History of the early settlement of Bridgewater
in Plymouth County, Massachusetts
including an extensive family register.

Nahum Mitchell
Printed for the author by Kidder & Wright 1840

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Benjamin Taylor and his w. Abiah (a 2d wife, a wid. Peterson) lived in E. B., and had a s. Benjamin who me Martha Childs 1787, and had a s. Walter, and others. Benjamin, the father, d. 1776, ae. a. 50 ; she 1800, ae. 76.
Archippus Taylor m. Hannah Warren 1778.
Benjamin Taylor m. Sarah Torrey 1784.


Maj: Samuel Thaxter (from Hingham) lived in E. B., and d. here Aug. 6, 1771. He was in the French war, and in Fort William Henry when it was surrendered to the French and Indians 1757, and was one of the few who escaped the massacre which followed by making his way to Fort Edward. He was father of Dr. Thomas Thaxter of Hingham, and Dr. Gridley Thaxter of Ab.: he had also a s. William who d. young.


Richard Thayer arrived in this country from England a. 1640, and settled in Braintree 1641, with 8 children, Richard, Zechariah, Nathaniel, Jael, Deborah, Sarah, Hannah, and Abigail.
Richard, the son, m. Dorothy Pray 1651 ; they had Dorothy 1653, Richard 1655, Nathaniel 1658, Cornelius 1670, and both d. 1705.
Nathaniel (s. of Richard Jr.) m. Hannah Hayden 1679, and had Nathaniel 1680, Richard 1683, Hannah 166, Zechariah 1687, Ruth 1689, Dorothy, Lydia, Daniel, Deborah, and Esther.

I. Richard (s. of Nathaniel) m. Susanna, D. of Sam'l White, 1708, and came to W. B.: he had Susanna 1710, Enos 1716, Anna 1719, Seth 1721, Micah 1724, Abijah 1726, Jeremiah 1729, Thankful 1731: he died 1760 ; she 1759.
Susanna m. Daniel Field 1733.
Anna m. Benjamin Edson Jr. 1739.
Thankful m. Jacob Dunbar 1776..
No account of Enos or Micah.
In Thayer's memorial it is said Susanna m. Joseph Lovell of St., and that Anna m. Ephraim Thompson of W. B., and settled in Halifax.

2. Seth (s. of Richard 1.) m. Hannah Pray, and settled in N. Bridg. 1744, and had Enos 1744, Hannah 1748, Susanna 1749, Michael 1753*, Molly 1756, Seth 1760 : he died 1795, ae. 77.
Hannah m. Daniel Cary 1773.
Mary m. Silas Hayward 1779.

3. Abijah (s of Richard 1:) m. Betty, D. of Robert Howard, 1779, and had Betty 1780, Abigail 17S2 : he d. 1805.
Abigail m. John Holmes of Halifax 1799.

4. Jeremiah (s. of Richard 1.) m. Tabitha Leavit 1756, and had Jeremiah 1757, Richard 1759, Leavit 1761, Molly 1763, Susanna 1765, Tabitha 1767, Anna 1769, Abijah 1771, Amy 1773, Solomon 1776*, Betty 1779.
Molly m. George Lathrop 1783.
Susanna m. John Dyer 2d 1783.
Tabitha m. Thomas Reynolds 1785.
Anna m. Jonathan Reynolds 1794.
Abijah m. Sally Bassett 1802.
Amy m. Shepard Snell 1794.
Betty, m. Paul Bailey 1798.

5. Enos (s. of Seth 2.) m. Rebecca Curtis 1765, and had Susanna 1767, Rebecca 1770. He m. Hannah, wid. of Philip Reynolds and D. of William Packard, 1782, but had no children by her.

6. Seth (s. of Seth 2.) m. Molly Thayer, and had Enos 1788, Hannah 1789. Micah 1791, Seth 1793, Eliphalet 1795, Zechariah 1797, Zeba 1799, Samuel 1800, Charles 1802.
Enos m. Mary Damon of Hanson 1821.
Hannah m. Thomas Dunbar 1810.
Micah and Seth went to Springfield.
Eliphalet m. Lydia Stone of E. 1819.
Zechariah went to Me.
Zeba m. Prudence Stone of E. 1820.

7. Jeremiah (s. of Jeremiah 4.) m. Catherine, D. of Barnabas Pratt, 1780, and had Silvina 1783, Thankful 1785, Daniel 1787, Solomon 1789, Omar 1791, Barnabas 1794, Friend 1797: he probably had a 2d w. Wealthy, and both d. in Sidney, Me., 1832 both ae. 74.
Silvina m. Timothy Reynolds.
Solomon gra. B. U. 1815.
Omar went to Sidney.
Barnabas and Friend both are d. [this publ. in 1840].

