History of the early settlement of Bridgewater
in Plymouth County, Massachusetts
including an extensive family register.

Nahum Mitchell
Printed for the author by Kidder & Wright 1840

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Benjamin Eaton and his w. Arabella had Benjamin Howard (b. in Boston) 1806,. Susanna Buxton 1808, John Clark Howard 1810, Catherine 1813, Sally 1815.--He d. 1817 ; she d. 1832.


I. Obadiah Eddy m. Sarah Lawrence 1750, and had Mary 1751, Desire 1754, Azor 1759.—He d. 1789, ae. 69.
Mary m Terry Owen 1776.
Azar m. Hannh Fuller 1786.

2. Dea. Morton Eddy (s. of Capt. Joshua of Mid'o) m. Irene, D. of Maj. Isaac Lazell 1821, and settled in S. B.
Ebenezer of Norton m. Martha Leonard 1734.
Abigail of Hal. m. Benjamin Hathaway 1743.
Joel Eddy joined the ch. at W. B. 1741, and m. Rachel Force (or Vose) 1741, and went to Halifax 1743, and had Hannah 1743, bap. at W. B. 1743.
Abigail m. Elisha Hayward 1747.
Jane m. Wm. Pierce of Sci. 1786.
Moses m. Keziah, D. of Samuel Keith 1788.


Dea. Samuel Edson and his wife, Susanna Orcutt, came from Salem. He was one of the first settlers in the town, and owned the first mill, and probably built it : he d..1692, ae: 80. she 1699, ae. 81. He had Samuel; Joseph, Josiah, Susanna, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Bethiah.
Susanna m. the Rev. James Keith.
Elizabeth m. Richard Phillips of Weymouth.
Mary m. Nicholas Byram Jr. 1676.
Sarah m. John Dean of Taunton 1663.
Bethiah m. Ezra Dean of Taunton 1678.
Benjamin Edson, who m. Sarah Hoskins at Plymouth 1660, was his son perhaps.

2. Samuel (son of Dea.. Samuel 1.) m. Susanna, D. of Nicbolas Byram, he d. 1719, she 1742 ; he had Susanna 1679, Elizabeth 1684, Samuel 1690.
Susanna m. first John Hayward Jr. and afterwards Elihu Brett Jr.
Elizabeth m. Samuel Packard 1705.

3.. Joseph (s. of Samuel 1.); his first wife Experience : he had Experience 1685: 2d w. Mary m. 1686 : his estate was settled 1712: his children mentioned were Joseph, Josiah 1682, Benjamin, Samuel 1687, by Mary 2d w. probably, Timothy, Mary, Susanna.
Mary m. John Lathrop 1716.
Susanna m. Solomon Johnson 1723.

4. Josiah Esq. (s. of Samuel 1.) m. Elizabeth, D. probably of Nathaniel Hayward. They both d. 1734 : he ae. 83, she ae. 84 : they left no children. His will proved 1734 ; Capt. Josiah Edson Exor., Rev. John Angier and Joseph Pratt Trustees. He had a large estate, and gave lands to the Town and to the South Parish, where he lived, for the maintenance of schools, commonly called the school lands : he made his nephew Capt. Josiah Edson, son of his. brother- Joseph, his principal devisee, on whom also he bestowed most of his estate before his death, viz., in 1704 : his nephew to maintain him and his wife during life.

5. Samuel (s. of Samuel. 2.) and his wife Mary had Susanna 1708, Bethiah 1710, Mary 1712, Samuel 1714, Nathan 1716, Abel 1718, Obed 1720, Elizabeth 1722, Sarah 1724, Silence 1726, Ebenezer 1727, John 1729, Ezra 1730. The father d. 1771; his will proved 1772. He gave the Church lands 1747 : the mother d. 1770.
Mary m. Geo. Packard 1723.
Elizabeth m. Benanuel Leach 1745.
Silence m. Nehemiah Packard. 1747.
Sarah m. John Cooper 1749.
Ebenezer m. Jane Griffin 1749, and wid. .Hannah Leach 1758.
Susanna m. perhaps Samuel Hayward 1736.

6. Dea. Joseph, (s. of Joseph 3.) settled in E. B., and m. Lydia, D. of Francis Cary, 1704, and had Hannah 1709, Lydia 1711, Joseph 1712, Bethiah 1715, John 1717, Daniel 1720, David 1722, Jesse 1724, James 1726. She d. 1762, he 1768.
Hannah, (or Hannah, D. of Timothy 10.) m. Micah Allen 1737, and afterwards Thomas Phillips 1747.
Bethiah m. Jonathan Whitman 1753.
John m. Mary, D. of Matthew Gannett, 1744.

7. Captain Josiah (s. of Joseph 3.) settled in S. B., and had most of the estate of his uncle Josiah : was a Deacon, and often Representative of the town : m. Sarah, D. of Zaccheus Packard, 1704: she d. 1754 he d. 1763, ae. 80: had Sarah 1705, Abiah 1706, Josiah Jan. 24, 1709 ; Huldah 1713, Abiezer 1715, Freelove 1718, Elijah 1720.
Sarah m. Elisha Pierce of Scituate 1731, and had one D., Sarah, who m. a Holbrook, and afterwards a Park.
Huldah m. Hezekiah Hayward 1738.
Freelove m. Josiah Fobes 1740.
Abiah m. Samuel Alden a. 1728.

8. Benjamin (s. of Joseph 3.) m. Joanna, D. of William Orcutt, 1755 [crossed out and 1715 written in] and d. 1758. He settled in N. B.; had Benjamin 1715, Nathan .1718, Peter 1720, Jacob 1722, William 1724, Seth 1726, Ichabod 1728, Ebenezer 1730, Joanna 1733, Abigail 1736. His will proved 1758, dated 1753, does not mention Nathan, Peter, Jacob, or Ichabod. Joanna m. Isaac Perkins 1754.
Abigail m. Josiah Perkins 1755.
Benjamin m. Ann Thayer 1739 ; m. at A.; and had one son Jacob, who m. Betty Packard 1759, and both removed to Pelham.
Jacob's children born here were Benjamin 1759, Anna 1761, Betty 1764, Jacob 1765, Abiel 1768, Simeon 1770, Sarah 1772, Eurene 1775, Levi 1778.
Nathan and Jacob probably d. young.
Seth settled in Stafford.
Abigail (perhaps Abiel above) m. Bezaliel Flagg of Petersham 1786.
Peter m. Sarah Southworth 1745, and had no children : his will dated 1760.

9. Samuel (s. of Joseph 3.) m. Mehitabel, D. of Dea. Nathl. Brett, 1721, and lived in E. B.; had Samuel 1722, Nathaniel 1728 : she d. 1736, and he m. Mehitabel, D. of Joseph Hayward, 1738 : he d. 1750, she 1776.
Samuel d. 1800 a bachelor.

10. Timothy (s. of Joseph 3.) m. Mary, D. of Joseph Alden, 1719, and lived in E. B.; had Hannah 1720, Timothy 1722,. Anna, Abijah 1725, Jona. 1728, Mary 1730. Hannah (see Hannah EDSON.) D. of Deacon Joseph 6.)
Abijah m. Susanna, D. of James Snow, 1747, and had Abijah 1748.
Mary m. James Snow Jr. 1758.
This family all went to Stafford, and she d. there ae. 80, and Jonathan was in Ashfield 1770.
Timothy Jr. had 2 children, John and Huldah, b. here 1746 and 1745, and both d. in infancy.

11. Samuel (s. of Samuel 5.) m. Martha, D. of Nathan Perkins, 1738 ; had Martha 1740, Samuel 1742, Eunice, Lois, Jonah 1751, Betty, Sarah, Noah 1756, Huldah, Zilphah.
Martha m. Daniel Carr 1770.
Eunice m. John Chamberlin of Westmoreland 1766.
Lois m. Jacob Staples Jr. of Taunton 1765.
Betty m. Rodolphus Borden of Middleborough 1774.
Sarah m. Timothy Richards 1778.
Huldah m. Thomas Pope 1782.
Zilphah m. Daniel Jr. 1778.
Jonah removed to Westmoreland.

