History of the early settlement of Bridgewater
in Plymouth County, Massachusetts
including an extensive family register.

Nahum Mitchell
Printed for the author by Kidder & Wright 1840

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]



Mr. Isaac Allerton and his wife Mary were among the first pilgrims, who came over to Plymouth in the May Flower 1620, and resided there till 1636 : he was one of the Governor's Assistants ; was also one of Gov. Bradford's 8 associates who assumed the Company's debts in 1627 an Agent to England three times ; m. Fear, D. of William Brewster, for his 2d wife, she died 1633: he met with losses and removed to New York, and d. at New Haven 1659, his will on record there : he had Isaac, Bartholomew, Remember, Mary, and Sarah.
Mary m. Thomas Cushman : he had also a sister Sarah, who m. Godbert Godbertson.
Isaac (the son) graduated H. U. 1650 ; went to New Haven, and a D. of his m. Capt. Simon Eyres and died 1740, ae. 100: she was said to have sheltered the regicide judges ; but she was then only eight years old, and could have been only a witness of it in the house of her grandmother where, if any where, it took place :
he had also a son John, who had a son Isaac, born in N. E., and d. in Dutchess Co., N. York, 1806, ae. 80, leaving 3 ss. David, Jonathan, and Reuben, all of whom had ss. in N. Y. State.
David had a son Isaac living at Carmel, N. Y., March 25, 1825. George D. James of the town of America in Dutchess Co., N. Y., a connection of the family, is said to be able to give a more particular account of them.
Point Allerton or Alderton in Boston harbour was so named for Isaac, the worthy ancestor above. Early records speak also of Allerton's Hill in Duxbury. See N. E. Memorial and Judge Davis' letter in the 7th vol., 3d series .of the Collections of the M. H. Society.


John Barnes was at Plymouth in 1634.
Jonathan Barnes, s. of John probably; d. in Plymouth 1715 : his w. was Elizabeth, D. of Wm. Hedge probably : he had John, William, Jonathan, Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Lydia, Esther, and Sarah.
Hannah m. Benjamin Rider.
Mary m. John. Carver 1689.
Elizabeth m. Isaac Lothrop 1698.
Lydia m. Abiel Shurtleff 1695.
Esther m. Elkanah Cushman.
Sarah m. Benj. Bartlett 1702.
John m. Mary, D. of Joseph Bartlett, and had a family : one D., Lydia, m. Lemuel Barnes.
Jonathan m. Sarah, D. of Wm. Bradford 3d, she d. 1720.

2. William (s. of Jonathan above) m. Alice, D. of William Bradford 3d, and had William 1706, Lemuel 1707, Mercy 1708, Benjamin 1710*, and Benjamin 1717 : the father d. 1751, ae. 80, the mother d. 1775, ae. 95.
William was drowned.
Lemuel m. Lydia, D. of his uncle John Barnes, and had 5 ss. and 3 Ds.: he d. and his wid. m. Jonathan Sampson :
one D. m. Nathaniel Bartlett, one m. a Lemote, and another Ephraim Holmes.
Mercy m. Samuel Cole and afterwards Capt. Barnabas Hedge, grandfather of the present Barnabas Hedge Esq., and her D. Mercy m. Thomas Davis, and was mother of the late Hon. Wm. Davis of Plymouth.
Benjamin had Benjamin, Isaac, Bradford, and Mrs. Battles, and died 1760. There are many descendants still in Plymouth, Hingham, and other parts of the County.


Robert Bartlett came over in the 3d ship, the Ann, in 1623 ; m. Mary, eldest D. of Richard and Elizabeth Warren, 162S : he d. 1676, ae. 73, his w. survived him a few years only : he had
Joseph 1638,
Rebecca who m. Wm. Harlow 1649,
Mary who m. Richard Foster 1651 and then Jona. Morey 1659,
Sarah who m. Sam'l Rider of Yarmo. 1656,
Elizabeth who m. Anthony Sprague of Hingham 1661,
Mercy who m. John Ivey of Boston 1668,
and Lydia who m. James Barnaby and then John Nelson of Mid'o.
He was said to have been much " opposed to psalm singing" ; Ainsworth's Psalms and the tunes appended, badly printed and worse sung probably, could but offend both good sense and good. ears.

2. Benjamin (s. of the above) m. Sarah, only D. of Love Brewster, 1656, and settled in Duxbury, where he was Selectman and Deputy : he m. a 2d w. Cicely or Cecilia 1678 : he d. 1691, and had Benjamin, Samuel, Ichabod, Ebenezer, Rebecca who m. Wm. Bradford 3d 1679, and Sarah who m. her cousin Robert Bartlett 1687.
Some of his descendants went to Lebanon, Conn.

3. Joseph (brother of the next above) m. probably Hannah, D. of William Followell, (Gabriel Followell d. 1667) and settled in " Pond's Parish," Plymouth : she b. 1638, d. 1710 ; he died 1712, ae. 73 : he had Robert, Joseph, Benjamin, Elnathan, Mary w. of John Barnes, Hannah w. of Joseph Silvester, and Lydia w. of Elisha Holmes.

4. Samuel (s. of Benjamin 2.) m. Hannah Peabody and settled in Plymouth, and was called " sen." and mariner, from whom are Samuel, Ichabod, Judah, William, and others.
Samuel Jr. was an officer at Louisburgh, and d. 1750, ae. 59, whose son Samuel, called " Quaker Sam," was father of Capt. Joseph, Amasa, Anselm, and others.
There was an Abigail Bartlett m. Gamaliel Bradford, and named one of her sons Peabody.

5. Robert .(s. of Joseph 3.) m. his cousin Sarah Bartlett 1687, and afterwards Sarah, D. of Jacob Cook, 1691, and d. 1718, ae. 55 : he had Thomas, Dea. Joseph, Robert, Ebenezer, and Lemuel.
James and Isaac Bartlett of Plymouth are descendants of Robert Jr.

6. Joseph (s. of Joseph 3.) m. Lydia Griswold 1692, and d. at "Pond's" 1703, ae. 38, and had Joseph 1693, Samuel (town clerk) 1697, Lydia 1698, Benjamin 1699, Francis LeBaron 1701, Sarah 1703.
Capt. Zaccheus and the late Silvanus Bartlett were descendants of Joseph 6.
Samuel (the town Clerk) m. Elizabeth Lothrop; and afterwards wid. Elizabeth Wethrell, who was also a Lothrop: he d. 1769, ae. 72.

7. Benjamin (s. of Benjamin 2, or of Joseph 3.) called Jr., m. Sarah, D. of Jonathan Barnes, 1702, and died at Ponds 1727 : his wid. m. Joseph Sturtevant of Kingston : be had Joseph, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Elkanah of Staten Island, Hannah and Sarah.
Elsewhere it is recorded that his Ds. were
Sarah wife of Israel Bradford,
Rebecca relict of John Bradford Jr.,
Ruth wife of John Murdock Jr.,
Mercy wife of John Turner,
Deborah w. of Josiah Thomas of Marshfield,
and Abigail of Duxbury :
one of his Ds. also is said to have m. Ephraim Bradford, but query.

Lydia Bartlett m. Dr. Lazarus LeBaron 172O.
Sarah, wid. of John Jenny, d. 1655, and in her will, 1654, mentions her son-in-law Benjamin Bartlett.
The family of Bartlett is very numerous, and the preceding is intended as a brief and very general account only of the ancestor and such of his immediate descendants as have fallen under our notice.


