Saybrook, Middlesex County, Conn. Probate Records
Vol. 9 1826 - 1830 and Vol. 10 1831 - 1838 (FHL Film #5532)
Vol. 11 1838 - 1844 and Vol. 12 1844 - 1852 (FHL Film #5533)

[Transcribed by Julia Marshall]

Wright, Jesse
Town of Saybrook, Conn. Probate Records Vol. 10 1831 - 1838

pp 355
(maybe the son of the above?, he's not referred to as "deceased") Probate Court, District of Saybrook February 6, 1835 Present Obadiah Spencer Judge of said Court
          The Trustee on the Estate of Jesse Wright of Killingworth, reported to be an indolent debtor is on his motion hereby authorized and
pp 356
empowered to sell of the Real and personal Estate of said Jesse Wright to the amount of $645. the same being necessary to pay debts and charges against said Jesse Wright, and is directed to use all the personal estate of said Jesse Wright, and for the deficiency necessary to make up the aforesaid sum of $645 said Trustee is directed to sell Real Estate. All may be sold at private sale for not less than Inventory price, or at public vendue after giving legal notice of such sale by publishing in a Newspaper printed in New Haven and posting on the sign post in said Killingworth nearest to where said Estate is and give sufficient deed or deed therefore, and make return to this court for acceptance and Record.

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