History of the early settlement of Bridgewater
in Plymouth County, Massachusetts
including an extensive family register.

Nahum Mitchell
Printed for the author by Kidder & Wright 1840

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]



Edward Hall, one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, was of course an inhabitant. of Duxbury before 1650. We have no particular account of him or his family.
Joseph Hall of Yarmouth m. wid. Mary Morton, relict of John Morton : she was a Faunce : Morton died of a grievous wound 1709. The name is still common in the old colony.
There was an Edward Hall at Cambridge 1636.


Edmund Hobart with his wife and son Joshua, and Ds. Rebeckah and Sarah, and his servant Henry Gibbs, came from Hingham, Old England, and settled here in Hingham, New England, 1633 : his ss. Edmund, Thomas, and Rev. Peter, also soon followed him, the two former the same year, and the last in 1635 : they first lived in Charlestown ; but when the Rev. Peter arrived with a number of his church, they soon began to explore the country, and went up a small river at the bottom of Boston Bay, now called Hingham Cove, where they found a few of their friends, whom they immediately joined, being pleased with the situation, and at once concluded to settle there, and called the place Hingham, from whence the Hobart family had all come excepting Thomas, who came from a place called. Windham, near old Hingham : he d. 1646 ; she 1649 : her name is not given. One of the Daus. m. a Beal, and a sister of Edmund sen'r. m. a Gilman (probably Edward).
The. Rev. Peter in his church records speaks of his father and mother Hobart, and David, son of Peter, who continued the records after his father Peter's death, mentions his great aunt Gilman, and the deaths of his uncle Edmund and Thomas (and their wives, calling .them also his aunts), whence we are confirmed in the knowledge of their being sons of Edmund sen'r.

2. Edmund (s. of the above) with his wife Elizabeth arrived in 1633: she d. 1675 ; he Feb. 1686, ae. 82 ; his will, dated 1684, calls himself weaver : their children were Elizabeth, Sarah 1640, John 1642, Samuel 1645, Martha 1647, Daniel 1649.
Elizabeth m. John Tucker 1657.
Sarah m. Return Manning 1664, and had a D. Mary.
John m. Hannah Burr 1674 and died, and his wife settled his estate 1675 : he had one only child Hannah.
Samuel m. Hannah Gould 1674, and died 1718, ae. 74, and had Edmund 1674, Samuel 1677*, Hannah 1679*, Samuel 1681* drowned in a well, Hannah 163, Peter 1685.
Martha m. Joseph Basset of Bridgewater 1677.
Mary Hobart 1638 who m. John Hugh 1664 might also have been his D.

3. Thomas (s. of Edmund 1.) with his wife Jane and three children came over 1633, and settled in Hingham : he d. 1689, ae.83 ; his w. d. 1690 : he had Caleb 1632, Joshua 1639, Thomas 1649, Mehitabel 1651; Isaac 1653, Hannah 1655, Moses 1656, Aaron 1661, Nathaniel 1665. Caleb settled his father's estate (de bonis non) 1690.
Mehitabel m. John Lane 1674.
John Magoun was his son-in-law.
Hannah m. John Records 1672.
Moses died in prison at Boston 1686.
Aaron's w. was Rebecca, and undertook the settlement of her husband's estate in 1705, and completed it in 1724, and then called herself Rebecca Derby wid. of Edward Derby of Weymouth dec'd, and mentions 2 ss. only, Isaac and Aaron Hobart :
Aaron died 1726, ae. 23, unmarried, and Isaac settled his estate 1726.
Thomas, by the consent of his father Thomas, puts himself an apprentice to John Nash of Boston, cooper, 1670.
Joshua Hobart and his w. Mary (her former husband was Jona. Rainsford) of Boston, quit her right to her former husband's estate 1674 : he died in Braintree 1713, no ch.

4. Rev. Peter (s. Of Edmund 1.) with his w. Rebeckah and 4 ch. came over in 1635, and settled in Hingham : he d. 1679, ae. 75 ; she in 1693, ae. 73 : his will 1678, proved 1679 : if this is correct he was 16 years the eldest : he speaks of his mother Ibrook's death 1664, it may be therefore that his w. was an Ibrook. He had Ichabod 1635* at Charlestown, Hannah 1637*, Hannah 1638, Bathsheba 1640, Israel 1642, Jael 1643, Gershom 1645, Japhet 1647, Nehemiah 1648, David 1651, Rebeckah 1654, Abigail 1656, Lydia 1659, all. born here.: the 4 children who came with him were Joshua 1628, Jeremiah 1630, Elizabeth 1632, Josiah 1633 ; in all 17 ch.
Joshua was a Minister of Southhold, L. Island, and died 1717, ae. 89.
Jeremiah gra. H. U. 1650, was Minister at Topsfield, Hampstead, and Haddam, Conn., and d. 1717, ae. 87.
Elizabeth m. John Ripley, and d. 1692, ae. 60.
Josiah bought of Ralph Woodward formerly of the city of Dublin, then of Hingham, land in Ireland 1658, and with his wife Priscilla sold land to one Gross in 1677, and died on L. Island 1711, ae. 78 : he had John, and Daniel, and perhaps. others.
Hannah m. first John Brown and then John Rogers of Salem, and d. 1691.
Bathsheba or Bashua, first m. John Leavit 1664, and then m. Dea. Joseph Turner of Scituate, and d. 1724, ae. 84.
Israel d. in Scituate 1731, ae. 89, his will 1729 : his w. was Sarah, D. of the Rev. Wm. Wethrell of Scituate, m. 1674, and settled in Scit. 1676, his house in Hingham having just been burnt by the Indians : he had Nathaniel 1675, Rebecca 1676 b. at Hingham, Nathan and Abigail 1678, Jael 1650, Israel 1682 : in his will he also mentions Mary Witherton, Grace Davis, and Bathsheba Bradford, children of " my D. Sarah Brock."
Jael was executrix.
Israel Jr. was a householder in 1723, and had Patience, and Grace.
Jael, D. of Rev. Peter, m. Joseph Bradford of Kingston, and d. 1730, ae. 88.
.Gershom gra. 1667, was Minister at Groton ord. 1679, and died 1707, ae. 62 ; Gershom and Sarah Hobart had a D. Hepzibah 1675.
Japhet gra. 1667, was lost at sea, a Surgeon.
Nehemiah was Minister of Newton, and died 1712, ae. 64 : he m. Sarah, D. of Edward Jackson : he sold land in Hingham commons to his D. Rebeckah in 1712.
David first m. Joanna Quincy, and then Sarah Joyce of Boston : his last w. d. 1729, ae. 65, was then a widow : she mentions his ch. by his first . wife, viz : Judith Crocker whose first husband was a Leavit, Jael Leavit, Abiel Hobart, Rebeckah Nichols : also her own ch. by him, viz : Sarah w. of John Humphrey, Lydia, Nehemiah, David, Noah.
Rebeckah m. Daniel Mason 1679.
Abigail d. 1683, ae. 26.
Lydia m. Thomas Lincoln 1690, and died 1732, ae. 73.
The wid. Rebeckah, mother of the above named children, survived her husband, the Rev. Peter Hobart, and made her will 1693, David executor, and mentions also Nehemiah, Rebeckah Mason, Lydia Lincoln, Japhet " if he be still living and shall come in person to demand the legacy," and names no other of her children.

