Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 118

          SPENCER, Timothy, Haddam. Invt. 240-00-05. Taken 6 May 1704, by Thomas BROOKS & James WELLS. The children: Timothy, Sarah, Hannah, & Deborah, all of age; Jonathan, age 12 years; Ruth 15 years.

          Court Record, Page 57 -- 4 Aug 1704: Adms. to Timothy SPENCER, son of the deceased.

          Page 57 -- 7 Sep 1704: Account of Adms. exhibited and accepted. Ruth SPENCER chose James BRAYNARD of Haddam to be her guardian; allowed. And Jonathan SPENCER chose his brother Timothy SPENCER to be his guardian; allowed. This Court appont Daniel BRAYNARD , Sen., Ensign James Wells & Thomas BROOKS to dist. the estate to the surviving heirs.

          Dist. File: 1705: To Timothy SPENCER, to Joseph CHAPMAN and wife Sarah SPENCER, to Azariah DICKINSON and wife Hannah, to John HUNGERFORD and wife Deborah SPENCER. A further division to Timothy, to Ruth, to Jonathan, to Sarah (the wife of Joseph CHAPMAN), to Hannah (the wife of Azariah DICKINSON), and to Deborah (the wife of John HUNGERFORD). By Daniel BRAYNARD and Thomas BROOKS.

          Page 70 -- 6 Sep 1705: Report of the distributors.

          Page 110 -- 5 Apr 1708: James BRAYNARD , guardian to Ruth SPENCER, exhibits in Court an acquittance or discharge, unde the hand of sd. Ruth, now of age. Bond now cancelled.