History of the early settlement of Bridgewater
in Plymouth County, Massachusetts
including an extensive family register.

Nahum Mitchell
Printed for the author by Kidder & Wright 1840

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


John Washburn was early in Duxbury he had an action in Court against Edward Doten 1632 : is named in the assessment of taxes 1633 : purchased Edward Bonpasse's place beyond the creek called Eagle's nest, 1634: He and his 2 ss. John and Philip, were included with those able to bear arms in the colony 1643, and his name is also among the first freemen of Duxbury. He and his s. John were original proprietors of Bridg., and they and Philip became residents and settlers here in S. B. as early as 1665 : he d. here before 1670. We find no notice of any other children except these two sons.
John Washburn was the first Secretary of the Council of Plymouth in England, and was succeeded by William Burgess 1628 : whether he had any connection with the family here is not ascertained.
William, Daniel, and John Washburn were proprietors on Long Island as early as 1653, and soon disappeared from the records there : who they were, or whither they went, is not ascertained : we have always supposed that all of the name in this part of the country descended from John first above named.
The name is variously written on the early records, Washburne, Washborn, Washborne, Washburn : the latter is now generally adopted, and has always been so written by the family here.

2. John (s. of John 1.) m..Elizabethl D. of Experience.. Mitchell, 1645,. and had John, Thomas, Joseph, Samuel, Jonathan, Benjamin, Mary 1661, Elizabeth, Jane, James 1672, and Sarah : his will 1686. We find the following : " I do also wish my cousin Elizabeth much joy with her D., that God has given to her six ss.," being an extract of a letter from Thomas Mitchell, dated at Amsterdam 24th July, 1662, to his uncle Experience Mitchell. The application of this congratulation to this family cannot be doubted. He sold his house and lands 1670, at Green's harbour, Duxbury, which his father had given him. John and Samuel were exor's to their father's will. He appointed his kind friend" John Tomson, and his " brother" Edward Mitchell, Trustees and Overseers in the execution of it, and in taking care of the children.
Mary m. Samuel Kinsley 1694, or earlier.
Elizabeth m. James Howard, and afterwards Edward Sealey.
Jane m. Wm. Orcutt Jr.
Sarah m. John Ames 1697.

3. Philip (s. of John 1.). We cannot find that he left either wife or children : his father gave him a farm in Duxbury 1666, which he sold to Samuel Seabury 1679, and he sold other lands to Thomas Lazell in 1684 ; his brother John, in his will, directs his s. John to take care of his uncle Philip," implying an incapacity in him either of mind or body to take care of himself ; probably the latter, as he had been in possession and manager of a farm. Joseph Washburn " gave a bond - to take care of his uncle Philip 1685," who was living 1700.

4. John s. of John 2.) m. Rebeckah Lapham 1679, and had Josiah 1680, John 1682, Joseph 1683, William 1686, Abigail 1683, Rebeckah, and perhaps other children. He was living 1719, and was d. 1724.
Abigail m. Josiah Leonard 1717.
Rebeckah m. David Johnson 1719.

5. Thomas (s. of John 2.) lived near Lazell and Perkins' works ; had 2 wives, the first Abigail, D. of Jacob Leonard ; the 2d Deliverance, D. of Samuel Packard : no children on town records : his will 1729, whence we collect the names of the following : Nathaniel, Thomas, Timothy, Hepzibah, Patience, Deliverance, Elizabeth.
Hepzibah m. John Hutchinson 1708.
Patience was then dead, having left children : whose wife she was is not ascertained.
Deliverance m. Ephraim Jennings 1719.
Elizabeth m. Josiah Conant 1701.
No account of Nathaniel.
He gave David Perkins liberty by deed to join the mill dam to his land 1697.

6. Joseph (s. of John 2.) m. Hannah, D. of Robert Latham, and lived in E. B., and had Joseph, Jonathan, Ebenezer, Miles, Ephraim, Edward, Benjamin, Hannah, and perhaps others. It appears he was afterwards in Plymouth and Plympton by deeds he gave 1707, 1714, and 1720, in which his father Latham is mentioned : perhaps he had also a son John of Plymouth.
Hannah probably m. Zechariah Whitmarsh 1730.
Hepzibah Washburn (whose D. not known) m. Benjamin Leach 1702.
Miles Washburn was chosen petty juror in B. 1699.

7. Samuel, (s. of John 2.) called Sergeant, m. Deborah, D. of Samuel Packard, and had Samuel 1678, Noah 1682, Israel 1684, Nehemiah 1686, Benjamin, and Hannah : he d. 1729, ae. 69, and left a will, by which it appears Noah and Israel were then dead.
Hannah m. John Keith 1711.

8. Jonathan (s, of John 2.) m. Mary, D. of George Vaughn of Mid'o., about 1683, and had Elizabeth 1684, Josiah 1686, Benjamin 1688, Ebenezer 1690, Martha 1692, Joanna 1693, Nathan 1699, Jonathan 1700, Cornelius 1702.
Elizabeth m. John Benson 1710.

9. Benjamin (s. of John 2.) enlisted into the old French war, so called in Phipps' expedition against Canada 1690, and made a nuncupative will, and never returned. The frequent probate of wills, made on the occasion of that war, furnishes abundant proof of its disasters. He left no children.

10: James (s. of John 2.) m. Mary Bowden 1693, and had Mary 1694, Anna 1696, James 1698, Edward 1700, Moses 1702, Gideon 1704, Sarah 1706, Martha 1709, Elizabeth 1710.
Mary probably m. Thomas Perkins 1717.
Sarah m. Henry Caswell perhaps 1738.
Martha m. Robert Richmond perhaps 1733.
Elizabeth m. Elisha Hayward Jr. .perhaps 1740.
There was a Mary Washburn who m. William Snow 1722.