5. Capt. Joshua (s. of Edmund 1.) came over with his father, and m. Ellen Ibrook of Cambridge 1638 : he d. 1682, ae. 68 ; she about 1700: he had Hannah 1639, Peter 1642, Sarah 1644, Deborah 1647, Joshua 1650, Solomon 1652, Enoch 1654 : in his will 1682 he thus names his children, viz : Joshua, Enoch, and Edward Cowell and Joshua Lincoln sons-in-law, gave to his Ds. husbands all his lands at a place called by the Indians "Tuncke."
Hannah m. Joseph Grafton 1657.
Peter made a will at Barbadoes 1665, and gives all his estate to his wife Susannah, but if she should have a child makes provision for it, and mentions his brother Jacob Elliot.
Sarah m. Edward Cowell 1668.
Deborah m. Joshua Lincoln 1666, and d. 1684, ae. 37.
Joshua and his w. Faith sold land to Daniel Cushing in 1684, he was a mariner.
Solomon was a mariner 1683 : he had 2 ch. b., and d. 1682.
Enoch Hobart, boatman of Boston 1691 : his w. Hannah, D. of Thomas Harris, m. 1676, and had Hannah 1677*, Ruth 1678, Hannah 1680, Thomas 1683, Deborah 1685.
Eleanor, Helen (or Ellen) the mother d. a. 1700, and her estate was settled by her grandson Joshua Lincoln.
Hannah, D. of Capt. Joshua the son perhaps, d. 1731.

6. Daniel (s. of Edmund 2.) was a Weaver : he m. first Elizabeth Warren of Boston 1677, and had Ruth 1678, John 1682*, Joshua 1683, Jeremiah 1684*, Mary 1686, Solomon 1693 : he m. a 2d wife Patience, and made his will 1704, and mentions only Joshua, Solomon, and Mary : " in case his now wife should have a child" he makes provision for it.
Mary m. Isaac Peterson of Duxbury : he had a D. Patience also who m. David Garnett 1731.
The wid. Patience m. Ibrook Tower 1714.

7. David (s. of the Rev. Peter 4.) m. Joanna, D. of the Hon. Edmund Quincy, and had Josiah, Rebeckah, Jael, Judith 1681, Peter 1684*, Abiel 1685. He m. Sarah Joyce at Boston 1695, had Nehemiah 1697, Joseph 1699*, David and Sarah 1702, Lydia 1704, Noah 1706: his 2d w. d. 1729, ae. 65 ; he d. 1717, ae. 67.
Rebeckah m. Jazaniah Nichols 1714.
Jael m. Jeremiah Leavit 1712 and d. 1740, ae. 52.
Judith m. Joseph Leavit 1711, and afterwards a Crocker.
Noah was Minister at Fairfield, Conn, ord. 1732: he m. Priscilla, wid. of Isaac Lothrop and of John Watson Esq. and D. of Caleb Thomas : she died 1796, ae. 90. [See David under Rev. Peter 4.]

8. Solomon (s. of Daniel 6.) was a Weaver : his will 1736, d. 1737 by falling into the fire in a fit, ae. 44 : gave his brother Joshua £5, his sister Peterson two-thirds, and his sister Garnett one-third of his estate. Isaac Peterson ex'or, James Hobart a witness.

9. Rev. Nehemiah (s. of David 7.) was Minister at Cohasset: he m. Lydia Jacob, and had John Jacob 1725*, Sarah 1727, Jerom 1729*, Justin 1731, Lydia 1733, Hannah 1735, John Jacob 1737*. His w. died 1737, ae. 32, and he m. Elizabeth Pratt 1739, and died 1740, ae. 43 : his widow gave a receipt to Wm. Penniman ex'or of the will of her honored mother Ruth Thayer for a legacy given her by her mother's will 1742, and she m. Jona. Merrit of Scituate 1742 : Hannah ae. 7, and Lydia ae. 9, were put under guardianship of their uncle Jazaniah Nichols; Justin ae. 11, and Sarah ae. 14, were put under guardianship of John Jacob 1741.

10. Isaac (s. of Aaron and grandson of Thomas 3.) settled.in Abington : he m. Mary, D. of John Harden, 1724, and had Aaron 1729, Thomas 1725, John 1738, Mary 1735.

11. Caleb (s. of Thomas 3.) settled his father's estate 1690, and settled in Braintree a. 1697 : be d. 1711, ae. 89 : his 2d wife was Mary Elliot, m. 1662 : his 1st w. was Elizabeth Church, m.. 1657, she d. 1659 : (he had another w., wid. Elizabeth Faxon ' m. 1676 : his 2d wife Mary died 1675), he had Mary 1663, Caleb 1665, Elizabeth 1666, Benjamin 1677, Hannah 1668, Josiah 1670.
Caleb m. Hannah Sanders 1704, but had no children.
Hannah m. Jona. Hayden 1692.
Old wid. Hobart d. in Braintree 1704.

12. Josiah (s. of Caleb 11.) of Braintree m. Mary Cleverly 1695 : his 2d w. was Sarah Savil, m. 1719 : he d. 1725 ; his estate was settled 1725: he had Caleb 1696*, Josiah 1697, Mary 1701, she died ae. 26, John 1704, Susanna 1724. John Copeland 1741 called the 1st w. Mary his deceased sister.

13. Benjamin (s. of Caleb 11.) of Braintree m. Susanna Newcomb 1699 : she settled his estate 1718 ; she died 1725 : it was divided among his heirs 1727, who were Benjamin, Caleb, Susanna (or Ann), Peter, Israel, Joshua. Wm. Everett of Dedham was their uncle : inventory taken by Josiah Hobart and others.

14. Nathaniel (s. of Thomas 3.): his will 1734 : m. wid. Mary Stowell 1695 : she was D. of John Beal: no children are mentioned : he gave lands and 100 pounds in money to his cousin (nephew) Isaac Hobart, to Rev. Mr. Gay one eighth of his saw-mill ; mentioned his gr. daughter-in-law Mary Joy ; son-in-law John Stowell, and gr. son-in-law Jedediah Joy, ex'ors. In 1689 he sold land to John Lane : David and Lydia Hobart, witnesses.