8. Richard (s. of Jeremiah 3.) m. Eunice, D. of Dea. Nath'l Edson, 1786, and had Earl 1787, Susanna 1790, Huldah Edson 1795, Richard 1798.
Susan m. Isaac Fish of Kingston 1813, and had Richard Henry 1815.
Earl m. Orra, D. of Josiah Williams, 1812, and then Mehitabel, wid. of Charles Copeland and D. of Oliver Howard.

9. Capt. Leavit (s. of Jeremiah 3.) m. Abigail, D. of Charles Snell, 1783, and had Sally who m. Alpheus Howard 1802, and afterwards a Berry or Perry. He d. 1838.

10. John Thayer (s. of John Jr. of Braintree) and his wife Thankful lived in E. B.: he d. 1808, ae. 51 ; she died 1813, and several of their children d. there. He first m. Elizabeth Hollis 1771, and Eunice West 1781, and had John 1783, and Molly 1784.

11. David Thayer (s. of David probably of Braintree) and his family lived awhile in S. B., and d. there. Some of the family went to Boston, and they all removed. He had Solomon, Cornelius, Ebenezer, Hannah, Susanna, Sarah, Mary, and
two other Ds.: one m. a Blanchard, and the other m. a White.
Solomon m. Sarah Hobart 1789.
Cornelius m. Thankful, D. of Joseph Pope, 1796.
Ebenezer went to Boston.
Hannah m. Freeman Pope 1795.
Susannah m. Benjamin Clark.
Sarah m. Major Nathaniel Tomson of H. 1785.
Mary m. Consider Pratt of Halifax.

Naomi m. Ezekiel Washburn Jr. 1781.
Henry (s. of Richard of Braintree) m. Philibert, D. of Jacob Packard, 1783, and went to Winchester.
Susanna m. Thomas Pratt 1788.
Alexander of Braintree m. Lucy, D. of Ebenezer Edson, 1788.
Deborah of Braintree m. Zenas Packard 1793.
Joseph of Stoughton m. Sarah, D. of John Richards, 1795.
Anna of Braintree m. Dea. Eliphalet Packard 1800.
Sally m. Alpheus Howard 1802.
Elijah m. Elizabeth Slack 1804.
Thomas of Randolph m. Cynthia, D. of Ebenezer Warren, 1805.
Barnabas of Braintree m. Susanna, D. of Capt. Parmenas Packard, 1806.
Silence m. Thomas Cole 1810.
Deborah of Randolph m. Ebenezer Warren Jr. 1811.
John m. Lydia Brown 1811.
Eunice m. Isaac Brown 1813.
Rachel m. Barnabas Lathrop 1813.
Sally m. Francis Tribou 1816.


James Thomas of Marshfield m. Priscilla, D. of Anthony Winslow, and had James, Winslow, Priscilla, and Deborah Winslow : he died, and Mr. Winslow, the father-in-law, came and settled in E. B., a. 1770, and brought his D. and these gr. ch. with him.
Priscilla m. Samuel Faxon 1783.
Deborah W. m. Noah Hobart 1789, and died 1834 at Foxborough.
Priscilia the wid. d. 1807, ae. 70.

1. James gra. H. U. 1778, followed none of the learned professions, was an agriculturalist and schoolmaster : he also was Representative of the town, and a Magistrate : he m. late in life Mary Holbrook 1810, but had no children : she d. 1836, ae. 81; he d. 1825,. ae. 72. She was gr. D. of Elisha Pierce of Scit. who m. Sarah, D. of Capt. Josiah Edson. Pierce's D. Sarah first m. a Holbrook, father of Mary above, and then a Parks who d. in E. B. 1826, ae. 93.

2. Winslow m. Polly Cole 1790, and had Nathan, d. 1810, ae. 18 ; and Mary Winslow who m. Dea. William Harris Jr. 1819 : he d. 1828, ae. 71.

Levi Thomas of Pem. and Lydia Thomas were m. 1800.
Mary of Pem. m. Jacob Perkins 1808.
Lucy of Marshfield m. Nathaniel Pratt.
Lenity m. Nathan Kingman 1770, and afterwards Edward Hayford 1779.
Betty (sister of Lenity, both from Marshfield) m. Japhet Allen 1761.