11. Josiah (s. of John 4.) and his w. Mercy had Joanna 1703, Joseph 1705, Lydia 1707, Jemima 1710, Rebeckah 1712, Josiah 1716, Mercy 1718. He had a 2d w., and a s. Nathan.
Joanna m. Ebenezer Leach 1734.
Jemima m. Josiah Leonard, 1740.
Rebeckah m. Samuel Alden 1752.
Mercy m. Pelatiah Phinney 1738.
Lydia m. Samuel West 1737.
Josiah Washburn's estate settled by his wid. Sarah and Edward Richmond of T. 1734.

12. John (s. of John 4.) m. Margaret, D. of Nathaniel Packard, 1710, and had John 1711, Nathaniel 1713, Robert 1715, Abraham 1717*, Margaret 1718, Abishai 1720, Jane 1722, Content 1724 : his will 1746.
Margaret. m. Ephraim Holmes 1741, and was d. 1746.
Jane m. Thomas Thompson 1745.
Content m. Joseph Lathrop 1746.
Abishai went to Salisbury, Conn., and afterwards to Middlebury, Vt., and died there, and left no ss.: he sold land to Wm. Loring 1767, in which he was named of Albany.

13. Joseph (s. of John 4.) we find no certain account of. There was a Joseph, who went to Nova Scotia ; this may be the man, or he may have been the Joseph who was ancestor of the Leicester family. There is much uncertainty about the two Josephs, ss. of John 4 and of Joseph 6. [See Joseph 17.] Which of them was ancestor of the Leicester family, or whether either, is uncertam.

14. William (s. of John 4.) m. Experience Mann 1715, and had Abigail 1715, Alice 1717*, William 1718, Experience 1719*, Zipporah 1721, Thankful 1723, Philip 1726*, Ezekiel 1728, Job 1733 : he died 1756 ; his will 1749.
Abigail m. John Freelove 1739.
Zipporah m. Timothy Perkins 1753.
Thankful m. John Kinsley 1746.
No account of Job.

5. Thomas (s. of Thomas 5.) and his w. Elizabeth had Mary 1722, and Elizabeth (or Betty) 1724. Mary m. Jabez King 1753. Elizabeth, the mother, m. Joseph Crossman 1752.
Thomas Washburn m. Sarah, D. of John Leonard, 1708, and Abigail Heiford 1711.

16. Timothy (s. of Thomas 5.) and his w. Hannah had Timothy 1721, Hannah 1724, and Mary 1725. Timothy Washburn, a tanner, bought land of Ebenezer Washburn Jr. at Poor Meadow 1720.

17. Joseph (s. of Joseph 6.) we have no account of, unless it is the following furnished by Col. Seth Washburn's family genealogy at Leicester :
"Joseph had 5 ss. viz : Elijah, Joseph, Seth, Ebenezer, and one who d. young. Col. Seth, s. of Joseph, had Seth, Joseph, and Asa. Seth died in the revolution, leaving an only son.—Joseph had Ebenezer, a lawyer in Montgomery, Alabama ; Joseph, a merchant in Milledgeville, Georgia ; Seth, a Physician in Greenfield, lately d.; and Emory, an Attorney at Leicester, now in Worcester.—Asa lives in Putney, Vt., and had Reuben, a Lawyer in Cavendish ; Seth in Randolph, Jacob in Chelsea, and Asa in Putney ; all in Vermont."

Joseph Washburn lived in E. B. 1716, and so also did Jonathan : these were probably ss. of Joseph 6.

Jonathan had Silas 1713, Lemuel 1714, b. in E. B. Most of the sons of Joseph 6. went to Kingston and Plympton : Joseph, Miles, Edward, Ephraim, Ebenezer, were there as early as 1728 ; and Dea. John, Ichabod and Elisha, are also found on the records there about the same time. Most of the name about Plymouth, Kingston and Plympton, descended probably from Joseph 6.
Jona. Washburn m. Rebeckah Johnson of Hingham 1719.—[Boston Records.]

18. Samuel (s. of Samuel 7.) and his wife Abigail had David 1704, Deliverance 1706, Solomon 1708, Samuel 1710, Abigail 1712, Susanna 1714, Tabitha 1716.
Deliverance m. Joseph Bolton 1740.
Tabitha m. Solomon Leach 1736.
Susanna m. Timothy Perkins 1736.
Samuel Washburn m. Deliverance, D. of Isaac Leonard, 1701, his first m. perhaps.
Know nothing of David and Samuel.

19. Noah (s. of Samuel 7.) m. Elizabeth, D. of Joseph Shaw and sister of Rev. Mr. John Shaw, 1710, arid lived in E. B., and had Eleazer and Noah : he d. 1717, and his wid. m. Isaac Harris 1719.

20. Israel (s. of Samuel 7.) m. Waitstill Sumner 1708, and had Sarah 1709, Deborah 1712, Seth 1714, and Israel. He died, and his wid. m. Ebenezer Pratt 1720 : his estate divided between Israel, Sarah, and Deborah 1730. Eleazar Carver guardian to Sarah and Deborah.
Sarah m. Ephraim Keith 1732.
Deborah m. John Ripley, and afterwards Nathaniel Bolton 1740, and d. 1759.
No account of Seth.

21. Capt. Nehemiah (s. of Samuel 7.) m. Jane, D. of Ephraim Howard 1713, and had Silence 1713, Jane 1715 : his w. d. 1715.
Silence m. Dr. Abiel Howard about 1737.
Jane m. Josiah Deane 1737 : he was a respectable man, employed much by the town, and its Representative 1730 : was guardian to Daniel and Hannah Howell 1728, and agent for Titicut 1749.

