Saybrook, Middlesex County, Conn. Probate Records
Vol. 9 1826 - 1830 and Vol. 10 1831 - 1838 (FHL Film #5532)
Vol. 11 1838 - 1844 and Vol. 12 1844 - 1852 (FHL Film #5533)

[Transcribed by Julia Marshall]

WRIGHT, Ezekiel
Town of Saybrook, Conn. Probate Records, Vol. 11, 1838 - 1844

pp 254
order to Dist powers (16 Oct 1841)
          At a Court of Probate holden at Say Brook in and for the District of Say Brook on the 16th day of Oct 1841 Present Selden M Pratt, Judge
          On motion of Lydia Wright of Westbrook widow of Ezekiel Wright late of said Say Brook now deceased that she may have her dower in the Real Estate of said deceased set out to her. This Court doith appoint Jedediah Post of West Brook and Ely A Elliott & Friend Whittlesey of Clinton judicious disinterested freeholders to set out to said Lydia her dower in the real estate of her said deceased husband & then make return to this Court for acceptance.

pp 285
Dist returned & rejected (31 Jan 1842)
          At a Court of Probate, held at Say Brook within, and for the District of Say Brook on the 31 day of January 1842. Present Selden M Pratt, Judge
          Josiah Wright exhibited in Court a distribution of Dower to the widow of Ezekiel Wright, late, of Westbrook Deceased, and this Court having found that all the circumstances in --- are illegal the same is rejected by this Court.

pp 292
appeal (9 Feb 1842)
          At the Present Turn of this Court, Mrs. Lydia Wright appeals from the decision of this Court in not accepting a distribution of dower to her from her late husband's estate, which appeal is granted & is now on file in the Registry of this Court.

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