15. Edmund (s. of Samuel probably and gr. s. of Edmund 2. ) m. Abigail, wid. of Ebenezer Whitman of S. Bridgewater 1714 : she was a Burnham : he resided with his wife at Bridgewater : was there 1727.

16.. Rev. Justin (s. of Rev. Nehemiah 9.) was Minister of Fairfield, Conn.; m. Hannah Fairfield of that place 1772, she was b. 1738 : he had Ellen 1764, Mary 1765, Jerom 1768*, Noah 1769, Justin 1772, Lydia 1774, Hannah 1777, John Sloss 1781, d. at New York 1803. His wife d. 1809, ae. 71 ; he died 1789.
Ellen m. Hezekiah Gold 1786, and had a D. Debby, and Gold was then drowned at New York, and his wid. m. Dr. Stephen Middlebrook of Stratford 1793.
Lydia m. Stephen Beers 1796.
Justin m. Desire Burr (b. 1782) of Huntington 1804, and had Rebecca 1806, Jane 1809.

17. David (s. of David 7.) and his w. Rachel had David 1728, and probably Joseph and others : he d. 1780, ae. 72 ; his wife d. 1734. David d. at Cape Breton 1746.

18. Joseph (s. of David 17 probably) m. Sarah Warrick 1750, and had Sarah 1752, Esther 1754, Anna 1755, Rachel 1757, Joseph 1759, Nehemiah 1761, Jeremiah 1763, George 1768, Sibee (or Zibeah) 1770 : his w. d. 1783, ae. 53.

19. James Hobart's will 1744, he was b. 1689 : his w. Hannah : he named his children thus : James, John, Lydia Bates, and Susanna Todd. Samuel Hobart a witness : whose son he was, not ascertained.

20. Col. Aaron (s. of Isaac 10.) of Abington m. first Elizabeth, D. of Jacob Pillsbury, and had Seth, Nathaniel, Aaron, Noah, Isaac,
Elizabeth w: of David Jones Jr.,
Sarah who m. a Lewis of N. Yarmouth :
Nathaniel gra. H. U. 1784, d. 1830, and left no family :
Isaac went to Me. His 2d w. was Thankful, wid. of Elihu Adams of Randolph ; she was D. of Joseph White Jr.: they had Benjamin, Salome, Thankful, Mary. Salome m. Marcus Alden.
Thankful m. a Perry.
Mary m. a Brigham.
Benjamin Esq. m. Lucy, D. of Gen. Silvanus Lazell, and then Deborah, D. of Capt. Edmund Lazell, and has a family.

21. Thomas (s. of Isaac 10.) m. Jane Bailey, sister of Col. John Bailey of Hanover, and lived in Pembroke (now Hanson), and had Isaac, Thomas, and several Ds.
One, Hannah, m. Andrew Leach.
One, Anna, m. Joseph Gannett.
One, Jane, m. Daniel Perry.
One, Polly, m. Thomas Wales.
One, Rachel, m. Jotham Cushman.
One m. a Sawyer.
Sarah m. Nehemiah Thayer 1785, and d. 1792.
One m. a Sayles.

22. John (s. of Isaac 10.) of Abington m. Mary, D. of Matthew Allen of East Bridgewater, 1765, and had John Esq. who settled in Leicester. He died, and his wid. Mary m. a Bearce.

23. Seth (s. of Col. Aaron 20.) of E. Bridgewater m. Esther, D. of Jonathan Allen of Braintree, 1782, and had Betsy 1783, Jacob 1784*, Jonathan 1786, Seth 1788*, Polly 1790, Eunice 1795*, Joseph 1796, Esther 1798, Allen 1801*: she d. 1813 ; he 1814.

24. Aaron Esq. (s. of Col. Aaron 20.) of Abington m. Susanna, D. of Peter Adams, and had Aaron, Elihu, Susan, Sally, Abby.
Honorable Aaron m. Maria, D. of Andrew Leach, and has Susan, Aaron, George, Maria, Edward, John, Catharine.
Elihu has also a family.
Susan m. a Hayden, and then Jared Whitman Esq.
Sally and Abby both m. Dr. Champney.

25. Noah Esq. (s. of Col. Aaron 20.) of Foxborough m. Deborah W., D. of James Thomas 1789 : she lived with her grand-father Anthony Winslow in East Bridgewater, her father died when she was young : he had James T., Nathaniel, Aaron, Albert, Deborah, Jane. Nathaniel was lost in the steamboat Lexington 184O.

Sarah Cleverly, D. of Capt. John Hobart, d. in Boston 1696.
There was a Solomon Hobart born 1689.---[See Thayer's family Memorial for a further account of the Hobart family.]


John Howland came over in the 1st ship 1620 : his wife Elizabeth, D. of Gov. John Carver, and two children, John and Desire, came afterwards, 1627 : he was one of the Governor's Assistants many years, and a very respectable and useful man in the infant Colony : he died 1672 at Rocky Nook, near Kingston, ae. a. 80, on which occasion it is recorded that he was the last of the male survivors of those who came over in the May Flower in 1620, and whose place of abode was Plymouth." By not attending to the last words of this extract Farmer in his Appendix, as well as others, have been drawn into a seeming doubt. Howland was only the last of these pilgrims, who lived and died in Plymouth. John Alden certainly in Duxbury, and perhaps others of them out of Plymouth, survived Howland. Alden outlived him 15 years.
Howland had John who m. Mary Lee and settled in Barnstable,
Jabez who m. Bethiah Thacher of Yarmouth and finally settled in Bristol and who was an early Lieutenant under Capt. Standish,
Joseph who m. Elizabeth only child of Thos. Southworth 1664 and lived in Plymouth,
Isaac who m. Elizabeth D. of George Vaughn and settled in Mid'o. and d. there 1724,
Desire who m. John Gorham 1643 who lived in Plymouth, Marshfield, Barnstable and Swansey where he d. 1675, ae. 54,
Hope who m. John Chipman of Plymouth and then of Barnstable,
Elizabeth who m. Ephraim Hicks of Plymouth and then John Dickerson of Barnstable,
Lydia who m. James Brown of Swansey,
Hannah who m. a Bozworth of Hull or Swansey,
and Ruth who m. Thos. Cushman of Plymo.1664.
Isaac Howland had Isaac, Seth, Nathan, Priscilla Bennet, Susanna Wood, Jael Southworth, and Elizabeth Tinkham.

Joseph (s. of John) m. Elizabeth, only child of Thos. Southworth, 1664, and had Thomas, James, Lydia, Mercy, Eliza, Nathaniel.