22. Capt. Benjamin (s. of Samuel 7.) m. Joanna (or Susanna) Orcutt 1715, and had Benjamin and Jonathan, and others.
Benjamin Washburn d. 1774. (Compare this with the account of Benjamin 24.: they may be in some measure confounded.)
Benjamin Washburn of Mid'o. in 1820 was ae. 67.
Joanna Washburn m. Samuel Hacket of Raynham 1736.

23. Josiah (s. of Jonathan 8.) m. Elizabeth Davenport 1723, and had Josiah and Jonathan.

24. Benjamin (s. of Jonathan S.) m. Bethiah, D. of Henry Kingman, 1714, and had Isaac, Jonathan, Henry, Benjamin, Ezra, and others perhaps. He settled his father Jonathan's estate in 1725, and his brother Ebenezer's 1728.
Benjamin Washburn m. Susanna Battles 1742.
Isaac Washburn went to Dartmouth, was a tanner, and enlisted into the French war under Gen. Winslow 1755.
Bethiah Washburn m. Nehemiah Bryant 1741.

25. Ebenezer (s. of Jonathan 8.) d., and his estate was settled by his brother Benjamin 1728 : he was ae. 29 : no children probably.

26. Nathan (s. of Jonathan 8.) We find no account of this man, and know not if he had any family.

27. Jonathan (s. of Jonathan 8.) m. Thankful Newton 1724 : sold his house and lands to his son-in-law Ebenezer Pratt, and wife Bulah, 1763.
His D. Bulah m. Pratt 1760 : he died 1766 ; Thankful d. 1770.

28. Cornelius. (s. of Jonathan 8.) and his wife Experience had Nathan 1728*, Daniel 1730, Ebenezer*, Robert 1736*, Robert 1737*, Cornelius 1739*, Experience 1745, Joanna 1747, and Cornelius : he d. 1779, ae. 77.
Experience m. Jonathan Alden 1766.
Joanna m. Daniel Conant 1767.

29. James (s. of James 10.) m. Elizabeth, D. or wid. of Enoch Leonard, 1720 ; but we find no account of his family.

30. Edward (s. of James 10.) m. Elizabeth, D. of Amos Snell perhaps, or a Richmond, and went to Mid'o., and had Amos, Edward, and Abiel.
Capt. Amos had James, Amos Luther, Joshua, and perhaps others.
James gra. H. U. 1789, and was an Attorney, and d. unmarried.
Edward settled his father's estate 1767, and was father of Gen. Abiel Washburn.
Abiel sen'r d. in the French war.
There was an Edward Washburn of Plympton who m. Judith Rickard 1732 : he was son probably of Joseph 6.

31. Moses (s. of James 10.) m. Hannah Cushman of Plympton 1727, and had Peter 1728, Moses 1730, Robert 1733, Ira 1735.

32. Gideon (s. of James 10.) m. Mary, D. of David Perkins perhaps, and had Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Gideon, Luke. He, Abraham and Jacob, went to Paxton. This family lived where Dr. Sanger lived.
Abraham had James, and Eliab who m. Molly Lazell 1777, and Luke who m. Desire Packard 1763.

33. Capt. Joseph (s. of Josiah 11.) m. Deliverance, D. of William Orcutt Jr., and had Joseph 1729, Jeremiah 1731, Hannah 1733, Joanna 1736, Silvanus 1738, Eliab 1740, Eliphalet 1742, Martha 1744. He d. 1766, and his wid. m. a Packard of N. B., and d. in S. B. 1790, ae. 88.
Hannah m. Dea. Seth Pratt 1752.
Joanna m. Solomon Leonard Jr. 1756.
Martha m. Elijah Edson 1766, and went to New Braintree.
Silvanus m. Milicent Richards, and went to Hardwick.
Eliphalet also went to Hardwick, and left 3 sons, Luther, Calvin, and Rufus.
Luther was an Attorney in Pittsfield, and d. 1838.

34. Josiah (s. of Josiah 11.) m. Abigail Curtis 1746, and had Bethuel 1746 who went to Albany, Abigail 1748, Peter 1750 who went to Brookfield. His w. d. 1754, and he m. a 2d w. Huldah, and had Salmon 1757, Ephraim 1760, and Huldah. His w. d. 1772, and he m. Elizabeth Snow 1775 : he died 1789, ae. 73.
Ephraim m. Rebecca Dunham 1785.
Abigail m. Jona. Waterman 1768.

35.. Lt. John (s. of John 12.) m. Bethiah, D.. of Sam'l Keith, 1738, and had Thomas 1738, Sarah 1740: his w. d. 1770 ; he d. 1797, ae. 85.
Thomas died a bachelor 1824, ae. 86.
Sarah died single 1836, ae. 96.

36. Nathaniel (s. of John 12.) m. Mary Pratt of Mid'o., and had Lucy 1740, Abraham 1742, Nathaniel*, and Hannah. He d., and his wid. m. Eleazar Cary 1753.
Lucy m. Nathaniel Morton 1757, and was mother of Dr. Morton of Halifax.
Hannah m. Moses Snell 1763.

37. Robert (s. of John 12.) m. Mary, D. of Joshua Fobes, 1740, and had John 1743, Calvin 1745, Luther 1747, Martin 1750, Betty 1752. All but Calvin went to Livingston Manor, N. Y.

38. William (s. of William 14.) m. Rebecca Curtis 1738, and had Experience 1738, Elisha 1741, Philip 1743, Rebecca, Thankful, Eunice, William 1752.
Experience m. Jonathan Orcutt 1759.
Rebecca m. Lemuel Leach 1767.
Thankful died 1770.
Eunice m. Benjamin Crane 1769.
One s. d. 1762.

