings, ancestor of the above probably, put himself to Robert Bartlett of Plymo. 1635, as an apprentice for 9 years.
Richard of B. had a legacy in Francis Godfrey's will 1666, and was called "kinsman" by Wm. Bassett Jr. of Sandwich 1694.


1. Isaac Johnson Esq. of Hingham m. Abiah, or Abial, or Abihail, wid. of Isaac Lazell and D. of John Leavitt, and had David, Solomon, Daniel, and probably James, Deborah and Rebecca. He then came and settled in W. B. a. 1700, and had Sarah 1702, John 1705, Joseph 1707, d. 1730, Benjamin 1711, Mary 1716.
He was a captain, a representative, and a magistrate, and was born 1668 : d. 1735 She was born 1667, and had Isaac Lazell and Abihail Lazell by her first husband.
James m. Jane, D. of Isaac Harris and removed to Middleton Conn.
Deborah m. Benjamin Perry of Sandwich 1723.
Rebecca called of Hingham m. Jonathan Washburn 1719.
Sarah m. Solomon Pratt 1719.
Mary m. James Hooper 1737.

2. Capt. David (s. of Isaac 1.) m. Rebeckah, D. of John Washburn 1719, and had Isaac 1721, David 1724, Mary 1729, Sarah 1732, Rebecca 1734.
Sarah m. Joseph Packard 1748.
Rebecca m. Ezra Edson 1756.

3. Solomon (s. of Isaac 1.) m. Susanna, D. of Joseph Edson 1723, and had Susanna 1723, Seth 1733, Josiah 1735, Nathan 1738, Mary 1740 ; he d. 1771 ae. 76, she 1779.
Susanna m. Jonathan Lathrop of E. 1747.
Seth went to St.
Mary of St. m. James Lovell 1761.
Jacob Johnson of St m. Mercy Snow 1760.

4. Judge Daniel (s. of Isaac 1.) m. Betty, D. of James Latham 1726, and had James 1728, Isaiah 1734, Leavitt 1736.—Perhaps he had a 2d. wife Bethiah, D. of John Pryor, and had John Pryor, d. 1741, Betty, and Daniel 1747.
James and Leavitt d. Bachelors.
Betty d. single 1782.
Daniel grad. H. U. 1767, and settled in the ministry at Harvard 1769, and d. there Sept. 23, 1777.

5. Maj. John (s. of Isaac 1.) m. Peggy, D. of Col. John Holman 1731, and had Sarah 1733, Abial 1735, Lewis 1738, Patience 1744, Joseph 1747, Content 1749, Calvin 1751. She d. 1757, he 1770. He had probably a 2d. w. Esther.
Abiel m. John Alger 1754, and afterwards Ebenezer Pratt 1758.
Lewis lived in St.
Content m. Capt. Jacob Thomas of M.
Lewis Johnson m. Betsy Sturtevant 1799.

6. Benjamin (s. of Isaac 1.) m. Ruth, D. of Col. John Holman 1732, and had Ruth 1736, Benjamin 1739, Rhoda 1743, William 1753: She d. 1764 ae. 48, he 1768 ae. 58.
Ruth m. Stephen Richardson.
Benjamin d. in the army.
Rhoda m. Winslow Richardson 1763.
William m. Jane, D. of James Robinson 1779, and. had Ruth Holman 1780 and then went to Cummington, and thence to Cincinnati.

7. Maj. Isaac (s. of Capt. David 2.) m. Mary, D. of Thomas Willis, and had Huldah 1745, Thomas 1747, Elizabeth 1749, Mary 1751, Isaac 1754, Rebecca 1758. He d. 1807.
Huldah m. Silvanus Ames 1768, and afterwards John Willis 1784.
Elizabeth m. Elijah Ames 1769.
Mary m. Jonathan Hayward 1769.
Rebecca m. David Ames 1781, and d. 1834.

8. David (s. of Capt. David 2.) m. Susanna, D. of John Willis Esq. 1743, and had Willis 1744, Daniel 1746, and Susanna 1748.—His wife d. 1750, he m. Parnel, D. of Joseph Packard 1751. He went to Brookfield : his sons to Westmoreland.
Susanna m. Samuel Cony Jr. of Easton 1770.

9. Josiah (s. of Solomon 3.) m. Azubah, D. of Ephraim Cary, and had Solomon, Josiah, Nathan. He d. 1812 ae. 75, she 1816 ae. 76.
Solomon m. Sally, D. of Gain Robinson 1788, and moved first to Mendon, and afterwards westward, and finally to Rhode Island.

10. Isaiah (s. of Judge Daniel 4.) m. Ruth, D. of Eliphalet Leonard of E. 1757 and had James, Daniel, Cyrus, and probably Ruth, and Betty.
James m. Sally, D. of Eleazar Washburn 1798, and went to Easton and then to Maine.
Daniel m. Mary Barker of Hanson, and lived in Portland, and finally went to the city of N. York, and settled there as an attorney.
Cyrus was a physician, went to Maine, and afterwards to N. Bedford and m. Henrietta, D. of Dea. Isaac Lazell.
Isaiah, the father and his brother Leavitt both d. in Me.

11. Joseph (s. of Maj. John 5.) m. Bethiah, D. of Joseph Alger 1771, and had Susanna 1772, Vesta, Alfred 1776, Bethiah, Joseph 1781, Calvin 1793, Daniel 1786, Peggy, Martin 1791.
Susanna m. Isaac Alger 1788.
The father, Joseph, d. and his estate was settled by Nathaniel Perkins 1792, and the family re-moved to Maine.
Alfred m. Naomi, D. of Nathaniel Perkins probably 1801.
Bethiah m. Samuel Lathrop 1799.

12. Thomas (s. of Maj. Isaac 7.) m. Molly, D. of Maj. Daniel Lathrop 1771, and had Polly 1774, Rhoda 1776, Rebecca 1778, Thomas 1780, Daniel 1783, Huldah 1785. He d. 1834 : ae. 86.
Polly m. Nathan Johnson 1789.
Rhoda m. John Atwood 1797.
Rebecca m. Rufus Perkins 1797.
Thomas m. Hannah, D. of Thomas Hayward 1809.
Daniel gra. B. U. 1806, and settled in the ministry at Yarmouth, and m. Maria. D. of Simeon Sampson.
Huldah m. Ansel Hayward 1807.

13. Isaac (s. of Maj. Isaac 7.) m. Mary Wright of Marshfield 1786, and had Nahum, Isaac, Polly Lathrop.
Polly L. m. Silvanus Walker 1819.
Isaac m. a Porter of Halifax.

14. Josiah (s. of Josiah 9.) m. Eunice, D. of Isaac Allen 1784, and had Polly, Sally, Zebina, Eunice : his wife d. 1792 ae. 26 : and he m. Olive wid. of Daniel Orcutt, and D. of Benjamin Whitman 1793, and had Rhoda 1797, Sidney 1799. He d. 1836, she 1828 ae. 63.
Polly m. Galen Hearsey of A. 1813.
Sally m. Nathaniel Ramsdell 1812.
Rhoda m. Cotton Bates of Weymouth 1817.

15. Nathan (s. of Josiah 9.) m. Polly, D. of Thomas Johnson 1789, and had Nathan, Polly, Rebecca Perkins, Josiah, Daniel 1804, Harrison, and Azubah. He d. 1821 ae. 52 : she 1824 ae. 50.
Daniel was killed in the cotton factory 1816 ae. 12.
Polly m. Eliphalet Edson 1810.
Harrison lives in Boston.
Azubali m Chester Cooley 1812.

16. Capt. Zebina (s. of Josiah 14.) m. and has a family.
Major Seth Johnson and family (from Boston ; originally from Kingston) lived awhile in E. B. where he d. 1826 ae. 67.
Wm. Johnson of Taunton m. wid. Mary Owen 1782.
Mason Johnson m. Elizabeth Fuller 1790.
Mary Johnson of Kingston m. Capt. Abisha Stetson 1821.


