Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 306

          STEELE, Capt. James, Wethersfield. Invt. 812-11-06. Taken 23 July 1713, by George STILMAN, Samuel WRIGHT and Michael GRISWOLD.

          Court Record, Page 152 -- 3 August, 1713: Adms. granted to Anne STEELE, widow, and Samuel STEELE, eldest son. Page 81 (Vol IX): This Court appoint Anne STEELE to be guardian to her children, Ann STEELE, 16 years of age, and David, 13 years. Recog., 200.

          Page 82 -- 9 Sept, 1718: Anna STEELE and Samuel STEELE of Wethersfield, exhibited now in this Court an account of their Adms. of the estate of Capt. James STEELE, by which accot. the inventory amounts to 812-11-06, the real part of whereof is 449-10-00; and that out of the moveable part there has been paid in debts and charges, 200-13-03; there remains of the moveable estate 173-19-00, to which add the real part and the sum to be distributed and divided is 163-09-00. Account allowed and order distribution: To Anna STEELE, widow relict (dower) and 57-19-00, to be her own forever; to Samuel STEELE, eldest son, 161-11-03; to Joseph STEELE, David STEELE, Prudence STEELE, Hannah STEELE and Anne STEELE, sons and daughters of the deceased, to each and every one of them, 80-15-07 1-2 And appoint George STILMAN, Jonathan BELDING and Michael GRISWOLD distributors.

          Page 83 - 7 Oct 1718: Report of the dist.

          Page 14 (Vol X) 2 April 1723: David STEELE, a minor, 18 years of age, son of Capt. James STEELE, made choice of Samuel JUDD to be his guardian, his mother who was his guardian consenting. Recog. 200.