Thomas Bonney was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, and of course lived in Duxbury between 1645 and 1650 : m. Dorcas, D. of Henry Sampson.
Mary Bonney of Duxbury m. John Mitchell 1675.
The family spread into Pembroke and many of the descendants are still there and in the lower part of the county.
Abigail, D. of Ebenezer Bonney of Pembroke, m. Jacob Hill of E. B. 1754, and her sister Elizabeth m. Samuel Whitman of E. B. 1757.
Some of the family removed to Chesterfield.
Leah m. John Young of E. B.


Hon. William Bradford the 2d, Governor of old Plymouth Colony, was born at Ansterfield in Yorkshire 1588, and educated under the Rev. Mr. Clifton ; m. Dorothy May, and came to Plymouth with the forefathers in the first ship, the May Flower, in 1620, and had a s. John : his w. d. (was drowned in Plymouth harbor before they landed) Dec. 7, 1620: he afterwards in 1623, m. the wid. Alice Southworth, whose maiden or family name was Carpenter ; she was b. 1590, and there was said to have been a mutual attachment between them in youth, which, after she lost her husband and he his wife, was revived, and she arrived with her two children; Constant and Thomas Southworth, in the ship Ann in 1623: they had William 1624, Mercy, and Joseph 1630. He d. 1657, ae. 71 ; she 1670, ae. 80.
Mercy m. Benjamin Vermays or Vermage 1648.

2. John (s. of William and Dorothy above) was in Duxbury between 1645 and 1653, was an original proprietor of Bridgewater, was Representative of Duxbury 1652, and, of Marshfield 1653, at the old Colony Court at Plymouth : his father in his will 1657 speaks of him as then living, and the records mention him as living in 1662, and no further account is obtained of him : the tradition is that he was lost at sea on a voyage to or from England : he probably had no family.

3. William (s. of the Governor) was a Major. and Deputy Governor lived in Kingston, near Duxbury, and was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater ; m. Alice, D. of Thos. Richards of Weymouth ; she was a very respectable woman, and in an eulogy, .after her death, on the colony records, was called "Mrs. Alice Bradford Jr.": they had John 1652, William 1655, Thomas, Samuel 1668, Hannah, and Mercy. His w. died, and he m. a wid. Wiswall, and had a s. Joseph. She died, and he m. Mary, wid. of Rev. John Holmes of Duxbury and D. of Dea. John Wood or Atwood of Plymouth, 1661, and had Israel, David, Ephraim, Hezekiah, Melatiah, Mary, Alice, and Sarah : some of these Ds. might have been born of the I st or 2d wife : his last w. d. 1671, ae. 44 ; he d. Feb. 20, 1704, ae. 79.
Thomas and Joseph went to Conn.
Hannah m. Joshua Ripley of Hingham.
Mercy and Melatiah m. men by the name of Steel in Conn.
Israel m. Sarah, D. of Benja. Bartlett Jr., and he, Ephraim, and Hezekiah settled on the paternal estate in Kingston.
Mary m. Thomas or Samuel Hunt of Duxbury or Kingston.
Alice m. a Fitch of Norwich, Conn.
Sarah m. Kenelm Baker of Marshfield, and was mother of the late Wm. Baker, Messenger of the Governor and Council, and of a Mrs. Scollay of Boston.
Rev. Timothy Alden said that the children by the first w. were Israel, Ephraim, Samuel, and John ; by the 2d Joseph ; and by the 3d William, Thomas, David, and Hezekiah, and that he had three Ds.; but query.

4. Joseph (s. of the Governor) m. Jael, D. of the Rev. Peter Hobart of Hingham, and had Elisha, and d. 1715, ae. 84 ; she d. 1730, ae. 88.
Elisha m. Hannah, D. of James Cole Jr.: it is also said he m. Bathsheba Le Brock, and had a son Carpenter, who went to Me.,
And several Ds.:
one m. a Waters in Sharon, and her descendants are said to possess Gov. Bradford's Bible, in .which is to be found a record of the family.

5. Maj. John (s. of william 3.) m. Mercy, D. of Joseph and .Priscilla Warren, 1674: her mother was Priscilla, D. of Mr. John Faunce, and sister of Elder Thomas Faunce, and niece of the Secretary Nath'l Morton author of the Memorial. Mercy was born 1653, he died 1736, she 1748, in her 94th year (Josiah Cotton's Diary says, ae. 90): they had John 1675, Alice 1677, Abigail 1679, Mercy 1681, Samuel 16S3, Priscilla 1686, William 1688.
John m. Rebecca, D. of Benjamin Bartlett Jr. of Duxbury, and d. young, leaving a son, Capt. Robert.
Alice m. Ens. Edward Mitchell of East Bridgewater, his 2d wife 1708, and afterwards Dea. Joshua Hersey of Hingham.
Abigail m. Gideon Sampson, but left no children.
Mercy m. Jonathan Freeman 1708, and afterwards Lt. Isaac Cushman Jr.
Priscilla m. Seth Chipman of Kingston.
William m. a D. of Dea. John Foster of Plymouth and d. young, and she then m. George Partridge of Duxbury : some of William's descendants settled in Plainfield, Conn.

6. William (s. of William 3.) m. Rebecca, D. of Benjamin Bartlett of Duxbury, 1679: she died 1775; he 1687 : they had Alice 1680, Sarah 1683, and William.
Alice m. William Barnes of Plymouth, and was g. grandmother of the late Hon. William Davis, and of Barnabas Hedge Esq. of Plymouth.
Sarah m. Jonathan Barnes and d. 1720.
William, it is said, m. Elizabeth Finney, but qu.

7. Samuel (s. of William 3.) m. Hannah Rogers and died at Duxbury 1714, ae. 46 : he had Hannah 1689, Gershom 1691, Perez 1694, Elizabeth 1696, Jerusha 1699, Wealthy 1772, and Gamaliel 1704.
Gershom m. Priscilla Wiswall 1716, and lived in Kingston.
Perez gra. H. U. 1713.
Gamaliel m. Abigail. Bartlett 1728, and d. 1778, ae. 73, and had Abigail 1728, Samuel 1729, Gamaliel 1731, Seth 1733, Peabody 1734, Deborah 1738, Hannah 1740, Ruth 1743, Peter 1745, and Andrew 1746, gra. H. U. 1771.
Jerusha m. Rev. Ebenezer Gay of Hingham D. D.,
and Hannah m. Nathaniel Gilbert of Taunton 1709.
Col. Gamaliel, son of Gamaliel above, m. Sarah, D. of Samuel Alden, and had Perez, Sophia, Gamaliel, Alden 1765, Jerusha, Sally, Daniel, and Gershom.
Perez lived on the paternal estate.
Gamaliel was a mariner and Captain of a Ship, and afterwards Warden of the State Prison in Charlestown, where he d.: he. m. a Hickling, and had a s. Gamaliel gra. H. U. 1814, a Physician, who d. 1840 ; and another s. Geo. Partridge gra. H. U. 1825.
Hon. Alden gra. H. U. 1786, first settled in the ministry in Me., and was afterwards Secretary of Mass.; m. Margaret Stevenson, and has a family in Boston.

8. David (s. of William 3.) m. Elizabeth Finney 1714, and d. 1730, and had Nathaniel 1715, d. 1751 ; Jonathan 1717, Lydia 1719, Nathan 1722.
Lydia m. Elkanah Cushman 1740, and Lazarus Le Baron 1743, and d. 1756.