Capt. Asa Jones (s. of Nathan Jones of Raynham) settled in North Bridgewater, m. Rachel, D. of Jeremiah Beal 1792, and had Nathan, Rosseter, Augustus, Asa, Sally : his wife d. and he m. Charity, D. of Mark Perkins 1806.
Nathan m. Lucia, D. of Robert Howard 1820.
Rosseter m. a Marshall.
Sally m. John Thompson 1819.
Simeon Jones of Pembroke m. Susanna, D. of Capt. Levi Washburn 1803, and his sons John and Simeon live in E. B.
Joseph Jones m. Elizabeth Eames 1787.
Nancy Jones m. Elezar Carver 2d. 1787.
Freeman Jones m. Nabby Leach 1792.
Polly Jones m. Isaac Whiting 1804.
Lurana Jones of Pembroke m. Joel Edson, his 2d. wife, 1820.
Samuel Jones m. Nabby Benson 1811.


1. Joseph Joslyn of Bridgewater (that part probably which is now Abington) m. Sarah Ford 1702 : his will dated 1726 : his ss. Joseph, Ebenezer 1709, Abraham 1716 : Ds. Hannah, Beatrice, Mary, Sarah 1703.
Joseph was absent and his legacies and bequests were on condition he should return.
Joseph the father d. 1726 : Sarah the mother d. 1734.

2. Ebenezer (s. of Joseph 1.) m. Esther Hearsey 1733, and had Mary 1733, Sarah 1735*, Sarah 1736.

3. Abraham (s. of Joseph 1.) m. Rebecca Tirrell 1741, and had Joseph 1742.

4. Joseph Joslyn settled in East Bridgewater near Hanson and Halifax, and m. Deborah, D. of John Hatch 1785, and had Deborah Hatch, Earl, Cyrus.
Deborah H. m. Marcus Howe 1813.
Earl m. Anne Brewster 1814.
Cyrus m. a D. of Micah White Jr.

Rebecca of Pem. m. Bezer Ames 1791.
Eunice of Pem. m. Dea. Joseph Kingman 1791.


1. Lemuel Keen (from Pembroke) lived awhile in E. B. ; had Jane, Josiah, Charles, Samuel, and Meribah.
Jane m. Matthew Allen 1786.
Meribah m. Bradford Mitchell, his 2d. w. 1901.

2. Josiah (s. of Lemuel I.) m. Hannah S., D. of Ezra Whitman 1792, and had Calvin Whitman bap. 1795, and Hannah Shaw bap. 1800 after her father's death ; the wid. m. Constant Hayward 1808..
Calvin W. m: Jane, D. of Hugh Orr 1812, and had Mary Bass, Calvin Whitman, and Isabella Orr, and d. 1824 ae. 31.
Hannah S. m. Hugh Orr Jr.

3. Charles (s. of Lemuel 1.) m. Celia, D. of Cushing Mitchell 1802, and had Warren, d. 1827 ae. 25, Maria Newton, and Lucretia, and d. 1815, ae. 39.
Maria m. Seth Bryant.
Newton lives in Boston.
Lucretia m. Levi Churchill Jr.

4. Dea. Samuel (s. of Lemuel 1.) m. Margaret O., D. of Anthony W. Cliff 1804, and had Samuel, Margaret, Sarah Jane, Lusanna, Harriet, and Mary.
Samuel m. Rhoda, D. of Eleazar Churchill.
Margaret m. Isaac Nutter.
Sarah J. m. Arvin Holbrook.
Joseph Keen m. Rhoda, D. of Daniel French 1815.
Elizabeth Keen lived in B. 1747 ; she had been a Wid. Turner.


Rev. James Keith, a Scotchman, was the first Minister of Bridgewater : was educated at Aberdeen, in Scotland ; came over 1662, at about 18 years of age ; ordained Feb. 1664 ; m. Susanna, D.. of his Deacon, Samuel Edson, and had James, Joseph, Samuel, Timothy, John, Josiah, Margaret, Mary, Susanna. He m. a 2d wife, Mary, wid. of Thomas Williams of Taunton, 1707; d. July 23, 1719, ae. 76.
Margaret m. a Hunt.
Mary m. Ephraim Howard.
Susanna m. Maj. Jonathan Howard, and d. young without children.
It is said that his first sermon was delivered from a Rock in Mill Pasture, so called, near the River.

2. James (s. of James 1.) and his wife Mary had James 1696, Mary 1693, Gershom 1701, Israel 1703, Faithful 1704, Esther 1707, Jane 1709, Simeon 1712. His inventory 1741. He removed to Mendon a. 1719.
John Keith of Thompson, Conn., who d. 1833, ae. 76, was probably one of his descendants. James and Noah were probably his gr. ss.
James had 2 ss., Josiah and Aaron, and another who went to Milford.
Noah had 2 ss., Chapin and Abijah, who both went to Barre, Vt.
Chapin was High Sheriff there.

3. Joseph (s. of James 1.) m. Elizabeth, D. of Dea. Edward Fobes, and had Anna 1695, Susanna 1697, Joseph 1699, Jemima 1701, Eleazar 1703, Abigail 1705, Ephraim 1707, Ichabod 1709, Martha 1711, Mary 1713, Elizabeth 1715 : his will 1730 ; her's 1757 : she made Constant Southworth her ex'or.
Anna m. Capt. Ebenezer Alden 1717.
Susanna m. Jonathan Cary 1717, and d. young.
Jemima m. Dea. James Packard 1722.
Eleazar m. Keziah, D. of Henry Kingman, 1726, settled in Easton, and had Lemuel, Seth, and perhaps other children.
Abigail m. Robert Howard 1725.
Martha m. Constant Southworth 1734.
Ichabod left a wid. Lydia, but no children. She m. a Dr. Jones of Abington for her 2d husband.
Mary m. Jonathan Kingman 1732.
Eliz. m. Samuel Lathrop 1731. He was ex'or. of his father's will, and had his homestead, and was Representative 1726.

4. Samuel (s. of James 1.) m. Bethiah, D. of Dea. Edw. Fobes, 1703, and had Constant 1703, Amos 1705, Samuel 1707, Bethiah 1710, Susanna 1714, Ebenezer 1716, Robert 1718, Jane 1720, Benjamin 1723. He lived in S. B., and d. 1750.
Constant m. Thomas Hayward of Tit.
Bethiah m. John Washburn 1738.
Susanna m. Solomon Ames 1737.
Jane m. Joseph Cowen 1743.

5. Timothy (s. of James 1.) m. Hannah, D. of Dea. Edward Fobes, 1710, and had Timothy 1711, Abiah 1712, Nathan 1714, Hannah 1718. He lived in N. B. She d. 1765; he 1767, ae. 83.
Hannah m. Daniel Ames 1742.

6. John (s. of James 1.) m. Hannah, D. of Samuel Washburn 1711, and had John 1712, James 1716, Israel 1719, Hannah 1721, Keziah 1723, Daniel 1725, Susanna 1727, Zephaniah 1730, Joseph and Mary. He lived in S. B., and d. 1761 ; she 1766.
Hannah m. Benjamin Leach Jr. 174O.
Keziah m. Arthur Bennet of M. 1744.
Mary m. Solomon Pratt 1761.

7. Josiah (s. of James 1.) m. Mary, D. of Samuel Lathrop, 1703, and had Margaret 1704, Josiah 1706, William 1708, Mark 1710, Sarah 1712, Mary 1714, Daniel 1716, Jane, Silence, Phebe. He, with his family, removed to Easton.
Margaret m. a Withrell of Norton.
Sarah m. William Thayer of Easton.
Mary m. Timothy Gilbert of Hardwick.
Jane m. Daniel Owen of Easton.
Silence m. Benjamin Smith, and afterwards Seth Willis, and went to Chesterfield.
Phebe m. Daniel White, and went to Maine.
Mark m. Mercy Parris, and went to New Milford.

8. Joseph (s. of Joseph 3.) m. Susannah, D. of John Field, 1721, and first lived near Easton, and afterwards settled in E. B. a. 1731, and had Joseph 1722, Abigail 1725, James 1727, David 1728, Susanna 1731, Eleazar 1733, John 1736, Seth 1739, George 1742. He afterwards m. Keziah, wid. of Capt. Israel Bailey 1763 : she was a Perry : he d. 1777, ae. 7 S ; she 1796, ae. 90.
Abigail m. Joseph Robinson 1746.
Susanna m. Peter Whitman 1752.

