Saybrook, Middlesex County, Conn. Probate Records
Vol. 9 1826 - 1830 and Vol. 10 1831 - 1838 (FHL Film #5532)
Vol. 11 1838 - 1844 and Vol. 12 1844 - 1852 (FHL Film #5533)

[Transcribed by Julia Marshall]

WRIGHT, Benjamin
Town of Saybrook, Conn. Probate Records Vol. 10 1831 -1838
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Will, Lim & apprs (12 Mar 1832)

          At a Court of Probate holden at Killingworth in and for the District of Say Brook on the 12th day of March 1832. Present Samuel Ingham, Judge

          I Benjamin Wright of Say Brook, County of Middlesex, State of Connecticut, sensing the uncertainty of life, and being afflicted with bodily infirmity, yet by the goodness of God, being of sound & disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, in manner and form following-
          First. I give and bequeath to my Sons Edward Wright and Doty Lord Wright, the lot of Land anciently called a part of the forty acres. Also, a piece of Salt meadow, Bounded Southerly by the Beach and northerly by the creek, being the South Meadow so called, Also the tract of land lying below the hundred and twenty acres co---. It being the land which I bought of my Sister Lara?
          Item. I give and bequeath to my son, Jedediah C. Wright, a four acre lot in Bull Meadows so called, including potatoe point.
          Item. I give and bequeath to my Son Oramel Benjamin Wright four acres of my north meadow, on the west side, and the piece to be of equal width at each end, Also, the whole of Harts Pond lot.
          Item. I give and bequeath to my Son David Wright, my House & Barn, and the upland adjoining, bounded South on the River and land of Nathaniel Wright. Also, I give to my son David Five acres of my north meadow, on the East side if he will accept it as payment in full for a debt of one hundred dollars, which I owe him. If he declines accepting the meadow as payment of the debt, I order my Executor to sell the meadow, and appropriate the avails to the payment of. I also, give to my Son David the remainder of my north meadow, not heretofore disposed of.
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          Item. I give and bequest to my five Sons a forenamed my Beach & the privilege thereof, in manner following, to my Son Jedediah C. Wright two sixth, and to my other four Sons each a sixth, representing --- to the distribution of my Mothers dower in my Fathers Estate.
          Item. I give and bequest all my household furniture to my four daughters to be equally divided between them.
          Item. I give in to the hand of my Executor all my personal Estate not already disposed of to pay my just debts, and for the Settlement of my Estate. Whatever remains of my personal Estate after the payment of my debts I order to be divided equal between my five sons above named.
          Item. I give to my Grand Daughter Hester M? Wright, my great Bible and my Lignum vitae mortar.
          Item. I give and bequest to my Son Edward Wright my share in Carter Swamp.
          Lastly I appoint my Son Edward Wright the Executor of this my last Will and Testament, and also hereby revoke all other Wills by me heretofore made. Whereunto I set my hand and seal this 22nd day of February A.D. 1831.

                    Benj. Wright. L.S.

Signed, Sealed and ordered as the last Will and Testament of the above named testator in the presence of the Testator and in the presence of each of us, as witnesses
          Sylvester Selden
          Jared Elliott
          Ebenezer Cone

At the present Term of this Court. the foregoing last Will and Testament of Benjamin Wright late of Say Brook deceased was presented and having been proved, was approved, and ordered to be recorded. And the Executor therein named accepted the trust, and gave Bond according to Law.
          On motion of the Executor of the last Will and Testament of Benjamin Wright late of Say Brook deceased, this Court doth decree that six months be allowed the creditors of said Estate to exhibit their claim to said Executor for allowance, or be debarred a recovery, and also directs thru public notice be given of this order by advertising the same in a Newspaper printed in New Haven, and on the sign post in the 3rd Society of said Say Brook.
          On motion of the Executor of the last Will & Testament of Benjamin Wright late of Say Brook deceased, This Court appoints and fully empowers Jared Elliott, Darius Stannard and Cornelius Chittenden, all of said District disinterested freeholders, to appraise the Estate Real and personal of said Benjamin Wright deceased and make an Inventory thereof, and deliver it to the Executor according to Law, being first sworn as the Law directs.