Thomas (s. of Joseph) m. Joanna, D. of James Cole, 1699, and had Consider 1700, Experience 1705, Thomas 1707, Elizabeth 1710, Hannah 1712, Joanna 1716, Joseph 1718.
Experience m. Benja. Lothrop.
Hannah m. Charles Dyer, and afterwards Edward Winslow.
Joanna m. Gideon White 1744 : he d. 1779.
Nathaniel (s. of Joseph) m. Martha, D. of James Cole, 1697, and had Joseph 1699, Mary 1702, Nathaniel 1705, Joseph 1708.

Consider (s. of Thomas) m. Ruth Bryant 1725 (born 1704), and had Lucy 1726, Eliza 1728, Ruth 1730, Mary 1732, Thos. Southworth 1734 d. 1779, Consider 1735 d. 1743, Joanna 1737 d. 1799, Martha 1739, Bethiah 1743, Consider 1745 d. 1780, Experience 1748, Joseph 1751 d. 1806, Hannah 1753 d. 1780: he d. 1759, she 1775.
Lucy m. Abraham Hammatt 1748.
Ruth m. Benjamin Crandon.
Mary m. Dr. William Thomas, whose 2d w. was a Bridgham.
Martha m. Isaac Le Baron.
Experience m. Samuel West.
Bethiah m. a Delano.

Henry Howland was among the first proprietors of Bridgewater, and of course at Duxbury at that period. It is said he and Arthur Howland of Marshfield, 1643, were distinct families from John of Plymouth, and we have no very particular knowledge of their families : their descendants are however no doubt among those of the name living in the lower towns in the county, and the name is common throughout the old colony.
Deborah, D. of Arthur, m. John Smith of Plymouth 1645.
Martha Howland m. John Damon of Scituate, his 2d w. 1659.
A Collins of Lynn m. a Howland.
Consider Howland of Marshfield m. Ruth Church 1795, and removed to Scituate and had a son Luther.


Edmund Hunt was at Duxbury before 1650, and a proprietor of Bridgewater, and sold his right to Samuel Edson. We have no further account of him or of his family. The name remains in the county, but whether his descendants are here or not we are not certain.


John Irish was an original proprietor of Bridgewater, and John and George Irish were both at Duxbury before 1658, and were both among the first planters of Saconet. John Irish of Duxbury, roper, with the consent of his wife Elizabeth, sold his share in the new Plantation of Satucket (Bridgewater) to Guido Bailey 1659, and went to Little Compton. He d. 1677, and his son John Irish m. a sister of the famous Capt. Church : another s. Elias, settled in Taunton.


Dea. Thomas Loring was early at Hingham ; had a grant of land there 1635 ; his house was burnt 1646, d. at Hull 1661, his heirs divided the estate 1672 his w. Jane died 1672, leaving a will : his children were Thomas, John, Josiah, and Benjamin 1644 : no Ds. mentioned either in the division or her will.

2. Thomas (s. of the above) m. Hannah, D. of Nicholas Jacob, 1657: she was b. 1639 : he lived in Hull, and had Thomas, Caleb, David, Hannah 1665, and Deborah 1669. He d. 1678, and his widow m. Stephen French : his heirs divided the estate 1702.
Hannah m. Jeremiah Cushing 1685.
Thomas m. Deborah, D. of John Cushing Esq. 1699, and lived in Plymouth.
Deborah m. John Cusbing Jr. 1687, and d. 1713.

3. John (s. of Dea. Thomas 1.) m. Mary, D. of Nath'l Baker, 1657, lived in Hull, had John 1658, Joseph 1660, Thomas 1662, Sarah 1664, Isaac 1666, Mary 1668, Nathaniel, and Daniel. He m. a 2d w. Rachel, and had Jacob, Israel April 15, 1682, Caleb, and Sarah : his will 1708, proved 1714.
Joseph and Isaac died before him; each leaving 4 children.
Mary m. a Jones and was his only surviving D.
He mentioned Israel "having been brought up to learning," who gra. H. U. 1701, and was ord. at Sudbury 1706, and d. 1772, ae. 90.
Nathaniel lived in Boston.

4. Josiah (s. of Dea. Thomas 1.) m. Elizabeth (perhaps D. of . John Otis): his will 1712: had Jane 1663, Josiah 1665, Samuel 1668 d. 1774, Job 1670, Elizabeth 1672, Jonathan ex'or. 1674.
Jane m. Samuel Gifford.

5. Benjamin (s. of Dea. Thomas 1.) m. Mary, D. of Matthew Hawke, 1670, lived in Hull probably, and had Mary, Matthew, Benjamin, John, and Samuel : the heirs divided his estate 1716.
Mary m. James Gould.
Matthew m. Jane, D. of Lieut. Thos. Collier of Hull, and d. 1722 leaving no children.

6. John (s. of John 3): his w. Jane ; his will 1719, mentions his children and his eldest son but gives no names : John, supposed to be one, chose his uncle Caleb for his guardian 1728.

7. Joseph (s. of John 3.) m. Hannah, D. of John Leavitt 1683, and had Joseph 1684, Nehemiah 1686, Joshua 1688, Submit Aug. 1691 after her father's death. The wid. m. Joseph Eastabrook 1693, and all the children were put under their guardianship.
Hannah Dorr settled the estate of her former husband, Joshua Loring late of Boston, 1723, and his children, Abigail, Hannah, and Joshua, minors, were put under guardianship 1729.

8. Thomas (s. of John 3.) m. Leah, D. of Benjamin Buckley, 1687 (Buckley was killed in the disastrous battle with the Indians near Rehoboth): his will 1737 : he had Benjamin, Leah 1688, and Sarah.
Leah m. Elisha Cushing and afterwards Jabez Wilder, and her D. Elizabeth Cushing m. Col. Edward Mitchell of E. B. 1738.
Sarah m. Solomon Cushing 1716.

9. Daniel of Boston (s. of John 3.) m. a Mann, and had Daniel, Isaac, Nathaniel, and Priscilla, all under his guardianship 1715, that he might take care of the property that came to them from their grandmother Deborah Mann.

10. David (of Hull): his will 1751: he had David, Solomon, Elizabeth, Mary, Abigail, and Lydia.

11. John (of Hull): his will 1753 : he had James, Sarah White, Elizabeth Binney, and Hannah Loring.

12. Jacob (of Hull): his children, Jacob, Israel, and Zechariah, divide his estate 1753 : his wid. Hannah.
Jacob died 1769 without ch.

13. Caleb (of Hull): his children, Caleb, Mary, Joshua, Israel, Joseph, Susanna Watts, Sarah Lincoln, Rebecca Rooke, Rachel, and Celia, divide his estate 1758.

