Vital Records Of The Town Of Brewster,
Massachusetts, To The End Of The Year 1849.
A Book Of Records Of Births And Deaths, In The Town Of Brewster,
Alphabetically Arranged.

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


THE Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants is endeavoring to collect and preserve all records pertaining to the Mayflower Pigrims and to the ancestors and descendants of the Pilgrims.

In 1899 the Society began the public.ation of an illustrated quarterly periodical entitled "The Mayflower Descendant," devoted largely to the printing of literal transcripts of the original records of Plymouth Colony, of the three Counties of Plymouth, Barnstable and Bristol, Mass., and of the towns comprised in those counties.

In order to hasten the important work of preserving the records of births, marriages and deaths, which in many cases are rapidly wearing out, the Society has decided to print in separate volumes, as rapidly as the funds can be secured, literal copies of the Vital Records of the Towns in Barnstable and Plymouth Counties, and contributions have been solicited for a "Cape Cod Town Record Fund" to be used in publishing the records of the Barnstable County towns, and for an "Old Colony Town Record Fund," to be used in printing the records of the towns in Plymouth County.

"The Vital Records of the Town of Brewster" is the first volume to be issued at the charge of the "Cape Cod Town Record Fund," and contains copies of all the vital records of that town, to the end of the year 1849. The copy for the printer was made directly from the original records and was compared with those records by the Editor, before it was put into the printer's hands. The Editor also read the proof by the original records.

The Vital Records of Truro, Mass., have been copied, and a part of them put into type, at the expense of the "Cape Cod Town Record Fund," and they will be printed as soon as the condition of the Fund warrants.

The contributions received for the "Old Colony Town Record Fund" are now sufficient to cover the expense of copying the Vital Records of Halifax, Mass., and it is hoped that by the time the copy is completed enough additional gifts will have been received to warrant the immediate public.ation of these records.

Each book published at the expense of either Fund will contain a list of the contributors to that Fund; also a list of those who have paid in advance for copies of that book.

Contributions for the "Cape Cod Town Record Fund " or the " Old Colony Town Record Fund," and orders for copies of the books should be sent to: GEORGE ERNEST BOWMAN, Editor, 53 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, Mass.

Nov. 1, 1904

Brewster, Mass., Vital Records $2,00
Halifax, Mass., Vital Records (In preparation) 2,00
Truro, Mass., Vital Records (In preparation) 3,00
The Mayflower Descendant" Subscription price, per year 2,00


Barnstable County, Massachusetts, was incorporated 19 Feb. 1803. and was named in honor of Elder William Brewster, a large part of the inhabitants being his descendants. The town was originally the northern part of the town of Harwich. On 21 June, 1811. a part of Harwich was annexed to Brewster; and on 25 April, 1843. a part of Brewster was annexed to Harwich. The bounds between Brewster and Orleans were established on 20 Feb. 1861,

  • 1810 (U.S.) 1112
  • 1820 (U.S.) 1285
  • 1830 (U.S.) 1418
  • 1840 (U.S.) 1522
  • 1850 (U.S.) 1525
  • 1855 (Mass.) 1525
  • 1860 (U.S.) 1489
  • 1865 (Mass.) 1456
  • 1870 (U.S.) 1259
  • 1875 (Mass.) 1219
  • 1880 (U.S.) 1144
  • 1885 (Mass.) 934
  • 1890 (U.S.) 1003
  • 1895 (Mass.) 901
  • 1900 (U.S.) 829

  • Silvanus Stone, March 8, 1803.
  • Joseph Smith, March 18, 1805.
  • Benjaminmin Foster, March 10, 1818.
  • Elijah Cobb, March 1, 1824.
  • Jeremiah Mayo, March 3, 1828.
  • Benjaminmin Mayo, March 7, 1831.
  • Freeman Mayo, March 5, 1832.
  • Elijah Cobb, March 4, 1833.
  • Freeman Mayo, Feb. 17, 1840.
  • David Mayo, Feb. 15, 1841.
  • Dean Bangs, Feb. 14, 1848.
  • Samuel H. Gould, Feb. 11, 1850.


The Vital Records of the Town of Brewster, to the end of the year 1849. are found in eight different volumes of the town records.

The following pages contain a literal copy of every record of a Birth, Intention (or Publishment) of Marriage, Marriage or Death, except a portion of those in "Book II." This "Book II " is a partial copy of the earlier volume, "A Book of Records," etc., with numerous additions to the families recorded there, and many variations in names and dates. To avoid duplication, only the entirely new families in "Book II" have been printed under that caption.

All of the additions or variations have been printed with their respective families, under the caption "A Book of Records," and are enclosed in brackets, which references to the original pages of "Book II" on which they are found.

The entries printed on pages 172 to 243 inclusive were recorded in large folio volumes, each entry extending across two pages facing each other. The first part of each of these entries has been printed on the left hand, or even numbered page, with the remainder of the entry on the opposite page, and the consecutive numbering of the entries has been duplicated on the second page to facilitate the connection of the two parts.

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