9. Samuel (s. of Maj. John 5.) m. Sarah, D. of Edw. Gray of Tiverton, s. of Edward Gray of Plymouth, 1714, and settled in Plympton ; he d. 1740, ae. 56 ; she 1770 : they had John 1717, Gideon 1719, William 1720*, Mary 1722, Sarah 1725, William 1728, Merck 1731, Abigail 1732, Phebe 1735, Samuel 1740.
Mary m. Abiel Cook.
Sarah m. Ephraim Paddock.
Abigail m. Caleb Stetson.
Phebe m. Shubael Norton Esq.
John m. Elizabeth Holmes, and had Elizabeth, Molly, John, Priscilla, Perez, Hannah, Lydia, Oliver, Mercy, William, and Sarah.
John m. Eunice, D. of Ignatius Loring Esq., and had Polly, Eunice, Olive, John, Nancy, Mercy, Sophia, Susanna, and Jane.

10. Gideon (s. of Samuel 9.) tn. Jane Paddock, and d. 1793 : they had Levi 1743, Joseph 1745, Sarah 1748, Samuel 1750, Gideon 1752, Calvin 1754, Jenny 1756.
Sarah m. Freeman Ellis.
Jenny m. Noah Bisbee.

11. Hon. William (s. of Samuel 9.) m. Mary, D. of Dr. Lazarus Le Baron of Plymouth 1751, and settled as a Physician in Bristol, R. I.; was afterwards an Attorney, Lt. Governor, and Senator in Congress : she d. 1775 ; he died 1808, ae. 80 : he had William 1752, Le Baron 1754, John 1758*,. Mary 1760, Hannah 1762*, One 1764*, Hannah 1767, John 1768, Nancy, Ezekiel Hersey, and Lydia.
William m. Betsy B. James, and had William and others, and d. 1811.
Le Baron m. Sarah, D. of Thos. Davis of Plymouth, and had Le Baron 1780, and d. 1793, ae. 39.
Mary m. Henry Goodwin, and d. 1834.
Hannah m. Dr. Gustavus Baylies. of Uxbridge, and died 1811.
John m. Jemima Wardwell, and d. 1833.
Nancy m. James De Wolf, and both d. 1838.
Ez. Hersey m. Abby De Wolf, and then Abby Atwood.
Lydia m. Charles Collins Esq. of Newport.

12. Samuel (s. of Samuel 9.) m. Lydia Pease, and had Shubael, Sarah, Samuel, Edward Gray, Pardon, and Lydia.

13. Levi (s. of Gideon 10.) m. Elizabeth Lewis 1764: she b. 1743, d. 1813 ; he d. 1822 : they had Lewis 1768, Joseph 1770, Levi 1772, Daniel 1774, Ezra 1776, Elizabeth 1778, and Sarah 1782.
Lewis is now living in Plympton, and has an accurate geneological account of the Bradford family, to which recurrence may be had for all particulars here omitted.
Joseph d. 1810.
Levi m. Mercy Sampson 1800.
Sarah m. Isaiah Tilson.

14. Perez (s. of John and g. s. of Samuel 9.) m. Sarah Prince, and had Christopher Prince, Louisa, Elizabeth, Deborah, Sarah*, Ruth, Lucy Prince, Perez, Hezekiah. His w. died, and he m. Lydia Cushman, and had Sarah, Joanna, and Salome.
Louisa m. Miles Holmes.
Elizabeth m. Richard Sayward.
Deborah m. Samuel Bryant.
Ruth m. Jona. Ripley.
Lucy P. m. Theodore Cobb and then Hezekiah Cole.
Perez m. Deborah Davis.
Hezekiah m. Margaret Parsons.
Sarah m. Oliver Churchill Jr.
Salome m. William Bradford.


William Brewster, b. 1560, came over in the first ship, the May Flower, 1620 ; was a ruling Elder in the Church at Plymouth : his w. (name unknown) d. between 1623 and 1627 ; he d. 1644, ae. 84 : he had Jonathan, Love, Wrestling, Patience, and Fear. (Lucretia, William, and Mary, are also set down as his children in a note in the N. E. Memorial, p. 221 '; but this is now considered by the learned and able editor himself as at least doubtful : probably Lucretia was wife of Jonathan, and William and Mary were probably his two eldest children.)
Patience m. Thomas Prince, the Governor, 1624, and died 1634.
Fear m. Isaac Allerton 1626, and d. 1633.
Wrestling d. single in youth.
The venerable Elder was one of the oldest men among the forefathers, being 60 when he arrived.

2. Jonathan (s. of the preceding) and his wife Lucretia, had William; Mary, Jonathan, and Benjamm. He removed from Duxbury to Norwich, Conn., after 1648, with his wife and sons.
Mary m. John Turner of Scituate 1645, and was living 1691.
William and Jonathan Jr. were on the military roll in Duxbury, 1643, the latter then 16 years old, and had an action in Court 1650.
William was in the Naragansett war 1645.
After these periods neither of their names appears on the records.
Benjamin was at New London 1661.

3. Love (s. of William 1.) m. Sarah, D. of William Collier (she afterwards m. a Parks); he died 1650; and had Sarah, Nathaniel, William, and Wrestling. He lived and died in Duxbury, and was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater.
Sarah m. Benjamin Bartlett of Duxbury 1656.
Nathaniel d. 1676, his family (if he had any) extinct : his name appears on Bridgewater records as a proprietor (of his father's share probably) 1666.

4. William (s. of Love 3.) was a Deacon in Duxbury, and had William and Benjamm. William, called Jr. 1722, had Ichabod, Job, and others.
William of Pembroke. 1730, had a son Ichabod.
Benjamin was in Connecticut 1714.

5. Wrestling (s. of Love 3.) was a carpenter, d. 1696, leaving a wid. Mary, and had Jonathan, Wrestling, John, Mary, Sarah, Abigail, Elizabeth, and Hannah.
One D. m. in Duxbury, and four of them in Kingston.
Jonathan went to Windham, Conn., after 1728 and m. Mary Partridge in Duxb., who was living 1733.

6. Wrestling (s. of Wrestling next above) was a Deacon in Kingston, and had Wrestling, Thomas, Isaac, Elisha, Mary, &c., and d. 1767.

7. John (brother of the preceding) had Joseph and Job in Duxbury.

8. Nathaniel Brewster gra. H. U. 1642, a Clergyman, went to England and returned, and finally settled at Brookhaven, L. I., and d. 1690, leaving John, Timothy, and Daniel. This Nathaniel has been supposed to have been a descendant, perhaps a gr. son, of William. There are many descendants from the worthy Elder in Duxbury, Pembroke, Plymouth, Kingston, and elsewhere.


John Brown was one of the original proprietors .of Bridgewater, and of course lived in Duxbury between 1645 and 1650. We have no certain account of him or his family, but take him to be the man who was chosen Assistant 1636, and often afterwards one of the Commissioners of the United Colonies from 1644 to 1655, and who died at Winnamoiset near Rehoboth 1662.
James Brown, an Assistant also, who lived at Swansey, was his son, and m. Lydia, D. of John Howland.
Peter Brown came in the May Flower 1620, and whether he was father of John, or otherwise related; is not ascertained ; Martha and Mary (wife and D. perhaps) are named 1627.