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Inventory (30 Apr 1832)
          At a Court of Probate holden at Say Brook in and for the District of Say Brook on the 30th day of April 1832, present, Samuel Ingham Esq., Judge of S. Court.           Inventory of the Estate of Mr. Benjamin Wright late of Say Brook deceased made by us, the subscribers, this 14 day of March 1832, being first qualified
pp 38
as the law directs. one Bible $1.50, one Great coat 2.00, one house coat 2.00, one pair of brown pantaloons 1.50, one Brown waist coat 1.00, one Black coat 1.75, one waist coat 1.50, one black do .25, 2 pr of flannell drawers .67, 2 pr of pail yarn stockings new 1.50, 2 pr of stockings .67, 1 pr of old do .25, 1 pr of white do .25, 1 pr of mittens .16, ---- skein of yarn .12, old cloths .25, Four old shirts .67, 1 New do .70, 1 pr of Shoes 1.00, 1 Hat .50, 1 Bed bolster & pillow Wt 29 lb @ 20 $5.15, 1 Bed Bolster and three pillows Wt 26 lb @ 25 $6.50, Bedstead Under bed, and Cord @1.25, 1 Bed new ticking, 2 pillowcases and bolster lb 24 W 29, $6.96, 1 Bedstead with curtains and underbed 3.50, 1 old bedstead .75, 1 Calico bedspread blue and white .50, 1 Striped coverlid .75, 1 check'd do .75, old striped do .40, 1 comfortalete .50, 1 Red and white blanket 1.50, 1 Black & white blanket .50, one white blanket wool 2.00, 1 White do 1.67, 2 old check'd bed quilts .50, 1 new flannel Sheet 2.00, 1 pair flannell Sheets 2.00, 1 pr of flannell Sheets 3.00, 1 pr of old flannell sheets 1.50, 1 pr cotton sheets 1.50, 3 cotton Sheets 2.25, 1 old do .25, 1 carpet 3.00, 3 Cotton pillowcases .48, 3 old do .24, 1 old Table cloth .12, 2 Towell .12, 1 do .08, 3 Window curtain cloth & paper .75, 1 Looking Glass 1.50, 1 Large Table Cherry 1.25, 1 Round do .50, 1 old table .25, 6 ---- chairs 2.40, 5 old chairs .40, 1 pail iron bound .40, 1 Tub .50, 2 Wood bowls .25, 1 old Desk 1.00, 1 Tin stone .25, old Linnen .25, 2 Brass candlesticks .40, 1 Iron do .16, 6 Silver Tea spoons 3.00, 1 pr of Spectacles 3.50, 1 old pair do .12, Shovel and tongs .75, 1 Brass Kettle 4.50, 1 Iron pot .40, 1 Bake Kittle .75, 1 Large dish kittle .25, 1 Skillett .25, 2 Small dish kittles .50, 1 Spider .30, 1 Stone Jug .12, 1 Small Trunk .40, old Books .50, 1 Lignum vitae mortar 1.00, 1 pr of Steelyards 1.00, 2 Quart decanters .50, Glass ware .45, 1 Large platter 2 Meite bowls .30, 6 china cups & saucers .25, 6 cups & saucers and sugar bowl and milk cup .50, 10 Blue Edg'd plates .50, 2 Teapots .30, 3 Tin pans .40, 1 Tin pail, wash basin, candle mould .50, 7 Jugs .30, 3 milk pans & 4 plates .70, 5 Knives & forks .50, 5 old knives and forks .50, 1 cloths basket 2 Small do .25, 1 Tin server .16, 2 Ratchells .75, 1 old wheel .25, 3 old Bags .25, 15 lb of wool rolls $6.00, 1 silver watch 4.50, 1 corn basket .34, 1 Crow Bar 1.00, 1 Scythe .75, 3 Hammers & mall 1.25, 1 old adze .34, 1 String Sleigh bells 1.00, 1 Iron Shovell .75, 1 Lott of old iron in the House $2.00, 1 Saddle & Bridle $2.00, 1 horse harness .25, 2 old rakes .16, 1 old saddle .12, 2 bushells Corn 1.34, 2 Bushells Rye & Bean 1.67, Half bushell & peck measure .25, 1 Ink Stand .08, 1 Box of tools .50, 2 augers chissells & pincers .50, 6 Large Tubs - tin ------ grain box .94, 2 Barrells Ashes .75, 175 lb of pork @ 14.00, 18 lb of lard 1.80, 1 Staff .12, 1 Waggon and harness 5.00, 2 old Yokes & irons .60, 3 old forks .25, 2 old axes .12, chafe & pin .40, old cart tire, bands, and boxes 1.50, 18 lb of old chains 1.54, 15 Bushells Small potatoes 1.20, 1 Grindstone and winch 1.00, 3 old Rasers and straps .75, 1 Silver pin & Tobacco box .18, 1 lb of coarse wool .16, old plow .75, manure in the Yard and pig pen $12.00, New Shad Sein with hauling ropes apparatus, one sixth part of which belongs to the Estate $10.41, old Shard Sein with the apparatus, one sixth part of which belongs to the Estate $7.05, one sixth part white fish Sein, Boat ropes & all the apparatus
pp 39
$15.00, 1 Small Boat .50, 1pr Brown Steers 4 yrs. old 50.00, 1 pr old oxen 45.00, 1 cow and calf 20.00, 1 Red Cow 20.00, 1 pr Steers 1 yr. old 28.00, 1 Heifer 1 yr old 10.00, 1 horse 45.00, cash in hands of Executor 17.60, 1 note of hand on Elnathan Hurd 2nd $10.00, due on note of David Stevens $2.00, David Wright not $20.54, Hay in the Barn 10.50, 6 Bushells of oats 2.50. Real Estate, Mansion House, Barn and fourteen acres of land adjoining $650.00, Five acres of salt meadow on the East side of the above described land $125.00, Four acres of salt meadow lying on the west side of the first described tract $80.00, Four acre lot including potatoe point and Bull meadow containing nine acres $400.00, Lot of land at Forty acres containing ten acres $160.00, Lot of land lying south of Pratts Hundred and twenty acres, containing Eighteen acres 306.00, Five acres Salt meadow lying in the South meadow so called $125.00, Right in the Cedar Swamp $4.00, Harts pond lot so called containing sixteen acres 204.00, Beach lying South of South meadow, bounded East & West by Nathaniel Wright's land $400.00, Beach lying north side of deep hole containing 20 rods $5.00.
          Whole Amount of Inventory $2,944.23
                    Jared Elliott
                    Cornelius Chittenden -- Freeholders

          At the Present Term of this Court, the foregoing inventory of the Estate of Benjamin Wright late of Say Brook deceased was presented, accepted, on oath of the Executor, and ordered to be recorded

pp 101
Notice to settle adm. acc (1 Oct 1832)
(not copied, usual wording)

pp 109
Settlement (5 Dec 1832)
          At a Court of Probate holden at Killingworth in and for the District of Say Brook on the 5th day of December 1832, Present, Samuel Ingham Esq. Judge
          Upon a final settlement of the adm. account of the Executor of the last Will and Testament of Benjamin Wright late of Say Brook deceased there is found to remain in said executor hands of said Estate, the sum of $157.82 in cash, which be sum he is directed to pay out to ---- heirs and Legatees according to the Will of said deceased.

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