New England Historical & Genealogical Register,
Vol 13, July 1859, p 235 - 237,
Will of Joshua UNCAS [abstract]

          Joshua UNCAS was the son of UNCAS, "Sachem of Monbeag". His will disposes of large tracts of land he owned to a number of the early settlers of Connecticut. At the time the will was made, Joshua UNCAS was living in Lyme, New London County.

          The first area that made up the bequests was 'all that tract of land on both sides of Ungoshet river, abuting westward to the Mountain, in sight of Hartford, bound North, to Major TALCOT's Farm North East, to Wattachayoiske -- upon east side, bounded eight miles in breadth, from the Mountain Eastward, and to carry the breadth there on out, the length being eighteen miles, and according to a draught or Mappe drawn and subscribed with my Owne hand, bearing dates with these presants.." The bequests included: 5000 acres each to Capt. Robert CHAPMAN, Lieut. William PRATT, & Mr. Thomas BUCKINGHAM.

          4000 acres each to William PARKER Sr., William LORD Sr., Robert LAY Sr., Abraham PAST, Samuel JONES, Major John CLARK of Saybrook, Thomas DURKE, Richard FLY, & John FENNER.

          3000 acres each to Francis BUSHNELL Sr., Edward SHIPMAN Sr., & Mr. John WASFALL.

          2000 acres each to John PRATT, John CHAPMAN, John PARKER, William LORD Jr., Samuel COGSWELL, Lydia RAYMOND, John TULLY, Richard RAYMOND Sr., Abraham CHALKER, William BUSHNELL Sr, & Joseph HYNGBAN Sr.

          500 acres each to John BUSHNELL & Thomas NORTON. If the total acreage was found to be more than the bequests listed, the overage was to be divided proportionally according to each man's legacy.

          The second area of bequests encompased "all that tracke of land lying from the Mountains, in sight of Hartford, northward, to a pond called Shemipipie [Coventry now] East to Willimantucke [Willimantic] river, south by said river, west by Hartford bounds, exceptiong three hundred acres already sold Major John TALCOTT and two hundred acres sold to Capt. Thomas BULL, and according to a Mappe above said" to be equally divided between Mr. James RICHARDS, Mr. Samuel WILLIS, Capt. Thomas BULL, Mr. Joseph HAYNES, Mr. Richard LORD, Major John TALCOT, Mr. John ALLYN, Mr. Ebenezer WAY, Bartholemew BARNETT, Nicholas OLMSTEAD, Henry HOWARD, Mr. Joseph FITCH, Thomas BURNAM, Mr. William PICKIN and Nathaniel WILLETT.

          The third area of bequests included "all that tracke of land lying to the westward of Appaguage, and Eastward from Willimantuke River, South from Appaguage Pond [N.E. corner Hampton], eight miles broard and according to the Mappe aforesaid, (Viz:)" to Capt. John MASON, Capt. Samuel MASON, Mr. Daniel MASON, Mr. James FITCH Jr., John BIRCHARD, Lieut. Thomas TRACY, Thomas ADGATE, Simeon HUNTINGTON, Thomas LEFFINGWELL, Sr., John OLMSTEAD, William Hide, William BACKUS, & Hugh COLLINS, to be divided and distributed among them.

          The lands between Crippimug path and the lands given to the people of Saybrook and 40 acres at Potunkeak, and a parcel of land about 1/2 mile square in the last addition of Hartford bounds were left to his two sons, and if they should die before the age of 20, to his daughter; and if all three children should die then certain lands were to go to his father UNCAS and others to his two wives. The children were to remain for four years with their mother and then sent to the English school, with 35 in debts owed by Major John TALCOTT, Capt. John ALLYN, Mr. James RICHARDS & Mr. Richard LORD, along with the rents from the land in Potunk, being used to maintain them. Other settlers mentioned: Capt. George DENISON & Mr. Daniel WETHERALL, Mr. Eleazer WAY, Mr. John WADSWORTH & Mr. Samuel STEELE. Witnesses: John DENISON, Greshom PALMER, William PRATT, UNCAS, Trusty SLADE.