12. Nathan (s. of Samuel 5.) m. Mary, D. of Jona. Sprague, 1738.
Mary Edson m. Joseph Pettingill 1745.
13. Abel (s. of Samuel 5.) m. Margaret, D. of Nathl. Conant ; had Rachel 1744, Abel 1750, Levi 1754, Dan and Elizabeth 1756, Keziah 1758, Rufus 1765.
Abel m. Betty, D. of William Trask, 1771.
Levi m. Sarah Hayward of Raynham 1774, and d. of small pox 1777.
Elizabeth m. Rodolphus Borden 1774.
Rufus m. Mary Cole of Mid'o. 1783.

14. Obed, (s. of Samuel 5.) and his wife Keturah, had Jesse 1744, Obed 1747, Lewis 1748 : she d. 1750, and he m. a 2d wife, Martha, and had Keturah 1751, Thomas 1753, Lydia 1754, Silence 1756, Isaac 1758.
Jesse m. Susanna Hayward 1768, and had Caleb 1769*, and Hannah 1770.
Lewis m. Hepzibah Washburn 1770.

15. John (s. of Samuel 5.) m. Hannah, D. of Benjamin Allen, 1751; had John 1752, Benjamin 1754 Nehemiah 1758.
John m. Tabitha Keen 1784.
Nehemiah m. Olive Perkins 1783, and both went to Vt.
The wid. Hannah m. Job Packard 1790.

16. Ezra (s. of Samuel 5.) m. Rebeckah, D. of David Johnson, 1756, and had Robert 1757, Ezra 1759, Molly 1760, Rebecca 1762, Vina 1765, Libeus 1769, Ebenezer, Hannah, Cyrus, Sarah.
Robert m. Molly, D. of Josiah Hayward, 1782.
Ezra m. Sena Perkins 1782.
Molly m. Robert Wade 1780.
Rebecca m. Amos Fisher of Vt. 1787.
Vina m. Capt. Ephraim Sprague 1783.
Libeus m. Joanna Keen 1793, and had Ezra and Charles.
Hannah m. Simeon Packard 1796.
Cyrus m. Hannah Hudson 1797.
Sarah m. Jeremiah Washburn 1801.
Cyrus and Zidon live in Shrewsbury, Vt.
Ezra m. Anna White of Marshfield 1781.
Ezra Edson, s. of Libeus, m. Eliza Wentworth 1819.

17. Joseph (s. of Deacon Joseph 6.) m. Abigail Forrest 1739 ; had Daniel 1741, Mary, John 1748. The mother d. 1775. Daniel had Isaiah and Reuben, twins (born 1769) by bis w. Olive, D. of Isaac Fuller, m. 1765. He sold his farm, 45 acres, to Josiah Allen 1773,.where Allen lived and died.

18. Dea. David (s. of Dea. Joseph 6.) m. Susanna, D. of Matthew Gannett, 1746 ; had Susanna 1748, Mehitabel 1753, Huldah 1755. The mother d. 1755: he then m. Sarah, wid. of Peter Edson : she was a Southworth, and had David 1759. The father d. 1795, ae. 73.
Susanna m. Joshua Beals of Windsor 1765.
Mehitabel m. Benja. Clark of Athol 1775.
Huldah m. Benja. Death of Montague.

19. Jesse. (s. of Dea. Joseph 6.) m. Lydia Packard 1754, (wid. perhaps of Robert Packard : she was a Titus) and had Joseph 1755, John 1760: his w. died, and he then m. Rebecca Belcher 1764, and had Rebecca 1770.
Rebecca m. Ezekiel Reed 1794.
The estate divided 1784.
Jno. Edson 3d m. Susanna Orcutt 1785.

20. James (s. of Dea. Joseph 6.) m. Esther, D. of Josiah Allen, 1749, and had Josiah 1753, Barnabas 1757 : she d. 1794 ; he 1808, ae. 82.
Barnabas d. in the army young.
James Edson m. wid. Elizabeth Washburn 1796.

21. Col. Josiah (s. of Capt, Josiah 7.) gra. H. U. 1730 ; an amiable man, and very popular till the revolutionary troubles commenced, when being on the side of government, one of the 19 Rescinders so called, and a Mandamus Counsellor, he became a Refugee, and died very soon after on Long Island.
The three Josiah Edsons commonly called in aftertimes "Old Justice Edson, Old Capt. Edson, and Old Col. Edson," were all distinguished men both in Church and State. They all represented the Town in succession, and sustained most of the public offices in the Town, and were deservedly highly esteemed and popular men. Col. Edson engaged in none of the learned professions, but was an agriculturalist, and hence Mrs. Warren in her Group designated him under the appellation of Crusty Crowbar.
He m. Ruth, D. of Joseph Bailey of Scituate, and sister of Capt. Adams Bailey, 1737 ; and had Josiah 1738, Ruth 1741: his wife d. 1743, and he then m. Mary, D. of Judge Daniel Parker of Barnstable, and sister of the Rev. Jonathan Parker of Plympton, where she was m. 1746, and had Mary 1749. 4-He must have had a 3d w. Abigail Dean, m. l 755.
Mary m. Doct. Jonathan Crane 1770.

22. Abiezer (s. of Capt. Josiah 7.) m. Sarah, D. of Samuel Lathrop, 1737 : she d. and he m. Jael Bennett of Mid'o. 1740, and had Abiezer : she d. and he then m. Mary, D. of Samuel Packard, 1744, and had Abiel, Adam, Rodolphus, Pollycarpus 1756,
Jael : he afterwards m. wid. Catharine Earl of Taunton 1781 : she had before m. Dr. Lunt : her maiden name, Williams.
Adam went to Albany, m. Mercy Hazard, and had Henry, Georg, and Eliza.
Abiezer went to Charlemont, and had one son.
Jael, a physician in Albany, never m.
Rodolphus m. Lydia Crane of Berkley 1780, and went to Oxford, and had Ephraim, Betsy, and Bradford, and d. 1833.

23. Dr. Elijah (s. of Capt. Josiah 7.) m. Anne, D. of Samuel Packard, 1741 ; had Elijah, Calvin, Daniel, Hosea, Caleb, Silvester, Ann, Olive, Susanna, Ruth. He died 1761, and she m. Jonatban.Wood 1771.
Elijah Edson m. Nancy Clark of Plymouth 1818.
Eli Edson d. 1762.
Calvin Edson's wife d.1778.
Elijah Edson m. Martha Washburn 1766, and went to N. Braintree.
Olive m. Salmon Rickard 1786.
Calvin m. Lydia, D. of Lot Conant, 1766, and went to Oakham. His D. Lydia m. Thomas Conant 1789.

24. William (s. of Benjamin 8.) m. Martha, D. of Robert Howard, 1754 ; had Keziah 1755, Seth 1761, Martha 1763, Abigail 1765, William 1767, Jennet 1769. He d. 1800, ae. 75.
Keziah m. a Harkness.
Martha m. Phillip Packard 1786.
Abigail m. John Harris 1787.
Jennet m. Seth Kingman 1811.

25. Ichabod (s. of Benjamin 8.) m. Jemima, D. of Dea. James Packard, 1759 ; had Relief 1761, Joanna 1765. He d. 1811, ae. 83.
Relief m. Oliver Packard 1777.
Joanna m. Thomas Packard 1788.

26. Ebenezer (s. of Benjamin 8.) m. Lucy, D. of Seth Packard, 1751 ; had Nathan 1753, Ebenezer 1755, Lucy 1757, Levina 1760, Peter, Zibia.
Nathan m. Susanna, D. of Ephraim Allen, 1778.
Ebenezer m. Mary Warren 1790, and they both went to Rehoboth.
Lucy m. Alexander Thayer of Braintree 1788.
Levina m. a Perkins.
Peter d. young in the army.
Zibia m. Timo. West 1787.
Peter Edson m. Rebecca Manly 1784.
Rebecca m. Amos Fisher of Vt. 1787.

27. Dea. Nathaniel (s. of Samuel 9.) m. Joanna, D. of David Snow, 1759, and had Mehitabel 1761, Joel 1763, Eunice 1765, Joanna 1767, Lydia 1771, Nathaniel. 1777. The father d. 1784, ae. 56 ; she 1802, ae. 67.
Eunice m. Richard Thayer 1786.

28. Samuel (s. of Samuel 11.) m. Anna Hall of Raynham 1767, and had Abigail 1768, Chloe 1770, Anna 1772, Samuel 1775, Jane 1778, Alexander 1781, Oliver 1784, Hosea 1789.
Abigail Edson m. Azariah Willis of Oakham 1787.
Anna m. John Winnett 1798.
Samuel 3d m. Hannah Ripley of Easton 1797.
Samuel m. Polly Barnes 1801.