39. Ezekiel (s. of William 14.) m. Experience Curtis, 1749, and lived in N. B., and had Zipporah 1750, Ezekiel 1752, Alice, Betty, Experience 1758, Deliverance : he died 1785.
Alice m. William French 1773.
Betty m. Nathaniel Pratt 1778.
Deliverance m. William Shaw Jr. 1778.
Ezekiel m. Naomi Thayer 1781, and d. leaving her a wid.

40. Solomon (s. of Samuel I8.) m. Martha, D. of William Orcutt Jr. 1732, and had Lydia, Solomon 1735, Tabitha 1738.

41. Eleazar (s. of Noah 19.) m. Anna, D. of Capt. Ebenezer Alden, 1738, lived in E. B., and had Susanna 1740, Zenas 1741 , Anne 1742*, Anne 1743, Eleaz. 1746, Asa 1749, Levi 1752, Oliver 1755, Alden 1758, Isaac 1760 : he d. before 1770 ; she 1788, ae. 70.
Susanna m. Jephthah Byram 1761.
Anne m. Amos Whitman 1764.
Asa went to New York.
Oliver m. Hannah, D. of Seth Gannett, 1781, and went to N. H.
Alden m. Sarah Harden, and went to Maine or N. H.

42. Noah (s. of Noah 19.) m. Mary Staples 1739, and lived in E. B., and had Elizabeth 1739, Noah 1741, Nehemiah 1743, Stephen 1748, Huldah 1750, Mary 1756.
Nehemiah m. Ruth, D. of John Egerton, 1770.
Stephen m. Sarah Faxon 1770, and the whole family removed to Williamsburgh.
Perhaps Elizabeth m. Samuel Staples 1765.

43. Israel (s. of Israel 20.) m. Leah, D. of Joshua Fobes, 1740, settled in Raynham, and had Israel, Nehemiah, Seth, and Oliver.
Israel's ss. were Israel, Sidney, Benjamin, Ruel, Elihu, Philander, and Eli.
Nehemiah's ss. were Col. Oliver Cromwell, Nehemiah; Davis, Calvin, Lysander, Isaac, and John Marshall.
Dr. Seth's ss. were Philo and Benjamin Franklin.
Oliver's ss. were Otis and Caleb Strong.

44. Josiah (s. of Josiah. 23.) m. Phebe, D. of Thomas Hayward, 1753, and had Solomon 1754, Seth 1756*, Thomas. 1758, Bethiah 1760, Mary 1762, Hannah and Betty 1766, Jonathan 1768.

45. Benjamin (see Benjamin 24.) m. Martha, D. of Henry Kingman, 1729, and had Mary 1730, Martha 1731, Benjamin 1735: he died 1740.
Mary m. Joseph Washburn.
Martha m. Jonathan Leonard 1755.
The wid. d. 1794, m. 95 ; was b. 1699. (It is difficult to ascertain whose sons these several Benjamins were.)

46. Benjamin Washburn m. Zerviah, D. of Israel Packard, 1743, and had Hannah 1744, Sarah 1748, Ebenezer 1750.
Sarah m. Daniel Bryant perhaps 1767.
Ebenezer Washburn m. Mary Leach 1772.

47. Benjamin (s. of Benjamin 22. perhaps) and his wife Mary had Susanna 1749, Mary, Eunice, Asa 1756, Joshua 1759, Olive, and Keziah.
Susanna m. James Hooper Jr. 1772.
Olive not m.
Keziah m. Andrew Conant.
There was a Mary who m. Samuel Packard 1761.

48. Isaac (s. of Gideon 32. perhaps) m. Deborah, D. of Lot Conant 1753, and had Elijah 1753, Nathaniel 1757, Edmund 1759, and Isaac.
Elijah went to Hardwick.

49. Jonathan (s. of Josiah 23. perhaps) m. Rebecca Perkins 1756, and had Luther 1757, Zerviah 1760.
Luther went westward.
Zerviah m. Solomon Hayward 1782.
Jona. Washburn . Jr. of M. m. Hannah, D. of Nathan Conant 1778.

50. Henry (s. of Benjamin 24., perhaps) and his w. Sarah had Henry 1741, Susanna 1742, Noah 1744, Sarah 1746, Hannah 1749, Huldah 1751, Samuel 1754, Ruhamah 1757, Experience 1760, and Sarah. This family moved to the westward.
Henry Jr. m. Susannah Hutchins of Mid. 1768.

51. Ezra (s. of Benjamin 24. perhaps) m. Susanna, D. of Benjamin Leach, 1742, and went to Mid'o. His D. Susanna m. Zadock Leach 1763.

52. Nathan (s. of Josiah 11.) m. Mary, D. of Hugh Mehuren, 1748, and had Rebecca 1748, Hugh 1750, Arthur 1752, Patience 1754, Jemima 1756, Charity 1758*, Robert 1760, Salathiel 1763, Bathsheba 1766.
Rebecca m. Isaac Pool of Halifax perhaps 1774. If we are correctly informed this family went to New Salem.

53. Daniel (s. of Cornelius 28.). m.. Experience Harlow 1752 and had Cornelius 1753, Daniel 1755, Zilphah 1757, Joanna 1759, Lois 1761, Ebenezer 1764, Eunice 1766, Sally 1768 : he d. 1801, ae. 70.
Zilphah m. Noah Whitman 1779.
Joanna m. Phinehas Conant Jr. 1785, and d. 1829.
Eunice m. Jonah Besse 1787.
Sally and Lois not m.
Daniel went to Belchertown, and thence removed agam.
Ebenezer m. Abigail Weston of Mid'o. 1787.

