Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 348

William SUMNER, Middletown. Invt. 959-00-08. Taken 30 Jan 1739-40, by Solomon ADKINS, John BACON & William ROCKWELL.

Court Record, Page 64 -- 14 Apr 1740: Adms. granted to Hannah SUMNER, widow, and Hezekiah SUMNER, who recog. in 500 with Benjamin ADKINS.

Page 47 (Vol. XIV) -- 7 Aug 1744: An account of Adms. was now exhibited in Court by Hannah SUMNER, widow. Accepted. Order to distribute the estate:

To the widow, Hannah SUMNER, her thirds, 107-12-00
To Hezekiah SUMNER, eldest son, 51-16-00
To Hannah, Sarah & Mary SUMNER, to each, 25-15-00
And to William, Joh, & Ebenezer SUMNER, to each, 25-15-00

And appoint Solomon ADKINS, William ROCKWELL & Return MEGS, of Middletown, distributors. Page 55 -- 5 Mar 1744-5: Hezekiah SUMNER, age 20 years, and Mary SUMNER, age 15 years, chose Hezekiah SUMNER of Middletown to be their guardian. Recog., 600. Hannah SUMNER & Sarah SUMNER chose William ROCKWELL to be their guardian. Recog., 500. And this Court appoint Hezekiah SUMNER of Middletown to be guardian to William SUMNER, age 13 years, to John, 10 years, and to Ebenezer SUMNER, age 8 years, all children of William SUMNER, late of Middletown. Recog., 800.

Page 125 (Vol. XV) -- 10 Apr 1750: John SUMNER, 14 years of age, chose his father-in-law, Joseph JOHNSON, and his mother to be his guardians. Also, this Court appoint Joseph JOHNSON & his wife guardians to Ebenezer SUMNER, 13 years of age, both sons of William SUMNER of Middletown. Recog., 300 for each minor.

Page 139 -- 4 Sep 1753: William SUMNER, age 19 years, son of William SUMNER, dad choice of his father-in-law, Lt. Joseph JOHNSON, to be his guardian. Recog., 500 Cert: John TULLY, J. P. for New London County.

Page 5 (Vol. XVI) -- 20 Nov 1750: Hannah SUMNER, widow and Adms. havingfinished here account of Adms. on sd. estate, now moves for distribution. This Court so order, viz: To Hezekiah SUMNER, eldest son, a double part; to William, John, & Ebenezer SUMNER, and Hannah, Sarah & Mary SUMNER, children of the decd., to each of them their single shares of sd. estate. And appoint William ROCKWELL, Return MEIGS, & Daniel STARR, of Middletown, distirbutors.

Page 103 (Vol. XVII) -- 17 Mar 1756: Report of the dist. Accepted.

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