Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 367

Deacon Samuel STOCKING, Sen., Middletown. Died 30 Dec 1683. Invt. 648-08-08. Taken by Giles HAMLIN, William WARD. The children: Samuel 27 years of age, John 23, George 19, Ebenezer 17, Steven 10, Daniel 6 years old, Bethia STOW 25, Lydia STOCKING 21 years. Will dated 13 Nov 1683.

I Samuel STOCKING of Middletown do leave this my last Will & Testament: I give unto my loveing wife Bethia STOCKING my whole Homestead lying on the both sides of the Highway with all ye Buildings thereon thereunto belonging, with my whole Lott in the Long Meadow, with my Lott at Pistol Poynt, & half of my Meadow lying on the other side of the Brook, that part of it that lyeth next to the Great River, with all my Meadow Lands at Wongunk, together with all my Stock & Moveables; these I give my wife during her Widowhood, and upon marrying again I Will to her 4 yearly to be raised out of that Estate which I have agreed to my son Daniel STOCKING. I give to my son Samuel STOCKING my whole Allotment upon the Hill between the Land of Lt. WHITE & Israel WILLCOX, only excepting 6 acres adjoining the Land of Lt. WHITE, which I give to my daughter Bethia. Moreover I give to my son Samuel the remaining half of the Meadow over the Brook, with 10 acres of the Swamp adjoining to it. I give him my whole Allottment at the Cold Spring on the west side of the Way to Hartford. I give to him, sd. son Samuel, the whole of my Lott at Pipe Stave Swamp, with the half of my Allottment next unto Wethersfield Bounds, with the halfe of my Lott at Pistol Poynt, upon his Mother's decease. I give unto my son John STOCKING the whole of the Land & Buildings at my Father STOCKING's decease bequeathed me by his last Will, within the Bounds of Hartford. I give unto my daughter Lydia my Lott lying next unto Thomas Ranny's, and butting upon ye Commons West and Dead Swamp East, with a good Milk Cow, to be delivered her within 12 months after my decease. I give to my sons George & Ebenezer all my Lands on the East side of the Great River, to be equally divided between them, excepting the 1/2 of my Great Lott next unto Haddam Bounds. I give to my son Steven my whole Lott upon the Hill, bounded on ye Lands of Thomas RANNIE North, the Commons East, West & South, with my whole Allotment in Boggy Meadow, with all my Meadow & Upland in the farther Neck, giving the Improvement of the Boggy Meadow unto my son Samuel til the abovesd. child is of age to inherit. I give to my son Samuell (Daniel, see original paper on File) my whole Homestead lying on both sides of the Highway, with my Lott in the Long Meadow, with half my Lott at Pistoll Poynt, with 1/2 of my Lott lying on the West side of the way as you goe to Hartford, adjoining to the Land of Anthony MARTIN on the North, the Land of Thomas RANNY South, the Highway & Commons West. This I say I give to my son Daniel, that is to say, the West end of it, the other halfe of sd. Lott to be to my son Samuel. These aforementioned parcells of Land as specified I give to him my sd. son Daniel & his heirs foever, with the other halfe of my Lott next Weathersfield Bounds. I give to our Pastor, Rev. Nathaniel COLLINS 3, my son Samuel to be sole Executor. After the decease or marriage of my wife, my Estate to be equally divided amongst my children. I desire Mr. Nath. WHITE & John SAVAGE sen. to be Overseers.

Samuel STOCKING Sen.

Witness: Nath: WHITE, John SAVAGE sen.

A Codicil, without Change of the above, signed 25 Dec 1683.

Court Record, Page 85 -- 6 Mar 1684: Will proven.

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