54. Cornelius (s. of Cornelius 29.) m. Lois D. of Jona. Benson, and had Daniel and Abigail.
Daniel m. Melatiah, D. of Daniel Keith 1795.
Abigail m. Levi Blossom 1797.

55. .Gideon (s. of Gideon 32.) m. Ruth, D. of Zechariah Whitman, 1765, and had Ruth, d. 1778 ; Libeus, Asa. He was killed at sea by a cannon-ball, and his widow m. Dea. Ripley of Plympton.
Libeus m. Alice, D. of John Keith, 1792, and went to Pomfret, Conn., where they both d.
Asa learnt a black-smith's trade with Arthur Harris E..B, and removed from town.

56. Joseph (s. of Capt. Joseph 33.) m. Mary, D. of Benjamin Washburn, and had Levi 1757, Lavinia 1763, Mary 1764; and went to Hardwick.

57. Jeremiah (s. of Capt. Joseph 33.) m. Charity, D. of Joseph Pratt Jr. 1754, and had Lydia 1755, Barnabas 1756, Tabitha 1758, Rufus 1760*, Libeus 1762, Hannah 1767, Jeremiah 1769*. His w. d. 1775, and he m. Keziah, D. of Daniel Snell, 1777, and had Jeremiah 1779, Levi 1784.
Lydia m. Capt. Simeon Wood 1778, his 3d wife.
Barnabas m. Keturah, D. of Thos. Conant, 1782, and went westward, and so did Libeus.
Tabithk m. Mark Perkins 1784.
Hannah m. Benjamin Perkins 1789, and went to Me.
Levi went to the southward, and d. at Washington 1638.
Barnabas went to Pomfret, Vt.

58. Eliab (s. of Capt. Joseph 33.) m. Anna, D. of Elijah Edson, 1762 and had Marshall 1763*, Lucy 1765*, Lewis 1767, Joseph 1769, Eliab 1772, Anna 1774, Olive 1777, Marshall 1778*, Marshall 1780. This family went to Hebron, Me.

59. Salmon (s. of Josiah 34.) m. Hannah, D. of Joseph Orcutt, 1785, and had Joseph Orcutt 1786, Huldah Leonard 1788, Josiah 1790, Lavinia 1795, Lucy 1501, Deborah 1804, and Lewis.
Joseph O. went to Me.
Josiah went westward.
Lavinia m. Eliab Tomson of H. 1819, another D. m. a Soule, and all the Ds. are now [1840] d.
Lewis gra. B. U. 1826, and d. at Weymouth 1834.

60. Capt. Abraham (s. of Nathaniel 36.) m. Rebecca, D. of Josiah Leonard, 1765, and had Nathaniel 1766, Chloe 1768, Abraham 1772*, Seth 1776, Abram 1779, Lucy 1781.
Chloe m Edward Mitchell Jr. 1789.
Lucy m. Lawson Lyon of Boston 1813, and afterwards a Whitney of Boston.
Capt. Abram, the son, m. Mary, D. of Dr. Eleazar Carver 1804.

61. Calvin (s. of Robert 37.) m. Rhoda Hammond of Rochester, and had Mary, Nancy, and Calvm. Mary (Polly) m. Oliver Conant 1796.

62. Eleazar (s. of Eleazar 41.) m. Huldah, D. of Jonathan Wood, 1769, and had Eleazar. His w. d. 1770, and he m. Sarah Southworth of Mid'o. a. 1771, and had Southworth, Zenas, Eliphalet, Hiram, Sally 1780, Sampson 1783, Bethiah and Josiah twins 1788 she d. 1820, ae. 72 ; he 1828, ae. 82.

Eleazar went South in youth, and nothing more is known of him.
Southworth m. Rebecca, D. of John Bisbee, 1794.
Zenas went to Plympton, m. a Sampson, and had a son Isaac Sampson Washburn who d. in E. B. 1838.
Eliphalet m. in Boston, and he and Southworth both went to Me.
Sally m. James Johnson 1798.
Bethiah m. Lewis Torrey of Mid'o. 1809, and Josephus Freeman 1823.
Josiah d. 1834 a bachelor.

63. Capt. Levi (s. of Eleazar 41.) m. Mary (Molly ), D. of Isaac Allen, 1774, and had Levi 1775*, Susanna 1777, Mary 1778, Zilphah 1780, d. 1807, Levi 1782, Olive 1785, Oliver Alden 1788, Parna 1791, Harmon 1794, Maria 1796. His w. d. 1800, ae. 45, and he m. Mary, late wife of Ichabod Howland and D. of John Hatch, 1801 : he d. 1824, ae. 72.
Susanna m. Simeon Jones 1803.
Mary m. Bartholomew Trow 1803.
Olive m. Capt. Luther Gannett 1810.
Oliver A. m. Jane, D. of Zenas Keith, 1814, and he and Gannett removed to Belfast, Me.
Parna m. Adam Stetson 1817.
Maria m. a Mendall, and went to Vermont : he is dead.

64. Isaac (s. of Eleazar 41.) m. Huldah, D. of Isaac Allen, 1781, and had Anna 1781, Sophia 1789, Cyrus 1791, and he then went to Me., and had other children : Isaac, now living in E. B., is one.
Anna m. Capt. Branch Byram 1802.