Archibald Thompson with his wife and son Robert, from Ireland, came to America 1724, lived awhile in Abington, then in S. B., where he d. 1776, ae. 85 : he made the first spinning foot-wheel, probably, that was made in N. E. He had Robert, Thomas, Archibald, James, John, Jane, Betsy, Anna.
John died young.
Jane m. Andrew Gamel 1756.
Betsy m. a Strobridge of Mid'o.
Anna m. a Fulton.
Agnes m. Robert Fulton 1767, qu. if the same.
Jennet m. William Strobridge 1748 : was .she not his D. also ?
Archibald m. Martha, D. of Gain Robinson 1761, and went to Nova Scotia.

2. Robert (s. of Archibald I.) m. Margaret Smith of Milton 1754, and had Rachel 1755, Elizabeth 1757, Jennet 1759, Margaret 1761 : he removed to Londonderry, N. H.

3. Thomas (s. of Archibald 1.) m. Elizabeth Strobridge 1754, and had John 1755, Mary 1758, Anna 1760, Elizabeth 1763, William 1765, Thomas 1767, Margaret 1769, James : he d. 1810, ae. 81; she d. 1811.
Mary m. Cary Hayward 1779.
Anna m. a Buxton.
Elizabeth m. John Pettengill 1784.
William went to Me.
Capt. John m. Jennet, D. of Isaac Allen, 1778, and went to Maine.
James m. Olive, D. of Samuel Cheesman, 1798, and went to Maine : he had Elizabeth 1799,. Olive 1802, and Thomas 1804.
Olive m. John Field.

4. James (s. of Archibald 1.) gra. Princeton 1761 : he preached awhile, and was then a preceptor of an academy in Charleston, S. C.

5. Capt. Thomas (s. of Thomas 3.) m. Martha, D. of Matthew Kingman, 1792, and had John 1793*, Charlotte 1796, Sophronia, Jane, Martha, John.
Charlotte m. Charles Packard 1818.
John m. Sarah, D. of Asa Jones 1819.

6. Thomas m. Jane, D, of John Washburn, 1745, and had Mary 1746, Abishai 1747, Jane 1749, Margaret 1751, Bethiah 1755.

Jacob of M. m. Freelove Phinney 1761.
Maj. Nathaniel of Halifax m. Sarah, D. of David Thayer, 1785.
Betty of Halifax m. Nicholas Wade Jr. 1762.
Sarah m. Luther Keith 1767.
Jane m. Nath'l Bolton 1777.
Mary of Abington m. Abijah.Tirrell 1774.
Hannah, D. of Dea. Barnabas of Halifax, m. Elisha Mitchell Esq. 1781.
Martha m. Jonah Benson 1782.
Mary of Halifax m. Elijah Hayward 1785.
Ephraim of Halifax m. Molly Washburn 1791.
Reuben of Halifax m. Eunice, D. of Nicholas Whitman, 1791.
Rebecca of Halifax m. Lewis Chamberlin 1793.
Daniel m. Sarah Snow 1794.
Jacob of Halifax m. Lucinda Keith 1795.
Molly m. Edmund Alger 1796.
Cephas of Mid'o. m. Olive, D. of David Leonard 1802.
Nathan of Halifax m. Elizabeth Fobes 1802.
Lucy of Mid'o. m. Charles Shaw 1810.
Daniel m. Sibil Horton 1813.
Ezra m. Polly Bates 1813.
Seth of Halifax m. Bethiah, D. of David. Benson, 1815.
Wid. Mary m. John Tower 1816.
Charles m. Hannah Pratt 1816.
Boadicea of Mid'o. m. Simeon Leonard 1817.
Eliab Jr. of Halifax m. Levinia Washburn 1819.
Margaret of Halifax m. Perez Robinson 1819.
Sarah, D. of Maj. Nathaniel of Halifax m. Capt. Charles Rogers 1821.
Almira m. Sidney Packard.
Charity m. Thomas Rogers 1835, the 3 last are sisters.
James of Halifax m. Abigail, D. of Nathan Allen, 1765.
Margaret d. 1815.
John m. Elizabeth Bisbee of Pem. 1762.
Peleg (s. of Ezra Thompson of Halifax) lives in E. B.


John Tilden (s. of John Tilden of Canton) settled in N. B., m. Polly Hayward 1796, and had John 1798, Polly 1801, Susanna 1805, Abigail 1807, Lavinia 1810, Hayward 1812.
Polly m. Caleb Howard.
John m. a Reynolds.

Betsy of Hanson m. John Garner 1806.
Deborah m. Elias Barrell 1813.
Mary of Hansen m. John Tribou 1810.
Wm. Smith, keeper of the hotel, E. B., (from Duxbury) m. a Tilden.
Nathaniel m. Susanna Brett 1755.


Holmes Tilson m. Olive, D. of Capt. David Packard, 1797, and had David 1797, Rhoda 1797, Polly 1800, Emery 1802, Eliza 1804.
David lived in Boston, and had a son Asahel Allen.
The rest of the family went to Me.

