Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
vol 3, p 116

          SPENCER, Timothy, Haddam. Died 29 Mar 1732. Invt. 872-02-06. Taken 26 Apr 1732, by Joseph ARNOLD, James BRAINARD, and Caleb CONE. Will dated 27 Mar 1732.

          I, Timothy SPENCER of Haddam, in the County of Hartford, do make this my last will and testament. I give to Abigail, my wife, the use of my homelott, house, barn and the lott adjoining Capt. BRAINARD's woodlott, and 2 acres of grass land in the home meadow in grandfather's lott next the swamp so long as she remains my widow, and 1/3 part of all my moveable estate. I give to my son Timothy SPENCER, all my homelott and the house and the barn and the lott the barn stands upon, and the lott joining to Capt. BRAINARD's woodlott, and the 2 acres of mowing land in my own meadow, when his mother hath done with it; and also, to be at his own use forthwith, all my land in the home meadow and 7 acres of land lying on the heather end of the Streights, and 10 acres of land lying below the Streights (partly imporved), and a third part of all my right of undivided land, and no more of my estate shall be his. I give to my son Jonathan SPENCER that lott in the woods that was Sergeant Daniel HUBBARD's, and that lott I had of Deacon BROOKER, be it more or less, and 35 acres of land int he lott that I had of Isaac SPENCER, and 1/3 part of my right in the undivided land, and no more of my estate shall be his. I give to my son Simeon SPENCER all that land which is several pieces joined together neare Benjamin SPENCER's house, which is partly improved, and all that part of the lott I had of Isaac SPENCER which I have not given away already, be it more or less, and a third part of my right in the undivide land. I give to my daughters, Abigail, Hannah, Deborah, Elizabeth & Martha, all my estate in lands and moveables not already disposed of, to be divided equally between them, excepting that Hannah shall have 10 more than any of the rest of the daughters, and Abigail to equal to them with what she hath had already. My will is that my wife and my son-in-law, Richard WAKELY, be my executors.

                                        Timothy SPENCER, L.S.
Witness: James BRAINARD,
Daniel BRAINARD, Caleb CONE Jr.

          Court Record, Page 71 -- 6 Jun 1732: Will exhibited by Abigail SPENCER & Richard WAKELY, executors named in sd. will. This court appoint Mrs. Abigail SPENCER to be guardian of Symon SPENCER, 8 years of age, and Martha SPENCER, 11 years, children of the deceased. Recog., 100.

          Page 82 -- 13 Feb 1732/3: Jonathan SPENCER, age 9 years, and Elizabeth, age 15 years, chose their mother, Abigail SPENCER, to be their guardian. Recog., 100.

          Page 83 -- 22 Feb 1732/33: Richard WAKELY, in right of his wife Abigail, a daughter of Timothy SPENCER, showing to this Court that he has a right in several parcels of land by the will of the sd. decd., in common with divers others of the daughters (w of which are under age and so not able to cometo a partition among themselves), and the sd. Richard WAKELY moves to this Court that the freeholders may be appointed to divide sd. lands with the assistance of the guardians of sd. minors. Whereupon this Court appoint Lt. Hezekiah BRAINARD and Thomas BROOKS of Haddam, with Abigail SPENCER, guardian to sd. minors, to divide sd. lands among the daughters according to sd. will.

          Dist. File: 10 May 1733: To the five daughters: To Abigail, wife of Richard WAKELY, to Hannah, to Deborah, to Elizabeth, and to Martha SPENCER. By Thomas BROOKS & Hezekiah BRAINARD.

          Page 97 -- 4 Sep 1733: Report of the distributors.