Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 345

Samuel STOW, Middletown. Will dated 26 Sep 1741: I, Samuel STOW of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, shoemaker, do make this my last will & testament: I give to my wife Esther the west end of my dwelling house with the cellarage, and so much of the utensils in the house as she shall have occasion for her own use, and so much room in my barn as she shall need, and one cow (which of them she shall choose); also the use of 1-3 part of my improved land, with the 1-3 part of the orchard. This I give to my wife during her natural life or widowhood. I give to my two daughters, Esther & Bethiah, and also to my granddaughter Submit STOW, only heir to my eldest son Samuel STOW decd., what they have already had, and nothing more at present; but after my wife's decease my will is that these three last mentioned shall have an equal share in dividing those moveables that my wife shall leave at her decease, with my other two daughters, Abigail & Lucia. I give to my son Jerediah STOW 1-2 of my homelott, to be taken off the north side, makeing a crooked line between that north part and that on the south part so as to leave out the tan house and tan vats. Also, I give to my son Jerediah 1-3 part of my barn. I give to my son Isaac STOW all my rights of land on the east side of the Great River, also 1-2 of my boggy meadow land. I give to my son Jonathan STOW 1-2 of my homelott, to be taken on the south side, with all the buildings thereon (except 1-3 part of the barn), with the tan house & tan vats; also the cyder mill & press. Also, I give to my son Jonathan all my burnt swamp pasture; also the 1-2 of my boggy meadow; also all my land at Pistol Point; also I give to my son Jonathan all my husbandry tools; also all my tanning and shoemaker's tools. And further, my will is, that my son Jonathan shall have my yoke of oxen and my twomares and one of my cows; also my four young cattle; also a gunn. These things as above mentioned I give to my son Jonathan, obligiing him to pay all my debts and funeral charges, and also to make up to his two sisters, Abigail & Lucia, what shall be wanting of 110 after my wife has spared what she can out of the utensils of the house; and further, that he shall find his mother her firewood during her widowhood. And further, I give to my son Jonathan three acres of land off the west end of my lott at Woolph Pitt Hill, also all my sheep. I give to my two daughters, Abigail & Lucia, 55 apiece, which is to be made up out of utensils in the house so far as my wife can spare them, and what they fall short of

110 my will is that my son Jonathan shall make up to his sisters. I give my son Stephen STOW all my lottment of the land at Woolphitt Hill, excepting the three acres given to my son Jonathan. Further, my will is that my red cow and all my swine, excepting one, and all my corne, flax and wool shall be disposed of to the present support of my family. I appoint my son Jonathan sole executor.

Samuel STOW, L.S.

Witness: John SHEPHARD, Thomas JOHNSON, Jonathan STOCKIN

Court Record, Page 106 -- 5 Jan 1741-2: Will proven.

Page 33 (Vol. XIV) -- 16 Nov 1743: Stephen STOW, 18 years of age, son of Deacon Samuel STOW, chose William ROCKWELL to be his guardian. Recog., 200.

Page 10 (Vol. XVI) -- 1 Jan 1750-1: An inventory of the estate of Deacon Samuel STOW, late of Middletown decd., which the said deceased gave his widow dureing life, was now exhibited in Court by Jonathan STOW, executor, which this Court accepts and order on file. The said executor now moves that distribution be made, the widow being deceased: Whereupon this Court appoint Joseph SMITH, Joseph RANNY and Thomas JOHNSON, of Middletown, to distribute said estate to the heirs: To heirs of Esther RANNY, to Bethia MORTON, to Abigail SHAILOR, to Luce WARREN, and to Submit STOW, to each an equal firfth part of said moveable estate, agreeable to the last will of the said deceased.

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