2. Dr. Elisha Tilson (brother of the above) lived in N. B., and m. Molly, D. of Capt. Zebedee Snell, 1792, and had Elisha Snell 1794, who m. Betsy Chandler of Easton 1819.

Polly of Halifax m. William Hooper 1793.
Joseph of Halifax m. Lucinda, D. of Samuel Whitman, 1794, and his son Samuel W. lived in E. B.
Rhoda, sister of Dr. Elisha, m. Asahel Allen 1794.
Lydia T. of Halifax m. Ebenezer Leach 1739.


Lydia Tirrell, D. of John Harden of Abington, m. Robert Dawes of E. B., 1742, and afterwards Isaac Tirrell of Abington 1755, and d. in E. B., 1798, se. 76.

2. John Tirrell and his wife came from Abington, and settled in E. B., and had John and Noah.
John m. Rhoda, D. of Joseph Smith, 1794, and d. 1809, ae. 44.
Noah was drowned 1803, ae. 31.
John, the father, was a soldier and drum-major in the French war with Gen. Winslow at Annapolis Royal 1755, and at Fort Wm. Henry in the time of the massacre 1757, and among the few who made their escape to Fort Edward, and was familiarly called Major Tirrell : he d. 1806, ae. 70 ; ,she 1805, ae. 68.
Rhoda, wife of John Jr. d. 1830, ae. 54.

3. Lemuel (s. of Jacob and gr. s. of Thomas of Abington) m. a Trask, and settled in N. B., and had Jacob, Lemuel, Zibeon, Abigail, Susanna, Mehitabel, and Mary.
Abigail m. Lewis Hayden of St. 1815.
Susanna m. Thomas Nightingale of Quincy 1809 : she is called Experience on the record.

4. Jacob (s. of Lemuel 3.) m. Emma Corbet, D. of Ezekiel Reed, 1813, lived in E. B., and had Emma Reed 1815*, Rebecca 1816.

Noah m. Reliance Leach I794.
Lucy m. Nathan Warren 1783.
Oakes of Abington m. Hannah, D. of Issachar Snell Esq., 1805.
William m. Deborah Hearsey 1709.
Betty m. Charles Ramsdell 1783.
Alexander m. Lydia Bryant 1788.


Thomas Tolman's 2d child, Nathaniel, born in Bridgewater 1691.

2. William m. Betty, wid. of Nathan Ames and D. of Eleazar Snow, 1757, and had Daniel and Reuben : she afterwards m. Micah White 1768.

3. Daniel (s. of William 2.) m. Chloe, D. of Jonathan Bozworth, 1784, and lived in W. B., and had Olive 1784, d. 1814 ; Israel 1787, Lucinda 1789, Daniel 1791, Cyrus 1793, Reuben 1796*, Chloe 1798, James 1804.
Olive m. Salter Richmond 1806.
Lucinda m. Ansel Hayward of Boston 1812.
Israel m. Susanna Packard, D. of Josiah Williams Jr. 1813.

Ebenezer W. Tolman of St. m. Mary A., D. of Capt. William Vinton, 1820, and lived in E. B.
Cynthia of St. m. Ezra Cary 1770.
James of St. m. Sarah, D. of Nathan Alden Esq. 1818.


Samuel Tompkins, from Duxbury, was one of the original proprietors of the town : he lived in E. B.: his wife was Lettice Foster of Scituate, m. 1639 ; he had no children : in his will, dated 1673, he gives all his lands to Francis Cary, who was brought up by and, lived with him : he also mentions his brother John Tompkins, cousins Mary Foster, Elizabeth White, and Hannah Dogget : he was 63 years old. His brother John also lived in Br., and was called " John Tompkins from Salem": they both probably were from Salem. John died probably, or removed early : no others of the name have ever resided in the town. The present [1840] Francis Cary lives on the same lands which Tompkins gave to his gr. gr. grandfather Francis.
John Tompkins had Ruth 1640, John 1642.—[Boston records.]


Thomas Torrey and his w. Ruth lived in E. B., and had Thomas 1748*, Ruth 1753*; Josiah 1755, Thomas 1758, Philip 1760, and Ruth who lived single.

2. Philip (s. of Thomas 1.) m. Mary Dyer of Abing. 1792, and had John 1793, Havelin 1797. She d., and he m. wid. Rosanda Nash, D. of Ebenezer Porter 1817.

Lewis Torrey of Mid'o. m. Bethiah, D. of Eleazar Washburn, 1809 : she afterwards m. Josephus Freeman 1823.
Mary P. m. Erastus Hayward 1813.
Turner Torrey m. Sally, D. of Issachar Snell Esq. 1803, and settled in N. B., and had Almedia 1804.
Sarah m. Benjamin Taylor 1784.