9. Ephraim Esq. (s. of Joseph 3.) gra. H. U. 1729 ; m. Sarah, D. of Israel Washburn, 1732, and settled in Titicut, and had Silvia 1735, Philibert 1737, Ephraim 1739, Timothy 1744, William 1746, Solomea 1749, and Sarah : his will dated 1777, proved 1781.
Philibert m. Francis Perkins 1775.
William m. Eunice, D. of Benjamin Leach, 1767, and had William, Ephraim, Cassandana, Bulah, Porcia, Cynthia, Amanda, Eunice, Olive, and Sarah.
William m. a Dickerman.
Cassandana m. Alpheus Leach 1787.
Bulah m. Jonathan Howard.
Porcia m. Mark Doget.
Cynthia m. Sullivan Shaw of M. 1797.
Amanda m. Consider Scott.
Eunice m. Eliab Leach 1802.
Olive m. Bernice Leach 1810.
Sarah, D. of Ephraim Esq., m. Dr. Eleazar Carver, 1776.

10. Amos (s. of Samuel 4.) m. Sarah, D. of Stephen or Ebenezer Robinson of Raynham. He d. 1782 : his will dated 1778: no children : mentions his brother Ebenezer's son Amos. She d. ae. 94.

11. Samuel (s. of Samuel 4.) m. Hannah, D. of Wm. Ames, 1734; and had Bethiah 1736, Edward 1740, Hannah 1742, Saml 1745 : -he d. 1759, she 1770.
Bethiah m. Daniel Leach 1760.
Hannah m. Philip Hall 1760.

12. Ebenezer (s. of Samuel 4.) m. Mary Pierce of Scituate 1741, and had Luther 1743, Rachel 1744, Mary 1745, Ebenezer 1747, Amos 1750, Lucy 1751, Susanna 1753, Caleb 1755, Calvin 1757 : she d. 1758, and he m. Hepzibah, wide of Eleazar Carver and D. of Thomas Perkins, 1759, and had Hepzibah 1760, Alexander 1762, Lavinia 1764 : he d. of small-pox 1778 ; she 1800, ae. 80.
Mary m. Benjamin Leach 1764.
Lucy m. Jireh Swift 1776.
Susanna m. Caleb Fobes 1776.
Hepzibah m. Abiezer Alger Esq. 1778.
Alexander m. Abigail Dean of Easton 1788, and settled in Easton.

13. Robert (s. of Samuel 4.) m. Tabitha Leach 1741, and had Robert 1742, Phebe, Hazadiah, Tabitha, Sarah*, Constant 1752, Wealthy, Sarah, Eliab 1756, Asa 1758. His will dated 1787; he d. 1796 ae. 77.
Phebe m. Jedediah Leach 1765.
Hazadiah m. James Leach 1765.
Tabitha m. Jona. Caswell 1769.
Constant m. Nehemiah Leach 1772.
Asa m. Susanna, D. of Nathan Hartwell 1780.

14. Benjamin (s. of Samuel 4.) m. Abigail, D. of Nehemiah Leach 1749, and had Abigail 1753, Lewis 1755, Ruth 1757, Benjamin, Marshall, Eunice, Bethiah. Benjamin, the father d. 1801 ae. 78 : she 1806 ae. 75.
Marshall m. Hepzibah, D. of Benjamin Leach 1798.
Eunice m. Ebenezer Leach 1794.
Bethiah m. Caleb Bassett 1782.

15. Timothy (s. of Timothy 5.) m. Bethiah, D. of William Ames 1737, and had Levi 1738, and d. 1740 ae. 29.

16. Abiah (s. of Timothy 5.) m. Mary, D. of Joseph Snell 1737, and had Mary 1731, Anne 1748, Asa 1750, Bathsheba 1752, Keziah 1754, Shepard i 756. He. d. 1781 ae. 69.
Mary m. Adam Howard 1759.
Bathsheba m. Edward Bass of Braintree 1772.

17. Nathan (s. of Timothy 5.) m. Hannah, D. of Joseph Snell 1746, and had Mehitabel 1747, Simeon 1149, Damaris 1751, Isaac 1753, Jonathan 1754, Hannah 1756*, Martha 1761, Nathan 1764. Nathan, the father, d. 1786 ae. 72 : she 1773 ae. 49.
Mehitabel m. Theophilus Curtis 1766.
Damaris m. Joseph Allen of Braintree 1769.
Martha m. Elisha Bisbee 1779.

18. John (s. of John 6.) m. Abigail, D. of Jonathan Willis 1734.
Abigail Keith m. Zechariah Watkins 1761.
Mary Keith m. Solomon Pratt 1761.

19. James (s. of John 6.) m. Lydia Jackson 1743, and James Keith m. Lydia Perkins 1744, and had Deborah 1744, Dardany 1746, Keziah 1748, Hannah 1750, James 1752. These children were said to have been by his 3d. wife, if so we have no knowledge of his first.
Deborah Keith m. Ebenezer Shaw Jr. of M. 1764 : and Deborah Keith m. Zadock Leonard of M. 1765, which was this man's D. is uncertain.
Dardany m. Zebedee Pratt of M. 1763.
Keziah m. Jona. Wood 1764.
Hannah m. Robert Hayward 1768.

20. Israel (s. of Jobn 6.) m. Betty, D. of Jonathan Chandler probably 1741, and had Chandler 1741, Israel 1744, (He d. and the wid. Betty probably m. Joseph Harvey 3d. 1749.)
Israel m. Abigail, D. of Nathan Leonard 1767.

21. Daniel (s. of John 6.) m. Elizabeth, D. of Nathaniel Conant 1744, and had Isaiah 1745, Daniel 1747, Jeremiah 1749 ; she d. and he m. Lydia Keyzer of E., and had Naomi 1754, Seth 1757, Salmon 1760, Betty ; his 2d. w. d. 1762.
Naomi m. Miles Standish Jr. 1774.
Betty rn. Thomas Sherman 1781.
Isaiah m. Sarah, D. of John Burr 1773 ; lived in M. ; his estate settled by Joseph 3d. 1775.

22. Zephaniah (s. of John 6.) (he lived in Easton and afterwards Vermont.) m. Mary, D. of Nathaniel Hooper 1750, and had Israel 1750, Scotland, Cyrus, Ruel, Jonathan, Unite, Alfred, and perhaps others ; he lived to great age.
Israel gra. H. U. 1771, was Adjutant General inMs , and afterwards went to Vt., and d. 1819 ae. 69.
Ruel, Unite and Alfred also went to Vt.
Jonathan went to Kennebec.
Scotland m. Parnel, D. of Col. Edward Howard 1772, and lived in E.
Cyrus m. Bathsheba Sproat, and lived in M.

23. Joseph (s. of John 6.) m. Chloe, D. of Samuel Packard 1759, and had Aberdeen 1760, Lurania 1763, John 1765, Timothy 1767, Joseph 1769, Martin 1771. This family lived in M. ; he settled his brother Isaiah's estate 1775, and was called Joseph Keith 3d.
Aberdeen d. 1778.

24. Josiah (s. of Josiah 7.) m. Ruth Manly 1730, and lived in E., and had Milicent 1730, Josiah 1732, Rebecca 1735, Ruth 1739, David 1747, Mary 1749, d. 1824, James 1751, Martha 1754.
Milicent m. Benjamin Parris 1753.
Josiah m. wid. Susanna Williams 1755, (she was a Lathrop) ; lived in Easton : had several wives ; and had Bathsheba 1759, Benjamin, Thomas, Ruel, Lewis, and others perhaps, James of Westmoreland was one.
Rebecca m. Ezra Alden 1756, and John Bisbee 1771.
David m. Sarah, D. of Jonas Copeland 1769 and had Francis and Bezer of Easton, and Josiah and Friend of Me. and others perhaps.

25. William (s. of Josiah 7.) m. Mary, D. of Henry Kingman 1738 and settled in E. and had Edward, William, Luke, Japhet.
Luke m. Martha Littlefield 1768.
Edward m. Susanna Littlefield 1765.

26. Daniel (s. of Josiah 7.) m. a Manly and lived in E. and had Alexander who went to Greenwich ; Nehemiah who had a s. Caleb ; Daniel who had a s. Daniel and a s. Allen, in Mansfield, by a 2d. wife, who was an Allen.

27. Capt. Joseph (s. of Joseph 8.) m. Ann Turner 1746, and had William 1748*, Joseph 1750*. He d. 1792 ae. 69 : she 1807 ae. 79.