29. Dea. Noah (s. of Samuel 11.) m. Elizabeth Rickard 1782 ; had Zoroaster 1784, name now changed to Henry : she d., and he then m. Mary, D. of Ebenezer Willis of Mid'o, 1787, and had Eliphalet 1788, Noah 1790, Jonah 1792, Elijah 1794, Ephraim 1796, Jacob 1799. The mother d., and he then m. Keziah, D. of Capt. Eliakim Howard, 1802, and had Simeon Howard 1804, and Elizabeth Rickard 1808.
Zoroaster (now Henry) m. Betsy Niles Little of Marshfield 1812.
Eliphalet m. Polly L. Johnson 1810.
Noah m. Huldah Kingman 1814, and lived in Hadley.
Jonah m. Jennet Bryant 1819.
Elijah m. Nancy Clark of Plymouth 1818.
Simeon H. m. Alice Bryant 1833.

30. Benjamin (s. of John 15.) m. Deborah, D. of Thos. Perkins, 1782 ; had Hannah, John, Allen, Theodore ; he d. 1835.
Hannah m. Increase Robinson 1812.
John m. a Bass of Quincy.
Allen m. Minerva Perkins 1815.
Theodore gra. H. U. 1822, m.. Rebecca Jane, D. of Bishop Parker of Boston, and is an Episcopal Clergyman in Lowell.

31. John (s. of Joseph 17.) m. Judith, D. of Dea. Zechariah Shaw, 1770, and had Isaac 1770, Martha, Mary 1772, Sarah 1776, Ruth 1778, Isaiah 1781, Silvia 1783, Hannah 1784, Jacob 1786, Nehemiah Shaw 1789, Joseph 1792.
Mary m. John Bisbee 1817.

32. Dea. David (s. of Des. David 18.) m. Lydia Shaw, and had Hannah, Jonathan 1785 : he m. Lydia Bassett of Norton 1786, and had David 1789, Sarah 1791, Lydia 1793, Mehitabel 1795, Polly, Eliza, Rebecca.
Hannah m. John Smith of Canton 1805.
Sarah m. John Burrell Jr. 1816.
Polly m. Daniel Burrell 1817, both of Abington.

33. Joseph (s. of Jesse 19.) m. Mary Vinal of Scituate 1785, and had Jesse 1787, Sally 1791 : he d. 1791, she 1807.
Sally m. Benjamin Keith 1811.

34. John (s. of Jesse 19.) m. Susanna, D. of Nathan Orcutt, 1785 ; their children, Fanny 1785, Orcutt 1787, Packard 1789, Osander 1792, Oris 1794, Oza 1797.

35. Josiah (s. of James 20.) m. Reliance, D. of Isaac Fuller, 1777 ; had Zilphah 1778, Susanna 1780, Sarah 1783, Barnabas 1786, Esther 1788, Reliance 1792, Olive 1795 : he d. 1820, ae. 67.
Zilphah m. Eliphalet Kingman 1801.
Susanna m. Israel Packard 1801.
Sarah m. Ira Hayward 1806.
Esther m. Ambrose Kingman of Reading 1810.
Reliance m. Joel Ames 1818.
Barnabas m. Betsy, D. of Zechariah Gurney 1815.
Olive m. Jacob Noyes 1818.

36. Capt. Josiah (s. of Col. Josiah 21.) m. Hannah, D. of Thomas Lawrence, 1760; had Caleb 1761, Josiah 1766. The father d. 1779, and she m. Maj. Eliphalet Cary 1782.
Caleb m. Sally Dean of Taunton 1783.
Josiah m. Hannah Richards 1791.
Josiah m. Clarana C. Osborn 1820.

37. Capt. Pollycarpus (s. of Abiezer 22.) m. Lucy Eaton of Mid'o., and had Charles*, Sarah, Royal, Charlotte, Lucy : be d. 1796, she 1816.
One D. m. Zechariah Eddy Esq., and one m. a Pratt.

38. Abiel (s. of Abiezer 22.) m. Hannah, D. of John Morton of Mid'o., 1774, where he settled, and had Abiel, Cyrus, Oliver, Mary, John, James, Daniel, Josiah, and Abiezer. He d. 1823, ae. a. 70.

39. Seth (s. of William 24.) m. Theodora Howard of Braintree 1784, had Sally 1787, Jacob 1789, Robert 1790, Polly 1794, Nancy 1796, Galen 1800, Phebe 1802, Melinda 1804.
Sally m. Nathi. Shepardson of Dedham 1808.
Jacob removed to Dorchester.
Robert removed to Dedham.
Nancy m. Nathl. Shepardson of Dedham 1835.

40: William (s. of William 24.) m. Mary Randall 1790, and had David, Amzi, Milly, Ruby, Abigail, Abi, Patty, Mary, Mehitabel. He m. Hannah, wid. of Zadock Perkins and D. of Abiah Packard, 1812, for a 2d wife.
Milly m. Hosea Alden of Abington 1817.
Ruby m. Sam'l Spear of Randolph 1814.
Abigail m. Eben. Crocker of Easton 1816.
Abi m. Cyrus Howard.

41. Joel (s. of Dea. Nath'l 27.) m Hannah, D. of Solomon Packard 1789 ; had Albert 1789, Ard 1792, Pliny 1795. The mother d. 1818, ae. 56, and he m. Lurania Jones of Pembroke 1820 : he d. 1830, ae. 67.
Albert m. Abigail, D. of Uriah Brett, 1817 : she d. 1829, ae. 36.
Pliny m. Lucy Reed 1819.

42. Nathaniel (s. of Dea. Nathl. 27.) m. Betsy, D. of Thomas Hayward, 1802 ; had Nathaniel 1805, Elizabeth Hayward 1807, Cornelius Warren 1809, Joanna 1811, Newton 1814, Fidelia 1817, Horatio 1820.

43. Jesse (s. of Joseph 34.) m. Anne, D. of Josiah Williams, 1811 ; had Stillman Williams 1811, Manson Sumner 1813, George Francis 1816.

Joseph m. Bathsheba Proctor of Boston 1776.
Sarah m. Solo. Perkins 1760.
Bathsheba m. John Carver 1762.
Olive m. Azel Keith 1767.
Susanna m. Gershon Richmond 1773.
Alfred m. Eunice Snow 1796.
Calvin m. Patty Dunbar 1797.
Ebenezer m. Kezia Colwell 1797.
Orphah m. Marshall Harvey 1785.
Albertus Edson of Grafton, Vt., m. Sally Colwell 1804.
Mary Edson (or Etson) m. Capt. John Warner of Westport 1821.
Sally Edson m. Jeremiah Washburn 1801.


1. Dennis Egerton, and his wife Experience lived in E. B ; he d. a. 1834 ; he had Hannah, John, Rebecca, Experience, James, Hezekiah, Miriam, and Dennis.

2. John (s. of Dennis 1.) born 1721 ; m. Abigail, D. of James Snow, and had Ruth 1747, John 1750, Joseph 1756*, d. in the army, Abigail 1760, Benjamin 1763,. and Hannah 1765. The father d. 1779 ae. 58 ; his wid. m. Jona. Beal 1780.
Ruth m. Nehemiah Washburn 1770, and removed to Williamsburgh.
John and Benjamin removed to Shirley.
Hannah m. Samuel Whitman and removed to Cummington.

3. Hezekiah (s. of Dennis 1.) m. Mary Hegebone (or Hitch born) 1754, and had Molly 1755, Sarah 1757, Alice 1772, Hannah, Eunice and Jennet, b. probably at Nova Scotia where he lived between 1757 and 1772, and whither he finally returned.--He had no sons.
Molly m. John Willis 1751.
Sarah m. a Graves.
Hannah m. Wm. Robinson 1780.
Eunice m. Ephraim Willis 1779.
Jennet and Alice m. at Nova Scotia.


Christopher Erskin (from Ireland) m. Susanna, D. of Gaius Robinson 1729, and had Mary 1730, John 1732, Christopher 1734, and Jeremiah 1736.
John had John 1752, Elizabeth 1755, Christopher 1758, and James 1761.
Robert Erskin had a D. Elizabeth in E. B. 1733.
These families finally settled in Abington.