John Trask and his w. Penelope had William 1729, Samuel 1731, Sarah 1733, Abigail 1736, Bathsheba 1741, Phebe 1744.
Bathsheba m. Ephraim Jackson 1765.

2. William (s. of John 1.) and his w. Bethiah had Betty 1750, Samuel 1753, Molly 1756, John 1757 : the father d. 1811.
Betty m. Abel Edson Jr. 1771.


Thomas Tribou (a Frenchman) settled in Bridgewater as early as 1745, m. Margery, D. of John Pratt, 1746, and had Relief 1747*, Isaac 1748, William 1752, Rhoda 1754, Ann 1757, Amasa 1760, Melzar 1766 : he d. 1811.
Rhoda m. Daniel French 1792.
Anna m. Jacob Hill 1780.
Melzar settled in Mid'o., and had a son Nahum Mitchell.

2. Isaac (s. of Thomas 1.) entered Dartmouth College, but did not graduate : he m. Molly Lyon of Mid'o 1780, and lived in E. B., and had Isaac 1781, Molly 1783, Martin 1785, Cynthia 1787, Hannah 1789, Jenny Pateshal 1792, and removed to the westward.

3. William (s. of Thomas 1.) m. Amy Belcher 1784, and had Peter 1786, John 1788, Daniel 1790, William 1793, Francis 1795, Charles 1797, Walter Spooner 1799, Sally 1802 : he died 1815.
Peter m. Martha Hall 1817, and had Martin 1818.
John m. Mary Tilden of Hanson 1810.
Daniel m. an Ashley, and lives in E. B.
William m. Polly, D. of Asa Ford, I816.
Francis m. Sally Thayer 1816.
Walter S. m. a D. of Howland Holmes of Halifax.

4. Amasa (s. of Thomas 1.) m. Molly Pratt 1780, and had Alpheus 1782, Relief 1783, Adna 1785, Rhoda 1787, Polly 1789, Francis 1791, Amasa 1793, Zina 1795.
Alpheus m. Hannah Curtis 1804, and Ruth Clark of Hanson 1809. This family went to Maine.

Thomas Tribou m. Zervia Randall of Easton 1790.
Francis Treboo of Boston m. Ann Riscomb 1717, and had Ann 1718, Francis 1720, and probably others.
Thomas, first above mentioned, was probably his son.


Bartholomew Trow (s. of Bartholomew of Boston, formerly assistant messenger to the Governor and Council) settled in E. B., and m. Molly, D. of Capt. Levi Washburn, 1803, and had Bartholomew, William Call, Mary, Joanne, George Augustus, Francis, and Frederick.
Mary m. Henry Johnson, and lives in the city of N. Y.
Bartholomew m. Bethiah, D. of William Eldridge of Chatham : she died 1838.
William C. m. Angelina, D. of Elisha Gilmore of Taunton, now of Turner, Me.
George A. m. Thankful, D. of George Torrey of Scituate.


George Turner settled early in W. B., and died about 1696, at which date it is recorded that " John Turner settled his father George Turner's estate." We find also on record that Goodman [George] Turner was to maintain his brother John Robbins 1668.
Thomas Turner was also a town officer here 1678.

2. John (s. of George 1.) and his wife Hannah had John 1656, William 1687, Hannah 1689 : he and she both d. 1728.

3. John (s. of John 2.) m. Mary Bicknell of Weymouth 1717, and had John 1719, George 1722, one 1725*, Sarah 1727 : they both d. 1753.

4. William (s. of John 2.) m. Eleanor, D. of Abiah Whitman of Weymouth, 1714 ; she was. born 1688 : they had Mary 1715, Eleanor 1717, Hannah 1719, Margaret and Elizabeth 1722, Joanna 1725, George 1728 : he d. 1747.
Eleanor m. Jacob Macomber 1740.
Hannah m. James Lindsay 1744.
Margaret m. Joseph Crossman of Easton 1756.
Elizabeth m. Thomas Lindsay 1745.
Joanna m. David Manly 1752.
The following places are mentioned as being near John and William Turner's houses. "Cooper's Meadow, Cooper's Dam, the Neck, John's house near N. Purchase Line, easterly by Joshua Howard's ; Stone House Plain, Elisha Dunbar's house 1738."