CARVER.---John Carver, first Governor of Plymouth colony, d. April 1621, and his wife .soon after, and the old Colony records furnish no further account of his family. When he arrived in 1620 his family appears to have consisted of 8 persons, of whom John Howland was one, and is supposed to have m. Elizabeth, one of the Daughters. In the allotments of land in 1623, and in the division of the cattle in 1627, the name of Carver does not appear. & family however of this name was in Marshfield ever after 1638, at which date Robert Carver had a grant of land at Green's harbor, and died there 1650, ea. 86. John Carver (son of Robert perhaps) d. in Marshfield 1679, ae. 42, leaving a wid. Milicent, who was D. of William Ford, and 8 children.
William Carver (eldest s. of John) died at Marshfield 1760, ae. 102, and is noticed by Gov. Hutchinson and Dr. Belknap, in the biography of Gov. Carver, as the grandson of the Governor; but in Pemberton's Ms. Journal. in the library of the Mass. Hist. Society, he is called " the nephew of Governor Carver, being his brother's son."
Joshua Carver, late of Marshfield, ae. over 90, was of the same family.
John Carver (s. of John probably) lived in Plymouth, went from Marshfield 1650, m. Mary, D. of Jonathan Barnes, and his son, Dea. Josiah, d. in Plymouth 1751, ae. .63.
There was a Richard Carver in Watertown, who died 1638, and in his will mentioned his wife Grace, and Ds. Elizabeth and Susanna. Many of the name are still living in Plymo. and other parts of the old Colony.


Edmund Chandler was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, an inhabitant of Duxbury of course, before 1650. We have no particular account of him or his family.
Those bearing the name, and probably his descendants, have been and still are numerous in the Did Colony, and other parts of the country.


Richard Church came over 1630, then ae. 22; propounded in Mass., where he first arrived probably, 1630, and made freeman in Plymouth 1632: lived at Eel River in Plymouth till 1649, when be sold out and went first to Eastham probably 1649, and then to Hingham, where he had a D. Deborah b. 1657, and d. at Dedham Dec. 27, 1668 ; but was buried at Hingham ; his will dated at Hingham 1668 ; was a Carpenter ; a volunteer against the Pequots 1637, called " Sergeant Church ;" made the gun carriages : he, with John Thompson, built the first meeting house in Plymouth a. 1637 ; m. Elizabeth, D. of Richard Warren, a. 1635 : she d. a wid. at Hingham 1670 : he had Elizabeth, Benjamin 1639, Richard*, Joseph, Nathaniel, Caleb, Abigail 1648, and Deborah 1657. It is doubtful if he ever lived, or was really settled,.at Eastham or Dedham. Being a Carpenter, and of some repute in his calling, he was doubtless employed much abroad, and at these places among others : he had early friends at Watertown and Charlestown, some of whom perhaps came over with him.
Elizabeth m. Caleb Hobart at Hingham 1657, and died 1659.
Abigail m. Samuel Thaxter at Hingham 1666, and d. Dec. 1677.
Deborah m. John Irish Jr. perhaps of Little Compton.
The father gave Joseph, whom he made Executor of his will, a double portion on account of the " lameness of his hand."

2. Col. Benjamin (s. of the above) the famous warrior, was born in Plymouth ; was of his father's occupation, a Carpenter ; m. Alice, D. of Constant Southworth of Duxbury, 1667, where he also settled, and thence removed to Saconet, Little Compton, about 1667, and was a magistrate for Saconet and Pocasset, which places included Little Compton and Tiverton ; appeared also among the first freemen of Bristol 1681, and was a Selectman and Deputy from Bristol in 1682, and d. January 7, 1718, ae. 79, and was buried at Little Compton. He had
Thomas (editor of his father's life), Constant (a Captain under his father),
Benjamin, a bachelor,
Edward (whose only s. was Dea. Benja.),
Charles, who had a numerous family, and an only D. who m. a Rothbotham of Newport.
His historians and descendants have erroneously said he was born at Duxbury ; knowing he went from thence to Saconet, they supposed he was of course born there ; but he was born at Plymouth, and was ten years old before his father with his family removed : his sister Abigail. was born in Plymouth nine years after him.

3. Joseph (s. of Richard 1.) lived in Hingham, his wife Mary, they were m. about 1665, and had Mary 1666, John 1668, Alice 1670, Benjamin 1672, Sarah 1673, William 1675, Deborah 1677, all born at Hingham : he then removed to Little Compton, and was made freeman there 1682 ; was Ensign and Deputy there, and had other children probably : was one of the County Associates for Bristol Co. 1691 ; was also a Carpenter : he and his wife Mary are mentioned on the records there 1686 : she was no doubt from Hingham. His will 1711 mentioned Joseph, John, Eliza Blackman, Mary Wood, Deborah Gray, and Abigail Simmons : some of these were born probably after he left Hingham. It has been erroneously stated by Deane in his history of Scituate, and by others, that Joseph was the father of Col. Benjamin, but this is only another of the traditional errors respecting this family.

4. Nathaniel (s. of Richard 1.) settled at Scituate ; was a Carpenter, which seems to have been the family calling : he m. Sarah Barstow, and had Abigail 1666,. Richard 1668, Nathaniel 1670, Alice 1679, Joseph 1681, Charles 1683, Sarah 1686 : he died intestate before 1700.
Abigail m. Nathaniel Harlow.
Richard and his wife Mary had Richard and two Ds.:
one of them, Hannah, m. Josiah Sturtevant, and was grandmother of the late Josiah Cotton Esq. and Dr. Rosseter Cotton.
Nathaniel had Nathaniel 1698, Joseph 1709, and Caleb 1712 at Scituate.
Joseph and Charles settled in Plymouth, and Joseph died there 1707, leaving a D. Judith, wife of Isaac Little.
Charles afterwards went to Freetown and died there, called Captain 1729.
Sarah m. John Holmes.
Richard and Joseph were both dead before the estate was finally settled.
Nathaniel 3d m. Jerusha Perry 1719, and had Thomas and Lemuel 1742, and 13 others.
Thomas Church m. Huldah, D. of Aaron Soule.
Thomas, son of Thomas, was a revolutionary soldier, and died 1830.
Capt. Cornelius was son of Lemuel.
Caleb m. Sarah Williamson 1735, and lived probably in Marshfield.
Ruth Church m.. Consider Howland 1795.

Deane's doubt as to the father of Nathaniel is groundless, as Richard of Hingham and Richard of Plymouth, whom he supposed to be distinct men, were one and the same man.

5. Caleb (s. of Richard 1.) m. Joanna, D. of William Sprague in Hingham, 1667, and had Hannah 1668, and Ruth 1670 : he was named of Dedham 1672, and was living in Watertown 1690. [Farmer in his Register says he had Joseph, Caleb, and Benjamin, but query.]

6. Dea. Benjamin (s. of Edward, and g. s. of Col. Benja. 2.) gra. H. U. 1727, was Deacon of Dr. Mather Byle's Church in Boston, and author of a biography of his grandfather, the Colonel, 1772, in which he erroneously calls the Colonel's father Joseph, and his parents " of Duxbury ;" the Deacon's son Benjamin gra. H. U. 1754, and was the famous Dr. Benjamin Church of Revolutionary distinction : another son, Edward, gra. H. U. 1759, was a Consul, and d. abroad ; and a D. Abigail is said to have m. Turner Phillips of Boston.

Col. Peter Church died in Bristol a. 1821, ae. a. 80.
Samuel Church also died there, perhaps the gra. of H. U. 1778.
Rev. Nathan Church was of Bridgton, Me. 1799.
Rev. Aaron Church d. in Hartford, Conn., 1823, ae. 77, b. in Springfield 1744, was in the ministry 41 years.
Capt. Joseph Church died at Fairhaven 1839, ae. 87.
Gamaliel Church Esq. Representative from Westport 1839 and 1840.

