Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 382

          WHITMORE, Thomas sen., Middletown. Invt. 468-02-03. Taken 7 January, 1681-2, by Nathaniel WHITE, Robert WARNER, John SAVAGE. Legatees: John 36 years of age, Thomas 29, Samuel 26, Israhiah 25, Beriah 23, Nathaniel 20, Joseph 18, Josiah 13, Benjamin 7, Elizabeth 32, Mary 31, Hannah 28, Sarah 17, Mehetabell 13, Abigail 3, Hannah one year old. Will dated 20 July, 1681.

          The last Will of Thomas WHETMORE sen., aged 66 years, is as followeth: I give to my son John WHETMORE part of my lot in the Boggy Meadow Quarter, that is, 20 Rods wide lying on the south side of that lott, going as far East as my land goeth; moreover I give to my son John 3/4 of my Great Lott that lyeth West from the Town, to take the whole Bredth have the length, beginning at the farhter end, and likewise half the Bredth of the other half next the Town and to take it on the North side. And my will is that my son Beriah shall hav ethe other half of that half next to the town. Moreover it is my Will that my sd. son John shall have all my proportions or Intrest in the Three Mile Lott on the East side of the Great River, that is, the farther Three Miles on that side Eastward. I give to my son Thomas WHETMORE half my Long meadow Lott, lying onthe North Side; moreover I give to my sd. son Thomas half my Lott at Caugenchawke, and the other half I give to my daughter Hannah STOW. I give to my son Samuel WHETMORE a parcell of Land on the North side of the Small River which I bought of Goodman Savage, being about 10 acres lying on the West End of Goodman SAVAGE's Lott, only reserveing 4 acres of that land for my daughter if she survive. I give my sd. son my Round Meadon Lott, being near 6 acres, only reserving and willing 1-3 part of it for my daughter Abigail if she survive, or else to remain to Samuel. I give to my son Israhiah WHETMORE my Upland Lott on the East side of the Great River, being about 22 acres lying in the Half Mile Lotts against the Town, as also a peice of Meadow at Wongunk joining to his brother John; also 4 acres in the Pond on the East side of the Great River between Ensign CHEENY and Mr. Nathaniel COLLINS; moreover I give my sd. son one parcell of Land on the last Half Mile Division on the East side of the Great River. I give to my son Beriah WHETMORE that peice of Meadow at Wongunk called the Platt Meadow; I give to my sd. son one acre of my Homelott next to the Great River, on the Condition that he come to settle upon it; if not, he shall not have it. I give to my son Nathaniel WHETMORE half my Land in the Boggy Meadow Quarter and that which lyeth without the Fence as it now standeth, and the other half to my son Joseph WHETMORE. I give to my daughter Sarah WHETMORE and my son Josiah WHETMORE & my daughter Mehetabel my Great Lott at Streights Hill, to be divided equally among them. I give to Katharine, my loving wife, the rest of my Homelott, with all the Houseing thereon, during her natural life; alos the 1/2 of my Long Meadow on the South side, & a parcel of Land which I have at Passenchauge on the East side of the Great River. I give to my wife my Fields Lott during her natural life or until Benjamin fulfills the age of 21 years, then it shall be settled on him as his. Moreover, as I have received of my wife Katharine 20 of her Estate, 6 whereof I have already paid her, yet notwithstanding I appoint and my Will is that 20 be paid to her out of my Estate in Household Stuffe and Stock. I give to my daughters Sarah & Mehetabell & Abigail & Hannah Jr. 6 apeice, and to this my youngest daughter Hannah one peice of Land of 20 acres lying near the Streights on the West side of the Great River. I give to Thomas and Joseph all my Carpenter Tools. I appoint my wife and son John sole Executors.

          Thomas WHETMORE, Sen. L.S.
Witness: Deacon Samuel STOCKING
John HALL sen.

          Court Record, Page 50 -- 2 March, 1681-2: Will proven.

          Dist. File: We whose names are here under written, the proper Children now living and representative of such as are deceased, of Thomas WHETMORE senior of Middletown, decd, have unanimously Consented and agreed that the Estate of Benjamin WHETMORE, decd. our Brother, both Personal and Real, shall be divided and distributed in the manner following, that is to say: That Abigail WHETMORE, now wife of Samuel BISHOP, and Hannah WHETMORE, shall each of them have a double portion of the sd. Estate, and the remainder shall be equally divided amongst the (proper) Childern of sd. Thomas WHETMORE and their Representatives. As Witness our Hands and Seals, 6 March, 1699-1700.

Hannah WHETMORE, Israhiah WETTMORE, L.S.
Elizabeth WHETMORE, Beriah WETTMORE, L.S.
Elizabeth ADKINS, Nathaniel WETTMORE, L.S.
Mary STOW, Joseph WETTMORE, L.S.
Nathaniel STOW, Josiah WETTMORE, L.S.

          Mary, Widow of Jno WETMORE, & Elizabeth WETMORE, humbly request the hounoured Court to appoint Israhiah WETTMORE, Beriah WETTMORE and John BACON, Andrew BACON, and Alexander ROLLO, Distributors.

          Court Record, Page 10 -- (Vol VII) 8 April 1701: Israhiah WETMORE of Middletown presented to this Court an Account of his Adms. & Dist. of the Estate of Benjamin WHITMORE, late of Middletown, Decd. as also an Agreement under the Hands fo the Brethern & Sisters of the sd. Benjamin manifesting their Satisfaction respecting the Disposal of the sd. Estate, which the Court accepts. Ordered recorded and kept on file. Also this Court grant him a Quietus Est.