Elisha Faxon (from Braintree) lived in E. B. and had Elisha, Samuel, Allen, Benjamin, and William.
Capt. Elisha settled in Halifax.
Samuel m. Priscilla, sister of James Thomas Esq. 1783, and had Charles, Luther, PiscilIa and others, and went to R. I.
Benjamin m. Ruth, D. of Seth Bryant of Hal. and lived and d. in Boston ; his w. d. in E. B. 1788 ae. 19.
Thomas Gannett's wid. Sarah m. a Faxon a. 1656.
Sarah m. Stephen Washburn 1770.
Lydia m. Benjamin Richards a. 1722.


Dr. Noah Fearing (s. of Gen. Israel Fearing of Wareham) gra. H. U. 1791, settled in S. B., and married Anne, D. of Maj. Isaac Laze!l 1799, and had
Jane B. L. who married John Fuller of Boston 1819,
Thomas, and George.
He d. and the wid. and children removed to Boston.
This family is descended from John Fearing, who arrived at Hingham in 1638 from Cambridge in England.


1. John Field (from Providence) settled in W. B. 1677 ; his estate settled 1698 ; no widow mentioned : be had John 1671, Elizabeth 1673, Richard 1677, Lydia 1679, Daniel 1681, Ruth 1693 and Hannah.
Elizabeth m. Clement Briggs of Easton 1697.
Lydia m. Thomas Manly 1701.

2. Capt. John (s. of John 1.) m. Elizabeth, D. of John Ames 1697, and had Elizabeth 1698, Sarah 1700, Susanna 1702, John 1704.
Sarah m. Jonathan Howard 1719.
Susanna m. Joseph Keith 1721.
Capt. John returned to Providence and was there 1749.

3. Richard (s. of John 1.) m. Susanna Waldo a. 1704, and had Zebulun 1707, Mary 1709, Richard 1711, Jabez 1713, Ruth 1715, Zobiah 1719, Mercy 1723, and Susanna 1725. He d. 1725.
Zebulun m. Anna Williams and was in Taunton in 1749.
Ruth m. Israel Packard Jr. I737.
Mercy m. Archibald Robinson 1747.
Susanna m. Nathan Hartwell 1746.
Mary Field m. Samuel Noyes 1748.

4. Daniel (s. of John 1.) m. Sarah, D. of John Ames 1706, and had Mehitabel 1708, Hannah 1709, Daniel 1712, Job 1714, Sarah 1718, Joseph, Abigail, and Susanna.
Mehitabel m. Edward Manton 1733.
Hannah m. Charles (or John) Beswick 1734.
Abigail made her will and d..single 1750.
Susanna m. Israel Packard 1735.

5. John (s. of John 2.) m. Mary, D. of Ephraim Howard 1726, and had John 1727, and James 1729. He d. and the wid. settled his estate 1729 she afterwards m. Elisha Pierce of Scituate.

6. Jabez (s. of Richard 3.) m. Mary, D. of Ephraim Fobes 1746, and had Jabez Fobes 1747, Susanna 1748, Richard -1751, William 1753, Ephraim 1755, Daniel 1758, Barzillai 1760, Bethuel 1763, and Waldo ; he d. 1804 ae. 92.
Susanna m. Moses Cary 1773.
Fobes and Bethuel lived single.
Waldo went to the westward.

7. Daniel (s. of Daniel 4.) m. Susanna Thayer 1733, and had Rachel, Anna, and Susanna. He was a physician ; made his will in 1757, and went into the French war, and d. probably at Crown Point.
Anna m. Eleazar Hill 1769.
Susanna m. Capt. Jesse Perkins 1769.

8. Joseph (s. of Daniel 4.) m. Rachel Pray 1748, and had John 1750, Abigail 1752, and Joseph 1753 ; his will and death 1754.
Abigail m. Elkanah Palmer 1776.

9. John (s. of John 5.) m. Hannah Blackman 1760, and had Solomon 1760, and Bezaliel 1761.
John Field's w. d. 1757, first w. perhaps.

10. Richard (s. of Jabez 6.) m. Rebecca D., of Seth Harris a. 1778, and Polly 1779, Sally 1780, Belinda 1782, Cyrus 1784, Lois 1786, Susanna 1788, Zeruiah 1790, Hannah 1795, Eliza 1797, Rebecca 1800.
This family removed to Claremont N. H.

11. William (s. of Jabez 6.) m. Jemima, D. of Levi Keith 1797, and had Ozias 1798, Jabez 1800, Zilpha, and Serena.—Widow Jemima d. 1839 ae. 72.

12. Ephraim (s. of Jabez 6.) m. Ruby, D. of Simeon Brett, and had Mehitabel 1787, Galen 1788, Ansel 1790, Charlotte 1793, Jenny 1794, and Zibeon 1795. Alson Field m. Orra Ripley 1820.

13. Daniel (s. of Jabez 6.) m. Hannah, D. of Capt. Zebedee Snell 1786, and had Martha 1786, Zophar 1789, Waldo 1791.
Martha m. Gustavus Silvester 1811.
Zophar m. Bernice, D. of Oliver Howard 1811.
Waldo m. Abigail Marshall 1816, and afterwards Sally, D. of Mark Perkins 1820.

14. Barzillai (s. of Jabez 6.) m. Patty, D. of David Packard 1794, and had John 1796, Chloe 1799, Mary 1802, Clarissa 1806, Lucius 1810. He d. 1839 w. 78.
John m. Olive, D. of James Thompson.
Mary m. Zibeon Cole 1819.

15. Amassa Field (from Quincy) m. Clarissa, D. of Simeon Gannett 1813, settled in E. B. and had Edward Gannett and others probably.
Capt. Edward Field d. there 1832 ae. 38.


James Fillebrown of W. B. and his wife Matilda had Luther, Williams 1797, Jerusha 1799, Rodolphus Howard 1802, John 1804, James 1806.


Michael Fitzgerald m. Margaret Matteson 1771, and had William 1772, and Thomas 1774.


Thomas Flinn and his wife Sarah, had Christopher 1764.
Christopher m. wid. Susanna Harlow 1806.


1. John Fobes (from Duxbury) was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, where he settled, and d. a 1661; made his nuncupative will before William Brett and Arthur Harris ; his wid. Constant, sister of Experience Mitchell, m. John Briggs of Portsmouth R. I .1662.
he had John, Edward, Mary, Caleb, William, Joshua, and Elizabeth.
John d. at George Allen's in Sandwich 1661.
William m. Elizabeth, D. of Constant Southworth a. 1667, and settled finally at Little Compton, and was with Capt. Church in Phillip's war.
Joshua fell with Capt. Michael Pierce of Scituate in that disastrous battle with the Indians near Attleboro', in 1676.
Caleb went to Norwich.

2. Dea. Edward (s. of John 1.) m. Elizabeth, D. of John Howard, and had Elizabeth 1677, John 1679, Mary 1681, Bethiah 1683, Hannah 1686, Ephraim 1688, Joshua 1689, Benjamin 1692, and William 1698. Edward the father, d. a. 1732.
Elizabeth m. Joseph Keith.
Mary never m.
Bethiah m. Samuel Keith 1703.
Hannah m. Timo. Keith, 1710.

3. John (s. of Edward 2.) m. Abigail Robinson 1704, and had Mary 1705, Edward 1707, Abigail 1709, Sarah 1711, John 1714, Josiah 1716, Nathan 1719, Silence 1722. He d. a. 1725 ; she m. Daniel Hudson 1739, and d. 1762.
Mary m. Daniel Hudson Jr. 1726.
Edward d. 1736.
Abigail m. Josiah Snell 1728.
Sarah m. William Hudson 1737.
Nathan left no children.
Silence m. Levi Chase of Sandwich 1771 who went to N. Y.

4. Ephraim (s. of Edward 2.) m. Martha Snell 1714, and had Ephraim 1716, Mercy 1722, Bethiah 1725, Martha 1728, and Hannah 1731. He d. 1755, she 1750.
Mary m. Jabez Field 1746.
Bethiah (or Betty) m. Edmund Soper 1754.
Martha m. Jonathan Snell 1751.
Hannah m. Josiah Williams 1751.

5. Joshua (s. of Edward 2.) m. Abigail, D. of Peter Dunbar 1711, and had Bethiah 1712*, Hannah 1713, Joshua 1715, Mary 1717, Leah 1720, Betty 1724, and Abigail 1728. He. m. perhaps Mercy Churchill of Plymton for a 2d. w. 1754. He died 1767.
Mary m. Robert Washburn 1739.
Leah married Israel Washburn 1740.
Abigail m. Daniel Snow of Tit. 1753.