65. Solomon (s. of Josiah 44.) m. Anne, D. of Seth Mitchell, 1773, and had Zenas, Anna, Solomon, Reuben, Thomas 1787, Osier 1795, Lewis 1797, Nahum. This family moved away : part of them went to the westward.
Anna m. Oliver Hayward 1797.
Nahum m. Anne, D. of John Mitchell 1816.
Solomon m. Sally, D. of Clifford Carver perhaps, 1801, and had Carver and Thos.
Lewis lived in Mid'o.
Zenas m. Lydia, D. of Noah Whitman, 1799, a had Selden, FreeIove Whitman, Sarah Whitman, Lysander 1810, Angelina 1813, and Lydia 1816 : he d. 1824, ae. 49.

66. Benjamin (s. of Benjamin 45.) was called the 3d : he m. Desire Sears of Halifax 1762, and had Oliver 1763*, Azel 1765*, Sally 1767*, Lydia 1769, Deborah 1771*, Desire 1773*, Sears 1777, Mary 1780, Huldah 1784, Benjamin 1786*: he d. 1796, ae. 61; she died 1800, ae. 57.
Lydia m. Samuel Rider 1799.
Mary m. Barzillai Latham 1801.
Huldah m. an Irish in Me.

67. Joshua (s. of Benja. 47.) m. Lovicea (or Louisa or Lucy) Rickard 1786, and had Susanna 1787, Marsena 1789, Joshua 1791, Benjamin 1796, Isaac 1799.
Susanna perhaps m. Macey Hall of R. 1807, and afterwards Sion Swift.
Isaac went to Abington.

68. Jeremiah (s. of Jeremiah 57.) m. Sarah, D. of Ezra Ed-son, 1801, and had Ezra Edson 1801*, Eliza Hyde 1803, Ezra Edson 1806, Robie Snell 1808, Anna Edson 1810, Emily Howard 1812*: he had another son, Jeremiah, who went to N. York. The parents are both dead. [book pub. 1840].

69. Nathaniel .(s. of Capt. Abraham 60.) m. Salome Simmons, D. of Moses, and had Rebecca, Abram, Nathaniel, John, Lois, Sarah Simmons.
Rebecca m. John Conant.
Lois m. Ephraim Sprague.

70. Seth Esq. (s. of Capt. Abraham 60.) went to the southward, but returned again, and m. Sarah, wid. of Benjamin Willis and D. of Dr. Eleazar Carver, 1812, and had Sarah 1812, Anna 1814*, Seth 1817, Hosea 1819.

71. Calvin (s. of Calvin 61.) m. Eunice, D. of Capt. Ephraim Sprague 1809, and had Nancy Adams Vinton 1812, Eloisa Rowland 1814, Emily Miller 1816, Vino. Sprague 1819, Jane Ames 1821.
Nancy A. V. m. Greenough Wood.

72. Hiram (s. of Eleazar 62.) m. Nabby, D. of Seth Keith, a. 1809, and had Eliza Sampson 1810, Cyrus 1812, Mary Briggs 1814. His w. d. 1822, ae. 40, and he m. a Washburn of Mid'o., and is d.

73. Sampson (s. of Eleazar 62.) m. Rebeckah Soul of Mid'o 1805, and has a family.

74. Levi (s. of Capt. Levi 63.) m. Sarah, D. of Arthur Harris, 1807, and has Benjamin Harris, Alden, Allen, and Sarah. His w. d. 1826, ae. 42, and he m. a Barstow.
Benjamin H. m. Celia, D. of Mark Phillips.
Alden m. a Jones of Pem. or Hanson.
Sarah m. a Dickerman, and is d.

75. Harmon (s. of Capt. Levi 63.) m. Harriet, D. of William Bonney, 182:3, and has Harriet and others.

76. Isaac (s. of Isaac 64.) m. Chloe, D. of Oliver Washburn, and has a family.

77. Isaac Sampson (s. of Zenas of Plympton, and gr. s. of Eleazar 62.) m. Susanna Ruggles, gr. D. of Benjamin Robinson's last wife [see Packard, No. 93.1, and had children : he d. 1839.

78. Oliver (s. of Benjamin 66.) m. Martha, D. of Eliab Fobes, 1787, and had Thomas 1787, d. 1824 ; Reuel 1789, Eliab 1792, d. 1820 ; Harriet 1794*, Oliver 1796, Chloe 1799, Willard 1802*. His w. d., and he m. Mary, D. of Benjamin Hayward, 1804, and had Willard 1805, Benjamin Hayward 1806, Azel 1808, Martha Fobes 1810, Marshall 1812, Harriet 1813, Mary 1815, John Benson 1817.
Reuel died at N. Y.
Oliver went southward.
Chloe m. Isaac Washburn of E. B.

79. Capt. Sears (s. of Benjamin 66.) is now living a bachelor in S. B.

80. Nathaniel (s. of Nathaniel 69.) m. Joanna Harlow, D. of Willliam Snell, and had Maria Snell 1824, and father, mother, and child are all d.

81. Col. Abram (s. of Nathaniel 69.) m. Pamela, D. of Isaac Keith, 1822, and had Lucia C. 1823, Ann 1827*, Saba. His w. d., and he m. Sarah Miller, D. of Dr. Samuel Shaw.

82. John (s. of Nathaniel 69.) m. Mira, D. of Capt. Ephraim Sprague, and d. immediately after marriage, and his wid. m. the Hon. John A. Shaw.

83. Solomon (s. of Solomon 65.) m. Sarah, D. of Jabez Carver of Raynham, 1801, and had Rotheus, Carver, Nahum, Thomas, Albert, Eli, Nathan, John, Maria.