Many of this name, descendants no doubt of Richard, still reside in the old Colony, and have spread extensively over New England.


William Clark was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, but we have no further account of him or of his family. There are many of this name in various parts of the county, and it is a very common name throughout the country.
Richard Clark came over to Plymouth in the May Flower 1620, and d. before spring, and there is no further notice of him, or of any family left by him.
Thomas Clark came in the Ann 1623, and m. Susanna, D. of wid. Mary Ring before 1631, and died at Plymouth March 24, 1697, ae. 97, according to the grave-stone and the records of the town, but by his deposition given 1664, stating himself then to be only 59, he was only 92 at his death. It has been supposed he was mate of the May Flower, having gone back to Eng., and returned to Plymouth again in 1623, but this is not certam. He had William, James, Nathaniel (the Secretary), Andrew, and Susanna, who m. Barnabas Lothrop Esq. of Barnstable 1658. Thomas Clark, of Plymoth m. wid. Alice Nichols of Boston 1664 : she was D. of Richard Hallet.
William Clark's house (a garrison house) was burnt in Plymouth by the Indians 1676 on the Sabbath, and 11 persons killed.
John (g. s. of Thomas) d. in Plymouth 1712, and had John, Joseph, and James.
Trustum Clark was in Plymouth 1634, and d. in Duxbury 1661, and had Trustum and Henry.
Isaac, of Joseph, went to Hardwick.
Whether William, whose house was burnt, was the proprietor of Bridgewater, is not known, if he was he must have lived in Duxbury before 1630.


William Collier was an original proprietor, a merchant adventurer, and came over about 1633 he settled in Duxbury, and was an Assistant many years; and d. 1670 : he had Sarah, wife of Love Brewster (she afterwards m. a Parks); Rebecca, wife of Job Cale ; Mary, 2d wife of Thomas Prince, Gov. m. 1635 ; and Elizabeth, wife of Constant Southworth.


Peter Cushing of Hingham., Norfolk, Eng., had 2 ss., Theophilus 1579, and Matthew 1585, both of whom came to N. England and settled in Hingham.

2. Theophilus came over 1633, then 54 years old, and lived some years at Gov. Haynes' farm near Boston, and finally settled in Hingham, where he d. nearly 100 years old, and was blind 25 years : he left no children.

3. Dea. Matthew, with his w., 4 ss., and one D., and his wife's sister, wid. Frances Riecroft, came over 1638, " in the Diligent of Ipswich, of 350 tons, John Martin, master," and settled in Hingham : he m. Nazareth, D. of Henry Pitcher : be d. 1660, ae. a. 72 ; she 1682, ae. 95 : he had Daniel 1619, Jeremiah 1621, Matthew 1623, Deborah 1625, John 1627.
Deborah m. Matthias Briggs.
All of the Cushings in this vicinity, and in the State perhaps, descended from Matthew.

4. Daniel Esq. (s. of Matthew) was the 3d Town Clerk of Hingham, and left manuscripts, from which much information respecting Hingham and its early settlers has been derived : he m. Lydia, D. of Edward Gilman (ancestor of all the Gilmans) June 19th, 1645, and had Peter 1646, Daniel 1648, Deborah 1651, Jeremiah 1654, Theophilus 1657, Matthew 1660. She d. 1689, and he m. Elizabeth, wid. of Capt. John Thaxter and D. of Nicholas Jacob 1691, and d. 1700 ; she 1725, ae. 94.
Deborah m. Benjamin Woodbridge 1679.

5. Jeremiah (s. of Matthew 3.) of Boston, a mariner, was lost at sea : his wid. Elizabeth mentioned her D. Elizabeth Condy, and g. s. Jeremiah Condy, and sister Martha Muzer in Redrif near London.

6. Matthew (s. of Matthew 3.) of Hingham, m. Sarah, D. of Nicholas Jacob, 1653, and died a. 1700, and left no children : in his will he mentioned his brothers and most of his relatives : she made her will 1701, and mentioned most of her relatives.

7. Hon. John (s. of Matthew 3.) settled in Scituate, and m. (according to Deane in his account of Scituate) Sarah, D. of Nicholas Jacob, 1656 (this or the preceding must be an error did not John m. Sarah, D. of Matthew Hawke ?): he was Deputy and Assistant in the old Colony, and Representative at the General Court in Boston the year after the union 1692 : she d. 1678, ae. 38 ; he 1708, ae. 81 : he had John 1662, Thomas 1663, Matthew 1665, Jeremiah 1666, James 1668, Joshua 1670, Caleb 1672, Deborah 1674, Mary 1676, Joseph 1677, Benjamin 1679, and Sarah.
Deborah m. Thomas Loring of Plymouth 1699.
Mary d. single 1698.
Sarah m. Dea. David Jacob 1689.
Joshua settled in Marshfield, and left no family.

8. Peter (s. of Daniel Esq. 4.) of Hingham m. Hannah, D. of Matthew Hawke, 1685, and d. 1719 ; she d. 1737, ae. 82 : he had Peter 1686, Stephen 1687, Jonathan 1689, Lydia who m. a Marshall, and Hannah who m. a Cushing.

9. Daniel (s. of Daniel Esq. 4.) of Hingham m. Elizabeth, D. of Capt. John Thaxter 1680, and had Daniel 1681*, Elisha, Daniel, Moses, Elizabeth,
Sarah, w. of John Jacob ;
Ruth, w. of Samuel Lincoln ;
Deborah, w. of Benjamin Loring ;
Abigail, w. .of Richard Kilby of Boston ;
and Sarah, who d. young probably.
Daniel Cushing and his w. Sarah (he d. 1754) had Daniel, Ebenezer, Sarah Smith : sister Elizabeth, gr. s. Thomas, and gr. ss. Thomas and Obadiah Hersey.
Daniel Cushing and his w. Elizabeth (he d. 1793) had Daniel, Susanna, Elizabeth Jones, Deborah Cushing, gr. s. Daniel, and brother Benjamin Lincoln.

10. Jeremiah (s. of Daniel Esq. 4.) gra. H. U. 1676, m. Hannah, D. of Thomas Loring, 1685, and settled in the ministry at Scituate 1691 : he d. March 22, 1705, and his wid. m. John Barker Esq., an attorney, 1706 : he had Hannah 1687, Ignatius 1689, Jeremiah 1695, Ezekiel 1698.
Hannah m. Samuel Barker, s. of her father-in-law, 1706.
Ezekiel settled at Cape Elizabeth, and his D. Lucy m. Dr. James Otis and was mother of the late Hon. Dr. Cushing Otis.
wid. Ann Cushing d. at Boston 1759, and in her will mentioned her s. Jeremiah, and Ds. Mary Wheaton, Susanna, w. of Jona. Goddard ; and Hannah.

11. Theophilus (s. of Daniel Esq. 4.) of Hingham m. Mary, D. of Capt. John Thaxter : his will 1718 : he had Nehemiah 1689, Adam 1692, David 1694, Abel, Theophilus, Seth, Deborah, and Lydia.
Nehemiah settled in Abington or Pembroke.