6. Benjamin (s. of Edward 2.) m. Martha Hunt 1721, and went to Easton, and had Joseph, and Benjamm.
Jesse was son of Benjamin Jr., and Abner was half brother of Jesse, and m. Polly Ford 1791, and went westward.
Joseph Fobes of Easton m. Olive Hayward 1780.
Anne Fobes of Easton m. Abijah Packard 1767.
Jesse m. wid. Susanna Angier 1792.

7. William (s. of Edward 2.) m. Thankful, D. of John Dwelly of Scituate 1725 ; she was b. 1706 ; they had Abner 1727, Lucie 1732, (bap. Lusanna), William 1735, Edward 1738; Timothy 1740, Mercy 1744, and Mary 1746. He d. 1764 ; she 1776.
Lusanna m. Seth Williams 1750.
Mercy m. John Howard 2d. 1768.
William m. Hannah, D. of Dea. Isaac Willis.
Edward m. Orpha Leach 1761, and had John 1761, and Silvester 1764.

8. John (s. of John 3.) m. Martha Pierce of Scituate 1739, had Edward 1739, Martha 1741, and Libeus 1743. He d. 1783 ; she 1795, 82.
Edward went to Lake Champlain.
Martha m. Eliab Hayward 1762.

9. Josiah (s. of John 3.) m. Freelove, D. of Capt. Josiah Edson 1739, and had Josiah 1740, Perez 1742, Jason 1745, Abigail 1747, Silvia 1749, Ezra 1751, Freelove 1754, Alpheus. 1756, Joseph and John 1758, and Nathan 1761. The father d. 1794, ae. 78; she d. ae 93.
Abigail m. Gideon Shaw of Raynham 1767.
Silvia m. Abraham Gushe of Raynham 1773.
Nathan was a physician and m. a Soule of Plymton and d. leaving a D. who is also d.
Josiah Jr. m. Sarah, D. of Joseph Pryor 1766, and d. young, and she then m. John Eaton of Mid'o 1780, and afterwards Joseph Bassett 1798, and d. 1839 ae. 100.

10. Ephraim (s. of Ephraim 4.) m. Susanna, D. of Thomas Willis, and had Eliab 1739, Silence 1745, Abigail 1746, Ephraim 1748, Thomas 1750, Susanna 1757, Lemuel 1761, Caleb 1773 ; he d. 1802 ae. 85.
Silence m. Nath'l Conant 1772.
Abigail m. John Morey of Norton 1776.
Susanna m: Wm. Morey 1780.
Lemuel never m.

11. Joshua (s. of Joshua 5.) m. Esther, D. of Nicholas Porter of Abington 1740, and had Azariah 1741*, Daniel 1742, Ruth 1744, Abigail 1747, Joshua 1749, Caleb 1750, Robert 173, and Solomon 1756.
Ruth m. Ebenezer Alden of Mid'o 1763.
Abigail m. Joseph Cowen 1772.
Solomon had Laban, Martin and others.
Laban m. Hannah Richmond 1816, and remained here, the rest moved away.
Caleb m. Susanna, D. of Ebenezer Keith. 1776, and went to Lyme, Con.

12. Abner (s. of William 7.) m. Phebe, D. of Benj. Leach, and had Absalom 1751, Hannah 1753, Edward 1755, Jotham 1758, and Molly 1761.
Absalom lived in Uxbridge and d: in the revolutionary war, and Judge Abner Fobes of Windsor Vt. is his son.
Hannah m. Levi Leach 1771.
Edward went to Buckland.
Jothann went to the Genessee and his mother d. there.
Charles s. of Abner, lives in Louisville Kentucky.

13. Timothy (s. of William 7.) m. Mary, D. of William Dean of Mansfield, and had William 1767, Avery 1770, Dwelly 1774*, killed at the raising of the Baptist meeting house, and Timothy 1783. The father d. 1803 ; the mother 1814.

14. Libeus (s. of John 8.) m. Mehitabel, D. of Ebenezer Howard 1775, and had Libeus and Mehitabel.
Libeus m. Mary, D. of Benjamin Leach 1807.
Mehitabel m. a Leonard of Easton and went to Vermont.

15. Rev. Perez L. L. D. (s. of Josiah 9.) gra. H. U. 1762 ; m. Prudence, D. of Rev. Samuel Wales of Raynham, and settled in the ministry at Raynham, and d. 1812 ae.70 ; he had ss. who d. young, and 2 Ds.
Anonima, who m. the Rev. Simeon Doggett,
and Polly who m. Rev. Elijah Leonard of Marshfield.

16. Jason (s. of Josiah 9.) m. Leah, D. of Israel Washburn Esq. of Raynham, and had Selina 1771, Philander 1773, Molly 1775, Salmon 1781, Davis 1783, Clarissa 1785, Shepard 1787, and Laura 1792.
Selina m. Andrew Alden 1797.
Philander went to Albany.
Molly m. Caleb Fobes 1799.
Clarissa m. Adin Alger 1814.
Laura m. Charles Bassett 1816.

17. Ezra (s. of Josiah 9.) m. Mary Shaw of Raynham 1776, and had Abigail 1777, Susanna 1779, Mary 1781, Cordana 1783, Ezra 1785,. Sirena 1788, Celia 1793, Aremena 1796, and Eliza 1798.
Abigail m. Otis Holmes of T. 1796, and Eaton Aldridge 1807.
Mary m. Calvin Hayward 1801.
Cordana m. Lemuel Dunbar 1806.
Sirene m. Gilbert Whitman 1813.
Celia m. Elijah Fobes of N. Y. 1819.

18. Alpheus (s. of Josiah 9.) m. Mehitabel, D. of Seth Lathrop 1781, and had Seth 1783, Mehitabel 1786 ; his wife d. and he m. Lucy, D. of Rev. Isaac Backus of Mid'o 1788, and had Isaac 1789, Sibil 1791, Josiah 1793, Alpheus 1795, and Aretas 1798
Mehitabel m. Alpheus M. Withington of Milton 1810.
Sibil m. Simeon Taylor 1816.
Isaac m. Mary, D. of Timothy Hayward 1811, and then Olive, D. of Edward Mitchell and wid. of Dr. Rufus Walker.
Alpheus went to N. Y.

19. Joseph Esq. (s. of Josiah 9.) m. Susanna, D. of Capt. John Ames 1782, and had Perez, and went to Oakham.
Joseph Fobes 2d. m. Rosanda Alden of Mid'o 1787.

20. John (s. of Josiah 9.) removed to Windsor and had Silas, Enoch, John and Horatio : all now in N. York. He had Ds. also ; one m. Jonathan Bassett in B.
Elijah m. Celia D. of Ezra Fobes 1919.

21. Eliab (s. of Ephraim 10.) m. Mehitabel, D. of Thomas Ames 1759, and had Kezia 1760, Martha 1762, Thomas 1764, Chloe 1766, Mehitabel 1768, Eliab 1770, Hannah 1772, Susanna 1774.
Thomas and his w. Lydia lived in Boston, and left no children ; his wid. m. a Tucker.
Chloe m. Josiah Kingman of Mid'o 1781.
Mehitabel m. Benjamin Packard 1784, and went to Vermont.
Martha m. Oliver Washburn 1787.
Susanna m. Thomas Hooper 1795.
Hannah Fobes m. Levi Macomber of M. 1802.

22. Ephraim (s. of Ephraim 10.) m. Bethia, D. of Joseph Ames 1769, and had Caleb, an only child.
Martin Fobes m. Betty Eaton of Plympton 1793.
Azariah m. Olive Leach 1793.

23. William (s. of Timothy 13.) m. Freelove French 1796, and had Mary Deane 1795, Dwelly 1801, Albert 1804, and Rhoda French 1807. He d. 1812 and the wid. m. Jonah Willis 1816.

24. Robert (s. of Joshua 11.) and his w. Abiah had Zephaniah 1780, Reuel 1783, Bela 1786, Joshua 1789, and Abiah 1790.
Zephaniah m. Lurania Wilbor 1810.
Bela m. Alice Washburn 1805.
Abiah m. a Knapp.
Joshua m, Chloe Keith 1809.

25. Avery Esq. (s. of Timothy 13.) m. Lois, D. of Luther Hooper 1801; had Harriet 1802, Vesta 1804, Cornelia 1807, and Fanny 1810.