28.. James (s. of Joseph 8.) m. Sarah, D. of Capt. John Holman 1752, and had James 1753, Sarah 1754, Anne 1756, Isaac 1759, Holman 1761, Susanna 1763, William 1765, John Quincy 1769, Molly 1777, Caleb 1782*. He d. 1803 ae. 76 : she 1818 ae. 81.
Sarah m. Job Bearce 1780.
Anne m. Capt. Ephraim Snell 1780.
Susanna d. single 1839.
Molly m. Seth Keith 1793.
John Quincy m. Mary, D. of John Hudson 1792, and went to Minot Me.

29. David (s. of Joseph 8.) m. Jemima, D. of Dea. Thomas Whitman 1754, and had David 1755, d. 1778, Abigail 1758, d. 1778. Levi 1760, Molly 1763, Zenas 1766 ; his wife d. 1771, and be m. Charity wid. of Uriah Brett and D. of Jonathan Kingman 1772, and had Calvin 1775, David 1778 ; he d. 1612 oe. 84 ; she 1819 ae. 78.
Molly m. Capt. Daniel Kinsley 1785.

30. Eleazar (s. of Joseph S.) m. Elizabeth, F. of Col. Edward. Mitchell 1760, and had Betty 1760, Huldah 1762, Silvia I764,. Lucy 1766, Eleazar 1769, John 1772, Timothy 1774, Celia 1777, Susanna 1780, Martin 1782, Jennet 1785*, Silvanus 1787, George 1790. His wife d. 1790 ae. 4S, and he m. Susanna wid. of Asa Keith and D. of Ephraim Cary 1795 ; he d. 1809 ae. 76.
Betty m. Isaac Keith 1784.
Huldah m. Levi Keith 1756.
Silvia m. Holman Keith 1785.
Lucy m. Ephraim Copeland 1791.
Celia m. Isaac Lathrop Jr. of Easton 1798.
Susanna m. Galen Latham 1802.
Martin m. Sally, D. of Job Bearce 1809, and died 1809 ae. 27.
Silvanus m. Lurania, D. of Caleb Copeland 1820 and d. 1825 ae. 38.
George m. Phidelma, D. of Anthony Winslow Clift 1815.
Sally, Martin's Wid. m. Edward Hayward Jr. of Easton 1820.

31. John (s. of Joseph S.) m. Alice, D. of Col Edward Mitchell 1763, and had Alice 1764 : his wife d. 1766 ae. 22 : and he m. Ann Belcher 1774 ; she d. and he m. Zerviah, D. of Benjamin Willis of Hardwick, and had Joseph, Benjamin, Seth ; he d. 1819 ae. 83 : she 1827 ae.73.
Alice m. Libeus Washburn 1792 and d. in Pomfret Con. 1833.
Joseph is a physician in Minot Me.
Benjamin m. Sally, D. of Joseph Edson 1811.
Seth lives in Boston.

32. Seth (s. of Joseph S.) m. Abigail, D. of Capt. John Holman 1764, and had Joseph 1765, Seth 1769 ; his w. d. 1771 ae. 28, and he m. Thankful wid. of Michael Jackson of Abington 1775: she was a Studley of Hanover : and had Ichabod 1777, Bethuel 1779, Abigail 1782. He d. 1785 ae. 45 ; she 1815 ae. 78.
Seth m. Molly, D. of James Keith 1793, and went to Minot Me. and d. 1833.
Bethuel not m.
Abigail m. Hiram Washburn 1806 and d. 1822 ae. 40.

33. George (s. of Joseph 8.) m. Deborah, D. of Nathaniel Clift of Marshfield 1768, and had George 1769 ; his wife d. 1777 ae. 29 : and he m. Elizabeth Ford 1780, and had James, who settled in Marshfield. He d. 1819 ae. 77.
George lived and d. in Boston, and left Stephen, Nathaniel, George and perhaps others.

34. Ephraim (s. of Ephraim Esq. 9.) gra. H. U. 17 fit, m. a Smith, and lived in Taunton : had Marshall, who m. a Cushman, and settled in Boston, Julia, who m. a Cushing, and Amelia, who m. a Crosman.

35. Solomon (s. of Ephraim Esq. 9.) m. Lois, D. of Jonathan Cary 1777, and had Clarissa 1778, Mary 1750, Solomon 1783, Jona. Cary 1785, Lois 1787, Sumner 1790, Ichabod 1793.
Clarissa m. Calvin Pratt 1795.
Polly m. Solomon Eaton of M. 1796.
Lois m. Consider Scott of Charlemont.
Solomon m. Lucinda, D. of Salmon Keith 1807, and had Maria, Vassall, Solomon, Ambrose, Clarissa Lloyd, Bartlett; Fayette, and Sumner.

36. Edward (s. of Samuel 11.) m. Melhitabel, D. of Thomas Hayward 1778, and had Bethiah 1781. He m. Betsy King 1791 and had Jairus S. 1792, gra. B. U. 1819, Mehitabel 1794, Hannah 1797. He removed to the Eastward.

37. Samuel (s. of Samuel 11.) m. Zilphah, D. of Thomas Conant 1766, and had Keziah 1768, not m. Barzillai 1770, Ruth 1772, Abner 1774, Cyrus 1776, Samuel 1779, David and Jonathan 1782.
David m. Ruth Wilbur 1806.
Jonathan m. Polly Gushe 1805.

38. Luther (s. of Ebenezer 12.) m. Sarah Tomson 1767, and had a family and removed to Pelham, and thence to Sangersville.

39. Ebenezer (s. of Ebenezer 12.) m. Hannah, D. of James Allen 1773; and had a large family and went away with his brother Luther.

40. Amos (s. of Ebenezer 12.) m. Anna wid. of Jesse Fuller Sturtevant and D., of James Alger 1774, and had Mary, Amos, Sarah, Charles, Anna.
Polly m. Abraham Leach 1796.
Amos m. Sally Reed of M. 1801.
Sarah m. Gordon Strobridge 1801.
The parents went to Oakham.

41. Caleb (s. of Eben. 12.) m. Susanna, D. of Nathan Mitchell Esq. 1777, and had Mitchell, Anna, Carlos, and others, and went to Pelham.

42. Calvin (s. of Ebenezer 12.) m. Martha, D. of James Alger 1779, and had Sarah, Parnel, and others and went to Pelham.
Sarah m. Levi Blossom of Woodstock 1801.
Parnel m. Byram Harvey 1800.

43. Robert (s. of Robert 13.) m. Silence, D. of Nathan Hartwell 1763 and had Hartwell 1764, Jonathan 1766, Silvanus 1767. This woman was mother of Seth Lathrop of S. Carolina.

Robert Keith m. Hannah Southworth of Raynham 1782.
Jonathan m. Sarah, D. of Janies Leach 1792.

44. Benjamin (s. of Benjamin 14.) m. Olive Eaton of M. 1788, and had Otis 1790, Royal 1792, Benjamin 1795, Olive 1797, Lucinda 1800, Oliver 1810.

45. Levi (s. of Timothy 15 ) m. Jemima, D. of Luke Perkins 1759, and had Bethiah 1760, Benjamin 1763, Jernim a 1767. Molly 1771, Levi 1773; he d. 1313 ae. 76.
Bethiah m. Nath'l Reynolds Jr. 1777.
Jemima m. Wm. Field 1797.
Molly m. Dea. Ichabod Howard 1794.

46. Asa (s. of Abiah 16.) m. Susanna, D. of Ephraim Cary 1774, and had Bethuel 1775, Mehitabel 1778, Asa 1779, Huldah 1781, d. 1808, Alden 1783, Susanna 1785, d. 1813, Sybil 1787, Mary 1789, d. 1809. He d. of small pox and the wid m. Eleazar Keith 1795.
The ss. moved away westward.
Mehitabel m. John Keith 1800.

47. Shepard (s. of Abiah 16.) m. Sally Hawes 1795, and had Rowena 1795. Abi 1796, Melina 1798, Olive 1799, Sally 1802, Scepter 1809, Mary 1813.

