Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 515

Ensign William WARD, Sen., Middletown. Died 28 Mar 1690. Invt. 603-15-00. Taken 3 May 1690, by Nathaniel WHITE & Ensign Samuel COLLINS. Legatees: The widow, Phebe WARD; Thomas WARD, Anne WARDE, Dorothy WARD, Susannah WARD. And William WARD, son of Thomas WARD. Will dated 25 Dec 1688.

The last Will & Testament of William WARD sen. of Middletown, bieng in health of Body and having the perfect Use of my Understanding and Memory, yet not knowing the day of my death, and willing to leave peace in my family after my decease, is as followeth: I give to my wife Phebe WARD my Dwelling house, Homsted & all my Medow & swamp in the long meadow, & halfe my household goods which are properly so, during the time of her Widowhood. I give to my Eldest son ThomasWARDE the remainder of the Homested where he dwells, at my decease, and after his mother's, so much more adjoyning that as comes downe to a ditch and straight over from his Father TAPPING's to Ensign CHEENY's. I give to him, for his son William, my Lott in the wester most range of Lotts. I give one-halfe of my fulling Mill & one-halfe the Land belonging to it, & halfe my Carpenter's tools, to him my said son. I give to my son William WARDE, Land after his Mother's decease or marriage, one Loom, & halfe of my Weaver's tools, half my fulling Mill & halfe the Land belonging to it. I give to my son John WARDE, after his Mother's decease or Marriage, if he be of age, my houseing & the remainder of the Homested, one Loom, one-halfe of the Weaver's tools, my part of my Bake house, with Lands. I give to my daughter Phebe HALL 5, to my daughter Sarah HAND 15. I give to my three daughters, Ann, Dorothy & Susannah, the remainder of my Stock. I give to my son William my fowling piece, one Musket & Cutlass. I give to John one Musket and a Sword; To Thomas, my Hulbard & Musket and a sword. I appoint my wife Phebe Administrator, and my two sons, Thomas & William, Overseers.

William WARDE, L.S.

Witness: William CHENNY, John HALL, Sen.

Court Record, Page 14 -- 27 May 1690: Adms. to Phebe, the relict, and to the 2 sons, Thomas & William WARDE, with will annexed.

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