26. Jesse (s. or g. s. of Benj. 6.) m. Susanna, wid. of Oakes Angier Esq. and D. of Col. Edward Howard 1792, and had Henry 1792 ; she d. 1793 ; and he m. Polly, D. of Rev. Elijah Packard 1795, and had Charles E. 1795, who is an Attorney at Northampton and writes his name Forbes.

27. Col. Salmon (s. of Jason 16.) m. Cloe, D. of James Leach 1807, and had Sumner 1807, Lentha 1809, Justin 1811, Stella Washburn 1813, Fidelia 1816.

28. Shepard (s. of Jason 16.) m. Phebe, D. of Peter Dunbar 1814, and had Alice Alger 1818, and Frederick Handel 1820.

29. Ezra (s. of Ezra 17.) m. Hannah, D. of Joseph Bassett Esq. 1810, and had Franklin Baylies 1811, and Joseph Bassett 1814.

30. Caleb (s. of Ephraim 22.) m. Molly, D. of Jason Fobes 1799, and had Bethiah Ames 1800, Nancy Warner 1802, Ephraim 1805, Amelia Washburn 1808, Cassandra Angelina 1810, Mary Wales 1812, Jason 1815, and Sarah Williams 1820.

31. Seth (s. of Alpheus 18.) and his w. Rachel had Elmira 1804, Edwin 1806, Angeline 1810, Elbridge 1812, Hannah 1814, Daniel 1817.

32. Reuel (s. Of Robert 24.) m. Sibil, D. of Samuel Battles 1806, and had Thomas Jefferson 1806, Henry Franklin 1809, Revel Battles 1812*, Willard Williams 1814, and Robert 1816.

33. Daniel (s. of Joshua 11.) m. Hannah, D. of Miles Standish 1769, and had Azariah, Daniel and others.
Martha Fobes m. William Conant 1803.
Laban Fobes m. Hannah Richmond 1816.
Elizabeth Fobes m. Nathan Tompson 1802.


1. Mark Ford (s. of Jacob of Abington) came to N. B. 1763, and m. Hannah, D. of Samuel Brett 1764, and had Hannah 1765, Asa 1767, Samuel 1770, Sally 1772, and Mehitabel 1781.
Hannah m. Joshua Ames 1786.
Sally m. Samuel Alden Jr. 1799.
Mehitabel m. Isaac Reynolds 1805. He d. 1821, ae. 80.
Asa m. Sarah, D. of Jeremiah Beal 1793 and had Polly 1796, and Roxana 1797.
Polly m. Wm. Tribou 1816.

2. Joseph Ford m. Betty, D. of Seth Howard 1769, and had Polly 1770, Ephraim 1775, Joseph 1777, Charles 1779, Nicholas 1781, Walter 1783, Elizabeth 1785, Seth 1787, Sarah 1789, and George 1791.
Polly m. Judge Abner Fobes 1791.
Sarah m. Davis Packard 1813.

3. David (s. of Jacob, g. s. of Jacob above, and nephew of Mark) came from Abington to N. B. a. 1800, and m. Olive, D. of Simeon Packard 1794, and had David, Olive, Rhoda, Packard, Daniel 1801, Noah 1804, Rachel 1806, Susan Margaret 1808, Richard 1811, Nancy Whitman 1814, Mary Alden 1816.
David m. Polly Wild 1821.
Oliva m. John Foster 1821.
Rhoda m. Elisha Belcher 1818.

4. Prince Ford m. Keziah, D. of Edward Powers 1779, and had Packard 1783, Prince 1787, Martin 1790, Daniel 1793, Keziah 1795.
Packard m. Mary Kingman 1808.

Andrew m. Mercy Whitmarsh 1706, and d. 1750 ae. 69.
Lydia m. Richard Whitmarsh 1712.
Mary m. Zephaniah Perkins 1766.
Amos of Marshfield m. wid. Sarah Pettingill 1766.
Benjamin m. Sarah Brett I773.
Elizabeth m. George Keith 1780.
Hannah m. Joshua Ames 1786.
Sarah m. Barnabas Packard a. 1761. John had a son Abijah in E. B.1741.
John m. Mehitabel Kingman 1794.
James m. Parna Howard 1800.
Bathsheba m. Lemuel Fuller of C. 1800.
Rebecca m. Oliver Pratt 1805.
Mercy of Marsh'd m. Nahum Packard 1817.
Simeon of Herkimer m. Sophia D. of David Kingman, and d. 1839, ae. 64.
Lauren m. her sister Mary Kingman 1816.
Hannah d. 1801 ae: 77.
Silence m. Anthony Sherman a. 1746.


John Freelove m. Abigail, D. of William Washburn 1739 : he d. about 1755, she d. in E. B. 1772, ae. 59 ; had Sarah, Abigail, John, and Thankful 1752.
John m. Sarah Fuller 1765 and had a child that d. 1773.
John Freelove m. Sarah Wood 1774.
Abigail Freelove m. Ebenezer Whitman 1760.
Thankful m. Ezra Whitman 1796.


Dependence French (s. of John French of Randolph) lived in Stoughton corner, and was a member of the North Parish of Bridgewater, d. 1803, ae. 89, m. Mary Lynfield 1733, and had Dependence 1739, Levi 1740, Deliverance 174, Mary 1744, John 1749, William 1751, Elizabeth, Silence 1756, Martha 1759, and Olive 1761.
Dependence m. Rebecca Hammond 1765, d. and left no children.
Elizabeth m. Seth Bryant 1765.
Mary m. Jeremiah Beals 1763.
Silence m. Ephraim Churchill 1787.
Martha m. Samuel Cheesman.

2. John (twin brother of Dependence above) m. Mary Fenno 1748, and wid. Christian Holbrook 1753, and had Rebecca 1754, Ruhama 1757, and John 1761
Rebecca m. Jacob Packard 3d. 1774.
Ruhama m. Noah Ames 1778.

3. Levi (s. of Dependence 1.) m. Amy, D. of William Packard 1764, and lived in N. B., and had Levi 1765, Samuel 1766, Ruhama 1768, Dependence and Rebecca 1771, Lemuel, Isaac, Silvanus, and Hannah.
Ruhama m. Barnabas Pratt 1787.
Rebecca m. Theophilus Curtis 1791.
Hannah m. Luther Swan 1796.
Samuel settled in Amherst.
Dependence m. Hannah, D. of Seth Harris 1794.
Isaac m. Polly, D. of Jonas Reynolds 1801, and lives in Stoughton.
Silvanus m. Silence, D. of Jonathan Keith 1805.
Wid. Amy m. George Monk 1798.

4. Capt. John (s. of Dependence 1.) m. Damaris, D. of Barnabas Howard Esq. 1779 and had Artemas, Daniel, Sidney, John, Zelopha, Olive, and Anna.
Zelopha m. Benjamin Ames 1804.
Olive m. John Cobb.
Anna m. Isaac Keith 1810.

5. Capt. William (s. of Dependence 1.) m. Mary D. of Luke Perkins, and had Alpheus, Rhoda, Rebecca, Patty, Sibil, and Phebe.
Alpheus m. Mehitabel, D. of Samuel Brett 1800.
Rhoda m. William Carr 1797.
Rebecca m. Col. Cyrus Porter 1800.
Patty m. John Packard 1803.
Sibil m. Zenas Brett 1813.
Phebe m. Capt. Nath'l Wales 1815.

6. Levi (s. of Levi 3.) m. Betsy Meritt 1799,- and had Meritt 1800, Betsy 1806, and Levi 1808.
Levi French m. wid. Keziah Jenkins 1805.

7. Micah and his wife Ruth (s. of Thomas of Braintree, and nephew of Dependence 1.) settled in E. B. a. 1747, and had Micah 1747, Mary 1749, Bartholomew 1751, Ruth 1753, Prudence 1756, Anne .(or Hannah) 1759, Barzillai 1762, and Alpheus 1767.
He removed to Stoughton.

