Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p. 365

          WHITMORE, Joseph, Middletown. Invt. 668-18-07. Taken 32 January, 1738-9, by Thomas JOHNSON, Hugh WHITE, and Samuel SHEPHERD. Will dated 21 September 1738.

          I, Joseph WHITMORE of Middletown, do make and ordain this my last will and testament: My will is that after my just debts and funeral charges are paid, all my estate be distributed amongst my brethern and sisters, accounting the two children of my sister Abigail CLARK deceased equal to one sister, in the proportion following, that is to say: To my brethern, Seth, Samuel and Francis, to each 2-9; and to my sisters, Hannah and Martha, to each 1-9; and to the two children of my sister CLARK deceased 1-9, equally to be divided between them, to be paid them as they arrive to lawfull age. I appoint my brother-in-law Joseph SAVAGE and my brother Seth WHITMORE executors.

                                        Joseph WHITMORE, L.S.
Witness: John GIPSON,

          Court Record, Page 40 -- 6 February, 1738-9: Will proven.

          Page 14 (Vol XIV) 24 December, 1742: Francis WHITMORE, a minor, age 17 years, son of Joseph WHITMORE deceased, chose his brother-in-law Thomas SAVAGE Jr. of Middletown, to be his guardian. Recog., 600. Cert: Jabez HAMLIN, J.P.

          Page 20 -- 5 April 1743: Francis WHITMORE now made choice of Joseph RANNEY of Middletown to be his guardian. Recog., 200.

          Page 48 -- 2 October, 1744: Joseph SAVAGE and Seth WHITMORE executors, exhibited now an account of Adms. Accepted.

          Page 50 -- 4 December, 1744: Joseph SAVAGE, one of the executors of the estate of Joseph WHITMORE, late of Middletown decd., showing to this Court that the General Assembly holden at New Haven on the 2nd Thursday in October, 1744, appointed him, the sd. executor, to make sale of so much of the real estate of the sd. decd as will procure the sum of 28-16-04, with necessary chares to pay the debts due from sd. estate: Whereupon this Court direct to set up advertisements on the several sing posts in Middletown that there is to be sold at publick vandue, at the beat of the drum, to the highest bidder, on such a day and time of day, and at such a place, one piece or part of a piece of land lying in Middletown on the west side of the Great River, in the North Society, about 2 miles west of the Meeting House, which land butts east on a highway, south on a highway, west on William SAVAGE, Jr., his land and north on Churchill EDWARDS, about 48 acres, or so much of sd. land as will raise the sd. sum, and make return to this Court to whom he sold the sd. land and for how much.

          Page 53 -- 5 February, 1744-5: An account of the sales of the land of Joseph WHITMORE, late of Middletown decd, and an account of the charges of the sale thereof, was now exhibited by Joseph SAVAGE, Adms. Accepted. Seth WETMORE of Middletown, one of the executors and a heir to the estate of Joseph WHITMORE, moved to this Court that distributors may be appointed to distribute the real estate of the sd. decd. according to his last will: Whereupon this Court appoint William ROCKWELL, Joseph FRARY and Samuel SHEPHERD, of Middletown, to be distributors.