12. Capt. Matthew (s. of Daniel Esq. 4.) of Hingham m. Jael, D. of Capt. John Jacob, 1684: she d. 1708 ; he 1715 : he had David 1685*, David 1687*, Solomon 1692, Job 1694, Moses 1696*, Samuel 1699, Isaac 1701, Obadiah 1703*, Jael 1706.
Job gra. H. U. 1714, ord. at Shrewsbury 1723, father of Jacob who gra: H. U. 1748, and who was ord. at Waltba.m, and whose s. John, gra. H. U. 1764, was minister of Ashburnham, and had a s. John of Boston who m. Julia Keith 1795 and died 1806, and had Julia Ann and Mary Keith.
Jael m.. John Lazell of Hingham.

13. Hon. John (s. of John 7.) of Scituate m. Deborah, D. of Thomas Loring of Hull, 1687 : she d. 1713 ; he 1737: he was Chief Just. of the Inferior Court of Plymouth, Counsellor, and then Justice of the S. J. Court : he had Sarah 1687, Deborah 1693, John 1695, Elijah 1697, Mary 1700*, Nazareth 1703, Benjamin 1706, Nathaniel 1709 : he m. a 2d wife Sarah Holmes (a wid. perhaps, and D. of Capt. John Thaxter) 1714, and had Josiah 1715, and Mary 1716.
Deborah m. Capt. John Briggs Jr. 1712, and her D.. Deborah m. Thos. Savage Esq. of Boston, and was grandmother of the Hon. James Savage.
Nazareth m. Benjamin Balch of Boston, and was mother of Nathaniel Balch " of facetious memory."
Nathaniel gra. H. U. 1728, read law in Boston, where he m. Mary Pemberton 1729, and died in one month after.

14. Hon. Thomas (s. of Hon. John 7.) m. Deborah, D. of Capt. John Thaxter, 1687, settled in Boston, and d. 1740 : he had John 1688, Thomas 1693, Jonathan 1701,
Hannah 1702, w. of Thomas Hill ;
Margaret 1696, who m. a Fletcher ;
Elizabeth 1691, wife of John Wingate ;
Deborah 1699, w. of Jona. Watson ;
Samuel 1704, and others perhaps.
Among the heirs who signed a receipt in the settlement of the estate in 1647 were the names of Jonathan, Jonathan (clerk ), Peter, and William. Jona. Cushing's estate was settled in Boston by wid. Margaret Newman 1773.
Thomas Esq. (s. of Thos.) gra. H. U. 1711, lived in Boston, was Speaker of the H. of Rep. 1724, m. Mary Broomfield, and d. 1746, and had 2 ss. Thomas and Edward, and a D. Mary.
Edward gra. H. U. 1746, and died 1752, not m. probably.
Hon. Thomas (s. of the last Thomas) of Boston gra. H. U. 1744; was the famous patriot, Member of Congress, Commissary General, and Lieut. Governor m. Deborah Fletcher 1747, and died 1788 : and had Thomas, Edward, Mary who m. an Avery, Margaret, and Deborah who m. a Newman.

15. Matthew (s. of Hon. John 7.) m. Deborah, D. of Capt. John Jacob probably : he d. 1715 : he had Jacob 1695, Matthew Deborah, Hezekiah, Rachel, Josiah, Sarah, and Noah.
Hezekiah Cushing d. 1781, leaving a wife Lydia, and 3 ss. Matthew, Thomas, and Nathaniel.
Rachel m. Thomas Croade Esq.
Jacob was probably father of Col. Charles Cushing of Lunenburgh, whose s., the Hon. Edmund Cushing, is father of Luther S. Cushing Esq. Clerk of the House of Representatives.

16. Jeremiah (s. of Hon. John 7.) Deane says "we believe Jeremiah left no family." Jeremiah Cushing m. Judith Parmenter at Boston 1693, and we find also wid. Ann Cushing of Boston made her will 1759, and named her children thus : Jeremiah, Mary Wheaton, Susanna w. of Jonathan Stoddard, and Hannah. How these were connected, or if at all, with Jeremiah first above named, we cannot say. [See Jeremiah 42.]

17. James (s. of Hon. John. 7.) was Town Clerk of Scituate, and had a s. James who m. Sarah House 1710 and Lydia Barrell 1713.
James Jr. had a s. James who m. Mary Souther of Cohasset 1739, and a D. Lydia who m. George Cushing, and another D. who m. a Lapham.

18. Rev. Caleb (s. of Hon. John 7.) gra. H. U. 1692, ord. at Salisbury 1697, m. Elizabeth, D. of Rev. John Cotton and wid. of Rev. Jones Ailing of Salisbury, and d. 1752 : he had James, Minister of Plaistow, N. H., gra. H. U. 1725, and John, Minister of Botsford. Hon. Caleb, Member of Congress from Essex, is also a descendant.

19. Dea. Joseph (s. of Hon. John 7.) was a magistrate and respectable man, m. Mary Pickles 1710, and had a s. Joseph who gra. H. U. 1731, and was a Latin Schoolmaster in Scituate.

20. Benjamin (s. of Hon. John 7.) settled in Boston, and was a member of the Ancient and Hon. Artillery Company 1700. Deane says " we have not learnt that he left any family." There was a Benjamin Cushing who gave a power of attorney dated at Barbadoes 1702. There was also a Benjamin Cushing died at Boston 1792, who m. Mary Colesworthy, and left Benj., Thomas, Henry, Stephen, Josiah, Jonathan, Susanna wife of John Withington and afterwards of Solomon Bryant of Mid'o., and Nancy w. of Joshua Bowcker of Scituate. Samuel Colesworthy Jr. and Benjamin, Adm'rs. Benjamin m. Abigail Callender 1799 and d. leaving two Ds. Betsy and Susanna, and the wid. m. Samuel Jepson.
Thomas died in Boston leaving Thomas, George W., Solomon Bryant, and John.
Henry also died in Boston leaving Henry W. and others.
Stephen lives in Ashburnham.
Josiah has no children.
Jonathan of the firm of Cushing & Ames, Boston, m. Sally, D. of Nathan Lazell Esq. of S. B. 1809, and has a family.
Benjamin, who d. 1792, had a brother Ebenezer, who d. after him and left Jonathan, Benjamin, Mary, and Hannah.
Whether any of these last were descendants of Benjamin, at the head of them, we cannot say. Perhaps Benjamin and Ebenezer were ss. of Jonathan, s. of Hon. Thomas 14.

21. Capt. Stephen (s. of Peter S.) of Hingham m. Catharine Kilby of Boston 1719, and had Stephen, Catharine who m. a Nichols, Lydia, Hannah who m. a Nichols, Rebecca, John, and Peter. John d. 1754 leaving no children.—Peter d. 1784 leaving a w. Silence : he had John, Peter, Christopher, Catharine, Martin, Samuel, Hannah, Lydia, and Ned. 22. Elisha (s. of Daniel 9.) of Hingham m. Leah, D. of Thos. Loring (she was b. 1698, and her mother was Leah, D. of Ben j. Buckley), and had Elisha, John, and Elizabeth w. of Col. Edw. Mitchell of E. B., m. 1738. Elisha, the father, d. 1734, ae. 52, and his wid. m. Jabez Wilder. Elisha, the son, d. 1786.

23. Moses (s. of Daniel 9.) and his w. Lydia had Lucy 1738, Catharine 1742, Elizab. and Deborah twins 1743, Deborah d. 1745.

