Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 122

Thomas WARD, Middletown. Invt. 1389-17-08. Taken 5 Oct 1730, by William WHITMORE, Daniel HALL & James WARD. Will dated 6 Jul 1729.

I, Thomas WARD of Middletown, do make this my last will & testament: I give to my wife all that she brought with that is in being, and one-third part of the rest of my moveable estate besides what I have already given to my two daughters, Rebeckah & Sarah, only the team & tackling I give to my son Thomas & my wife to improve together so long as she remains my widow. I also give to my wife half the homelott & house & barn & 1-2 of all my land to improve with my sons, Thomas, Tappin & Fenner, so long as she remains my widow and no longer. I also give to my wife & my son Thomas 1-2 of my part of the incomes of the land and stock which I have seased out for the term of 7 years, and the other half I reserve to pay my just debts. I give to my son Thomas my wearing apparrel and that Bible which was my honoured father's. I give to my son Tappin the remainder of my Hill lott & 1-3 part of my land at West Swamp, and 2 acres of meadow, and one equal half of that farm which was my honoured father's, to be equally divided between him and his brother Thomas, and 1-3 part of common & undivided land, when divided. I give to my son Fenner, 1-3 part of my land at West Swamp, and all my land lying west of that, after my wife's decease or marriage, and 3 acres of meadow & 1-3 part of my undivided land or common, when divided. I do call all that land West Swamp which lyeth on the homeward side of West Swamp Brook and eastward with Brother William's land. I give to my daughter Rebeckah 1 equal third part of my moveables which I have not disposed of before. I give to my daughter Sarah also one equal third part. And further, it is my will that whatsoever estate of my first wife's heirs doth fall to them, that it be equally divided between my two daughters, Rebeckah & Sarah, from their grandfather BURNHAM's estate. And I do constitute my wife and my son Thomas WARD sole executors, and do put Brother William WARD & Brother James WARD to be overseers, and Brother Daniel HALL & Brother Richard BURNHAM to be guardians for my first wife's children, and Brother Hugh WHITE for my son Fenner.

Thomas WARD, L.S.

Witness: John ELTON, Nathaniel BACON, Jr., Daniel HALL.

Court Record, Page 30 -- 3 Nov 1730: Will exhibited by Deborah & Thomas WARD. This Court appoint Daniel HALL of Middltown guardian to Thomas WARD, age 15 years, and Tappan WARD, Rebeckah WARD & Sarah WARD, minor children of Thomas WARD decd. Recog., 200. This Court appoint Hugh WHITE guardian to Fenner WARD, age 5 years. Recog., 50.

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