48. Simeon (s. of Nathan 17.) m. Molly, D. of Col. Simeon Cary 1775, and had Hampden 1776, Hannah 1777, Molly 1779, Austin 1781, Sidney 1783, Martha 1785, Pardon 1787, Rhoda 1790, Silvia 1792, Keziah 1794.
Hampden m. Sally, D. of Joseph Bassett Esq. 1799.
Hannah m. George Haskell 1795*.
Molly m. Dr. Issachar Snell 1799.
Martha m. Amos Bond of Augusta 1807.
Austin m. Mehitabel, D. of Jona. Copeland 1813.
Sidney m. Semantha, D. of Capt. Ephraim Snell 1806.
Pardon m. Abigail Wild of Braintree 1812.
Rhoda m. Rev. Jonas Perkins 1815.
Silvia m. Josiah Williams 1814.
Keziah m. Peter Talbot of Winslow 1812.
Hampden and Sidney settled in Winslow Me.

49. Isaac (s. of Nathan 17.) m. Hannah, D. of Ephraim Cole 1775,.and had Timothy 1776, and d. 1776 in the army ; and his widow m. Capt. Seth Keith 1778.
Timothy m. Lavinia Wilbur 1797, and afterwards Hannah, D. of Robert Hayward 1819.

50. Jonathan (s. of Nathan 17.) m. Hannah, D. of Charles Snell 1777, and had Isaac 1778, Zeruiah 1782, Tila (Silence) 1785, Sally 1788, Bathsheba 1790, Abigail 1793, Hannah 1795, Jonas 1797, Susanna 1799.
Zerviah m. Caleb Jackson 1801.
Silence m. Silvanus French of St. 1804.
Sally m. Calvin Wild of Braintree 1810.
Bathsheba m. Barnard Jackson 1808.
Isaac m. Lydia, D. of Wm. French 1801.
Jonas m. Mercy E. Bartlett of Plymouth 1826.

51. Nathan (s. of Nathan 17.) m. Lois, D. of Barnabas Howard Esq. 1786, and had Lois 1788, Nahum Mitchell 1794, and went to Me.
Lois m. Francis Nash of Braintree 1810.

52. Daniel (s. of Daniel 21.) m. Melatiah, D. of James Hooper 1766, and had Susanna 1767, Zephaniah 1771, Melatiah 1774, Howe 1779, Rufus 1783, Melinda 1785, and Daniel.
Susanna m. Benjamin Robbins.
Melatiah m. Daniel Washburn 1795.
Rufus m. Polly Blossom of Eaton N. H. 1804.
Daniel m. Ruth, D. of Dea. Peter Conant 1800.

53. Jeremiah (s. of Daniel 21.) m. Agatha Bryant of M. 1776,, and had Jeremiah, Bethiah, Naomi, Betsy, Susanna.
Jeremiah m. Sally Pratt 1801, lived in M. and had a s. Nahum.
Bethiah m. Josiah Pratt.
Naomi m. Isaac Pratt 1804.
Betsey m. Benjamin Tucker 1800.
Susanna m. Zebulun K. Pratt 1814.

54. Capt. Seth (s. of Daniel 21.) m. Hannah wid of Isaac. Keith and D. of Ephraim Cole 1778, and went to Me., afterwards returned and d. in Titicut. He had Ephraim, Hannah, Polly, Isaac, Aberdeen, Lydia, Philander.
Ephraim went to Me.
Hannah m. Hosea Leach 1807.
Pol1y m. William Pratt.
Aberdeen m. Susanna Murdock 1806.

55. Salmon (s. of Daniel 21.) m. Chloe Wilbor 1779, and had Zephaniah 1779, Oliver 1781, Lucinda 1785, Salmon 1789, Chloe 1792.
Zephaniah m. Susanna, D. of Luther Hooper 1807.
Oliver m. Susanna Robbins 1809.
Lucinda m. Solomon Keith 1807.
Salmon m. Abigail Robbins 1813.
Chloe m. Joshua Fobes 2d. 1809.

56. Maj. James (s. of Josiah 24.) m. Anna, D. of Henry Kingman, and had Ambrose 1774, Nancy 1778, Abigail 1780, Submit 1783.
Nancy m. Daniel Packard 1796, and went to Pelham.
Abigail m. Nathan Snell Jr. 1800.

57. James (s. of James 2S.) m. Mary, D. of Col. Edward Mitchell 1780, and had Piam, James, Nahum, Madison, Bela, . Nabby, Tamsin, Sarah.
James m. Betsy, D. of Noah Whitman 1815.
Nabby m. Cyrus Cary 1802.
Sarah m. Ebenezer Whitman.
This family all went westward.

58. Isaac (s. of James 28.) m. Betty, D. of Eleazar Keith 1784, and had Isaac, Perez, Barzillai, Freedom, Betsy.
Capt. Isaac m. Bathsheba, D. of Capt. Simeon Curtis 1815.
Perez m. Silvia, D. of Holman Keith.
Barzillai m. Tempe, D. of Caleb Copeland 1819.
Freedom went to Me.
Isaac the father d. 1822, ae. 64. Betty the mother d. 1838 ae. 78.

59. Holman (s. of James 28.) m. Silvia, D. of Elea. Keith 1785, and had Caleb, Thaxter, Holman, Silvia, Jane. Silvia the mother d. 1828 ae. 64 ; he d. 1835 ae. 74.
Caleb m. Hazadiah, D. of Hezekiah Hayward 1812, and had Hezekiah and Elbridge.
Silvia m. Perez Keith.
Jane m. Caleb Mitchell 1811.
Thaxter yet single.(1840)
Holman m., a D. of B. Pope Esq.

60. Dea. William (s. of James 28.) m. Abigail, D. of Thomas Russell 1789, and had Agnes 1789, Parlee 1792, Elbridge G. 1795, Semantha 1802. Dea. Keith d. 1826 ae. 62. his wife 1832 ae. 61.
Agnes m. Noah Bonney Jr. of Pembroke 1819, and d. 1821 ae. 31.
Capt. Parlee m. Dulcinea, D. of Barnabas Dunbar 1821.
Elbridge G. m. a Smith of Pembroke and d. 1834.
Semantha m. Nathan Whitman.

61. Levi (s. of David 29.) m. Huldah, D. of Eleazar Keith 1786, and had Levi and Heman.
Capt. Levi m. Mehitabel, D. of Capt. Isaac Whitman 1811.
Heman m. Silvester, D. of Capt. Simeon Curtis.

62. Zenas (s. of David 29.) m. Jane, D. of Ephraim Cary 1792, and had Zenas, Scott, Willard, Jane, Margaret Orr, Mary Augusta, Ann Maria, Susan Frances : he d. 1840 ae. 74.
Zenas m. Salome, D. of Dyer Robinson 1821.
Scott m. Abigail, D. of Dyer Robinson.
Willard m. Eliza Thomas of Marshfield.
Jane m. Oliver A. Washburn 1814.
Margaret O. m. Gad Robinson 1821.
Ann Maria m. Charles Robinson.
Susan F. m. Ellis W. Holmes.

63. Calvin (s. of David 29.) m. Bethiah, D. of Abishai Stetson 1794, and had Zebina, Lewis, Joseph Warren, Nahum.
Zebina m. Rebecca Wethrell 1820.
Lewis m. Azubah, D. of Levi Churchill 1719.
Joseph Warren m. Eunice Bowen 1823.
Nahum m. a Holmes.

64. David (s. of David 29.) m. Lydia, D. of Nathan Alden Esq. 1801, had Julia 1802, Mary Russell 1804, Lydia Arden 1806, David Noble 1808, Abigail 1810. He d.1813 ae. 35.

65. Eleazar (s. of Eleazar 30.) m. Bethiah, D. of Jona. Kingman 1793, and had Bethiah 1794 ; his wife d. 1797 ae. 25 : and he m. Zilphah, D. of Maj. Tho's Mitchell, and had Huldah 1801, Lucy and Lucia 1804, Eleazar 1809.
He d. 1822.
Bethiah m. George Mitchell 1820.
Huldah m. Rufus Bates of Hanover 1821.
Lucia m. Jacob A. Rogers.

66. John (s. of Eleazar 30.) m. Mehitabel, D. of Asa Keith 1800, and had Jennet 1801, Esta Fanny 1804, Timothy, Asa ; his wife d. 1813 ae. 36.
Jennet m. Josiah Reed 1820.

67. Timothy (s. of Eleazar 30.) m. Lydia Wyer of Charlestown, where he lived, and d. 1805 ae. 31, leaving 2 ss. Timothy and William. The wid. m. William Manning, a printer in Boston, who removed to Worcester, and has since returned to Boston and is messenger to the Gov. and Council.—She d. 1838.