24. Adam Esq. (s. of Theophilus 11.) gra. H. U. 1714, lived in Weymouth, m. Hannah (Greenwood perhaps) died 1751 [someone crossed out the "1" and wrote "2"], and had Greenwood*, Adam, Thomas, Frederick, Beza, and Alithea w. of Samuel Pratt. Thomas died 1757 leaving a wid. Tabitha and 2 ss. Regemelick and Er, and a D. Tabitha perhaps.
Frederick d. 1786 leaving a wid. Grace.

25. David (s. of Theophilus II.) of Hingham m. Rachel Lewis 1718, and had Rachel, Alice, and Hannah : his will 1723.

26. Abel (s. of Theophilus 11.) of Hingham and his w. Mary had David, Abel, Laban, Mary, and Abigail. Abel d. 1761.
Laban d. 1760, no children.
David had David, Jonathan, Ruth wife of Perez Cushing, Molly, Abel (father of the Hon. Abel Cushing of Boston), Charles, Hosea, Nancy, Jane, Lucy, Elnathan, Josiah, Jerusha, Mabel, and Lydia.

27. Seth (s. of Theophilus 11.) m. Lydia Fearing, and had Seth, Ezekiel, Mary, Margaret, and Deborah 1740 who m. Simeon Sampson.

28. Dea. Solomon (s. of Matthew 12.) of Hingham m. Sarah, D. of Thomas and Leah Loring, 1716 : she d. 1765 ; he 1769: he had Mary 1717, Matthew 1720, Solomon 1722*, Benjamin* and Joseph* 1724, Benjamin 1725, Sarah 1727*, Joseph 1728, Isalah 1730, and Caleb 1732*. Matthew d. at N. York 1779, ae. 58.

29. Samuel (s. of Matthew 12.) and his w. Hannah lived in Cohasset, and had Isaac 1724, Jael 1726 (who m. a Bailey), Samuel 1729, Calvin 1731, Ephraim 1734, Joel 1736, Timothy 1738, Lois 1740, Solomon 1742, Job 1745.
Samuel d. 1782, and had Beal, Sarah, Asa, and Samuel.
Joel d. in Boston 1796, and his wid. Susanna settled his estate.

30. Hon. John (s. of Hon. John 13.) of Scituate, Judge of the S. J. Court, m. Elizabeth Holmes, D. of his father's 2d w., 1718, and had Deborah 1718, Sarah 1720, never m., John 1722: she d. 1726, and he m. Mary, D. of Josiah Cotton of Plymouth 1729, and had Mary 1730, William, March 1, 1732, Charles 1734, Hannah 1738, Bethiah 1740, Lucy 1745,
Abigail 1748 d. single 1824,
Rowland 1750 gra. H. U. 1768 an Attorney in Pownalboro and d. 1789 without children.
John, the father, d. 1778, ae. 82.
Deborah m. David Stockbridge.
Mary m. Rev. Ebenezer Gay of Suffield.
Hannah m. Rev. Samuel Baldwin of Hanover.
Bethiah m. Abraham Burbank Esq. of West Springfield.
Lucy m. Thomas Aylwin Esq. of Boston.

31. Elijah (s. of Hon. John 13.) m. Elizabeth Barker 1724, and settled in Pembroke, and had Elijah, Nathaniel, Joseph,
Mary wife of Gen. Benja. Lincoln,
Deborah w. of Rev. Daniel Shute of Hingham,
Elizabeth w. of Maj. Cushing of Hingham.
Elijah had Elijah who died at Natches, Thomas, Isaac, and Edward.
Nathaniel had Nathaniel Esq., Capt. Benjamin, Thos., and Charles Esq.
Joseph was Judge of Probate, and had Horatio Esq. of Hanover.
Nathaniel Jr. Esq. had Dr. Ezekiel D. gra. H. U. 1808, and Elijah.

32. Josiah (s. of John 13.) m. Ruth Thomas, and settled in Pembroke, and was father of Capt. Josiah, Ruth w. of Hawkes Cushing, and others perhaps.

33. Rev. John (s. of Caleb 18.) gra. H. U. 1729, and was ord. in Boxford, m. Elizabeth Martyn at Boston 1740, and had John gra. H. U. 1761, and went to Freeport, Me.; and Rev. James, minister of North Haverhill, whom the Rev. Giles Merrill succeeded, and whose D. he m.; she was mother of James C. Merrill Esq., Justice of the Police Court, Boston.

4. Dea. Joseph (only s. of Dea. Joseph 19.) gra. H. U. 1731, a grammar schoolmaster in Scituate, m. Lydia King 1732, and had Joseph 1733 gra. H. U. 1752*, George 1736, Mercy 1739, Nathan 1742, Pickles 1743, Hawkes 1744,
Dr. Lemuel 1746 gra. H. U. 1767,
Deborah 1752,
Caleb and Alice 1754.
George m. Lydia, D. of James Cushing, and had
Hannah w. of Perez Turner,
Robert late of Hull,
Rachel w. of Pickles Cushing Jr.,
Mary wife of Dea. James Loring of Boston, and Lydia.
Nathan, Judge of the Supreme Judicial Court, graduated H. University 1763, m. Abigail, D. of Christopher Tilden Esq. of Boston, 1777, and d. 1812 : he had
Abigail w. of the Hon. Dr. Cushing Otis,
Christopher Esq. (gra. H. U. 1794, m. Lucy Nichols 1817, and died 1819, and the wid. m. the Hon. Wilkes Wood)
and Frances w. of Capt. Lemuel Cushing of Roxbury.
Pickles m. Abigail Hatch 1768, and had Joseph, Pickles, Bela, Charles, Martin, Roland, Lucy, Abigail, and Sarah.
Hawkes m. Ruth, D. of Josiah Cushing, 1770, and had
Dea. Thomas who d. 1825,
Maj. Isaac who d. in Boston,
Sarah w. of Samuel Waterman,
Capt. Lemuel of Roxbury,
Nancy wife of George Cushing Jr.,
Clarissa w. of Dea. Joseph Stevens of Boston,
and Charlotte w. of Col. Vose of the U. S. A.
Alice m. Nathaniel Cushing of Hingham, who settled in Scituate, and had
Nathaniel who m. Jane D. of Hayward Pierce Esq.,
Deborah w. of John Nash,
Warren of New Bedford,
Samuel late of Boston,
Mary w. of Bela Cushing late of Boston,
and Chauncy who d. 1813 ae. 19.

35. John (s. of Hon. John 30.) lived in Scituate, and had John of Berwick, Dea. Francis of Maine, and Nathaniel who died on the paternal estate 1825.

36. Dea. Benjamin (s. of Dea. Solomon 28.) m. Ruth, D. of Thomas Croade Esq. of Halifax, 1753, and lived in Hingham : she d. 1803. ae. 67 ; he 1812, ae. 87 : he had William 1754, Rachel 1755, Benjamin 1758, Solomon 1760, Thomas Croade 1764, Matthew 1768, Charlotte 1771, Caleb 1773 d. at Charleston, S. C., 1795, Joshua 1775, Henry. 1777, Jerom 1780.
Rachel m. Ezra Lincoln and d. 1797.
Matthew d. at Mid'o. 1821, leaving a family.
Thomas C. d. in Salem 1824, leaving 5 ch.
Joshua d. in Lynn.
Jerom d. in Hingham 1824, leaving 2 or 3 ch.

37. Joseph (s. of Dea. Solomon 28.) m. Sarah Leavitt 1757, and had Sarah 1757, Hannah 1760, Mary 1761, Jael 1764, Lydia 1770. His w. d. 1771, and he then m. Deborah Beal 1779, and had Joseph 1782.

