Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 591

TOOBE, John, Middletown. Invt. 1713-17-09. Taken 4 & 13th Nov 1728, by Ebenezer PROUT, George PHILIPS & James BROWN. The abovesd. inventory includes goods in Boston in the hands of Nicholas DAVIS, with small debts due from 100 persons, afterward collected, 133-02-05.

A list of debtors to the estate of John TOOBEE, late of Middletown:

Court Record, Page 204 -- 4 Nov 1728: Adms. granted to Sarah TOOBE, widow of sd. decd.

Page 221 -- 12 Nov 1728: This Court having granted Adms. o the estate of Mr. John TOOBE, late of Middletown decd., unto Sarah TOOBE, widow & relict of the sd. decd., and the sd. Sarah TOOBE, Jeremiah OSGOOD & Thomas FOSTER of Middletown personally appeared in Hartford before sd. Court and acknowledged themselves to stand jointly & severally bound to the sd. Joseph TALCOTT, Esq., Judge of the Probates, or his successors, in a recog. of 2000 current money, that the sd. Sarah TOOBE, Adms. on the estate of John TOOBE aforesd., shall faitfully administer on the goods, credits and chattells of the sd. John TOOBE, and that she shall make a true & perfect inventory of the goods, chattells & credits of the sd. decd., and the same exhibit into this Court within 1 month. And that she the sd. Adms., shall pay the debts and gather in the debts due to sd. estate within 18 months, and fully administer on the sd. estate as the law directs, and account with this Court thereon on or before the 12th day of May in the year of our Lord 1730.

Page 19 (Vol. XI) -- 5 May 1730: The case continued: Sarah MARKS appears in Court and offered an addition to the inventory of 133-03-03.

Page 20 -- 28 May 1730: Thomas MARKS, husband of Sarah MARKS, and Mrs. Sarah MARKS, Adms., on the estate of John TOOBEE, appeared before this Court of Probates, and not having perfected the inventory as they were required, with consent of the parties this case is continued until the first week of June next.

Page 23 -- 5 Jun 1730: Thomas MARKS & Sarah MARKS, formerly Sarah TOOBEE, relict of John TOOBEE, were ordered to procure better sureties, which as yet they have not procured, and pray for a longer time, which was granted.

Page 24 -- 30 Jun 1730: Sarah MARKS, Adms. on the estate of John TOOBEE, appeared before this Court and pleaded that by reason of one BROUGHTON's running away with a sloop from New London and carrying with him the goods of her husband Thomas MARKS, that sd. Sarah & Thomas MARKS, being strangers in this place, could not procure sufficient sureties for the faithfull discharging of the trust of Adms. on the estate of her former husband John TOOBE, but prays still for longer time that they may, when recovered their goods, also in hope of recovering their credit, and so may be able to get sureties sufficient.

Page 26 -- 4 Aug 1730: In Court a note of Mr. John AUSTIN, which showed that Mr. Ozias GOODWIN, Mr. Joseph PITKIN & himself were willing that Thomas & Sarah MARKS should remain Adms. until October next.

Page 38 -- 1 May 1730-1: Anthony TOOBE, a minor, 15 years of age, chose Capt. Giles HALL to be his guardian. Recog., 100.

Page 58 -- 17 Dec 1731: Thomas & Sarah MARKS exhibit an account, 1699-07-06. The Court allows the same, they not having fully perfected their Adms. The Court now grants them until the first Tuesday of June next.

Page 83 -- 22 Feb 1732-3: Ozias PITKIN, Esq., attorney to Edward BROMFIELD of Boston, now exhibited an execution against Thomas & Sarah MARKS, Adms. on the estate of John TOOBE, whereby it appeared that the sd. PITKIN, attorney, has received of the Adms. the sum of 185-16-06, which execution is lodged and filed in this Court.

Page 92 -- 5 Jun 1733: Additional accompt of Adms. on the estate of John TOOBE as per receipt of Thomas WALLACE, William RANDALL, Hannah DEMING & Robert STEVENSON, all which amounts to the sum of 47-00-00, which account is accepted and placed on file.

Page 5 (Vol. XII) -- 4 Jun 1734: Thomas MARKS, with the assistance of Jabez HAMLIN, is ordered to sell land in Middletown to the value of 742-08-08.

Page 7 -- 17 Jul 1734: Report on sale of land: Sold to Giles HALL, the highest bidder, for 672-10-00.

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