Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 329

          WHITE, Capt. Nathaniel, Middletown. Invt. 927-11-05. Taken by Thomas STOW and John WARNER. Lands inventoried in Hartford apprised by Joseph WADSWORTH and Cyprian NICKOLLS. Will dated 16 August, 1711.

          I, Nathaniel WHITE of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Martha the use of the household goods, and for her comfortable maintenance during widowhood 6 a year also, her firewood to be provided by my sons Daniel and Joseph. I also give her 10 in money to dispose of as she pleases. I give to my son Nathaniel all my houseing and lands in Hadley, he paying 10 to the legatees of his grandfather. I give to my son John, besides his deed of gift, all the right that I have in reversion unto the estate that was my brother Jacob's in Hartford, he paying 20 unto my daughters Elizabeth and Mary and representatives of my daughter Sarah, to be paid after the decease of the widow of my sd. brother. All this I give to my son John and his heirs forever. I give to my son Daniel, the house, barn and other building he now lives in and is possessed of in Middletown, with 6 acres of upland adjoyning; also, one-third of my meadow and swamp at Wongunk, and also one-third part of my neck and wet meadow; all this besides what I have formerly given him by deed. I give to my son Jacob the house and lot I bought of Joseph KIRBY; also, 2 acres of land next to his brother Daniel; also, 3 acres of meadow and swamp, and also one-third of my meadow and swamp at Wongunk. I give to my son Joseph my dwelling house, barn and home lot, and the garden plot, and the remaining part of my meadow and swamp at Wongunk, and one-third part of my neck and wet meadow. I give to my daughter Elizabeth the lot of upland that her son Nathaniel lives on, and 100 acres of my Plain lot northward of the Town. I give to my daughter Mary 100 acres of my Plain lot. I give to my daughter Sarah's children 200 acres out of my lot on the east side of the Great River; also 1-3 part of my moveables that was in being when my former wife died. My lot westward of the town, adjoining to Farmington, to be equally divided between my sons Daniel, Jacob and Joseph, they paying to my three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah, or thier representatives 12 in money apiece, and 4 money to the Rev. Mr. Noadiah RUSSELL. A one-fourth part of my right in undivided lands to be and remain for the use of a public school already agreed upon. I intend what my now wife hath gained by her industry, and what she brought with her to me, should be at her own dispose. My two sons, Daniel and Joseph, to be executors.

                                        Nath. WHITE, L.S.
Witness: John HAMLIN,
Thomas STOW,

          Court Record, Page 38 -- 1st October, 1711: Will Proven.