68. Joseph (s. of Seth 32.) m. Betty, D. of Anthony Sherman 1787, and had Salome 1787. He d. 1789 ae. 24, and she m. Timothy Allen 1791.
Salome m. Daniel Alger 1806.
69. Ichabod (s. of Seth 32.) m. Susannah, D. of Benjamin Robinson 1802, and had Edwin, Eleanor, Francis, Ralph Sanger, Joseph Robinson.
He d. 1833.

70. Abner (s. of Samuel 37.) m. Eunice, D. of David Benson 1803, and had Zilpha 1804, Anna 1806, Eunice 1808, Lurania 1811, Abner 1814, Elvira Benson 1818.

71. Hartwell (s. of Robert 43.) m. Seabury Wilbor, and had Silence 1786, Seabury 1789, Jonas H. 1791, Hartwell 1793, Davis 1795, Gideon 1798, Eliza 1798.
He d. 1801 ae. 40, and she m. Thaddeus Howard 1813.
Jonas H. m. Susanna, D. of Nathaniel Manly 1816.
Hartwell m. Mary, D. of Joseph Bassett 1816 and went to Dudley.
Davis m. Harriot, D. of Thaddeus Howard 1820.
Eliza m. Perez Lathrop 1818.

72. Benjamin (s. of Levi 45.) m. Patty, D. of Col. Simeon Cary 1788, and had Ziba 1789, Arza 1791, Bela 1793, Charles 1794, Polly 1798, Jason 1801.
Polly m. Franklin Ames 1821.
Ziba m. Sally, D. of Jona. Cary 1813.
Arza m. Marcia, D. of Abel Kingman Esq. 1814.
Bela m. Mary, D. of Seth Kingman 1821.
Charles m. Mehitabel, D. of Josiah Perkins 1817.
The father d. 1814.

73. Levi (s. of Levi 45.) m. Abigail Porter 1797, and had Alvan 1799, and Clarissa 1801, and removed to Me.

74. Hampden (s. of Simeon 48.) m. Sarah, D. of Joseph Bassett Esq. 1799, and had Hannah 1801, James 1803, and went to Winslow, Me.

75. Ambrose (s. of Maj. James 56.) m. Catharine, D. of Nathaniel Southworth 1796, and had Cassander Dodge 1797, Omen Southworth 1799, Clifford 1801. He lived in Halifax.
Cassander D. m. Mary Darling of M. I816.
Clifford m. Arethusa, D. probably of Oliver Harris of St. 1820.

76. Isaac of Easton (s. of Josiah 24.) m. Mary Randall, and had Howe, Isaac, and Lusanna. He d. 1773, and she m. Capt. Simeon Wood of S. B. 1774.
Lusanna m. Jacob Tomson of Halifax 1795.

77. Isaac (s. of Isaac 76.) m. Joanna, wid. of Adam Besse, and D. of Dea. Seth Pratt 1797, and had Edwin, Philo, Asa, Pamelia, Marietta, and Harriet.
Edwin m. Saba, D. Joseph Hooper.
Philo m. Caroline, D. of Maj. Theodore Mitchell.
Pamelia m. Abram Washburn 2d, 1822.

78. Howe (s. of Isaac 76), m. Martha, D. of Benjamin Hayward, 1795, and had Benjamin Hayward 1795, Alexis 1797, Isaac 1799, Sally 1800, Jacob 1803, Polly 1804, Albertina 1810, Howe 1814.
Benjamin Hayward m. Lucia, D. of Samuel Harden 1719.

79. Mitchell (s. of Caleb 41), m. Salome, D. of Major Isaac Lazell 1811, and had Thomas Mitchell 1811, James Drances 1815, d. 1834. The mother d. 1838, and he m. wid. Charlotte Tisdale, sister of his first wife 1840.

80. Jacob (of Easton, probably), m. Abigail, D. of David Leach, perhaps 1734, and had Abigail 1737, Barnabas 1750.
Barnabas m. Hannah Jackson 1771, and has a son Barnabas.
Jacob Keith m. Elizabeth Ripley, 1801.

Molly, m. Geo. Briggs 1768.
Lemuel, m. Abihail Lathrop 1768.
Azael m. Olive Edson 1767.
Mary of Easton m. John Dunbar 1768.
Bathsheba, D. of Josiah Jr. of Easton m. Theophilus Howard Jr. 1778.
Patience m. Japhet Beal 1770.
Phebe of Easton m. Ebenezer Gilbert 1743.
Keziah m. Moses Eddy 1788.
Francis m. Melinda Holbrook of St. 1800.
Betsy m. Cyrus Snell 1801.
Isaac 5th m. Anna French 1810.
Lemuel of E. m. Anne Keith 1810.
Eliab m. Patience Wood 1813.
Hiram m. wid. Sarah Whitmarsh 1816.
Sally m. Charles Hayward Jr. 1821.


George Keyzer from Boston and his wife Elizabeth had Hannah 1720, Abigail 1723, Seth 1727. The family removed to Easton.
Mary Keyzer m. Isaiah Fuller 1768
Lydia of E. m. Daniel Keith a. 1753.
Mary of E. m. Henry Kingman Jr. 1761.
Lydia m. Wm. French 1767.


Thomas Kiff in E. B. m. Mary Bunton 1735, and had John 1736, Mary 1739, Ann 1740.


Jabez King m. Mary, D. of Timothy Washburn 1753, and had Elizabeth 1755, Daniel 1757, Mary 1761.
Hezekiah King m. Sarah Reed 1712.
Barzillai of Easton m. Betsy Cheesman 1812.
Josiah King and his wife Ruth had John 1773.
Joanna of T. m. Robert Snell 1756.
Hazadiah of R; m. Hezekiah Hayward 1791.


Henry Kingman of Weymouth made free 1636; grand juror 1637 : representative 1638, and 1652 : committee to lay out highways 1649 : his wife Joanna d. 1659 : his will proved 1666 : he d. ae. a. 74 : had Edward, Thomas and John : his Ds. m. one a Holbrook, one a Davis, and one a Barnard.
Moses Kingman Jr. m. Eliza Pain of Braintree 1747.

1. John (s. of Henry above) purchased of Michael Bacon Jr, of Billerica the estate in W. B. formerly belonging to his uncle Daniel Bacon 1685, it being the place where Caleb Kingman lived. His w. Elizabeth. They had John 1664, Henry 1668, Samuel 1670, Elizabeth 1673, Deliverance 1676, Susanna 1679. He d. 1690.
Elizabeth m. Tho's Mitchell, and Deliverance m. Jacob Mitchell, both at the same time 1696.
Susanna m. Chilton Latham, 1699.
Another D. m. Nath'l Packard probably.

2. John (s. of John 1.) m. Desire, D. of Isaac Harris and had Desire 1690, Mary 1692, Seth 1696, Deliverance 1698 ; she d. and he m. Bethiah Newcomb 1698, and had Isaac 1699, John 1703, Abigail 1705, David 1708, Ebenezer 1711, Josiah 1713, Bethiah 1716. He d. 1755 ae. 91.
Desire m. John Orcutt 1721.
Deliverance m. Ebenezer Orcutt 1725.
Abigail m. Jacob Allen 1730.
Bethiah m. James Allen 1736.

3. Henry (s. of John 1.) m. Bethiah, D. of John Howard, and had Bethiah 1693, Elizabeth 1695, Sarah 1697, Martha 1699, Henry 1701, Keziah 1703, Hannah 1705, Jonathan 1708, Anne 1710, Mary 1713.
Bethiah m. Benjamin Washburn 1714.
Sarah m. Benjamin Pratt 1719.
Martha m. Benjamin Washburn 1729.
Keziah m. Eleazar Keith 1726.
Hannah m. John Alden 1727.
Anne m. Gershom Conant 1739.
Mary m. William Keith 1738.

4. Samuel (s. of John 1.) m. Mary, D. of Jacob Mitchell 1696, at the same time with her two brothers, (see No. l .) and had Susanna 1697, John 1699, Joanna 1701, Jane 1704, Mary 1706, Samuel 1710. His will 1740, proved 1742: left a wid. Hannah 2d. wife probably.
Susanna m. Solomon Packard.
Joanna m. Akerman Pettingill 1723.
Jane m. Isaac Kingman 1730.
Mary Kingman m. Benjamin Vickery 1739.
Hannah Kingman m. John Wade 1751.

