Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 614

          WILCOCKS, Samuel, Middletown. Inventory taken 27 February, 1727, by John SAGE, John WILCOX, and John WARNER. Will dated 10 July, 1727.

          I, Samuel WILCOCKS of Middletown, husbandman, do make and ordain this my last will and testament: I give to Hannah my wife the use of my improved land, with my dwelling house and barn, and the use of my part of the parn that stands on my brother John WILCOCK's land near John KIRBEY's, during her widowhood. After my eldest son comes of age, I give to my wife the 1-2 of my dwelling house, and 1-2 of my seller, and 1-2 of my barn, 1-2 of my land at home, 1-2 of my pasture at Wolphpit Hill so called, 1-2 of my land within fence from the Ledge to the river, westward of the barn, and all my land at a place called Goose Delight. I give to my son Daniel, when he comes of age, and then the rest of the stock and land in this second part of the will is my wife's during her natural life. And after my wife's decease, the house and land to be divided between my two sons, and the stock of household goods I have given to my wife shall be divided among my three daughtes as part of thier portion after their mother's decease. I give to my three daughters 80 to each; to Hannah 80, to Rachel 80, and to Elizabeth 80, to be paid to them out of my stock and household goods so far as my stock and household goods will do, and what they fall short of 80 to each of my daughters shall be made up to them by my two sons Daniel and Josiah. I give to my tow sons Daniel and Josiah all my land that I have not given to my wife in this my will during her natural life, to be equally divided between my two sons. I make my wife and brother John WILCOCKS executors.

          Signed, sealed, published, announced and declared in the presence of us:
Thomas SAVAGE,
William SAVAGE,

          Court Record, Page 178 -- 5 March, 1727-8: Will proven.

          Page 3 (Vol XIII) 22 March, 1737: Daniel WILCOX, son of the deceased, showing to this Court by his father's will that divers parcells of land of real estate were willed to him when he should come to the age of 21 years, viz., 1-2 part of what was willed to the widow his mother Hannah WILCOCKS alias LEWIS, and also 1-2 those lands that the deceased hath not given to his sd. wife for her use during her natural life, and declaring that his sd. mother hath hitherto refused or neglected to divide sd. land to him, though often requested, and that his brother Josiah, being a minor and not capable of coming to a division with him, he the sd. Daniel moved that distributors may be appointed in bod sd. parts to distribute to him his part of sd. houseing and lands according to the will. This Court appoint Jabez HAMLIN, Thomas JOHNSON and Samuel SHEPHERD to distribute and set out to the sd. Daniel WILCOCKS that part given to him, viz., that 1-2 part of the house as given to the sd. widow until he the sd. Daniel should come of age, giving notice first to sd. Hannah LEWIS and her husband Malachi LEWIS of the time they shall proceed on sd. service. This Court do also appoint the sd. Jabez HAMLIN, Esq., Thomas JOHNSON, and Samuel SHEPHARD and John WILCOCKS, guardians to Josiah WILCOCKS, to distribute 1-2 of the land of the sd. deceased, not given to the sd. widow to the sd. Daniel WILCOCKS, and the other half thereof unto the sd. Josiah WILCOCKS, minor, and that they set it out by meets and bounds. Josiah WILCOX, age 19 years, and Rachel, age 15 years, children of Samuel WILCOX, chose Deacon John WILCOX to be their guardian. Recog., 300.