14. Solomon (his will 1765) and his w. Deborah : he had Solomon, Jabez, Job, Abner, Lydia, and Mary.

15. James (of Hull) died 1777 : his wife Mary : he had John, Martha, James, Mary, and Joseph.

16. Israel (of Boston) d. 1778 : his wid. Mary : he had Israel, Thomas, Eunice, and Betsy.

17. David (of Hull): his will 1781 : his w. Hannah : he had Jonathan, Joseph, Benjamin, Mary White, Hannah Beals, Anna Sergeant, and Jane Cushing, and gr. ch. David, Sarah, Mary, and Hannah.

18. Thomas (of Hingham): his will 1795 : his wid. Sarah, D. of Dea. Joshua Hersey : her mother was Alice, wid. of Edward Mitchell of E. B. and D. of Major John Bradford of Kingston. He had Jane, Jotham, Thomas, Asa, Rachel, and Christiana : his wid. d. 1798.
Jane m. a Thaxter.
Col. Jotham lived in Duxbury.
Thomas was father of the present [1840] Thomas Loring Esq. Representative of Hingham.

John Loring and Elizabeth his wife, Samuel Loring and Jane his wife, Caleb Loring Esq. and Rebecca his wife, Benjamin Loring and Elizabeth his wife, David Loring and Hannah his w. sold and conveyed Rainsford Island to William Foye Treasurer of the Commonwealth 1736 : perhaps these were ss. of John 6, but it is not ascertained.

The foregoing is but a sketch and brief notice of a few of the very numerous and respectable familes of this name, now widely extended over the country, and all probably descendants of Dea. Thomas.


William Merrick was an inhabitant of Duxbury before 1650, and one of the first proprietors of Bridgewater, and We have no further knowledge of him. Some of the name have resided on the Cape.


George Morton arrived at Plymouth 1623 in the third ship, the Ann. He and Experience Mitchell in the first allotment of land in 1623 had eight acres together : his w. Sarah was supposed to be sister of Gov. Bradford : he d. 1624 : his ch. were Nathaniel, John, Patience, Ephraim, and Sarah.
Patience m. John Faunce father of Thomas Faunce (the distinguished Elder of Plymouth Church, who d. 1745).
Sarah m. George Bonum or Bonham.

2. Nathaniel (son of George 1.) was the Secretary of the Colony, and the worthy author of New England's Memorial : he m. Lydia Cooper 1635, who d. 1673, and he then m. Ann Templar : he had no son, but had 6 Ds.
One, Remember, b. 1637, m. Abraham Jackson 1657 ;
one m. a Dunham ;
one, Joanna, m. Joseph Prince of Hull ;
one, Elizabeth, m. Nathaniel Bozworth of Hull ;
one, Lydia, m. George Ellison ;
and another m. a Bozworth :
he d. June 28, 1685.

3. John (s. of George 1.) went to Middleboro' and was ancestor of a numerous, family.

4. Ephraim (s. of George 1.) was a Lieutenant and Deacon : he d. 1693, and left a wid. Mary Harlow : she afterwards m. Hugh Cole 1698 : when last m. she was called wid. of Ephraim Morton Esq.: Morton's children were George, Ephraim, Nathaniel, Josiah, Eleazar, Thomas,
Patience who m. John Nelson,
and Rebecca who m. a Wood.

5. George (s. of Ephraim 4.) m. Joanna Kempton, and had Hannah 1668, Manasseh 1669, Ephraim 1670, Joanna 1673, Ruth 1676, George 1678, and Timothy 1682.

6. Ephraim (s. of Ephraim 4.) had Ephraim, John, Joseph, Ebenezer, and one D.
Ephraim Jr. was father of Ichabod.
John Morton m. Mary Faunce, and d. of " a grievous wound" 1709, and she then m. Joseph Hall of Yarmouth. Joseph was grandfather of Capt. Ezekiel.

7. Nathaniel (s. of Ephraim 4.) was a Lieutenant and d. 1709 : he had a s. Nathaniel whose s. Nathaniel b. 1752 and d. 1775 was father of Mrs. Rebecca relict of the late Hon. Wm. Davis.

8. Josiah (s. of Ephraim 4.) d. 1694, and had Henry, Josiah, &c.
Josiah m. E. Clark, and had Josiah who d. 1739 ae. 86, and who was father of Thomas who d. 1824 ae. 76.

9. Eleazar (s. of Ephraim 4.) had three children.

10. Thomas (s. of Ephraim 4.) had Nathaniel who was father of Lemuel.

The preceding is but a sketch or outline of this numerous and respectable family, of whom the present Governor, Marcus Morton, is one, as was also the Hon. Perez Morton, late Attorney General of the Commonwealth.


Samuel Nash of Duxbury was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, and one of the Commissioners appointed by Court to purchase the new Plantation of the Indians. He was Sheriff or Chief Marshal of the Colony, a Lieutenant under Capt. Standish, and also Representative from Duxbury to the old Colony Court at Weymouth.
one of his Ds. m. Abraham Sampson.
We have no further knowledge of him or his family, and know not if he had any connection with James a contemporary at Weymouth. He lived in his old age with his son-in-law Clarke. There are many of the name still living in Weymouth, Abington, and the vicinity.
James Nash of Duxbury m. Sarah Simmons as early as 1660 or 1670, he may have been son of Samuel, and the same man who was at Weymouth, and Joseph, and others of Scituate may have been his descendants.


George Partridge and the Rev. Ralph Partridge both of Duxbury were both original proprietors of Bridgewater. The latter was the first Minister of that place, and came over 1636, and George was there the same year :
his D. Sarah m. Samuel Allen of Bridgewater about 1658, she was born 1639.
Whether they were brothers or in any way connected we know not. The Rev. Mr. Partridge's share in Bridgewater was finally owned by Jonathan Hill of Bridgewater. The late Hon. George Partridge of Duxbury, High Sheriff of Plymouth County, &c., was a descendant of the first George. There are not many of the name now in the County.
Mary Partridge m. Jonathan Brewster, and was living in Conn. 1733.


John and William Paybody were both early settlers in Duxbury, and both original proprietors of Bridgewater, and were probably brothers. Of John we have met with no notices. William was Representative of Duxbury, and m. Elizabeth, D. of John Alden, 1644, she was b. in Plymouth 1624 he sold his place in Duxbury to Experience Mitchell 1650, and removed to Little Compton, R. I.: she died there 1717, ae. 92, and at her death it was said " her grand D. Bradford was a grandmother."
Her D. Priscilla m. Rev. Mr. Ichabod Wiswall, and Priscilla Wiswall m. Gershom Bradford.
Hannah Peabody m. Samuel Bartlett.


Abraham Pierce, one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, was in Plymouth as early as 1627, being named with others in the division of the cattle, which was made that year ; but was afterwards before 1650 an inhabitant of Duxbury, and we have met with no further notice of him.


Rev. John Prince, rector of East Stafford in Berkshire, Eng., was 2 or 3 years at the University in Oxford. His son John came to New England, and settled at Hull, and had several children : his 4th s., Samuel, was born in Boston 1649.
Joseph Prince of Hull m. Joanna, D. of the Secretary Nathaniel Morton of Plymouth.