84. Carver (s. of Solomon S3.) m. Harriet, D. of Samuel Harden, and had Mira and Louisa, 1828.

85. Jacob Washburn, m. Mercy, D. of Isaac Pool probably, 1761, had a son 1764*, Bethiah 1765, Jacob 1767, Caleb 1770, Francis 1772. (This man was called Mr. Jacob Washburn of Mid'o.)
Jacob probably m. Ruth Shaw in E. B. 1797 : she afterwards m. Benjamin Price 1805.

86. Caleb Washburn m. Mehitabel, wid. probably of Benjamin Allen in E. B. 1756.

Elisha of Kingston m. Martha Perkins of Plympton 1729 : his estate settled 1734.
Elisha of Roxbury m. Charity Snell 1763.
Hannah m. Nathan Bassett 1733.
Phebe m. Samuel Kingman 1737.
Hannah m. Thos. Davis 1737.
Keziah m. Joseph Harvey 2d 1749.
Experience m. Amos Snell 1759.
Reuben m. Betty Dilly 1749.
Hepzibah of Mid'o. m. Benja. Perkins 1761.
Mary m. Samuel Packard 1761.
Huldah m. Solomon Bartlett 1781.
Mary m. Benjamin Munro of Hal. 1787.
Sarah m. Seth Hayward 1792.
Lucy m. Abel Kingman 1792.
Wid. Elizabeth m. James Edson 1796.
Mary m. Job Pratt 1757.
Hannah m. James Carkis Woodwiss 1770.
Seth of Mid'o. m. Elizabeth, D, of James Dunbar, 1776.
Eunice m. Asa Richmond 1762.
Reuben Reuben m. Abigail Murry (or Muzzy) 1743.
Jesse m. Silence Washburn 1748.
Patience m. Nathan Richmond 1754.
Alice m. Bela Fobes 1805.
Isaac m. Nabby Pope 1507.
Mary (or Mercy) m. Oliver Leach 1817.
Harvey m. Dolly B. Clark 1822.

Jonathan of Mid'o. (s. of Benjamin) m. Judith, D. of Elnathan Wood, and had Jonathan, Benjamin, Isaac, Salmon, and perhaps others.
Isaac went to Taunton.
Benjamin has a son Jonathan in S. B.

John Washburn of Plymouth sold land that was his gr. father Irish's to Samuel Bradford 1708.

Ephraim Washburn of Plympton and his wife Mary had William 1726, Lydia 1728, Elizabeth 1732, Mary 1734, Stephen 1736, Isaac 1738, Phebe 1740, Jemima, Japbet, John : his estate settled 1758.
Lydia m. Samuel Noyes.
Elizabeth m. Consider Benson : all the rest of the Ds. were then single.
Ebenezer's estate settled at Kingston by his wid. Lydia 1738 ; her will 1765 : they had Ebenezer, Simeon d., and Lydia Davis. Joseph, Miles, Edward, Barnabas, Dea. John, Ichabod, were also at K. as early as 1729. Jabez 1731, Philip 1765, Melatiah 1756, were m. there at.these dates. Most of them were sons of Joseph 6.
Edward m. Judith Rickard of Plympton 1731
Reuben Washburn of B. went to M., and enlisted into the French war 1755.
Benja. of M. was 67 yrs. old 1820.
Beialiel of B. went to Dartmouth, and enlisted in the French war 1755.

Wid. Washburn d. 1775, quite aged.
Hannah d. of small-pox 1775.
Josiah's w. d. 1772.
Wid. Washburn d. 1778.
Josiah's wife d. 1778.
Lucy d. 1800, ae. 32.
Martha d. 1803, ae. 40.
Isaac Washburn d. in North Hadley 21st February, 1839, ae. 90.

Abishai Washburn (s. of John 12.) of the County of Albany, N. Y., and his wife Hannah, sold to Wm. Loring of Plympton a farm or plantation in Bridgewater bounded at the N. E. corner of the homestead which is the N. W. corner of Josiah Washburn's homestead ; by Gershom Conant's land ; by the road from Conant's to Ichabod Orcutt's ; by the road from said Orcutt's to the S. Meeting House 1767. Hugh Orr Jr. witness, acknowledged June 9, 1777, at Salisbury, before Joshua Porter, Justice of Peace.

Capt. Abraham Washburn was, some years since, living in Hinsdale, in the County of Berkshire, ae. 74, whose father, Miles Washburn, first settled in New Milford, and afterwards in Kent, in Conn., and finally removed to Hinsdale. Capt. Abraham thought his grandfather's name was Ebenezer.

The family of Washburn is so numerous, and there are so many of the same christian name, that there may be many mistakes, and some confusion, in the account here given of them.


Perez Waterman (s. perhaps of Dea. Robert of Halifax) settled in S. B., and had a son Perez, and d. 1793, ae. 90. He had also a D. Abigail, who m. Charles Perkins 1762.

2. Perez (s. of the above) and his wife Abigail had Stephen 1766, Calvin 1768, Ruth 1770, Bethiah 1772, Lydia 1774, Barnabas 1776. He m. Ruth Nye of Sandwich 1784 ; 2d wife :- he removed to Oakham.
Stephen led a seafaring life.
Calvin m. Salome Allen of Oakham 1793.

Lucy Waterman m. Newland Sampson of Plympton 1766.
Jonathan m. Abigail Washburn 1768.
John of H. m. Mercy Orcutt 1769.
Rebecca m. Elisha Bartlett of Brookfield 1778.
Wid. Sarah m. Samuel Whitman 1776.
Wid. Betsy, late w. of David Waterman and D. of Nathaniel Pratt, m. Daniel Hudson 1822: she m. Waterman 1802.
Ruth m. Nathan Hall 1790.
Jabez of Hali. m. Hannah Benson 1805.
Elizabeth of Hali. [prob. Halifax] m. Nathaniel French 1811.
Otis of Kingston m. Betsy Waterman 1820.
Minerva m. Isaac Alden 1821.