8. David (brother of Micah above) m. Mehitabel, D. of Samuel Pratt, and had Nathaniel 1756, Silas 1761, Joseph 1763, Barnabas, Daniel, Samuel Pratt, and David 1776, after his father's death. The widow m. Benjamin Price 1782.
Nathaniel d. at N. York in the army, 1776.
Barnabas moved to Maine.
Joseph m. Hannah Mehuren 1784 ; he d. 1799 ae. 38 ; she d. 1788, ae. 36 ; she left a D. Mehitabel, who m. Charles Brown 1809.
Daniel m. Rhoda, D. of Thomas Tribou 1792; had Daniel, who m. Sarah Standish 1817, and Rhoda who m. Joseph Keen 1815.
Samuel Pratt m. Olive Reed 1801, and had William*, Luther, Samuel, Lucy, and Polly.
Luther m. Keziah, D. of Reuben Besse.
Polly m. Oliver Stark 1821.
Lucy .m. Marcus Packard 1821, and lives in Easton.
David m.. Rachel Hanks 1797, and had several children, 2 only are living, viz : Abigail 1800, who m. Joseph Walton and Eliza 1803, who m. Alvan Cole 1823 ; his wife d. 1825, and he has a 2d. wife.
Silas m. a Brown and had Nathaniel.

9. William and his w. Alice, D. of Ezekiel Washburn 1773, and had Mary 1777, Lydia 1778, Eli 1780, Jesse 1783, Ezekiel 1785, William 1787, and Sally 1791.
Lydia m. Isaac Keith 1801.
William m. Anna Wales 1810.
Sally m. Asa Cushing 1813.
William French m. Lydia Kezer 1767.

10. Nathaniel (s. of Silas, see no. 8.) m. Eliza Waterman of H. 1811, and had Nathaniel Waterman 1813, Mary Brown 1815, Lucy Sampson 1818.

11. Ebenezer m. Elizabeth, D. of William Orcutt 1717, and had Elizabeth, who m. Jonathan Pratt 1740.

Most of the above are descendants of John and Grace French of Braintree, who had John 1641, Thomas 1643*, Dependence 1648, Temperance 1651, William 1653, Elizabeth 1655, Thomas 1657, Samuel 1659 ; he d. 1692, me. 8O, she 1680.

David French m. Abigail Owen 1751.
Sarah m. Jedediah Jordan 1744.
Polly m. Abiah Packard Jr. 1788.
Warren m. Betsy Lathrop 1811.
Daniel of Quincy m. Hannah K. Haskell 1815.
Capt. Zephaniah of St. m. Betsy Ames 1816.
Freelove m. William Fobes 1796.
Wid. Nabby m. Marlboro' Whiting 1796.
Mehitabel m. Joseph Pratt 1738.
Stephen French of Braintree m. Hannah, D. of John Whitman of Weymouth 1660, and had Mary 1662.


Isaac Fuller (from Halifax) settled in N. B. ; m. Sarah, D. of Solomon Packard 1737; and had Isaac 1738, Olive 1740, Lemuel 1742, Isaiah 1744, Sarah 1746, Susanna 174S, Lois 1751, Benjamin 1754, Reliance 1756.
Isaac m. Mary, D. of Daniel Alden 1764, and settled in Easton.
Lemuel d. in the army 1762.
lsaiah m. Mary Kezer 1768, and moved to Warwick.
Olive m. Daniel Edson 1765.
Sarah m. John Freelove 1764.
Susanna m. Ashly Curtis 1770.
Lois m. Samuel Dyke 1772.
Reliance m. Josiah Edson Jr. 1777.
Benjamin m. Sarah, D. of Daniel Ames 1777, and he and his father Isaac removed to Winchester.

Jabez Fuller dis. from W. B. Ch. to Medfield Ch. 1747.
Elizabeth joined W. B. Ch. 1735.
Jabez Fuller d. of small pox 1788.
Jacob (s. of Isaiah above) m. Abigail Leonard 1800, and had Betsy 1801 , Josiah 1803 ; she d. and he m. Hannah, D. of Nath'l Orcutt 1806, and had Nabby 1807, Leonard Orcutt 1809, and Mary Flagg 1814.

Rebecca m. Elijah Alden 1783.
Lois m. Nathan Pratt 1786.
Hannah m. Azor Eddy 1786.
Chloe of Attleborough m. Calvin Howard 1790.
Elizabeth m. Mason Johnson 1790.
Silence m. Samuel Harden 1792.
Lemuel Jr. of Canton m. Bathsheba Ford 1800.
William m. Tabatha Benson 1801.
Stephen of Att'o m. Sarah Copeland 1910.
Squire of Brookfield Vt. m. Bethiah Ames 1815.
John, of Boston, m. Jane B. L. Fearing 1819.


William Fullerton m. Mary Porter 1796, and had Mehitabel 1800, Harvey 1803, Almira 1805, Celestia 1807, William 1810, John 1813, James Porter 1815.
Ruth Fullerton (or Fullington) m. Samuel Pool 1759, and d. 1835, ae. 97.


Capt. Thomas E. and Mary Gage had Mercy E. 1802, Joshua E. 1804.

GANNETT.—Thomas Gannett was- at Duxbury 1642, and " able to bear arms" as early as 1643 ; was one of the original proprietors and first settlers of Bridgewater ; d. here 1655, the first death in the town found on any record : he made a will, and left a wid. Sarah but no children. His estate went to his brother Matthew of Scituate. His wid. afterwards m. a Faxon.
Matthew of Scituate was born in England 1618, and came early to this country, and first settled in Hingham, and afterwards about 1651 removed to Scituate : he d. 1695, and had two sons Matthew and Joseph.
Joseph m. a wid. Sharp (she had a s. Benoni Sharp by her first husband) and d. before his father, leaving Hannah 1684, Matthew 1688, Deborah 1690, Joseph 1693. These 2 ss. Matthew and Joseph, by their grandfather Matthew's will, dated 1694, had the estate in Bridgewater, which came to their grandfather by their great uncle Thomas above.
Hannah, wid. of the first Matthew, made her will 1700, and it appears they had other children, viz : Rehoboth, Elizabeth Leverett, Hannah Adams, Abigail Dodson. Rehoboth d. at Morristown, N. J., without children.

2. Matthew (s. of Joseph, and g. s. of Matthew) m. Mary Bacon 1718 in Scituate. He, with his brother Joseph, came to E. B. a. 1713: he had Elizabeth, Mary 1721, Susanna 1723, Mehitabel 1726, Sarah 1729. He m. Martha, wid. of Dr. Joseph Byram, and D. of David Perkins, 1750, for his 2d wife : she d. 1779, ae. 74.
Elizabeth m. Nicholas Byram a. 173S, and Thos. Hayward 1746.
Mary m. John Edson 1744.
Susanna m. David Edson 1746.
Mehitabel m. Zebulun Cary 1747, and d. 1748.
Sarah m. Daniel Pettingill 1755, and afterwards Amos Ford of Marshfield 1766.

3. Joseph (brother of Matthew next above) m. Hannah, D. of Dea. Jonathan Hayward of Braintree ; had Joseph 1722, Hannah 1724, Benjamin 1726*, Benjamin 1728, Jonathan 1730 : she d. 1731, and he m. Hannah, D. of Nathl. Brett 1732, and had Seth 1734, Thomas 1736 : he d. 1774, ae. 80 ; she 1777, ae. 78.
Hannah m. Ichabod Cary 1741. She and Matthew's D. Susanna were the first persons baptized by the Rev. John Angier, the first minister of East Bridgewater.

4. Capt. Joseph (s. of Joseph 3.) m. Betty, D. of Charles Latham, 1744 ; had Caleb Aug. 22, 1745, Betty 1749, Simeon 1752, Deborah 1755, Joseph 1760, Barzillai 1764 : he d. 1789, ae. 67 ; she 1813, ae. 86.
Betty m. Nathan Hudson 1767.
Deborah m. Adam Porter, and removed to Cummington.

5. Benjamin (s. of Joseph 3.) m. Mary, D. of Jonathan Copeland, 1750, and removed to Stoughton : his son Benjamin m. the famous female soldier, Deborah Sampson.

6. Jonathan (s. of Joseph 3.) m. Hannah Dyer of Abington, and had Jacob 1753. He m. wid. Records for his 2d wife : he m. a 3d wife from Weymouth. He m. Abigail 1785, wid. of Silas Harris and D. of Ebenezer Shaw, and removed to Cummington.

7. Seth (s.. of Joseph 3.) m. Susanna, D. of Matthew Allen, 1754 ; had Matthew 1755, Hannah 1756, Mehitabel 1758, Susanna 1760, Sarah 1762, Seth 1764, Philena 1768, Nathl. Brett 1770, Phebe 1773, Nabby 1775, Thomas 1778.
Hannah m. Oliver Washburn 1781.
Mehitabel m. Jacob Harden 1778.
Matthew m. Alice, D. of Nehemiah Latham, 1783.
Seth Jr. m. Eliza Reed 1821.
The parents, and most of the family, removed to Tamworth, N. H.