2. Thomas (s. of John and brother of Samuel) d. in Boston about 1704, and had Thomas, Benjamin, and Job ; and the wid. m. Israel Sylvester of Duxbury.
Thomas Prince of Duxbury, Shipwright, bought a farm of Samuel Sprague sen'r 1713.

3. Samuel (s. of John) settled in Sandwich about 1696, made free 1690, was twice m.: his last w. Mercy, D. of Gov. Hinckley : he died 1728, ae. 80.; she 1736 : he had Samuel, John, Thomas 1687, Joseph, Moses, Nathan, Alice, Martha, Mercy, and Mary.
Samuel had farms at Milford and Coventry, and d. at Rochester 1722, before his father.óJohn also died at Rochester, and his D. Elizabeth m. Seth Ames of Bridgewater 1734, who d. at Providence or at sea about 1738.
Thomas (s. of the last w.) gra. H. U. 1707, and settled in the ministry at the Old South, Boston, was author of annals and the chronology, and d. Oct. 22, 1758, ae. 72.
Joseph was a mariner at Strafford, Conn. 1738, but was afterwards probably at Rochester.
Moses was a mariner at Boston 1739, and father of Samuel, Jane, and others perhaps.
Nathan born 1698, gra. H. U. 1718, fellow of the College many years, died at the West Indies 1745.
Alice m. Samuel Gray of Little Compton, he died 1733, she was living 1736.
Martha m. Ezra Bourne Esq. of Sandwich, and her D. Mary Bourne was wife of the Rev. John Angier, first Minister of East Bridgewater.
Mercy, feeble and infirm, was living single in 1733.
Mary m. the Rev. Peter Thacher of Mid'o.

4. Governor Thomas Prince (of no known connection with the preceding families) came over in the 2d ship, the Fortune, in 1621, lived in Plymouth; his house in High street near Spring Lane : m. Patience, D. of William Brewster, 1624, the 9th marriage in the Colony : she d. 34 : he was chosen Governor 1635, then living at Duxbury : m. (2nd) Mary, D. of Wm. Collier, 1635, and removed to Easthain 1644, and there resided till rechosen Governor in 1658. His wife died at Eastbam, and he, returned to Plymouth 1663, and lived at " Plain Dealing"; m. Mary, widow of Samuel Freeman, 1662, and d. 1673, ae. 73, his wife surviving at Yarmouth 1676 : he had a son
Thomas who d. before him,
and 8 Ds. viz :
Rebecca w. of Edmund Freeman Jr. m. 1646,
Hannah w. of Nathaniel Mayo m. 1649,
Mercy w. of John Freeman of Eastham m. 1649,
Jane w. of Mark Snow of Eastham m. 1660,
Mary w. of John Tracy of Duxbury,
Elizabeth w. of Arthur Howland Jr. of Marshfield,
Sarah w. of Thos. or Jere'h Howes Jr. of Yarmouth m. 1650,
Judith w. of Isaac Barker of Marshfield and then of William Tubbs of Pembroke m. 1691 : he had 2 grand children who d. before 1690 without issue, viz : Lusanna, D. of his son Thomas, and Theophilus Mayo : he had also a maiden sister Susanna living at St. .Catharine's Gate, near London Tower : he called Thomas Clark his brother.


Abraham and Henry Sampson of Duxbury were original proprietors of Bridgewater. Abraham was in Duxbury as early as 1640, and m. a D. of Sam'l Nash, and had afterwards a 2d wife : he had Abraham, Isaac, Samuel, and others perhaps : he was living 1686.
Abraham, the s. probably, m. Lorah, D. of Alexander Standish, and had Abraham, Miles, Ebenezer, Rebecca, Sarah, and Grace.
Samuel was killed in Philip's war 1675 or 1678, leaving a wid. Esther and several young children, among whom were Samuel and Ichabod.

2. Henry Sampson came over to Plymouth 1620 : is named in the allotments of land in 1623 as one of those who came in the May Flower in 1620, and yet his name is not inserted among those who came in the May Flower, nor is it to be found among those who signed the Compact on board before landing : he was probably young and included in some of the families : this is the more probable as he was not made a freeman till 1635, and not married till 1640 when he m. Ann Plummer : he settled in Duxbury : what his connection with Abraham was is not ascertained : they may have been brothers. Henry d. 1685 : he had Stephen, John, James, Caleb,
Eliza w. of Robert Sproat,
Hannah w. of Josiah Holmes,
another D. w. of John Hammond,
Mary w. of John Simmons,
and Dorcas wife of Thomas Bonney.
Stephen and his wife Elizabeth had Benjamin, John, Cornelius, Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Dorcas, and Abigail : he d. 1714.
James settled in Dartmouth.
Caleb m. Mercy, D. of Alexander Standish.

3. Isaac (whose s. uncertain, perhaps s. of Abraham) b. 1660 and d. 1726 ; m. Lydia, D. of Alexander Standish, and had Isaac 1688, Jonathan 1690, Josiah 1692 d. 1731, Lydia 1694, Ephraim 1698, Peleg 1700, Priscilla 1702, Barnabas 1705.
Isaac Jr. had a w. Sarah.
Jonathan had a w. Joanna.
Ephraim had a w. Abigail.
Priscilla m. Jabez Fuller.
Barnabas had a w. Experience.

4. Peleg (s. of Isaac 3.) m. Mary Ring born 1700, and had Mercy 1731, and Simeon 1736.

5. Simeon (s. of Peleg 4.) m. Deborah, D. of Seth Cushing, 1759, and had Lydia Cushing 1762, Deborah, Mercy, George W., and Maria : he d. 1789 ; she 1830, ae. 90. Lydia C. m. Wm. Goodwin 1751 and d. 1815.
Deborah m. Rev. Ephraim Briggs and afterwards William Goodwin for his 2d w.
Mercy m. Levi Bradford 18OO.
Maria m. Rev. Daniel Johnson of Yarmouth.

There was a Gideon Sampson who m. Abigail, D. of Maj. John Bradford; soon after 1700 : she left no children.

There was a George Sampson who went to Plympton about 1680, and his grand daughter Deborah m. Elijah Bisbee Jr. and d. 1816, ae. 93, and was mother of Elijah Bisbee Esq. and George Bisbee.