Theopbilus Wentworth (born at Canton 1773) and his wife Betsy (born 1779 at Randolph) lived in S. B., and had Eliza 1796, Prince Wales 179S, Martin 1801, Darius 1803, Hiram 1807, Soranus 1810, Lewis 1814, Ephraim French 1818*.

Edward of Stoughton m. Sarah Winslow 1746.
Seth m. Jane Warren 1761.
Oliver m. Sarah Leach 1779.


Joseph Wesley m. Jane Gilmore 1739, and settled in E.. B., and had Isaac 1740*, Joseph 1742, John 1745*. Joseph quit-claimed all his estate to his mother 1772, being lately the estate of John Hagens : she d. 1787, ae. 80.

2. Joseph (s. of the above) m. Margaret Robinson, D. of Mary Pratt, D. of Joshua Pratt, 1773, and had Jennet bap. 1777, her mother then a widow : Joseph, the father, d. at New York, in the army, 1776.
Jennet m. Byram Lazell 1793.
Mary Pratt m. Nath'l Ramsdell 1753.


Samuel West m. Lydia, D. of Josiah Washburn, 1739, and had Ezra 1739, Mehitabel 1741, John 1743.
Samuel West m. Mehitabel, wid. of John Ames and D. of Israel Packard, 1727, perhaps first wife of the above.
Hannah m. William Shaw 1754.
Thomas m. Mercy Packard 1756.
Patience m. Lemuel Southworth a. 1757.
Timothy m. Zibia Edson 1787.
Mercy m. Reading Carr 1795.


Jonathan Weston lived in W. B., and had a D. Mary bap. there 1731.

2. Seth Weston from Mid'o. perhaps, and his wife Lusanna, lived in B., and had Daniel 1780, Asa (in Mid'o.) 1784, Lucy (in Duxbury) 1788, Sally 1801.

Rufus of Mid'o. m. Sarah Whitman 1777.


Robert Wharton and his wife Mary lived in B., and had Polly (in Plymo.) 1779, Robert 1781, Charity 1783.


Edward White and his wife. Keziah lived in W. B., and had Huldah 1739, Phebe 1741, Keziah 1744.

2. Micah White lived also in W. B., and m. Betty Tolman 1768 : she was D. of Eleazar Snow, and first m. Nathan Ames 1751, and then Wm. Tolman 1757. He had a D. Betsy who m. Isaac Richmond.

3. Micah, (s. of Thomas of Abington), lived in E. B.: he was born 1732 ; was with Gen. Winslow 1755, at the dispersion of the neutral French at Nova Scotia ; and had Micah, Thomas, Mehitabel, Lucy, and others perhaps. Major Micah the s. settled in Abington.
Mehitabel m. Jacob Bicknell Jr. 1803.
Lucy m. Silas Shaw 1794.
Micah White m. Lucy Hatch of Hingham 1771.

4. Thomas (s. of Micah 3.) m. Nancy Harden 1803, and had Thomas and Jacob : be m. Isabella D. Harden or Hayden, 1810 ; 2d w.
Jacob gra. B. U. 1832.

5. Thomas (bro. of Micah 3.) lived in Abington, m. Hannah Green 1772; and had Rachel, Oliver, and then d., and Oliver was called after him Thomas, and now lives in E. B., the wid. Hannah having m. Jonathan Alden 1777.

Cornelius White m. Sarah Howell 1747.
.Nathaniel White m. Susanna Crossman 1745, and settled in Easton.
Keziah (perhaps widow of Edward) m. Edward Hayward Esq. of Easton a. 1749.
Urania of Marshfield m. Luther Hayward 1794.
Lydia C. m. Bela Dyer of A. 1812.
Eleanor of Millbury m. Spencer Lathrop 1817.
Micah Jr. of A. m. Esther Hobart 1818.
Jarvis of Raynham m. Minerva Leach 1819.
Louisa Maria m. Arza Leonard 1820.
Benjamin Jr. m. Mary Chamberlin 1780.
Jareb of Amherst m. Ruth Sherman 1794.
Sarah m. Joseph Hearsey Jr. 1799.
Hannah of Abington m. Alexander Robinson 1744.
Ruth m. Adam Kingman 1760.
Zilphah m. Uriah Rickard 1761.
Perez of Raynham m. Deborah Leach 1787.
Sarah of Marshfield m. Ensign Nathan Willis, his 2d wife, 1792.
Nancy m. Geo. W. Blanchard.


Marlborough Whiting .(from Pembroke) settled in E. B., and m. wid. Abigail French, D. of Joshua Howard of Braintree, 1796, and had Martin 1797, Sumner 1799, John Adams 1800, Ephraim Howard 1805, d. 1826 : he d. 1830, ae. 75.

Joseph m. Abigail, D. of Isaac Alden, 1778.
William m. Sarah Ramsdell 1748.
Ruth m. Maribray Ripley 1787.
Sally of Attleboro' m. Daniel Lathrop 1787.
Polly m. Benja. Pincin Jr. 1798.
Isaac m. Polly Jones 1804.
Sam'l m. Abigail Willis 1805.
Margaret m. William Pincin Jr. 1807.
Ruth m. Levi Beal of Hingham 1810.
Polly or Patty m. John Stock Jr. 1809.
Aros m. Polly Howard 1810.
William of Stoughton m. Rachel Turner 1811.
Mercy of Plympton m. Elisha Hayward 1760.

This name in the early records is often written Whiton and Whitten.
James Whiton (so written) was at Hingham 1647, and was probably the ancestor of Marlboro', first above mentioned, and of all the others perhaps.

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