Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 255-256

          WILLCOX, Mary, of Middletown. Will dated 3 April, 1671. (No Inventory.)

          Mary, the wife of John WILCOX, April the third, being very sick & weak, & as she sayd shee conceived her selfe neer her death yet shee was of sound understanding and memory, shee declared by word of mouth this following to be her Las Will and Testament, viz: She gave to her sonn Samuel FERNSWORTH Tenn pounds sterling out of her Land in the great Lotts at Dorchester, as a remembrance of her, & the remaynder of the Lott she gave unto her husband John WILCOX. Moreover, she gave unto her sonn Joseph LONG the Bill shee had of him for Land he Bought of her; & shee gave her white wascoat & her red Dammy coat to Mary WILCOX; and She gave to Sarah LONG her feather Bed & Boulster which is at Hartford In her House all ready, and her Cloath wascoat with the great Silver lace, & a petty Coate Likewise. She did Give & Freely resigne up to her husband John WILCOX that part of his Estate which was Mortgaged to her by her sayd Husband, & she desired that that tenn pounds shee gave to her sonn Samuel FERNSWORTH should be delivered Into the hands of her trusty friend Captain Hopestill FOSTER of Dorchester, to be kept for him untill he come of age. This above written of her voluntary accord very freely she declared to be her Last will & Testament, the 3 April, 1671.

          In the presence of us, John HALL, Ann X HALL

          John WILCOX owned in Court that he gave his wife Liberty to make her will & dispose of those things mentioned in her will. John and Ann HALL sworn in Court to the truth of what is above written.

          Court Record, Page 114 -- 7 September, 1671: The Will of Mary, the late wife of John WILCOX, exhibited and approved.