Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 254

          WILLCOX, John, Middletown. Invt. 409-11-04. Taken 6 June, 1676, by Richard HALL, John KIRBY. The children: Sarah LONG, age 28 years; Israel 20, Samuel 18, Ephraim 4, Hester 2 years, December, 1675. Mary was born 9 March, 1675-6.

          Court Record, Page 155 -- 7 September, 1676: Adms. to the Widow and Deacon John HALL.

          Page 161 -- 1st March 1676-7: Dist. of Estate to the widow according to law; to the Eldest son, 66; to the 2nd son, 42; to the 3d son, 36; to the two daughters, 30 to each. Deacon HALL, Ensign WHITE and William CHENY, distributors. Deacons HALL and STOCKING, Overseers.

          See File: 3 January, 1694-5: The Settlement of the Estate of John WILCOCK, deceased, To the Legatees, by us which were appointed by the Court for that service & with the Agreement of the Relicks and all the Legatees is as follows:

To the Eldest son Israel WILCOX 66-03-00
To Samuel WILCOX 48-00-00
To Ephraim WILLCOCK 36-00-00
To Easter WILLCOCK 30-00-00
To Mary WILLCOCK 30-00-00

          This is a full AGREEMENT of all the persons concerned, except Ephraim (which was not present), and before those appointed by the Court which are:

William CHEENY
John HALL Senior

In Witness of this Agreement the Relick and the Legatees have set to their hands:

Joseph HAND Sen. in behalf of Esther WILCOCK,
the wife of Joseph HAND Jr.                     Exther X STOW
Ephraim WILCOCK Joseph STOW

          March the 16th, 1714: A Dist. of the Half-Mile Lote made by Esther STOW, Adms. of the Estate of John WILLCOCK, to the Children and Legatees, being a peice of Land that was left out of the Inventory, was put in and was divided to them as follows: To Sarah (Israel) WILLCOCK, 15 acres; To Samuel, Ephraim, Esther and Mary WILCOCK, to each of them 7 1/2 acres. Signed: Esther X STOW.

          Mr. Joseph ROCKWELL plees to enter upon the record to the Children the above written Dist. as it there stands in proportion.

          Page 141 -- (Vol X) 6 December, 1726: A Dist. of the Estate of John WILCOX, sometime of Middletown, made 13 January, 1694-5, by Nathaniel WHITE, William CHEENY, and John HALL, was exhibited by Esther STOW (alias WILCOX), Adms. on sd Estate, which Dist. some of the heirs appeared in Court and prayed that the same might be accepted, whereupon this Court do receive and accept sd. Dist. Ordered to be filed. Esther STOW (alias WILCOX) moved that she might be discharged in being Adms. This Court considering her age and Infirmity, do grant her a Quietus Est.

          Page 142 -- 6 December, 1726: Whereas, it is represented to this Court that there is some Land belonging to the Estate of John wILCOX, decd, which hath been laid out since his decease, and so is not inventoried or Dist., this Court grant Adms. on sd. Estate in Lands unto Francis WILCOX of sd. Middletown and David ENSIGN Jr., of Hartford, and order that they exhibit an Inventory threof to this Court as soon as may be, in order to be Dist. to the heirs.