5. Isaac (s. of John 2.) m. Jane, D. of Samuel Kingman 1730, and had Abigail 1730, Lemuel 1732, Jane 1736, Bethiah 1743, Isaac 1747 ; his wife d. 1769, and he m. wid. Ruth Loring 1770.
Abigail m. Samuel Dawes Jr. 1755.
Jane m. James Loring 1770.
Bethiah m. Robert Robinson 1772.
Isaac m. Content, D. of James Packard 1769.
Isaac the father lived in N. B. till a. 1743, when he removed to E. B. and d. 1779 ae. 79.
Perhaps Isaac Jr. went to the westward with his father-in-law.

6. John (s. of John 2.) m. Rebecca, D. of Samuel Allen, and had Mehitabel 1731, Daniel 1732, Abner 1735, Mercy 1737, Eliab 1739, Rebecca 1741. It is said he had a 2d. wife Elizabeth.—Wid. Elizabeth Kingman joined the ch. in E. B. 1742.
Mehitabel m. Ebenezer Wade 1759, and d. 1772 ae. 41.
Eliab went to Hingham.

7. David (s. of John 2.) m. Mary, D. of Nathaniel Hayward 1732, lived in E. B. and had David 1733, Hannah 1743. He died 1769 ae. 61, she 1792 ae. 87.
Hannah m. Col. Robert Orr 1766.

8. Ebenezer (s. of John 2.) m. Content Turner of Scituate 1740, and had Caleb 1744, Lucy 1748, Silvia 1754, Marlboro 1756, Susy 1762.
Lucy m. William Hudson Jr. 1767.
All this family except Caleb removed to Harvard.

9. Josiah (s. of John 2.) m. Mary, D. of Josiah Williams 1787 and had Josiah 1740, Molly 1742, Edward 1744, Benjamin 1746, Martha 1750. He settled in E. B., but removed to Easton, and d., and his wid. m. Ephraim Cary 1784, and d. 1803 ae. 85.
Damon m. Polly Snell 1814.
Mara m. Wm. Phillips I795.
Eunice m. George Williams Jr. 1797.
Nancy of Mansfield m. Sprague Snow 1820.

10. Henry (s. of Henry 3.) m. Mary, D. of Samuel Allen 1726, and had Mary 1727, Jane 1729, Matthew 1731, Henry 1735 ; his w. d. 1740, and he m. Abigail, wid. of Seth Copeland and D. of Thomas White of Braintree 1742, and had Abigail 1749, Anne 1752, Seth 1757, Benjamin 1760, Submit. He d. 1775 ae. 74.
Mary m. Benjamin Pettingill 1747.
Jane m. Elisha Gurney 1760.
Henry m. Mary Keyzer 1761.
Abigail m. Daniel Dunbar 1771.
Anne m. Maj. James Keith.
Benjamin m. Rhoda Shaw 1783, and went to Winchester.
Submit m. Simeon Shurtliff 1781.

11. Jonathan (s. of Henry 3.) m. Mary, D. of Joseph Keith 1732, and had Martha 1732, Jonathan 1735, Mary 1738, Charity 1740, Bethiah 1743, Betty 1751.
Martha m. James Alger 1750.
Mary (or Bethiah) m. Henry Howard of Easton.
Charity m. Uriah Brett 1760, and David Keith 1772.
Betty m. Robert Dunbar 1771.

12. John (s. of Samuel 4.) m. Sarah, D. of Thomas Kingman of Weymouth 1722, and had Sarah 1724, Silence 1726, Alexander 1730, Adam 1733.
Sarah m. William Shurtliff 1745.
Alexander m. Sarah, D. of John Lathrop 1755.
Alexander m. Abiah Knapp of Easton 1790.
John Kingman m. wid. Anne Pettingill, D. of Nicholas Byram 1771 ; she d. in S. B. 1802 ae. 90.

13. Samuel (s. of Samuel 4.) m. Phebe Washburn 1737, and had Eunice 1737, Hannah 1740, Phebe 1742.

14. Lemuel (s. of Isaac 5.) m. Deborah, D. of Capt. John Loring 1754, and had Ruth 1755, Lucy 1757, John 1758, Loring 1762, Priscilla 1764, and Deborah.
Ruth m. Jonathan Mehuren 1774.
John removed to Weston and had a family there.
Loring d. a bachelor 1834.
Deborah m. Thomas Sherman of Plymouth.

15. Daniel (s. of John 6.) m. Abigail, D. of Ebenezer Copeland of Braintree, and had Nathan 1760, Abigail 1762.
Nathan m. Chloe Smith of Norton 1785.

16. Abner (s. of John 6.) m. Susanna, D. of Josiah Leonard 1761, and had Celia 1762, Josiah 1764, Huldah 1767, Cynthia 1770, Bela. This family went to M. and some of them thence to Providence.
Josiah m. Chloe, D. of Eliab Fobes 1781.

17. Capt. David (s. of David 7.) m. Abigail Hall 1752, and had Nathan 1752, Molly 1754, Ezra 1756, Nabby 1758, Eunice 1760, David 1763, Barza 1765 ; she d. 1794 ae. 62 : he 1805 ae. 72.
Molly m. Robert Young 1776.
Nabby m. Malachi Delano of Duxbury 1807.
Eunice m. Walter Hatch 1750.

18. Caleb (s. of Ebenezer 8.) m. Freelove Fenno; and had Hannah 1768, who m. Timothy Reed Esq. 1788. He d. 1807 ; she 1815. Reed left one s. Caleb Kingman, who d. 1837.

19. Matthew (s. of Henry 10.) m. Jane, D. of David Packard 1755, and had Simeon 1756, Mary 1757, Eunice 1760, Hannah 1761, Harmony 1763, Jane 1764, Martha 1766, Abel 1768, Henry 1770, Eliphalet 1775, Keziah 1777. He d. 1809 ae. 79.
Simeon Esq. m. Rebecca Freeman of Easthain 1778, and settled at Orleans on the Cape.
Mary m. Charles Snell.
Eunice m. Perez Southworth.
Hannah m. Jacob Packard of Warwick 1806.
Harmony m. Joel Packard Esq. of Fairhaven 1785.
Martha m. Capt. Thomas Thompson 1792.
Capt Henry m. Anna, D. of Dr. Phillip Bryant 1792, and removed to Pelham.
Jane m. Micah Shaw 1793.
Keziah m. Cyrus Packard 1795.

20. Seth (s. of Henry 10.) m. Judith Washburn 1787, and had Ambrose 1789, Martin 1791, Benjamin 1793, Henry 1796, Abiel 1797, Mary 1799, Josiah Washburn 1802, John Washburn 1804, Lucy 1808, Judith Washburn 1809 ; his w. b. 1765 d. 1809 ; he m. Jennet, D. of William Edson 1811, and had Elbridge 1812.
Ambrose m. Esther, D. of Josiah Edson 1810 ; he and Henry settled in Reading.
Martin m. Phebe, D. of Levi Packard 1816, and went to Pelham.
Benjamin m. Rebecca, D. of Josiah Packard 1817.
Josiah W. m. a Packard.
Abiel m. Mary Cary, D. of Micah Shaw 1819.
Mary m. Bela Keith 1821.

21. Jonathan (s. of Jonathan 11.) m. Hannah, D. of Jonathan Copeland 1759, and had Molly 1760, Hannah and Joseph 1763, Huldah 1766, Jonathan 1768, Bethiah 1772 : he d. 1819.
Molly m. David Howard 1778.
Hannah m. Josiah Williams 1785, and then Capt. Ephraim Snell 1792, and afterwards Caleb Snell 1805.
Huldah m. Perez Williams 1788.
Bethiah m. Eleazar Keith 1793.

22. Nathan (s. of Capt. David 17.) m. Lenity Thomas of Marshfield, sister of Japhet Allen's wife, 1773, and had Nabby, and d. and his wid. m. Edward Hayford 1779.
Nabby m. Uriah Brett 1790.

