Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 613

          WILCOCKS, Ephraim, Middletown. Died 4th January, 1712-13. Invt. 210-13-04. Taken 29 April, 1725, by Samuel HALL and Ebenezer SMITH.

          Court Record, Page 83 -- 4 May, 1725: Adms. to Janna WILCOCKS, son of sd. deceased. Exhibit of inventory.

          Page 91 -- 6 July, 1725: This court appoint Janna WILCOX to be guardian unto Ephraim WILCOX, 14 years, and John WILCOX, 13 years of age. Recog., 200.

          Page 102 -- 4 Oct 1725: Janna WILCOCKS, Adms. on the estate of Ephraim WILCOCKS, late of Middletown deceased, exhibited an account of Adms., 4-10-00; moveable part, 64-06-00, 1-3 part of whereof was taken for the widow; subtracting 4-18-00, there remains 37-19-04. The real estate was prised at 210-15-00. There remains of real and personal estate 248-14-04 to be distributed. Order: To Janna WILCOCKS, eldest son, 63-03-06, which is his double portion of sd. estate; to Ephraim, John, Thankful, Mary and Jane WILCOCKS and Esther RANNEY, the rest of the children of the sd. deceased, to each of them, 31-01-07, which is their single portion of sd. estate. And appoint Samuel HALL, Ebenezer SMITH and Thomas HALE, distributors.