5. John (s. of John 3.) and his wife Elizabeth had Bathsheba 1747, Lemuel 1749.

6. George (s. of William 4. probably) and his w. Desire had Josiah 1754, Mary 1755. His w. d. 1756, and he m. a 2d w. Jane, and had William 1760, Desire 1761, George 1763*, Isaiah 1764*, Jenny 1766, George and Isaiah 1769, Alpheus 1779.
Mary m. Daniel Lathrop (his .3d w.) 1785.
Desire (or Keziah) m. Oliver Harvey 1793.
William m. Joanna, D. of Joseph Pettingill 1781.

7. Samuel (from Mid'o.) m. Lydia, D. of Ezra Hayward, 1794, and had Betsy 1795, Joseph 1797, Cyrus 1800 : he d. 1821.

Content m. Ebenezer Kingman 1740.
Ann m. Capt. Joseph Keith 1746.
Elizabeth m. Thomas Reynolds 1745.
Mary m. Job Bryant 1764.
Jane m. Daniel Alden Jr. 1747.
Eunice m. Asa Leach of Killingsley 1787.
Rachel m. William Whiting of Stoughton 1811.
Job of Pembroke m. Nabby, wid. of Nath'l Clift and D. of Josiah Byram, 1818.
David, Minister of Rehoboth, s. of Thomas and g. g. s. of Humphrey of Scituate, m. Sarah, D. of John Howard, 1721.
David Turner died in E. B. 1774, ae. 33, had Lucy 1772.
Grace m. Abner Hayward 1784.
Jane Turner of Weymouth m. Samuel Allen 1728.

Job Turner. (b. at Scituate) enlisted from Bridgewater into the French war under Gen. Winslow in 1755, at the dispersing of the neutral French at Nova Scotia. Mitchel (or Michael) Turner was also in the same expedition, and from Bridgewater.


Edward Vails m. Mary Orberton 1769, and had Edward 1774.


Jabez Vaughn of Mid'o. m. Martha Pratt 1817, and had Cornelius Pratt 1822.
George Vaughn m. Faithful, D. of Nathaniel Packard, 1719.
Mary, D. of George Vaughn of Mid'o. m. Jonathan Washburn a. 1683.


Benjamin Vickery lived in E. B., m. Mary, D. of Josiah Allen, 1737, and Mary, D. of Samuel Kingman 1739; and had Mary 1740, Elizabeth 1743, Eliab 1745, Benjamin 1749, Olive 1753, Huldah 1759. This family removed early from B.


William Vinton (from Braintree, s. of Thomas) settled in E. B., m. Susanna, D. of Joseph Robinson, 1774, and had William, Joseph 1777*, Edward, and Abigail : he d. 1796, ae. 47 ; she 1821, ae. 69.
Abigail m. Ezra Alden, 1798.

2. Capt. William (s. of William 1.) m. Mary, D. of Nathan Alden Esq., 1797, and had Mary Alden. His w. d. 1799, ae. 23, and he m. Abigail, D. of Dr. Josiah Otis, 1803, and had Clarissa, Nabby, d. 1806 ; Susanna, Elizabeth. His w. d. 1816, ae. 34, and he m. Clarissa Otis, sister of his last w., 1817, and had William, Josiah, Alice, and Joseph.
Mary A. m. Ebenezer W. Tolman 1820.
Clarissa m. Bailey Allen.
Susanna d. single.
Elizabeth m. James S. Dagget, and lives in Calais, Vermont.

3. Edward (s. of William 1.) m. Lydia, D. of Ebenezer Porter of Abington 1820, and had Lydia Loring, Lucia, Abigail, Edward Porter, Caroline Augusta, Susan.
Lydia L. m. a Trask, and lives in Quincy.


Thomas Wade (s. of Nicholas of Scituate) m. Elizabeth, D. of Thomas Curtis, 1672, and had Jacob 1673, Joseph 1675, Sarah 1678, Thomas 1650, Hannah 1682, Ichabod 1685, Moses 1689, Deborah 1691, Rachel 1692. He settled in B. a. 1680 ; his youngest children were b. here ; his will dated 1726. He purchased a farm of Sam'l Staples, near Nippenicket Pond, 1693.
Jacob and Joseph remained probably at Scituate.
Sarah had a son whom she called Cornelius Briggs, alias Wade, who m. and moved to Me.
Hannah m. Edward Lathrop a. 1721.
Deborah m. Jona. Phinney of Mid'o. 1735.
Rachel m. Israel Alger 1731 (his 3d w.).

2. Thomas (s. of Thomas 1.) lived in W. B., m. Rebecca, D. of Joseph Snow 1722, and had Hopestill 1725, Mary 1727, Keziah 1729, David 1732, Rebecca 1734.
Hopestill m. Zephaniah Alden 1748.
Keziah m. Job Packard 1751.
Rebecca m. Elisha Dunbar 1757.
Thomas Wade m. Elizabeth Hanmer 1743, and Abigail Ames 1752, she d. a wid. 1779, ae. 84.

