Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 442

Isaac TYLER, Haddam. Died 22 Jan 1718-19. Invt. 130-05-00. Taken 16 Feb 1718-19, by Joseph ARNOLD, Benjamin SMITH & Jonathan ARNOLD.

Court Record, Page 96 -- 3 Mar 1718-19: Adms. granted to Abigail TYLER, widow, relict of the decd., & Moses POND of Haddam.

Page 122 -- 1 Mar 1720: Moses POND, Adms., exhibited now an account of his Adms. Accepted & allowed. Order to distribute: To Abigail TYLER, widow, 11-03-11; to Abram TYLER, eldest son, 24-16-11; To Abigail, to Isaac, to Ann, to Watchfull, to Israel, to Hannah TYLER, to each of them 12-08-05, which is their single shares or portions. And this Court appoint Joseph ARNOLD, Benjamin SMITH & Jonathan ARNOLD, distributors. Abigail TYLER, widow to be guardian to Abraham, age 13 years, Abigail 14 years, Isaac 11 years, Ann 9 years, Watchfull 8 years & Hannah 4 years of age, her children, minors. Recog, 100.

Page 123 -- 1 Mar 1720: This Court appoint Moses POND of Haddam to be guardian to Israel TYLER, age 6 years, a son of Isaac TYLER, late deceased. Rec., 40.

Page 143 -- 6 Dec 1720: Report of dist. accepted.

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