Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 616

          WILCOX, Thomas, Middletown. Invt. 387-16-01. Taken 1st March, 1726-7, by John WILCOX, Samuel STOW, and John SAGE. Will dated 16 January, 1726-7.

          I give to my wife Anne WILCOCK the improvement of my dwelling house and of all my improvable lands until my sone come of age, and after my sone come of age, I give the 1-2 of my house, well, cellar and home lott during her natural life. And my will is yt my wife shall have the whole of my stock and the whole of my moveable estate during her widowhood; if she marry again, but 1-2 of it. I give to my son Thomas WILCOCK the 1-2 of my dwelling house, cellar, well and homested when he comes to the age of 21 years, and after his mother's decease I give him the whole of it. And further, my house and the whole of my homelott yt my house stands on, all the above mentioned land and house on the west side of the Great River, I give to my son Thomas and to his heirs forever. Also I give my son Jonathan WILCOCK all my lands in the Northwest Quarter yt lyeth between Brother Israel's lott and the Common, and my will is that all my lands above mentioned I give to Jonathan WILCOCK and to his heirs forever. I give my two daughters, Martha WILCOCK and Hannah WILCOCK, 50 apiece. And my will is yt ye remainder of my lands in the Northwest Quarter (not willed away to Jonathan), and Siding Hill lott and Plain lott, and Goose's Delight land, and my Bogg Meadow, to be equally divided between my two sons Thomas and Jonathan WILCOCK, to them and their heirs forever.

                                        Thomas WILCOCK, L.S.
Witness: William SAVAGE

          Court Record, Page 146 -- 7 March, 1726-7: Will now exhibited. No executor named in the will. Adms. to Anna WILCOX, widow, with the will annexed.

          Page 211-212 -- 4 February, 1728-9: Anna WILCOX, alias COLEMAN, Adms, with the will annexed upon the estate of Thomas WILCOX late of Middletown decd., exhibited an accompt of Adms., 37-18-02, which account is allowed, and order that Mr. John WARNER, Samuel STOW and Samuel GIPSON of Middletown, after deducting 37-18-02 out of the moveable estate in the inventory, distribute the estate of the sd. deceased to the widow and heirs of the deceased according to his last will and testament. This Court appoint Israel WILCOX of Middletown to be guardian untio Jonathan WILCOX, 6 years of age, and Hannah WILCOX, 4 years of age. Recog. 100.

          Page 46 (Vol XIII) 3 April, 1737: Jonathan WILCOCKS, age 17 years, chose his uncle John WILCOCKS of Middletown to be his guardian.

          Page 6 (Vol. XIV) 4 May, 1742: Thomas WILCOKS, eldest son of the decd., being arrived to the age of 21 years, showing to this Court by one paragraph in the will of the sd. decd. that the sd. decd. hath given to him the sd. Thomas WILCOCKS and Jonathan WILCOCKS several peices of land to be equally divided between them the sd. Thomas and Jonathan WILCOCKS, viz., what he that not willed away in the Northwest Quarter, Siding Hill lott, Plain lott, Goose's Delight, and Bogg Meadow and Fur Neck, and hath not in sd. will appointed who should distribute and divide sd. lands between them the sd. Thomas and Jonathan, and desired this Court to appoint suitable persons to make divisions of the aforesd. lands according to the sd. will: Whereupon this Court appoint Lt. Joseph RANNY, Joseph FRARY and Joseph SAVAGE of Middletown, distributors.

          Page 13 -- 7 December, 1742: A return of the setting out several pieces of hand according to the will of Thomas WILCOCKS, by order of this Court, to Thomas and Jonathan WILCOCKS, heirs to the estate of the sd decd., under the hands of Joseph SAVAGE and Joseph FRARY, distributors. Accepted by the Court, and ordered to be kept on file.