Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 441

Edward TURNER, Middletown. Invt., in lands of 137 acres, 68-10-00. Taken 28 Feb 1722-3, by Thomas STOW, Zacheus CANDEE & Thomas WARD. Will dated 17 Jan 1716-17.

I, Edward TURNER of Middletown, doe make and ordain this to be my last will & testament: Imprimis: I give unto my son Richard TURNER, whom I constitute my sole executor, all and singular my lands, messuages & tenements, freely to be possessed and enjoyed by him, his heirs & assigns forever, that is to say, all my lands & buildings already conveyed by deed, and also all my right, title & interest in all undivided lands & commonages within the bounds of the Township of Middletown, and also every part and particular of my moveable estate that I am the rightfull owner of, to be & remain the lawful propriety and possession and at the sole dispose of my said son Richard TURNER, and to his heirs and assigns forever. And it is my will that my son Richard above-named shall pay the several legacies or sums to the persons after named, within one year after my decease if demanded by the particular persons after-named, to whom I do give the same in this my last will as followeth: I give and order my son Richard TURNER to pay to my son John TURNER twenty shillings in pay, or two-thirds so much in current money; to my son Stephen TURNER 5 shillings; and to my grandson Stephen TURNER I give 5 acres of land; and to Abigail, sister to the sd. Stephen, I give to her fourty shillings in pay, or two-thirds so much in money, these two (Stephen & Abigail) being the children of my son Edward TURNER deceased. I give unto Mary, now the wife of Ebenezer EGLESTONE, daughter & only heir of my duaghter Mercy deceased, 5 shillings in pay; and to Thomas & Abigail MILLER, the children & only heirs of my daughter Elizabeth deceased, I give to them 5 shillings each in pay, an equal part; and to Mary, my daughter, now the wife of Samuel BOW, I give 5 shillings in pay; and to my daughter Hannah, now the wife of John RANNY, I give five shillings in pay, to each, or two-thirds so much in money. It is my will that each & every of the above particular sums be paid at or before one twelve months be expired after my decease, if demanded to be paid, by my son Richard TURNER or his heirs, executors or administrators.

Edward X TURNER, L.S.

Witness: James TAPPIN, Hezekiah SUMNER, Joseph ROCKWELL

Court Record, Page 34 -- 4 Jun 1717: Will proven.

Page 6 (Vol. X) -- 5 Feb 1722-3: Jeremiah LEAMING, who married Abigail TURNER, & John TURNER, heirs of Edward TURNER, informing this Court that the sd. Edward TURNER made a will which was proven 4 Jan 1717, & disposed of part of his estate & died partly intestate, particularly of one piece of land (about 137 acres) lying in Middletown, this Court do therefore grant letters of Adms. unto Jeremiah LEAMING Cum Testimento annexo. Also, he exhibits invt. of intestate estate.

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