Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 617-618

          WILLIAMS, Henry, Haddam (East). Died 23 October, 1728. Invt. 239-07-10. Taken 3 January, 1728, by Joshua BRAINARD, Isaac SPENCER and Daniel CONE.

          Court Record, Page 212 -- 5 February, 1728-9: Adms. granted to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, widow of the deceased.

          Page 5 (Vol XI) 21 November, 1729: Elizabeth, the widow, exhibits now an account of her Adms. Accepted. Order to dist. the estate, viz.: Unto Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 1-2 part of sd. estate in lands during life, and 1-3 part of the personal estate to be her own forever; the rest to be dist. to the children of sd. deceased, viz., to Mary and Sarah WILLIAMS, their equal proportion of the rest of the estate. And appoint Joshua BRAINARD, Mr. Timothy FULLER, and Thomas CONE, of East Haddam, distributors. This Court appoint Elizabeth WILLIAMS to be guardian to two of her children, viz., Mary and Sarah WILLIAMS, the eldest age 12 years, the other about 2 years.

          Page 5 (Vol XII) 4 June, 1734: Joseph GROVER and Elizabeth his wife, Adms., exhibit an account of sundry things that were burnt with sd. WILLIAM's house, and moveable amounting to the sum of 54-04-06, which were almost spoiled. Account accepted.