23. Ezra Esq. (s. of Capt. David 17.) m. Susanna, D. of Peter Whitman 1782, and had Susanna 1784, Nathan 1785, Hannah 1787, Ezra 1789, Melzar 1791*, Charlotte 1792, Caroline 1794 ; she d. 1797 ae. 36: he 1831 ae. 74.
Susanna m. Daniel Howard Esq. 1802, who settled at New Gloucester Me.
Nathan was killed by a cart wheel 1797.
Hannah m. Simon Greenleaf Esq. of Portland, now professor of law at Cambridge, 1806.
Charlotte m. Rev. Ralph Sanger of Dover 1817.

24. David (s. of Capt. David 17.) m. Elizabeth, D. of Col. Calvin Smith of Mendon, and had Sophia, Mary, Eliza, Lucy, Susan, George, Frances : he d. 1812 ae. 49.
Sophia m. Simeon Ford Esq. who d. 1839, and Mary m. Lauren Ford Esq. 1816, both of Herkimer N. Y.
Eliza m. Elijah Hayward Esq. 1809, and d. 1834.
Lucy m. Oran Gray Otis Esq. of Herkimer, and d. 1837.

25. Barza (s. of Capt. David 17.) m. Molly, D. of Mark Phillips 1791, and had Nathan, David, Adna, Eunice, Clarissa, and Charles.
Nathan went westward.
David m. a Ramsdell.
Adna went to Wareham..
Eunice m. Wm. Wildy 1812, and afterwards Orren Parris.
Clarissa m. Thomas Parris 1815.
Charles m. a Raymond.

26. Adam (s. of John 12.) m. Ruth, D. of Joseph White of Braintree 1760, and had Samuel 1760, and Joseph. Adam Kingman m. wid Anne Hollis 1780.

27. Hon. Abel (s. of Matthew 19.) m. Lucy Washburn 1792, and had Jabez 1793, Marcia 1796, Tempe 1798, Arnold 1800, Harmony 1802, Albert 1804, Abel Washburn 1806 ; his wife d. and he m. Betsy Manly 1807, and had Edwin 1809, Polly 1810, Willard, Jane, Lucia, Betsy.
Jabez m. Phebe, D. of William Brett 1818.
Marcia m. Arza Keith 1814.
Abel W. gra. Amherst 1830.

28. Eliphalet Esq. (s. of Matthew 19.) m. Zilpha, D. of Josiah Edson 1801, and had Lucius 1803, Matthew 1807, Adeline 1809, Isaac 1811, Davis 1814, Lucy 1816.
Lucius gra. B. U. 1830.

29. Dea. Joseph (s. of Jonathan 21.) m. Eunice Joslyn of Pembroke 1791, and had Polly 1792, Huldah 1795, Joseph 1799, Anne 1802, Elizabeth 1808.
Polly m. Pliny Hayward.
Huldah m. Noah Edson of Hadley 1814.
Joseph m. Huldah K., D. of Perez Williams 1621.
Anne m. Samuel Rider Jr.
Elizabeth m. Lewis Rider.

30. Jonathan (s. of Jonathan 21.) m. Mehitabel, D. of John Hudson 1793, and had Galen Otis 1793*, Hannah 1796, Alvah 1798, Jonathan 1800, Bethiah 1804, Mehitabel Bass 1807, Henry 1810, Melzar 1812.
Hannah m. John Richards 1820.

31. Ezra (s. of Ezra Esq. 23.) m. Frances, D. of Col. Edward Howard 1812, and had Frances, Frederick, Elizabeth, Ezra, Edward, Hannah, John, George, Susanna, James.
Frances m. a Porter and lives in Waltham.

Lydia Kingman m. John Allen 1733.
Mary had a D. bap. 1834 in W. B.
Mehitabel m. John Ford 1794.


Stephen Kinsley, freeman 1640, Representative 1650, and first Ruling Elder at Braintree 1653, afterwards of Dorchester, and Representative of Milton 1666, where he d. 1673, having had a s. Samuel who d. before him leaving a wid. Hannah and a s. Samuel b. 1662.

1. Samuel (the last above named probably) m. Mary, D. of John Washburn 1694, and settled in S. B.: he bought Jeduthun Robbins' place, adjoining Thomas Washburn, and had probably - Samuel, John, Nathan, Benjamin, Mary, Sarah, Bethiah, Susanna, and perhaps others.
John m. Thankful, D. of William Washburn, 1746.
Nathan m. Betty, D. of James Dunbar, and settled in Easton, and had a s. Calvin, and removed to Belchertown.
Benjamin m. a wid. Perkins, and had Samuel and Benjamm.
Mary m. Thos. Willis 1716.
Sarah m. Josiah Bayward 1715.
Benjamin or Benjamin Jr. had Silas and Abiel.
Bethiah m. William Brett 1732.
Susanna m. Samuel Packard 1729.
Calvin m. Susanna, D. perhaps of Seth Lathrop, 1773.
Abiel m. Sarah, D. of Ephraim Howard, 1777.
Many of this family lived in Easton.

2. Samuel (s. of Samuel 1.) m. Sophia White, and had Sophia 1743, Lydia 1745, Samuel 1749, Nymphas 1750, Caleb 1752, Martin 1754, Luther 1756, Hannah 1758, Eunice 1761, Cephas 1763, and Apollos. The father d. at Worcester 1773.
Sophia d. 1800.
Lydia m. Jona. Burr 1792, and d. at Hampden, Me.
Samuel m. Hannah, D. of Peter Hayward, 1772, and had Samuel 1775, and went to Charlemont, and d. at Turner, Me., 1824 : his s. Samuel had no children.
Nymphas m. Molly Richmond of T. 1800, and d. at Hampden 1822 childless.
Caleb went to Montague, m. 2 Ds. of Parson Nash, and d. 1827 , leaving 4 Ds.
Martin gra. H. U. 1778, went to Hardwick, and then to Hampden, Me., m. a Bellows, and had an only D. who m. Samuel J. Gardner Esq. of Roxbury, at whose house he d. 1835, ae. 81.
Luther d. a bachelor.
Hannah m. Perez Snell 1786.
Eunice m. Silvanus Leonard 1786.
Cephas m. Zilpha, D. of Samuel Leonard, 1787, and d. 1800, leaving a s. and a D., the only g. s. who left children.
Apollos m. Hannah Hall of Wallingfbrd, Conn., and d. at N. York 1803, leaving a D.

3. Silas (s. of Benjamin of E.) had Azel, Daniel, Adam, Silas, Zebina, Rodolphus, Benjamm. His w. d., and he m. Rebeckah, wid. of Zebulun Packard, 1774 : she was a Richardson, and m. Packard 1764.
Adam m. a Leonard, and he and Silas went to Canton.
Benjamin removed also.
Zebina went to West Point, N. York.

4. Capt. Azel (s. of Silas 3.) m. Martha, D. of George Howard,1785, and lived in W. B., and had Azel 1785, Hannah 1787, Patty 1789, Silas 1792, Abigail 1795, Martin 1797, Rebecca 1799; he then removed to Me.

5. Capt. Daniel (s. of Silas 3.) m. Polly, D. of David Keith, 1785, and settled in E. B., and had Nabby K., Polly*, Daniel, and Justin.
Nabby K. m. Capt. Cyrus Alden 1808.
Capt. Kinsley and Capt. Alden went to Minot, Me.

6. Rodolphus (s. of Silas 3.) m. Salome, D. of Ephraim Cary, 1794, and settled in E. B., and had a family, and removed to Pawtucket, N. Providence, where she d. He d. at Canton : he had William H. Shepard and others. His s. William Holman is a minister.


Joseph Knapp m. Susanna Packard 1760, and had Joseph 1763, Matilda 1767, Zibah 1769, Elijah 1772, Rhoda 1775.
Joseph of E. m. Eunice Carver 1784.

2. Abijah (s. of Jonathan of T.) m. Lydia Austin, and had Drucilla 1793, Nabby 1794, Abijah 1797, Debby 1799, Betsy, Abi, Lydia, Polly. He settled in N. B. 1793.
Betsy m. a Howard.
Abi m. Arza Packard 1812.
Lydia m. Ezekiel Meritt 1809.
Polly m. Azel Gurney 1815.

Abiah Knapp of R. m. Alexander Kingman 1790.
Zenas of R. m. Anna Leach 1817.


Thomas Knowlton and his w. Susanna had John 1784, Joshua 1785, Susanna 1788, Sarah 1790.

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