38. Judge William (s. of Hon. John 30.) gra. H. U. 1751, C. Justice of S. J. C. of Mass., and then Judge of the S. C. of the U. S.; m. Hannah Phillip of Middletown, Conn., 1774, and d. 1810, his wife surviving, but no children.

39. Col. Charles (s. of Hon. John 30.) gra. H. U. 1755, Clerk of the Courts in Boston, m. Elizabeth, sister of Gov. Increase Sumner, and d. 1810 ; his only son Charles Esq. gra. H. U. 1796, went to Portsmouth, and the Ds. m. Charles Paine, Henry Sheafe, Stephen Codman, and Elisha Doane, Esqrs.

40. Benjamin (s. of Dea. Benjamin 36.) m. Lydia, D. of John Beal, 1781, and had Charlotte 1783 at Hingham, Lydia 1790 at Halifax, Benja. 1794 at Hal.
Charlotte m. Josiah Sturtevant of Halifax 1804, and had
Rolinda 1806 at Pembroke, N. H. (w. of Welcome Young Esq. of E. B.) and Josiah 1806*: she m. Eben'r Eastman, a 2d husband, 1816, and had Josiah S. 1817, Charlotte C. 1820, John B. 1823, Charles C. 1825.
Lydia m. Timothy Gile 1818.
Benjamin m. wid. Elizabeth Furnald 1815, and had John Beal 1816*, Lydia Beal 1817, Elizabeth Moore 1820 : by a 2d w. he had John Beal, Charlotte Jane, and Mary Gile. The family is now principally in N. H.

41. Thomas Cushing m. Mercy Bridgham 1712 : her will at Boston 1746 mentions 3 children, Joseph Bridgham, Elizabeth w. of Samuel Holyoke, and Mercy w. of John Smith.

42. Jeremiah (Jeremiah 16, no doubt) who m. Judith Parmenter at Boston 1793, had Jeremiah 1696, Benjamin 1700, John 1705, Ebenezer 1710. Jeremiah was no doubt the husband of the wid. Ann there mentioned, as the records furnish a Jeremiah who m. Ann Coffin in 1715, and a Jeremiah who m. Ann Morternore 1723.
Benjamin m. Elizabeth Roberts 1725, and had Judith 1726, Benjamin 1729, Nathaniel 1731, Jeremiah 1733.
John John m. Sarah Colesworthy 1727, and had Sarah 1727.
Ebenezer m. Elizabeth Daniel 1732, and had Ebenezer 1735.
Benjamin Cushing m. Susanna Salter 1761 and had Benjamin and Susanna : he then m. Mary Colesworthy 1770, and had Thomas 1772*, Nancy 1774*, Thomas 1776, Henry 1778, Josiah 1780, Nancy 1782, Stephen 1784, and Jonathan 1786.-[See Jeremiah 16 and compare this also with Benjamin 20.]

43. Theophilus (s. of Theophilus 11.) of Hingham m. Hannah Waterman probably 1723, and d. a widower 1778 : he had Theophilus, Perez, Pyam dec'd, Emma w. of John Burr, and Tamar w. of Elisha Cushing of Pembroke dec'd, whose children were Elisha, Tamar, and Tamsin.

44. Pyam (s. of Theophilus 43.) d. 1776, leaving a wid. Hannah: he had Pyam, Robert, Henry, Seth, Hannah, Deborah, Tamar, and Tamsin.
Pyam Jr. lived with Col. Edward Mitchell in E. B., and died 1778, and in his will dated Jan: 4th, the same year, he gave a legacy to Mary, D. of Col. Mitchell, " his in-tended wife." She afterwards m. James Keith, and is now living in the State of New York, ae. 86, and has a numerous family.

45. Jonathan and Bethiah Cushing had Jeremiah 1761, Phebe 1762, Mary 1766, Sarah 1770, Benjamin 1772.

Rev. Jona. Cushing m. Elizabeth Cushing 1717.
Nathaniel m. Mary Pemberton 1729.
John m. Abigail Holder 1741.
Benjamin m. Susanna Salter 1761.
Jonathan m. Huldah Edes 1777.
Benjamin m. Betsy Godfrey 1788.
Benjamin Esq., Benjamin Jr., and Ann (single), all of Providence, convey land in Chelsea 1763.
Thomas m. Sally Newell 1799.
The preceding account, contains notices, quite imperfect indeed, of but a part of this very numerous and respectable family.


Robert Cushman was among the Plymouth pilgrims : he set sail from England in the ship called the Speedwell in company with the May Flower in 1620; but by reason of leakage the ship put back, and he came the next year, 1621, in the ship Fortune : he remained here but about one month, when he returned to England and d. a. 1625 or 1626 : his family came after his death, and his descendants are now numerous in the country. He was author of the primitive lay Sermon.

Thomas (s. of the above) born 1607, lived in Governor Bradford's family, having been left there by his father when he sailed for Eng.; m. Mary, D. of Isaac Allerton : he d. 1691 ; she 1699 : he had Thomas, Isaac 1649, Elkanah, Eleazar, Sarah, and Lydia.
Isaac was the first minister of Plympton, and d. 1732.
Sarah m. a Mr. Hook.
Lydia m. a Mr. Harlow.


Philip Delano came over in the second ship, the Fortune, 1621, was in Duxbury between 1645 and 1650, and one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, and sold his share to Nicholas Byram. The name on the early records was sometimes written De la Noye, hence he was supposed to be of French origin, and one of the French protestants, who attached himself to the pilgrims at Leyden, and came over with them. He m. Hester Dewsberry, and had Samuel, Thomas, and John, and was probably ancestor of the numerous families of the name still residing at Duxbury, and other towns both in the counties of Plymouth and Bristol, as well as in other parts of the country.


Samuel Eaton was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, was no doubt son of Francis Eaton, who came over in the May Flower 1620, whose wife was Christian, and whose children were in 1627 Samuel and Rachel.
Samuel settled probably in Duxbury : he must have been there between 1645 and 1650.
Francis had afterwards other children doubtless, and his descendants are still in Middleborough and various other towns and sections of the country.


John and Manasseh Faunce arrived at Plymouth in the third ship, the Ann, in 1623. We have met with no further notice of Manasseh.
John Faunce m. Patience, D. of George Marton, and had Thomas 1646, and Priscilla, and perhaps others.
Priscilla m. Joseph Warren about 1650.
Mary Faunce m. William Harlow 1653.
Mercy Faunce m. Nathaniel Holmes 1662.
These two might also have been Ds. of John.

Thomas (s. of the above) was the distinguished Elder of Plymouth Church, and d. 1745 very aged : he had Patience 1673, John 1678, Martha 1680. Many descendants of these respectable ancestors are remaining in different parts of the County.


William Ford was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater; was son no doubt of wid. Ford, who arrived in the Fortune 1621 with three children, viz : William, Martha, and John ; and it is said she had a son born the day the ship arrived : how long had she been a widow ? William Ford sen'r,. on .the military roll at Marshfield 1643, d. 1676, ae. 72 ; his wid. Anna : his children were William, Michael, Margaret, and Milicent ; one of them wife of John Carver ; his grand children were John, and William Ford, and John Carver.
Martha, D. of wid. Ford, m. Wm. Nelson 1640.
William Ford, the proprietor of Bridgewater, whoever he was, must have been in Duxbury between 1645 and 1650. The name is still common in Marshfield, Abington, and other parts of the County.

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