Details about Samuel Edward O'DONNELL
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I am seeking any information on my Grandfather Samuel Edward O'Donnell. His father's name was Michael O'Donnell but that is all the information I have on his family. I have a family portrait of Samuel and an unknown woman which appears to be taken around turn of century. Photographer signature is Hennigar and Middletown, Conn. appears below signature. Samuel worked in the Rubber business and moved to California in 1922 and died in January, 1924 in Oakland, CA. My grandmother's name was Agnes (Wright or Yates) O'Donnell and she was born 5-31-1887 in Rome, New York. She and Samuel had two children, my Father Herbert Joseph O'Donnell 1-7-22 and Laura Gertrude O'Donnell 12-22-1919. Laura was born in Staten Island, NY and Herbert was born in Atlantic City, NJ. Samuel could have had a brother named Laurence during the 1919 time period in Staten Island. Any information would be greatly appreciated on either of my grandparents. [posted 7 Feb 2001]
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