Saybrook, Middlesex County, Conn. Probate Records
Vol. 9 1826 - 1830 and Vol. 10 1831 - 1838 (FHL Film #5532)
Vol. 11 1838 - 1844 and Vol. 12 1844 - 1852 (FHL Film #5533)

[Transcribed by Julia Marshall]

WRIGHT, Edward & Henry
Town of Saybrook, Conn. Probate Records, Vol. 9 1826 - 1830
pp 471
receipts (4 Sep 1830)

          Saybrook January 29th, 1830. Received of Ezra Wright one hundred and twenty Dollars, in full of all demands against the said Ezra Wright as my Guardian, it being property held in Trust for me. Signed Edward Wright
Received Say Brook June 21st 1830 of Ezra Wright One hundred and fifty two Dollars, it being in full of all demands whatsoever against the said Ezra Wright as my Guardian for monies received for lands -                     Signed Henry Wright

At the present Term of this Court, the originals, of the above receipts were presented, and ordered to be recorded.

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