Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 124

William SUMNER, Middletown, d. 20 Jul 1703. Invt. 432-11-10. Taken 18 Aug 1703, by Nathaniel STOW, Sen., Samuel BIDWELL & William WARD, Sen. The children: Hezekiah, age 20 years, Daniel 15, Sarah 18.

Court Record, Page 47 -- 8 Sep 1703: This Court grant letters of Adms. unto Hannah, the widow, who gave bonds, with Capt. John HAMLIN & Samuel BIDWELL, of 150.

Page 58 -- 7 Sep 1704: Hannah SUMNER, widow, Adms., exhibited an account of her Adms.: Received, 6-09-11; paid in debts, 26-15-00 money. Account accepted and order of dist. to the wife & children equally amongst themselves. And appoint John HAMLIN, William WARD & Deacon ROCKWELL distributors.

Page 205 (Vol. VIII) -- 5 Jul 1714: Mrs. Hannah HALL of Middletown, Adms. on the estate of Mr. William SUMNER, late of Middletown, exhibited an account of her Adms. and also a distribution thereof made by John HAMLIN, William WARD & Joseph ROCKWELL, pursuant to an order of this Court 1704, which account the Court allow & confirm & order to be kept on file. And this Court grant the Adms. a Quietus Est.

Page 143 (Vol IX) -- 3 Jan 1720-1: Hezekiah SUMNER now exhibited a settlement upon an award dated 17 Jun 1720, of the remaining part of the estate of William SUMNER, decd., not before distributed, and likewise of his brother Daniel SUMNER, decd., under the hands & seals of James WADSWORTH, Esq., & Hezekiah BRAINARD, which award is by this Court accepted for the full settlement of sd. estate, and ordered to be kept on file.

See File: 3 May 1720: Hezekiah SUMNER requests this Court, in the settlement of the estate of Daniel SUMNER, who has died, to allw him to buy & pay Sarah for the homested.

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