8. Thomas (s. of Joseph 3.) m. Susanna, D. of Dr. Pollycarpus Loring of Plympton, where he lived and d. without children. He grad. H. U. 1763 : studied no profession : his wife d. 1801, se. 63 ; he 1810 [? struck over with, I think, 1812] ae. 74.

9. Caleb (s. of Capt. Joseph 4.) gra. H. U. 1763, and settled in the ministry at Amherst and Cumberland, Nova Scotia, and was ord. (at Hingham) 12th October, 1767 ; left Cumberland 1771, and returned to Mass., and was chosen a Tutor at H. U. 1773, and Steward 1780, in which office be remained till his death, April 25, 1818. He was twice m.: by his first wife he had John Mico and Thomas Brattle, (minister of Cambridgeport), and by his last wife (D. of Pres. Styles) he had Ezra Styles, minister in Boston.

10. Simeon of (s. Capt. Joseph 4:). m. a Reed of Abington 1775; had Clarissa 1789, and Charlotte : his w. d. 1808, ae. 50, and he m. wid. Lydia Little of Scituate 1809.
Clarissa m. Amasa Field 1813.
Charlotte m. Thomas Whitmarsh 1811.

11. Joseph (s. of Capt. Joseph 4.) m. Anna, D. of Thomas Hobart of Hanson, 1783 ; had Luther 1784, Nancy 1787, Christiana 1793, Joseph 1795, Susanna 1797, Mary 1804, and Jane.
Nancy d. 1817, ae. 30.
Christiana m. Marston Lazell.
Joseph m. Lucy Stowell.
Susanna m. Ebenezer Noyes 1821; she d. 1822 : he then m. Mary, and she d.1827.
Jane m. Luther Faxon.
The mother d. 1826, ae. 62 ; he 1829, ae. 69.

12. Barzillai (s. of Capt. Joseph 4.) gra. H. U. 1785, studied divinity and preached, but was never settled ; removed to Gardner, Maine, and m. and had a family there ; was Representative of the Town, Clerk of the Sessions, and County Treasurer : he went to Canada.

13. Capt. Luther (s. of Joseph 11.) m. Olive, D. of Capt. Levi Washburn 1810; had Eliza Ann 1811, Luther 1814, George 1819: he removed to Belfast, Me.
Amelia Gannettl m. Oliver Mitchell 1791.
Lucinda m. Lot Ramsdell 1794.
Sally m. Zenas Harden 1815.


Rev. Ebenezer Gay and Laura had Calvin 1725, Laura 1728.


Nathaniel Gilbert m. Betsy, D. of Caleb Cary, 1802, and had Caleb C. 1803, Mary P. 1805, Grenville 1809, Henry 1811, Nathaniel 1813, Marshall B. 1815, Betsy C. 1818, Charles 1820, George 1823.
Ebenezer Gilbert of the ch. W. B. after 1721.
Ruth Gilbert m. Reuben Hall 1741.


James Gilmore m. Thankful Tyrrell of Ab. 1725 ; had Adam, Agnes, both bap. W. B. 1742, Thankful 1738, William 1740, Tyrrell 1744, Whitfield 1746.
2. Robert had a s. Robert bap. W. B. 1739.
3. Andrew m. Abigail, D. of Elisha Dunbar, 1752 ; had Andrew 1753.

William m. Mary Willis 1731.
Margaret m. John Cochran 1733.
Jane m. Thomas Kennedy 1735.
Jane m. Joseph Wesley 1739.
William m. Margaret Steward 1742.
David in B. 1744.
John m. Martha Smith 1764.
Joshua m. Hannah Lathrop 1789.
Sally m. Peleg Leach 1802.


Francis Godfrey was an early settler in Bridgewater ; was a Carpenter ; d. between 1666, the date of his will and 1669, when it was proved : mentions his D. Elizabeth Cary (wife of John) and grandson John Cary.

Abby Godfrey of Norton m. Ebenezer Copeland 1770.
Hannah Godfrey of Norton m. Ebenezer Copeland Jr. 1801.
Sally Godfrey m. Calvin Jackson 1810.


William Gould and his wife Grace had John 1721, Mary 1723, Hannah 1725. He lived in what is now Hanson.


Ephraim Groves of N. B. m. Bathsheba, D. of William Bowditch, 1762 ; had Deborah 1762, Susanna m. John Porter 2d 1790. Ephraim Groves m. Jenny, wid. of Nathaniel Southworth, 1789, D. of Simeon Brett.


Zechariah Gurney (s. probably of Zechariah, and g. s. of Richard of Braintree) and his wife Sarah, came from Abington and settled in N. B. a. 1746 ; had Zechariah 1729, Elisha 1731, Micah 1739, Mary 1747, Sarah 1750.
Mary m. a More.
Elisha m. Jane, D. of Henry Kingman, 1760, and had Betty 1761, and Jacob 1763, and went to Me.
Micah m. Hopestill Jackson 1765 and went to Me.

2. Zechariah (s. of Zechariah 1.) m. Mary, D. of David Ames, 1764 ; had John 1755, Mary 1757, Martha 1760, Zechariah 1762, David 1765, The father, a Lieut. in the revolutionary war, d. 1813, ae. 84 ; she 1800 ae. 77.
Mary m. James Churchill 1794.
Martha m. Ebenezer Drake 1781.
The father m. wid. Mary Southworth 1800.

3. John (s. of Zechariah 2.) m. Mehitabel, D. of Lemuel Southworth, 1777; had Mehitabel 1778, Patience 1780, Mille 1782, Martha 1784, John 1786, Sibil 1788, Anna 1790, Rhoda 1792, Lemuel 1794, Samuel 1797. The father d. 1796.
Rhoda m. Baruck Morse of St. 1811.

4. Capt. Zechariah (s. of Zechariah 2.) m. Matilda, D. of William Packard, 1783, and had Azel 1785, Olive 1786, Alpheus 1789, Betsy 1790, Ozen 1793, Matilda 1795, Zechariah 1797, Charles 1798, Thomas Jefferson 1803, Lucius 1804.
Olive m. Capt. Oliver Jackson 1807.
Betsy m. Barnabas Edson 1814.
Matilda m. Hezekiah Packard 1820.
Alpheus removed to Boston.
Ozen m. Melinda, D. of Ichabod Howard, 1820, and went to Paris, Me.
Zechariah went to Mobile.
Azel m. Polly, D. of Abijah Knapp, 1815, and had Mary 1816, and Alpheus 1818.
Capt. Charles m. Louisa, D. of Perez Crocker, and had Charles* and others.
Thomas J. m. Fidelia Wade of St.: she d. 1834, ae. 31.

5. Capt. David (s. of Zechariah 2.) m. Molly, D. of Jonathan Ames, 1789 ; had Polly 1790 : his wife d. 1791, and he m. Susanna, D. of Samuel Bartlett, 1792, and had David 1793, Austin 1795, Susanna 1796, Harris 1799, and went to Bath, Me.

6. Perkins Gurney and his wife Jane (he was son of Joseph and Mary of Abington, and was born 1723) settled in E. B.; had David 1759, Thomas, Jonathan, Adam, Seth and Ruth.
David gra. H. U. 1785, and settled in the ministry at Titicut 1787.
Thomas and Jonathan went to Me.
Adam d. in the army.

7. Seth (s. of Perkins 11.) m. Rebeckah, D. of Edward Packard, 1788, and had David 1791, Seth 1793, Jane 1795, Rebecca 1801, Cyrus 1803, Almon 1505, Deborah 1807, Alva 1808.
David m. Lurana, D. of Ichabod Howland, 1815, and he is d.
Seth m. Anna, D. of Christopher Batts, 1818.
Jane m. Abiah Reed of Abington 1814.

8. Benjamin and his w. Betty had Betty 1756, Asa 1758.
Ruth m. Peleg Stetson 1775.
Hannah m. Jo. Sampson 1780.
Molly m. Ephraim Tinkham 1787.
Silvia m. Solomon Hearsey Jr. 1801.
James H. Gurney m. Deborah Reed 1816.
Jona. R. Gurney m. Deborah Reed 1816.
Clarissa m. Peleg Stetson 1819.
Daniel m. Mehitabel Harden 1819.
Sophronia m. Gibeon Sharp 1820.

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