Moses Simmons (sometimes written Symons and Symonson) of Duxbury was an original proprietor of Bridgewater, and sold his right to Nicholas Byram : he came over in the ship Fortune 1621 : he had Moses and Thomas, and probably other children.
Moses Jr. died in Duxbury 1689, and had John, Aaron, Mary w. of Joseph Alden,
Elizabeth w. of Richard Dwelly,
and Sarah w. of James Nash.
Thomas lived in Scit., and had Moses and Aaron, and perhaps others.
Moses and his w. Patience had Moses 1666 d. in Canada expedition 1690, John 1667, Sarah 1670, Aaron 1672, Job 1674, Patience 1676 after her father's death.
Aaron m. Mary Woodworth 1677, and had Rebecca 1679, Moses 1680, Mary 1683, Elizabeth 1686, Ebenezer 1689, Lydia 1693 ;
Moses m. Rachel Cudworth 1711,. and had Moses 1718, Aaron 1720, Rachel 1723, Leah 1725 ;
Ebenezer m. Lydia Kent 1714, and had Abigail 1715, Joshua 1717, Lydia 1719, Reuben, Peleg, and Ebenezer ;
Joshua m. Elizabeth Dillingham, and had a son Elisha, father of William, C. J. of the Police Court, Elisha, Benja., and Franklin all of Boston, and Ebenezer of Hanover. One of the Ds. of this family m. William Barrel!, and she died before 1750 leaving an only child, Joshua Barrell.
There was a Moses Simmons lived awhile in S. B., a descendant no doubt of this family.
Joseph Church had a D. Abigail, who m. a Simmons as early as, and probably before, 1700.


George Soule was one of the first pilgrims and signers of the political Compact on board the May Flower 1620: in the general allotment in 1623 he had one acre and afterwards two more " at the watering place," all of which he sold to Robert Hicks 1639 ; in 1627 he and his w.. Mary and s. Zechariah are named : he lived at Eel River, N. side the bridge, in 1638, and then at Powder Point, and removed to Duxbury before 1650 ; was a Selectman and Deputy there, and one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater : he sold his proprietary right to Nicholas Byram : she d. 1677 ; he 1680 very aged : he had Zechariah, John, Nathaniel, George,
Patience w. of John Haskell,
Elizabeth W. of Francis Walker, both of Mid'o.,
and Mary wife of John Peterson probably of Duxbury, m. before 1672 ; Mary had been put out to John Winslow 1652 for 7 yrs.; he gave one-half his Dartmouth lands to Nathaniel 165S, the other half to George 1665, his Mid'o. lands to Haskell and Walker and "their wives 1668. Zechariah d. before him, 1663, leaving a wid. Margaret ;
John Soule d. at Duxbury 1707 ae. 75 ;
Edm'd Weston and Adam Wright were his ss. in law ,
John Soule d. at Duxbury 1734 ;
Aaron Soule, merchant, d. at Pembroke 1783, who had one s. John and 5 Ds.;
one, Leonice, m. a Brewster ;
one, Huldah m. Thomas Church ;
one m. a Dwelly.
The descendants of this respectable ancestor are very numerous in the old Colony, and have spread extensively over the country.
Dea. John Soule and others in E. B. are doubtless his descendants.


William Tubbs, of Duxbury, was an original proprietor of Bridgewater : he m. Mercy, D. of Francis Sprague, 1637, and he or his s. or gr. s. William m. Judith, wid. of Isaac Barker and D. of Gov. Thomas Prince, 1691. Some of this name, no doubt his descendants, are still living in the lower towns of the County, but we have no particular knowledge of the family descent.


Christopher Wadsworth of Duxbury was a Representative of that town, and one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, and Capt. Samuel and Joseph Wadsworth and their representatives retained an interest and shares in Bridgewater longer than any of the non-residents. After 1685 Capt. Samuel's share is entered under the name of wid. Wadsworth ; and in 1686, and after, Timothy Wadsworth's name appears. This has always been a respectable name in Duxbury and its vicinity. The late Gen. Peleg Wadsworth of Portland gra. H. U. 1769, was of this family.


Francis West at Duxbury 1633 ; m. Margary Reeves 1639 : an orig. proprietor of Bridgewater, sold his share to Edw'd Mitchell, d. 1692 : had Samuel, Peter, Pelatiah, Richard, &c.
Samuel m. Tryphosa, D. of George Partridge, and had Samuel : some of his descendants in Martha's Vineyard :
Pelatiah went to Conn.
Samuel West m. Experience Howland.
The name is common in the old Colony.


Edmund Weston of Duxbury was an original proprietor of Bridgewater, and the name is still common there and in the vicinity ; but if he is the common ancestor, as probably he is, we have no means at hand of tracing the descent.


Edward, Gilbert, John, Kenelm, and Josiah Winslow, were brothers and children of Edward Winslow of Droitwich in Worcestershire in England, and all came to New England : they had also 3 sisters, Eleanor, Elizabeth, and Maydelon.

1. Gov. Edward Winslow, b. 1594, came with his w. Elizabeth in 1620 in the 1st ship, the May Flower : she d. the next spring, 1621, and he m. Susanna, wid. of Mr. William White, 1622, the first marriage in N. E., and she was mother of Peregrine White, the first child, and of Josiah Winslow the first Governor, born in N. E. He went as Agent to England and d. at sea 1655 ae. 61: his residence or seat called Caresrull, was at Marshfield : he had Edward*, John*, Josiah, and Elizabeth who m. Gilbert Brooks and afterwards Capt. George Corwin of Salem.

2. Gilbert arrived also in the first ship 1620. Few notices of him remain : he soon left .the Colony, and, it is said, went to Portsmouth, and d. before 1660, without issue, as grants of that date were made to his brothers as his heirs.

3. John, born. a. 1596 [trans. note: someone who owned this book crossed this date off] arrived 1621 in the ship called the Fortune, and m. Mary Chilton (she was said to have been the first lady who came on shore : she was an only child of James and Susanna Chilton, who both died the first winter): he had John, Isaac, Benjamin 1653, Edward, Joseph, Susanna, Mary, and Sarah.
Susanna m. Robert Latham a. 1649, who settled in E. Bridgewater.
Mary m. Edward Gray 1650.
Sarah m. Miles Standish Jr. 1660, then Tobias Payne 1666, and afterwards Richard Middlecot.
He and all his family but the two eldest Ds. finally removed to Boston, where he d. a. 1674, ae. 78 ; she died a. 1674. Their posterity became numerous, of whom the present [1840] Isaac Winslow Esq. is one, as was also the late Gen. John Winslow, both of Boston.

4. Kenelm arrived at Plymouth a. 1629, and m. Eleanor, wid. of John Adams, 1634, and settled in Marshfield : he d. while on a visit at Salem 1672 : he had Kenelm, Nathaniel, and Job.
Kenelm went to Yarmouth, and had Kenelm 1668, Josiah 1670, and Thomas 1672.
Job went to Freetown.
Kenelm Winslow, a grandson perhaps, m. Ann Taylor 1730.