3. Ichabod (s. of Thomas 1.) we find his will 1747, in which he mentions his ss. Ichabod, Amos, Ebenezer, and. Ds. Malison, Abial, Molly.

4. Moses (s. of Thomas 1.) lived in W. B., m. Abthiah Stetson 1735. We find no further notice of him but the following : "Oct. 19, 1640, baptized Moses Wade on a sick bed at home, many present." Wid. Abthiah Wade admitted to the Church Jan. 10, 1742."—[Rev. Mr. Perkin's Ch. Rec.]—We conclude they had no children. She probably m. Jonathan Chandler 1745, and d. 1792, ae. 85.

5. David (s. of Thomas 2.) m. Mary, D. of Daniel Littlefield, 1756, and had Rebecca 1757, Rhoda 1759*, Silence 1762, Thomas 1764*, David 1766, Thomas 1769, Keziah 1772, Mary 1775. It is said this family went to Easton.

6. Ebenezer (s. of Iehabod 3.) m. Mehitabel, D. of John Kingman, 1759, and had Ruth 1761 : his wife d. 1772, ae. 41, in E. B.
None of the descendants of Thomas in the male line live in B. now : there are some perhaps in Raynham and Easton.
Hannah Wade m. William Lincoln of Taunton 1751.

7. Nicholas (nephew of Thomas 1. and s. probably of Nicholas Jr. of Scituate) m. Anne, D. of James Latham, 1715, and settled in E. B., and had John, James, Thomas 1721, Amasa, Samuel, Nicholas 1731, Elizabeth, Mary : his w. d. 1770, ae. 77 ; he d. before her.
Elizabeth m. Samuel Harden 1739.
Mary m. Seth Mitchell 1760, his 2d w.
John m. Hannah Kingman 1751, and went to Penobscot.
Amasa went to Weymouth.
Samuel settled in Hanson, and had Samuel, Isaac, Levi, and others.
Levi m. Deborah Phillips 1766.

8. James (s. of Nicholas 7.) m. Ann Clark of Plym. 1754, and had Abig'l 1755*, Anne 1757, Hannah 1759, James 1761*, Abigail 1762, Rebecca 1766 : he d. 1802, ae. 73.
Anne m. Reuben Mitchell 1783.
Hannah m. Thomas Osborn 1784.
Abigail m. Spencer Forest 1784.
Rebecca m. Israel Cowing of Scituate 1786.

9. Thomas (s. of Nicholas 7.) m. Susanna, D. of Capt. Chilton Latham, 1746, and had Susanna 1748, Robert 1750, Molly 1754 : he died 1777 of small-pox ; she 1800, ae. 83 : the Ds. not m. Susanna d. 1829, ae. 81.

10. Nicholas (s. of Nicholas 7.) m. Betty Tomson of Halifax 1762, and had John 1763, Betty 1765*, James 1768*, Ruth 1770, d. 1792 ; Betty 1772, d. 1790 ; Hannah 1776 : he d. 1780, ae. 49 ; she 1828, ae. 94.
Hannah m. Melvill Holmes of Halifax 1801.

11. Robert (s. of Thomas 9.) m. Molly, D. of Ezra Edson, 1780, and had Celia 1782, Sally 1784, Naomi 1787, Thomas 1792, Calvin 1800*: he d. 1813, ae. 63.
Celia m. Comfort Carpenter Dresser (brother of Ephraim Hyde's wife) 1802.
Naomi m. Elijah Pratt 1813.
Thomas m. a Wade.

12. John (s. of Nicholas 10.) m. Molly Snow 1791, and had Nicholas 1793, John 1795, Molly 1737: he died 1813, ae. 63.
Nicholas m. Bethiah, D. of John Hudson, 1823.
John m. Caroline Wade of Hanson 1821.
Molly m. Isaac Hudson 1819.

Betsy of Hanover m. Charles Howard 1816.
Lydia of H. m. Sam'l Harden 1819.
Thomas from Hanson d. 1832, ae. 50.

Nicholas Wade (the ancestor) took the oath of fidelity 1638 at Scituate. There was also a Richard Wade at Scituate 1640, and a Jonathan Wade at Malden 1634, and a Jonathan Wade at Ipswich 1634, the same man perhaps.
Richard was at Sandwich 1637, and at Lynn the same year : went from Lynn to Sandwich, and was at Scituate 1640.
Nicholas and Jonathan are said to have been brothers, and probably Richard was their brother also.


