Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 446

Samuel WARD, Middletown. Invt. 336-19-04. Taken 26 Jul 1715, by William HARRIS, Robert HUBBARD & Joseph ROCKWELL. Invt. of lands in Middletown, valued at 54-07-00. Taken 15 Mar 1724-5, by John COLLINS & John BACON. Invt. of lands in Brandford, 778-10-00. Taken 2 Apr 1725, by John RUSSELL & John HOWD, and offered for apprisement by John WARNER, Joseph WHITMORE & Robert WARNER, Adms.

Court Record, Page 70 (Vol X) -- 19 Feb 1724-5: Whereas, information being made to this Courte by some of the heirs of Samuel WARD, late of Middletown, that the estate has not been inventoried or settled, praying that the power of Adms. may be granted: This Court grant letters of Adms. unto John WARNER, Robert WARNER & Joseph WHITMORE, of Middletown.

Page 75 -- 6 Apr 1725: Invt. exhibited by the Adms.

Page 106 -- 5 Oct 1725: Whereas the estate of Samuel WARD, late of Middletown, an invt. whereof has been exhibited, lying in the County of Hartford, that part of the estate 54-07-00, this Court order to dist. to the following persons:

To the heirs of James WARD, decd., eldest son of the decd., 21-14-08
To Mary WARNER, Abigial WARD & Ann WARNER, the rest of the children of the sd. decd., to each of them, 10-17-04.
And appoint John COLLINS, John BACON & Joseph ROCKWELL, distributors.

Page 108 -- 9 Nov 1725: Report of the distributors.

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