5. Josiah, b. 1605, arrived with his brother Kenelm a. 1629, was in Scituate in 1637, and soon after 1643 settled in Marshfield, and m. Margaret, D. of Thomas Bourne, and d. 1674, ae. 69 : he had Elizabeth 1637, Jonathan 1638, Mary 1640, Rebecca 1642, Hannah (or Susanna) 1644, and Margaret.
Jonathan d. 1676, leaving a son John born 1664.
One D. m. John Miller.
One, Rebecca, m. John Thacher, both of Yarmouth.
One m. William Crow of Plymouth,
and another m. John Tracy of Duxbury, afterwards of Norwich.

6. Gov. Josiah (only surviving s. of Gov. Edw'd 1.) b. a. 1628, educated at H. U. 1653, but left without taking a degree, as did many others, on account of the new regulation requiring students to stay 4 years instead of 3 : he m. Penelope, D. of Herbert Pelham 1657 : he d. 1680, ae. a. 52 ; she d. 1703, ae. 73 : they had a D. 1658*, Elizabeth 1664, Edward 1667*, Isaac 1670.
Elizabeth m, Stephen Burton 1684.

7. Nathaniel (s. of Kenelm 4.) resided in Marshfield, and m. Faith Miller 1664, and had Faith 1665, Nathaniel 1667, James 1669, Eleanor, Gilbert 1673, Kenelm 1675, Josiah 1683.
Kenelm had a son Nathaniel 1709.

8. Col. Isaac (only surviving son of Gov. Josiah 6.) of Marshfield m. Sarah, D. of John Wensley of Boston, 1700 : he d. 1738, ae. 68; she 1753, ae. 80 (her mother was Elizabeth, D. of Dea. William Paddy whose w. was Alice D. of Edmund Freeman of Sandwich, m. 1639): he had Josiah 1701, John 1703, Penelope 1704, Elizabeth 1707, Anna 1709*, Edward 1714.
Josiah gra. H. U. 1721, was a Captain, and slain at St. George's River by the Indians 1724.
Penelope m. Col. James Warren 1725, and died 1737.
Elizabeth m. Col. Benjamin Marston of Salem or Manchester 1729, and died 1760.
The Wensley Portrait among those of the Winslow family in the Mass. Hist. Society's rooms is either Sarah Wensley's (w. of Col. Winslow) or her mother Elizabeth's (D. of Dea. Paddy), and most probably of the latter, as it is understood the family in later times have usually spoken of it " as grandmother Paddy's."

9. Nathaniel (s. of Nathaniel 7.) resided in Marshfield, and m. Lydia, D. of Anthony Snow, 1692, and had Lydia 1693, Thankful 1695, Snow 1698, Oliver 1702, Deborah 1708, Patience 1710, Nathaniel 1712 : he then m. a 2d wife, Deborah Bryant of Scituate, 1716, and had Ruth 1718.

10. Gilbert (s. of Nathaniel 7.) of Marshfield m. Mary, D. of Anthony Snow, and had Issachar 1699, Barnabas, Gilbert, and Anthony 1707.
Anthony m. Deborah, D. of William Barker Esq., and removed to E. Bridgewater.

11. Gen. John (s. of Col. Isaac 8.] lived is Marshfield, and m. Mary Little 1726, and had Pelham 1737, and Isaac 1739 : he afterwards, late in life, m. a wid. Johnson (whose maiden name was Barker) of Hingham, where he died 1774, ae. 71. He was Captain in the expedition against Cuba 1640, Col. at Louisburgh 1644, and afterwards Maj. Gen'l in the British service.

12. Edward Esq. (youngest son of Col. Isaac 8.) gra. H. U. 1736, m. Hannah, wid. of Charles Dyer and D. of Thos. Howland, 1739, and went to Halifax, N.S., in the revolution, and d. 1786, ae. 72 ; she survived and d. at Frederickton ae. 82: he had Edward, Penelope, and Sarah.
Edward gra. H. U. 1765, was Clerk of the Courts in Plymouth, and went off in the revolution and died at Frederickton 1815, ae. 69, and his son Edward was drowned, and another s., Wentworth, survived.

13. Oliver (s. of Nathaniel 9.) m. Agatha, D. of John Bryant of Scituate, where he also resided, and had Oliver (killed in the French war 1758, ae. 20),
John who went to Nobleborough, Me., and Nathaniel.
He m. a 2d w. Bethiah Pryor of Hanover 1749, and had Oliver (a revolutionary pensioner) and Joseph* 1753.
Oliver had a s. Oliver.

14. Pelham Esq. (s. of Gen. John 11.) gra. H. U. 1753, was an Attorney, and m. Joanna, D. of Capt. Gideon White : he left Plymouth in the revolution, and d. on Long Island, N. Y. 1782, leaving two Ds.,
Mary who m. Maj. Henry Warren,
and Joanna who m. Dr. Nathan Hayward, High Sheriff of Plymouth Co.

15. Dr. Isaac (s. of Gen. John 11.) of Marshfield was a respectable Physician, and m. a D. of Dr. Charles Stockbridge of Scituate, and d. 1819, ae. 80 ; the w. of his old age was Fanny Gay of Hingham : he had a s. John and 3 Ds.
One, Betsy, m. Hon. Rilborn Whitman Esq.,
one m. a Shaw and then a Dingley,
and the other m. a Clapp, an Attorney in Bath, Me.

16. Maj. Nathaniel (s. of Oliver 13.) m. Sarah, D. of Isaac Hatch of Pembroke, 1766, and had Nathaniel 1767, Sarah 1769, Walter 1772*, Josiah 1774*, Anna 1776, Judith 1780, Lydia 1756, William 1788.
Nathaniel died 1830, leaving a family.
Sarah m. Thomas Waterman, and then Ebenezer Copeland.
Anna m. Wm. P. Ripley of Plymouth 1810.
Judith m. Elisha Tolman.
Lydia m. Anthony Collamore of Pembroke.
William remained at Scituate on the paternal estate.

17. John Esq. (s. of Dr. Isaac 15.) gra. B. U. 1795, was an Attorney, and d. at Natchez, whither he went on business 1822, ae. 48, leaving John, Pelham, Isaac, Penelope, Eliza, and Fanny Gay.

Samuel Winslow of Rochester had Samuel and Richard bap. 1679.
Samuel m. Bathsheba Holbrook of Scituate 1700.
Nathaniel (of Freetown) m. Elizabeth Holbrook of Scituate 1701.
Josiah of Freetown m. Sarah, D. of John Hayward Jr. of W. Bridgewater, 1721.
Oliver, a revolutionary pensioner of Westport, served in the artillery 1777.
Nathaniel Winslow removed to Damarascotta 1729, and testified in Court at old York 1742, then 63 years old.

Isaac Winslow of Boston has a particular geneological account of the Boston branch of this distinguished family.

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