There was a Waldo among the first settlers in N. B., from Chelmsford : he soon removed to Pomfret, Conn.: his Ds. Bethiah, Hannah, and Susanna, m. in Bridgewater, viz :
Bethiah m. Thomas Hayward a. 1719, and her D. Jane m. Benj. Pierce Jr. of Scituate 1750, whose D. Bethiah was mother of Rev. Mr. Z. Willis of Kingston.
Hannah m. Ephraim Cary 1709.
Susanna m. Richard Field 1706, and one D. m. a Weld, father of the Rev. Mr. Weld of Braintree.
Shubael Waldo of Windham, Conn., one of the same family probably, m. Abigail, D. of Sam'l Allen of E. B., 1730 : hence the christian name Waldo is found in the familes of Hayward, Field, Pierce, and Allen.


Thomas Wales (s. of Dea. Nath'l of St. and gr. s. of Dea. Thomas of Stoughton) settled in N. B., m. a Belcher, and had Hannah and Lydia. His w. d., and he m. Polly, D. of Thomas Hobart of Hanson, and had Thomas, Nathaniel, Mary.
Hannah m. James Cary 1803.
Lydia m. a Qum.
Mary m. Nathaniel Collamore of Hanson 1813, she d. at Bangor 1836.
Thomas m. Chloe, D. of Silas Packard Esq. 1811.
Nathaniel m. a Cushing.

2. John (brother of Thomas 1.) m. Mehitabel, D. of Barnabas Howard Esq., 1789, and had Mehitabel and Anna Howard 1791 : he then m. Susanna Capen of Stoughton 1791, and had Susanna 1792, Sally*, and John.
Mehitabel m. Isaac Curtis 1806.
Anna H. m. William French Jr. 181O.
Susanna m. Eliab Whitman Esq. 1817.
John m. Olive, D. of Col. Caleb Howard, 1820, and had afterwards a 2d wife.

Falley of Stoughton m. John Reynolds 1802.
Joshua m. Polly Briggs 1803.
Nathaniel 2d m. Phebe French 1814.


Benja. Ward and his wife Bebee had Joseph 1753.


Joshua Warren of N. B. m. Jane, D. of William Orcutt Jr., 1725, and had Ebenezer 1726, Hannah 1728, Ezra 1730, Mary 1733, Sarah 1736, Joshua 1735.
The Ds. never m.

2. Ebenezer (s. of Joshua I.) m. Mary Nightingale 1747, and had Mary 1748, Jane 1750, Susanna 1752, Sarah 1754, Ebenezer 1757, Simeon 1759*, Jemima 1761, Lydia 1763, Joshua 1766.
Mary m. Ebenezer Edson 1790.
Jane m. Seth Wentworth 1776.
Susanna m. Seth Harris Jr. 1776.
Sarah m. Nathan Billings 1778.
Jemima m. a Whiting.
Joshua went to Lyme, N. H.

3. Ezra (s. of Joshua 1.) m. Mary Phillips 1752, and had Hannah 1753, and Eunice 1754, Nathan 1756*: he then m. Mercy, D. of Zacch. Packard, and had Ezra 1758, Phillips 1760, Nathan 1762, Benja. 1764*, Sarah 1767, Benja. 1769, Mercy 1771, Mary 1773, and Artemas : his w. d. 1775. He m. a wid. Tirrell for his 3d w. and had a D. Jennet.
Nathan m. Lucy Tirrell 1783, and all the ss. went to Maine.
Sarah m. Silvanus Burr of Easton 1790.
Mercy m. James Loring 1800
Hannah m. Archipus Taylor 1778.
Eunice m. Ebenezer Warren 1776.

4. Joshua (s. of Joshua 1.) m. Rebecca, D. of Timothy Leach, 1760, and had Joshua 1761, John 1766, William, and Ruby.

5. Ebenezer (s. of Ebenezer 2.) m. Eunice, D. of Ezra Warren, 1776, and had Lois 1776, Cynthia 1778, Simeon 1781, Adah, 1783*, Ebenezer 1785, Eunice 1788, Cyrus 1790, Seth 1792, Galen 1794, Abiah and Azuba.
Cynthia m. Thos. Thayer of R. 1805.
Simeon m. Rhoda, D. of Seth Harris, 1802.
Ebenezer m. Deborah Thayer of Randolph 1811.
Eunice m. Joseph Mann Jr. of Randolph.
Cyrus m. Olive, D. of John Bisbee, 1814.
Joseph Warren m. Mary Perkins 1756.
Jabez of Mid'o. m. Zilphah Hooper 1766.
Ichabod of Mid'o. m. Molly Leonard 1776.
Jane m. Judah Peterson 1797.

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